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12 years ago

I’m not usually into shipping, but the relationship between John Sheppard and Elizabeth Weir was one of the best things about Stargate Atlantis. They were never able to express their true feelings for each other because of protocol, but the way they look at each other and seem to understand what the other is thinking made it obvious. It’s so sad that they didn’t get a happy ending, especially since TPTB never had a good reason for taking Elizabeth off the show.

12 years ago

Podcast: you talked about responses to the Friday 5 Favorite Ships and didn’t even mention what most commenters brought up – that Atlantis was a ship! (since you are discussing shipping)

12 years ago

nice job. :)

(great job, tame, setting da boyz straight on shippin’ :p)

12 years ago

thank you very much! i am a huge shipper! sam and jack john and elizabeth are my fav couples! i heard that sam and jack are going to have a relashionship in SGU!
about the shipping i agree about the comment of the fact that in dangerous situation the emotions have to go out like with sam and jack in 4×05, 6×16, and heros part 2
and these are my fav episodes!

12 years ago

:) – good one “shipping” :D
My fav ship is the Asgard ship, actually
My fav shipping would be Jack and Sam, of course

12 years ago

I don’t who said it (one of the guys) that “shippers should be happy with what they got in Divide and Conquer” and that we shippers shouldn’t need confirmation. I’d like to state my strong disagreement at someone so conceited as to presume he would known what we shippers need!!!

12 years ago

How is it that writers always are excited to hear that people enjoy their work, but most producers have that superior, sarcastic tone whenever they speak to and about fans? ( I think the annoying guy on the podcast, the one the person above commented about too said he was a producer ). Proud to be a shipper ( sparky all the way!) and I felt insulted by some of his remarks. I wish producers would stop forgetting they need us a lot more than we need them. After all, we buy their products. Many thanks and kisses to the… Read more »

12 years ago

Romantic relationships add a lot to a show, though I have to admit, they’re a lot more interesting to watch before the closure, when the two end up together. relationships can be left open, too, they don’t need to have an ending. but drama never worked great on stargate, so they shouldn’t end tragically, with the two just stop talking to each other or when one of the two goes missing.

Favorite pairings: Sheppard/.weir

12 years ago

Sorry guys, but I really don’t see shep/weir. I really could not feel the love at all! The writters were not able to show that. The scenes didn’t look like the love was real…However, Teyla and Sheppard that was love all about. They were always ready to do anything for eachother. And the kiss scene wow that was inside him all the time. The kiss with weir was not him…was an alien. Well, I miss the show so much. Just hope they do a movie for real.