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4 years ago

This would make an excellent series. Even if it waa a one season offshoot of the new origin series, it would play well to explorer the origins of races. I really really wish they would pick up Universe series once more. The series finale allows them to pick up right where they left off and it could be a way to finally tell the full story of the Gate builders. I mean shit, they were on a craft designed specifically to drop stargates off at new planets, how much more “Origins” can you get than from the actual start.

4 years ago

This is what SGO should be. Tell us a story about Bra’tac! Tell us a story about how Jolinar met Lantash! How the alliance of the four great races has been formed. How the Wraith has been born. How has Anubis ascended? How has Moros became Merlin. Anything, which does not mess with the existing canon.

4 years ago

I always liked the Jaffa and their history. I would really like to see several season if this and the planets they enslaved by the order of their gods. Then a history of the rebellion and what are they doing now. I just miss the whole SG1 and the rest of its other shows.

Pharaohs Eye
4 years ago

I think it would be great to tell the story of the Goa’uld origins too. Or maybe even the Asguard. I know they briefly touched on that in the SG1 series but id like to see a more expanded story. Rise of the System Lords or Birth of the Asguard.

4 years ago

I would love to see this story and any (good) story ideas from the otiginal cast members come to life because who knows those characters better.
But just like the recent story floating around christopher Lloyd’s excitement at the idea of a BTTF sequel, Judge’s idea is only an idea unless the powers that be allow it. Those are the kind of “fan-fiction” stories that deserve to be told without prior authorization. Just let them do their thing and trust them to stay true to the franchise they have been intimately apart of for so many years.

4 years ago

There are unresolved problems about expanding the Stargate focus away from Earth. The premise of all of Stargate until now has been the interaction between US and THEM, and whatever “they” do has some kind of relationship to US. Judge is advocating a change of focus to exclusively zero in on the world of the Jaffa without any association to US and the stargate on Earth. This is a paradigm shift, and needs to be addressed seriously. Otherwise Stargate will simply get “all over the place” and people will definitely eventually lose interest.