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Airman in the U.S. Air Force originally assigned to Icarus Base, now aboard the Ancient deep-space exploratory vessel Destiny.

Dunning serves under the command of Colonel Everett Young.


PLAYED BY: Darcy Laurie


Space - Airman Dunning is in a corridor with Chloe when hostile aliens cut into Destiny and abduct her.
Divided - Caught on the civilian's side of the line when they take over the ship, Dunning raises his weapon against them but is calmed by T.J.
Faith - Dunning joins Lt. Scott's team to live on an idyllic alien world for several weeks, where he has a minor scuffle with a civilian over who will dig the latrine.
Pain - Affected by an alien tick, Dunning hallucinates that he has snakes under his skin.
Aftermath - Dunning joins a failed shuttle mission to retrieve supplies from a planet, and helps the other crash survivors unbury the Stargate after the shuttle is wrecked.
Awakening - While on board an Ancient seed ship Dunning is rendered unconscious when an alien shoots him in the back with a stun weapon.
Trial and Error - Dunning is among a group of soldiers who prepare to defend Destiny from a possible alien attempt to board.
The Greater Good - Airman Dunning stands guard outside Ginn's quarters.
Malice - Dunning is injured as the Lucian Alliance's Simeon flees Destiny after killing Ginn.