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The team gates to a climate-controlled environment amidst a toxic wasteland, whose people are all linked to a central computer.

DVD DISC: Season 7, Disc 2
WRITTEN BY: Joseph Mallozzi & Paul Mullie
DIRECTED BY: Martin Wood
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Transcript by Sarae
Edited by Deanna Moll-Landry

Scene: S.G.C. - Control Room

The alarm is blaring indicating the gate is activated. Daniel is coming up the stairs at the back of the control room. He walks up Sam, who is sitting at a computer console and looks over her shoulder. (*Note: Peter DeLuise and Martin Wood can be seen walking across the scene in the background. Peter is in camo and Martin is in green. They stand off to the right, near Sgt. Davis throughout the entire scene).

JACKSON: "What's going on?"

CARTER: "We're getting M.A.L.P. telemetry from P3X-289. Atmosphere is completely toxic: sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, methane, ammonia ..."

JACKSON: "Well, if there was a gate there, then chances are good there was life there at some point."

CARTER: "Yeah, I think that's a safe assumption. Look at this."

We see a picture on the computer monitor of what appears to be a fuzzy dome in the middle of a white fog. There are rocky outcroppings surrounding the fog and sparsely protruding from the foggy area.

CARTER: "We got these images two hour ago, just after the M.A.L.P. went through. The dome seems to be the only structure that's managed to withstand the corrosive effects of the atmosphere."

JACKSON: "How big is it?"

CARTER: "It's about 2.2 kilometers wide and 500 meters high."

DAVIS: "The M.A.L.P.'s giving us a proximity alert. Three meters ... and we're picking up a static charge."

We see video of the end of the M.A.L.P. arm on the monitor. The M.A.L.P. is in the foggy area.

CARTER: "Stop. Extend the arm."

We see the arm extend and it appears to push through a barrier of some kind. There is a bit of a rainbow shimmer as it passes through the barrier. The part of the arm that is through the barrier is no longer visible.

DAVIS: It went right through."

JACKSON: "Well, whatever it is, it's not solid."

CARTER: "Move forward."

On the monitor we see the M.A.L.P. camera push through the barrier. Once on the other side, we see terrain that is reminiscent of the garden area from "The Gamekeeper". Sam and Daniel both watch the M.A.L.P. progress intently. Then the monitor goes black.

DAVIS: "Uh, we've lost contact. The M.A.L.P.'s not responding."

CARTER: "Bring up that last image."

We see an image of the nice terrain ... water, green grass, trees, etc. again.

JACKSON: "How is that possible?"

CARTER: "I have no idea."

Scene: S.G.C. - Control Room

The alarms are blaring again and the gate is active. General Hammond walks up to stand behind Davis.

HAMMOND: "Colonel O'Neill ... report."

O'NEILL: "We're good, Sir. Although, there's not much of a view."

HAMMOND: "What about suit integrity?"

CARTER: "According to my readings, the hazmats could withstand about 12 hours of exposure before there was any serious degradation."

O'NEILL: "Shouldn't be a problem, Sir. We can make it to the dome and back inside an hour."

HAMMOND: "Understood, Hammond out."

Scene: Alien Planet

SG-1, in full hazmat gear (red suits, hoods, breathing apparatus, etc.) are walking through a very dense fog or smoke. The fog has a slight brown tint to it. There is little visibility, though remains of structures and trees can be seen if they are in close proximity.

CARTER: "Picking up a static charge."

JACKSON: "Yeah, I can feel it."

O'NEILL: "So, what do we do ... just walk through?"

CARTER: "The M.A.L.P. encountered no resistance."

O'NEILL: "Then it disappeared."

CARTER: "It did transmit for a few seconds before we lost the signal, which suggests it got through."

Jack unhooks his P-90 and extends it through the barrier for a few seconds. He pulls it back. Then he walks right through. Once through, he is in a beautiful landscape. He sees what the M.A.L.P. transmitted just before they lost contact with it. He walks up to the M.A.L.P. and a few seconds later the rest of SG-1 comes through the barrier.

CARTER: "I'm reading normal atmosphere. Oxygen, nitrogen ..." (She turns her scanning device toward Daniel) "We're clean too."

JACKSON: "It's like the barrier scrubbed the suits when we passed through."

CARTER: "The inside of the barrier seems to be some kind of hologram."

She reaches her hand back in the direction they came from and where she touches the barrier, the landscape seems to blur. Daniel sticks his whole forearm back through the barrier.

JACKSON: "You can feel the resistance."

CARTER: "That combined with the static charge must act as a warning." (She pulls off her hood.) "So you don't accidentally step through."

Jack pulls off his hood too and takes a look around. Teal'c takes off his hood as well and does a quick check of the M.A.L.P.

TEAL'C: "The M.A.L.P. appears to be fully operational."

CARTER: "The barrier must block the signal. Sir, this is an amazing piece of technology. Permeable to large solid objects, but won't allow the poisonous atmosphere in. We really need to study this further."

Sam and Jack continue to walk away from the M.A.L.P. with Teal'c and Daniel bringing up the rear. Then they hear a twig snap. Jack uses a hand signal to tell the other's to hang back while he investigates. He walks toward a large pine tree, weapon raised.

