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Carter is injured when the Prometheus is attacked by an unknown ship, and awakens to find herself stranded alone in deep space.

DVD DISC: Season 7, Disc 4
WRITTEN BY: Damian Kindler
DIRECTED BY: Peter F. Woeste
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Transcript by Liz
Edited by Deanna Moll-Landry

The Prometheus flies in hyperspace.

RONSON: So this thing's different from a nebula? How?

CARTER: Well that's what makes it so exciting, Sir, we don't know exactly.

RONSON: And it just so happens that this formation is in the vicinity of our next cool down co ordinates.

CARTER: it'll only be a little bit out of way, Colonel, I promise. All I ask is two hours tops.

RONSON: If only so I can see the expression on your face first hand. The words kid and candy store come to mind.

CARTER: I'll try to retain my composure Sir.

RONSON: Just keep in mind that our mission is to get this bird home in one piece.

GANT: Colonel Ronson, report to the bridge. (over speaker)

RONSON: Must be time. After you Major.

Scene: Bridge

GANT: Sir the hyperdrive engines are reaching maximum safe temperature

RONSON: Shut `em down Major Gant.

GANT: Yes sir. Dropping out of hyperspace.

RONSON: Major Carter, what's our progress?

CARTER: Well Sir, we covered 49 light years in the last leg. Considering the hyperdrive we're using was lifted from an Alkesh, I'd say that was pretty good. It was originally designed for a ship one tenth this size.

RONSON: Only five more of these pit stops and we're home.

There's a bleeping.

GANT: Colonel, a bogey just appeared on our sensors. Dead ahead, three thousand clicks.

RONSON: Can you identify it?

GANT: Negative Sir. It's closing in on our position very quickly.

RONSON: Sound general quarters.

GANT: Bogey is now at two thousand clicks.

RONSON: Raise shields. Arm weapons.

GANT: Bogey is now at 900 clicks. It's not slowing down Sir.

RONSON: How long till we can jump to hyperspace again?

CARTER: The hyperdrive needs at least 2 hours to cool down before we can attempt another jump. If we try one before that it could overload.

AIRMAN: Colonel, I'm getting some unusual readings coming from the alien vessel.

CARTER: They're scanning us Sir.

RONSON: Major Gant, set up a wide frequency broadcast. I want to talk to them.

GANT: Go ahead Sir.

RONSON: This is Colonel William Ronson, commander of the Prometheus. Please respond. If you can hear me I offer you peaceful greetings.

GANT: Bogey is now at 400 clicks and continuing to gain on our position Sir.

AIRMAN: Sir, thermographic sensors are showing a rapid build up of energy coming from within the ship. Energy build up is continuing Sir.

CARTER: They're powering up weapons. Colonel we have to get out of here.

RONSON: Major Gant, initiate evasive manoeuvre delta now.

GANT: Yes Sir, executing delta.

The alien ship fires on the Prometheus.

RONSON: Major Gant, report.

GANT: Shields are down 69%; their weapons are draining our shields. 53%.

RONSON: Reroute auxiliary power to shield generators, Weapons Officer prepare to return fire on my command.

WEAPONS OFFICER: Aft missile bays 1 through 6 loaded and ready Sir.

RONSON: Fire one through 4 now.

The alien ship destroys the missiles before the hit it.

WEAPONS OFFICER: Sir, missiles destroyed before hitting the target.

GANT: Alien vessel is still gaining on us Sir; shield strength is at 32%.

RONSON: Fire all missiles at will.

CARTER: Wait. Suggest diverting auxiliary power back to the sub light engines.

RONSON: Major?

CARTER: The gas cloud, if we can get inside it, it might make it harder for them to track us.

GANT: Shields are below 15%.

RONSON: Even with sub light engines at full strength, we'll never make it.

CARTER: It might be possible to make a small hyperspace jump into the cloud. Just give me a few minutes to override the safe guards.

RONSON: You have two.

Sam goes to another room and works on a computer.

CARTER: Come on, one jump.

The computer shows Override request denied.

Scene: Bridge

WEAPONS OFFICER: Sir, weapons systems are no longer operational.

GANT: Shields are below 10%. Receiving ship wide damage reports Colonel.

Scene: Crystal Room

Sam comes in and opens a drawer. She touches a crystal and the ship jumps and Sam is thrown against a wall unconscious.

Scene: Crystal Room

Sam wakes up and goes outside.

CARTER: This is Major Carter calling the bridge. Bridge, please respond.

Sam looks up and sees a little girl. She then disappears and Sam hangs up the phone. She walks down the corridor. There is no one about. She goes into the commissary and there is food on the table but no one there. Sam gets to the bridge and it is also empty.

