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The team finds a fugitive colony of Jaffa women, who must prey on other Jaffa to acquire symbiotes.

DVD DISC: Season 7, Disc 3
WRITTEN BY: Christopher Judge
DIRECTED BY: Peter F. Woeste
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Transcript by Sarae
Edited by Deanna Moll-Landry

Scene: Alien Planet

We see a lone Jaffa walking through a wooded area, unarmed.

O'NEILL: "All right, hold it! Right there!"

Jack comes out from behind a tree behind the Jaffa, his weapon raised. We hear more guns cocking and see Sam coming at the Jaffa from his left, weapon raised and then Daniel coming at him from his right, pistol raised.


RYK'L: (hands out at his sides) "I am Ryk'l of the Goa'uld Moloc."

Teal'c comes at him from the front.

RYK'L: "Shal kek nem ron."

TEAL'C: "I, too, will die free, brother."

Teal'c takes his hand in the Jaffa greeting.

RYK'L: "Teal'c of the Tau'ri? Your legend precedes you. Thank you for meeting me."

TEAL'C: "We have been told that there are a great many here who believe in the dream of freedom for all Jaffa."

Just then, a staff blast hits Ryk'l from behind. Staff shots go whizzing by SG-1 as they run for cover behind some rocks and start returning fire. Bullets are flying and staff blasts whizzing. We see (Male) Jaffa coming out of the woods, attacking and being hit by bullets.

There are a great many Jaffa, but suddenly they are being mowed down by staff blasts from behind SG-1. In the smoke filled area, the source of the new blasts cannot be seen.

SG-1 stops shooting and a tentative silence follows.

O'NEILL: (to Teal'c) "More rebel Jaffa?"

TEAL'C: "There is only one way to be certain." (after a few seconds he shouts) "Shel kek nem ron!"

At first there is no reponse. All SG-1 can see is smoke.

TEAL'C: "Shel kek nem ron!"

SG-1 all turn their attention to the smoke, raising their weapons as they hear footsteps. Two female Jaffa step through the smoke carrying staff weapons at their sides.

MALA: "Warriors of the Tau'ri, we mean you no harm."

Then, as SG-1 watched in stunned silence, several more female Jaffa come to join the first two, all carrying staff weapons.

MALA: "Please, come with us."

Scene: Same Alien Planet

The female Jaffa are still waiting for an answer from SG-1. Jack mulls over his response as a death glider flies over head.

MALA: (to Neith) "Shak krek tel kree."

Neith leaves and another Jaffa takes her place standing next to Mala.

MALA: (to SG-1) "The Stargate will not be accessible for long. We must hurry."

We see Neith go to Ryk'l and remove his symbiote. She places the symbiote in what appears to be a metal pot with a lid. SG-1 look on with some trepidation.

JACKSON: "What is she doing?"

MALA: "There is no time to explain here. Please, come with us."

NEITH: "Kel mal tek?"

MALA: "Cree shak nel."

NEITH: "They're outsiders."

MALA: "They are SG-1 of the Tau'ri."

O'NEILL: "Hey, what's goin' on?"

TEAL'C: "This one believes we should return to her planet. That one does not believe it will be wise."

MALA: "Please ... we knew you'd be here."

TEAL'C: "How?"

MALA: "Our intelligence network runs deep with in the Jaffa of Moloc. We came to ask for help. I promise you will be safe."

JACKSON: "Well, they did save us ..."

Scene: Hak'tyl

We see the female Jaffa exit the Stargate with SG-1 in tow. There are female Jaffa on horses and others waiting for their return.

MALA: (turning back to greet SG-1 as they arrive) "Welcome to Hak'tyl."

JACKSON: (quietly to Teal'c) "Independence?"

TEAL'C: "Liberation."

MALA: "Our dwellings are this way ... please."

O'NEILL: "Uh, you know, we really should call home first. Let the folks know where we are. It's past our curfew."

MALA: "By all means ..."

Jack nods at Sam and she heads to the DHD.

NEITH: "Why have we brought them here?"

MALA: "Because that was our mission."

NEITH: "Why was I not told?"

MALA: "Because we knew you would disagree. Go ahead, tell Ishta of our success."

Neith leaves the group again as Sam dials Earth to let them know of the change in plans.

Later, we see the group, Jaffa and SG-1 walking.

O'NEILL: "So, Teal'c ... who are they?"

TEAL'C: "My knowledge of the Goa'uld, Moloc, is limited. However, I am unaware of any Goa'uld that would permit his women Jaffa to be warriors."

