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SG-1 tracks down Catherine Langford's fiance, who took the first Stargate trip in 1945, and discovers an ancient meeting hall that may hold the secrets of the universe itself.

DVD DISC: Season 1, Disc 3
WRITTEN BY: Robert C. Cooper
DIRECTED BY: Jonathan Glassner
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Transcript by Lauren Freeman
Edited by Deanna Moll-Landry
SG1 Transcripts

The show starts off with men in laboratory suits manually opening the gate, and recording data.

Dr.L: Now stop.

The men turning the Stargate stop.

Scientist: Charge.

A couple of men flip some switches and a chevron is lit up on the gate.

SCIENTIST:First lock engaged. Love.

A military officer is filming this as they work. The picture suddenly turns into what the camera is filming and is showed being played in the briefing room at the SGC. Daniel is watching it. Jack walks in the room.

O'NEILL: You know were supposed to be at that physical assessment thing.

DANIEL: Oh yeah ... uh, I'll go, I'll go, it's just, uh ... just let me finish this real.

O'NEILL: You know you seem a tad obsessed with this stuff.

DANIEL: This was transferred from film of experiments done on the gate in 1945, you don't find that the least bit intriguing?

O'NEILL: Oh yeah, nothing piques my interest more then repeated failure.

DANIEL: Look at them, they're turning the gate manually, for gods sakes, it's incredible.

O'NEILL: How many hours of this stuff have you looked at?

DANIEL: There's no conclusion of the file, no summery, no notes, no reason to explain why they gave up.

O'NEILL: Well whole boxes of material could be missing.

DANIEL: No, the Pentagon said this was everything.

O'NEILL: Oh please, the Pentagon's lost entire countries. Come on! Doctors have two days of tests planned for us. Wonderful tests.

We go back to the screen to see a man putting a old diving helmet on, then head for a now open gate!

DANIEL: Oh, Jack!

Jack walks up behind Daniel starring at the screen. His face saying, 'I don't believe it!'

O'NEILL: That's impossible.

DANIEL: Obviously not. This doesn't make any since, why wouldn't someone have told us this. I mean, why would they stop their research if they actually managed to turn it on?

We see the man in the diving helmet walk up to the gate, a large rope behind him, being held by the scientist. The man walks through the gate and the gate closes, cutting the string. That's where the film ends.

O'NEILL: Holy cow.


We open outside a large house with a limo parked in the front. A man opens the limo door and an elderly lady steps out, and walks up the path to her door. The maid opens the door for the elderly lady. CATHERINE: Hello, Martha.

MARTHA: Mrs. Langford, there is a young man waiting for you in the kitchen. CATHERINE: You let a strange young man in the house?

MARTHA: Yes. I'm sorry, he says he knows you. (We see Catherine walk into the kitchen. ) CATHERINE: My God.

DANIEL: Hello. Uh, I'm sorry, I hope you don't mind. CATHERINE: How long have you been back? Oh, my god why are you back? Colonel O'Neill said you stayed on Abydos.

DANIEL: I see you got the amulet. He points to the necklace with Ra, symbol on it. CATHERINE: Yes of course, I never take it off. Why avoid my question? What's this all about?


Jack is going through all the files the pentagon sent. General Hammond, in full uniform strides in.

GH: Colonel O'Neill, Dr. Jackson was supposed to briefing SG-4 this morning, he's not here and he's not answering our pages. Any idea where he is?

O'NEILL: I haven't seen him in awhile, sir.

General Hammond nods then turns around and leaves.


DANIEL: Catherine I couldn't tell you. CATHERINE: Why not?

DANIEL: They wouldn't let me! Everything is, is classified, you know. CATHERINE: When did you become an upstanding member of the military?

DANIEL: I'm not ... exactly. And that's why I'm here. CATHERINE: Make you some tea, then you can go back to your Stargate Command. (Danny rolls his eyes.) Thousands of Stargates, planetary shifts. Didn't anybody think I might be interested?

DANIEL: That's why I came.

CATHERINE: Now, six months later. You could of told me sooner.

DANIEL: Yes, just like you could have told me there were experiments done on the gate in 1945.

CATHERINE: My father worked on the research team that worked on the gate during the war. Actually, they didn't know what it was then. But President Roosevelt was like that, curious. They suspected the gate was a weapon, could be used as one. Nothing ever came of it, how do you know?

DANIEL: The Pentagon has recently been declassifying old materials, they ran across a number of file boxes that dealt with the old experiments. They sent them to us.


