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The team meets a man with extraordinary prophetic abilities, who gives them a dark prediction about Atlantis's future. Meanwhile, the Wraith seek a new alliance with Atlantis in their war with the Replicators.

DVD DISC: Season 4, Disc 2
WRITTEN BY: Alan McCullough
DIRECTED BY: Andy Mikita
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Transcript by Callie Sullivan

ATLANTIS. SAM'S OFFICE. Teyla Emmagan is speaking with Samantha Carter, John Sheppard, Rodney McKay and Ronon Dex.

TEYLA: They are called the Vedeenans. I've known about them my entire life but I've never met them. They do occasionally trade with others in the galaxy but for the most part they keep to themselves.

CARTER: And you wanna visit them because ...?

TEYLA: It is said that their leader, a man named Davos, is a great seer.

McKAY: What do you mean, like a psychic?

TEYLA: I do not know the full extent of his powers, but it is rumoured that he can even glimpse the future.

McKAY: Oh, gimme a break!

TEYLA: You do not believe such a thing is possible.

McKAY: Well, gee, let me think. Umm, no. Look, in a mechanical, Newtonian universe, not a problem. I mean, you know enough variables, you can predict the outcome; but quantum physics blows that out of the water.

TEYLA: I understand your skepticism. Even among my own people, the stories were not widely believed. (She turns to Sam.) But I need to know for myself.

CARTER: You think this Davos might be able to help you find out what happened to your people.

TEYLA (nodding): I realise that it may seem ... desperate, but it has been several weeks and our usual means of investigation have turned up nothing.

CARTER: Rodney, what's the latest from the forensics team on New Athos?

McKAY: Uh, well, they're, they're still searching, but so far they haven't found anything useful.

SHEPPARD: Intel hasn't turned up anything either. As far as we know, they vanished into thin air.

(Sam nods and thinks about it as Teyla turns to her with a hopeful expression on her face.)

GATEROOM. John and Rodney have geared up and are walking in.

McKAY: Allow me to make a prediction. This will be a complete waste of time.

SHEPPARD: I knew you were gonna say that.

(They walk over to join Teyla and Ronon who are standing in front of the open Stargate.)

SHEPPARD: All right – from what Teyla says, these people sound a little skittish. You can bet that four heavily-armed strangers showing up out of nowhere's gonna set ‘em off a little, so let's be on our best behaviour, children.

(They walk into the event horizon.)


VEDEENA. The team comes through the Gate and stops in surprise to see six people standing by the D.H.D. They are unarmed and are smiling and showing no fear. A pretty young woman greets the team.

LINARA: Welcome. You must be the people of Atlantis.

SHEPPARD (to Teyla): These people don't look very surprised.

McKAY (to Teyla): You sure you didn't tell them we were coming?

TEYLA: I've had no previous contact with these people.

LINARA: My name is Linara.

SHEPPARD (smiling at her): Lieutenant Colonel John Sheppard.

LINARA: We know. We know all of you. You've been expected for some time now.

(John's smile fades.)

ATLANTIS. In the Gateroom, Richard Woolsey comes through the Gate, pulling a small wheeled suitcase behind him. Sam walks over to greet him.

CARTER: Mr. Woolsey! How was your trip?

WOOLSEY: Well, spending a day in quarantine on the Midway Station wasn't exactly my idea of a good time, but I suppose it beats a three-week journey on the Daedalus.

(He pushes the handle of his suitcase down, picks up the case and he and Sam walk up the stairs toward her office.)

CARTER: Well, that quarantine was only set up at the insistence of the I.O.A.

WOOLSEY: In response to some recent contagions that have taken hold on this base. Let's face it, Midway is the only buffer between Pegasus and the Milky Way. It can't hurt to err on the side of caution. Anyway, it gave me a chance to prepare for your three-month evaluation.

CARTER: Right(!) So – how am I doin' so far?

WOOLSEY: That's exactly what needs to be determined, but I want you know I'm here as an observer only. I have no intention of getting involved in the day-to-day operations of the base.

CARTER: Really?(!) Huh! That's refreshing!

WOOLSEY: Well, the I.O.A. has come to realise that bureaucratic interference on Atlantis isn't always as beneficial as we might like to hope. And – on a personal note – it's been brought to my attention in my own performance evaluations that I can, on occasion, be a bit of a busybody.

(He laughs in an embarrassed way. Just then the Stargate starts to dial in.)

CHUCK (from the Control Room): Unscheduled offworld activation.

CARTER: Excuse me.

(She walks into the Control Room and goes over to Chuck's console. Woolsey follows her.)

CHUCK: We're receiving a signal. It's Captain Robbins on M2R-441.

