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The SG-1 team rescues a group of advanced humans from a planet near destruction, and must find a new home for the refugees before the Pentagon gets their hands on them.

DVD DISC: Season 1, Disc 4
WRITTEN BY: Katharyn Powers
DIRECTED BY: William Gereghty
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Transcript by Lene and Apophis Queen
Edited by Deanna Moll-Landry
SG1 Transcripts

We begin with a scope of a planet. Chevrons are faintly heard locking. The camera moves across the planet, and it looks like it's snowing, although, in the background, a smoking mountain is shown, and red spots in a line are shown. The mountain is obviously an erupting volcano, and the line of red spots are lava flowing off of the volcano. What appears to be snow, is revealed to be volcanic ash. The gate opens, and SG-1 steps thru.

CARTER: Wow! None of this was going on when we sent the probe through.

(A close up of the volcano erupting, sending some lava into the air is shown.)

JACKSON: What's this stuff in the air?

TEAL'C: Ash.

O'NEILL: All right, Daniel. Dial it up, get us out of here.

JACKSON: No argument. (Thundering is heard, and lightning appears to be flashing. Something catches Daniel's eye when the light flashes) Wait a minute. (Hissing is heard) There's something out there.(He walks over to a person, checking their juggular pulse) It's a woman, she's alive. There's morehurry, you guys.

SG-1 fan out, and begin checking pulses.

TEAL'C: There's no life here.

CARTER: This one's had it.

JACKSON:(Quietly, to himself after checking another man) It's just like Pompeii. Everyone died of suffocation before the lava started to flow. (Jack checks a corpse. Danny sees something on his person's wrist) What are these things?

TEAL'C: (Yelling over the thunder and hissing) O'Neill! There are two more alive.

O'NEILL: Carter? How long before we're toast?

CARTER: I don't know, Sir, I'm not a volcanologist. It could be days, it could be minutes.

Narim, whom she was about to inspect before Jack spoke to her, puts up his head. She slowly turns her head back to Narim, and his view of her is seen. She looks like an angel with the ash falling around her head, her hair being brightened by light. She never sees him looking at her because she's looking up. She goes back to inspecting for living people, and goes to puts her hand on his juggular. He grabs her hand, startling her. She gasps.

NARIM: (Weakly) Don't ... help us.

She looks suprised.

Opening Credits

S.G.C. Gate Room

Bodies are being brought thru the gate on stretchers.

MEDIC: Move away. Give them some room.

O'NEILL: All right. Let's go.


O'NEILL: Yeah.

HAMMOND: Colonel O'Neill? What happened?

O'NEILL: We encountered some very severe volcanic activity, Sir.

HAMMOND: Who are all these people?

CARTER: We don't really know, Sir They were all dead and dying around the gate. (Having trouble breathing) The air was highly toxic.

JACKSON: (Rubbing his head) And hot.

HAMMOND: You better have Doctor Frasier take a look at you. We'll de-brief as soon as you're ready.

O'NEILL: (Also having trouble breathing) Yes, Sir.

Conference Room

HAMMOND: You evacuated ten people from an alien planet, Colonel. Doctor Frasier says they're all human and it looks like they're going to live. This was one hell of a rescue operation.

O'NEILL: Thank you, Sir

HAMMOND: There were no buildings in the area of any kind?

CARTER: No sir. We don't know how far they walked, but it looked like they were trying to make it back to the Stargate.

HAMMOND: What do we know about these devices they were wearing?

CARTER: Well, they all emit low levels of radiation indicating an operative energy source, but there's no circuitry, moving parts or chips. We've never seen anything like it.

JACKSON: I thought at first that they were from a parallel culture but it looks like they might be way ahead of us.

HAMMOND: We've determined humans on other planets originated here on Earth, right?


HAMMOND: Then given our present state of technology, could they be ahead of us?

JACKSON: Yes. Umm... we'd be colonising space right now if it hadn't been for the Dark Ages. There was a period of over eight hundred years where science was heresy and anathema. Maybe they didn't have that set-back.