DANIEL: You weren't involved with the research?

CATHERINE: The military had little use for a 21-year-old girl at that time, neither did my father. I only know what little I overheard him and Ernest Talking about.

DANIEL: I'm sorry, who's Ernest?


Ernest and Cat are sitting beside a fire. Cat is Rubbing Ernest's shoulder.

EARNEST: We get as far as entering the fifth symbol and the whole room starts to shake. Today one of the generators exploded from the feed back.

CATHERINE: Are you going to talk to my father?

EARNEST: Oh he know, he was there.

CATHERINE: I might about us.

EARNEST: Oh. Yes I will.

CATHERINE: Maybe it's supposed to do that?


CATHERINE: The ring. Maybe it's supposed to shake.

EARNEST: I don't think so.

CATHERINE: Are you using alternate or direct current to charge it?

EARNEST: Alternate, I thing, why?

CATHERINE: Try using direct. It might prevent the charge from bouncing back to the generator. And you should talk to my father.

EARNEST: I will, I promise. (They kiss. )


DANIEL: So you didn't know the government kept the files from the original experiment?

CATHERINE: I had my fathers notes. He told me that was everything they had. Do you know how many administrations I had to petition to get this program started up again? Forty years had passed; the information was classified and buried. I never asked for the files, because I thought I had them. General West never offered, because he probably didn't even know they existed.

DANIEL: So, you don't know that they turned the gate on in 1945.



Ernest and Dr. Langford are sitting at a dinning room table doing research.

EARNEST: There must be over a 100 million possible combinations. If it's merely a combination lock used to turn it on, why 39? Why not six?

Dr.L: What are you saying?

EARNEST: They are not combinations, there destinations, and we just found one.

Dr.L: 'Doorway to Heaven' could mean any number of different things. It could simply mean that anyone who passes through there will die. (Cat walks in with a tray of tea.) For example. Catherine, we have a maid for a reason.

CATHERINE: I wanted to do it.


CATHERINE: No, I never knew they turned it on. My father never told me. It wasn't in his notes either.

DANIEL: Then there is something more you should see. (Danny puts in the tape of the experiment.) Here, watch this.

CATHERINE: Oh, God. (We see Ernest putting on the divers mask. Then Earnest walks through the gate, and disappears. )


Dr.L: There was an accident today. An explosion in the lab.


Dr.L: I'm so sorry. (Cat starts to cry. )


DANIEL: So the man who went through the gate was ... Ernest.

CATHERINE: Yes. My father must have lied to me. He said Ernest died in an accident, and explosion.

DANIEL: Why would he do that?

CATHERINE: He probably thought he was protecting me.

DANIEL: From what?

CATHERINE: From knowing that the man I was supposed to marry chose to risk his life and go through the Stargate without even talking to me about it. He choose his idea, his work, over me.

DANIEL: I'm sure that he believe that he, that he would come back.

CATHERINE: He was so young, so full of passion, like you. You reminded me of him when I first saw you. That's why I new you would solve the mysteries of the gate.

DANIEL: Catherine, I wasn't supposed to show you this. Actually I wasn't supposed to show you any of this but now ... (Danny pulls out some pictures and shows them to Cat.) Computer enhancements, from the film footage. I was able it isolate the chevrons that were locked in before Ernest went through. (The pictures are of the chevrons.)

CATHERINE: Not Abydos?

DANIEL: No, another planet, with similar coordinates. And we can go there.


Cat and Danny are standing in the briefing room looking at the Stargate. General Hammond storms in.

GH: Have you completely lost your mind?!? Who authorized you to revile classified information to a civilian?

DANIEL: If you will just let me explain.

GH: This is a serious breach in protocol. These rules exist for a reason, Doctor, do you think that you are above them?

DANIEL: No, no, I.. (Jack and Teal'c walk in.)

O'NEILL: Catherine!

CATHERINE: Hello Jack.

O'NEILL: It's good to see you again. I trust the General is making you feel right at home. (General Hammond looks like he is going to bit someone's head off and spit it out.)

CATHERINE: So far he actually sounds worst then General West.

O'NEILL: Ah, he's a teddy bear.

GH: Colonel O'Neill, did you authorize Dr. Daniel Jackson to revel classified information to this civilian?

O'NEILL: Absolutely not, sir. In fact I advised him NOT to say anything to her. Despite the fact that she used to run the entire program, and is responsible for most of our current knowledge about the gate.

