Counterstrike planet

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Once populated world in the Milky Way Galaxy that whose people were annihilated by the Free Jaffa Nation following their conversion to Origin. The people were at a level of development roughly equivalent to late medieval Europe. After a revolt against the Ori forces was suppressed the remaining people voluntarily embraced the Ori religion. They were visited by the Orici, Adria, shortly after their conversion.

Under the new leadership of Se'tak the Free Jaffa used the Ancient super-weapon on the planet Dakara, targeting the newly converted planet by releasing an energy wave through the Stargate. Though Adria's pendant prevented the wave from having any effect on her, everyone else on the planet was irradiated and killed.

SG-1 was present on the planet during Adria's public audience, and was safely transported away by the Odyssey before the energy wave hit the village, eliminating all life -- humans and Prior alike. An unmanned Ori warship remained behind on the surface, near the village.


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Counterstrike - SG-1 narrowly escapes the Jaffa attack on a planet recently converted to Origin.