CARTER: Ah. (To Woolsey) They're delivering medical supplies to a planet that was recently culled. (To Chuck) Patch him in.

(Chuck activates some controls, then points to Sam to show that she's on the air.)

CARTER: Captain, this is Colonel Carter. Please report.

ROBBINS (over radio): We had a bit of a development here, Colonel. According to the locals, a few days after the culling another hive showed up. They didn't kill anybody – they just wanted the surviving villagers to deliver a message.

CARTER: A message?

ROBBINS: That's right. Apparently this particular Wraith wants to meet with Colonel Sheppard.

VEDEENA. Team Sheppard is walking along with the Vedeenans.

SHEPPARD: So, you're telling me Davos knew we were coming?

LINARA: He had a vision of your arrival. Before I take you to see him, there's something you should know. He is very ill. Our healers have done all that they can, but it's not enough. Some of us were hoping, well ... if you do come from the city of the Ancestors ...

SHEPPARD: ... we may be able to help.

LINARA: We would be forever in your debt.

TEYLA: He must be very important to you.

LINARA: We owe him our lives. Two years ago he had a vision that the Wraith were coming. We had time to gather our provisions and escape to the caves in the northern mountains. Even from deep underground we could hear their ships searching for us. Eventually they went away and never returned. Not a single Vedeenan was taken.

SHEPPARD: Impressive!

LINARA: Of course, for me, it's much more than that. He's my father.

LATER. The group has reached the village and Linara takes the team into a tent.

LINARA: Father? The people of Atlantis are here to see you.

(Davos is sitting on a throne-like chair cut out of the roots of a large tree. He looks tired and unwell, but smiles as Linara and the team approach.)

DAVOS: Yes. Yes, come in. I've been expecting you, and I know why you're here.

(He looks at Rodney, who has his most cynical face on.)

DAVOS: You have doubt in your heart.

McKAY: Anyone with a basic understanding of body language could have told you that.

(Davos holds out his hand to him.)

DAVOS: Among my gifts is the ability to show others what I can see.

(Rodney nervously declines his offer with a wave of his hand. John looks at him.)

SHEPPARD: Well, you're the sceptic.

(He jerks his head towards Davos. Rodney scowls.)

McKAY: Fine.

(Part-reluctantly and part-nervously, he steps closer to Davos and hesitantly reaches out and takes his hand. Davos grasps it firmly and closes his eyes. Rodney gasps as Davos sends him a vision.)

VISION. Rodney, in his offworld gear and holding a rifle, is walking with the rest of Team Sheppard through a forest. They walk into a set of old ruins which includes a tall archway. As they enter the ruins, Wraith guards come out of hiding and surround them. The team raise their weapons but there are too many guards for them to defeat.

In the tent, Rodney reels as Davos releases his hand. Davos slumps back in his chair, exhausted.

SHEPPARD (to Rodney): What happened?

McKAY: I-I think I saw a vision.

DEX: Of what?

McKAY: Us, being captured by the Wraith.

(John stares at Davos as he sits weakly, being supported by Linara.)

ATLANTIS. CONFERENCE ROOM. Team Sheppard is there with Sam and Woolsey.

CARTER: You said it was a forested planet – misty with ancient ruins.

McKAY: It's what I saw, yes.

(Sam turns and raises her eyebrows at Woolsey.)

McKAY: What?

CARTER: While you were gone, we received a report that the people of M2R-441 were recently visited by a Wraith. (She turns to John.) Now, from the description of his facial markings, it sounds a lot like the Wraith who helped you escape from the Genii last year.

SHEPPARD: My old buddy?

CARTER (nodding): Apparently he has a matter of great importance that he wants to discuss with you. We already sent an advance team to the address that he proposed for the rendezvous. The interesting thing is, it sounds an awful lot like the planet in McKay's vision.

DEX: So, we're believing this now?

TEYLA: Davos did know we were coming.

CARTER: Did you ask him about the Athosians?

TEYLA: I did not have a chance. After he showed Rodney the vision, he fell ill.

SHEPPARD: They were hoping we could help him out.

CARTER: I'll send Doctor Keller.

SHEPPARD: In the meantime, there's only one way to know for sure if he's right: go to the rendezvous, check it out.

(Sam nods. Woolsey looks at her, then clears his throat pointedly.)

CARTER: Do you have something to add, Mr. Woolsey?

WOOLSEY: Well, as I said before, I'm here strictly as an observer.

(Sam nods and turns away.)

WOOLSEY: But since you ask, I have to wonder how wise it would be. I may share some of Doctor McKay's scepticism but we don't need any mystical visions to tell us that this Wraith probably can't be trusted. (He turns to John.) You're talking about walking deliberately into a trap.