GH: I'm aware of who she is, Colonel.

DANIEL: Catherine, this is Teal'c. Teal'c, this is Catherine.

CATHERINE: Daniel, has told me all about you, such a pleasure. (They shake hands and Teal'c bows his head.)

GH: Colonel, are you aware of the request Dr. Jackson has most currently tangled?

O'NEILL: You've got to go that one step further don't you.

DANIEL: The man who entered the gat in 1945, was Catherine's fiancée. Now I have the address of the planet he went to and we can go there.

CATHERINE: And I'm coming with you.

DANIEL: General, we know where Ernest Littlefield went. He could still be alive. A man who had the vision to see the Stargate for what it really was, a half a century before anyone else.

O'NEILL: He sounds like a bonafied American hero, sir. (Sam walks in.)

CARTER: Sir, there may be another reason to got to this planet.

CATHERINE: Samantha!

CARTER: Catherine! (They hug. )

GH: Captain Carter.

CARTER: Yes sir. It seems the planet in question is close to Abydos, so it uses many of the same points in space locators. Which explains why the team in 45 could conceivably dial in with out compensating for planetary shift. But sir the planet in question is not on the cartouche we found on Abydos.

CATHERINE: What's the significance in that?

CARTER: The Goa'uld haven't charted it. They may not even have been there.

DANIEL: If the Goa'ulds haven't been to this plant, and there is obviously a gate there. Then we would have unquestionable proof that they didn't build the Stargates.

TEAL'C: The Goa'uld are scavengers, since they have not traveled to this planet, we could find technologies to use against them.

CATHERINE: You speak.

TEAL'C: When it is appropriate.

GH: Thank you. Thank all of you for your very through analysis of the situation. But I was already convinced by Dr. Jackson's initial argument. Ernest Littlefield could still be alive, and we should try to find him.


The gate opens and we see Daniel, Cat and Jack standing at the base of the ramp. Cat is in the middle of the two men, her arms interlocked with both of them. She just looks mystified. Teal'c and Sam walk FRED up the ramp and through the gate. Danny, Cat and Jack walk up the ramp behind the FRED.

O'NEILL: It's a piece of cake. Ready?

DANIEL: (Nods,) And… (They walk through the gate and out the other side on Ernest's planet. They are in a very large room that looks to be falling apart.) You okay?

CATHERINE: Huh, that was some piece of cake! (Jack and Danny walk off leaving Cat alone to look at her surroundings. )

DANIEL: It's hot in here.

O'NEILL: Oh yeah. Anybody see away in or out of this place?

TEAL'C: There appears to be only two doorways.

CARTER: (She is looking around, then suddenly puts her head down, blushing.) Oh my ... (Everyone turns to see what she saw. A man in the shadow of one of the halls. He is naked. )

O'NEILL: Aw, for crying' out loud. (The old man walks up to them. )

DANIEL: Dr. Littlefield? (Ernest stops to look at Danny.) Ernest? (Ernest takes his glasses, which he had tied to a string and placed around his, neck, and puts them up to his eyes.) Hello, I'm Daniel Jackson, we just came from the Stargate. (Ernest looks at the gate.) Yes, that thing ... Star-gate. (Ernest pushed Daniel as if to see if he is real. ) We're real' (Ernest starts crying, and gives Daniel a big hug.)

EARNEST: It's ... about ... time. (He then goes to jack and gives him a hug.)

O'NEILL: Whoa. (Ernest turns and goes towards Carter, who steps aside at seeing him coming after her.)

CARTER: Oh boy! (Ernest instead hugs Teal'c who was right behind Sam. )

O'NEILL: Daniel, do something.

DANIEL: Uh ... Dr. Littlefield? (Earnest looks at Daniel. Daniel point at Catherine. )

CATHERINE: You don't recognize me.

EARNEST: Ca-Catherine? (Cat nods, a big smile crossing her face.) Mmm. (He grumbles, then turns around and walks out. Cat looks shocked. )

CATHERINE: Fifty years, that's all he has to say.

DANIEL: I'll, I'll go ... se if I can find him. (With that Danny runs after Ernest. Danny walks down some steps and into a room, with a pedestal in the middle and a cloth covering it. He looks around. )

EARNEST: Still here.( Danny turns sharply to the voice. Ernest is in a hall.)