CARTER: This is the bridge calling all decks. Please respond.

Sam looks at all the camera and sees no one.

The Prometheus is at a standstill in the cloud.

CARTER: This is Major Samantha Carter of the United States Air Force vessel Prometheus. As the sole remaining crew member of the ship I feel compelled to keep a log of these events. After being attacked by a hostile alien ship I sustained an injury and lost consciousness. When I awoke I found the ship devoid of all crew. An initial systems review indicated the hyperdrive to be operational. But the sub light engines remain offline. Possibly due to damage from the attack. I am hopeful further investigation will provide more answers. However my first priority is to find out what happened to the crew. Having searched the entire ship and found no one only one possibility remains to explain their disappearance.

Sam walks to another room. She looks at a computer and it shows `Remaining escape pods 000'.

CARTER: Based on the fact that all the ships escape pods have been jettisoned, I can only assume an evacuation order was given after my losing consciousness. In the chaos that must have ensued I was left behind. The sub light engines remain offline. I am guessing it is something about the gas cloud that is prohibiting the restart procedures. Thus far I have been unable to find a way around this problem. Without sub light engine power to manoeuvre the ship out of the cloud I am left with only one other option.

Sam goes to the bridge and tries to activate a hyperdrive window. It doesn't work.

CARTER: Dammit.

A hand is then on Sam's arm. It's Teal'c.

TEAL'C: Major Carter.

CARTER: Teal'c?

TEAL'C: Hear me. You must remain conscious at all costs.

CARTER: I just need to rest for a while.

TEAL'C: You cannot. Listen to me. You are injured. If you sleep, you will die. Do you understand?

CARTER: I know.

TEAL'C: If you sleep, you will die.

Sam closes her eyes. She then wakes up on the bridge as she hears someone singing "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star." Sam gets up and follows the singing.

CARTER: Someone there? Hello? Okay.

Scene: Bridge

CARTER: I have sent out a distress signal detailing Prometheus situation and our last known position in space. I know it could be hundreds of years before anyone hears it. That said, Stargate Command was aware of our route home and will undoubtedly do everything they can to mount a rescue. And if any of the crew survived I can only hope they will send help as well. Therefore I feel my best course of action is to settle in for the long haul. According to my calculations, I have enough food and water to last several months. With further rationing it might be possible to double that.

GRACE: Play with me.

Sam looks up and sees Grace then looks down and she disappears.

CARTER: I've been trying to understand why the ship is unable to jump hyperspace. During my last jump attempt the hyperspace window seemed unable to stabilise enough for the ship to enter it. Thus far, sensors have been unable to identify the actual content of the cloud itself. It's more likely made up of a denser group of gases than that of a typical nebulae or gas giant. Bottom line is, it's preventing the hyperdrive emitter from transferring power at an even rate. Until that changes the Prometheus will remain trapped here indefinitely.

JACKSON: Yep, I'd say you're stuck all right. Oh come on Sam, you're running the same diagnostic for probably four hours now. What makes you think the results are suddenly gonna change? Sam? Hello?

CARTER: Were you this annoying when you were ascended?

JACKSON: I don't know, depends on who you ask. I thought I had a certain je ne sais quoi. Timing was so so.

CARTER: No offence but I really don't have time for this. This is ridiculous, you aren't even real.

JACKSON: Well I'm not so much me as I am you really. Part of your subconscious mind. So am I real? That's up to you I guess. Although the Socratic complications by my being here are quite fascinating.

CARTER: Daniel.

JACKSON: Look, you just need some help, that's all. Can't you just try to go along with this?

CARTER: You're me talking to me?

JACKSON: Yeah. Basically.

CARTER: All right you have a point. I could use some help.

JACKSON: Thank you.

CARTER: Okay, what do you ... I ... want?

JACKSON: Well I think you're going about this all wrong.

CARTER: This is helping?

JACKSON: Wait a second, you've been looking forward to studying this gas cloud for weeks now. I mean isn't that the real reason you volunteered for this job in the first place? Now you're here, finally here and you're wasting your time running endless hyperdrive simulations.

CARTER: In case you hadn't noticed, I've got a small problem on my hands Daniel. Mainly that I'm stranded.

JACKSON: Inside the very thing you've been looking at through a telescope for years. Come on, it's a chance to study something rare and exciting up close. Seize the moment.

CARTER: Seize the moment?

JACKSON: I'm just saying, it's something new, something we've never encountered before, you're ignoring it. Does that sound like you?