SHEPPARD (pointing at him): Exactly.

(Woolsey turns to Sam, bewildered. Rodney looks equally mystified.)

M2R-441. The events of the vision which Rodney was shown are playing out. Rodney, in his offworld gear and holding a rifle, is walking with the rest of Team Sheppard through a forest.

McKAY: This is a bad idea.

DEX: You're the one who said it's impossible to see the future.

McKAY: Yeah, I was thinking about that. I realised that quantum uncertainty doesn't necessarily preclude the possibility of seeing probable futures. It's like blackjack: you never know exactly what's gonna happen next, but a card counter can certainly increase the odds in his favour – and frankly, this feels like hitting on an eighteen.

SHEPPARD: It's more like doubling down against a ten.

(The team continues on and reaches the ruins.)

McKAY: Hold on. This is the place. This is where it happened.

(As they approach the archway, Wraith guards come out of hiding and surround them. The team raise their weapons but there are too many guards for them to defeat. The Wraith last seen in "Common Ground" walks into view.)

WRAITH: You were supposed to come unarmed.

SHEPPARD: Yeah. Sorry about that(!)

(Above their heads, two Puddle Jumpers decloak. The Wraith looks up at them, then turns to John and growls quietly. John shrugs mock-apologetically.)

ATLANTIS. Sam is on the Control Room balcony, talking by radio to Jennifer Keller through the open Stargate. Woolsey is standing by one of the consoles.

CARTER: How's the patient, Doctor?

(On Vedeena, Jennifer is in Davos' tent. She walks away from him and Linara as she speaks with Sam.)

KELLER: Well, from what I can tell, he seems to be suffering from a kind of lymphatic cancer. There's not a lot I can do for him here.

WOOLSEY: Have you detected any physical anomalies that might be related to his visions?

(Sam looks at him questioningly. He holds up a hand apologetically.)

WOOLSEY: Sorry. Force of habit.

KELLER: I don't really have the equipment with me that's necessary to make that kind of analysis.

CARTER: All right, why don't you bring him back?

KELLER: Understood. Um, just so we're clear: are we doing this to try and save his life, or to study him?

(Sam looks at Woolsey, who refuses to meet her gaze. She frowns, realising that she's not certain of the answer.)

CARTER (into radio): I'll have the Infirmary prepped and ready for your arrival. Carter out.

BRIG. The door opens and John and Ronon walk in and go over to the cell. The Wraith is sitting on the bench inside.

WRAITH: So much for trust.

DEX: You tried to ambush us.

WRAITH: I had no intention of causing you harm, but I could not guarantee your co-operation simply by throwing myself at your mercy. (It stands up.) My intent was to have this discussion on neutral ground.

SHEPPARD: A "discussion"?

WRAITH: The reason for my contacting you. I require your help.

(It looks down and smiles a little, perhaps finding it hard to believe that it could ever need to ask a human for assistance, then looks at John again.)

WRAITH: We worked together once before.

SHEPPARD: Doesn't mean I wanna do it again.

WRAITH: You will.

SHEPPARD: Oh, more predictions. Just what I need.

WRAITH: As you know, Wraith are at war. I believe you refer to our enemy as the Replicators.

SHEPPARD: Sounds vaguely familiar.

WRAITH: While we have a weapon – a virus that was designed to re-set their attack directive, causing them to stand down and return to their planet – at present it is not working.

SHEPPARD: Get to the part where we care.

WRAITH: It is well known among the Wraith that Doctor McKay made certain changes to the Replicator base code, opening the door for them to alter their own programming. Well, knowingly or not, they have since repaired the weakness our virus exploited which means, in order to get it working again, I need to know the changes Doctor McKay made.

SHEPPARD: Now, here's the part you're not getting: we're glad they're kicking your ass.

WRAITH: Only because you are as yet unaware of their new tactic.

DEX: What are you talking about?

WRAITH: They realised we have a significant vulnerability: our food supply. They have begun to annihilate human worlds.

SAM'S OFFICE. Sam is talking with John and Rodney.

CARTER: Do you think he's telling the truth?

SHEPPARD: He gave us an address – claims it was a human planet the Replicators destroyed.

CARTER: Is it in the database?

McKAY: Mmm. M5S-768. We visited it last year. It was a thriving pre-industrial society.

CARTER: Send a M.A.L.P.


SHORTLY AFTERWARDS. A M.A.L.P. rolls across the floor of the Gateroom and heads for the Gate. Woolsey watches it from the balcony, then walks over to where Sam and Team Sheppard are watching a screen.

McKAY: Receiving M.A.L.P. telemetry. Here we go.

