Episode 10

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Stargate Origins (110) - Episode 10

As the powerful Ra approaches the temple Catherine confronts Brücke, setting into motion a sequence of events that will change her destiny forever.

WRITTEN BY: Mark Ilvedson & Justin Michael Terry
DIRECTED BY: Mercedes Bryce Morgan
STARRING: Ellie Gall (Catherine Langford), Aylam Orian (Wilhelm Brücke), Salome Azizi (Aset), Philip Alexander (James Beal), Michelle Jubilee Gonzalez (Serqet), Daniel Rashid (Kasuf), Sarah Navratil (Eva Reinhardt), Shvan Aladdin (Wasif), Tonatiuh Elizarraraz (Motawk), Derek Chariton (Heinrich), Victoria Ortiz (Ra), Catherine Salazar (Aset's Child), Kelly Vint (American Agent), David Mellville (British Agent), Ghadir Mounib (Renisenb), Connor Trinneer (Professor Langford)
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  • "I love villains. They are always so much fun to play because there is so much more room to experiment with from an acting perspective. But to be honest, I didn't see her [Aset] as a 'villain.' To me, she was a hero who ultimately had her people's best interests at heart. I felt that she saw through the humans' facade and their true intentions and used that knowledge to her advantage in pursuit of her ultimate goals. I think she is a great diplomat who never lost sight of the outcome she was striving for, despite having to make some hard choices along the way.

    "... I didn't think it was too hard to portray her many layers and complexities. If anything, the layers make her easier to portray and therefore bring to life. I wanted her to feel real more than anything. I wanted the audience to connect with her despite her being an 'alien.' So her layers ultimately helped bring out her humanity." ("Aset" actress Salome Azizi, in an interview with Stargate Command)