O'NEILL: "All right, come on out. Let's go."

A young boy walks out from behind the tree. He pulls down on a branch to look over it at the strangers. Jack puts his gun down. Sam smiles.

CARTER: "Hello."

JACKSON: "We're not gonna hurt you."

NEVIN: "You came from outside."

O'NEILL: "Yes ... we did. What's your name?"

NEVIN: "What's yours?"

O'NEILL: "I asked you first."

NEVIN: "I'm called Nevin."

O'NEILL: "Hello, Nevin. I'm Jack. That's Sam, Daniel and Teal'c."

NEVIN: "You wear strange clothes."

O'NEILL: "Caught us on a bad day."

CARTER: "Nevin, where are your parents?"

NEVIN: "My father's in the town."

CARTER: "Can you show us?"

JACKSON: "We just want to talk to him."

NEVIN: "Maybe we could trade."

Next we see SG-1, the hazmat suits shed (Teal'c is carrying one), walking along. Jack and Sam are walking nearly side by side and Teal'c and Daniel are nearly side by side behind them. The camera pans out to reveal Nevin up ahead of them wearing one of the suits and carrying the hood. They are walking through the town. It is heavy on stone and brick construction. It's a very quaint and attractive town.

CARTER: "You know, Sir, we probably could have found the town without his help."

They enter the town square and Nevin approaches his father. Nevin's father has a "c" shaped metallic object on the side of his face near his left temple (think seven of nine from ST: VOY). Actually, all the townsfolk, including Nevin, have the devices on their left temples.

KENDRICK: "Nevin?"

NEVIN: "I found some people in the garden: Jack, Sam, Daniel and Teal'c."

KENDRICK: I'm Kendrick, Nevin's father."

O'NEILL: "I assume you don't get many visitors in these parts."

KENDRICK: "We thought we were the only survivors."

JACKSON: "Survivors of what, exactly?"

KENDRICK: "You'd better speak to the Council."

Scene: Council Chamber

SG-1 are standing in the room which has windows all around. There are three men and one woman seated at a table in front of SG-1. Jack is looking around because there are people crowded up to the windows all around peeking inside.

COUNCIL MAN #1: "You say you came from outside the dome ..."

O'NEILL: "That's right."

COUNCILMAN #2: "But the atmosphere is toxic. Anyone who stepped outside would die almost instantly."

CARTER: "We wore protective suits."

COUNCIL WOMAN: "But where do you come from ... originally?"

CARTER: "From a planet called Earth. It's about 6000 light years from here."

COUNCIL MAN #3: "You came in a spaceship?"

JACKSON: "Uh, no, we came through the Stargate. It's that-that big circular object ... uh, symbols carved on it. It's right outside the dome." (The council members stare blankly back at him.) "There must be some sort of historical reference to ..."

COUNCIL MAN #4: "One moment, please ..." (He reaches his fingers up to touch the device on his temple. All the citizens stop, as though in suspended animation. Then seconds later, he resumes talking.) "The Gate of Magh Mar. Discovered 563 years ago."

COUNCIL MAN #3: "Believed to have been of ritual significance in the worship of the goddess Morrigan."

COUNCIL WOMAN: "Taken from the ruins of Danaan and put on display in the national museum of history."

CARTER: "So, you do know about the gate."

COUNCIL WOMAN: "We do now."

COUNCIL MAN #4: "We've accessed the relevant information through the link. It's a direct neural interface with a databank." (He removes the device from his temple and holds it in his hand for SG-1 to see.)

O'NEILL: (grimaces) "Ow ..."

COUNCIL WOMAN: "The link contains the sum total of our knowledge and wisdom. All our history, our culture, our science ... everything."

CARTER: "And you can simply call up this information whenever you need it?"

COUNCIL WOMAN: "Precisely."

Scene: Alien Planet

Jack and Teal'c are back in the garden. They are walking to the M.A.L.P.

O'NEILL: "You really think this is gonna work?"

TEAL'C: "The signal was lost only when the transmitter crossed the barrier. We need only maneuver the M.A.L.P. into the correct position."

Jack holds Teal'c's staff weapon as Teal'c uses a remote control to move the M.A.L.P. back through the barrier far enough that the transmitter is on the outside of the dome. He looks at Jack, signaling that they are ready to receive a transmission from the S.G.C..

O'NEILL: "Nice." (He gives Teal'c back his staff weapon.)

Meanwhile back in the S.G.C. control room, the alarms are going off because the gate is going to be active again. Sgt. Davis and General Hammond walk toward the computer console from separate areas.

DAVIS: "We have a scheduled radio contact with SG-1, Sir."

HAMMOND: "Dial the gate."

Back on the planet, Jack is swinging his arms as he awaits the transmission.

HAMMOND: (over the M.A.L.P. radio) "SG-1, this is General Hammond. Come in."

Jack leans his face into the camera, filling the computer screen with his face.

O'NEILL: "Yes, Sir. We read ya, loud and clear." (He whips his sunglasses off. He has a distinct drawl in his voice.) "Loud and clear."

HAMMOND: "Colonel O'Neill, report."

