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SG-1 learns that Daniel's alternate reality vision is true when they gate onto Apophis's attack ship headed for Earth.

DVD DISC: Season 1, Disc 5
DIRECTED BY: David Warry-Smith
STORY BY: James Crocker
TELEPLAY BY: Jonathan Glassner
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Transcript by Lauren Freeman
Edited by Deanna Moll-Landry
SG1 Transcripts

The scene starts with GH putting S.G.C. documents into a shredder, in his office. Jack walks in to GH's open door, GH sees him and just stares at him, Jack looks like he is going to knock anyways, but stops.

O'NEILL: Got a minute, sir?

HAMMOND: Come on in, Jack, have a seat. I never anticipated, how much paperwork is involved in shutting down a facility. Jack sits down. Not exactly the last brave act I wanted to do before retiring.

O'NEILL: So your still just going to throw it in, huh?

HAMMOND: Well I was a month away from retiring, before we started the S.G.C., the only thing that kept me here was ... well lets face it, it was a pretty wild ride.

O'NEILL: Yes sir. Personally I don't think we should be getting off that ride, just yet.

HAMMOND: Colonel, we have been through this, I agree with you, but we have our orders.

O'NEILL: There ill-conceived orders, sir.

HAMMOND: I agree, but there orders just the same, and I for one follow orders.

O'NEILL: Even though we are the only line of defense protecting this planet?

HAMMOND: I know that.

O'NEILL: I know you know that, sir. Your still just gonna, chuck it, huh?

HAMMOND: You don't think I tried everything to prevent this shutdown? I went back to Senator Kinsey, twice. The second time, he had me forcibly removed from his office! I went to the secretary of defense, the joint chiefs, Hell I finally called the President myself!

O'NEILL: What did he say?

HAMMOND: He said that to override the Senate committee on this one would be political suicide for him. It's over, Jack. No extensions, no reversals, no new hearings. The Stargate will be buried, literally and figuratively.


We see the Stargate covered in a gray sheet, like it was in the first episode. Camera goes to Danny, who is silently just watching it, then he turns towards the stairs hearing Jacks footsteps, as he is coming down. Sam is sitting in a chair, and Teal'c is standing up, Jack goes to stand between Sam and Danny. All the controls are also covered in gray sheets.

O'NEILL: Hammonds given up, they're going to bury the gate, day after tomorrow.

TEAL'C: Then I must return through the gate as soon as possible.

JACKSON: Guess we all should go through the gate as soon as possible.

CARTER: Whoa, whoa, whoa, go through, to where?

JACKSON: The coordinates I got in the other reality.

O'NEILL: Daniel! Damn it!

JACKSON: Jack it was real!

CARTER: Okay, even if it was, how do we know that, that address, correlates with this reality?

JACKSON: Well there's only one way to find out, now isn't there.

TEAL'C: We should enter the coordinates, and attempt to open the gate.

CARTER: Okay, hold on. Has anyone considered that we would be in gross violation of orders? Sir, we would be court marshaled, the second we got back!

O'NEILL: If ... if we got back.

JACKSON: Jack, if we don't go through, what I saw in the other reality could happen here. This whole planet could be wiped out. Now in the other reality, by the time I left, Sara was dead. Carter your whole family was dead, hell I was dead, everyone was dead!

O'NEILL: Daniel, I got it!

JACKSON: Okay, well don't you think we should see if we can stop the same slaughter from happening here? Let me ask you something Jack, If we don't go through now, and the Goa'uld do attack later ... how are you going to feel?

CARTER: How are just the four of us going to stop the attack, even if we do go through?

JACKSON: Well we would have a lot of a better chance now, then we would trying to stop an on slot later. Trust me, I have seen it.

TEAL'C: If the coordinates are of a Goa'uld world, which is not on the Abydos, cartouche, the Goa'uld will most likely not expect us. I believe a medical attack could be successful.

O'NEILL: Surgical attack, Teal'c. It's called a surgical attack, and I would feel like an idiot.


