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The S.G.C. is put under quarantine after a mysterious infection leaves a Russian officer in the infirmary – but the disease may not be a disease at all.

DVD DISC: Season 8, Disc 1
WRITTEN BY: Joseph Mallozzi & Paul Mullie
DIRECTED BY: William Waring
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Transcript by Callie Sullivan

SPACE. The International Space Station can be seen orbiting around Earth. The voices of two male Russian cosmonauts can be heard from inside.

S.G.C. CONTROL ROOM. Sam and a female Russian technician are sitting at the desk listening to the cosmonauts talking. Daniel comes in.

JACKSON: What's going on?

CARTER: It's our Russian team on the International Space Station. They're adjusting the orbit to avoid some debris left over from our ... little incident in Antarctica.

(The technician asks a question of one of the cosmonauts, Anatole Konstantinov, who replies. He looks out of a window, concerned at what he can see, and speaks some more. [I don't know any Russian, so haven't a clue what they're saying.])

(From an external viewpoint, a large piece of Anubis' mothership drifts towards the Space Station. Inside the Station, the shadow of the debris passes over Konstantinov's face, but he sighs with relief as the debris misses the Station. He speaks some more.)

TECHNICIAN (to Sam): It worked.

(Konstantinov says something more to the technician, who glances at Sam, embarrassed.)

JACKSON: He said, ‘If the Americans wanna keep blasting alien ships out of orbit, they've gotta do a better job of tracking their own mess'.

(Konstantinov speaks again, then the picture breaks up into static. The technician calls to him urgently while "Signal Lost" appears on the screen.)

CARTER: What's going on?

TECHNICIAN: I don't know. We lost contact.

(From the exterior of the Space Station, we see the debris floating off into the distance. Above the Space Station, however, a black cloud floats towards the Station, then plunges in through the walls.)

JACK'S OFFICE. The desk is cluttered with papers and files. Jack is writing as there is a knock on the door.

O'NEILL: Come in.

(An Airman opens the door to let in a man dressed in Russian military uniform. He walks in and comes to attention.)

VASELOV: General O'Neill. It is an honour to meet you, and may I say an even greater honour to finally serve under your command.

O'NEILL: Wow. That was a load. Who are you?

VASELOV (looking confused): I am Colonel Alexi Vaselov, sir. I assumed you were expecting my arrival.

O'NEILL (looking at the pile of files on his desk): Uh, yeah. Sure. Umm ... (he rummages among the files and pulls one out and flips it open) yeah, here's the memo. Right there.

VASELOV: I want you to know, sir, that I personally requested this transfer. After my many years of service with Russian Air Force, I feel confident that I can make a positive contribution to Stargate Command.

O'NEILL (insincerely): Great!

VASELOV (laughing nervously): If I may be so bold, sir, I understand that with your recent appointment as base commander, a position has become available on SG-1. I would of course relish the opportunity to serve on the S.G.C.'s elite team.

O'NEILL (wearily): Yes. You and everyone else on this base. Colonel, not gonna happen.

VASELOV: I understand your reluctance, sir. If you look at my record, I think it will satisfy any of your concerns. I have over three thousand flight hours on more than thirty-five types of aircraft and prototypes. In addition, I have been awarded the High Order of Russia, the Gold Star, the ...

O'NEILL (interrupting): Yes, that's very impressive. Very. But it's not gonna get you on SG-1.

VASELOV: Understood. I am of course willing to accept a position on a different team.

O'NEILL: Colonel, until you go through the proper training, you're not going anywhere near that Gate.

VASELOV: Perhaps I could assume a role as a non-combat observer on one of the exploration units, sir.

O'NEILL: It was nice meeting you. Very nice. You're dismissed. (He gestures to the door.)

(Vaselov comes to attention again, then turns and leaves. Jack sighs.)

SAM'S LAB. Teal'c is talking to Sam and Daniel.

TEAL'C: If all goes to plan, barring any unforeseen circumstance, I will acquire possession of my apartment on Tuesday.

CARTER: Hey, congratulations!

JACKSON: So when's the apartment-warming party? (Teal'c looks at him enquiringly.) Uh, when someone gets a new place it's customary for them to throw a party.

TEAL'C: Would I be required to prepare a meal?

CARTER: No, make it pot-luck. We'll all bring something.

TEAL'C: Very well. Next Saturday.

(Jack walks in. Sam leaps to her feet.)

O'NEILL (irritably): I'm only gonna say this once, Carter. At ease.

(Sam nods uncomfortably and sits back down.)

JACKSON: So how's the new job?

O'NEILL: Oy! One crisis after another. This morning the Mess got a shipment of Yukon Gold potatoes instead of the usual Russets.


