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Teal'c becomes the chief suspect in a murder investigation after he moves into an apartment off-base. Carter considers her future with Pete.

DVD DISC: Season 8, Disc 2
WRITTEN BY: Peter DeLuise
DIRECTED BY: Peter DeLuise
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Transcript by Callie Sullivan

A STREET SOMEWHERE. A car, driving somewhat too fast, slams into the rear of a car in front which has slowed down ready to park at the curb. The rear car's bonnet buckles and steam starts coming out. Out of the rear car get three men who can best be described as looking like thugs. Loud music is coming from the car. A young man gets out of the front car.

THUG: What the hell were you doin'?!

YOUNG MAN (looking at the damage to his own car): I was trying to park.

THUG: Did you ever hear of signalling, pal?

YOUNG MAN: I did signal.

THUG: Listen, man, if you don't know how to drive, maybe you should try stayin' off the damn road!

YOUNG MAN: Well, maybe if you hadn't been tail-gatin' me, this wouldn'ta happened.

(The thug laughs indignantly, then grabs the young man by the jacket.)

THUG: Oh, no, you didn't just say that! (He slams him against his car.)

YOUNG MAN: Look, man, I don't want any trouble.

THUG (ominously): Too late. (He draws back his fist and goes to punch the young man, but his hand is caught by someone. It's Teal'c, wearing casual clothes and with no hat on so that his tattoo is clearly visible.)

TEAL'C: This is unlawful behaviour.

THUG: Who the hell are you?

TEAL'C (still holding the thug's wrist): Collision procedure dictates that you exchange insurance information and if necessary notify the police.

(The thug looks round at one of his friends, who laughs disbelievingly.)

THUG (also laughing disbelievingly): What?!

TEAL'C (indicating the young man with his head): This gentleman did indeed signal (the man nods in agreement), which would indicate that it was you who was at fault.

(The thug tries to tug Teal'c's hand free without success.)

THUG: Pal, you'd better learn to mind your own damned business.

(He goes to punch Teal'c with his free fist but Teal'c grabs it with his own free hand, then headbutts the thug who falls to the ground. The second thug swings a punch at him but Teal'c ducks, then punches him twice and he falls. The third thug swings a punch but Teal'c lowers his head so that the punch goes straight into his tattoo. The thug cries out in pain, then Teal'c punches him to the ground. The first thug gets up onto his hands and knees, then roars in rage as he starts to throw himself at Teal'c, but Teal'c punches him down again before he can even get off his knees. Bystanders move slowly closer as Teal'c stands in the middle of the three downed men. A young skateboarding kid, Eric, looks on in awe.

ERIC: Woah!

TEAL'C (to the young man): I believe it will now be necessary to notify the police.

YOUNG MAN (gazing at him respectfully and gratefully): Yeah. Thanks.

(In the background we can still hear the music coming from the thugs' car -- the lyrics go, “Who's the man?”)

(Teal'c bows his head to the young man.)

S.G.C. - JACK'S OFFICE. Walter, looking nervous, comes to the door and knocks.

HARRIMAN: Sir, uh, Colonel Kendrick from the Office of Special Investigations is here to see you.

O'NEILL (pointedly): Does he have an appointment?

HARRIMAN: No, sir ...

(Kendrick pushes Walter out of the way and barges in.)

KENDRICK: You wouldn't return my phone calls, sir.

O'NEILL: I was busy; didn't think it was important -- take your pick.

KENDRICK: You know as well as I do there's been another incident. (Jack looks at Walter, who holds up his hand placatingly and backs out of the office.) When you petitioned the O.S.I. to allow Teal'c to live off-base, your request was approved under certain provisions. These provisions have clearly been violated.

O'NEILL: Oh, come on, Colonel. If you had saved Earth from total annihilation a couple of times and your government told you you couldn't go out to play, wouldn't you consider it more a ... guideline than a rule?

KENDRICK: We all appreciate what Teal'c has done for us, sir, on numerous occasions -- but that doesn't change the fact that he's a liability, and every day he's allowed to roam around in public jeopardizes national security.

O'NEILL: Oh, don't be so dramatic, Dick -- it'll give you gas.

KENDRICK: Either you take action to ensure these provisions are met or the O.S.I. will.

O'NEILL (interrupting): Hey. (He holds up a finger warningly.) Watch it. I'll look into it.

KENDRICK: Yes, sir. (He turns and leaves. Behind Kendrick's back, Jack continues to wave him away.)

TEAL'C'S APARTMENT BLOCK. Inside the building, someone knocks 'shave and a haircut' on Teal'c's door. Teal'c opens the door to find Daniel standing there.


TEAL'C: Daniel Jackson.

JACKSON: Just wanted to come by and see how you're settling in.

TEAL'C: Please enter.

(Daniel comes in and looks around.)

JACKSON: Wow -- I like what you're doin' with the place -- sort of, um, Jaffa chic with, er, East African flair.

TEAL'C: I have discovered there are many programmes on television which offer advice in the area of home design and decoration.

