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After an injury, Teal'c must put aside his self-doubt when SG-1 launches a mission to rescue his son and his mentor from a Jaffa death camp.

DVD DISC: Season 7, Disc 1
WRITTEN BY: Peter DeLuise
DIRECTED BY: Peter DeLuise
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Transcript by Sarae
Edited by Deanna Moll-Landry

Scene: The S.G.C.

Alarms announcing unscheduled off-world activation are blaring and the Stargate is dialing.

DAVIS: (heard over the speakers) "Unscheduled off-world activation."

We see soldiers running through the corridors and taking up defensive positions at the base of the ramp. The seventh chevron locks and the wormhole is established behind the iris.

DAVIS: "It's SG-1's I.D.C., Sir." Hammond comes up behind him. "Receiving audio, Sir."

HAMMOND: "On speaker."

O'NEILL: (over the speaker) "Close quarters withdrawal! It's gonna get ugly!"

HAMMOND: "Acknowledged, Colonel. We'll be ready, just give us the word." Then to those standing guard in the gate room: "Watch your friendlies, safeties off, clean targets, clean backgrounds."

Guns are cocked ...

We hear explosions as we see a shot of the gate and iris.

O'NEILL: (over speakers) "Teal'c! Let's go! Base, this is it! We're on our way!"

HAMMOND: "Open the iris."

We see the iris open. Then several staff blasts come through and explode against the control room wall. Next we see Jack, Daniel and Sam come through the gate.

CARTER: (running down the ramp) "Teal'c's right behind us!"

The trio takes up defensive positions at the base of the ramp. Then we see Teal'c come through the gate followed by several more staff shots. O'Neill takes aim at what he know will be following and we see a Jaffa come through. Jack shoots the Jaffa. The Jaffa falls back as the wormhole is disconnected. Two soldier's rush up to check the Jaffa and Jack keeps his weapon aimed for a second until he's sure the Jaffa is down. Then he turns to see Teal'c. We see smoke rising around Teal'c and hear him make a wheezing sound. He is staring straight ahead, though he doesn't appear to be seeing anything. Then he falls straight back and his teammates rise in concern.

HAMMOND: "Med team! Get in there!"

Janet arrives almost immediately. She kneels down beside Teal'c. We can now see that he has taken a staff shot to the abdomen.

FRAISER: "Teal'c?" She leans her ear to his mouth to hear if he is breathing. Then turns to one of her assistants: "Come on."

The Assistant hands her some gauze and then check's Teal'c's neck for a pulse.

ASSISTANT: "I'm not getting a pulse."

FRAISER: "Start CPR. Give me one milligram Epi. Prepare to intubate."

The scene fades out as the Assistant begins chest compressions.

Scene: S.G.C. - Infirmary

Janet picks up a vial of tretonin and walks over to a still unconscious Teal'c. She injects the tretonin into Teal'c's wrist. Teal'c regains consciousness while she is injecting the tretonin.

FRAISER: "You had us all very worried."

TEAL'C: "That was not my intention."

FRAISER: "The staff blast hit you directly in the symbiote pouch. If you weren't on tretonin.."

TEAL'C: "I would be dead. Ironic."

FRAISER: "Well, you're not out of the woods yet."

TEAL'C: "Woods?"

FRAISER: "You have more healing to do. The staff blast passed through the empty symbiote pouch and did some damage to your spine and surrounding soft tissue. In the past, I could have let your symbiote regenerate the damage. With work, you should be able to make a full recovery. Teal'c?"

TEAL'C: "The Jaffa that wounded me ..."

FRAISER: "Died. His symbiote was damaged beyond repair. Look, I know this is hard for you, but you're very lucky to be alive."

Scene: S.G.C. - Hammond's Office

Sam and Daniel are reporting to the General.

CARTER: "Colonel O'Neill planted my radio in the underbrush away from our position and began broadcasting to create a distraction. The Jaffa fell for this diversion and half of them left the temple. We engaged the rest and escaped."

HAMMOND: "Were you able to ascertain who these Jaffa were loyal to?"

JACKSON: "The forehead tattoos were that of various system lords, but the majority wore the symbol of Ba'al."

HAMMOND: "Ba'al?"

JACKSON: "His empire has expanded further and faster than anyone could have expected. Which shouldn't be a surprise to us since he now controls the combined forces of the "United Alliance of the System Lords." Something we're responsible for."

HAMMOND: "To level the playing field against Anubis."

JACKSON: "So, in a way, we did it to ourselves."

Just then, Janet walks in from behind Sam and Daniel.

FRAISER: "Sir ..."

HAMMOND: "How is he?"

FRAISER: "It's gonna be a long road back ... certainly longer than Teal'c is used to, but he should get there. I've boosted his tretonin dosage to stem off any residual infection."

CARTER: "Can we see him?"

FRAISER: "Yeah."

Daniel looks at the General, who nods.