O'NEILL: I was answering Daniel's question. If we don't do something now, and they do attack later, I would feel like an idiot. We go.

TEAL'C: I too will go. Everyone looks at Sam.

O'NEILL: It's not an order, Captain.

CARTER: I understand that, Colonel. Thank you, I'm going.


We see the gate open.

VOICE: Attention all personnel, unauthorized, Stargate activation.

We see SG-1 in all black in the control room, typing on the computers.

O'NEILL: Carter, close the blast doors in corridors Alpha and Charlie. Disable them.

CARTER: I need a authorized officer's security code to disable them. Jack holds up his hand and types in the code.

O'NEILL: There you go.


Ten soldiers are running towards the gate room, guns in hand.

SOLDIER: Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!


GH and Major Ferretti along with a bunch of soldiers are walking towards the gate room. Suddenly the blast doors shut in front of them. The doors read: A-2 Level 28 GH try's to put his card into the reader, with no luck.

FERETTI: It's on security lockout, sir.

HAMMOND: Well get it open, Major, now! Turns to another soldier. Try going around to corridor C.

SOLDIER: Yes sir! He moves out. Move out! Corridor C!


SG-1 are still at computers.

O'NEILL: Alright, MALP's on it's way.

CARTER: It should reach it's destination in, 3, 2, 1. The computer says locked and we go to what the camera is looking at but all we see is black.

O'NEILL: What happened, we lose signal?

CARTER: No, sir, we are receiving video. The point of arrival is dark, we are switching to inferred. We see a room, looks kind of like a storage room.

JACKSON: Looks ancient Egyptian.

TEAL'C: Possible Goa'uld.

CARTER: No signs of life in the immediate facility of the probe.

VOICE: Security Breeched.

JACKSON: They have got corridor C-9 opened.

O'NEILL: Alright, let's go!

They run down to the gate room, up the ramp and into the gate, just as GH and a team of soldiers runs into the room. The gate shuts down. Hammond looks pissed!


We are now on the Ship. SG-1 has inferred cameras on there eyes, and are looking around. All at once they take there goggles off and turn on there flashlights.

O'NEILL: Whispering Daniel, send back the MALP.

CARTER: It doesn't look like there are any doors or windows.

TEAL'C: Many Goa'uld facilities, disguise doors within their structure.

Daniel starts to dial home. Jack is looking a box with symbols on it.

O'NEILL: Teal'c, what are these things?

Teal walks over to Jack.

TEAL'C: Transport containers, much like your shipping creates.

CARTER: So there shipping something through the gate?

TEAL'C: Or receiving.

O'NEILL: Let's have a look inside, shall we? The gate opens, everyone squints. Teal'c bends over to open one. Daniel makes the MALP move into the gate. Teal'c gets the create open and we see, what looks like weapons. Cool, what are these things? Teal'c picks up one of the small guns.

TEAL'C: This is a Goa'uld, Zat'N'ktel, A weapon using a different form of energy, less powerful then that of a staff weapon. Less destructive, but still quite deadly. The Stargate turns off.

O'NEILL: Sweet. Pass-em out. What you call it?

TEAL'C: Zat'N'ktel.

O'NEILL: Right. Let's call it a Zat gun. How do you fire it.

TEAL'C: One need only to squeeze it hear to fire. The Goa'uld take great pleasure in discharging the weapon only once on a subject. Causing great pain, disabling them, but not killing them. The second shot will kill most subjects.

CARTER: Nice. They hear a large noise, then a wring getting higher, like a engine firing up.

O'NEILL: What the hell is that?

CARTER: What's happening?

TEAL'C: I am not sure.

A sudden blast and for a split second everyone is see through, before they are thrown back. Well except for Teal'c, who is still standing. Poor Danny falls down the steps.

O'NEILL: Everybody okay?

JACKSON: Yeah what was that?

CARTER: It was like some kind of weird planetary shift. Se says while standing up.

TEAL'C: We should dial home immediately.