O'NEILL: Oh yes! The Golds don't make for good mash. Consistency's all wrong.

(Daniel looks away, hiding a smile.)

CARTER: I hear the new Russian colonel came to see you -- made a pitch to join SG-1.

O'NEILL: Yeah.

JACKSON: What'd you say?

O'NEILL: Told ‘em to make French fries instead.

JACKSON: About the Russian.

O'NEILL: Oh. Well I made it clear he shouldn't expect preferential treatment, that he'd have to prove himself before I'd consider him for off-world travel.

CARTER: He is one of the most highly decorated officers in Russian military history, and he has over twenty years' flight experience.

O'NEILL: And exactly no years in off-world travel. I'm not gonna risk the lives of anyone under my command on a slick résumé.

CARTER: How ... uncharacteristically cautious of you, sir.

O'NEILL: Yes -- there's that.

JACKSON: And there's also the fact that the Russians must be pressuring you to put ‘em on the team.

O'NEILL: Yes -- there's that too.

JACKSON: You can't exactly blame them -- we haven't been making good on our promises.

O'NEILL: We gave them their own team!

JACKSON: That was two years ago -- what have we done for them lately?

O'NEILL: Forget it! I'm not putting him on SG-1.

TEAL'C: Do you have someone else in mind for the position, O'Neill?


JACKSON: So we're sticking with the three-man team?

O'NEILL: Why not? It's one less decision I have to deal with.

CARTER: There's nothing in the regulations that says an SG team has to be made up of four people.

O'NEILL: There you go. Problem solved.

(Daniel wiggles his head noncommittally.)

O'NEILL (to Sam): Thank you.

S.G.C. In another room, Vaselov is dressing in camouflage gear. He looks at himself in a full-length mirror, then glances down, concerned. He pulls back his left sleeve to see lesions on his arm. He pulls the sleeve back down. Someone knocks at the door. He goes and opens it and Daniel is standing there.

JACKSON: Colonel Vaselov. (He offers his hand to shake.)

VASELOV: Doctor Jackson. (He shakes Daniel's hand.) Of course. Come in. (Daniel comes in and Vaselov closes the door). Your reputation precedes you. I'm well acquainted with your work.

JACKSON: I just wanted to come by and welcome you to the neighbourhood.

VASELOV: That's very kind of you. I only wish others were as open to my presence here.

JACKSON: Yeah, don't take General O'Neill's decision personally.

VASELOV: It's difficult not to. Frankly his attitude is offensive. It leads me to wonder he if knows the Cold War is over.

JACKSON: Yeah -- his attitude has nothing to do with your being Russian. He's an equal opportunity offender. (He laughs nervously.)

VASELOV (smiling): And I am supposed to find this comforting?

JACKSON: Uh, he doesn't respond well to outside pressure.

VASELOV: Our nations are supposed to be partners in the Stargate programme.

JACKSON: Yes, I'm well aware of the deal, Colonel, I helped broker it.

VASELOV: Well then you more than anyone can understand our frustration.

JACKSON: Okay, what you have to realise is, um, Colonel O'Neill ... General O'Neill just assumed command of this facility and, uh, and he's got a lot on his plate. Quite frankly, making demands on him right now is just bad timing on the part of your government. (Vaselov blinks, looking faint.) Colonel? (Vaselov leans against a bureau behind him, then sinks to the floor.) Colonel? (Daniel rushes towards him.)

CORRIDOR. Vaselov is on a gurney being wheeled to the infirmary. Daniel follows along behind.

INFIRMARY. The gurney arrives. Doctor Brightman walks over.

BRIGHTMAN: What happened?

JACKSON: I dunno. We were just talking and all of a sudden he just collapsed.

BRIGHTMAN: Alright. I know you're scheduled to go off-world. We'll take care of him. (She and the medics wheel Vaselov away. Daniel looks at his watch, then leaves.)

CORRIDOR. We are seeing through the eyes of someone or something -- the view is slightly dark and misty as the someone or something moves along the corridor.

ISOLATION ROOM -- OBSERVATION ROOM. Jack walks in and goes over to Doctor Brightman. Vaselov is in bed in the Isolation Room below.

O'NEILL: How's he doin'?

BRIGHTMAN: Confused. Apparently the last thing he remembers is being in Russia. He doesn't know where he is or how he got here. He's also exhibiting certain physical symptoms which have me concerned. He has lesions over forty percent of his body and a highly elevated white blood count which indicates some sort of infection.

O'NEILL: Is he contagious?

BRIGHTMAN: It's a distinct possibility. Sir, we need to examine everyone who's been in contact with this man.