JACKSON: "They seem to be well trained."

TEAL'C: "All females receive training. They are expected to defend their home world with their lives when their men are called to battle."

JACKSON: "Can't help but think of the ancient Greek Amazon mythos."

O'NEILL: "Yes, me too ..."

JACKSON: "They were, um, female warriors who, occasionally ... captured men from other tribes in order to mate with them. They would often, um ... would sometimes remove their right breast so they could more easily fire a bow and arrow."

O'NEILL: "I see neither bow nor arrow ..."


O'NEILL: "Wait ... you don't suppose that's why they want us, do you? I mean, you know, the three of us?"

JACKSON: "You t- to mate with? No, no ... I don't think so ..."

O'NEILL: "Well, because you know me ... I'm all for helping people."

CARTER: (somewhat snorting laughter) "Oh, God ..."

Later, they are led into a camp. There are many more women and children in the camp. The younger one run to take comfort from the older women.

MALA: "You must forgive them. For many of the young, this is the first time they've seen men."

A blond woman emerges form one of the dwellings. (For those of you who watch Enterprise, this is T'Pol.)

MALA: "This is Ishta, our leader."

Ishta descends the steps from the dwelling to approach SG-1. Neith emerges behind her.

O'NEILL: "Well, howdy, ma'am ... it's nice to meet you. I heard so ... actually, I've heard nothing about ... you."

His voice trails off as she ignores him and walks straight to Teal'c.

ISHTA: "Teal'c ... of Chulak ... former first prime of Apophis. The Shol'va who has become a legend."

O'NEILL: (to Daniel and Sam) "That's a bit thick, don't you think?"

TEAL'C: "I am no legend. I fight as any true-hearted Jaffa for the freedom that we deserve." (He bows his head slightly and she does the same in response.) "This is Daniel Jackson, Major Carter and Colonel O'Neill."

She walks down the length of them, stopping just in front of Jack.

O'NEILL: "Hello ..."

ISHTA: (addressing them all) "I have asked you here so that I may propose an alliance."

O'NEILL: "Well, that's a fine idea. We should sit, talk, nosh ..."

TEAL'C: "No alliance can be formed between the Tau'ri and those who would steal symbiotes from their brother and leave him to die."

NEITH: (anger apparent in her voice) "He was no brother of mine. Just a murderer of innocent children."

ISHTA: "Shel kree!" (Neith stops immediately and SG-1 feels the tension in those surrounding them.) "There is much to discuss." (She looks to her side and a young girl comes over to stand with her.) "This is Syn'ac. This morning, she laid on her death bed. She reached the age of Prata three days ago."

O'NEILL: "Hmm?"

JACKSON: "Puberty."

O'NEILL: "Ah."

ISHTA: "Without the symbiote we procured this morning, she would be dead now." (Once again, she looks to her side and another young girl comes to stand with her.) "This is Nesa, younger sister to Neith. She is next to reach the age. Without a symbiote, she will die ... as will all our children."

Later, we see Sam, Neith, Mala and Ishta in one of the dwellings sitting on the floor around a low table.

ISHTA: "Thirty years ago, Moloc decreed that only male children would be allowed to live. Only they could strengthen his armies and lead him to victory in the war of the gods."

CARTER: "Well, aside from the obvious immorality, that doesn't make sense. How do you sustain a population of any gender without women?"

ISHTA: "The Jaffa lifespan is longer than humans. This could go on for a hundred years. Any female child is to be sacrificed in the ceremony of fire, immediately after they are born."

CARTER: "They're burned to death?"

ISHTA: "Yes."

Outside, the men are standing around, observing. Daniel is opening a food bar with his teeth.

O'NEILL: "Well, this is ... odd."

JACKSON: "Maybe they just feel more comfortable talking to Sam ..."

O'NEILL: "Why? Because we have penises?"

JACKSON: (considers what Jack just said, chokes slightly and turns to Jack, offering his newly opened food bar) "Powerbar?"

O'NEILL: "Yeah, thanks ..."

Back in the hut with the women.

CARTER: "So, how did you start bringing them here?"

ISHTA: "As a temple high priestess, part of my duty is to keep record of births ... and to preside over the ceremony of fire itself. I could not sit back and watch my sisters be murdered and do nothing. As high priestess, I, along with my seconds, Mala and Neith, are allowed relatively free access to the Chappa'ai of the worlds under Moloc's rule."