O'NEILL: "Well, it turns out this planet's not so dead after all, Sir."

HAMMOND: "I take it the dome's inhabited."

O'NEILL: "Yes, Sir. So far, the natives are very friendly, if ... a bit odd, if you know what I mean."

HAMMOND: "Are they willing to share information?"

O'NEILL: "They're gonna show Carter all the technical stuff tomorrow. In the meantime, they've offered to put us up for the night."

HAMMOND: "All right, next contact in 24 hours."

O'NEILL: "Yes, Sir." (He salutes.)

Scene: Alien Planet - Night

Jack, Teal'c and Nevin are seated at a dining table and Kendrick is putting bowls on the table.

O'NEILL: "Thank you."

Teal'c nods at Kendrick and then Kendrick goes into another room (the kitchen?) Jack looks at his bowl, then looks at Teal'c's as Teal'c watches. A few seconds later, Jack signals Teal'c to trade bowls with him. Nevin just stares at Jack as he prepares to eat the meal Kendrick has prepared. Then Jack notices him staring, so he stares back. Then Teal'c notices Jack staring.

O'NEILL: (to Nevin) "What?"

NEVIN: "How many planets have you been to?"

O'NEILL: "I don't know ... lots."

NEVIN: "More than 10?"

O'NEILL: "Yeah."

NEVIN: "More than 20?"

O'NEILL: "Yes."

NEVIN: "More than 30?"

O'NEILL: "Yeah."

NEVIN: "More than 40?"

O'NEILL: "Yes."

NEVIN: "More than 50?"

O'NEILL: "Maybe ..."

KENDRICK: (peeking into the room) "Nevin ... let the poor man eat."

NEVIN: "It's more than 50, isn't it?"

O'NEILL: (to Teal'c) "Think it's too late to pitch a tent?"

Meanwhile, Sam and Daniel are seated in another home at another dinner table.

PALLAN: "Are you sure you've had enough to eat?"

JACKSON: "Yes, it was, uh, it was delicious."

CARTER: "You obviously don't have any trouble growing enough food."

EVALLA: "Everything in the dome is completely self-sufficient."

CARTER: "What about power?"

PALLAN: "We draw energy from geo-thermal vents located beneath the town. Tomorrow I can show you the-the generators."

EVALLA: "Pallan's one of the technicians who maintains the system."

JACKSON: "Well, you're obviously very advanced, but you're level of architecture seems to ... be out of step with your level of technology."

EVALLA: "Technology's what destroyed our world. The dome was created because industrial growth poisoned the air and the water. Our people were dying from disease and starvation so ... the survivors made a deliberate choice to simplify their lives."

JACKSON: "We have our own environmental problems. Perhaps if we learned about your history, it might help us avoid a similar fate."

EVALLA: "Well, the easiest way for you to learn about our history is through the link."

Daniel and Sam look at each other. Then Daniel turns back to V.

JACKSON: "Is that possible?"

EVALLA: "Of course." (She takes her temple device off and hands it to Daniel.) "Thousands of historical books are on file."

Daniel looks the device over.

CARTER: "Uh ... maybe that isn't such a good idea." (Pallan and Evalla look at her, puzzled.) "We have no way of knowing if our brain physiology if compatible with the technology."

PALLAN: "Ah ..."

JACKSON: (handing the device back to Evalla) "Thanks ... maybe later."

Elsewhere in the town, the Council Woman is sleeping in her bed. Suddenly, she wakes up and we see that the device is still on her temple. She gets out of bed, picks up a suitcase, puts it on the bed and kneels down as she opens it. Then she looks up. Next we see her exiting her home, carrying the suitcase. She walks down and ally and through the barrier.

Scene: Alien Planet - Day Two

Jack wakes to see his hazmat helmet staring him in the face.

O'NEILL: "Hello Nevin."

NEVIN: "I'm not Nevin. I'm Colonel O'Neill from Stargate Command."

O'NEILL: "All right, Colonel O'Neill ..." (he sits up and flicks the face plate on the mask) "... will you please take off my hood?"

Nevin complies and then his dad comes into the room. We also see that Teal'c is sitting in a chair in the same room.

KENDRICK: "Nevin, it's time for school. Go into your room and access your lessons."

NEVIN: (still clutching the hood) "When I grow up, can I be an explorer?"

KENDRICK: "We'll talk about it later."

Elsewhere in the town, Sam and Pallan are walking.

CARTER: "So none of you has ever been outside the dome?"

PALLAN: "Not in over 400 years. We monitor the levels of toxicity, but we've never actually seen it. What's it like?"

CARTER: "It's not very pretty."

PALLAN: "I've seen images on the link of a great city with tall building made of glass and steel."

CARTER: "I'm afraid there's not much left but rubble."

PALLAN: "I suppose ..." (he bends down and picks up a rock) "... that's why they created this ..."

He throws the rock down a short arched tunnel. More of the town can be seen through the tunnel, but the rock passes through the barrier and it becomes obvious the barrier is closer than Sam had thought.

PALLAN: "So we're not constantly reminded of what happened."

CARTER: "It's a pretty convincing illusion. I'd love to see how it's made."