GATE ROOM. The Gate whooshes. At the bottom of the ramp, Daniel is waiting with SG-11. The team head up the ramp. Just as they reach the top of the ramp, the Gate closes down.

O'NEILL (from the Control Room): Daniel! (Daniel turns and looks up at him.) Report back to the Infirmary.

(Three of the members of SG-11 have already left the ramp. As the last member walks down the ramp, Daniel grabs him round the neck from behind. Two of the other members of SG-11 draw their guns and aim at him.)

JACKSON (holding a pistol in the man's ribs): Open the Gate! (Jack looks bewildered.) Do it, now!

(Jack grabs a pistol from one of the airmen in the Control Room and runs for the Gate Room. One of the members of SG-11 raises his gun higher. Daniel shoots him. He then turns and shoots the other one. Jack comes round the corner of the doorway, aiming his pistol at Daniel. Daniel, with the SG-11 member still held around the neck, hustles the man down the ramp. As he reaches the bottom of the ramp, Teal'c, standing in the other doorway, zats the pair of them. They collapse to the floor. As Teal'c walks forward, Daniel forces himself up onto his knees and looks at the pistol he dropped. Teal'c aims his zat again.)

O'NEILL (still aiming his pistol): DANIEL!

(Daniel grabs the pistol and aims it towards Jack. Jack shoots him in the shoulder. Daniel falls to the floor, not unconscious but unable to move.)

A SECOND ISOLATION ROOM. Daniel lies unconscious in bed as SG-1 and Doctor Brightman are in the Observation Room.

BRIGHTMAN: He's lost a lot of blood but his life is no longer in any immediate danger.

CARTER: The members of SG-11 insisted he seemed perfectly normal. (To Jack) Did you notice anything peculiar about him, sir?

O'NEILL: I thought it odd he was shooting up the Gate Room.

TEAL'C: He reacted immediately after the Gate was shut down.

BRIGHTMAN: Why was he so desperate to go through?

CARTER: Does he have any of Colonel Vaselov's symptoms?

BRIGHTMAN: No lesions yet, but that may just be a matter of time. He does have an elevated white blood count.

TEAL'C: Yet Colonel Vaselov displayed no unusual behaviour.

BRIGHTMAN: That doesn't necessarily mean they're not something from the same condition. If an infection reaches the brain, it can manifest itself in a variety of ways, from memory loss to full-blown psychosis.

O'NEILL: You don't think it's a coincidence?

BRIGHTMAN: Seems unlikely, sir. I think there's a high probability that we have a contagion on the base.

CONTROL ROOM. Jack comes in and goes to the technician at the desk.

O'NEILL: Contact all teams that are offworld. Tell them that the S.G.C. is off limits. Have them proceed to the Alpha site til further notice. Effective immediately, the S.G.C. is under lockdown.

CHEYENNE MOUNTAIN. On the surface, alarms sound as the big door closes.

CORRIDOR. Doctor Brightman is walking along. Sam joins her.

CARTER: Hi. How's Daniel?

BRIGHTMAN: He's still unconscious but he's improving. He's responding well to treatment and his white cell count is coming down.

CARTER: What about Colonel Vaselov?

BRIGHTMAN: It's not so good. We're treating him with antibiotics but his condition is deteriorating. Until we know more about the source of the infection there's not much else we can do.

CARTER: Well, since it started with Vaselov we can be pretty sure it didn't come through the Gate.

BRIGHTMAN: I'm waiting to hear back from the Russians about possible sources of the infection from their end.

CARTER: Anyone else showing symptoms?

BRIGHTMAN: Not yet. (She walks away.)

VASELOV'S ISOLATION ROOM. Teal'c is sitting at the end of Vaselov's bed and looking through some printouts. Vaselov wakes up.

VASELOV: How is he? (Teal'c looks up.) Doctor Jackson. Doctor Brightman told me what happened.

TEAL'C: His condition is improving.


TEAL'C: And your condition?

VASELOV: Not so good. But not so bad as the time I went drinking with General Darshkevich in Novgorod. That was worse headache. (Teal'c smiles and nods.) Doctor Jackson is good friend of yours, yes?

TEAL'C: Indeed he is. Despite what you are thinking, you bear no responsibility for what has transpired.

VASELOV: My presence here has resulted in the quarantine of this entire complex.

TEAL'C: Had you remained in your homeland, you would have faced a similar situation, only in a different setting -- again, through no fault of your own.

VASELOV: Perhaps. But at the moment I can't be sure of anything.

TEAL'C: Has your memory not yet returned?

VASELOV: In my dreams I have begun to see flashes -- glimpses of these past few days: walking these halls, talking to people -- and yet it's as if I am not even here. I'm just a helpless observer inside my own body.