JACKSON: Yeah, I'm a little more into the History Channel myself.

TEAL'C: Can I offer you anything?

JACKSON: No, I'm fine. Um, how's the fern doin'? (Teal'c blinks, then gestures to Daniel's side. Daniel turns and walks over to a very sad-looking fern in a pot. He lifts a few of the fronds, which sound very dry.) Don't suppose you've tried talking to it.

TEAL'C: I have not. Perhaps you should tell me why you are here.

JACKSON: A guy just can't come by and visit his friend? (He sits down. Teal'c looks at him. Daniel taps his hands on his knees for a moment, then stands up again.) Yep -- I heard what happened the other day. Three KOs, first round.

TEAL'C: O'Neill sent you to speak with me.

JACKSON: No ... yeah.

TEAL'C: I broke no law. I intervened to prevent a criminal activity and was forced to defend myself.

JACKSON: You see, that's kind of the point. Look, there's no reason why you shouldn't be allowed to live off-base, I mean, especially when you're not carrying a symbiont any more, but -- you're supposed to be keeping a low profile.

TEAL'C: That is not always easy.

JACKSON: Yeah, I'm not just talking about the tattoo, although I do see how that could be a problem.

TEAL'C: I often cover it to avoid stares in public but I tell those who have seen it that it is a tribal mark from my home land.

JACKSON: Yes, this is less about appearance than it is about behaviour.

TEAL'C: Have I not conducted myself as a typical member of this community?

JACKSON (looking as if he's going to nod 'yes'): No -- no, actually, no, you haven't. Um, besides the other day, there was the incident with the old man and the teenagers in the park; there was that thing with the guy with the pit-bull ...

TEAL'C: In each case, I was only attempting to render assistance where it was needed.

JACKSON: See, that's kind of the problem. Um, normally human beings are a little more ... careful about getting involved in business that isn't theirs. I know -- that sounds bad but it's just the way it is and, um, you can't afford to be drawing attention to yourself.

TEAL'C: I understand. (Someone knocks at the door.) Excuse me. (He goes and answers it. A young woman is standing there.)


TEAL'C: Krista.

(Krista holds up a plastic bag.)

KRISTA: Made you cookies.

(Teal'c takes the bag and bows to her.)

TEAL'C: Please come in.

(Krista comes in and sees Daniel.)

KRISTA: I'm sorry -- I didn't realize you had company.

TEAL'C: Krista James, this is Daniel Jackson.

JACKSON: Hi! (He and Krista shake hands.)

TEAL'C: Krista lives in the apartment next door.

KRISTA: Wait a minute -- Doctor Jackson? You're the archaeologist who hired Teal'c to come over from Mozambique.

JACKSON (quickly covering his surprise): That's right!

KRISTA: Well, then I should thank you. It's been great having him here. It's nice to have a man around who cares about his neighbours.

JACKSON: Actually, we were just talking about that.

KRISTA: In fact, that's why I'm here. (She turns to Teal'c.) The cookies were a bribe. My pipes are doing that thing again.

TEAL'C (uncomfortably): Normally I would be happy to provide assistance. However ...

JACKSON (interrupting): Nonononono -- no, don't-don't let me interrupt -- I've gotta be going anyway, so, um ... (He heads for the door.) It's very nice to meet you.

KRISTA: Nice to meet you.

JACKSON: Uh, Teal'c, that other thing we were talking about, um -- every rule has its exceptions. (He waves to Teal'c and Krista, then leaves.)

PARK. Sam and Pete are buying hotdogs, then stroll towards some picnic tables.

SHANAHAN: So -- how are things in the galaxy?

CARTER: You know I can't talk about work.

SHANAHAN: Sorry -- I'm still getting used to the fact that my girlfriend's a super-hero.

CARTER (laughing): Bit of an exaggeration.

SHANAHAN: The super-hero part or the girlfriend part? (Sam grins at him. They sit down at a table.) You travel to other planets to do battle with alien creatures bent on galactic domination. Just because you don't wear a tight spandex outfit doesn't mean that you're not ... although -- it's an idea you might wanna consider.

(Sam giggles.)

CARTER: Look, I know this is hard for you. I mean, any other guy would have just freaked out and run away.

SHANAHAN: You didn't run away when I stalked you. Anyway, I just want you to appreciate the position I'm in here.

CARTER: I do, believe me. And I'm really glad you stuck around.

SHANAHAN: I'm glad to hear you say that, because I put in for a transfer to Colorado Springs P.D.

(Sam smiles and kisses him.)

CARTER: Are you sure?

SHANAHAN: I've never been more sure of anything in my entire life. That's why I got you this. (He reaches into his pocket and takes out a small box. He opens it -- inside is a diamond engagement ring.)

CARTER (staring at it in amazement): Oh my God.

NEAR TEAL'C'S APARTMENT BLOCK. Teal'c and Krista are walking along the road with bags of shopping.

KRISTA: I'm sorry to keep asking you to help with my plumbing but the super's never around and my boyfriend's not very handy.

TEAL'C: There is no need to apologize.