CARTER: Daniel, I can't even think straight let alone stay awake.

JACKSON: Look, Sam, you have to check this out. Trust me, it's important.

Daniel disappears.

Scene: Storage Room

Sam is checking through boxes of MRE's. She hears noises. She sees on a computer, `Structural damage detected'

CARTER: Oh my God.

The computer shows `Estimated time for inner hull breach 8hrs 3mins 27 secs'

Scene: Cheyenne Mountain

Jack enters an elevator and checks his watch. Daniel jumps in as the doors close.

JACKSON: You hear about Sam?

O'NEILL: Yeah.

JACKSON: Doesn't sound good.

O'NEILL: Eighteen hours past due for contact, yeah, I'd say something went wrong.

JACKSON: Well anyways I put together a list of planets with Stargates in range of the Prometheus route. General Hammond's agreed to send SG teams to all of them. Including us.


JACKSON: Well if something went wrong there's a chance they could make it to a planet with a Gate.

O'NEILL: At which time they would gate home, wouldn't they?

JACKSON: Well, when the hyperdrive failed on the Prometheus' maiden voyage you were nearly stranded on P7X 009 because they didn't know where the Stargate was.

O'NEILL: Sounds like a long shot.

JACKSON: Well unfortunately the Tok'ra are unable to send a ship at this time. They've promised to retrace the route of the Prometheus as soon as they can but visiting these planets is.

O'NEILL: What? Is what?

JACKSON: Is something.

O'NEILL: Yeah.

Jack leaves the elevator.

Scene: Prometheus

CARTER: Ships log update. I have discovered that several sections of the hull are being corroded by the gases that make up this cloud. Although I have boosted whatever power I can to our shields, it has had little effect on protecting the ship. I have sealed off those sections affected by the corrosion but it's only a stop gap measure. All I know for certain is, if I can't find a way to stop it from spreading, the ship's hull will eventually be breached.

GRACE: When the blazing sun is gone, when he nothing shines upon.

CARTER: Who are you? What do you want?

GRACE: Then you show your little light, twinkle, twinkle all the night. Come on, this way.

Sam follows.


Sam rounds a corner and Teal'c is there.

TEAL'C: Samantha.

CARTER: Teal'c, did you see.. of course you didn't.

TEAL'C: I am here to warn you.

CARTER: I know, I have to stay awake.

TEAL'C: That's not all. Everything may not be as it seems.

CARTER: Well thank you but the fact that I'm talking to someone who's not really here kind of speaks to that.

TEAL'C: On the contrary, I think it is you that's not here.

CARTER: What are you talking about?

TEAL'C: I believe that you and the other crew members are being held prisoner aboard the alien vessel that attacked you.

CARTER: How do you know?

TEAL'C: It is possible they are probing your mind. If so, any information obtained may be used to attack Earth.

CARTER: Hold on. Even if you're right, what am I supposed to do about it?

TEAL'C: Nothing

CARTER: Teal'c, give me something here.

TEAL'C: Very well. As you attempt to repair the ship's engines, you may inadvertently be divulging to your captors vital information concerning Prometheus technology. I do believe it would be prudent to do nothing.

CARTER: I can't do that Teal'c.

TEAL'C: Be careful Samantha.

CARTER: Wait! Where you going? You're wrong Teal'c, I'm not on an alien ship. I'm right here.

Sam wakes up on the floor.

CARTER: This is real. This is real.

Scene: Bridge

CARTER: The effects of my head injury are getting worse; I'm not sure how much longer I can last. My only hope of survival is to somehow get the Prometheus free from this gas cloud without using either the sub light or hyperdrive engines. I think I've come up with a way. It has its risks.

Doors shut all over the ship.

CARTER: By venting several levels of pressurized atmosphere, I am hoping to generate enough propulsion to move the ship.

The atmosphere is vented. The ship creaks.

CARTER: Come on.

Sam looks up and sees Grace through a monitor hanging on and then get sucked away.


She shuts the airlocks.

CARTER: Hello? Are you here?

JACKSON: Hey! Have I told you my latest theory yet? It's really cool. Lose something?

CARTER: Did you see a…

JACKSON: Little girl?


JACKSON: No. You know, you don't look so good.


JACKSON: Anyway, about my theory. Now what if this cloud isn't so much a collection of corrosive gases as it is a sentient being? I'm saying the cloud is alive.

CARTER: The cloud is alive?

JACKSON: Yeah, it's a sentient being like feelings, memories. Space born alien entity if you will.

CARTER: That's crazy.

JACKSON: Well why else would it be corroding the ship?

CARTER: Because the gases are corrosive?