PALLAN: "Well, the control room's underground, but the entrance is this way." (He points in the direction opposite of they way he threw the stone.)

Later, Sam and Pallan descend a staircase into the control room. The technology in this room is a bit more advanced than the stuff we see on the Prometheus, but not as advances as the stuff we see on an Asgard ship.

PALLAN: "As you can see, Major, we haven't abandoned technology all together."

CARTER: "Yeah."

Elsewhere, Daniel and Evalla are walking.

EVALLA: "If using the link is out of the question, then this is your only option."

She opens the door to a room that is filled with books. There are books on shelves and books stacked on every available horizontal surface. It appears as though no one has disturbed a one of them in a very long time.

EVALLA: "Mmm ... we don't have much need for books anymore." (She picks one up) "These are all that's left from the old world."

JACKSON: "It's interesting, uhm ... the writing's similar to a language we've encountered before."

EVALLA: "Can you translate it?"

JACKSON: "With your help?"

EVALLA: "Let's get started."

Back in the control room, Pallan is showing Sam around.

PALLAN: "Atmospheric analysis, dome integrity ..." (he uses his hand to point to different computer displays) "... power utilization."

CARTER: "Very impressive."

PALLAN: "If you don't mind, I just have to check the coolant pressure. Please ..."

He gestures, inviting Sam to further examine the displays he has just shown her. He walks to another console. As she is looking at the three displays, suddenly all three go black and then white writing appears on the screen (like machine code). The same code is on all three monitors.

CARTER: "Pallan ..."

She turns to look at him, he doesn't respond.

Back in the book room:

JACKSON: "This looks like some kind of religious text ... Evalla?"

She is sitting in a chair, motionless, staring off into space. Daniel puts a hand on her shoulder.

JACKSON: "Evalla ..."

Back in the control room, Sam has not gotten a response from Pallan, who is still standing still with his back toward Sam.

CARTER: "Pallan?"

She turns her attention back to the displays. Suddenly, they all return to normal.

In the book room, Evalla is back to normal too. She looks at Daniel's hand and then up at Daniel.

EVALLA: "Yes?"

JACKSON: "You okay?"

EVALLA: "Of course ... let me see."

Daniel hands her the book he is holding.

In the control room, Pallan finishes checking his readings and walks back to Sam.

CARTER: "Did you see that?"

PALLAN: "See what?"

CARTER: "The screens changed. Th-they were filled with some sort of streaming code."

PALLAN: "That's impossible. They always display the status of these specific systems."

CARTER: "Uh ... I know what I saw, Pallan."

PALLAN: "I'm afraid you must be mistaken."

He walks back to the other console.

Later, Sam and Daniel are walking in the garden area. They meet Jack and Teal'c.

O'NEILL: "So, what do we know?"

CARTER: "Well, their technology's incredible. At least what's left of it. Right now, Pallan and I are trying to rig up a computer interface so I can download some of the specs."

They notice people walking very near by. This prompts O'Neill to walk away from them. The rest of SG-1 follows. Once again, Sam and Jack are walking and Teal'c and Daniel are walking behind them.

TEAL'C: "Do they wish anything in return?"

CARTER: "Apparently not. They seem quite happy with their situation as it is."

O'NEILL: "Now, see, that makes no sense to me. These people live in a bubble."

JACKSON: "Well, they have managed to survive for over 400 years."

TEAL'C: "Sometimes there is more to life than mere survival."

CARTER: "We could offer them relocation."

O'NEILL: "Yeah, I s'pose."

Scene: Alien Planet - Council Chambers

Today there are only the three male Council members present.

COUNCIL MAN #1: "Are you suggesting we leave the dome?"

O'NEILL: "We're just saying it's possible."

TEAL'C: "There are many suitable worlds where your people could live."

COUNCIL MAN #3: "But we have everything we need right here."

CARTER: "Except room to grow."

JACKSON: "We're talking about fresh water, fresh air, mountains, trees ..."

COUNCIL MAN #1: "We can experience all these things through the link."

O'NEILL: "You gotta be kiddin' me."

COUNCIL MAN #4: "It is a very generous offer, Colonel, but this is our home."

O'NEILL: "What about the other folks in the town? Some of them have to think differently."

COUNCIL MAN #4: "The Council speaks for the town ... and the Council's decision is unanimous."

JACKSON: "Well, what about the other Council member? The woman that was here?"

COUNCIL MAN #4: "Uh, there hasn't been a woman on the Council since the last election ... and that was two years ago."

O'NEILL: "What're you talkin' about? There was a woman sittin' there yesterday."

COUNCIL MAN #1: "Colonel, I can assure you the Council has always consisted of three members."

The three Council members look at each other and then back to SG-1 in unison.

Scene: Alien Planet

Sam catches up with the rest of SG-1 in the town square.

CARTER: " I spoke to Pallan. He claims to have no memory of there ever being a fourth Council member."

JACKSON: "She was just there yesterday."

CARTER: "Maybe the link has something to do with this? If it can be used to download information directly into a people's brains, maybe it can also be used to alter their perceptions or memories."

TEAL'C: "Perhaps the Councilwoman opposed the others and they felt it necessary to be rid of her."