Scene: S.G.C. - Infirmary

TEAL'C: "My son? Why do you ask?"

JACKSON: "Oh, I don't know, I just thought you'd be sick of "how you feeling" again."

TEAL'C: "Indeed."

JACKSON: "No, I was just thinkin' about him recently."

TEAL'C: "Rya'c is with Bra'tac. They are attempting to recruit rebel Jaffa. I have not heard from them and do not expect to for some time."

JACKSON: (nods) "What's with the uh ..."

We see the four cups on the bedside tray. Three are empty and the fourth is still full of green jello.

TEAL'C: "O'Neill. I believe his offering of colored gelatin was his attempt to sympathize."

JACKSON: "Ah, well, he's thoughtful that way."

TEAL'C: "There's no need. I blame only myself."

JACKSON: "How is it your fault?"

TEAL'C: "I fell behind. I was ..."

JACKSON: "Covering us. Teal'c?"

TEAL'C: "I wish to be alone, Daniel Jackson."

Daniel doesn't immediately take Teal'c seriously, but when Teal'c turns his head away, Daniel gets it.

JACKSON: "Okay." He gets up off the stool he's been sitting on. "Okay."

He walks out the door. As he is entering the hallway outside the infirmary, he hears a voice say "No, Master!". He looks around, but sees no one. He looks back toward Teal'c and then shakes his head, not quite sure what to think about the voice he heard.

Scene: S.G.C. - Gym

We see Teal'c with a brace around his abdomen and back. He is between two bars, using them to support the majority of his weight as he walks a few steps. A therapist is standing hear the bars. Sam and Daniel are also in the room, working out.

CARTER: "So they fly half-way across the galaxy in an highly advanced spaceship, but they don't use their technology to take over the planet. You know what their weakness turned out to be? Water. I mean, if that's true, why go to all the trouble to invade a planet that's two-thirds water? Not to mention the rain."

JACKSON: "Why do you watch those movies if all you're gonna do is cut 'em up?"

CARTER: "Come on, don't you occasionally like to see if they're getting it anywhere close to right?" Daniel does not respond right away, but rather stares off into space. "Hello?"

JACKSON: "What?"

CARTER: "You okay?"

JACKSON: "Ever feel like you've forgotten something really important?"

CARTER: "What'd you mean?"

JACKSON: "Well, I can remember almost everything from before I died, but uh, I still can't remember anything from when I was ascended. Lately, something's been nagging at me, I guess. Something specific, I just can't pin it down."

The camera shifts back to Teal'c and his therapist.

THERAPIST: "Very good, Teal'c. Okay, you're done." Teal'c doesn't stop. Instead, he turns around and prepares to go back the way he just came. "Teal'c ..."

That gets Sam and Daniel's attention. They get off their machines and walk to the bars where Teal'c is walking again. Sam takes the left side and Daniel walks to the right, next to the Therapist.

CARTER: "Look's like you're doing better."

JACKSON: "You know, there is such a thing as over doing it."

Teal'c ignores them and continues to walk, though he is obviously struggling.

CARTER: "Yeah, Teal'c, it is possible to aggravate your condition by pushing too hard."

Teal'c pushes himself toward the bar that Daniel is standing next to. He appears to be turning for another pass. Daniel reaches out to him and Teal'c grabs his hand.

TEAL'C: (glaring at Daniel) "Leave me be."

Daniel hears the voice again: "No Master!" He stares as he listens, which causes Sam to become curious. She walks over to him.

CARTER: "Daniel?"

Scene: S.G.C. - Control Room

We see Siler and (I think it's Martin Wood - I don't know what name he has given to Siler's sidekick) walking in the background. Sam and Daniel are looking at a computer monitor.

CARTER: "Any technical anomalies during an incoming wormhole are noted in this box and then cross-referenced and detailed here. It's pretty dry. The corresponding mission files cover any general points of interest."

JACKSON: "Yeah, I've been over those."

CARTER: "Well, if I knew what you were looking for ..."

JACKSON: "You wouldn't be doing this."

CARTER: "What makes you think the answer's here?"

JACKSON: "I just have this feeling it has something to do with an incoming wormhole. I was hoping that looking at some of this stuff might jog my memory somehow."

CARTER: "It must be tough."

JACKSON: "I think the hardest part is not knowing whether or not I ... chose to be here like this. You know, whether I could ... be doing more good if I was still ..."

CARTER: "Ascended?"

JACKSON: "Yeah."

CARTER: "Well, this should be everything you need. Good luck."

JACKSON: "Thanks."

Sam gets up and leaves Daniel to the computer.

Scene: S.G.C. - Gym

Teal'c is working on another strengthening machine. Both Janet and the Therapist are with him.

FRAISER: "Well, that's the last of the physical examination. You have just lifted, pushed and pulled more weight than anyone on this base ever has, alien technology not withstanding." Teal'c gets up and goes to another machine. "Teal'c ..." Janet looks a little concerned. "I'm clearing you for active duty."