DANIEL: (Diverts his eyes trying not to look at Ernest.) Uh ... Do you have anything to wear? (Ernest looks as if he doesn't understand.) Clothes?

EARNEST: (He bends down.) Oh, uh ... going home.

DANIEL: Yes, were taking you home.( Ernest puts on what he was wearing when he went there. )

EARNEST: So much time. Did no one try again?

DANIEL: That's along story. Are there other people here? (Ernest shakes his head saying no. )No one else lives here? How about nearby? (Ernest shakes his head again. Ernest bends down and picks up a fruit. The hands it Daniel.) Are you saying you have been completely alone here for 50 years? (Ernest nods.)



Sam is looking around when a piece of the ceiling falls. Cat is sitting on some steps shaking her head.

CATHERINE: I don't know what I expected. I mean I can't believe he's right here. Light years away but still so close, all this time ... ALIVE!

CARTER: I think he is probably having a little trouble dealing with it to.

CATHERINE: I felt like a school girl. My heart was beating faster then when I came through the gate! Ha, you think your old and wise.

CARTER: I don't think the heart ever grows old.

CATHERINE: I can't even fathom what he's been through. Such a long time. I don't even know that man.

CARTER: Why don't you go and talk to him?


Daniel is holding a stack of very old pieces of paper, with lines all over them. Ernest puts a line at the bottom of one of the pages.

EARNEST: Last day.

DANIEL: It's a calendar, isn't it? (Ernest nods.) Have you been able to figure out who built this place, or who used to live here?

EARNEST: Heliopolis.

DANIEL: Heliopolis?

EARNEST: Repository, philosophy, astronomy

DANIEL: I assume you mean the ancient Egyptian city. People would could come from everywhere to gather, scholars, community leaders. It was also the central place of worship for ... Ra. Are there ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs here? Symbols that indicate Ra. This could be very important. (Ernest nods and walks over to his bedding area, and picks up a book. He then hands it to Danny.) It's a Journal. 'Four distinct languages, writing is unlike anything I have seen on earth. Catherine say's there probably alien.' Catherine says?

EARNEST: She found me long ago.

DANIEL: (Goes back to reading.) 'We walked for miles today, but still found no signs of civilization. Catherine seems concerned, but I am not. As long as she is here with me, I will never feel alone. It seems impossible, but everyday were here together, I love her more.' (The camera angle changes on Ernest who seems to have tears in his eyes, and we see Catherine in the background listening.)

CATHERINE: My father lied to me. (Ernest turns around to look at Cat. )


DANIEL: Ah ... I'll leave you two. (Danny walks out. )

EARNEST: (Still staring at Cat.) So, real!

CATHERINE: Yes, your going to have to believe. This isn't easy for me either.

EARNEST: Y-You look, different.

CATHERINE: I'm old Ernest. So are you.

EARNEST: We, we had a wonderful life together.

CATHERINE: I couldn't imagine you Ernest. In my mind, we didn't have a wonderful life together. I thought you were dead.

EARNEST: Forgave me. You forgave me long ago.

CATHERINE: No. I didn't.

EARNEST: Oh. He starts to cry again.


Jack and Teal'c are walking in; Daniel and Sam are on the stairs going through Ernest Journal.

O'NEILL: Doesn't seem to be anybody else around. I tell you this place used to be pretty sweet, but it's seen better days if you know what I mean.

DANIEL: I thing Professor Littlefield has been alone since he got here.


Lightning can be seen, and thunder crashes outside. Ernest and Cat walk into the Stargate room together.

TEAL'C: A storm approaches.

O'NEILL: A pretty big one at that.

EARNEST: It comes every year.

CARTER: Every year?

O'NEILL: Now look kids, where right on the edge of a cliff here, I don't think this place can stand another big hit.

TEAL'C: We should take our leave.

DANIEL: No we can't, not yet. We have only begun to explore this place. Figure out what it is, what it used to be.

O'NEILL: We launched a survey balloon. Now lets take the professor and Catherine home, we'll leave the probe here, let it monitor the situation, until the storm blows over, then we'll come back. Alright?

EARNEST: I tried for years to make it work.

DANIEL: You never tried to entering different glyphs in this thing? (Danny got up and went to the DHD.) We call this the Dial-Home Device. Basically you enter the correct address and ...

O'NEILL: Daniel, Why don't we just show him. (All of SG-1 goes up to the DHD. A look of shock crosses the faces as the look at it.)

CARTER: My god.