(They walk past a woman getting out of her car and putting her handbag on the roof.)

KRISTA: Anyhow, you'll forgive me once you've tasted my lasagne.

TEAL'C: I am looking forward to it.

(Eric, the skateboard kid, comes over.)

ERIC: Yo, T!

TEAL'C: Greetings, Eric. (They do a street handshake.)

ERIC: I saw you take out those three gorillas the other day. Nice work!

TEAL'C: In retrospect it may have been unwise to intervene.

ERIC: Are you kidding? They deserved it.

(Behind Teal'c and Krista, the woman is putting some lipstick on. A teenage boy grabs her handbag off the roof of the car and starts running.)

WOMAN: Hey! Hey, stop that guy, he's got my purse! Hey!

(The boy pushes past Krista, knocking her bag of groceries to the ground.)

ERIC (to Teal'c): Aren't you gonna do anything?

TEAL'C: I must not intervene.

ERIC: What?! You're just gonna let him get away?

(Teal'c looks at the boy as he runs down the street. Then he bends down, picks up an avocado, tosses it in his hand and then hurls it hard towards the fleeing boy. The avocado hits the boy hard on the head and he falls to the ground.)

ERIC: Oh-ho-ho, man! What a shot!

KRISTA: How did you do that?

ERIC: You the man, T!

(The woman whose purse was stolen turns to him.)

WOMAN: Thank you! That was amazing.

(Teal'c bows to her.)

KRISTA: That was amazing!

ERIC: T-money, you are the man! Gotta give the man his cross. (He shakes hands with Teal'c, who looks proud but also concerned at having once again drawn attention to himself.)

(Nearby, we see that a surveillance camera is taking photographs of Teal'c.)

TEAL'C'S APARTMENT. Night. Teal'c hears someone pounding on Krista's door.

DOUG (offscreen): Krista! Krista! C'mon, Krista! Listen, listen, just let me in.

(Teal'c opens his door and walks out into the hallway.)

KRISTA: Doug, I have to work tomorrow.


KRISTA: So, you're drunk. Just go home, please.

(Teal'c walks down the hallway to Krista's doorway. Doug is leaning against the doorjamb. Krista is standing in the doorway.)

DOUG: No, no, no, honey, I ain't goin' nowhere.

KRISTA: That's ...

TEAL'C: Is there a problem?

(Doug turns and looks him up and down.)

DOUG (slurred): Oh, this-this is a private conversation.

TEAL'C: If it were private you would not be conducting it in the hallway, nor speaking so loudly.

(On the other side of the hallway, the door to another apartment opens. An elderly lady holding a cat stands there.)

KRISTA: It's alright, Mrs. Conners -- just go back inside.

(Mrs. Conners looks disapproving, but closes the door again. Teal'c turns back to Krista.)

TEAL'C: Do you require assistance?


DOUG (stepping towards Teal'c): Who the hell is this guy?

KRISTA: His name is Teal'c -- he's my neighbour.

DOUG: Teal'c. (He snorts derisively.) What kind of a crazy name is that?

KRISTA: He just moved here from Mozambique.

DOUG: Oh. No doubt.

TEAL'C: Krista has requested that you leave. I suggest you comply.

DOUG: You'd better check yourself before you get hurt.

TEAL'C: I have checked. I suggest you leave, before it is you that gets hurt.

KRISTA: Doug -- go sober up.

DOUG: You know what? (He turns to her and takes her by the chin.) I'm gonna call you tomorrow. (He turns and looks dismissively at Teal'c, then walks away.)

KRISTA: I'm sorry about that. I hate when he gets that way.

TEAL'C: This is not the first time. (Krista shakes her head.) So you have stopped receiving him.

KRISTA: Not exactly. He's not always like that. Since he lost his job he's just been ... y'know.

TEAL'C: I do not.

KRISTA: It's been hard on him.

TEAL'C: And has it not been hard on you?

KRISTA (looking flattered at his interest): I'm fine.

(Teal'c nods and bows his head.)

S.G.C. - DANIEL'S OFFICE. Sam, Daniel and Teal'c are talking.

TEAL'C: I do not understand Krista's behaviour.

JACKSON: Yeah -- that's a common problem. Most cultures on Earth recognize it as a significant gap between the experiences of men and women. Among the Masai of East Africa each newly-wed man is actually required to wear his wife's clothing for a month as a way of gaining insight into her life.

CARTER (looking bothered by the conversation): If only it were that simple.

(Daniel throws her a look, then continues.)

JACKSON: The point is, while rituals and customs may vary, almost all cultures put significant pressure on single adults to form bonding pairs. In ancient Persia, if a girl died a virgin they would go so far as to marry her corpse off before burial.

CARTER: That's horrible!

JACKSON: The groom was usually quite well-paid.

CARTER: It's bad enough being on your own without every TV show and commercial and magazine ad trying to tell you how abnormal it is.

JACKSON: I think that's what I just said.