JACKSON: Or maybe we somehow offended it when we flew inside of it? The point is, if we talk to it, maybe it will let us go?

CARTER: You want me to talk to the cloud?

JACKSON: Would it kill you to try?

CARTER: And how would I do that?

JACKSON: Well you said there was this little girl running round the ship. Maybe that little girl is the physical personification of the cloud. Just go with me on this one.

Sam collapses.

JACKSON: Maybe that's its way of trying to communicate with us?

CARTER: Daniel, this isn't helping.

Sam passes out.

JACKSON: Talk to her Sam.

GRACE: Like a diamond in the sky. Twinkle, twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are.

Sam wakes up.

CARTER: My mother used to sing that to me.

GRACE: How obscure.

CARTER: I'm so tired.

GRACE: You can't sleep. Not yet.


GRACE: Because we need to talk.

Scene: Commissary

Sam is sitting at a table.

GRACE: Eat; you need to keep your strength up.

CARTER: Do you have a name?

GRACE: I'm Grace.

CARTER: Who are you?

GRACE: You know.

CARTER: No, I don't know.

DAD: I'm your father.


DAD: I know it sounds corny but you get to an age, you get to an age where you think of everything you did wrong as a parent. Don't take this the wrong way.

CARTER: I know, I don't look so good.

DAD: I wanted so many things for you Sam. And look what it's brought you instead.

CARTER: Sure, the massive headache really takes the edge off it all.

DAD: Are you happy Sam?


DAD: Just answer the question.

CARTER: Well at the moment things are a little rough, but in general, sure I'm happy.

DAD: No you're not. You're content, you're satisfied, you're in control and that's the problem.

CARTER: Okay, I'm really not following here.

DAD: I'm saying you're missing something vital from your life. And the sad part is you have no idea what I'm talking about.

CARTER: Dad, I am happy. I've seen and done things most people couldn't even dream of. I have an incredible life.

DAD: And yet you're alone.

CARTER: Well lately the dating scene's been a little stale but then again I am marooned on a space ship.

DAD: No, always. For as long as she was alive, your mother showed me a world beyond just ambition and career. She gave my life meaning and balance and it was my honour to love her for the short time she was with me. And if I were young again and I met her for the first time even knowing her fate, I would do it all again. That is love. Sam, I know you've denied yourself the experience because you think it must inevitably end in pain and loneliness. It's time to let go of the things that prevent you from finding happiness. You deserve to love someone and be loved in return.

Sam looks around and Jacob has gone.

Scene: Gate Room

Jack, Daniel and Teal'c exit the wormhole.

HAMMOND: Report Colonel.

O'NEILL: This one was a bust too Sir. In fact these folks were even more in the dark than the first bunch.

TEAL'C: They were indeed a primitive society.

O'NEILL: Yeah whatever. They hadn't seen any sign of the ship. We're 0 for 7 on this Sir.

JACKSON: Heard from the Tok'ra?

HAMMOND: They've completed an initial trace of the Prometheus' route. There's no sign of it at any of the designated cool down co ordinates.

O'NEILL: You're assuming they stayed on course.

HAMMOND: They're currently expanding their search, conducting long range scans of several systems adjacent to the route home. Hopefully we'll hear something from them soon.

Jack walks off.

Scene: Locker Room

Jack takes his hat and jacket off. Teal'C's for is seen lurking in the background.

O'NEILL: (Feels his presence)I don't want to hear it. (Teal'C remains silent) Good, cos I'm not in the mood. (Teal'C is still lurking silently) All right, what?

TEAL'C: When Colonel Maybourne and yourself were stranded off world, Major Carter felt a similar sense of frustration. She despaired at the thought of never seeing you again.

O'NEILL: Not you?

TEAL'C: Indeed. You are like a brother to me O'Neill.

O'NEILL: You're like what? 140?

TEAL'C: A younger brother perhaps. But that is not my point.

O'NEILL: Look T, I know what you're trying to do and I appreciate it.

Scene: Prometheus

Grace is blowing bubbles.

GRACE: Wanna try?

Sam shakes her head.

GRACE: It's fun.

CARTER: I remember when I was a little girl I used to wonder how a bubble could exist. You see there's this thing called surface tension, when molecules bind together in a certain way…

GRACE: Boring. Here just try it.

Sam blows bubbles.

GRACE: See? Fun.


O'NEILL: All right Carter, come on, on your feet let's go.

CARTER: I was wondering when you were going to show up.

O'NEILL: You just gonna sit there?

CARTER: Too tired sir.

