Episode 6

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Stargate Origins (106) - Episode 6

Brücke uses Nazi propaganda to try and sway Aset into an alliance. Catherine tries to convince Kasuf that they are on the same side.

WRITTEN BY: Mark Ilvedson & Justin Michael Terry
DIRECTED BY: Mercedes Bryce Morgan
STARRING: Ellie Gall (Catherine Langford), Aylam Orian (Wilhelm Brücke), Salome Azizi (Aset), Philip Alexander (James Beal), Daniel Rashid (Kasuf), Sarah Navratil (Eva Reinhardt), Shvan Aladdin (Wasif), Tonatiuh Elizarraraz (Motawk), Lincoln Hoppe (Stefan), Ghadir Mounib (Renisenb), Esteban Cueto (Nubai), Connor Trinneer (Professor Langford)
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The Goa'uld Aset, ruler of Abydos in Ra's absence, watches with interest as the Tau'ri – humans from Earth – assemble and spin-up their projection device. Dr. Wilhelm Brücke and his favorite propogandist, Eva Reinhardt, showcase the greatness of the German empire in the hopes of winning Aset's respect. The sequence of images features goose-stepping Nazi soldiers marching in formation, powerful tanks and weapons waging war, and the Führer Adolf Hitler addressing the crowds.

Serqet is uncertain about the entire prospect, not only of the film show but moreover about of her queen forging an alliance with these people. As Brücke promises Aset "strong friends and allies," Professor Paul Langford translates ... with some hesitation.

Aset is desperate for allies, evidently preparing for a coming conflict – an uprising against Ra. She fires his machine gun into the ceiling and is extraordinarily pleased by the results: while they are still primitive these off-worlders clearly have sufficient weapons technology to be effective against the Goa'uld. Brücke promises that she will be loved and worship by the new army he can deliver.

Back in the Abydonian settlement Catherine and Beal argue at Wasif's bedside. Their friend was almost killed in their escape attempt (Episode 5), and James is managing the complexities of his feelings for her and his impatience with her impulsiveness in such a dangerous situation. Wasif awakens, and they update him on their predicament in time for young Kasuf to return.

He explains to them that they are prisoners in his outpost, called "Nosdevli." As they struggle to communicate two warriors enter the tent: Motawk, the guard who accidentally stabbed Wasif, and also the large and intimidating figure of Nubai. Whereas Kasuf is friendly and eager to be helpful, these two wish to put on a strong face.

They plan to present their captives to Aset ... until they lay eyes on the Eye of Ra amulet that Catherine wears around her neck (the same one she found as a child, buried with the Stargate). Their entire demeanor changes and they fall to their knees, now convinced that the off-worlders are emissaries of Ra himself.

Back at the temple Aset has clearly made up her mind to strike an alliance. She admires Brücke's swastika pin while footage of Nazi imperialism flickers across the stone wall. Then she sees images of the concentration camps. "Slaves," she says. Langford confirms it with a solemn nod – this is how the Nazis treat those they dominate. Aset recalls that thousands of years ago the Tau'ri were slaves to the Goa'uld but rose up and expelled Ra. Perhaps now ... they are ready to be slaves again.


  • Wasif recognizes parts of the Abydonian language because it has evolved – over some five millennia – from the same ancient language out of which modern Egyptian grew. The same commonality allows Professor Langford (and, to a much lesser degree, Catherine) to make rough translations on the fly. It is also the language that the aliens Aset and Serqet speak, indicating that its ancient development may have been influenced by – or even caused by – the language that the Goa'uld already spoke and brought to Earth.
  • Motawk's recognition of the symbol of Ra on Catherine's amulet shows their people's long-instilled reverence – or perhaps fear – for the powerful Goa'uld System Lord. It's the very same reaction that Daniel Jackson will receive from young Skaara when he returns to Abydos wearing the same amulet ("Stargate" the Movie). Because they bear this symbol the Abydonians now treat Catherine, Beal, and Wasif as honored guests rather than as interlopers. And it's clear that they fear that their entire outpost might suffer the wrath of the gods if they fail to make amends.
  • It's a little funny that Serqet pokes at the beam of light shooting forth from the humans' film projector, as though she is mystified by the technology. The Goa'uld possess much more advanced technology, including those that project images on communication balls and as towering holographic figures.


  • AsetAset - Aset is willing to strike a deal with the Nazis in order to acquire weapons and soldiers in support of her private little war. The rebellion against Ra is becoming less of an idea or long-term strategy, and more and more a likely reality. Aset is also clearly unconcerned with the morality of her new allies, and their treatment of prisoners.
  • Paul LangfordPaul Langford - Professor Langford has finally stood up to his captors, refusing to translate any further after realizing that Brücke's endgame could entail slavery and despotism. But he still has few options. One thing he has discovered that he can do is to use his understanding of Aset's language to communicate with her his grave concerns about the Nazis.


  • Is Aset planning to visit Nosdevli in person? Will she discover Catherine, Beal, and Wasif there?
  • How will the people of Nosdevli treat their guests now that they believe them to be associated with Ra?
  • How is it that Brücke believes he can provide Aset with an entire army of servants? Does he think he can bring battalions of the German army through the Stargate? Or does he intend to hand over Jews and other prisoners – a disturbing "final solution" that the Führer might be more likely to accept?