O'NEILL: Do it Daniel. Daniel dials in the sequence and pressed the red ball in the middle, but the gate shuts down. Daniel?

JACKSON: What, I dialed home just like I did a minute ago, just like I did a million times before.

O'NEILL: Well do it again.

Danny dials again, but nothing happens.


Suddenly the lights turn on, a door opens, and a whole bunch of serpent guard's march in. SG-1 scatters to different hiding places. The guards don't see them and they open a create. A large ball lifts up from the create and goes to the middle of the gate. The guards kneel on one knee. Daniel looks around the corner of the box he is hiding behind to see his inferred goggles laying by a guard feet, where he had dropped them when he fell down the steps. The ball apparently being in the right place, the guards march out, the door shuts, but the lights stay on. Every one looks relived, especially Danny. All have their guns out.

O'NEILL: I always get a happy, tingling feeling when I see those guys.

Everyone steps out of there hiding places, looking around in the light for the first time. First thing Danny does? He picks up his goggles. Never taking his eyes off of the big ball still floating in the Stargate.

JACKSON: Teal'c, what is this?

TEAL'C: It is a long range visual, communication device. Somewhat like your television. Only much further advanced.

O'NEILL: Think it gets Showtime? (LOL!!!) Can you open that door?

TEAL'C: Now that I know its location, I believe I can.

Teal'c opens the door, and gives hand signals to move out. They do, one by one, Jack leading, Danny taking their six. They stop behind a wall, and are about to go some more when a bunch of Jaffa come walking out ahead of them. The Jaffa leave, and SG-1 keep moving forward.


GH is talking to a soldier and Major Ferretti walks in, with Davis.

DAVIS: Sir, we've confirmed that it WAS SG-1. They went to the coordinates Dr. Jackson brought back with him from that ... other place.

HAMMOND: If what he saw was indeed real, then that's the origination point of the Goa'uld military attack on Earth.

DAVIS: Pretty hostile place to go, wouldn't it sir?

FERETTI: You want SG-2, to go get them, bring them back, sir?

HAMMOND: You'd only be bring them back for court-martial.

FERETTI: Permission to speak freely, sir.

HAMMOND: Go ahead.

FERETTI: Sir, Colonel O'Neill, saved my butt more then once, I would like to go in and back him up.

HAMMOND: I can't send your unit ...

FERETTI: My men are willing to take the risks sir.

HAMMOND: I'll take that under advisement, Major.

With that MF and Davis turn around and walk out of the room.


We see SG-1 running down the hall, stopping at every corner to make sure the coast is clear. They find a door and run into it. There is a sarcophagus in the middle of the room.

JACKSON: A Sarcophagus.

O'NEILL: Oh, great. More snake heads. Teal'c any idea which one's in here? Teal'c does not answer he is facing the back wall, mesmerized. (Kind of like the episode The Light! Wait that happens three years from now! Okay I am quit!) Teal'c? Jack walks up beside Teal'c, eyes wide. Shot goes to Sam who's eyes are even wider then anyone's. Danny walks up beside her.

CARTER: We're not on a planet are we?

TEAL'C: That is correct. Shot goes to looking at what everyone else is looking at. The far wall is not a wall at all, but a window. It kind of looks like we are going through a Stargate. (Must be warp speed.) It appears we are aboard a Goa'uld transport vessel.

CARTER: And that jolt was ...

TEAL'C: A hyper lunch. (I knew it!!)


The gate is being dialed up. A MALP is being readied to launch.

VOICE: Chevron 4 encoded! GH walks up to SG-2, and it looks like some add on's, who are all geared up and ready to go.

HAMMOND: You will proceed much like SG-1 did, we'll send a MALP through first, if it's clear you'll go through immediately.

FERETTI: Yes sir.

HAMMOND: I would like to reemphasize, Major, that officially your job is to bring back SG-1 for court-martial.

VOICE: Chevron 5 encoded!

FERETTI: Yes sir.

VOICE: Chevron 6 encoded!

HAMMOND: Major, bring them back alive and well.