O'NEILL: What the hell? (The Red ball in the middle is shattered.) I thought the probe was supposed to detect stuff like this?

CARTER: We got visual confirmation of its presents, but the damage was obviously cancelled. (Sam tries to enter in glyphs, but nothing happens. )It's not working.

EARNEST: It was like that when I got here.

CATHERINE: That's why you never came back. (Ernest nods. )

EARNEST: Does this mean were not going home? (A little fear can be seen on everyone's faces. SG-1 starts figuring out how to get the gate working. Daniel and Jack are cleaning up a bit while Sam and Teal'c are working on the DHD. Cat and Ernest are reading the journal. )Well since where going to be hear awhile.( He gets up and walks to Danny.) I would like you to see something.


EARNEST: Come on, it's the safest room in there is. You know? Especially in a storm. (Daniel follows him. Cat starts to get up but has a little trouble. )

CATHERINE: Give me a hand.( Jack quickly helps her up )Thanks (she follows Daniel and Ernest. )

O'NEILL: Keep at it, well be back. (Jack follows Cat. They go back into the room with the covered pedestal. Ernest takes the cover off, and we see what looks like a miniature DHD but without the glyphs. Writing suddenly appears on the walls. Four sets of different types of writing.) What is this place? (Ernest opens his journal and hands it to Daniel. Daniel starts to read.)

DANIEL: Reading; 'I believe this room is some sort of meeting place, where four alien races denoted by the symbols, and distinctive writing on the walls would gather, possible to share knowledge, or discuss relations, like a United Nations of the Stars. Catherine agrees.'

CATHERINE: Your right, I would have.


Sam and Teal'c are still working on the DHD. They have wires going in and out of it.

CARTER: All roads seem to lead here, which means this is likely the power source.

TEAL'C: I believe you are correct.

CARTER: It could take years to figure out how to put these crystals back properly. I think we can figure out a way to rig the power source directly to the gate, and then dial out manually.


Jack is looking at the pedestal.

O'NEILL: This looks familure.

EARNEST: Touch it.

Jack puts his hand on the red ball. A bright yellow light shoots up to the ceiling. Then a bunch of different light balls float aroung the room.

O'NEILL: Whoa!

CATHERINE: It's Beautiful!

O'NEILL: Daniel, dose the mean anything?

DANIEL: Well, if this was a Mecca of sorts, an alien united nations, this has to mean something. (Jack points up at one of the balls.)

O'NEILL: I know this.

CATHERINE: Of course, high school chemistry.

DANIEL: One proton, one electron, hydrogen.

CATHERINE: Beryllium, sodium.

EARNEST: Silver, Iron, barium, xenon.

CATHERINE: Oh my god, so many electrons, how can you tell?

EARNEST: I have been here a very long time, remember?

O'NEILL: Excuse me. Are you saying that all of these are atomic ... things?

DANIEL: These images are graphical representation of the basic elements: electrons revolving around a proton. The number of electrons indicate the element.


CATHERINE: There is only currently 111 elements on the periodic table.

EARNEST: Only 90 when I last looked.

CATHERINE: This is incredible. I mean we have only been able to speculate on the actual appearance and structure of an atom. The fact that four completely alien races chose to represent it in an almost identical way.

DANIEL: The basic elements are what make up the universe, they are the basic building block ... of course! How do you ensure universal communication? You reduce the method of communication to the most basic element; common to everyone and everything that exists in the universe! Jack, this is a true universal language.

EARNEST: Turn the page.


EARNEST: Turn the page! (He then goes up to the pedestal and puts his hand on the red ball. Another yellow light shoots up and something new appears.)

DANIEL: Are you saying, that this, that this is like a book? (Ernest nods. )

EARNEST: I tried to read it. I tried to understand it.

DANIEL: A hundred and forty six elements, letters, or symbols, if they're letters, if they're pictographic, I mean this could take a life time.


DANIEL: Oh, sorry.

O'NEILL: Daniel, before you head explodes, may I remind you that we have more important thing to deal with right now?

DANIEL: How can you say that, don't you know what this could mean?

O'NEILL: Actually no.

DANIEL: This could be the key to understanding our existence. Everyone, everything's existence.

EARNEST: The collaboration of these four alien spices.

O'NEILL: None of witch would mean squat, if we don't get out of here.


They have wires hooked up to the FRED and MALP, going to the Stargate. Teal'c hooks a clamp to the wires. Jack and Cat walk in.

O'NEILL: How's it going?