AIRWOMAN: General Hammond? The spokesperson for the rescued people is awake. He'd like to speak with you. All of you.


PA SYSTEM: Attention. All off duty medical personnel report to the infirmary, sub level 20. Stat.

OMAC: (Removing his oxygen mask) Who are you?

HAMMOND: I'm Major General Hammond. This is Colonel O'Neill.


CARTER: Samantha Carter

JACKSON: Uh... Daniel Jackson

OMAC: Where is this place?

HAMMOND: You're on a planet called Earth. These people saved you.

OMAC: Nothing could be further from the truth.

JACKSON: Well, unless I missed something, you're... better off here than you were there.

OMAC: There was a rescue transport on the way.

O'NEILL: Well, half your people were already dead. I don't think it would have gotten there in time.

OMAC: Perhaps that's more of a problem for you than it was for us.

O'NEILL: Beg your pardon?

OMAC: I find it unbelievable that anyone so primitive could have deciphered the gate system.

O'NEILL: Did you say primitive?

TEAL'C: I too am from a world very different from this one. Here life is highly valued.

OMAC: Quite a statement for a Jaffa.

HAMMOND: Sir, I'd like to know who you are and what you know about the Goa'uld.

OMAC: I am Omac. Our world is called Tollan

HAMMOND: And what do you know of the Goa'uld and Jaffa?

OMAC: We're aware of them, we don't interact with them.

HAMMOND: Well then, we share a common enemy.

OMAC: Did I mention an enemy?

HAMMOND: I only meant... it might benefit everyone if your people and ours could be friends.

OMAC: I demand you return everything that you have taken from us and allow us to go home.

JACKSON: Well, it could take a while for those volcanoes to quiet down. In the meantime, I'm a bit of a culture buff, I'd like to learn about your history and customs.

OMAC: I've said enough. I'll say no more.

As Hammond and SG-1 are leaving, they pass by Narim's bed. He takes off his mask, and looks at Sam.


HAMMOND: (At the elevator) Captain Carter, I want you to monitor the situation on Tollan very closely, as soon as it's safe there, I want those people gone. (He and the Airwoman step in the elevator.)

CARTER: Yes, Sir.

Gate Room

The door buzzes open, and Danny steps in, coffee in hand. Sam is playing with the UAV.

JACKSON: New hobby?

CARTER: (Chuckles) Neat, huh? Miniature UAV with all the bells and whistles. I'm just adding heat sensors so I can send it through the gate to Tollan.

JACKSON: Hmn ... I was just down in the infirmary with one of the Tollan, trying to get them to talk to us. They only ask questions, they never answer them. As a matter of fact, one of them was asking a lot of questions about you.

CARTER: I thought they weren't interested in us.

JACKSON: Oohh... I didn't say 'us.' I said 'you'. General Hammond thinks maybe you'll have better luck getting some answers. He'd like to see you.

CARTER: (So NOT getting what Danny is implying! ;)) OK.

Corridor to Infirmary

HAMMOND: (Walking as he speaks to Carter) And I was hoping he would open up to you a bit more than Doctor Jackson or myself. (Narim stands when seeing Sam) You remember Narim?

CARTER: Yes. From the planet. You were... uh... a lot dirtier then.

NARIM: Oh... Captain Carter, or is it Doctor?

CARTER: Why don't we just make it Samantha?

NARIM: You may call me Narim.


HAMMOND: Captain Carter, Mr. Narim seems very interested in our planet. I thought maybe you'd like to escort him up to the surface to have a look.

CARTER: Really?

NARIM: I would be very pleased to have that opportunity.

HAMMOND: As long as you give me your word you'll stay with Captain Carter.

NARIM: You have my word.

CARTER: Great! Let's go.(To Hammond) Sir.

Outside Mountain Complex

The step outside a big, blue, iron door guarded by 3 airmen. One of the airmen closes the door behind them. That airman, and another follows Narim and Sam at a distance. The third airman remains at the door.

NARIM: Umm... I wanted to tell you, that I'm glad to be alive. Ummm... so are the others.


NARIM: Thank you. And please tell your friends.