FERETTI: That's my plan, sir.

Voice: Chevron 7 ... will not lock.

HAMMOND: What happened Sergeant?

DAVIS: I'm sor-sorry sir, I don't know!

HAMMOND: Well find out!


O'NEILL: Teal'c, why didn't you tell us we were on a ship?

TEAL'C: I was not sure. I have never been aboard a Goa'uld vessel such as this. Most accelerate very differently. Most do not contain Stargate. A Jaffa runs through the door.

JAFFA: Kel-to-nak!

O'NEILL: Hey! The rest of SG-1 hides. How you doing? Uh ... seen a bathroom around here? He suddenly ducks as the Jaffa tries to shoot him. Sam steps out and shoots the guard twice. Teal'c steps up and shoot's him a third time. The guard disappears. Okay, one shot, hurt's him, two shots kills him, the third shot ...

TEAL'C: Disintegrates him.

O'NEILL: Oh, great, you didn't feel this worth of mention, I take it.

CARTER: The blast spread across this area like there was glass here. This is a force field of some sort.

TEAL'C: That is correct. There is no transparent material capable of withstanding this velocity.

CARTER: Or temporal displacement. Were traveling faster then light right?

TEAL'C: That is correct.

CARTER: So the ship must have been in orbit around a planet when we gated here. Then it launched, or left orbit, which explains why we can't gate home.

JACKSON: The point of origin isn't valid anymore.

CARTER: Right!

O'NEILL: Well I suggest the two of you figure out how to get us back home. (That sounds familure!)

CARTER: The only way to do that is to turn us around and go back to we're we started.

JACKSON: Right, I will just go tell the pilot.

O'NEILL: Teal'c, you know how to fly one of these things?

TEAL'C: Of this I am unsure. It appears to be of a new technology.

O'NEILL: So you couldn't turn this tub around, I take it.

TEAL'C: I an qualified only to pilot the Goa'uld Death gliders. I suggest we relocate to another chamber as soon as possible. The royal sarcophagi, are rarely left unattended for long.

Teal'c leads the way out back into the hall. Teal'c stops and Daniel goes in front of him, gun ready, he stops, and Sam steps behind Teal'c. Teal'c runs in front of Daniel, and they hear footsteps so they all hide behind the wall. The footsteps get louder. They are Serpent guards, they walk past the team.

JACKSON: Jack? It's happening. They see Death gliders being ready to lunch. Where on a attack ship, headed to Earth.

O'NEILL: Okay. Well we've got some problems then. Jack appears to be trying to pry open a door.

CARTER: Teal'c, how fast can this ship go? (OH! Pause it, right as Danny is turning his head! His eyes are slightly open, and I swear he looks like Tom Cruise! And TC is cute!)

TEAL'C: The Goa'uld Ha'tak vessel can travel at 10 times the speed of light.

CARTER: Okay, if we are heading to Earth, then we have along time.

O'NEILL: Based on what?

CARTER: Based on the coordinates of the planets we gated to.

O'NEILL: We didn't gate to a plant, we gated to a ship!

CARTER: But that ship had to be in orbit around, or on the surface of a planet, in order for those gate coordinates to work. So based on the location of those coordinates, even if we were traveling at 10 times the speed of light, it would take at least a year to get to Earth. Probably more.

VOICE: Mol Jaffa. Tim lokeem rel moccom ai.

JACKSON: There being summoned to some sort of gathering.

O'NEILL: Okay, let's go.

JACKSON: Wait a minute? Go where?

O'NEILL: Wherever they are going.

Teal'c push a button and the door, Jack was trying to pry open , opens. They head in the direction all the Jaffa are going. We get into there gate room , where the ball is hanging. The Sarcophagus has moved into the gate room. A whole mass of Jaffa, men and women are standing around it. A light appears in the ball and Apophis appears.