TEAL'C: "I am not ready."

Scene S.G.C. - Control Room

Daniel and Walter are still looking at computer readouts when Jack walks in,

O'NEILL: "Still nothing?"

JACKSON: "Well, I've broadened my search to any gate activity, including outgoing wormholes and unauthorized activations. I still have no idea what I'm looking for."

O'NEILL: "Maybe if you stop thinkin' about it, it'll come to you." Daniel looks quizzically at Jack, Jack shrugs. "Take a break. Fraiser says Teal'c needs a little pep talk. I've been practicing in front of a mirror for an hour."

JACKSON: "Not peppy enough?"

O'NEILL: "Not really."

Daniel nods and gets up.

Scene: S.G.C. - Infirmary

We see Teal'c sitting on a bed. His back is visible. There is a burn on his left lower back and there are electrodes attached on either side of his spine. A technician is hooking up some wires to the electrodes. Then the camera moves to the front of Teal'c and we can see a burn on his lower left abdomen, just below and to the left of his pouch opening. Next the camera pans up to Teal'c's face. He slightly raises one brow.

O'NEILL: "Don't give me the eyebrow."

JACKSON: "Look, Teal'c, something's bothering you. Something's been bothering you since before this injury. We're pretty sure we know what it is."

TEAL'C: "Then there is no mystery."

JACKSON: "Yeah, but the point is you have to talk about it." Teal'c gives him a stare. "Okay, you don't have to talk about it, but ... you'll feel better if you do."

His _expression does not change.

O'NEILL: "You know, forget that crap ... I'm you're commanding officer ..."

TEAL'C: "And you must be kept informed of the fitness of all those under your command."

O'NEILL: "Frasier says you're ready for duty now. Is that true?"

TEAL'C: (bowind his head) "I have been dishonest with you."

O'NEILL: "Oh?"

TEAL'C: "It is unacceptable. All Jaffa children know this without being told. They are born with the knowledge. It will not be tolerated."

O'NEILL: "What?"

TEAL'C: "Kek."

Jack looks to Daniel.

JACKSON: "Death. Death? You mean death?"

TEAL'C: "Weakness. We use one word for both, for if one is weak, one may as well be dead."

JACKSON: "You're talkin' about the tretonin."

TEAL'C: "In the beginning I believed it to be the answer of liberation for all Jaffa from the Goa'uld and the reliance on symbiotes. But as soon as I began to take it, things changed. I felt my capability was being compromised, but I said nothing, hoping the effects were only temporary and my strength would return. It did not."

O'NEILL: "Okay ..."

TEAL'C: "Forgive me, O'Neill, I should have ..."

O'NEILL: "No. There's nothing to forgive. You're still ... twice as strong as I'll ever be and you've got two good knees ..."

TEAL'C: "Then the answer to your question is no. I do not feel that I am fit for duty."

O'NEILL: "Okay ... I can accept that ... for now."

Jack nods his head, indicating that Daniel should follow him. They get up and walk to another part of the room, near the shelves of medical supplies. Jack doesn't look very happy.

JACKSON: (whispering) "Yeah, you're right ... not exactly peppy."

O'NEILL: (whispering) "Oh, what'd you want me to say to the guy?"

JACKSON: (whispering) "Well, he's lost his confidence. I think he was looking for you to re-instill some."

O'NEILL: (whispering) "Well, if he really has lost his mojo, there's nothing I can say that's gonna get it back for him."

JACKSON: (whispering) "It's all in his head."

O'NEILL: (whispering) "If he doesn't think he's ready, he's not ready."

Jack walks away leaving Daniel looking back at Teal'c.

Scene: S.G.C. - Teal'c's Quarters

We see many lit candles around the room.

TEAL'C: "Without a symbiote, Kelnoreem is unnecessary. In fact, I have discontinued the practice."

Teal'c is sitting on the floor leaning up against a piece of furniture. Daniel has just finished lighting a candle and has joined Teal'c on the floor.

JACKSON: "Yeah, I know you don't actually need to Kelnoreem anymore, but, uh ... just indulge me. See, humans sometimes meditate even thought they still require REM sleep, and I really think this thing I can't remember ..."

TEAL'C: "Daniel Jackson ... for a successful Kelnoreem, there is one element required above all others ..."

JACKSON: "What?"

TEAL'C: "Silence."

JACKSON: "Right."

They close their eyes. Before long, we hear the voice Daniel had been hearing previously. "Master! No, Master! No-o-o Master!" Then we see a flashback of scattered images: A large cogged wheel rotating, a Jaffa pouring water over his head, other Jaffa dumping something, another Jaffa standing guard, a mothership suspended in a frame inside the atmosphere of a planet - not far from the ground, other Jaffa carrying yokes of heavy objects, Bra'tac and Rya'c carrying a yoke, Rya'c stumbling. A White-Haired Jaffa (WHJ) approaching Rya'c.