They pass between 2 large military trucks.

CARTER: Oh. You... you can tell them yourself.

NARIM: No, I can't. I shouldn't be talking to you.

CARTER: Why not?

They pass by another large truck being guarded by an airman with a BIG gun! ;)

NARIM: You know, back on Tollan, I thought I was dying. I heard your voice and managed to open my eyes, and, uh... when I saw you... uh ...


NARIM: An old superstition. There was a time before reason and science when my ancestors believed in all manner of nonsense. Like the Sher'mau. The story goes that if a Sher'mau appears at the moment of death, she would take you to her dwelling in the stars.

CARTER: Ah! We call them angels.

NARIM: Than you still believe in them?

CARTER: Some of us do.

NARIM: Ours were reported to be quite beautiful... and, when I saw you... well... you seemed to fit the description. (She smiles) And then I learned from Doctor Jackson that you're also a brilliant scientist


NARIM: I'm afraid I ask quite a few questions. Curiosity.

CARTER: It's a quality Omac doesn't seem to share.

NARIM: Can you tell me something about your world? Is it permitted?

CARTER: Well, yeah. Of course.

A bird is heard squaking. Narim looks up, and is surprised to see an eagle. Sam looks at him and smiles.

NARIM: (COMPLETELY Suprised! He can't believe his eyes! ;)) A flying animal.

CARTER: (Nonchalant) Yeah. We call them birds.

NARIM: Are there other animals.

CARTER: Oh yeah. Millions of them.

NARIM: Huh. There have been none on Tollan for generations.

CARTER: Well, I could bring you pictures, if you like.

NARIM: I would like that very much. Thank you.


NARIM: But, I think it would be best if OMAC didn't know.


NARIM: Omac is not as harsh as he seems. He is only trying to protect us. And you.

CARTER: From what?

NARIM: Perhaps... (Sees the 2 guards) Perhaps we should go back.


Gate Room / Control Room

DAVIS: Chevron six. Engaged. (A man in a white lab coat is screwing something on the UAV) Chevron seven. Locked. (The gate opens, and the man gives a thumbs up to the control room)

CARTER: Launching UAV in 10 seconds...(View of control room from gateroom. SG-1, Davis, and Hammond are in there) 9...8...7...6...5...4...3(UAV's propellers starts up) ...2...1 (It goes flying thru the gate)

O'NEILL: Yeah!

CARTER: Successful launch. UAV is holding course and the wormhole should reach the Tollan gate in...3...2...1. Temperature ground 1700 degrees Fahrenheit. Air seems to be in pockets, ranging from 1500 degrees down to 200.

O'NEILL: Sounds like L.A .(Smiles at hammond)

CARTER: If the heat doesn't get you, the atmosphere will. It's mostly pryroclastics, basalt, ash. A person could suffocate very quickly.

O'NEILL: How long before it cools down?

CARTER: I don't know. Not any time soon. It doesn't look like it'll matter, anyway. (Shot of lava) That lava's flowing straight toward the gate. Computer predicts that at the current rate the gate will be buried in a couple of days.

O'NEILL: Well, looks like we've got some guests for a while.


Omac exhales.

OMAC: Are you absolutely certain?

CARTER: Yes. I'm sorry.

OMAC: Then nature succeeded where we failed.

JACKSON: What? You were going to seal the gate?

OMAC: Tollan is a world in cataclysm. Evacuation was complete, my team stayed to... (Stops talking for a few seconds)Our final task was to close the gate, so that no-one could return and be harmed.

CARTER: Well, wherever you were going, we can recalibrate the co-ordinates from here.

OMAC: The new settlement world is outside the gate system. We'll need a ship.

JACKSON: Oh! Ah... we don't have ships. Not that kind, anyway.

CARTER: Our space program is relatively new.

Conference Room

HAMMOND: Well, the bottom line here is your survivors have become refugees. If they don't want to be here, we've got to relocate them somewhere.

O'NEILL: You know, General, we have done some fairly good deeds out there. Maybe we should try calling in some markers.