(The screen switches to the view from the M.A.L.P.'s camera. It is night on the planet and the picture is not very clear but it is obvious that the village has been damaged, and there is no sign of anybody around.)

McKAY: No life signs.

WOOLSEY: How do we know the Wraith didn't do that?

McKAY: The M.A.L.P.'s detecting residual radiation. Energy signature's consistent with Replicator weapons fire. He's telling the truth.

TEYLA: How many people lived on that planet?

McKAY: Estimated somewhere between fifty and seventy-five thousand.

INFIRMARY. Davos is lying on a bed as a scanner runs overhead. Linara is standing beside him as Jennifer watches the screens.

LINARA: What does the machine do?

KELLER: It scans the cells in his body and reports any abnormalities. Hopefully they'll help us figure out exactly what's wrong with him.

LINARA: And then you'll be able to cure him?

KELLER: I'll do my best.

(The scanner shuts down and Jennifer and Linara help Davos to sit up.)

DAVOS: You'll have to forgive her, Doctor. She's not used to dealing with uncertainty. I may have spoiled her in that regard.

KELLER: Yeah, I've heard about your gift. It's remarkable.

DAVOS: I can see many things, but unfortunately my own fate remains hidden from me.

RODNEY'S LAB. Rodney is talking with John.

McKAY: If we hadn't deactivated the attack code, this never would have happened.

SHEPPARD: It was my call, Rodney.

McKAY: But it was my idea. We had a ZedP.M., we had Elizabeth. All we had to do was leave, but I opened my big mouth.

SHEPPARD: We never could have known it was gonna go this way.

McKAY: We don't know that for sure. Look, remember the nanovirus that caused the fatal aneurisms? I always suspected the Replicators were behind it.

SHEPPARD: Yeah, but you never proved it.

McKAY: Yeah, but we know how they feel about the humans. They think we're a mistake. Look, we should have seen something like this coming.

(Sam and Woolsey walk in.)

CARTER: John, Rodney. OK, I know this news is hard for us to accept, but right now we need to focus; figure out what our next step is.

McKAY: I suppose the most obvious solution would be to shut down the attack code again.

WOOLSEY: Can we do that?

McKAY: It's been done before – just not by us.

CARTER: By the Wraith.

McKAY: Yes.

CARTER: What about our prisoner? What exactly is he proposing?

McKAY: Well, he claims to have the original virus that deactivated the attack code the first time. It's not working this time around because of the changes we made to the Replicator base code. Theoretically, knowing what we know and knowing what they know, we should be able to work together to shut them down again.

WOOLSEY: Well, obviously that's out of the question.

(Everyone looks at him.)

WOOLSEY: Do I really have to remind everyone what happened the last time we co-operated with the Wraith?

CARTER: The circumstances have changed. And what happened to non-interference?

WOOLSEY: As you said, the circumstances have changed. Colonel Sheppard, you've had the most experience dealing with the Wraith. Do you seriously think this is a good idea?

SHEPPARD: I think it's not your call.

WOOLSEY: I need to contact my superiors.

(He leaves the room. Sam smiles ruefully at the others.)

SAM'S OFFICE. Sam is looking at a wallscreen. John comes in.

SHEPPARD: It's just been confirmed. Two more worlds have been destroyed. That makes three.

CARTER (sighing): How many are dead?

SHEPPARD: Well, it's just an estimate.

CARTER: How many?

SHEPPARD: Hundred and fifty thousand.

(Sam sighs again.)

CARTER: And this is just the beginning, isn't it? (John nods.) There's no reason to assume they're gonna stop.

SHEPPARD: No. What about Woolsey?

CARTER: He's contacted the I.O.A. They're taking the matter under advisement.

SHEPPARD: Oh! Well, they're good at that! They'll bicker and argue, but in the end of the day they're gonna leave you holding the bag just like they did with Elizabeth.

CARTER: Now I know why you didn't want the job. Look, John, Woolsey was right about one thing: you have had more experience with the Wraith than just about anyone, and in particular with this Wraith. You have a history.

SHEPPARD: Well, it's not like we're dating.

(Sam smiles.)

CARTER: I know we can't trust him – not completely – but what I don't know is whether or not it's worth the risk to play along with him, at least for a little while. You're the only one who can answer that.

(John looks down, thinking about it. Just then Sam's radio activates.)

KELLER (over radio): Colonel Carter, this is Doctor Keller.

CARTER: Go ahead.

KELLER: I've got something you need to see.

CARTER: I'm on my way.

INFIRMARY. Sam walks in and goes over to Jennifer who is sitting at a computer. She glances over to Davos who is in bed with Linara standing at his side.

CARTER: How's he doing?