APOPHIS: Chel hol, Jaffa. All the Jaffa bal. The end of a dark moment in Goa'uld history approaches. Soon we will wipe out the scourge that pelages us. I will rejoin you as we come out of the shadows. Until then, you are to follow all orders of my son ... as if they were my own. The Sarcophagus opens and all Jaffa turn to it. Bow down now, Show your reverence to my son. The mighty warrior, Klorel. (Skarra!!!) Klorel (KL) sits up from the Sarcophagus.

KLOREL: Tel kol, Jaffa. All bal before him. Kel, Apophis. Re nek ... Klorel.

APOPHIS: Re nek, Klorel. he says with a proud fatherly smile. Apophis disappears, and the ball goes blank. All Jaffa bal once again at the now blank ball. All the Jaffa leave with Klorel. SG-1 sit up from where they were hiding behind a shipping create.

O'NEILL: He called him his son! That's sick.

CARTER: Not exactly a chip off the old block.

JACKSON: The Goa'uld inside Skarra is probably the son of Apophis.

O'NEILL: Thank you Daniel, that's encouraging.

JACKSON: I'm just trying to help.

TEAL'C: O'Neill, what is our plan of attack?

O'NEILL: Were gonna split up. Carter, you and Daniel, start planting C- 4 all over this ship.

JACKSON: And what are you and Teal'c going to do?

O'NEILL: Were gonna try and grab Skarra.

CARTER: Sir, are you sure? It would be like trying to take Apophis!

TEAL'C: They do not know we are on board. There'd be little to keep him under heavy guard.

CARTER: Okay, but with respect, sir, I think your making an emotional decision here.

O'NEILL: Maybe, but it's also the best strategic decision.

CARTER: Is it?

JACKSON: Jack has a point. If we can capture him, maybe we can get through to the old Skarra. Kendra said that she could fight Pasras Goa'uld when it was still inside of her.

O'NEILL: Let's go.

CARTER: Sir, contingency plan.

O'NEILL: C-4. (They all head out.)


Klorel is sitting in front to the 'window' meditating from the looks of it. He has four serpent guards. Skarra suddenly turns around to face the window, and opens what looks to ba a control panel. Jack and Teal'c suddenly dive in behind the Sarc. A battle starts, and Jack and Teal'c manage to shoot all four guards. Klorel just stands there watching. He then uses his hand device to try and draw Jack out. Teal'c comes up from behind him, and grabs his hands behind his back.

KLOREL: Chel'nok, makor.

TEAL'C: Rin nok! Teal'c takes the hand device form Klorel. Jack walks up from where he was hiding.

KLOREL: You dare to do this to Klorel? You will die, a painful death.

O'NEILL: Yeah, yeah, whatever.

TEAL'C: There's a raised hieroglyphs on the wall next to the door. It resembles a coiled serpent, push then turn it. Jack dose as told, and Teal'c pushed Klorel towards the door. The door shuts. Stand aside. Jack walks backwards as Teal'c points his Zat at the coiled serpent and shoots it. Jack then goes to the next-door, shuts it, then shoots the control. They will not be able to access this room for sometime. Jack walks up to Klorel.

O'NEILL: Hey Skarra. Long time no see.


Danny and Sam are running down the halls. They hear Jaffa coming and hide behind one of the walls. They go into to room filled with Death gliders and shut the door.

CARTER: Alright, those things have to be fuelled by something, and fuel is usually computable, so ...

JACKSON: So if we blow up one, we will probably start a chain reaction.

CARTER: Right.

Sam nods at Danny and runs to the nearest glider. She takes out some C-4 and places it on the bottom of it.

SCENE CHANGE: Sarcophagus

O'NEILL: Come on Skarra, think. Try to remember me, I'm Jack O'Neill, this is Teal'c!

KLOREL: Aw, Teal'c! The traitor, I will take great pleasure, in delivering his head to my father.

O'NEILL: He is not your father!

KLOREL: He is my father. He seeded the queen mother. He choose the host I will live out eternity. Apophis gave me life.

O'NEILL: Alright, I'm not talking to that thing in your head. I'm talking to Skarra.

KLOREL: Nothing of the host survives.