CARTER: I mean, they make you afraid of being alone but at the same time tell you not to settle for anything less than the perfect romantic ideal, like that actually exists anywhere in the real world. I mean, either way you can't win. (She sighs irritably. Daniel raises his eyebrows at Teal'c, then turns to Sam.)

JACKSON: How's things?

CARTER: Good. (She glances between Daniel and Teal'c.) We were talking about Teal'c's friend, right?

JACKSON: I thought we were.

CARTER: Teal'c, how do Jaffa couples handle their problems?

TEAL'C: On Chulak, a dispute between a man and a woman that cannot be resolved necessitates a pledge break. It must be requested by one and granted by the other.

JACKSON: And if that doesn't work?

TEAL'C: A weapon is required.

PARK NEAR TEAL'C'S APARTMENT BLOCK. Teal'c is working out, doing tai-chi-like moves. During one of the moves he turns around and finds Krista standing nearby watching him.

KRISTA: Sorry -- I don't wanna interrupt you. I just came out for a little air.

TEAL'C: Are you alright?

KRISTA (walking closer): I had another fight with Doug. I told him it's over -- that I don't wanna see him any more.

TEAL'C: Are you not happy with your decision?

KRISTA: I guess it was the right thing to do, but he's not a bad person. He's just going through a tough time.

TEAL'C: You have no cause to feel guilty.

(Krista smiles.)

KRISTA: What was that you were just doing?

TEAL'C: It is called lok'nel -- an ancient form of martial arts training.

KRISTA: You think you could teach me?

(Teal'c nods and gestures for her to stand at his side. He starts doing moves and she copies him.)

A montage of scenes follows as many days pass and Teal'c continues to teach Krista his routines. As time passes she gets more proficient. In the final scene, they are working out in Teal'c's apartment. As they finish one move they turn to face each other, and gaze long and deeply into each other's eyes.

TEAL'C'S APARTMENT BLOCK. Teal'c comes out of his apartment and walks along the corridor to knock on Krista's door. She opens it.

KRISTA: Oh, hi.

TEAL'C (smiling): You are late for your next training session.

KRISTA: Yeah, I meant to tell you -- I don't think I'm gonna be able to train with you any more.

TEAL'C: You have been making tremendous progress.

KRISTA: Well, I just don't have time, y'know?

TEAL'C: Has something transpired?

KRISTA: No, everything's fine. Look, I've gotta go.

(She puts her hand on the door to close it, but Teal'c slams his own hand onto the door to stop her when he sees that her wrist is badly bruised.)

TEAL'C: You are injured.

KRISTA: It's nothing. Please.

DOUG'S VOICE (from inside the apartment): Krista, who is it?

KRISTA: It's just my neighbour.

DOUG (coming to the door): Oh yeah? Ah, the plumber, hmm. I'll handle this.

KRISTA: Doug, it's noth- ...

DOUG: I said, I'll handle it.

(Behind Teal'c, Mrs. Conners opens her door and peers out. Krista reluctantly walks away into the apartment.)

DOUG (to Teal'c): Don't think I don't know what's been going on around here. She told me everything.

TEAL'C: Were you the one who injured her?

DOUG: What goes on between me and Krista ain't none of your business.

TEAL'C: If you ever injure her again, I will kill you where you stand.

(Doug nods sarcastically. Teal'c walks away towards his own apartment. Mrs. Conners stands in her own doorway, having heard the entire conversation.)

S.G.C. - SAM'S LAB. Sam is sitting looking at her laptop. Jack comes to the door.

O'NEILL: Carter.


O'NEILL: I never thought I'd hear myself utter these words: I need that report.

CARTER: Right! Um, I just need to, er, finish typing up my notes. (She rummages through the paperwork on the desk.) Uh, yeah, I'll have it for you first thing tomorrow.

(Jack looks at his watch.)

O'NEILL: It is tomorrow.

CARTER (looking at her own watch): Oh.

O'NEILL: I'm joking! I don't need the report!

CARTER: Well, then, why ...?

O'NEILL (interrupting): Because something's going on with you. You haven't tried to confuse me with any scientific babble for the last couple of days and that's a red flag to me.

(Sam sighs, then picks up the box containing the engagement ring and hands it to Jack.)

CARTER: Pete gave me this.

(Jack takes the box, opens it and looks at the ring, then looks at Sam.)

O'NEILL: People normally wear these on their fingers.

CARTER: I haven't said yes.

O'NEILL: And yet -- you haven't said no. (He snaps the box shut.)

CARTER: I told him I needed to think about it.

O'NEILL: And? (He puts the box on the desk.)

CARTER: That was two weeks ago.


CARTER: Y'know, all these years I've been concentrating on work -- I just assumed that one day I would ...

O'NEILL: Have a life?


O'NEILL: Yeah.

CARTER: And now it comes down to it, I don't know. I mean, every time we go through the Gate, we risk not coming back. Is it fair to put somebody else through that?

O'NEILL: Pete is a cop -- I think he could handle it.

CARTER: What about kids?

O'NEILL: What about 'em?

CARTER: Do I take maternity leave and then come back? What, do I drop the baby off at daycare on my way to some unexplored planet on the edge of the Crab Nebula?