KELLER: Uh, not good. He went into convulsions a while ago. I gave him a sedative. Truth is, we got him here too late. All I can do right now is alleviate his symptoms but whether or not he survives ... it's out of my hands.

(Sam nods. Jennifer turns to her screen.)

KELLER: This is what I wanted you to see. This is the result of his brain scan. He's showing abnormally high synaptic activity. It's similar to what happened to Doctor McKay when he encountered that ascension device, only not as extreme – and in his case it's not advancing. Presumably he's been like that his whole life.

CARTER: You're saying he was born this way?

KELLER (nodding): He's a genetic accident – one in a million, if not more. Oh, and by the way, Mr. Woolsey's already asked for a copy of these test results.

CARTER: I'm sorry, Doctor, but like it or not, this is important information. He may be a window into our own evolutionary future.

(Linara walks over.)

LINARA: Doctor? He's awake.

(Jennifer and Sam follow her back to Davos' bedside.)

KELLER: How are you feeling?

DAVOS (pulling himself up into a sitting position): Much better, thank you.

CARTER: Hi. I'm Colonel Carter.

DAVOS: You are the leader of these people.

CARTER: Well, the ones on this base, yes.

DAVOS: Not an easy task, I imagine.

CARTER (smiling): Some days are worse than others.

DAVOS: I understand. I myself was in a position of authority back on my homeworld.

CARTER: From what I understand, you had a little bit of an advantage.

DAVOS: Believe me, catching glimpses of the future is not always as helpful as you might think. But there is something you should see.

(He offers his hand to her. Sam looks at it nervously.)

CARTER: Uh, you're not feeling well. I think ... it's OK. You should rest.

DAVOS: Everything has a purpose, Colonel, including the circumstances that brought me here. Please.

(He holds his hand out to her again. Rather reluctantly, Sam takes it. Davos closes his eyes and Sam gasps as he sends her a vision.)

VISION. From a viewpoint above the ocean, drones soar down towards Atlantis from a Replicator warship hovering over the city. They smash into various towers and debris rains down onto the lower city. Inside, explosions are happening everywhere and people run for cover as massive chunks of the walls crash down. Outside, another drone smashes directly into the central tower two-thirds of the way up. The impact destroys the walls and the top third of the tower topples and plunges towards the ground.

In the Infirmary, Sam stares at Davos in horror as the vision ends.

CARTER: Oh my God!

KELLER: What is it? What did you see?

(Sam looks at Davos, her eyes still wide. He looks back at her, exhausted but sympathetic.)

DAVOS: I'm sorry.

SAM'S OFFICE. Sam has told John and Woolsey what she saw in her vision.

WOOLSEY: We should stop trusting that Wraith now.

SHEPPARD: I'm not buying it.

WOOLSEY: Doctor McKay's vision came true exactly as he saw it.

SHEPPARD: Oh, I don't care. The Replicators are not destroying this city – not if I have anything to say about it.

CARTER: Maybe Rodney's right. Maybe what Davos can see is only a probable future.

WOOLSEY: Well, his track record's pretty good, so I'd have to say it's highly probable.

CARTER: Which means it's gonna be hard to avoid. For all we know, nine out of ten courses of action are gonna lead to the same fate. Now, unfortunately, the vision I saw had no context to it. We have no way of knowing why the Replicators were attacking.

WOOLSEY: Isn't it obvious? We're contemplating joining forces with the Wraith against them.

CARTER: We don't know that that's what causes it.

WOOLSEY: It's a pretty safe assumption. Right now we're not a target.

SHEPPARD: No, no. But the rest of the humans in this galaxy are, and it's our fault.

WOOLSEY: Nevertheless, our priority remains the safety of this expedition and you know as well as I do, the Wraith can't be trusted.

SHEPPARD: This one may be different.

WOOLSEY: Yes, I read the file. He helped you escape from a Genii prison and as a reward you let him live. Let's hope we don't all come to regret your decision.

(Chuck comes to the doorway.)

CHUCK: Colonel Carter? We've got a problem.

(Sam follows him back into the Control Room. John and Woolsey follow them.)

CHUCK: We routinely track a number of hives with the long-range sensors. They don't usually do anything out of the ordinary. Most of the time they're just passing through.

(He sits down at his console and activates a wallscreen.)

CHUCK: A few minutes ago, this one suddenly changed course. It's headed straight for us.

WOOLSEY: They don't know we're here.

SHEPPARD: They're not supposed to.

(He turns and leaves the room.)

BRIG. The door opens and John storms over to the cell.

SHEPPARD: What did you do?

WRAITH: What are you referring to?

SHEPPARD: There's a ship on the way.

WRAITH: Ah. They picked up my signal.

SHEPPARD: What signal?

WRAITH: Ask your Satedan friend. He's familiar with the technology.