HAMMOND: OK. Colonel, you and Teal'c follow up on that. Maybe go pay a visit to some of our old friends. Captain Carter, I want you and Doctor Jackson to get the multi-purpose room on 5C readied as a refugee housing centre.

O'NEILL: Yes, Sir.

Multipurpose Room

A tollen man picks up a bunch of grapes , and looks at it.

HAMMOND: As an act of good faith, we're returning the devices you were wearing.

OMAC: They are not weapons.

HAMMOND: That's what our technicians thought.

They pass by a group of 4 tollans looking at the grapes! LOL!

OMAC: So you had them tested? Not much of an act of good faith.

JACKSON: Well, actually, we couldn't figure out exactly what they were.

HAMMOND: I want to assure you, we're doing all we can to re-locate your people. (The grape man is seen slowly tasting the grapes in the background. I'm sorry, I thought that was funny! ;))

OMAC: Are we to have some say in the matter?

JACKSON: Oh, yes. Self-determination is a concept that's very important to us.

HAMMOND: We'll do our best. In the meantime, we'll make you as comfortable as possible, but I want you to understand, you're restricted to the immediate premises.

OMAC: Are we prisoners?

JACKSON: No. No, absolutely not.

HAMMOND: But you are from an alien environment. It's as much for your safety as for ours.

Sam walks up to Narim carrying books in one hand, and a cage in the other. He's looking at his sheets and cot , confused.

CARTER: Hey. How you doing.

NARIM: Um... it may sound ridiculous, but I have no idea what to do with these items. Oh... well, our sleeping platforms adjust automatically to our body temperature. They don't... come with accoutrements.

CARTER: It's OK. I'll show you. I brought you some things to take a look at. (He takes the books)

NARIM: Oh! Thank you.

CARTER: You're welcome. Uh... you.. you might like to see this first.

She takes out a tomcat from the cage. The cat meows.

NARIM: I never thought I'd see a living animal.

CARTER: His name's Schrödinger. (She hands the cat to Narim, who takes it, and begins petting it.) Oh... it's kind of a joke really. His name, that is. Schrödinger's cat...

NARIM: Oh? (Confused)

CARTER: (The cat is heard purring softly) Right. Uh, see, there was an Earth physicist by the name of Erwin Schrödinger. He had this theoretical experiment. Put a cat in a box, add a can of poison gas, activated by the decay of a radioactive atom, and close the box.

NARIM: Sounds like a cruel man.

CARTER: Oh, no, no. It was just a theory. He never really did it. He said that if he did do it at any one instant, the cat would be both dead and alive at the same time.

NARIM: Ah! Kulivrian physics. An atom state is indeterminate until measured by an outside observer.

CARTER: We call it quantum physics. You know the theory?

NARIM: Yeah, I've studied it... in among other misconceptions of elementary science.

CARTER: Misconception? You telling me that you guys have licked quantum physics? (Omac is seen lurking behind her.)

NARIM: Omac. (Omac looks at the cat still in Narim's arms)

CARTER: Uh... I'll come back and help you with this later.

NARIM: I did not tell her anything.

Conference Room

O'NEILL: We set up a meeting with Tuplo for 08:00 tomorrow.

TEAL'C: Colonel O'Neill was correct. Many of the worlds we have visited are eager to be of service.

HAMMOND: People! We have a problem. The refugees seem to have escaped.

CARTER: Escaped?

O'NEILL: How did they get past the guards.

HAMMOND: You can ask them that when you find them.

Outside Mountain Complex

It's nighttime. Dogs are seen running, and heard barking. SG-1 are following.

AIRMAN: They're over here.

O'NEILL: Hold fire.

Guards hold lighted guns on the Tollan. The dogs are heard growling ,then calming down to a whine.

OMAC: We were merely observing the stars.

O'NEILL: Well, you're all going to have to come back in now.

OMAC: So we are prisoners.

Hammonds Office

O'Neill , Carter, and Hammond are all in full dress blues.

O'NEILL: Any idea how they got past the guards, Sir?

HAMMOND: None. A surveillance video in the multi-purpose room was exposed to some sort of interference, just as the escape was taking place.