INFIRMARY. Brightman is with Sam and Teal'c. She hands a file to Sam.

BRIGHTMAN: One month ago Anatole Konstantinov fell ill after completing a tour on the International Space Station.

CARTER: I remember. We monitored the mission. We lost contact for almost thirty seconds and we never figured out why.

BRIGHTMAN: Well, I don't know if they're connected but he died less than a week later in a Moscow hospital. Now, officially the cause of death was renal failure but unofficially the Russian authorities haven't a clue what killed him.

CARTER: You think it might be our mystery disease?

BRIGHTMAN: Among the symptoms he exhibited were memory loss, skin lesions and a highly elevated white blood count.

TEAL'C: Is there any connection to Colonel Vaselov?

BRIGHTMAN: Apparently Vaselov visited Konstantinov in the hospital just before he died. They were old friends -- they served together in the Russian Air Force.

CARTER: Why didn't they tell us this?

BRIGHTMAN: The Russians determined that Konstantinov's condition wasn't contagious. He came into contact with many people between the time he returned to Earth and the time he checked into the hospital but no-one else ever showed any signs of being infected.

CARTER: Makes it an oddly selective disease.

TEAL'C: Perhaps we are not dealing with a disease at all. Colonel Vaselov possessed only vague random memories of his time at Stargate Command, and yet the instances he could recall he described himself as a mere observer to the actions of his body.

BRIGHTMAN: Like being host to a symbiont.

CARTER: Yeah, but tests ruled out the possibility of a Goa'uld.

BRIGHTMAN: Could we be looking at some other form of alien possession?

CARTER: Yeah, it's possible -- an entity capable of moving from individual to individual. Might explain some of the inconsistencies.

BRIGHTMAN: If that's true, it could be in anyone right now. (The phone rings. Brightman answers it.) Hello? ... I'll be right there. (She hangs up.) Daniel's awake.

DANIEL'S ISOLATION ROOM. The door opens and Doctor Brightman and the rest of SG-1 walk in. Daniel is sitting up on the side of the bed, his left arm in a sling.

JACKSON: Will someone please tell me what the hell is going on?!

BRIGHTMAN: You're recovering from a gunshot wound.


TEAL'C: You have no recollection of the incident?

JACKSON (plaintively): No! Who shot me?

O'NEILL: Don't ... change the subject. What do you remember?

JACKSON: Uh, I went to see Colonel Vaselov and right in the middle of our conversation he collapsed and I went to help him and ... that's it.

CARTER: You don't remember accompanying him to the Infirmary?

JACKSON (plaintively again): No! ... (Suspiciously) Who shot me?

(Sam looks embarrassed and glances towards Jack. Teal'c looks inscrutable as usual. Jack glances back and forth between Sam and Teal'c, then looks at Daniel. Daniel takes a breath and stares as he realises who shot him.)

O'NEILL (shrugging): You were shooting up the Gate Room.

CARTER: You wounded two guards. We think we may be dealing with a Foothold situation, specifically an alien entity capable of taking over human hosts, not unlike the Goa'uld, and it seems to be able to travel from person to person.

TEAL'C: Although at present we have no knowledge of how this is possible.

(Daniel stares off into space.)

CARTER: Daniel?

(Daniel has a flashback of himself shooting one of the airmen in the Gate Room. The view is slightly dark and misty.)

JACKSON: Anubis!

TEAL'C: Daniel Jackson.

JACKSON: It was Anubis -- or rather, Anubis was controlling me.

O'NEILL: Anubis is dead.

JACKSON: No he's not -- and he's here on the base.

BRIEFING ROOM. Jack, Sam and Teal'c are there.

O'NEILL: You'd think that getting blasted outta orbit woulda slowed the guy down.

TEAL'C: According to Daniel Jackson, Anubis surrendered his mortal form when he was ascended, only to be cast down by the Ancients. As a result he exists purely as an immaterial being.

CARTER: See, in the past when we encountered Anubis, the physical form we were seeing was actually a force shield designed to contain his essence. When it was destroyed, that essence was released.

TEAL'C: Anubis was trapped in Earth's orbit, inhabiting debris from his ship, millions of light years away from his power base.

O'NEILL: So he hitched a ride on a cosmonaut?

CARTER: Yes, sir, and then abandoned him for Colonel Vaselov.

TEAL'C: No doubt attempting to escape through our Gate.

O'NEILL: Why doesn't he just use his ... freaky, super-cosmic powers and just ... (he gestures towards the ceiling) ... go?

TEAL'C: Doing so would alert the Ancients and only serve to bring down their wrath upon him.

CARTER: See, in order to interact with the physical world, he has to get himself a new shield, but he can't do that here on Earth. He'll need a body to dial the Gate and get through.