O'NEILL: Carter, there are people on this base who have families.

(Sam thinks for a moment, then looks into Jack's eyes.)

CARTER: What about you? If things had been different ... (she trails off.)

(Jack looks at her for a moment.)

O'NEILL: I wouldn't be here.

TEAL'C'S APARTMENT BLOCK. Teal'c returns home to find Krista sitting on the floor by his apartment door.

TEAL'C: Krista! (He hurries towards her.)

KRISTA (wiping her eyes and standing up): Hey -- I was waiting for you.

TEAL'C: Has something happened?

KRISTA: No, I'm fine. It's just ... it's over, with Doug -- for real this time. I'm sorry about what happened before. (Teal'c reaches out and strokes her tear-stained face.) I need to get out of here. I can't even think in this place. Will you come with me?

TEAL'C: Perhaps tomor- ...

KRISTA: No, now, tonight. We'll just get in the car and drive. We'll take the whole weekend. It doesn't even matter where we end up, as long as it's away from here. Please.

S.G.C. - DANIEL'S OFFICE. Daniel is working on his computer. Sam comes in, looking worried.

JACKSON: Hey. What, uh, what's going on?

CARTER: General O'Neill just got off the phone with Colonel Kendrick. Krista's boyfriend was found dead in her apartment.

JACKSON: What?! What happened?

CARTER: We don't have all the details yet but according to Kendrick, preliminary evidence indicates that Teal'c may have been responsible.

JACKSON: That's impossible.

CARTER: That's what I said. Unfortunately we can't ask him about it because he's missing. So's Krista. As of right now, Teal'c is wanted for kidnapping and murder.

CITY. Night. Teal'c is driving Krista.

KRISTA: Thanks for getting me out of there. I just couldn't be in that place tonight.

TEAL'C: Where do you wish to go?

KRISTA: Just keep driving. (Teal'c checks his rear-view mirror and looks concerned.) What? What is it?

TEAL'C: I do not wish to alarm you but I believe that we are being followed.

(Krista looks over her shoulder at the car behind them.)

KRISTA: Who would be following us?

TEAL'C: Perhaps Doug.

KRISTA: No. (Teal'c looks at her.) He doesn't know I'm gone yet.

TEAL'C: Then they are most likely following me.

KRISTA: You? Why would anyone be following you?

TEAL'C: It is difficult to explain.

(Krista looks over her shoulder again as Teal'c turns a corner. The car behind them follows.)

KRISTA: Can you lose them?

TEAL'C: I believe so. However, it will require me to violate posted speed limits and several of the safe driving regulations.

KRISTA: I'm OK with that.

(Teal'c nods and smiles at her.)

TEAL'C: Hold on. (He floors the accelerator.)

MOTEL. Krista and Teal'c walk into a motel room. Krista checks out of the window and then draws the curtains.

KRISTA: Don't tell me you learned how to do that back in your village.

TEAL'C: There are aspects of my life which I am not at liberty to divulge.

KRISTA (teasing): What are you -- a spy or something? (More seriously) One thing's for sure -- you're not really Doctor Jackson's research assistant. That much I figured after about thirty seconds.

TEAL'C: Krista, I ...

(Krista puts a finger over his mouth.)

KRISTA: It's OK. For now, I'm just glad you're here.

(They gaze at each other for a moment, then start to kiss.)

COLORADO SPRINGS. Morning. Outside the police station, Sam is waiting in her car as Pete walks over and gets in.


CARTER: Thanks for meeting me.

SHANAHAN: No problem. (He smiles at her expectantly. Sam looks serious and shakes her head.)

CARTER: Pete, I'm sorry. (Pete's smile fades.) I need a little more time. Look, you know how I feel about you. It's just -- there's some things I need to work out.


CARTER: Anyway, that's not what this is about.

SHANAHAN: It's not?

CARTER: No. I wouldn't ask if it wasn't so important.

SHANAHAN: What's going on?

CARTER: I need your help.

MOTEL. Teal'c wakes up and turns to the other side of the bed but Krista isn't there.

TEAL'C: Krista? (He gets up.) Krista! (He goes to the bathroom and switches on the light but she's not in there either. There's a knock on the door. He goes to the door and opens it, to find four SFs, fully geared-up, pointing rifles at him.)

SF: Police! Turn around, lace your fingers behind your head.

(Teal'c complies.)

S.G.C. - CORRIDOR Jack and Kendrick are walking along the corridor towards Jack's office.

KENDRICK: Well where is he being held?

O'NEILL: He's in his old quarters.

KENDRICK: Is he at least under guard?

O'NEILL: He's not going anywhere.

(They reach Jack's office and go in.)

KENDRICK: He's a murder suspect.

O'NEILL: Y'know I talked to him. He said he didn't do it.

KENDRICK: That's good enough for you, is it?

O'NEILL: Pretty much. (He sits down at his desk.)

KENDRICK: Well unfortunately you're not in charge of this investigation.

O'NEILL: Yeah. He also said he felt like he was being followed last night.