O'NEILL: Convenient.

CARTER: Can the video be salvaged, maybe computer enhanced?

HAMMOND: We're trying now. In the meantime, we should get this show on the road.

Conference Room

O'NEILL: Tuplo

TUPLO: (Stands and shakes Jack's hand) Good to see you. General Hammond, before we begin, I wish to thank you for allowing me to be the first visitor to your Earth from the Land of Light. It is indeed an honour. My lord Omac (Omac shakes his head), the Land of Light is a world of eternal brightness, where fertility abounds. Our farms produce rich harvests. Our rivers are blessed with fish and fowl. We would be honoured to share our land with your people.

OMAC: You have no idea who or what we are.

TUPLO:We know that you are in need, and that you are here among those who have proven themselves our friends. That is enough.

OMAC: You're missing the point. His planet is unacceptable to us. These people are even more primitive than you.

Multipurpose Room

CARTER: (Sitting on Narim's bed, Narim is petting the cat) Narim... can you tell me why Omac is so... you know...

NARIM: Obstinate?

CARTER: Yeah...

NARIM: The nearest planet in our solar system was called Serita. When we began to explore space, we learned she was inhabited.

CARTER: Did you make contact?

NARIM: Yes, when we thought they were sufficiently advanced. They were on a level very similar to yours.

CARTER: So what happened?

NARIM: We offered them a device... to produce unlimited productive energy. And they used it to make war.

CARTER: How bad was it?

NARIM: In one rotation of our planet, they had destroyed theirs.

CARTER: One day?

NARIM: The destruction shifted our planet's orbit point 3 tekanna, enough to begin a chain of events that... made our world unstable.

CARTER: So that would explain why he's so afraid to give a society like ours any of your technology.


CARTER: Tell me, what... what were you really doing outside last night.

NARIM: OMAC spoke the truth. By setting the position of your stars, we were able to calibrate the distance between Earth and the new home world. It is very far away, Samantha. Too far to hope for a ship in our lifetime.

CARTER: Have you ever thought about staying here? On earth?

NARIM: I would... gladly stay, if only to spend more time with a certain inhabitant of this planet. (She blushes) I speak, of course, of Schrödinger. (She smiles, and laughs. He laughs, and hugs the cat)

OMAC: Our escape was a test. You did exactly what I knew you would do. You used threat and force to solve your problem.

CARTER: You didn't give us any other choice.

OMAC: You could have come for us unarmed

O'NEILL: Hey! You haven't exactly behaved like someone I wanna trust. I'm not gonna put my team at risk.

OMAC: And I will not risk my people in your care.

O'NEILL: Look... Omac. If you're so advanced, why don't you let your people decide for themselves?

CARTER: Narim, this is a free country. Every year we take in thousands of refugees fleeing repression. If you request asylum, you can stay here no matter what Omac wants.

OMAC: You don't care anything about Narim's rights. You only want our technology, nothing more.

O'NEILL: As a matter of fact, I wouldn't mind knowing how you got the hell out of this place. Technically speaking of course.

OMAC: You don't need to know how, only that we did, and we can do it again any time we need to.

Footsteps are heard.

AIRWOMAN: Colonel, General Hammond would like to see you and your team right away, Sir.

O'NEILL: Thank you.

Control Room

DAVIS: (Typing) We've managed to augment the surveillance video from the multi-purpose room and some of the corridors... with computer enhancement. You're not going to believe this.

The screen shows the Tollan going thru a wall.

O'NEILL: Wow! Cool!

JACKSON: But totally impossible.

CARTER: Well, only from the perspective of our limited science, apparently.

DAVIS: We have similar video of them passing through an elevator door and wall, on ground level.

TEAL'C: This is knowledge far beyond that of the Goa'uld

MAYBOURNE: (Heard offscreen) That's exactly what the President and Joint Chiefs want to hear. (Salutes) Colonel Maybourne, Sir. NID.

O'NEILL: Intelligence? What happened to Kennedy?

MAYBOURNE: Promoted. I took his place.

O'NEILL: Promoted? Talk about failing upwards.