TEAL'C: Eventually, Anubis will attempt escape again.

O'NEILL (sighing): Well, he's on the base, obviously not going anywhere. (To Sam) Tell me there's something we can do.

CARTER: Well, as a matter of fact, sir, I think there is.

INFIRMARY. There is a queue of personnel waiting outside. Sam walks past them and into the Infirmary where Daniel and Vaselov have now been transferred to adjoining beds. She goes over to Daniel.

JACKSON: What's going on?

CARTER: General O'Neill has ordered compulsory physicals for all the S.G.C. personnel. We're operating under the assumption that retaining Anubis' essence exacts a physical toll on the carrier. You were only exposed for a couple of hours but your body reacted as though you were fighting off an infection.

JACKSON: So whoever's retaining his essence should start showing symptoms.

CARTER: Yeah, that's the theory.

JACKSON: What about Vaselov?

CARTER: Well, (she draws the curtain between Daniel's and Vaselov's beds) his is a more extreme case. He was exposed for over a week, that's why his symptoms are more advanced.

JACKSON: You mean with the lesions and the ...

CARTER: Yeah, it's actually more than that. His entire immune system was affected.

JACKSON: But Anubis is out of him -- he should start getting better, right? (Sam bows her head.) Sam?

CARTER: Doctor Brightman says he's not responding. She thinks the exposure may have simply gone on for too long. The damage is done.

JACKSON: Oh, there has to be something we can do for him.

CARTER: We can help him manage the pain, that's about it.

CORRIDOR. In a corridor, we see Anubis' point of view as he walks around in someone's body. The view is slightly dark and misty. The view segues into ...

JACK'S OFFICE. Jack is on the phone.

O'NEILL: I said the situation was contained -- I did not say it was resolved. ... No, I can't do that. Command will stay under lockdown until I decide otherwise. (Doctor Brightman comes to the door. He beckons her in.) Yes, sir, it is my call. ... Yes, sir. (He hangs up.) Pentagon. Getting a little antsy.

BRIGHTMAN: They're not the only ones. We got a bunch of very anxious people out there.

O'NEILL: Yeah, I'll bet. (He gestures for her to sit down, and sits down himself.) What can I do for you, Doctor?

BRIGHTMAN (not sitting): It's concerning Colonel Vaselov. His condition hasn't improved and he's not responding to treatment. Unless circumstances change, I'd give him a week, two weeks tops.

O'NEILL: I'll inform the Russians.

BRIGHTMAN: Thank you, sir. (She leaves.)

INFIRMARY. Vaselov wakes up to find Daniel standing at the foot of his bed, his arm still in a sling.

VASELOV: Doctor Jackson?

JACKSON: Oh, Alexi, sorry, I didn't mean to disturb you.

VASELOV: No, no, I'm glad to see you are up and about. Are you being discharged?

JACKSON: Yeah -- Doctor Brightman caught me stealing jello from the other patient's tray so she kicked me outta here.

(Vaselov laughs.)

VASELOV: Doctor, (he takes the oxygen tube out of his nose) I wonder if you could do me a favour. (He reaches over to the trolley beside his bed and takes out an envelope.) I have a sister in Briansk. When the lockdown has ended, could you see that she gets this?

JACKSON: Alexi ...

VASELOV: The nurses have been careful not to say anything. That is always a bad sign. Please. (He gives the envelope to Daniel.) Da. You know, in Russia, we have a saying: (he speaks Russian, then translates it) The cord may coil long, but an end will appear. That holds true for everything in this world, myself included. I accept this.

JACKSON: (speaks Russian)

VASELOV (translating): In the kingdom of hope, there is no winter.

JACKSON: I prefer that one.

VASELOV: Da, it's a nice saying.

JACKSON: I'll come see ya. (He smiles, and puts the envelope back on the trolley before turning to walk away. Then he stops as he sees a gurney at the end of the room. It brings on another flashback. He is lying on a gurney as he's being wheeled from the Gate Room. Doctor Brightman and a female nurse, Lieutenant Evans, are walking either side of the gurney, looking down at him.

EVANS: His pulse is weak.

BRIGHTMAN: He's lost a lot of blood. Doctor Jackson, can you hear me?

(The flashback moves on. Lieutenant Evans, now gowned and masked, is standing near him as he reaches out to grab her arm. The black cloud that we saw outside the International Space Station comes out of him and goes into Evans. She jolts, then puts down the clipboard she was holding and walks away. End flashback.)

(Daniel is still standing with his back to Vaselov's bed, who looks puzzled about why he hasn't moved.)

VASELOV: Doctor Jackson?

JACKSON: Lieutenant Evans. He's in Lieutenant Evans.

