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Heightmeyer's Lemming
2 years ago

International shipping makes the USS Daedalus and Mothership twice as expensive, which will bring the cost to 105 dollars (DHL eCommerce which means taxes are applicable, adding another extra charge) or 115 dollars (if you want expedited), and they don’t ship to Russia. From what I heard, Europeans are still waiting for their physical copy of the RPG book from the Kickstarter campaign, to arrive because it has to ship from China and well… we all know how that’s going…so it may arrive by next Christmas. ;) The Stargate SG-1 BR collection … umph on the shipping costs… nearly an… Read more »

2 years ago

Yep, and then I’m lucky that I am on this forum/website anyways, or I would never have known that the core rulebooks are stuck in China at the moment for European customers.

I bought the book, got the digital download immediately. But never did I get any notification or email regarding what the status is of the paper book itself.
Thank god someone shared a communication from Wyvern which they received on the forum, or I would have never known.

That it’s stuck in China, fine. But customer communication is up for improvement from Wyvern’s side.