MAYBOURNE: Colonel O'Neill. I read about your conflict with Colonel Kennedy in his report. I assure you, such an attitude will not prevail with me, in either direction.

O'NEILL: I sense that.


HAMMOND: Would you mind telling me exactly why you're here, Colonel.

MAYBOURNE: You didn't get my advance?

Conference Room

Maybourne picks up a file, and brings to Hammond.

MAYBOURNE: That's an order releasing the Tollans to our section. You're to be congratulated, General, the Stargate program is finally paying off. This was... quite a coup.

JACKSON: Excuse me? These are people we're talking about.

O'NEILL: These people do have rights, you know?

MAYBOURNE: Do they? Under what nation's jurisdiction.

JACKSON: How about basic human rights?

HAMMOND: I can't release them to you.

MAYBOURNE: I beg your pardon?

HAMMOND: I don't believe the President meant to release these people until they have been through quarantine. We don't have any idea what kinds of diseases they might be carrying.

MAYBOURNE: You're out of your league here, gentlemen. You're playing in my ballpark now, and I have the full authority of the President.

HAMMOND: So do I, Colonel. Why don't you ask the airman outside to show you to our guest quarters?

MAYBOURNE: That's OK. I'll wait.

HAMMOND: That wasn't an invitation. It was an ORDER, *Colonel. *

O'NEILL: General? Didn't Doctor Frasier give the Tollans a... clean bill of health?

HAMMOND: Just don't let her tell Maybourne that. At most, I've bought us a day, people. Find me some alternatives.

O'NEILL: You're a good man, General.

Multipurpose Room

Narim puts Shrodinger on a top bunk.

NARIM: Then it doesn't matter how I ask for asylum?

CARTER: Maybourne would love that. But you'd be working for him, on his terms.

NARIM: Then Omac is correct. Your people will use our knowledge for war.

CARTER: It's not us. We are dealing with another part of our Government, one that specialises in chronic paranoia.

NARIM: Like Surita. It's going to happen again.

CARTER: It doesn't have to ... that's why I am here. Narim, I am hoping that you can convince OMAC to consider one of the other planets we've presented.

NARIM: Look, it's no use. He's right. If they are all as primitive or more primitive than you are, Surita could happen on any of them.

CARTER: I wish you would stop calling us primitive.

NARIM: I'm sorry. I only meant technologically. You are anything but primitive, Samantha. What your mind doesn't know, your heart fills in.

CARTER: I don't know what that means, exactly, but it's beautiful

NARIM: Which is exactly what it means.

Conference Room

Hammond is seen talking on the RED phone thru a window. Maybourne is watching him.

JACKSON: (To Maybourne) Just what exactly do you hope to get from these people?

MAYBOURNE: Well, for one, superior weapons.

O'NEILL: They won't co-operate, you know.

MAYBOURNE: I assure you, Colonel, they will.

HAMMOND: I just hung up from talking to the President. I guess Mr Maybourne has been talking to him recently.

MAYBOURNE: I did tell you I had his ear, General.

HAMMOND: Colonel Maybourne has full authorisation to relocate the Tollans immediately.

O'NEILL: Of course he does.

TEAL'C: To where will you take them?

MAYBOURNE: To a secure community here in the Rockies.

O'NEILL: Nice little community with high walls, guards, maybe a little barbed wire.

MAYBOURNE: They're a valuable asset. They need to be protected.

JACKSON: Nice... forced intellectual labour.

CARTER: And life imprisonment.

MAYBOURNE: These aliens will live a better life than most Americans. They'll have a great view, the best food, every convenience, everything they need.

O'NEILL: Everything *except* a life.

JACKSON: You know... the Pentagon, intelligence, that I can understand, but the President? I voted for him!

MAYBOURNE: Colonel, have the Tollans ready for transport at 0600 tomorrow.

Outside Mountain Complex

Hammond walks out the same blue door between the same 2 trucks as Narim and Sam did earlier. SG-1 is waiting for him.

HAMMOND: OK, Colonel, want to tell me why I'm here?