COMMISSARY. Lieutenant Evans comes out of the Commissary with a tray of food, only to find four airmen standing aiming guns at her. Afraid, she drops the tray and raises her hands.

INTERROGATION ROOM. Sam and Lieutenant Evans are sitting at either end of a table.

EVANS: I was examined by Doctor Brightman a couple of hours ago. She said I was fine.

CARTER: It's possible you haven't started manifesting signs yet.

(In an Observation Room off the Interrogation Room, Jack is watching.)

EVANS: Colonel, I would know. If something like that happened to me, I would know. I'm not lying.

CARTER: Lieutenant, tell me what you did Tuesday afternoon.

EVANS: I don't understand.

CARTER: Just tell me. (Evans thinks for a while.) Lieutenant?

EVANS (shaking her head): I don't know.

CARTER: You don't know.

EVANS (shaking her head again): I can't remember.

(Sam nods, and looks up to the Observation Room. In that room, the door opens and Teal'c comes in.)

TEAL'C: O'Neill. I have been informed that Airman Malcolm McCaffrey has missed a scheduled appointment at the Infirmary. He remains unaccounted for.

(Jack exhales deeply, then speaks into the microphone.)

O'NEILL: Carter. (He leaves the room. Sam gets up and leaves the Interrogation Room.)

Various scenes of airmen searching the base. One airman walks round a corner and McCaffrey grabs him and throws him into the wall, knocking him unconscious. McCaffrey grabs the airman's pistol and runs off.

CORRIDOR. In another corridor, Jack, Sam and Teal'c are walking along. Major Kearney contacts Jack over the radio.

KEARNEY (over radio): General O'Neill.

O'NEILL (into radio): Yeah. O'Neill here, go.

KEARNEY (into radio): This is Major Kearney. I've got a wounded man here claims he was jumped by Airman McCaffrey. We think he's headed for the Control Room. Advise caution, General -- target is armed.

O'NEILL: On our way.

Alarms sound as McCaffrey walks towards the Control Room, shooting the guard standing at the bottom of the steps. He runs up the steps, walks over to the technician sitting at the desk and jams the gun in his back.

McCAFFREY: Dial the Gate.

(Jack and the others run up the steps. Jack zats McCaffrey, who collapses to the ground. The black cloud rises up out of him. Everyone raises their weapons but the cloud whisks off and through a wall.)

JACK'S OFFICE. Daniel comes to the door and knocks.

JACKSON: Mind if I come in?

O'NEILL: You're not supposed to be walking around.

JACKSON: It's my arm. (He sits down.)

O'NEILL: You were shot.

JACKSON: I know -- you shot me.

O'NEILL: Not the point.

JACKSON: Look, I heard what happened. Anubis is still here.

O'NEILL: Daniel, he can pass through walls. He's welcome to leave the base at any time.

JACKSON: He has to go through the Stargate, otherwise he's trapped on Earth.

O'NEILL: Yeah. Well, there's not much we can do. Can't kill him.


O'NEILL: Can't catch him.


O'NEILL: So ...

JACKSON: We let the Ancients deal with him.

O'NEILL (cynically): Yes -- because they've always been so helpful.

JACKSON: If he uses his powers as an Ascended being, he's breaking the rules. They will take action. (He winces and clutches his shoulder.) We just have to, uh, take away his other options.

O'NEILL: Uh-huh. I assume you have a plan?

(Daniel just looks at him. Jack gazes back enquiringly.)

BRIEFING ROOM. Sam and Daniel are standing and addressing Jack, Teal'c, Kearney and another airman who are all sitting down.

JACKSON: Anubis has now made two attempts to get through the Gate. Now in both instances we were able to stop him but there's no guarantee we'll be so lucky the next time. We have to take steps to make it as difficult as possible for him to access the Stargate.

CARTER: To that end, we're proposing a division of the facility into three separate sections designated Zones 1, 2 and 3. (A computer model of the base comes up on the screen behind her.) Power to the Gate has been shut off and will no longer be accessible from the Control Room. Instead, it can now only be re-established from a relay centre located here in Zone 1. The Control Room, Gate Room and surrounding areas have been designated Zone 2. Intermediate corridors linking the two zones will be sealed. Corridors linking directly to the Gate Room will also be sealed. The only means of unsealing these corridors will be from a Security Control Centre located here in the section designated Zone 3.

JACKSON: All personnel will be restricted to one of these three zones. Standing food and medical supplies will be divided amongst the three sections. Doctor Brightman's team will be split into three units and continue monitoring personnel through daily physical examinations. Now no-one, not even General O'Neill, will be permitted access to a neighbouring zone until lockdown ends.

CARTER: Any questions so far?