CARTER: "No one outside this camp knows you're doing this?"

ISHTA: "No. Our duties require us to attend to many missionary matters on various planets."

CARTER: "So you offer the parents of these children a chance for their daughters to live."

ISHTA: "All but a few Jaffa under Moloc worship him religiously. Not even the parents can be trusted. The children have to be spirited away, secretly, for fear we'd be reported to the imperial guard."

MALA: "It is punishable by death to even question the laws of a god."

ISHTA: "Over the moons we have succeeded in saving many from their birthright of death."

CARTER: "So you want our help to overthrow Moloc?"

ISHTA: (surprised) "We may have underestimated you."

CARTER: "We've gone after Goa'ulds before.'

ISHTA: "Moloc is very powerful. His armies are vast."

CARTER: "We have our ways ... and some very powerful allies."

ISHTA: "Forgive us, but our immediate goals are somewhat less ambitious."

NEITH: "It is an ongoing struggle to procure the symbiotes needed for our young to survive. We've lost many of our warriors in these raids. It has been said your weapons are formidable."

MALA: "We also require sustenance. Food and supplies among our growing population are scarce."

ISHTA: "We are proud warriors. We offer you our services and our knowledge in return. We have an extensive intelligence network among the Jaffa under Moloc."

CARTER: "What if I were to offer you an alternative?"

MALA: "An alternative to what?"

CARTER: "To your reliance on the Goa'uld."

Scene: Hak'tyl

Sam has rejoined SG-1 to brief them on her meeting with the leaders of the female Jaffa.

JACKSON: "Tretonin?"

CARTER: "We've had success with it so far."

O'NEILL: "On all two test subjects ..."

CARTER: "It hasn't been easy. Jaffa won't willingly give up their symbiotes, despite the fact it could ultimately free them."

TEAL'C: "Jaffa believe they will be weaker without them."

JACKSON: "Centuries of Goa'uld brainwashing ..."

O'NEILL: "Will these women do it?"

CARTER: "They're thinking about it. They've suffered some horrible atrocities at the hands of the Jaffa who serve Moloc. It's easy to see why they don't have a problem killing a few of them to survive."

TEAL'C: "A Jaffa is taught it is more noble to die than to kill another."

CARTER: "Teal'c ... these children have been genetically altered to depend on symbiotes and then had all access to them taken away. Their guardians believe this is the only way for them to survive."

TEAL'C: "Then they will have to see that there is another way."

Teal'c begins to walk in search of Ishta.

O'NEILL: "Give 'em the old Teal'c charm ..."

Later, we see Teal'c walking in the woods. He comes upon a totem of sorts. It is a construction hanging from a tree. He moves closer to study it.

ISHTA: "It means 'courage'. Each design represents an ideal that no warrior should ever forget."

TEAL'C: "Impressive that I did not sense your approach."

ISHTA: "Is not stealthiness one of the first talents taught to a Jaffa soldier?"

TEAL'C: (turning to face her, smiling) "With varying degrees of success."

ISHTA: "You wish to talk me into succumbing to this ... experiment?"

TEAL'C: "Indeed."

ISHTA: "Come, walk with me."

As they walk we see other symbols similar to dream catchers hanging from various tree branches.

ISHTA: "Have you really the belief that this ... tretonin is our way to freedom?"

TEAL'C: "If it is successful, it may be the first step. For as long as Jaffa require symbiotes we will continue to be enslaved by the Goa'uld. The benefit the symbiote provides is not a Jaffa's true strength. And we, as a people, must begin to realize that sacrifices must be made if we are to ever truly be free."

They walk further and come to a clearing. There many symbols hanging from the surrounding trees and there are racks on either side of the narrow clearing that hold wooden practice staffs. Teal'c props his staff weapon against one of the racks.

Ishta turns and faces him a few yards ahead.

ISHTA: "This is where I come to kelnoreem."

TEAL'C: "Much of our tradition and our way of life have been designed to instill our dependence on the Goa'uld."

ISHTA: "You believe it is wrong that we kill Jaffa merely that our children would live. But what is war for but the preservation of our children? We do not engage the defenseless or the weak. We always fight with honor and those that die do not die in vain."

TEAL'C: (irritation growing) "One day you will come across a Jaffa scout party that will not so easily be ambushed."

ISHTA: "Then you doubt our abilities? Is that what this is about? You speak of progress and shedding of the old ways and yet you still think a woman needs your protection." (She walks over and picks up two wooden practice staffs. She throws one to Teal'c.) "May your limbs be more nimble than your tongue ... for your sake."

