Darren Becker

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Airman assigned to the Icarus Base mess hall, now a crew member on board the Ancient exploratory vessel Destiny. Becker was forced to evacuate with the rest of the Icarus team to the ninth chevron address during an unexpected attack on the planet.

Now aboard Destiny he has become the main chef in the mess, facing the constant challenge of feeding the crew with minimal rations and things scrounged from alien planets.


PLAYED BY: Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman


Air, Part 1 - Private Becker prepares a meal for Nicholas Rush in the mess hall, but the doctor, distracted, departs without accepting. Later, he escapes with the Icarus team to the Destiny.
Air, Part 2 - Becker offers to help search Destiny with the rest of the team.
Darkness - Becker serves members of the crew in Destiny's mess, but has little to offer. Colonel Young orders him to work on recipes.
Light - Becker is one of 15 randomly drawn winners for a seat on a shuttle which will escape Destiny's presumed destruction inside a star.
Sabotage - Becker serves a bitter fruit to the visiting Dr. Perry -- a quadriplegic back on Earth, but now in Camille Wray's body -- who shares that it is the first fruit she has fed herself since she was nine years old.
Cloverdale - A hometown friend of Chloe's, Darren attends her wedding to Matthew Scott in Matt's dream world.