CARTER: I'm trying to connect the power source from the dial home device directly to the gate. I'm about to run a test. Where's Daniel?

O'NEILL: Oh Ernest is showing his a new toy.

CARTER: Really? What?

O'NEILL: A fancy light show that maybe the key to our existence, or something like that. (Thunders crashes outside and more pieces of the roof falls down.) Ah, you want to pick up the pace on this a little bit? (Sam plays with some wires, and there is a hissing noise. We here the Stargate start to start up. The chevrons light up.)

CATHERINE: You did it! (The Stargate suddenly turns off. We here a cracking noise. )

O'NEILL: Get back! (Jack suddenly grabs Carter and they roll down the steps. Half the roof caves in over the DHD. Teal'c and Cat runs over to help Sam and Jack up. They notice something wrong over in the spot of the DHD. They all run back up there, only to find the DHD fell through the floor into the ocean below. )


Danny and Ernest are studying the writing on the wall.

DANIEL: This is how you new what this place was.

EARNEST: The you recognize it two.

DANIEL: Othala, the Norse rune thought to represent the collection of numerous power and knowledge from past generations.

EARNEST: And the gathering of clans to celebrate a common interest. You know there's more then just a coincidence here. That means that human were here, centuries, maybe eons ago.

DANIEL: No, not humans, aliens. This is Thor's race.

EARNEST: Thor was a Alien?

DANIEL: Oh yeah, that's another long story. But uh ... good one.


O'NEILL: All right, basic survival training. We know what we have. What do we need?

TEAL'C: We have the Stargate, we need the dial home device.

O'NEILL: Thank you Teal'c.

CARTER: The element the gate is made of, absorbs energy directly, internal functions will convert and store that energy in capacitor like reservoirs. But the inside wheel will only unlock and spin freely once there is enough reserve power.

O'NEILL: So what we need is Energy.

CARTER: (Nods,) Mm-hmm. I don't see any electrical outlets, do you?


Daniel is trying to video the elements.

DANIEL: This is useless, it's not allowing for any relative perspective. I don't understand, how did you incorporate the three dimensional nature of the information?

EARNEST: Look down.

DANIEL: Of course, you measured the elements from a central point, degrees from zero around in a circle, and height above the floor.( We see Jack, Sam, Teal'c and Cat walk down the stairs and into the light room.) What's up guys?

O'NEILL: Step away from the pedestal Daniel.

DANIEL: What? Why?

CARTER: The dial home device just fell through the floor into the ocean.

DANIEL: So what are we going to do?

CARTER: That thing may have a power source in it that we can use to get the gate working.

DANIEL: Ah ... No! You don't understand, this book could contain knowledge of the universe. I mean this is meaning of life stuff ... I have to get more of it down on paper before we leave, there must be something more you can use. What about using energy from Teal'c staff?

CARTER: It's not powerful enough.

CATHERINE: Please there's not much time, we have to get inside that thing.

O'NEILL: This whole place could join the DHD at the bottom of the ocean any minute, so please.

DANIEL: Great, shoot it! (Danny walks away. Teal raises his Staff and shoots it. Nothing happens.) Now what?

O'NEILL: I'm obviously no scientist but uh, couldn't we use that Ben Franklin thing?


CARTER: The element of the gate is made up of a superconductor. It'll observe energy in may different things: Heat, Nuclear, solar, static, if we could channel a lighting strike into the gate, it might provide us with enough power to dial in and make it through.

TEAL'C: How do we attract lightning to the gate?

CARTER: Not directly, we will have to rig something up on the roof. And hope that the sudden and enormous charge doesn't destroy the gate's mechanisms.


Jack is climbing through a window, coming back in. He is a mess. Very, very dirty.

O'NEILL: We got it Teal'c! (He gives Carter the wire that is hooked outside. Carter hooks it to the wire on the Stargate. )

CATHERINE: (To Ernest,) Daniel won't come up, he's obsessed with that thing. So much like you used to be.

EARNEST: Mmm, the Torment of Tantalus.


EARNEST: Tantalus was a king in Greek Mythology, banish to Hades, forced to stand in water that receded when he tried to drink.

CATHERINE: Everlasting, unending temptation.

EARNEST: He was reaching for something that was, um, out of reach.

CATHERINE: That sound familure. Some might say that, that's what makes a man great. If we all accepted what was with in our grasp.

EARNEST: Sometimes what we have is of more value. It takes a great man to recognize that. I didn't. I was a fool.