Ishta takes off her cape and Teal'c removes his jacket. She attacks first and for a time he is defending her with one hand. She becomes more aggressive. He knocks the staff from her hands and as she falls, she sweeps his feet from under him. He lands on his back. They both kip back to their feet and start again. She uses her feet as she now has no staff. She grabs his staff and pushed it against his chest.

ISHTA: (through clenched teeth) "Do not hold back, you will only anger me further."

Teal'c shoves her and she does a back flip - a couple of them as he moves forward. On the last flip, she picks up her staff and comes up blocking his advance. She gets in a few more licks before he grabs her staff with his, flips her over his back and turns her around to pin him to her, her back to his chest, the staff weapons holding her across the shoulders.

TEAL'C: (also through clenched teeth) "You have proven yourself a worthy adversary. Now, hear me. If you say no to Tretonin, it can only mean you have an unquenchable thirst for bloodshed and revenge. And that does not serve those who follow your leadership."

ISHTA: (a sudden revelation comes to her) "I sense no symbiote in you."

TEAL'C: "You are correct."

Ishta finds a sudden burst of strength and takes Teal'c by surprise as she grabs both staffs and flips him over onto his back.

ISHTA: (angry) "You take this drug yourself and yet you conceal it! Your actions betray your words." (She walks over and pulls down one of the hanging dream catcher symbols. She throws it at him.) "That one means 'pride'."

She walks away and Teal'c watches her, then looks at the symbol he holds.

Later, back at the camp, Ishta is addressing her followers and SG-1.

ISHTA: "No longer will we need to lose our sisters in battle. No longer will our daughters be dependant on symbiotes. Teal'c ... had taken the drug. He stands here before you as evidence. I am asking for four volunteers to travel with me to the Tau'ri to test its effectiveness."

After several seconds when no one steps forward ...

O'NEILL: "Is that a pin dropping?"

MALA: (stepping forward) "You must not go."

ISHTA: "Mala, I have made my decision."

MALA: "Hak'tyl needs you. You are our leader. I will go in your stead. It is my right as Kin'dra. You cannot say no."

ISHTA: "You are brave and true."

Another Jaffa steps forward.

JAFFA 1: "I too will go."

Two others step forward. Ishta smiles. Then she looks at Neith and Neith casts her eyes down, not wanting to look at Ishta. Ishta walks to stand in front of Neith. Nesa is at Neith's side. Ishta looks at Nesa.

ISHTA: "Nesa is of the age ..."

NEITH: "She is a child."

ISHTA: "I'm told it's not without risk ... but if there is one among us ..."

NEITH: (cutting her off) "Never! That you would even consider this is an affront to all of us."

ISHTA: "Your words are disrespectful."

Neith turns, touches Nesa's shoulder and walks away with Nesa following her.

ISHTA: "I cannot force her hand." (Then she returns to the four volunteers.) "I wish you well."

Scene: S.G.C. - Gate Room

Sam and Jack come through the gate with the four volunteer Jaffa. General Hammond is at the base of the ramp to greet them.

HAMMOND: "Dr. Jackson? Teal'c?"

O'NEILL: "As Teal'c would say ... undomesticated equines couldn't drag him away ..."

CARTER: (smiling at his antics) "The leader of the Hak'tyl wanted to learn more about the rebel Jaffa.We figured we could send updates on the progress of the tretonin treatment to Daniel through the MALP."

O'NEILL: "Kind of a P. R. thing, sir."

Hammond nods slightly and then turns his attention to their visitors.

HAMMOND: "I'm General Hammond. Welcome to Earth."

The four nod slightly in greeting.

Meanwhile, back on Hak'tyl, Teal'c and Ishta are getting to know each other better. They are walking together in a field.

ISHTA: "When you rose up against Apophis, did you leave behind someone that you loved?"

TEAL'C: "My son and I have been reunited. He had become a great warrior, traveling with my mentor, Bra'tac, spreading word of our cause."

ISHTA: "And what of his mother? Does she sit at home pining away for her hero?"

TEAL'C: "She is dead."

ISHTA: "I am sorry, Teal'c."

TEAL'C: "You could not have known. She died last year when her symbiote matured and was unable to procure another."

ISHTA: "I see ..."

Meanwhile back in the S.G.C. Infirmary, the tretonin treatments are underway.

MALA: "What of my symbiote?"

