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Human embodiment of the Ori, conceived by the ascended to "carry the flag" and usher their armies into the Milky Way Galaxy. She is also known as Orici ("From one all will learn").

If an Ori were to enter the Milky Way in ascended form it would be fought by the Ancients. To prevent this, they cheated the ascended law by creating one of their own in the form of a human. The Ori chose Vala Mal Doran to carry the child, coinciding with her and the Ver Iscan Tomin's romantic relationship. Both eventually learned from a Prior that Tomin was unable to conceive a child – and it was the Ori's – not his.

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Vala carried the child for approximately nine months in Ver Isca, but it was born aboard an Ori warship while the fleet was en route to Chulak in the Milky Way Galaxy. A Prior named her "Orici." Tomin called her a "truth seer," knowing she would see through Vala, who did not truly believe in the promises of the Ori.

Though the Orici's gestation occurred at a normal human rate, she was genetically engineered to reach full maturity in a matter of days following birth. Vala, displeased that she was separated from her daughter immediately after giving birth, was eventually granted an audience with the infant. She renamed her Adria, after her formidable stepmother.

Because the Ori's knowledge of the universe is supposedly limitless, the Orici is not a true Ori. She is as close as can be created in human form. The knowledge in her mind un-spooled as her physical body matured, causing headaches during the growth stage.

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Adria's power is at least on the level of that of a Prior, though she is not one of them. She is between the Doci and the Ori in status, and some of her abilities might originate from her pendant – making them technological rather than strictly biological in nature. Adria's very human relationship with her mother is important to her, though she resists attempts to be humanized and is not sympathetic to her mother's beliefs. Instead, Adria hopes that Vala will eventually come around to see that the Ancients – not the Ori – sap energy from those on the planes of existence beneath.

Shortly after SG-1 succeeded in wiping out the Ori using Merlin's anti-Ori weapon, Adria herself managed to ascend. This left her the sole beneficiary of the energy directed at the Ori by their worshipers, making her incredibly powerful. But when the team found the Ark of Truth and removed the power of worship, Adria was suddenly brought to the level of any other ascended being. The Ancient Morgan Le Fay engaged her in combat, and the two (evenly matched) presumably will remain locked in battle for all eternity.


PLAYED BY - Emma Cooper, Jodelle Ferland, Brenna O'Brien, Morena Baccarin
FIRST APPEARED - Flesh and Blood


Crusade - Vala is impregnated by the ascended Ori, and marries Tomin to convince him he is the father.
Flesh and Blood - The "Orici" Adria is born, and begins an aggressive growth cycle into maturity.
Counterstrike - Vala and Daniel meet Adria as a fully-grown woman, who is leading the Ori forces on their crusade to convert our galaxy by force.
The Quest, Part 1 - Adria masquerades as Osric, keeper of the archives on the planet she believes Merlin's weapon is hidden, joining SG-1 on their quest.
The Quest, Part 2 - Separated from SG-1, Adria hunts down the team and finally takes Daniel Jackson captive.
The Shroud - Daniel reveals the circumstances under which Adria turned him into a Prior of the Ori, and later turns on her – sending her unconscious body back to the Ori galaxy.
Dominion - Adria is lured into a trap by SG-1, captured by Baal, made a Goa'uld host, operated on by the Tok'ra, and regains control of herself long enough to ascend.
Stargate: The Ark of Truth - Adria reveals that, with the Ori dead, she has become the most powerful ascended being in the universe – until the Ark of Truth undermines her power base, leaving her struggling with Morgan Le Fay on the ascended plane for all eternity.