O'NEILL: Because Maybourne isn't, Sir

CARTER: Sir, we wanted to talk to you about what we could do to keep Maybourne from taking the Tollan.

TEAL'C: General, we must ensure the Tollans escape.

HAMMOND: I can't let you do that. We'd all be court martialed.

O'NEILL: General, I'm about a hair away from not caring. However, Daniel...

JACKSON: I can't be court martialed., Sir

Multipurpose Room

OMAC: The one you call Maybourne was here questioning my people, wanting us to take some sort of tests. And you expect me to trust you?

JACKSON: Please. Maybourne is from another division of government. My group is trying to protect you from him.

OMAC: Well, you're not doing a very good job.

JACKSON: No, apparently not.

OMAC: Do you have a new place for us to go?

JACKSON: Well... no.

OMAC: Then we have nothing else to say. (He turns away from Danny)

JACKSON: Well, OK... I do know of a perfect place you could go, I just don't know how to get you there.

NARIM: Well, then, why do you speak of it.

JACKSON: Well, I was kind of hoping that maybe you'd have the technology to get there.

OMAC: (Turns to face Danny) This is another trick to gain access to our technology.

JACKSON: No, no it isn't. Listen, there was a planet we went to where people were as advanced as you, maybe even more advanced. They were called the Nox.

OMAC: If you went there, why can't we.

JACKSON: Well... because... they felt about us kind of like you do. They... called us very young, which I suppose is a hair more polite than calling us primitive, but, same idea. Anyway, they sealed their Stargate, and I don't know how to communicate with them to get it open.

OMAC: Do you know where this planet is?

JACKSON: Yes, I have the co-ordinates right here.

OMAC: Then we must go back to the mountaintop.

JACKSON: Really? Uh... I can't... I can't... I can't get you out of here.

OMAC: That's not a problem.

JACKSON: (Lightbulb! ;)) Right. Oh, but I have to go with you.

OMAC: (Looks at the other tollan, Narim sighs) Give me your hand. (Holds out his hand)


OMAC: Do you wish to come or not?

Danny walks over to him, and grabs his hand. He touches the thingy on his wrist,which beeps. The wall before them appears to warp, and Omac pulls Danny toward it, walking thru the wall. Danny passes his hand over the warped wall before stepping thru.

Outside Mountain Complex

The starry sky is shown. Omac, and Danny walk thru a clearing.

OMAC: The co-ordinates.

Danny hands him a notebook. He looks at it, and takes some device off of his arm, and puts it on the ground. He activates it, and it hums, and a light shines up. Danny watches as the light shoots up, and disappears into the starry sky.

JACKSON: Listen, I'm no astronomer, but won't that take thousands of years to reach the Nox world?

OMAC: Why would it?

JACKSON: Well, that's just a laser, right? I mean... light takes a long time to travel that far.

OMAC: (Takes a twig in his hands) The distance between these two points seems far. Until you do this. (He bends the twig to where the ends meet)

JACKSON: OK... OK, I remember this from college physics. One of our scientists, Einstein, explained this the same way. You are talking about actually folding space.

OMAC: No. You wouldn't understand.

JACKSON: No, I guess not. I just hope the Nox do.

The shot goes to over their heads, they are looking up. Shot then goes to the sky.

Conference Room

Sam is working at the computer.

NARIM: Samantha

CARTER: Narim?

He appears thru the wall.

NARIM: Hello.

CARTER: Oh my God, how did you do that?

NARIM: Very carefully. (They laugh) I have come to say goodbye. We'll be leaving soon.

CARTER: So you think Daniel's plan will work?

NARIM: Either way, I will be leaving. However, I will go reluctantly.


NARIM: Because, as of tonight, we will never meet again.

CARTER: Oh, come on, you'll forget about me in a heartbeat.

NARIM: I thought you felt that way. (Takes something off his arm) That is why I brought you this.

CARTER: What is it?

NARIM: You have audio and visual recording devices, yes?


NARIM: This one records emotions. My feelings for you. I have worn it each time we were together.

CARTER: How does it work?