FRAISER: "It's being sustained. We've developed methods of keeping the symbiote alive for some time. As far as the tretonin ... finding the right amount is going to be somewhat trial and error. We'll keep increasing the dose until we get the desired effect."

Mala nods her understanding. Janet smiles at her and then leaves Mala and Sam alone to check on the others.

CARTER: (pulling up a stool to sit by Mala's bed) "You're very brave."

MALA: "Not so much as you think."

Back on Hak'tyl ...

Teal'c and Ishta are still walking.

TEAL'C: "The rebellion that I have helped fuel has caused the Goa'uld to mistrust the Jaffa with their young."

ISHTA: "You are making a point?"

TEAL'C: "I am speaking only of Drey'auc. She refused to take the life of another Jaffa, even to preserve her own, no matter what their beliefs may have been."

ISHTA: "What are your memories of her?"

TEAL'C: (smiling) "She could be as fierce as the wind ... or as gentle as the sunshine. And she never feared to be either."

ISHTA: "You still love her."

TEAL'C: "I will always have a place in my heart for her."

Back in the S.G.C. Infirmary, Sam and Mala are still talking ...

MALA: "You are close to Colonel O'Neill ..."

CARTER: "Yeah ... I like to think we have a special relationship."

MALA: "I hope to, someday, have a special relationship ..."

CARTER: "Oh! No, no ... it's not like that ..."

MALA: "Like what?"

CARTER: (fumbles for words) "W ... ye ... we aren't, you know, (Rolling her eyes up, saying 'like you know' ... with her eyes. ;)) I mean, we don't ..."

MALA: "I was speaking of the mutual respect you share."

CARTER: "I knew that ..." (She clears her throat.)

Back on Hak'tyl, they walk through the meadow continues.

ISHTA: "I am from a world unlike yours, Teal'c. Where women aren't held in such high regard. My husband was a warrior of high station in Moloc's imperial guard. I was but one wife of many ... still, as temple priestess I was afforded many luxuries to make up for my mistreatment."

TEAL'C: "What has become of your husband?"

ISHTA: "He was killed in battle against a rival Goa'uld."

Back in the infirmary ...

MALA: "I was once a temple handmaiden. I fell in love with a young palace guard. Our relationship was forbidden because of our station. When it was discovered that I was to have his child, Moloc sentenced my beloved to death ... and sacrificed our daughter before my eyes."

CARTER: (closing her eyes and shaking her head) "I'm so sorry ..."

Back in the Hak'tyl meadow ...

ISHTA: "When will the Goa'uld thirst for conquest and bloodshed end?"

TEAL'C: "When they are all dead."

Back in the female Jaffa camp, Daniel is watching several of the children playing. He notices Nesa sitting by herself.

JACKSON: "Are you okay?"

NESA: "My sister says I shouldn't talk to you."

JACKSON: "You don't have to ..." (He takes a seat beside her.) "I'll just sit here for a while." (After a few seconds ... ) "I'm Daniel." (She looks at him and he looks straight ahead.) "I wasn't talkin' to you."

NESA: "Who were you talking to then?"

JACKSON: "No one. So how are you?"

NESA: (sighing) "I feel tired."

JACKSON: "Who you talkin' to?"

NESA: "No one." (Daniel tries very hard not to smile.) "What are those on your face?"

JACKSON: "Uh ... they're called glasses. They help me see better."

NESA: "Why would you need to see better?"

JACKSON: "Because my eyes don't see as well as they should."

NESA: "How do they work?"

JACKSON: "Here ..." (he takes his glasses off and puts them on Nesa's face.)

NESA: (squinting and taking the glasses off) "These make your sight worse."

JACKSON: "Yeah, well, they work differently for different people."

Daniel put his glasses back on.

NESA: "Perhaps you are in need of a symbiote."

JACKSON: "Yeah ... I-I'll just ... stick with the glasses."

NESA: "Neith has told me that your people do not approve of our use of symbiotes for healing."

JACKSON: "Well, it's a little more complicated than that. I just think that there's a better way ..."

NESA: "Neith does not want me to participate in your experiments."

JACKSON: "I know."

NESA: (looking rather sad) "Soon, I will require a symbiote ..."

JACKSON: "You don't sound very happy about that."

NESA: "I will become a great warrior like Neith."

JACKSON: "You know, you can do that without a symbiote."

NESA: "I can?"

JACKSON: "Hm-mm ... but, uh ... you didn't hear that from me."

Later, in Ishta's dwelling, she and Teal'c are seated on the floor beside the table. The room is lit with candlelight. Ishta pours liquid from a pitcher into a cup for Teal'c.

