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Your podcast cuts off right in the middle. I use the Gateworld Podcast grey link on this site to listen.


OK, it does the same thing on Mediafly.


Should be all fixed. Delete the old file and redownload the full file. Thanks!


thanks! didn’t want to miss David’s take on Dr. Who!


Yep, works fine now. From me you get a huge thanks for putting the Dr. Who discussion at the end this time. I listen to the podcast for Stargate and know zilch about Dr. Who, so thanks for not making me have to ff and guess where we get back to the “interesting stuff” this time :o). I was going to suggest a Dr. Who only podcast… but I guess that’s not so necessary any more.

Scott Watson

I wouldn’t mind a Dr Who only podcast tbh lol


Enjoyed the podcast this week a lot. Keep up the good work. Idea for a future podcast, or maybe just a discussion during one – if you had 3 episodes to hook someone on the Stargate franchise (or each show individually), what would you pick? I had that dilemma about a year ago with a friend and SG-1 and found it hard to pick a few early episodes that would get him hooked (I was worried the later stuff would be a bit too confusing). In the end I had to make a deal to get him to watch the… Read more »

Craig MacD.

Overall I liked season one of SGU, though it wasn’t quite as much fun as the first season of Atlantis. I attribute this to the differences in the show( SGA =action/adventure, SGU = character drama). It did have some strong episodes (Air pt. 3, Time, Space, Divided,Human) and a couple I didn’t care for (Life, Faith). I think the communication stones have run their course though. Looking forward to season 2.


I’ve been a long time fan of Stargate since the original Stargate movie. I’ve been trying keep an open mind to this new formula they are trying out with SGU. I was disappointed to say the least. I will probably be a casual watcher of the show til it gets canceled. On another note I do enjoy these podcasts they sometimes bring to light things i wasn’t paying as much attention to which then causes me to go back and watch the episode again. However I do wish you guys brought in a 3rd host that at least is some… Read more »