(Kearney raises his hand.)

KEARNEY: With all due respect, Colonel, given everything we know about Anubis, do you really think this is going to stop him?

(Sam looks at Daniel.)

JACKSON: The point is to make it impossible for him to get through the Gate in the body of any one person. Now, when he realises he can't get out that way, he'll have no choice but to risk revealing himself to the Ancients.

Various scenes of the division of the base into its zones. Jack and Teal'c are in the Gate Room. Sam is in the new Security Control Centre. All around the base, doors close down. As the final door comes down in Zone 1, Siler reports in on the radio.

SILER: Zone 1 secure.

(Sam watches Siler on the monitors as he reports in. Behind her, another door closes.)

CARTER (into radio): Zone 3 secured.

(Near the Control Room, Jack watches as the final door comes down.)

O'NEILL (into radio): Zone 2 secure. Good luck.

INFIRMARY. A nurse checks on Colonel Vaselov and gives him another pain-killing injection.

CONTROL ROOM. Teal'c, standing guard at the desk looking out into the Gate Room, turns and walks away as his shift ends. Two guards go with him, and two more guards come forward to start their shift.

JACK'S OFFICE. Jack is on the phone.

ZONE 3. Sam and some guy walk along the corridor looking at a printout.

JACK'S OFFICE. The phone rings. Jack answers it.

O'NEILL: O'Neill. ... Yes, Mr President. ... Y-Yes, sir, it's six days without incident. ... Yes, all SG personnel present and accounted for. ... (Teal'c comes to the door and raises his hand to knock, but stops when he sees that Jack is on the phone.) No, no-one has shown any physical symptoms, sir, but that doesn't mean Anubis is gone. (He gestures to Teal'c to come in. He covers the phone and whispers.) It's the President. (He uncovers the phone.) Well, yes, sir, of course I understand the importance of the programme but I would be ... I understand, sir ... Hello? (He hangs up.) I've got twenty-four hours to re-establish (he makes air-quotes) ‘normal Gate operations'.

TEAL'C: It was unreasonable to assume the lockdown could be maintained indefinitely.

O'NEILL: Yeah, I suppose. (He thinks.)

Jack broadcasts to the base over the tannoy system. We see various people's reactions around the base as he speaks.

O'NEILL: Attention all personnel. This is General O'Neill. I know the current situation has been tough on all of you. You've been cut off from your families, your homes; you're wondering how much longer this can go on. But the fact is, there's a threat on this base that cannot be allowed to escape. Knowing that, the President has authorised me to maintain this lockdown indefinitely. We've only got food enough for another month, so we'll find a secure way to bring supplies down from the surface. In the meantime, I suggest you all get comfortable. We're not going anywhere.

Somewhere on the base, inside an -- as yet -- unknown member of the S.G.C., Anubis is on the move.

ZONE 3. Sam walks to the door of the Security Control Centre and speaks to the two guards outside.

CARTER: I need to run a diagnostic.

(One guard swipes his card while the other one opens the door. The three of them enter the room. Sam types onto a couple of consoles, then takes the zat gun she had hidden in her trousers and zats the guards. She types some more, then heads out. Walking along the corridor, she meets Daniel.)

JACKSON: Hey, Sam.

(Sam zats him. He collapses to the ground.)

Back in the Security Control Centre, a computer screen shows that a countdown for ‘Section 3' has almost finished. As it ends, a security door slides open and Sam comes through, zatting the guard on the other side.

Daniel, his face contorted in pain, gets up and unsteadily makes his way to the Security Control Centre.

Sam is in a room labelled "High Voltage", presumably the Zone 1 Relay Centre. There are zatted guards lying outside. As she finishes what she's doing, the lights go out all over the base, then come back on again. In the Infirmary, Vaselov sits up slightly, looking around puzzled. Sam heads out of the Relay Centre.

In the Security Control Centre, Daniel walks in and finds the two airmen recovering from their zat blasts. He goes over to the computer, which is on the last couple of seconds of a countdown for ‘Section 1'. On one of the security cameras, he sees a door open and Sam walk through. He grabs his radio.

JACKSON: Teal'c, this is Daniel.

(Teal'c is in the Control Room.)

TEAL'C: Proceed, Daniel Jackson.

JACKSON: Anubis has got Sam. She's headed your way.

TEAL'C: Understood.

Another door opens and Sam walks through. As she heads off down the corridor, the door closes behind her.

Alarms sound and airmen run through the corridors. In one corridor, an airman rounds a corner and is zatted by Sam. She kicks a second airman into the wall and runs at him, struggling with him. A zat blast goes off and Sam and the airman collapse. Jack is nearby -- he was the one who zatted her. He walks cautiously towards her. Anubis rises up out of her and floats above her. Jack looks on edgily.