JACKSON: "So they erased her from existence? That seems a little harsh, don't you think?"

O'NEILL: "Well, the bottom line is we can't trust these people."

CARTER: "Well, Sir, I'd still like to finish my research on the dome technology."

JACKSON: "Yeah, maybe there's something in the archive that can shed some light on this."

TEAL'C: "The behavior of the townspeople does seem odd, but they don't appear to be an immediate threat."

O'NEILL: "All right ... see what you can find out."

Later, in the book room, Evalla comes in while Daniel is still perusing books.

EVALLA: "How's it coming?

JACKSON: "Well ... I still can't find any historical reference to the time period when the dome was first created."

EVALLA: "By that time our people had begun using the link. It's possible not much written material survives from that era."

JACKSON: "Let me ask you something, uhm ... if you had the chance to-to leave the dome and, uh ... and go live on another planet, would you take it?"

EVALLA: "Pallan told me about the conversation you had with the Council."

JACKSON: "Ah ... and?"

EVALLA: "We have everything we need right here."

JACKSON: "That's what they said."

EVALLA: "We hope that some day, the poison in the outside atmosphere will dissipate and we'll be able to reclaim the planet."

JACKSON: "But not in your lifetime."


JACKSON: "What about ... children? I mean, don't you and Pallan want to have a family?"

EVALLA: "Of course."

JACKSON: "But there must be some sort of population controls."

EVALLA: "Each couple's allowed a maximum of two children."

JACKSON: "And you're okay with that?"

EVALLA: "Limited resources dictate that we maintain the population at a certain level."

JACKSON: "How many people are we talking about here, exactly?"

EVALLA: "At this precise moment? One thousand, three hundred and seventy-three."

JACKSON: "And what would happen if someone ... you know, decided to break the rules and have more than two children?"

EVALLA: " I don't know. No one ever has."

In the control room, Sam has her laptop hooked up to a panel. Pallan is working on the opposite side of the panel.

PALLAN: "Try the interface now ..."

CARTER: "We got it."

Pallen walks around and sits down next to Sam.

PALLAN: "You believe this technology will be useful on your world?"

CARTER: "Why don't you and your wife come back with us and see for yourselves?"

PALLAN: "Oh ..."

CARTER: "Just for a visit."

PALLAN: "Do you have oceans?"

CARTER: "Oceans, deserts, rainforests ... it would take a lifetime to see it all."

PALLAN: "It sounds wonderful."

CARTER: "Wait a minute ..." (pointing to her laptop) "You said these were the power utilization figures, right?"

PALLAN: "That's right."

CARTER: "What's a normal variation?"

PALLAN: "Between .01 and .07 percent."

CARTER: "Well, then we've got a problem. These levels are least 2% lower than when we came down here."

PALLAN: "No, that can't be." (He gets up and goes to his own power utilization display.) "No, you're mistaken. These figures are within normal range."

CARTER: "Do you have the readings from this morning?"

PALLAN: "Of course." (He brings up the readings.) "You see? No variation."

CARTER: "This is wrong."

PALLAN: "These measurements are foreign to you."

CARTER: "Well, it doesn't mean I can't recognize a relative drop."

PALLAN: "Major, I can access 400 years of recorded power utilization figures on the link. There's never been or than a 0.1% variation."

CARTER: "Hypothetically speaking, if there was ... would it threaten the integrity of the force field?"

PALLAN: "I suppose it might. But it's never come up."

In the garden, Jack and Teal'c are making their way to the M.A.L.P. for another transmission to the S.G.C.. Kendrick comes running up behind them.

KENDRICK: "Colonel O'Neill! Colonel, is it true, what they're saying? You've offered to take us through the Gate to another world?"

O'NEILL: "Yeah, that's right."

KENDRICK: "Then Nevin and I will come with you. I see the way he is with you and I realize that Nevin deserves the chance for much more than this world can ever offer."

TEAL'C: "Are you certain? This is not a decision to be taken lightly."

KENDRICK: "I want my son to grow up in a world where the sky and the clouds aren't part of an illusion created by a computer."

O'NEILL: "Well, that's good enough for me."

Later, in the control room, Sam is still working with the new interface.

CARTER: (into her radio) "Colonel, come in."

O'NEILL: (over the radio) "Go ahead."

CARTER: "Sir, I've been running some calculations here and I've discovered something."

We see Jack and Teal'c walking toward where the M.A.L.P. was parked.

TEAL'C: "O'Neill ..."

The M.A.L.P. is no longer parked where they left it.

CARTER: (over the radio) "Sir, are you reading me?"

O'NEILL: (into his radio) "Carter, the M.A.L.P.'s gone?"

CARTER: "Say again?"

O'NEILL: "The M.A.L.P. ... is no longer parked where we parked it."

TEAL'C: "It would appear someone does not wish us to communicate with Stargate Command."

CARTER: "Well, that's not our only problem. The dome is losing power. I notice a discrepancy with the output levels, but I wasn't sure because the computer record showed no change. So, I converted the units and compared the current levels with the readings I took yesterday when we first came through."

O'NEILL: "And?"