NARIM: Touch the red triangle(She touches it) and close your eyes. (She closes her eyes. He looks at her as a smile and a frown appears on her face)

CARTER: Uh... I don't know what to say.

NARIM: We have a custom that expresses more than words. (They kiss)

CARTER: We have that custom too.

They kiss again, and are just getting into the kiss when Danny comes running it.

JACKSON: Woops! (They seperate, and look at him.) Uuhhh... sorry. I gotta do some stuff in here. Actually, I need your help. (To Sam)

CARTER: (To Narim) You should probably get going. Don't forget Schrödinger.

He puts his hand on her cheek, making her close her eyes.

NARIM: Thank you.

He leaves, and she looks sad. She goes sit by Danny, who's typing on the computer.

Hammonds Office

MAYBOURNE: Now, I'll need at least one unit of escorts in the rear transport...

Loud knocking on door.


AIRWOMAN: General Hammond. Sir. The refugees... they've disappeared.

MAYBOURNE: What do you mean, disappeared?

AIRWOMAN: I mean... (Not knowing how to explain it) like Poof! Sir. They went through the walls.

MAYBOURNE: I told you to keep guards inside the room to prevent that from happening again.

AIRWOMAN: We were inside the room, Sir. I stood in their path myself.


AIRWOMAN: They went right... (Confused look) through me, Sir.

Klaxons blares.

PA SYSTEM: Attention, all personnel. Off world activation. Unknown source.

Control Room

Hammond, Maybourne, and gang run down the stairs. Davis, Sam and Jack are in the control room. The blast door is shut.

HAMMOND: What the hell's going on?

DAVIS: The mainframe's having a nervous breakdown. Now the iris is failing.

HAMMOND: Why is the blast door down? Get it up.

The door rises, and the Tollen , along with Daniel and Teal'C, who is standing to the side watching, are in the gateroom.

MAYBOURNE: What are they doing. How did they get here?

DAVIS: Gate's dialling. Chevron six engaged.

MAYBOURNE: Doctor Jackson, this is Colonel Maybourne. What you're doing is a court martial able offence.

O'NEILL: (Danny acts like he can't hear!) He's not in the military, Colonel, and I think it'll be kind of tough to find a civilian law to cover this.

MAYBOURNE: I'll have you removed from this program for ever if you do this.

DAVIS: Chevron seven is locked.

The gate opens.

MAYBOURNE: Wherever you send them, we'll hunt them down.

CARTER: We're not sending them anywhere, Sir. The gate was activated off world. Someone is sending for them.


Lya walks thru.Sam grins up at Jack. Lya smiles as the gate shuts down.

Gate Room / Control Room

LYA: Hello.

JACKSON: (Runs up to her) Hello, Lya.

MAYBOURNE: (Thru intercom) All personnel in the gate room. This is Colonel Maybourne. I have a Presidential order to take the aliens with me. Do not let them pass. Use force if necessary.

The soldiers have to put up their guns.

LYA: (To Danny) Your race has learned nothing.(Weary look from Daniel) But you have. (Smiles) The Tollans are most welcome to join the Nox. Please come.

OMAC: (Steps up, stops at Daniel) Narim was right about you. Perhaps in time we'll meet again. (He pats Danny's shoulder. Shrodinger meows as Narim looks back at Sam.)

MAYBOURNE: Stop! Take one more step and I'll be forced to have them open fire.

The soldier aim their guns. Lya shakes her head. She raises her hands, and the gate opens.

LYA: Come. (The Tollan disappear.)

MAYBOURNE: (The soldiers look confused) Fire! Fire! (The soldier's guns disappear. Lya steps backwards thru the gate.)

O'NEILL: God, I love those people. (Maybourne looks pissed and leaves. Everyone goes to the gateroom) You did good, Daniel.

TEAL'C: What of Maybourne?

CARTER: Oohh, he's not a happy camper.

HAMMOND: There'll be hell to pay when he gets back to Washington.

O'NEILL: (Off Danny's look) What?

JACKSON: Oh, just thinking what the little guy with funny hair once told us.

O'NEILL: The very young do not always do as they're told.