KENDRICK: The O.S.I. did not have Teal'c under surveillance.

O'NEILL (not convinced): Yeah. How'd you find him?

KENDRICK: We received a tip.

O'NEILL: That didn't strike you as ... odd?

KENDRICK: I told you something like this might happen -- you flat-out ignored my warnings.

O'NEILL: Not so much ignored as ... completely disregarded.

KENDRICK: With all due respect, General, I'm gonna have to insist that Teal'c be placed in confinement immediately or I will recommend that he be held elsewhere.

S.G.C. - DANIEL'S LAB. Daniel is going through paperwork and drinking coffee when suddenly Ancient symbols start popping up on his computer screen.

JACKSON: What the hell?

(Another window pops up on the screen and the words “Look familiar?” appear. Then the phone rings.)

JACKSON (answering it): Daniel Jackson.

(The male voice that comes from the other end of the phone sounds almost like a Goa'uld voice, but is probably someone using a voice distortion device.)

VOICE: Did you get my message?

JACKSON: Who is this?

VOICE: The symbols, Doctor Jackson, do you recognize them?

JACKSON: Uh, I don't know who you think this is ...

VOICE: We need them translated into Goa'uld.

JACKSON: I have no idea what you're talking about.

VOICE: We know it's the language of the Ancients but the dialect is obscure. You're the one man on Earth who can translate them. Your friend Teal'c is in trouble.

JACKSON: How'd you know about that?

VOICE: We can help him. We've been watching him. In fact, we saw the whole thing.

JACKSON: You witnessed the murder.

VOICE: We've got it all on tape -- concrete evidence that proves Teal'c's innocence, and it's yours in exchange for the translation. Of course, if you tell anyone, we'll know, and the deal's off. (He hangs up.)

TEAL'C'S APARTMENT BLOCK. Sam and Pete are in Krista's apartment. White tape on the floor outlines where Doug's body was found at the foot of a wall. Pete is looking at a photograph of Doug's body where it was found.

SHANAHAN: The investigator who checked the position of the body concluded that the victim was pinned and choked against this wall (he demonstrates) and then fell to the floor.

CARTER: So ...?

SHANAHAN: So I'm not so sure. The proximity of the body to the wall supports that but the position of the body suggests otherwise.

CARTER: What do you mean?

SHANAHAN: If he fell into a slump, his legs and arms would be bent. (He points to the tape outline and the photograph.) His legs are straight, and his arms are placed by his sides, suggesting that the body was dragged here and placed in this position.

CARTER: Why move the body?

SHANAHAN: Well, dying against the wall suggests that the victim was attacked by somebody bigger and stronger.

CARTER: Like Teal'c. So it was a set-up?

SHANAHAN: It's possible. Now, you said that Teal'c thought he was being followed.

CARTER: That's right.

SHANAHAN: The Air Force denies having him under surveillance?


SHANAHAN: If I was staking out Teal'c's place (he walks to the window and opens the curtain), that's where I would be. (We see the window of an apartment opposite.)

THE OPPOSITE APARTMENT. Pete picks the lock and he and Sam walk in.


(As they go further in, we see that the apartment is empty of furniture. Pete and Sam walk to the window of the living room.)

SHANAHAN: From this vantage point you can easily see into both apartments. (He looks down, then squats down and points at the carpet.) Three indentations.

CARTER: A tripod.

SHANAHAN: Unfortunately I think they cleaned the place up pretty good. I doubt we'll find anything.

CARTER: So it's a dead end.

SHANAHAN: Not necessarily. Is there a pizza place nearby?


SHANAHAN: One thing about a stake-out -- you never eat healthy.

PARK. Daniel is walking in a park, looking around nervously. A man walks over holding a carton of coffee.

JENNINGS: Doctor Jackson. Keep walking. (He gestures the direction to go. They walk towards a picnic table.) You came alone -- I'm impressed. I like a man who can follow instructions.

JACKSON: You're the one who called me?

JENNINGS: It doesn't matter. Have you completed the translation?

JACKSON: Yeah, see, that's why I wanted to talk to you -- I need more time.

JENNINGS: You're playing with your friend's life here, Doctor.

JACKSON: I can't translate something unless I understand the context -- where they were found, what they're for.

JENNINGS: You think I'm stupid.

JACKSON: I'm not lying.

JENNINGS: I can see we're going to have to do this the hard way.

JACKSON: What does that mean?

JENNINGS: Either you give us the translation now, or I'll be forced to take this to the next level.

JACKSON: So, beyond kidnapping and murder.

JENNINGS: We didn't kill the boyfriend -- but we'll kill the girl if we have to.

JACKSON: How do I know you even have her?

JENNINGS: Come with me and I'll show you.

JACKSON: Yeah -- you know, I've got a thing, so ... (he turns to go)

JENNINGS: I have three snipers targeting your position at this very moment, Doctor.

(Daniel stops and turns back.)

JACKSON: You're bluffing.

(Jennings places his cup of coffee on the picnic table and steps back.)