CATHERINE: Ernest, you have suffered enough. No since wasting time in the past, right?

Ernest bends down and picks up his diving helmet.

EARNEST: Ah, look, for the peak of the roof, it will attract the lightning. (He hands it to Cat.)

CATHERINE: You get Daniel. (They head in opposite directions. Cat hands the helmet to Teal'c.) Take this to the roof.


Daniel is standing in front of the pedestal reading from Ernest's journal. Ernest runs down the stairs behind him.

EARNEST: You have to come, now.

DANIEL: Not Yet. Come and get me when they've got the gate running.

EARNEST: There's not enough time.

DANIEL: I have to finish this.

EARNEST: It's not worth it.

DANIEL: This is.

EARNEST: Nothing is!

DANIEL: Well our history as a people would be very different if everyone felt that way.

EARNEST: No prize is worth attaining if you can never share it, there would be no point. Believe me, I know.


Teal'c hooks more wire together. Everyone minus Daniel and Ernest stop to wait for lightning to strike the helmet. Suddenly it does. Twice. The chevrons light up.

CARTER: Teal'c let's go! Start dialing in. We only have seconds once the gate is open. Jack runs out of the room.


DANIEL: What you did was courageous!

EARNEST: What I did was stupid. (We see Jack run down the stairs.)

O'NEILL: Come on boys we got to go, now!

DANIEL: I'm staying.

O'NEILL: What?

DANIEL: Look I will be fine down here.

O'NEILL: Go on, go on. (Ernest runs up the stairs.) Daniel, we can come back.

DANIEL: No, what if the castle crumbles around the gate, I mean this, this, could all be lost, if I stay I could unbury the gate again.

O'NEILL: What if it falls into the ocean.

DANIEL: I am willing to take that risk.

O'NEILL: I'm not! Let's go! (With that he grabs Danny and pushes him towards the stairs. )

DANIEL: Jack! (They stop at the base of the stairs. There is a bit of fear in Jacks eyes.) Please. (Jack lets go. Danny goes back to the pedestal, looks up at the elements, grabs the journal, and then hauls butt up the stairs with Jack. )


The gate is open.

CARTER: Let's go! (Ernest looks afraid of it.)

CATHERINE: It's a piece of cake. (She takes his hand.)

EARNEST: Not from what I remember.

CATHERINE: Go. (They jump in. )

CARTER: Go Teal'c. (Teal'c runs through. )


We see Danny and Jack trying to get back, the roof is literally caving in, as one full piece. Barely missing them.


They run in to the gate room, and Sam goes though the gate. Daniel and Jack run up the steps of the Stargate, but before they can get up there a large part of the wall, fall in on top of them but the gate keeps it from hitting them.


We see GH watching the gate.

AIRMAN: Stargate receiving squad, stand ready! (We see Sam standing at the base of the gate, covered in dirt, waiting for Jack and Danny to come through. The gate starts making weird noises. )

DAVIS: Wormhole is destabilizing, still no travelers.

CARTER: Come on guys.

AIRMAN: Stand by people. (The wormhole keeps disappearing then reappearing. )


We see the wormhole is doing the something here. Daniel and Jack literally dive into the gate. An fall out on the other side right as the gate deactivates.

DANIEL: Close one.

O'NEILL: You think?

CARTER: You don't know how close. (GH lets a long breath out.)


We see the gate dialing up. We look at a computer screen, and see the chevrons that have already encoded. They only need one more.

DAVIS: Chevrons 6 encoded. (We see, Daniel, Ernest, Jack and Cat all watching.) Chevron seven ... will not engage.

O'NEILL: Well, I think it is safe to say that, that place is gone.

EARNEST: You still have my book.

CATHERINE: Captain Carter is working a computer model right now.

AIRMAN: Go to reactor seven.

O'NEILL: And here's the bright side; you alive.

DANIEL: Yes. (Danny looks at Ernest.) Thanks to you.

EARNEST: Look at it this way, if you ever run into those aliens, that made up the language, you can ask them what it means.

CATHERINE: You better let us know this time.

DANIEL: I will, I promise. (Ernest suddenly gives Danny a massive hug. Making Danny smile.)

O'NEILL: Catherine, hug me. (Jack get up and gives Cat the hug.)

CATHERINE: Ha, ha, Jack. (Cat and Ernest look at each other and there smiles get bigger. they walk to each other and give each other a big hug.)