WHITE HAIRED JAFFA: "Kree hasshak."

Rya'c is whipped twice by another Jaffa.

BRA'TAC: "Leave him alone."

The Jaffa leaves Rya'c and begins whipping Bra'tac instead. Bra'tac takes it, almost without flinching. Rya'c rises up and begins to protest. It is then that we know his is the voice Daniel has been hearing as he shouts: "No! Master! Master, No! Master, No, Master!"

The flashback ends and we see Daniel's concerned face as the images have been disturbing.

TEAL'C: "Rya'c?"

JACKSON: (His elbow propped on his knee and his head resting on his hand) "Yeah ... Yeah, I saw him and Bra'tac. I think they're in danger."

TEAL'C: "Are you familiar with the ambush of Kresh'taa?"

JACKSON: "Uh ... yeah, the meeting of the Jaffa rebel tribes. I read the report. 106 warriors slaughtered. Only you and Bra'tac survived. You sustained both of your lived by ... passing a symbiote between the two of you."

TEAL'C: "There is something that is not in the report. As I lay near death, I began to dream. You used your abilities and appeared to me in that dream."

JACKSON: "I did?"

TEAL'C: "Indeed. When I had sufficiently recovered, you appeared to me again. And that is when I knew. You had stayed with me and watched over me for three days. And that is the reason I am eternally grateful to you, Daniel Jackson, and why I whole-heartedly believe you concerning Rya'c."

Scene: S.G.C. - Briefing Room

JACKSON: "So, you believe me too?"

HAMMOND: "The things I've heard sitting in this chair ..."

CARTER: "If this happened before you retook human form, then, whatever supply of tretonin Bra'tac had would almost surely be depleted by now."

TEAL'C: "That is why we must act immediately."

CARTER: "Daniel, you said you thought all this had to so with gate records. Perhaps you innately knew to look for a location?"

JACKSON: "I've been through those records upside down and backwards. I still haven't found anything."

CARTER: "Teal'c, is there anything familiar about the planet Daniel described?"

TEAL'C: "There is not. General Hammond, I request that we send for Rak'nor immediately."

HAMMOND: "Do it."

CARTER: "Yes, Sir."

Scene: Alien Planet

We see the mothership in the frame that Daniel saw in his vision. A glider swoops out of the ship and flies over the camp that is set under the ship. There are a lot of laborer Jaffa working in the camp. There are tents visible. Then we see six armored Jaffa walking in formation. We hear screams in the background and see the armored Jaffa treating the laborer Jaffa brutally. We see the cogged wheel Daniel had seen in his vision and then we see Bra'tac and Rya'c digging away with shovels.

RYA'C: "You grow more and more weak each day."

BRA'TAC: "You worry too much for me, Rya'c. Tend to your own labor."

Then we see three male and one female Jaffa trying to move a heavy cart. The White-Haired Jaffa is watching.

WHITE HAIRED JAFFA: "A kek hasshak. Ya duru!"

Four armored Jaffa come and pull the four laborer Jaffa away from the cart and "escort" them to another part of the camp. Rya'c and Bra'tac stop digging to watch. The four laborers are lined up and the armored Jaffa (each carrying a staff) walk to stand in a line in front of the laborers.

WHITE HAIRED JAFFA: "If you do not work ... you will die. They do not work hard enough."

RYA'C: (whispering to Bra'tac) "No rescue is forthcoming, and you're supply of tretonin runs low ..."

BRA'TAC: "Rya'c ..."


We see the four executioners lift their staffs as the four laborers await their fate.

RYA'C: "We will not be able to maintain our workload. They will execute us next."


The staff weapons are charged, but then the laborer closest to the camera makes a break for it, running in front of the White-Haired Jaffa.

WHITE HAIRED JAFFA: (yells something indistinguishable - perhaps a name).

The Jaffa who had been ready to shoot the runner, throws his staff to the White-Haired Jaffa. WHJ shoots the runner in the back.

BRA'TAC: "Have faith. I will ration my tretonin, until a rescue."

The WHJ throws the staff weapon back to the guard. The other three guards take their positions again.


Rya'c turns away as the three are shot. Bra'tac, however, watches with anger in his eyes.

WHITE HAIRED JAFFA: "Shaaaaal vak!"

The dead are left where they lay and the others get back to work as the scene fades out.

Scene: S.G.C. - Daniel's Lab

Rak'nor has joined Teal'c and Daniel in the lab. They are looking at some drawings in Daniel's journal.

JACKSON: "Is any of this familiar to you? A planet with two moons, a naquadah refinery near some sort of anti-gravity dry-dock with a mother ship under construction?"

RAK'NOR: "I know the planet of which you describe ... Erebus."

JACKSON: "According to Greek mythology, Erebus is a place where condemned souls pass as soon as they die."