ISHTA: "Have you nothing to say?"

TEAL'C: "I have spoken more in two days than I have in many years."

ISHTA: "And so you are done?"

TEAL'C: "Perhaps I should take my leave."

Ishta looks down for a second, disappointed in his response. She stops him as he begins to leave.

ISHTA: "Thoughts of your wife still linger. That's understandable. But she's been gone now for over a year. There is no sin in taking comfort in another lonely soul ... if you wish ..."

She reaches up and kisses him. They continue to kiss as the scene fades to the S.G.C. infirmary.

Scene: S.G.C. - Infirmary

Mala is not doing well. Sam and Janet are discussing her condition.

FRAISER: "Mala's the only one not responding. Her white blood cell count is way down. If this keeps up, she'll go into sepsis."

CARTER: "What can you do?"

FRAISER: (shaking her head) "Continue to increase the tretonin levels ... but she's already at double the dose that's working in the others. I want to move her to isolation."

Sam nods.

FRAISER: "We had no guarantees going in. Some would say an 80% success rate isn't bad in a trial like this ..."

CARTER: "Not in the minds of the Jaffa ..."

FRAISER: "We're not done yet. We haven't even begun to explore the reasons why it might not be working in Mala."

CARTER: "We need this to work."

FRAISER: "I know."

Scene: Hak'tyl

Daniel is awakened by a charged staff weapon pointed at his head.

JACKSON: "Morning ..."

NEITH: (angry) "You had no right to speak to her!"

JACKSON: "I'm sorry."

NEITH: "I saved her from her birthright and it will be the symbiote I procure that will save her once again. I have already lost two sisters and I will not lose another one."

JACKSON: "Okay, okay ... you lost two sisters ... I'm sorry."

NEITH: "Ishta was able to save me, but she couldn't save the next two girls sired by my father. He was a Jaffa stationed high in the imperial guard. I swore that when I came of age, no more of my sisters would die. When I heard that my mother had given birth to yet another female, I knew what I had to do."

JACKSON: "Well, you should be proud of that."

NEITH: "My father discovered the ruse Ishta and I used to keep Nesa away from the fire. I had to kill him so we could escape."

JACKSON: "Well, don't you want to give Nesa a chance to live free of the Goa'uld?"

NEITH: "Not ... your ... way."

She deactivates the staff and backs out of the tent.

Back in the infirmary, Mala has been moved to an room by herself. Sam is standing next to her bed with a mask on her face to protect Mala.

MALA: "You have moved me away from the others because you did not wish to frighten them."

CARTER: "The truth is, you're not doing so well. You're more susceptible to infection in your condition."

MALA: "How are the others responding to treatment?"

CARTER: "Good ... very good."

Suddenly, Mala closes her eyes and starts making a wheezing sound as alarms go off on the equipment monitoring her condition.

CARTER: "Janet?"

Fraiser comes over and starts checking her over. A nurse joins them.

NURSE: "Her B. P. is 60 over 40 ..."

FRAISER: "Give her a bolus ..." (Janet looks at the monitors.) "We have to put her symbiote back."

MALA (grabbing Sam's arm) "Do not."

CARTER: "If we don't, you could die."

MALA: "This must work if my people are to be free. If I continue to be enslaved by the Goa'uld I carried, I am as good as dead ... please ..."

Mala loses consciousness.

Back on Hak'tyl, Neith has gathered the Jaffa together for an announcement.

JAFFA 2: "You challenge Ishta?"

NIETH: (taking off her cape) "She is no longer fit to lead us. She consorts with Teal'c. Her judgment has been clouded."

JAFFA 3: "Our sisters have risked their lives for the experiment. Do you see no benefit if it works?"

NEITH: "Even if the tretonin works, it merely places our dependences on the humans of Tau'ri ..."

JAFFA 3: "Whom you also do not trust."

NEITH: "Who is to say their intentions are pure? Their leaders are men. They wish to sap our strength with this drug."

JAFFA 3: "We are safe here at the moment. But if Moloc ever learned that we were behind the raids on his Jaffa ..."

NEITH: "Our freedom lies in dominance over the Goa'uld. We must fight so that we may use their symbiotes to our advantage. Only then will we control our own destiny. I wish to know ... if I am to challenge Ishta's leadership, who will follow me?"

Suddenly another Jaffa comes into the group.

JAFFA 4: "Neith! You must come quick ... it is Nesa ..."