SHEPPARD: A sub-space tracking device.

WRAITH: I had it implanted.

SHEPPARD: We would have detected it.

WRAITH: I only activated it after you brought me here. The ship is necessary to complete my plan. The Replicator virus is contained within its databanks. When it gets here, we will begin our work.

SHEPPARD: When it gets here, I'm gonna blow it out of the sky.

(He turns and starts to leave the room.)

WRAITH: Now that would be unwise. That hive is loyal to me. For the moment they are the only ones who know the location of Atlantis ...

(John stops and turns back.)

WRAITH: ... but if you attack them, they will broadcast these co-ordinates to every hive ship in the galaxy.

(John walks back to the cell.)

WRAITH: There is no reason for us to be at odds, John Sheppard. We need each other.

RODNEY'S LAB. Rodney is working on a computer as Sam and John come in.

CARTER: Rodney. We need to know if you can shut down the Replicator attack code on your own.

McKAY: I've been looking into that, and it's not very promising.

SHEPPARD: You're the one who activated it in the first place!

McKAY: Well, that was easy ... well, actually it was spectacularly difficult, but then everything's relative.

CARTER: Rodney.

McKAY: Look, the Replicators were originally designed and programmed to do exactly what they're doing. I mean, they were built for this. It's much harder for the Wraith to get them to stop than it was for me to get them to start again.

CARTER: But with this Wraith's help, you think you could do it.

McKAY: If he really has the original shut-down virus, yeah, I think we can.

(Sam looks at John.)

SHEPPARD: He claims he ordered the hive ship not to give away our position unless they're attacked.

CARTER: Do you believe him?

SHEPPARD: Well, are there any other ships headed this way?


SHEPPARD: That's it. For the moment, he's telling the truth.

OUTSIDE BALCONY. Davos, wearing a bathrobe over his medical clothing, is standing on the balcony enjoying the view. Teyla comes out to join him.

TEYLA: Doctor Keller told me I might find you here.

DAVOS: She was kind enough to let me go for a little walk.

(He gazes out over the city.)

DAVOS: It's quite something, isn't it?


DAVOS: I know I was brought here for a reason – to play a role on a much bigger stage before I die.

TEYLA: Surely it is not time to start speaking that way.

DAVOS: Doctor Keller is a dedicated and skilled physician, but it doesn't take a great seer to know what she is thinking and not saying. My time is coming to an end.

(Teyla looks out over the city, her face sad. Davos looks at her.)

DAVOS: You wish to ask me something.

TEYLA: You know why I came to your planet.

DAVOS: To learn the fate of your people.


DAVOS: I can tell you only this: they are still alive ...

(Teyla's face fills with hope.)

DAVOS: ... but they are shrouded in darkness. I know you will continue to search for them, but I'm not sure this burden should be borne by someone in your condition.

TEYLA: My condition?

DAVOS: You carry a life inside you, do you not?


DAVOS: You conceal it from the others.

TEYLA: It is complicated.

DAVOS: I see. I'm sorry I cannot offer you more.

TEYLA: That is all right. Thank you.

DAVOS: And now you must take me to Colonel Carter.

TEYLA: Yes, of course. This way.

(She puts her arm around him to support him and helps him inside. As they walk along, his breathing becomes more laboured.)

TEYLA: Davos?

(Davos collapses to the floor. Teyla supports him as he falls and kneels over him, activating her headset radio.)

TEYLA: This is Teyla to the Infirmary. I need a medical team now.

(Davos grasps her hand firmly. She gasps as he sends her a vision.)

VISION. In the Control Room, Rodney stares at a screen, wide-eyed.

McKAY: We've got a problem.

(In the Chair Room, John is seated in the Weapons Control Chair, which is reclined and active.)

SHEPPARD: Firing drones.

(He closes his eyes in concentration as his hand reaches for the control panel on the arm of the Chair. In space, a hive ship explodes.)

(Teyla stares in shock as the vision ends. Davos releases her hand and lapses into unconsciousness.)

CONFERENCE ROOM. Woolsey paces around the room as he talks to Sam and Team Sheppard.

WOOLSEY: Teyla's vision only confirms what I've been saying all along.

CARTER: If we destroy the hive ship, we lose our best chance of stopping the Replicators.

WOOLSEY: We may not have a choice. One way or another, events are going to result in the destruction of that ship.

SHEPPARD: Well, if you believe that, then you believe Atlantis is gonna be destroyed, and we might as well pack up our bags and go home. How ‘bout this: we play along. We wait for them to transmit the programme to Rodney's computer, then blow ‘em out of the sky.

CARTER: Betray them before they have a chance to betray us.