RAK'NOR: "Then it is aptly named. The planet is used for the construction of Ha'tak vessels and the purification of the naquadah to build them. Only Jaffa prisoner labor is used, as only they can withstand the intense heat and toxic gases of the blast furnaces fed by underground volcanic systems. Eventually, even the Jaffa succumb."

TEAL'C: "I am aware of such places, where Jaffa prisoners of war, unwilling to serve their new Goa'uld masters, are taken to be worked to death."

JACKSON: "Which would make it the perfect place to recruit rebels, but ... something must have gone wrong."

RAK'NOR: "The planet was recently taken by Ba'al."

TEAL'C: "If Bra'tac and Rya'c were in the camp when Ba'al's forces arrived, perhaps they were trapped."

RAK'NOR: "Then they are lost."


RAK'NOR: "The Stargate on Erebus is impenetrable."

TEAL'C: "How so?"

RAK'NOR: "A force field, much like your iris, blocks the Erebus Stargate, making attack or rescue through it impossible."

JACKSON: "Someone must get through it somehow."

RAK'NOR: "We believe a signal must be used to power down the force field, but we have no way of knowing what that signal is."

We see another flashback: Jaffa at the Erebus Stargate are being zatted.

BRA'TAC: "Now!"

Bra'tac, Rya'c and a couple other Jaffa storm those still standing at the Stargate. Bra'tac takes a device off the wrist of one of the still-standing Jaffa and goes to the DHD. He begins dialing out. A wormhole is established and then a force field becomes visible over the Stargate. Bra'tac aims the device from the Jaffa at the Stargate and the force field disappears.

Suddenly, Bra'tac, Rya'c and their colleagues are surrounded by more armed Jaffa. Bra'tac pushes buttons on the devices as he is led away. As they walk past the camera, the camera zooms in to show a hooded figure watching from behind the action. The figure is Daniel. The flashback ends.

Daniel gets up and leaves the lab. Rak'nor looks at Teal'c, who nods and then they both follow Daniel.

Scene: S.G.C. - Control Room

Rak'nor, Teal'c and Daniel are looking over Sam's shoulder as she works on a computer.

JACKSON: "I was there. I saw the whole thing happen. Nothing I could do ... just watch. Powerless to interfere. Come on, it has to be there."

CARTER: "Just give me a minute ..."

JACKSON: " See, I knew it had something to do with gate records, I just never thought of checking the Alpha Site gate records ..."

CARTER: "Here. A coded energy signal was received and recorded through the Alpha Site gate three months ago. It was analyzed, but no one was able to determine its origin or its purpose."

JACKSON: "That is the force field deactivation code I saw Bra'tac send right before he was captured."

CARTER: "Are you sure?"

JACKSON: "I'm sure."

CARTER: "I can synthesize this energy signature. If it is the deactivation code, I can get us through the gate."

JACKSON: "And I can provide details of their defenses and the lay of the land."

Scene: S.G.C. - Gate Room

Teal'c and Rak'nor are in full Jaffa armor and standing at the base of the ramp when the rest of SG-1 arrives.

TEAL'C: "O'Neill ... I must tell you that I believe I may be a liability on this mission."

O'NEILL: "I don't."

TEAL'C: "If I should die, it is my wish that you watch over Rya'c."

O'NEILL: "Well, let's see it doesn't come to that, all right?"

Teal'c nods and walks away. As he passes Daniel, Jack notices the look he is getting from Daniel.

O'NEILL: "It's his son ..."

The wormhole is established.

O'NEILL: "All right, let's do this."

Rak'nor holds up a Goa'uld sonic bomb. Then we see Sam in the control room standing next to Walter at the computer.

CARTER: "Sending signal now."

She nods at Walter and walks down to the gate room. We see the Erebus Stargate. There are five Jaffa standing at the ready since the Stargate has been activated. We see the force field disappear. Next, the sonic grenade comes through and detonates, knocking out all the Jaffa. We hear multiple exits from the Stargate as we look at one of the unconscious Jaffa. Then we see Jack's feet at the head of the Jaffa. The camera pans up to show us the S.G.C. personnel.

CARTER: "Clear."

O'NEILL: "Okay, so, that happened. SG-3 secure these guys. Then establish a perimeter. Daniel ..."" He motions for Daniel to lead the way as they head out.

Meanwhile, back at the labor camp, the brutality continues. We see Bra'tac standing with his back to a wall of some kind, injecting tretonin into his arm. The vial he is holding appears empty. Nothing is injected. He closes his eyes, knowing he will not be able to labor much longer and feeling poorly.

RYA'C: (Whispering) "Master Bra'tac, it is difficult to ration that which you do not have."

BRA'TAC: "If only you had not seen ..."

RYA'C: "I have seen. Now, tell me the truth. I'm not a child."

BRA'TAC: "The tretonin is gone."

RYA'C: "Then you will die and all your words of faith will have been for nothing."

BRA'TAC: "No, Rya'c! Not for nothing ... for you. You might survive."