JENNINGS: Position one -- go for the coffee cup.

(Nearby a silenced shot can be heard and a bullet pierces the coffee cup.)

JACKSON: So are we gonna take your car, or mine, or, uh, shall I just follow you?

S.G.C. - CONFINEMENT ROOM. Sam has come in to talk to Teal'c.

CARTER: We checked a couple of pizza joints and all-night delivery places near your apartment to see if there'd been any sudden repeat customers.

TEAL'C: An interesting investigative method.

CARTER: Yeah -- I thought it was a little crazy at first too, but we actually got a lead at one place. The owner reported a Caucasian male who'd been in half a dozen times during the last two weeks.

TEAL'C: Is that unusual?

CARTER: Not necessarily but we thought it was worth checking out. We got a license plate from the security camera out front and we're running it down.

(From outside, an airman swipes the door opens and Jack walks in.)

TEAL'C: O'Neill.

O'NEILL: Well, Kendrick is finally convinced something else is going on here.

CARTER: What changed his mind?

O'NEILL: Daniel's missing.

GREY VAN. Inside the van as it drives along, Daniel has his hands handcuffed together. He sits between Jennings and another man.

JACKSON: So you guys are ex-N.I.D. You call yourselves The Trust now, right?

JENNINGS: We want the same thing you want, Doctor Jackson -- we're trying to protect the planet.

JACKSON: That's why you were watching Teal'c -- you thought he was a significant threat to planetary security.

JENNINGS: Stargate Command may think it's OK to let the alien roam the streets unsupervised. We beg to differ.

JACKSON: And never mind the fact that he's helped save the Earth more times than I can count.

JENNINGS: He is an alien. Their motives can never be trusted. Anyway, he is partly responsible for the boyfriend's death. If he hadn't shown the girl how to crush a man's windpipe, none of this would have happened.

JACKSON: So she killed him.

JENNINGS: It was self-defense, really. He was getting out of hand.

JACKSON: And that's when you guys moved in and planted evidence to make it look like Teal'c did it.

JENNINGS: We saw an opportunity and we took it.

(The van arrives at a warehouse and drives in. Daniel is taken out of the back of the van and marched towards several tables holding different types of computers. As he's bundled down onto a chair, one of the other people in the warehouse grabs Jennings' arm.)

HOSKINS: What the hell's going on here?

JENNINGS: The situation is under control.

HOSKINS: You were supposed to get the information and leave.

JENNINGS: He wasn't going to co-operate.

HOSKINS: He's a member of SG-1. Do you have any idea what kind of resources they'll mobilise to get him back?

JENNINGS: Once we get the translation, it'll be too late. (He turns to another man.) Bring the girl. (The man moves off.)

S.G.C. - SAM'S LAB. The phone rings. Sam answers.

CARTER: Carter.

(Pete is leaving the police station.)

SHANAHAN: Sam, it's me. I traced the car from the pizza place. It's a rental. The name on the agreement's a fake I.D.

CARTER: That's our man.

SHANAHAN: Whoever set this up knew what they were doing. I've got a bank account, social security number and credit cards, all from a guy who died six months ago.

CARTER: OK, let's focus on the car. Find out if the rental company has satellite tracking.

SHANAHAN: I'm on it. I'll call you as soon as I have something.

WAREHOUSE. A woman is working on one of the computers. She reports her progress to Hoskins.

BROOKS: Uplink is established. We're ready to transmit.

(Hoskins turns to face Daniel.)

HOSKINS: We need those symbols.

(Krista, also handcuffed, is brought in.)

KRISTA: Daniel! (She is dragged across the room and forced into the chair next to Daniel.) What's happening? Who are these people?

JACKSON: It's gonna be OK.

(Hoskins holds out a clipboard with a sheet of paper on it towards Daniel.)

JENNINGS: The symbols, now -- or we kill the girl.

JACKSON: She's got nothing to do with this.

HOSKINS (lowering the clipboard): Look, Doctor Jackson, if it had been up to me, things never would have gone this far. (He throws a black look at Jennings.) It was supposed to be a simple surveillance operation, but then this little domestic dispute happened, Teal'c got involved, we knew you weren't going to help us voluntarily ...

JACKSON: So you decided to try a little blackmail instead.

HOSKINS: Let's just say one thing led to another. But in any case, it's too late for all that now (he takes a pistol out of his jacket), so either you give us what we want (he points the pistol at Krista) or I will kill her.

(Daniel looks at Krista for a few moments, then looks at Hoskins and holds up his handcuffed hands for the clipboard. Hoskins gives it to him and Daniel starts writing.)

HOSKINS: Oh, and by the way, we'll know immediately if the symbols are incorrect.

(Daniel looks up at him for a moment, trying to gauge whether he's telling the truth, then bends his head to the clipboard again and continues writing.)

LATER. Daniel finishes writing. One of the men takes the clipboard from him, takes it over to the tables and puts the sheet of paper into a scanner. Brooks checks her screen as the scanned image comes up on it.

BROOKS: Scanning. Translating symbols. (A message comes up on the screen.) Translation confirmed.