DEX: They're Wraith. Anyone gonna lose any sleep over this?

(John shrugs.)

CARTER: Rodney, can you guarantee that you could finish the job without the Wraith's help?

McKAY (smiling confidently): If I have the original virus, not a problem.

CARTER: Can you guarantee it?

McKAY (chuckling): Well, I mean ... (He shifts uncomfortably in his chair and his smile fades.) No.

TEYLA: That is not the only problem. If we do not destroy the hive quickly enough, it may have time to send a message.

CARTER: All right. I think I need to meet this Wraith myself.

(She stands and starts to leave the room.)

CARTER: Mr. Woolsey. (She turns to him. He looks at her nervously.)

WOOLSEY: Y-you want me to come with you?

CARTER: Well, I'm sure you want your report to the I.O.A. to be as thorough as possible.

WOOLSEY (nodding reluctantly): Of course.

(Sam turns towards the door again, smiling smugly down at John as she passes. He smiles back as Woolsey unhappily follows her out of the room.)


WOOLSEY: I've never met a Wraith face to face before.

CARTER: Oh, well, you're in for a treat.

(They reach the door of the Brig and Sam nods to a marine who activates the code on the wall panel. The door opens and Woolsey gestures to Sam.)

WOOLSEY: Ladies first.

(Smirking, Sam leads him into the room and looks at one of the marines inside.)

CARTER: Open it.

(The forcefield around the cell deactivates and the door slides open.)


CARTER: It's all right.

(The Wraith stands up as Sam and Woolsey walk into the cell. A couple of marines walk around behind the Wraith, aiming their Wraith stunner pistols at it. Another marine stands behind and to the side of Sam holding an Earth pistol ready.)

CARTER: I'm Colonel Samantha Carter.

WRAITH: A pleasure to make your acquaintance.

(It looks enquiringly at Woolsey.)

WOOLSEY: Richard Woolsey.

CARTER: I understand you're proposing that we work together on a joint venture.

WRAITH: That is correct.

CARTER: Last time we went down this road, things didn't exactly work out the way we'd hoped.

WRAITH: You were betrayed. Believe me, I understand your reluctance.

CARTER: If we do this, we do it our way. Your ship remains in orbit. They make the slightest false move and they'll be destroyed.

WRAITH: Fair enough.

CARTER: The programme will be downloaded into a non-networked computer in one of our labs. All work will be conducted on this base. You will remain under constant guard and when you're done, we keep the virus.

WRAITH: It won't be easy to upload it into the Replicator network. Are you sure you're up to the task?

CARTER: We did it before; we'll do it again.

(The Wraith thinks about it for a moment, then nods.)

WRAITH: I agree to your terms. You see, I want this as much as you do.

CARTER: Let's say that this works. What happens then?

WRAITH: In my time as a prisoner among the Genii, I lost my position among Wraith. I still have a few loyal followers but nothing like the standing I once had.

WOOLSEY: So you're going to use this to leverage your way back in.

WRAITH: In a manner of speaking.

CARTER: Sooner or later we're going to end up on opposite sides.

WRAITH: Yes, but not today. Do we have an agreement?

CARTER: We do.

WRAITH: I believe among your people it is customary to shake hands.

(It offers its right hand to her. The marines all raise and cock their weapons as Sam stares down at its hand. The Wraith begins to laugh and waves its hand disparagingly.)

WRAITH: Just a little Wraith humour.

(It laughs again. Woolsey turns to Sam angrily.)

WOOLSEY: I hope you know what you're doing.

(He storms out of the room. Sam looks at the Wraith which is still chuckling, then turns and follows him. The Wraith sighs in a satisfied way.)

In space, a hyperspace window opens and a hive ship flies out of it and heads towards New Lantea. In the Control Room, Chuck reports.

CHUCK: Wraith ship just dropped out of hyperspace.

CARTER: Are they powering weapons?

(Chuck checks his screens.)

CHUCK: Negative. They're sending a transmission.

CARTER (activating her headset): Rodney, you're on.

(In Rodney's lab, Wraith text is streaming down his screens. Ronon is with him.)

DEX: That's it? That's your super-weapon?

McKAY: Well, what were you expecting?

DEX: A big gun? Something that goes boom?

(The screens show the message "TRANSMISSION COMPLETE." Rodney activates his headset.)

McKAY: Sam. That's it. We got it.

(In the Control Room, John looks at Sam.)

SHEPPARD: I can go down to the Chair Room and finish this off right now.

CARTER: Can't risk it, John. (She activates her headset again.) Security, have the Wraith escorted to Doctor McKay's lab.