RYA'C: "How long can you live without tretonin?"

BRA'TAC: "As long as I have to."

Elsewhere on the planet, the S.G.C. personnel are making their way to the area surrounding the camp pit. They crawl on their stomachs to the edge of the bluff overlooking the camp and survey the area. The camp is directly below, the dry-dock is in the sky.

O'NEILL: "Penhall ... trade. Give me that thing."

Jack trades weapons with another S.G.C. person. He give Penhall his P-90 and takes Penhall's sniper rifle. It has a stand and a high-powered scope on it. Sam is looking through binoculars beside Jack.

CARTER: "No sign of Bra'tac. Wait a minute, I've got Rya'c."

We see, through Jack's scope, Rya'c walking into a shelter.

TEAL'C: "If we can eliminate that guard position, we can create a blind spot."

Jack moves the scope to the guard Teal'c refers to. Then he looks a way and weighs his options.

TEAL'C: "Infiltration is the best option, O'Neill."

O'NEILL: "All right, it will be dark in an hour. Everybody, get comfortable."

After dark, fires are burning in the labor camp. The humans still wait in the bluff. Suddenly, a Jaffa is zatted from behind. Sam steps over the Jaffa she has just zatted and signals for Teal'c to go ahead.


Teal'c and Rak'nor head into the shelter they saw Rya'c enter earlier. On the bluff, Jack and Daniel are watching.

O'NEILL: (into his comms) "All right, they're in."

WHITE HAIRED JAFFA: "Jaffa, hol! Kal vak!"

Jack sees the White-Haired Jaffa walking toward the shelter, through his scope, and they are able to hear him because of the parabolic dish microphone that Daniel is holding.

O'NEILL: "Come on, come on."

WHITE HAIRED JAFFA: (to a Jaffa) "Rin nok!"

O'NEILL: "What's this?"

JACKSON: "Oh, he's dressing the warrior down, "I do the bidding of Ba'al. Shut up.""

O'NEILL: "Shut up?"

JACKSON: "Yeah, I'm paraphrasing ..."

WHITE HAIRED JAFFA: "Kel mar tokeem. Tel mak kree. Meg tal."

JACKSON: "You're poisoned, you're ... cursed by the wearer of horns, you're sloppy ..."

WHITE HAIRED JAFFA: "Oracca aseemu!"

O'NEILL: "Oh, for cryin' out loud."

Jack looks back through the scope in time to see the White-Haired Jaffa moving on to another location.


O'NEILL: "Dammit!"

CARTER: "I think they've been made."

O'NEILL: "Just hold on ..."

The White-Haired Jaffa walks past where Teal'c and Rak'nor are hiding. As soon as he starts talking to another Jaffa, they sneak into the tent where they believe Rya'c and Bra'tac are. There are many laborers in the tent. Bra'tac is lying on a cot and Rya'c is at his side. He looks up as Teal'c approaches.

TEAL'C: "Rya'c ..."

RYA'C: "Father ... I am sorry. Master Bra'tac said you'd come, but I did not believe."

TEAL'C: "How is he?"

RYA'C: "He still lives, but ... I fear, not for long."

Teal'c places his hand on Bra'tac's chest.

TEAL'C: "Tek' matte."

BRA'TAC: "Old friend ... Rak'nor."

RAK'NOR: "Tek' matte, Master Bra'tac."

Teal'c pulls out a vial of tretonin and holds it up to Bra'tac.

TEAL'C: "There is enough for both of us."

Teal'c injects Bra'tac with the tretonin.

RYA'C: "We cannot hide here for long. It will take too much time for him to regain his strength to walk."

TEAL'C: "Then we will carry him."

RAK'NOR: "We've come to take you and Bra'tac away from this place."

RYA'C: "What about them? What about all the others?"

RAK'NOR: "There are too many."

RYA'C: "They can fight."

TEAL'C: "And they will die."

RYA'C: "If they stay, they will die."

Meanwhile, Jack notices a laborer approaching the White-Haired Jaffa.

O'NEILL: (into his comms) "Teal'c, you've been made. Get outta there. Get out of there! Teal'c!"

Teal'c hears O'Neill's warning just in time to turn and see the White-Haired Jaffa entering the tent with his guards.


Scene: Erebus

Teal'c and Rak'nor are being led through the camp. Their wrists are bound to bars that are resting on their shoulders.

O'NEILL: (into his comms as all see the duo being herded) "Hold your fire, hold your fire."

Inside the tent, Bra'tac is growing stronger and Rya'c is still at his side. They hear the lashes they know Teal'c and Rak'nor are receiving. After a few lashes, they begin to hear grunts of pain.

CARTER: "Sir?"

O'NEILL: "Just hold your position."

Sam slumps back and closes her eyes in frustration.

JACKSON: "We're just gonna sit here?"

O'NEILL: "Yes! We've just got to sit here ... until we can find another way in."