O'NEILL: That's bullshit! Now let him talk to me.

KLOREL: Your friend had a feeble mind, it suffered greatly. And gave in easily.

KL starts to laugh. Jack punches him in the face. We hear the Jaffa working on getting into the room.

O'NEILL: Come on Skarra, look at me, try!

KLOREL: Perhaps I will not kill you. Perhaps you will make a good host yourself.

O'NEILL: Alright, promise me this thing won't kill him.

TEAL'C: Two shots will, one shot will only cause him great pain.

O'NEILL: So hears the deal, Let him out, let him talk to me, or you get the whole load.

KLOREL: You will only hurt your friend. Jack opens his weapon.

O'NEILL: He's a tough kid.

KLOREL: Your friend is to afraid to come forward. He enjoys my protection. He really does not wish to speak to you.

O'NEILL: Is that right? Let him go, Teal'c. Let him go! Teal'c steps away. Jack fires. Klorel screams and falls to the ground.

SKARRA: Sha're! Dan'ele!

O'NEILL: Skarra! Hey there!

SKARRA: O'Neill, it hurts!

O'NEILL: I know kid, I'm sorry.

SKARRA: O'Neill, are you still my friend?

O'NEILL: Yes I am.

SKARRA: Can you forgive me ... for what we are about to do?

O'NEILL: What are you about to do? Skarra! Skarra, what are you about to do?

SKARRA: Please forgive us.

O'NEILL: Hang in there kid, come on, hang on! What are you about to do? KL comes back.

KLOREL: Jaffa! Nok kree tol! The Jaffa blast through the doors.

JAFFA: Drop the weapon! Release Klorel, now!

O'NEILL: Come on Skarra, help us. It looks like Skarra is waging a war, tring to come back.

JAFFA: Release him. Or we will kill the human.

TEAL'C: If you kill the human, then I will kill Klorel.

JAFFA: And the host in which he resides? They both surrender letting Klorel go. Klorel gets up, and shoots a zat at Jack. The Jaffa get ready to kill them.

KLOREL: Jaffa, nok! Kl stops them. The traitor and his recruiter, my father will be pleased.


CARTER: The Naquada in the gate will magnify the explosion. Sam says as she places C-4 on it. Danny is standing at the ball staring at it.

JACKSON: I'm just hoping they can't see us through this thing. The doors to the room suddenly open, Danny and Sam run and hide. Klorel, walks in, behind him 4 serpent guards, holding Jack and Teal'c. Apophis appears on the screen, surprised.

APOPHIS: Shen'tel, Klorel.

KLOREL: Father, I wish to present to you a great gift. The traitor, Teal'c. They make Teal'c go down on his knees. And I present the human, that recruited him. They make Jack step forwards.

O'NEILL: Hey pops!

APOPHIS: Silence! Klorel, where did they come from?

KLOREL: We do not know. We found them after departure.

APOPHIS: How many more came with you?

O'NEILL: Thousands! We brought a whole army!

KLOREL: I assure you father, there could be no more.

APOPHIS: You have made me proud my son.

KLOREL: Do you wish that I keep them until our rejoining?

APOPHIS: No, Teal'c must suffer the most painful death, a Jaffa can know. Removal of his Prim'ta. Let his new master watch his suffer and die.

KLOREL: What about the human?

APOPHIS: You may choose his method of death. But do it soon. It is almost time for remoc.

KLOREL: Yes, father.

APOPHIS: I look forward to seeing you at our destination. Lek tol.

With that Apophis disappears again. They make Teal'c turn around, and what looks to be a Jaffa priest walks into the room. The Priest pulls out a claw type thing.

O'NEILL: Skaara, don't let this happen. Don't let them do this.

KLOREL: Na-nay! The Priest looks up. Take them to the Peltak. They all turn and walk out of the room. Danny and Sam hop up from where they were hiding.

CARTER: Where going to go after them.

JACKSON: Wait a minute, when are we going to blow up the ship?

CARTER: We'll detonate only as a last resort.