CARTER: "In the last 24 hours, there's been almost a 4% drop. Sir, if this continues, the dome will fail."

O'NEILL: "How much time?"

CARTER: "It's hard to say. But when it does, everyone here will die."

Scene: Alien Planet - Day Two Continued

Sam is still in the control room. Suddenly, the computer monitors do the same thing they did earlier. They go black and then the same streaming code appears on all the screens at the same time. In the book room, Evalla gets a strange look on her face. She turns and walks outside. Daniel is startled from the book he's concentrating on as he hears the door open.

JACKSON: "Evalla?"

She does not respond, but continues on her way.

In the control room, Sam notices the screen and goes to her laptop to check the power utilization readout.

CARTER: (into her radio) "Sir, the computer's giving me new information. The power level is definitely dropping."

TEAL'C: (over the radio) "Major Carter, should we not warn the townspeople?"

CARTER: "I'm not sure we're going to be able to convince them. The only evidence we have are the computer readings and ... for some reason, Pallan couldn't see that they were changing."

O'NEILL: "Maybe he's in on it."

CARTER: "I don't think so. I think his memories are being altered and it's possible that the same hold true for everyone in this town."

Meanwhile in the town square, Daniel had gone after Evalla.

JACKSON: "Evalla!" (He picks up the pace to try an catch her.) "Evalla!"

She continues as though she hasn't heard him. She goes down narrowed passage and then takes a left. Daniel continues to follow. Up ahead, he sees her turn right and then she is obscured from his view. When he rounds the corner he sees a covered entrance to a building. There is a door on the left at the end of the entrance. Straight ahead is a arched area which echoes the arch he has just passed through, but it has been walled off with bricks and to the left is a set of window, both closed. There is no sign of Evalla. He continues to the door and tries to open it. It will not open. He then walks to the bricked in wall and discovers that it is the barrier. He turns and frowns.

Scene changes to Pallan's house (I think). The interior is pretty dark and backlit by open windows. Jack, Sam, Teal'c and Daniel are talking.

JACKSON: "And I called out to her and she just ignored me. It was like she was in some sort of trance or something."

TEAL'C: "Perhaps she was under the influence of the link."

CARTER: "There's no telling what level of manipulation is possible."

O'NEILL: "So ... brainwashing?"

CARTER: "Yeah, that's one way of putting it."

JACKSON: "We have to help these people. I mean, they're-they're being held against their will, they don't even know it."

O'NEILL: "Well, as long as they've got those ... things on their faces, they're not gonna be convinced of anything."

TEAL'C: "Is it possible to disable the link?"

CARTER: "It's part of the same computer system that controls the dome. If we tamper with it, we risk bringing the whole force field down. On the other hand, if I could use the computer to access the link, maybe I could reprogram the information that's being sent out."

JACKSON: "You mean do a little brainwashing of our own."

CARTER: "The only problem is, I don't think I could do it without Pallan's help."

JACKSON: "If I can find historical evidence in the library that directly contradicts information available on the link, that might prove to at least some of these people that they're being lied to."

CARTER: "Like records of the Council meetings. They would show that there used to be more than three members."

JACKSON: "Exactly."

Daniel looks at Jack. Jack seems to realize that they're finished (almost like he just woke out of his own trance).

O'NEILL: "All right, you two do what you do ..." (He looks at his watch.) "Teal'c you and I are late for a radio contact."

Teal'c picks up his staff weapon and follows Jack out. Jack and Teal'c walk down one of the passages in the town. The pass by an intersecting passage and Nevin comes running down that passage.

NEVIN: "Colonel O'Neill! Where are you going?"

O'NEILL: "We're going back to the house. We need those special outfits we had."

NEVIN: (pointing to his right) "The house is this way."

TEAL'C: "You are mistaken." (Teal'c turns his head toward the direction they had been heading - directly in front of Nevin) "It is in that direction."

NEVIN: "There's nothing over there. That's the edge of the dome." (Jack and Teal'c look at each other) "Come on, I'll show you."

They follow Nevin. Next we see Nevin open a door and lead the pair in. He goes over to a trunk in the room.

NEVIN: "Here it is. See? Right where you left it."

Nevin brings the suit to Jack. Jack and Teal'c look a bit perplexed. Teal'c walks to the door at the front and looks out. The house does not appear as it did before. Jack takes off his cap and scratches his head.

O'NEILL: (to Teal'c) "Hey ... is this where we slept last night?"

TEAL'C: "It is not."

Jack looks back at Nevin.

O'NEILL: "What's goin' on here?"

Just then, Kendrick arrives through the door they entered earlier.

KENDRICK: "Colonel ... are you going back to Earth now?"

O'NEILL: "No. We were just gonna send a message. Don't worry, we're not leavin' without ya."

KENDRICK: "Excuse me?"

O'NEILL: "Anyone who wants to leave is welcome to come with us."

KENDRICK: 'Why would I leave?"

TEAL'C: "You have expressed a desire to live in a world where the sky was not artificial."

KENDRICK: "You must have me mistaken for someone else."

Teal'c and Jack look at each other.

O'NEILL: "Nevin ... you wanted to be an explorer, right?"