Morning light is shining through when Teal'c and Rak'nor are drug into the tent and laid on the floor. Both are barely conscious. Rya'c immediately tends to his father. Teal'c coughs a few times and then comes to, grabbing Rya'c's hand.

TEAL'C: (wheezing and struggling to talk) "Rya'c ... you are still alive?"

RYA'C: "Yes, father."

TEAL'C: "That is all that matters. What of Bra'tac?"

RYA'C: "The tretonin has helped. What of you, father? Can you walk?"

TEAL'C: "Not at the moment."

RYA'C: "You must. Those who cannot work are killed."

TEAL'C: "You must not lose your faith, Rya'c. Rak'nor and I did not come alone. Even now, a rescue is underway."

Sam has worked her way back up to the bluff and has joined Jack.

CARTER: "Search patrol went off in that direction, heading for the Stargate."

O'NEILL: "Ah, they don't believe Teal'c and Rak'nor are working alone."

JACKSON: (visibly upset) "This is my fault."

O'NEILL: "How's that?"

JACKSON: "Because I should have done something when I had the chance ... when I had the power."

O'NEILL: "I think we've already established that wouldn't have worked out either. No, it's time for plan B."

CARTER: "We have a plan B?"

O'NEILL: "No ... but it's time for one."

CARTER: "We've already determined there are too many guards for us to take out the whole camp with our current numbers."

aJACKSON: "We need a distraction."

CARTER: "Grenades?"

O'NEILL: "Think bigger."

CARTER: "Claymores?"

O'NEILL: "Much bigger."

Jack looks up to the mother ship in the dry-dock.

Scene: Mother Ship

Sam and Daniel ring into the mother ship and quickly take hiding positions as a group of Jaffa march by. Then they sneak down the corridor behind the Jaffa.

Back on the planet, other S.G.C. personnel are setting up grenade launchers. Jack is still keeping an eye on the camp.

O'NEILL: (to the Major next to him) "Major, target TRP-1."

The Major nods.

Meanwhile, back in the tent, Rak'nor is nearly fully recovered. Teal'c is still down.

RAK'NOR: (speaking of Bra'tac) "His strength still grows."

TEAL'C: "Good ... Rya'c ... you and Rak'nor must spread the word. If we wish for our rescue to be successful, the other must be prepared to fight."

RYA'C: "How will they know when?"

RAK'NOR: "When the time is right, they will know."

TEAL'C: "Indeed."

RYA'C: "Can you fight?"

TEAL'C: "I am ... not the Jaffa I once was."

RYA'C: "No."

TEAL'C: "Rya'c ..."

RYA'C: "No. You are Teal'c. There is no greater warrior ..."

TEAL'C: "Rya'c ... I am ... weak."

RYA'C: "Father, please ..."

TEAL'C: "Rya'c! No matter what ... you must survive. You must survive ... or I have come for nothing. Now go."

Rya'c looks at his father, then to Bra'tac. Bra'tac nods and Rya'c leaves, though he is not happy. Bra'tac, who has been listening to the entire conversation, looks after Teal'c with a concerned look on his face.

Back on the mother ship, Sam is planting C-4, while Daniel stands guard.

CARTER: "Once this panel goes, it'll only take a few seconds for the entire anti-gravity platform to shut down."

She sets the timer at five minutes and starts the clock ticking before she and Daniel run out of the room.

Back on the planet, in the tent, Teal'c is getting stronger.

BRA'TAC: "It has been difficult ... for both of us."

TEAL'C: "You are feeling better."

BRA'TAC: "You will not be rid of me so easily. When the time comes, I will be ready, old friend."

TEAL'C: "As will I."

BRA'TAC: "I am not so sure. This tretonin seems to have had an effect on your memory."

TEAL'C: "Why would you say such a thing?"

BRA'TAC: "Because you have forgotten that a warrior's true strength comes from his heart and his mind. You have had a physical advantage over me for a long time. And yet, I have never lost a sparring match to you."

TEAL'C: "Because for years, old man, I have let you win."

BRA'TAC: (smiles) "Better ... much better."

Back on the ship, Sam and Daniel are making their way back to the ring transporter. Just as they near it, six Jaffa guards come and take up a stance surrounding the transporter.

CARTER: "This could be a problem."

Back on Erebus, Rak'nor and Rya'c are circulating among the laborers, spreading the word about the rescue. As Rya'c is speaking with one laborer, the White-Haired Jaffa comes up behind him.

WHITE HAIRED JAFFA: "This is not your work station." (Then to the Jaffa who has accompanied him) "Take him."

Rya'c is led away by the Jaffa. Teal'c has come out of the tent and has seen his son led away. Jack, too, is watching through his scope.

Scene: Erebus - Labor Camp

Rya'c has been taken to the execution spot.

WHITE HAIRED JAFFA: "If you do not work, you will die. This one does not know where his work station is."

He turns to aim a staff weapon at Rya'c.