JACKSON: Listen, I want to save them as much as you do, but if we get captured or killed, there's nobody left to blow the ship before it gets to Earth.

CARTER: That's why I'm setting a timer. If we don't deactivate in 24 hours it will go automatically. Okay?



Klorel leads Jack and Teal'c into the room.

KLOREL: You wish to go home to your planet?

O'NEILL: Of course.

KLOREL: Jaffa! Rel toc remoc! The Jaffa puts his hand over a blue ball and it changes colors.

TEAL'C: O'Neill, prepare your self for ... He doesn't get to say anything before the ship suddenly stops and they all become clear again. Jack falls flat on his face. Extreme deceleration.

O'NEILL: Yeah, thanks Teal'c. Jack gets back up and looks out the window. Oh, my God! They are passing by Saturn.

KLOREL: You will get to see your home, one last time. Before you, and everyone on your planet, are destroyed. And your kind, will disturb the Goa'uld, no more.


DAVIS: Sir, I think we may have another situation. We just spoke with Cairn Deep Space Radar, they picked up two large blips passing Saturn, there heading towards Earth.

HAMMOND: Any identification yet?

DAVIS: No, not yet sir. NASA is just re positioning Hubble right now. We should be able to get a closer look.

HAMMOND: Guess, Dr. Jackson is lucky.

DAVIS: How so, sir?

HAMMOND: Well, he won't have to be around to watch his nightmare come true for a second time. (With that Hammond marches away. He walks into his office and picks up the red phone.) This is Major General Hammond, let me speak to the president.


Sam and Danny are walking down the hall when they once again hear footsteps. Danny has this look that says, 'OH this is getting SO old!' They hide behind a wall. The guard walk past. Sam and Danny walk ahead following the guards. They are all getting into the Death glider.


GH is standing in front of a large group of men.

HAMMOND: The President is mobilizing every breach, including the guard and reserve. The Air Force efforts will be coordinated through this facility. I need this room converted to a command and control center, ASAP. Make sure we have a link to AF-Sat Com, for encrypted communications to all Air force bases, and to NASA. GH looks down at Davis. Any more details to what were facing?

DAVIS: Not yet sir. With that everyone marches into action.


Danny and Sam are standing outside the room, Sam gives Danny an extra gun to use. She then throws a smoke bomb into the hall way to cause a distraction. Guards come out of the room to inspect what is happening. Both Danny and Sam jump out firing and killing all three of them. They get up and run into the room firing. The guards in the room start firing back. Jack and Teal'c join into the action by fighting hand to hand with the guards nearest to them. Daniel is doing great until Klorel grabs him , knocking his gun out of his hand, and using his hand device on him. Jack grabs Danny's gun and points it at Klorel.

O'NEILL: Skarra! Klorel keeps on, it's doesn't look like Danny's going to last much longer Jack! Skarra, don't!

TEAL'C: O'Neill, you must take action! Teal'c looks scared.

O'NEILL: Skarra! Finely, Jack shoots Skarra / Klorel. Danny falls to the ground, and Skarra, not far after him. Daniel, looks like his is just trying to breath. Jack is sitting with Skarra. Sam runs to Danny.

CARTER: Daniel? You okay? Daniel just let's out a faint grunt. Go to Skarra.

SKARRA: O'Neill ...

O'NEILL: Aw Skarra, I'm sorry. Skarra dies in Jacks arms. Teal'c walks over to the window.

TEAL'C: Colonel, O'Neill!

O'NEILL: Yeah, give me a second, here.

TEAL'C: I cannot. Jack looks up. Earth can be seen getting larger in the window. Sam stands up and walks next to Teal'c.

CARTER: Earth. Daniel manages to get up and stands beside Sam.

JACKSON: I thought you said we couldn't be there for at least a year. (AMAZING RECOVERY!) Jack gets up and walks beside Danny.

CARTER: I guess this ship can go way faster then 10 times the speed of light. Colonel, we saw the Death gliders. They're preparing for launch, sir.