NEVIN: (who is now standing right in front of his dad) "I'm going to be a gardener, like my father."

TEAL'C: "You are under the influence of the link."

KENDRICK: "What are you talking about?"

O'NEILL: "Those things on your head ... you gotta lose 'em."

KENDRICK: "No, no."

O'NEILL: "Yes ... they're messin' with your mind somehow. You've gotta ... get rid of them."

KENDRICK: "The link gives us everything we need."

O'NEILL: "Look, just ... take it off for a minute. Just flick it off."

KENDRICK: "I can't. To be disconnected from the link would cause instant death."

O'NEILL: "Now, see, that's something you've never said before."

KENDRICK: "Colonel, I think you should leave now."

Scene: Town Exterior

Sam is walking around.

O'NEILL: (over the radio) "Carter, what's your status?"

CARTER: (into her radio) "I'm on my way to the control room now."

O'NEILL: "Well, watch yourself. They got to Kendrick."

She looks around her and picks up the pace. Next we see her in walking down the stairs to the control room. Pallan is there.

PALLAN: "Major, I've almost finished downloading the generator design."

CARTER: "Pallan, we need to talk."

PALLAN: "All right."

CARTER: "Do you remember earlier today, I told you I noticed a drop in the power levels?"

PALLAN: "I remember you being mistaken."

CARTER: "What about now? Do you notice any change?"

PALLAN: (he looks back at the monitor) "Power levels are constant."

CARTER: "No, they're not. It's just that every time these screens are updated, the information on the link is updated as well. It alters your memory so you don't see what's happening."

PALLAN: "Major, this is absurd."

CARTER: "Pallan ... the dome is failing."

PALLAN: "I told you you're mistaken."

CARTER: "No. I am not mistaken. Now, if you don't help me warn the others, then you and Evalla and everyone in this city will die."

PALLAN: "Who?"

CARTER: "Evalla, your wife."

PALLAN: "Major ... I don't know what's come over you but ... I've never been married."

Scene: Alien Planet - Book Room

Daniel is looking through documents. He picks up a rather large set and starts looking through it. It appears he has found something he can use and he leaves. Back in the control room, Sam and Pallan are still at it.

CARTER: "I need you to disconnect yourself from the link"

PALLAN: "That's insane."

CARTER: "I know that you believe that removing that node from your forehead will kill you."

PALLAN: "I've known that since childhood."

CARTER: "But last night, Evalla removed hers and nothing happened."

PALLAN: (getting more irritated) "Who is this Evalla?"

CARTER: (equally as frustrated) "I told you. She's your wife."

PALLAN: "Ach ..."

CARTER: "Your memories of her have been altered in the same way that you've been kept from realizing that the dome is deteriorating."

PALLAN: "Major ..."

CARTER: (keeps on talking) "At first, I thought it was somebody on the Council who was responsible, but the changes are happening too quickly. I think it's automatic. The computer makes changes and then updates the memories of everyone in this town so no one's the wiser. Pallan ... you have to disconnect."

PALLAN: "That would be suicide."

CARTER: "No. That's just a lie that's been planted by the computer. We need to reprogram the link to convince the others of what's happening, but I can't do it without you."


JACKSON: "Sam!" (Daniel comes down the stairs into the control room.) "Got it."

PALLAN: "What is that?"

JACKSON: "They're legal documents. All I can say is thank God for lawyers. When everyone else was converting to the link, they were still using good, old-fashioned paper." (He pulls out a few documents.) "See, when the dome was first created, everyone signed a contract establishing communal land ownership rights." (He puts a piece of paper in front of Pallan.) "Look at the number."

PALLAN: "No, that can't be."

JACKSON: "There were originally over a hundred thousand people living here."

PALLAN: "That's impossible. The dome isn't big enough to sustain that many."

JACKSON: "Not any more."

CARTER: "Oh, my God. All this time, I thought the power loss would cause the dome to fail. But the computer found a way to compensate ... the dome is shrinking."

JACKSON: "See ... that's what happened to the M.A.L.P. It didn't go anywhere. It's right where we left it, except for now it's on the outside.

PALLAN: "Now, wait a minute ... if there were over 100,000 people living here ... where did they all go?"

Daniel gives him a look. He then turns to look at Sam who raises her brows like she just got it.

Scene: Outside the Dome

Teal'c and Jack are back in hazmats, walking through the fog.

TEAL'C: "O'Neill ..."

Jack joins Teal'c and kneels down to look at the bones Teal'c has pointed out. They are human remains. Teal'c has moved on.

TEAL'C: "There are other remains here but the bones have been eaten away by the corrosive atmosphere."

Jack notices something and picks it up. It is one of the temple link devices.

Back in the control room, Sam is still trying to get Pallan to help.

CARTER: "I understand why you're reluctant to believe us, Pallan. You've got things in your head that must seem like memories of a lifetime, but they're not. Just yesterday, you'd never even heard of the idea that disconnecting from the link could be fatal."

PALLAN: "You're lying."

JACKSON: "Look at these documents. They're over 400 years old, they're written in your language. How could we fake this? Why would be fake this? The only reason they still exist is because the computer did not foresee outside interference. To anyone on the link, they're completely irrelevant."