TEAL'C: (coming up weakly, from behind) "But he is young and still able to work."

He is flanked on either side by Rak'nor and Bra'tac.

WHITE HAIRED JAFFA: "You dare to speak to me?"

TEAL'C: "Only to ask that I take his place."


A Jaffa comes and moves Rya'c from where he standing. He protests.

RYA'C: "No! Nooo!"

Jack is keeping an eye on the action through the scope and is getting edgy. Teal'c is thrown on the spot where Rya'c just stood. He falls to the ground, face down and then struggle to pull himself up.

WHITE HAIRED JAFFA: "You are barely able to stand. You would not have lasted another day. It was a ... good trade."

O'NEILL: (over comms) "Carter, what's the hold up?"

CARTER: "We're a go in 30 seconds, Sir."

O'NEILL: "Assume we do not have 30 seconds."

WHITE HAIRED JAFFA: "You were once the first prime of Apophis. Now you're nothing but a weak, pathetic sholva."

Rya'c turns his head away, he can't bear to watch what is happening.

BRA'TAC: "Do not look away. Be strong for him. What better way for Teal'c to die that to be looking upon the face of his son?"

Back on the ship, the clock is ticking down ... 3, 2, 1 ... the C-4 detonates. The ship is rocked. The Jaffa surrounding the rings move toward the source of the explosion. Daniel and Sam ring out.

Back on Erebus, the White-Haired Jaffa is aiming the staff at Teal'c when the anti-gravity platform begins to malfunction. A Jaffa horn alarm is blown. The Jaffa look to see the mother ship descending to the planet.

WHITE HAIRED JAFFA: "Kree! Trey long tonok!"

Several Jaffa guards begin running up the slope toward where the ship is descending. Jack gives his troops a silent signal and they begin loading their grenade launchers. They fire as the Jaffa start up the slope. They take out several Jaffa. More grenades are launched, more Jaffa are killed.

BRA'TAC: (yelling) "Take them now!"

Teal'c rushes the White-Haired Jaffa, but is quickly thrown to the ground. Bra'tac immediately disarms another Jaffa and dispatches him. More grenades are launched. More laborers begin fighting. The ship crashes on the bluff opposite the S.G.C. personnel.

O'NEILL: "Come on, boys. Have at 'em!"

Jack starts taking out Jaffa one by one, with a single sniper shot with his rifle as Teal'c continues to battle the White-Haired Jaffa. He is currently losing the battle. Then Rya'c comes to his aid and is cast aside by the White-Haired Jaffa. The SG teams begin laying down serious weapons fire. The laborers are starting to make headway. Bra'tac and Rak'nor are both armed and blowing guards away, but they are keeping an eye on Teal'c. Teal'c has suddenly found the strength to take the White-Haired Jaffa. He doesn't like anybody who messes with Rya'c. Rak'nor is taking aim at the White-Haired Jaffa, but Rya'c stops him.

RYA'C: (Knowing Teal'C needs to deal with this himself) "Wait!"

Teal'c is putting a serious beating on the White-Haired Jaffa. Finally, he takes the Jaffa's head in his hands and snaps his neck. Rya'c is pleased. Rak'nor grabs a staff weapon and throws it to Teal'c. Jack is still sniping away at the Jaffa guards, but there is a large group of them descending on Teal'c and his pals. Jack can't take them out fast enough. Rya'c sees them coming, staff weapons in hand.

RYA'C: "Father!"

Rak'nor, Teal'c and Bra'tac line up, side by side, aim there weapons and fire in unison. The screen fades to white.

Scene: S.G.C. - Gate Room

Sam, Jack and Daniel come through, followed by Teal'c, Rak'nor and Rya'c. Bra'tac is already on a stretcher at the base of the ramp, next to General Hammond and Janet is looking at wounds on his neck.

HAMMOND: "Welcome back, SG-1."

O'NEILL: "The camp has been liberated, Sir, all the prisoners relocated to the Alpha Site."

JACKSON: "They are anxious to join the rebellion."

BRA'TAC: "Then my mission has been a success. Hammond, of Texas, I find myself once more in your debt."

HAMMOND: "I think it's Dr. Jackson you owe on this one."

TEAL'C: "Indeed."

Teal'c nods at Daniel and Daniel nods back.

Scene: S.G.C. - Teal'c's Quarters

Once again, the room is full of lit candles.

TEAL'C: "Kelnoreem is unnecessary, although it does make me feel ... better. Colonel O'Neill has officially informed me that ... I have my ..."mojo" back."

JACKSON: "I guess I-I should be thanking you, actually. You see, I used to ... I used to feel like I didn't belong ... anywhere, really. I think I thought that, uh, this whole ascension thing would change that. And now I'm realizing that the sacrifices were far too great. And my life here is far too important to just leave behind. I guess what I'm trying to say is that, uh, for the first time in my life, I feel like I'm a part of something ... something important."

TEAL'C: "As do I."