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Accredited with discovering the element trinium on PXY-887. One of the many S.G.C. units deployed out of Cheyenne Mountain. Their long-term assignment was P3X-403, where they mined enough naquadah to power Earth's interstellar spaceships, the Prometheus, Daedalus and others, for years to come.

Two incarnations of this team have been completely destroyed. Apophis captured SG-11 in order to study their knowledge and behavior so he could prepare his forces to infiltrate Earth. A later incarnation of the team was wiped out on P3X-888. Some were killed by Unas while the team leader, Hawkins, was taken over by a Goa'uld and later killed by Teal'c.

Members of SG-11 include (or have included):
Conner (Team Leader)
Edwards (Team Leader)
Hawkins (Team Leader)


Spirits - SG-11 is compromised by the Salish Spirits during mining operations of PXY-887. The team is later returned to Earth.
Into the Fire - SG-11 is sent to a world occupied by Hathor in the hopes of rescuing SG-1.
Rules of Engagement - SG-11 is declared Missing in Action. It is later learned that they were captured by Apophis and used as the template for young soldiers training to, one day, infiltrate Earth. All team members were executed.
The First Ones - All members of SG-11 are killed (two are taken over by primitive Goa'uld, two are killed by aborigine Unas) during an excavation of ancient Goa'uld fossils.
Homecoming - SG-11 is assigned to render aid to the Kelownans during Anubis's assault on the capital city.
Enemy Mine - SG-11 mines naquadah from P3X-403, eventually with the aid of Unas.
Death Knell - SG-11 travels to the former Alpha Site in the hopes of locating survivors.
Lockdown - Dr. Jackson accompanies SG-11 on a mission, but O'Neill prevents them from leaving. Anubis has taken over his body.