HOSKINS: Good. (To Daniel and Krista) Get up.

(Outside the warehouse, a black van with fully geared-up SFs hanging on the outside drives up. A second van follows. The troops jump off and spread out, surrounding the perimeter.)

HOSKINS (gesturing with his pistol): Over there. Face the wall. (Daniel and Krista look at each other, Krista obviously terrified. Eventually two of The Trust seize them and bundle them over to the wall.)

JACKSON: I gave you what you want.


(Krista stands half facing the wall but Daniel continues looking at Hoskins. Hoskins raises his pistol.)

HOSKINS: I said face the wall.

(Reluctantly, Daniel and Krista turn and face the wall.)

JACKSON: Look, you don't have to do this.

(Over at the tables, Brooks and a man are removing disks from the computers and burning the hard drives.)

(Outside, the troops, together with Sam and Pete, are getting into final position.)

(Inside, Krista, terrified, turns her head to Daniel.)

KRISTA: Daniel?

JACKSON: It's gonna be OK.

(Behind them, Hoskins raises a zat gun and zats the pair of them once each. They collapse to the ground. Hoskins goes over to the table where Brooks is just finishing dusting off the computer drive as the screens go to static. Hoskins, Brooks and the other three men stand close together, as if waiting for a ring transporter. Hoskins activates a small device, which starts beeping.)

(Outside, a sergeant reports.)

SERGEANT (into radio): Team two in position and ready.

(Inside, we see Daniel and Krista unconscious on the floor. Offscreen, we see the edge of a large white flash and hear the sound of a transporter, though it sounds more like an Asgard transporter than a ring transporter.)

(Outside, Sam speaks into her radio.)


(Explosives blow the doors open and the teams rush in. There's no sign of The Trust. Several people, including Sam and Pete, go over to Daniel and Krista. The sergeant checks Daniel while Pete squats down to check Krista.)

SERGEANT: He's unconscious. There's no-one here. We've got all the exits covered -- there's no way they could have gotten out.

SHANAHAN (standing up): How is that possible?

(Sam looks around, unsure.)

LATER. The SFs are clearing up. Daniel and Krista are now conscious and sitting in a couple of chairs. Someone hands Krista a cup of water. She nods her thanks to him, then turns to Daniel.

KRISTA: Thank you.

(Nearby, Sam and Pete are standing near one of the black vans which has now been driven into the warehouse.)

SHANAHAN: So, it's normal for the bad guys just to disappear into thin air, right?

CARTER: Not really -- although now I think about it it's not the first time it's happened.

SHANAHAN (laughing): Just another day at the office.


SHANAHAN: Well, then, I figure you should be used to it by now.

CARTER: No, I mean -- yes.

SHANAHAN (staring): Yes, as in ...


(Pete pulls her behind the van so that nobody can see them and holds her by the arms.)

SHANAHAN: Are you messin' with me?


SHANAHAN: Which means ...


SHANAHAN: You don't need more time?


SHANAHAN: Therefore ... ?


(They hug, and then kiss.)

OUTSIDE TEAL'C'S APARTMENT BLOCK. Teal'c is packing all his stuff into his car. Eric rolls a box on top of his skateboard towards the car.

TEAL'C: Be careful with that package, Eric, its contents are ... (At that moment Eric reaches the curb and the skateboard and box bump down off the edge of the curb. There's a sound of breaking glass from inside the box) ... fragile.

ERIC: Sorry.

TEAL'C: There is no need for an apology. (He bends down and picks up the box.) I am grateful for your assistance.

(He turns to put the box in the car but stops when he sees Krista standing there.)

KRISTA: Hey. (Teal'c bows to her, then puts the box in the car.) So -- you're really leaving.

TEAL'C: Indeed I am.

KRISTA: Y'know, you don't have to do this. The whole thing was my fault.

TEAL'C: There is no need to blame yourself.

KRISTA: The men in the warehouse -- I didn't know who they were. No-one told me anything, but I know they were using me to get to you.

TEAL'C: If it had not been you it would have been someone else. They would not hesitate to exploit any relationship to their advantage.

KRISTA: What did they want?

TEAL'C: That I cannot say.

KRISTA: Right. So -- where you gonna go?

TEAL'C: Back to where I came from.

KRISTA: What does that mean?

TEAL'C: It means I must say goodbye.

(They gaze at each other for a moment, then Krista looks over his shoulder. Teal'c turns and sees Eric, who has gone back and collected the fern.)

ERIC: This is all that was left.

TEAL'C (taking the pot): Thank you.

(Eric bends down and picks up his skateboard to show Teal'c the underside.)

ERIC: Check it out.

(He has painted Teal'c's tattoo symbol on the end. Teal'c smiles.)

TEAL'C: I am honoured.

ERIC: Later, T.

(Teal'c nods and puts the fern into the car, then closes the boot. He and Krista share another long look, then he turns, pats Eric on the shoulder, and gets into his car. Krista and Eric stand side by side and share a sad smile as Teal'c drives away.)