Back in the infirmary, Janet is preparing to put Mala's symbiote back.

FRAISER: "I'm not waiting any longer."

Janet snags the little snake out of its tank. She put it back into Mala. Sam grimaces and looks up to Jack and Hammond in the observation room. He shares her distaste for what has had to happen.

CARTER: "How long before we see some improvement?"

FRAISER: "Not long, I hope."

Mala starts convulsing.

FRAISER: "She's coding. Let's start CPR. Let's intubate. Give me 1 milligram epi. Prep for defib."

Back on Hak'tyl, Neith is visiting Nesa, who is lying on a bed, not feeling well.

NEITH: "Be strong, sister. I will not fail you."

Neith leaves her sister.

Next we see many of the female Jaffa running or riding horses toward the same spot. Teal'c and Daniel encounter them while they are talking together.

TEAL'C: "What is happening?"

JAFFA 5: (as she rides by on a horse) "Neith has claimed joma secu!"

CARTER: (over comms) "Daniel, Teal'c, this is Sam ... come in?"

Daniel hears it as he is running after Teal'c (delayed because of distance).

JACKSON: (into his radio) "Yeah, go ahead Sam. It's me, Daniel."

CARTER: "We have some bad news."

JACKSON: "Uh, things aren't going that well here either. What-what's up?"

CARTER: "It's Mala ..."

The scene jumps ahead and we see Neith fall onto her back, with a charged staff weapon pointed at her head.

TEAL'C: "Ishta! Ishta!"

ISHTA: "You dare interfere? She challenged me, it is my right!"

TEAL'C: (whispering) "It is your right to grant mercy."

JACKSON: (yelling as he runs in from behind them) "Excuse me!" (he stops, a bit out of breath) "Look, I know this is not a good time for this, there never really is for something like this ..."

ISHTA: (cutting him off, irritated) "Speak!"

JACKSON: "Mala's dead."

ISHTA: (stunned) "Wha ..."

JACKSON: "I'm sorry ..."

ISHTA: "How?"

JACKSON: "The t-trentonin wasn't working ... when they tried to reintroduce her symbiote ... Look, I just want you to know ... the other women are fine."

NEITH (from her position on the ground) "See what your weakness had brought? Nesa is in need of a symbiote!"

Ishta pulls the staff back and leans on it.

ISHTA: "And she shall have one."

Ishta reaches down and offers her hand to Neith. She pulls Neith up and Neith takes the staff from Ishta. Neith leaves and Ishta starts to follow, but Teal'c blocks her path.

TEAL'C: "Do not make this mistake. Moloc will not allow this to continue."

ISHTA: "You give me no choice."

TEAL'C: "How many warriors have to die?"

ISHTA: "Our sisters in your care will be returned safely or the two of you will be sacrificed. Cree sha mel lak!"

She tears herself away from him and Teal'c and Daniel find themselves surrounded by armed female Jaffa.

Scene: Hak'tyl

Daniel and Teal'c are being held in one of the Jaffa dwellings. Teal'c is pacing as Daniel watches.

JACKSON: "Look, I know you wanna stop Ishta and the gang, but even if we could get outta here, we don't know where they went."

Suddenly, Jaffa 3 comes in flanked by two others carrying staff weapons.

JAFFA 3: "Come with me."

She leads them into Nesa's dwelling.

JAFFA 3: "She insisted."

NESA: "I do not wish for someone else to die so that I might live. I do not want to take a symbiote."

Daniel walks over and sits on the edge of her bed.

JACKSON: "Did you talk to your sister?"

NESA: "She would not listen. It is my right to decide, is it not?"

JACKSON: "I'm not sure. It should be."

NESA: "What happened to Mala?"

JACKSON: "We don't really know. We do know it was partially a reaction to her own symbiote. It shouldn't happen to someone who was never implanted."

NESA: "And the tretonin worked on others, did it not?"


NESA: "I wish to try it."

JACKSON: "Okay."

TEAL'C: "Do you know where Ishta and Neith have gone?"

NESA: "No."

JAFFA 3: "I do."

Teal'c bows to Nesa and then he and Daniel follow Jaffa 3 out of the tent.

Next we see Ishta's forces picking up weapons in an area where battle has taken place.

ISHTA: "Sel ma-ka nee!" (then she says to Neith) "We have been fortunate here this day. More have died than needed to."

NEITH: "We saved the life of my sister."

Ishta looks at Neith and then walks over to a fallen, bloody male Jaffa. She pulls a knife out of the back she is wearing.

