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A commander in the Kelownan military on the planet Langara, Hale was an advisor to First Minister Velis. Several months after Jonas Quinn defected to Earth and joined SG-1, Hale was promoted to the rank of commander and traveled to the S.G.C. with Ambassador Dreylock and Dr. Kieran. Their goal was to secure access to Earth technology in order to aid in their conflict with rival nations. Hale had little patience for Quinn, regarding him as a traitor to Kelowna.

Stopping at nothing to defend Kelowna from its enemies, Commander Hale was unwise to accept help from those who would issue it too freely. He found himself in a position of even greater authority when Anubis's forces invaded and occupied Kelowna, killing Velis. To protect his people, Hale handed over Kelowna's entire stockpile of naquadria to Anubis, and agreed to locate and turn over a data crystal believed to contain the research of the Goa'uld Thanos who experimented with the volatile element on Kelowna many centuries ago.

This lead to Hale's death. When he handed over the data crystal to Herak, Anubis's First Prime, the Jaffa shot and killed him on the spot with a staff weapon.


PLAYED BY - Doug Abrahams


Shadow Play - Hale journeys to Earth in hopes of gaining Tau'ri weapons and technologies to aid the Kelownans against their rival nations.
Homecoming - Hale sells out SG-1 and the rest of his world, making a deal with Anubis to deliver a data crystal that may contain the information necessary to stabilize naquadria. He is killed by Herak for his efforts.