JACKSON (into radio): Jack?

O'NEILL (over radio): Go ahead.

JACKSON: Anubis tampered with the security system -- he set up a sequence of timed commands. We're trying to override but we're not having much luck.

O'NEILL: Keep me posted. (He spins and aims his zat as Kearney and another airman run around the corner behind him but lowers it as he realises who they are. He addressed the airman.) Keep an eye on ‘em. Kearney, you're with me.

Jack and Kearney reach the room that contains the self-destruct device (last seen in "Menace").

KEARNEY: General?

O'NEILL: Major.

(Jack swipes his card through the reader. The door opens and they go in. Jack walks to one end of the device.)


(Jack takes a chain from around his neck.)

O'NEILL: Ready your key. (Kearney hesitates.) Major, base security is being compromised. Ready your key. That's an order.

(Reluctantly, Kearney takes his own key from around his neck.)

KEARNEY: Yes, sir. (He goes to the other end of the device. Jack puts his own key into the lock and types a command on the keypad. Then he looks up to Kearney.)

O'NEILL: Counting down -- on three, two, one, turn. (He turns his key.)

(The five minute countdown begins.)

Elsewhere in the base, Sam is being escorted under guard.

TANNOY: Five minutes til self-destruct.

(Sam turns to the guard behind her and elbows him ferociously in the face before running off.)

In the self-destruct room, Kearney comes around from the end of the device, not looking happy.

O'NEILL: You did good, son. (He zats him, then takes his pistol before heading off.)

INFIRMARY. Vaselov is lying in bed as alarms sound and the tannoy speaks again.

TANNOY: Four minutes til self-destruct. Four minutes til self-destruct.

(Making a decision, Vaselov starts to get out of bed, ripping out the various drips in his arms.)

CONTROL ROOM. Sam comes in. A guard spots her.


(Teal'c turns and aims his zat at her.)

TEAL'C: Come no further.

CARTER: Teal'c, you have to give me access to the base computer. Someone activated the self-destruct -- let me shut it down.

TEAL'C: You are infected.

CARTER: I was infected. Anubis left me for someone else.

TEAL'C: Of this I cannot be certain.

CARTER: Teal'c, I'm not Anubis. It's me, Carter.

(Teal'c looks at her, unsure.)

TANNOY: Three minutes til self-destruct.

CARTER: Teal'c, please.

(Teal'c shuts down his zat.)

TEAL'C: Very well.

(Sam sits down at the computer and types.)

TANNOY: Self-destruct aborted. Self-destruct aborted.

(Sam smiles up at Teal'c.)

TEAL'C: Well done.

In a corridor, Vaselov is staggering along.

CONTROL ROOM. On the computer, another countdown begins and a message flashes up saying, "Remote Dialing Sequence".

CARTER: Someone's activated the Gate.

(The Gate starts to dial out.)

(Daniel calls from the Security Control Centre.)

JACKSON (into radio): Teal'c, this is Daniel. I think Anubis is headed for the Gate Room.

TEAL'C (into radio): Understood.

CARTER: I'll see if I can override the dialing sequence.

(The side door of the Gate Room opens and Jack walks in, goes to the bottom of the ramp and faces the Gate.)

TEAL'C: O'Neill.

GATE ROOM. The Gate whooshes. At the same moment, Vaselov charges in and, with a cry of effort, throws himself at Jack and knocks him to the ground. Jack drops the pistol and Vaselov grabs it as they both stand up. Vaselov points the pistol at Jack.

O'NEILL: Stand aside.

VASELOV: Nyet. You need a body to go through the Gate. Take mine. (Jack looks at him.) Take mine or I'll kill us both.

(Jack jolts as Anubis comes out of him. Jack falls backwards to the ground, and Anubis plunges into Vaselov. Vaselov judders for a moment, then opens his eyes and looks up at the Gate Room triumphantly. Then he turns and walks through the Gate. The Gate closes down.)

Sam and Teal'c hurry into the Gate Room to check on Jack, who groans.

CARTER: General.

O'NEILL: I'm OK. Ish.

(Sam and Teal'c help him to sit up. All three of them look at the Gate.)

O'NEILL: He got through, didn't he? CARTER: Sort of. (Jack looks at her.) I was able to override the established dialling sequence and input an alternate address. I sent him to KS7-535 instead. O'NEILL (thoughtfully): Chilly.

(Sam nods in agreement.)

KS7-535. A few yards from the Gate, Vaselov, dressed only in his hospital pyjamas, is kneeling in deep snow. It's snowing hard, and as the camera pulls back, there is no sign of a D.H.D.