O'NEILL: Samantha, I'm a figment of your imagination. You're gonna call me Sir?

CARTER: Old habit. Sorry.

O'NEILL: So, you gonna save yourself or what?

CARTER: I've tried.

O'NEILL: Just giving up then?

CARTER: I just don't know what else to do right now.

O'NEILL: You'll think of something.

CARTER: Came to give me a pep talk?

O'NEILL: That's what friends are for.

CARTER: Friends?

O'NEILL: Hey. This is you talking here. Might as well be honest.

CARTER: What if I quit the Air Force? Would that change anything or is it just an excuse?

O'NEILL: I would never ask you to give up your career.

CARTER: Because you don't feel anything for me?

O'NEILL: Carter.

CARTER: I'd let you go right now if I knew.

O'NEILL: That easy?

CARTER: I didn't say it would be easy.

O'NEILL: Then what's stopping you if you really wanna know?

CARTER: I'm trying.

O'NEILL: Maybe it's not me that's the problem here. Let's face it, I'm not that complex.


O'NEILL: Sam. I'm a safe bet.

CARTER: As long as I'm thinking about you, setting my sights on what I think is unobtainable, there's no chance of being hurt by someone else.

O'NEILL: Jacob was right. You deserve more. I will always be there for you, no matter what. Believe me.

CARTER: So what now?

O'NEILL: Go save your ass.

CARTER: One last thing.

Sam imagines them kissing.

CARTER: Never mind.

Sam gets up and runs to the bridge. Hull breach imminent. Grace is blowing bubbles.

CARTER: What do you want?

GRACE: What do you mean?

CARTER: Whoever you are, I know why everyone else keeps showing up, why are you here? What do you want from me?

GRACE: I don't want anything. But you do. Then the traveller in the dark thanks you for your tiny spark. How could he see where to go if he did not twinkle so?

Sam looks at the bubbles. She then goes to a console.

GRACE: What you looking at?

CARTER: It's complicated.

GRACE: Try me.

CARTER: I'm gonna try and save myself with a bubble.


CARTER: The hyperdrive won't fully engage because of the cloud but maybe it doesn't have to. If I can dial down the power flow to the hyperdrive emitter theoretically I should be able to cause a partial shift into hyperspace, essentially taking the ship out of the cloud's space time. Hopefully just enough to eliminate its effects on the sub light engines.

GRACE: Neat.


Grace is gone. Sam goes to the bridge and fires up the engines. She moves and sees the alien ship also stuck in the cloud.

JACKSON: Sam, what are you doing?

TEAL'C: I believe she is attempting to rescue her fellow crew members.

JACKSON: What, from them? That's crazy. Get back to Earth and then bring in the cavalry.

CARTER: There's no time.

TEAL'C: I agree. The alien vessel is too formidable.

O'NEILL: Will you guys shut up? Let her work.

CARTER: This is Major Samantha Carter of the US Air Force vessel Prometheus. Can you hear me? I'm thinking you've been stuck in here just as long as I have. The only difference is I've found a way out. Here's the deal. Return my crew, everyone, intact and let us go. And I'll help you get out of here. Do we have a deal?

The crew appear.

RONSON: What the hell just happened?

CARTER: It's a long story Sir. Just bear with me. I'm activating a hyperspace bubble to include the alien vessel. I'm going to bring it with us out of the cloud.

RONSON: Major?

CARTER: I'll explain everything soon enough Sir.

They exit the cloud.

RONSON: Now what?

CARTER: We see if they keep their end of the bargain.

The alien ship flies off.

RONSON: Well done Major.

CARTER: Sir with your permission, I'd like to relieve myself of duty.

RONSON: Easy. Get her to the infirmary.

Scene: Infirmary, Cheyenne Mountain

Sam is in a bed, Jack is sitting nearby.



O'NEILL: Excuse me?

CARTER: Sorry Sir.

O'NEILL: Yes, well, a massive concussion will tend to disorient one.

CARTER: How long was I out there?

O'NEILL: It's all relative Carter, that whole time space continuum thing.


O'NEILL: Four days.

CARTER: Could have sworn it was weeks.

O'NEILL: Teal'c and Daniel say Hi. They're planning a little bit of a shindig for when you're up and around. There's talk of cake.


O'NEILL: My idea.

CARTER: Can't wait.

O'NEILL: Need anything? Magazine? Yo yo?

CARTER: I'm fine.

O'NEILL: Yes you are.

CARTER: Thank you Sir.

O'NEILL: For what?

CARTER: Nothing.

O'NEILL: Think nothing of it. I've got plenty of that.

Sam closes her eyes and hears "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star."