PALLAN: "But why?"

CARTER: "The computer is programmed to maintain the community. Individuals had to be sacrificed for the good of the whole. Only each time someone disappeared, no one noticed because all memory of them was erased. Please ..."

PALLAN: "No ..."

CARTER: "It's all right ..." (she reaches out to take the device.)

PALLAN: "No ... I ..." (he raises his hand up, but doesn't stop her)

She removes the link and he's stunned that he's still alive.

CARTER: "You see?" (He smiles slightly.) "Now, we need your help."

Later, in the control room:

O'NEILL: (over the radio) "Carter, what's your status?"

CARTER: "Pallan's trying to access the link right now. If he can get in, we might be able to reprogram it."

O'NEILL: "Understood. We're comin' to you."

We see that Jack and Teal'c are no longer wearing the hazmats. They are walking in the garden area.

Pallan comes around to the console Sam is sitting at and presses keys. The screens go black and the streaming code appears again.

PALLAN: "What did I do?"

CARTER: "It's another update."

Out in the town square, we see the citizens stop moving and stare off into space again. Then we see Kendrick and Nevin in their house doing the same. Seconds later, they continue on.

KENDRICK: "Nevin, I want you to stay here."

NEVIN: "Father? Is Colonel O'Neill sick?"

KENDRICK: "He is, but we're going to make him better."

Out in the town square, Jack and Teal'c have arrived and everything is very deserted and quiet. Back in the control room, Pallan has stopped typing and has pulled back.

CARTER: "What is it?"

PALLAN: "These systems are so complicated. Without access to the link, I'm not sure I know what I'm doing."

CARTER: "Pallan, you've been doing this you're whole life. You're just gonna have to try to remember the old-fashioned way."

PALLAN: "Right."

He moves to another console and closes a hatch on the way there. He sits down and begins typing again. Meanwhile Jack and Teal'c are exploring the town, weapons ready. They turn a corner and see a lot of citizens coming toward them. They turn back.

O'NEILL: "Maybe not that way."

TEAL'C: "Agreed."

They turn another corner and see more people coming. Kendrick is leading this group. They decide to continue straight rather than turn.

O'NEILL: "Let's keep moving." (Then into his radio) "Uh, Carter, we may have a little problem here."

CARTER: "They're being controlled by the computer, Sir."

Teal'c and Jack pick up the pace, but they are still being pursued by the two groups of people. They turn another corner and see their advance blocked by another group. Jack points down the same entrance Evalla had gone into when she disappeared through the barrier. Jack raises his weapon as Teal'c explores the entrance. He taps the same wall Daniel had and discovers the barrier.

TEAL'C: "O'Neill ..."

O'NEILL: (quietly to Teal'c) "Heeyy ... come here."

He aims his weapon at Kendrick. Teal'c rejoins him at the mouth of the entrance, pointing his weapon in the opposite direction from Jack.

KENDRICK: "Everything's going to be all right, Colonel." (he extends his hand and reveals two devices) "These are for you."

O'NEILL: "I don't think so."

KENDRICK: "You've been disconnected from the link. You're not well. Let us help you."

O'NEILL: (into his radio) "Carter ... now would be a good time."

Back in the control room, Pallan is typing away and then stops.

PALLAN: "I'm in. Now, what do I tell them?"

CARTER: "There's no time to explain everything. Try to erase all memory of us completely."

Pallan nods and starts typing. In the town, many people are moving closer and closer to Teal'c and Jack. Jack is still staring down the site of his P-90, which is aimed at Kendrick.

O'NEILL: "Don't make me shoot you."

KENDRICK: "You're not yourself, Colonel. Without the link, your mind is playing tricks on you."

In the control room, Pallan moves to another console and types on it. He steps back and watches and the screens go black and the streaming code appears again.

In the town, the people stop and stare again. Seconds later, they "wake up".

KENDRICK: (to Jack) "Who are you?"

In the control room, Pallan is stunned.

PALLAN: "I did it." He takes a deep breath and exhales.

Sam smiles up at him.

Later ...

We see people dressed in hazmats walking in the garden area. They are meeting SG personnel at the barrier. The SG people are not in hazmat gear. Sam and Pallan (also not in hazmat suits) are following a group of people.

CARTER: "We ran some tests on the geo-thermal vents that supply the town's power. Looks like they started to cool about 200 years ago. The dome started shrinking some time after that. We should have the whole town relocated in a couple of days."

PALLAN: "I think I'm going to miss this garden. How much longer will the force field last?"

CARTER: "It's difficult to say. I mean even with less and less surface area to maintain, the power would have failed eventually."

PALLAN: "And in the meantime, more of us would have disappeared."

CARTER: "You still don't remember her, do you?"

PALLAN: "No. You know, in a way, I envy the others. They all, they all must have lost somebody, but I'm the only one who knows for sure. And how do you mourn someone when you can't even picture her face?"

CARTER: "I'm sorry, Pallan. I wish I could help."

PALLAN: "Maybe you can." (he laughs)

CARTER: "How?"

PALLAN: "Tell me about her."

Sam nods.