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Why is this interview here? This has nothing to do with Stargate! So please don’t post useless new like this. Of course Ben Browder is a Stargate actor, but all his other stuff that isn’t Stargate related doesn’t belong here.


@MrBlueEyes: Ben Browder is apart of the Stargate family and we as fans like to know the kind of stuff the actors, production staff, and writers are doing.

Cause if we don’t interview them now, then we are not going to have any news for like EVER until the next Stargate movie is coming.

Plus, GateWorld has been doing these kinds of things for at least a decade. They are not going to stop now…


Me encanta Ben Browder!!!! Quiero tener siempre información actualizada de sus proyectos.
Los felicito por la entrevista



He is so right.

Thanks GateWorld for his interview.


Yes, Gateworld reports on the other actors’ projects. However, this doesn’t even seem to be a real project yet. This movie is not getting made anytime soon, if at all. There’s no funding. There’s no script. There’s no cast. There’s nothing but a guy with an agenda. I’m not being mean, I’m being realistic. Honestly, do you guys know how many people there are out there just like this Jonas guy? People with an idea, a good cause, but nothing else? And I can understand MrBluEyes’ frustration. This is Gateworld’s third interview with Ben Browder in the last year or… Read more »


Westlock, I’ve seen tons of news items about projects that actors are working on that are still in development. Chris Judges’ Rage of Angels comes to mind. And I’ve seen articles about charity projects. In the case, the “guy with an agenda” is a producer who’s worked on a ton of movies with A-list stars. He’s not just some guy. Try IMDB-ing Jonas McCord and looking at his list of credits. Also, GW did ask Ben about whether or not he’ll be in the next SG-1 movie in the last interview. Ben said he didn’t know. I bet he still… Read more »


Granted, “Freeze Frame” is still very, very early in the development process. That said, as the owner of the site I can tell you that GateWorld will always be committed to following (and supporting) the careers of the main cast members after they have moved on from Stargate. So you’ll find coverage of Amanda on Sanctuary, Torri on NCIS, Michael on Burn Notice, Chris working to make Rage of Angels happen, Rick’s charity work and SNL appearances, David’s Starcrossed, ad infinitum. We care about these folks and their post-Stargate careers, and we believe most Stargate fans are interested in occasionally… Read more »


Nicely Said Darren! I am one of those Gateworld fans that love to know what my favorite Stargate Actors are up too. Thank you for the interview with Ben. And keep up the great world that you all do at GateWorld.


I am always interested in projects that ALL the Stargate cast are involved in. It’s great to see what they are doing now that Stargate is over. Being a HUGE Ben Browder fan, I really enjoyed reading his interview. Freeze Frame is a very important film about the plight of our Vet’s well being after they return home. Ben is a talented and dedicated actor who will do an excellent job telling the story that needs to be heard! I give GateWorld high marks for putting this interview on their site and keeping us informed.


Very well said Darren! I like coming to GateWorld to keep up with what ALL of the Stargate actors are doing. Ben Browder is a fantastic actor and Freeze Frame has an important message to share. Thank your for the awesome new interview.


Great interview Gateworld. I am a huge Ben Browder fan but also a huge Stargate fan and its great to find out what the actors are doing when not doing stargate. Lets face it – its going to be quite some time before we see SG1 on screen again and in the meantime I want to know what else is coming up that I can watch these guys in.


Freeze Frame es un proyecto muy especial y como tal, necesita mucha publicidad antes de su puesta en marcha. Por eso es que Ben y Jonas están hablando tanto de la película (Ben no suele comentar mucho sobre sus posibles trabajos)


Estoy totalmente de acuerdo contigo elb.No tengo la suerte de conocer a Ben en persona pero por lo que se es de bajo perfil.Y seguramente este proyecto es muy especial para él, para comentarlo.


go over to the website and check out Ben’s earlier interview about this film.

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