MALE JAFFA: (with difficulty) "Shel kek nem ron."

Ishta stops, horrified by what she was about to do.

NEITH: (puzzled by her inaction) "Is the symbiote too near maturity?" (When Ishta doesn't answer, Neith walks over and kneels beside Ishta.) "What is wrong?"

ISHTA: "This Jaffa has the same wish for freedom as do we."

NEITH: "Then he should not have fought along side those who follow Moloc."

Unseen by the arguing females, a male Jaffa a short distance behind them is regaining consciousness.

ISHTA: (grief-stricken) "How many others ... that might have been our allies have we killed this day?"

NEITH (taking the knife from Ishta) "I'll do it myself."

Just as Neith is raising the knife to plunge it into the young Jaffa, she is hit by a staff blast from the recovering Jaffa. She slumps forward and Ishta cries out in shock.

ISHTA: "No!"

She has stood up and is pointing her staff at the Jaffa, who is pointing his staff at her. He charges his weapon, but before either can act, the male is hit by a zat. Ishta sees that it is Teal'c who has zatted the Jaffa and she quickly returns to Neith.

JACKSON: "You okay?"

ISHTA: "She is severely wounded. Her symbiote is damaged as well."

Ishta takes the knife back and is about to plunge it into the wounded Jaffa when Teal'c grabs her hand.

TEAL'C: "Ishta ... you have a choice ..."

She looks at him in anger and then drops the knife and allow him to comfort her.

Later, in the S.G.C. Infirmary, Jack and Sam are watching from the observation room as Janet works on Neith. Ishta and Teal'c are in the room with her.

FRAISER: "I don't know how much longer I can keep her alive. If we're going to administer the tretonin, it's now or never."

TEAL'C: (to Ishta) "You must speak to her."

Ishta moves to stand beside Neith's bed and leans down slightly to look into her face.

ISHTA: "Neith ..." (Neith's eyes flicker open) "Your symbiote is dying."

NEITH: "You must procure another."

ISHTA: "No ... those ways are over."

NEITH: "You sentence me to death."

ISHTA: "I ask you to choose life."

Neith turns away defiantly. Ishta closes her eyes and accepts defeat.

ISHTA: "She will not listen to me."

Just then, Daniel and Nesa come into the room.

JACKSON: "Well, maybe she'll listen to her sister."

Nesa walks to stand were Ishta was seconds before.

NESA: "Please, Neith ..."

NEITH: "You betrayed me."

NESA: "No ... you betray me. Since before I can remember, you have taught me to believe in our freedom. You said you would do anything so that you might protect me. One day, I will be a great warrior like you. But I am not yet. I still need you. I have chosen to live free. You must choose to take the tretonin, if you are to continue to teach and protect me. Please ... I do not wish you to die."

Neith reaches up and touched Nesa's cheek and smiles a little. Nesa bends down and gives her a hug.

Scene: S.G.C. - Gate Room

Neith, Nesa, Ishta and Jaffa 3 are standing at the bottom of the ramp across form SG-1. The gate is dialing.

NESA: (to Daniel) "Will you come and visit?"

JACKSON: "Yes, of course."

NEITH: "My sister's developed quite an affection for you."

NESA: (embarrassed) "Neith ..." (She nudges her sister.)

Daniel smiles and looks at Teal'c who has a large grin on his face.

ISHTA: "We are grateful to our new friends. On behalf of the Hak'tyl, I'd like to express our thanks."

CARTER: "Our medical team will be checking in on a regular basis. Make sure to take note of any symptoms that could be side-effects of the tretonin."

JAFFA 3: "You have trained us well in the use of the medicine."

ISHTA: "And the food and supplies you've provided will go far."

O'NEILL: "Well, if there's anything else you need ... anything ... just give us a call. Send us an e-mail."

ISHTA: (once again she is ignoring Jack and has eyes only for Teal'c) "Just that not too many moons go by before we see you again?"

O'NEILL: "Don't worry I'm sure we'll be in ..."

Jack stops talking as Teal'c lays a big one on Ishta.

O'NEILL: "... touch?"

Sam and Daniel take a hint and turn to leave the room. Neith and Nesa start up the ramp toward the Stargate. Jack takes a final look at the pair and leaves the room too. Ishta pulls herself away from Teal'c and starts up the ramp. Halfway up she turns back and gives him a little bow. Then she turns and continues on through the gate. Teal'c continues to look after her even when she is gone.