LATER. The Wraith is in Rodney's lab. It has a thick leather belt around its waist which has short metal chains attached to either side of it. The chains lead to leather wrist manacles which prevent the Wraith from moving its hands much. It is standing at a computer and looking at the screen.

WRAITH: No, this is all wrong.

(Rodney, sitting at a computer behind it, turns and looks at it.)

McKAY: What do you mean?

WRAITH (turning to him): You must iterate all values of the expression before you can aggregate the results.

McKAY: Are you kidding?! We're better off using known data points and extrapolating.

WRAITH: You risk compounding errors.

McKAY: What?!

(The Wraith leans down to him. Marines in the room raise their weapons warningly.)

WRAITH: If my hands were free, I could help you.

McKAY (nervously): No, it's-it's fine. I'll do it myself. Thanks.

WRAITH: As you wish.

(It straightens up and turns back to its screen. Rodney gets back to work.)

SAM'S OFFICE. Sam and Woolsey are sitting at the desk talking as Rodney storms in.

McKAY: He's holding out on us. Part of the virus is missing. I mean, sure, they're minor subroutines – nothing that would be greatly affected by the changes I've made to the Replicator base code – but still necessary to make it work. Look, I probably wouldn't have even noticed it except ... well ... you know, I'm really good. Look, he's definitely up to something.

WOOLSEY: We know.

McKAY: You know? What do you mean, you know?

CARTER: A few minutes ago, we started tracking another hive ship on course for Atlantis.

RODNEY'S LAB. Ronon is standing facing the Wraith with the muzzle of his blaster jammed against its chest. John and Rodney stand nearby.

WRAITH: I swear I know nothing of this.

SHEPPARD: You gave our position away to another hive ship.

WRAITH: Why would I betray you now, just as we were beginning to trust each other?

McKAY: We're not, really, are we? You held back some of the virus.

(The Wraith hisses.)

WRAITH: Just a small portion. Nothing that prevents us from completing our work, and once that is done, I will gladly transmit the remainder.

DEX: I say we kill him right now.

SHEPPARD: I agree.

(Rodney looks at the Wraith serenely, as if to say, "It's up to you, pal.")

WRAITH: I had no way of knowing you would not simply take the virus and then turn against me.

SHEPPARD: I'm offended you could even think that.

(The Wraith chuckles.)

DEX: The point is, you lied. How do we know you're not lying about the ship?

WRAITH: Wraith are divided into many camps. There is much suspicion and mistrust. The last thing I need is for another hive to appear before I can complete this work.

(Rodney clicks his fingers a couple of times.)

McKAY: That's it. That's why they're coming. They're tracking his ship. Think about it: a single hive off by itself out in the middle of nowhere, orbiting a supposedly uninhabited planet. That's bound to raise a few eyebrows ... (he looks at the Wraith and flinches a little) ... I mean, if you had eyebrows.

WRAITH: There is only one solution. You must cloak the city.

SAM'S OFFICE. Sam, John and Woolsey are there.

WOOLSEY: If we cloak the city, we lose shields. We'd be completely vulnerable to attack.

CARTER: And what if he's telling the truth? If we don't cloak, we'll be giving up our position.

WOOLSEY: He's been playing us from the start. This is what he wanted all along.

SHEPPARD: All right, wait a minute. A little while ago you thought the Replicators were gonna destroy the city. Now you think the Wraith are gonna do it. Which one is it?

(Woolsey looks at Sam, unable to answer. Sam turns to John.)

CARTER: How long until the second hive gets here?

SHEPPARD: Two hours.

INFIRMARY. Sam walks over to Davos' bedside as Linara hands him a cup of water.

CARTER: Hello again.

DAVOS: Colonel. It's nice to see you, but I'm afraid I can't offer you any more insight into future events. These medicines dull my mind.

CARTER: That's all right. That's not why I came, although I did wanna ask you a few questions about your visions if you feel up to it.

DAVOS: Of course.

CARTER: Have you ever been wrong?


CARTER: Knowing how events play out, you haven't been able to change the future or avoid it?

DAVOS: I'm afraid not.

CARTER: What about the culling on your planet?

DAVOS: I did not see a culling, merely the Wraith ships arriving, and that is exactly what happened. Doctor McKay's vision happened as he saw it, but his interpretation was incorrect.

CARTER (grimacing): Pretty hard to misinterpret what I saw.

DAVOS: I make no judgements, but I do know it will come to pass.

CARTER: It's hard for me to accept that. You're telling me that the future is pre-determined but I have always believed that the future is what you make it.

DAVOS: Perhaps both are true. Perhaps the future is pre-determined by the character of those who shape it. One thing has been clear to me from the moment I set foot in this city: the galaxy is at a crossroads. Never before have I sensed that the future of so many worlds can turn on the actions of so few.

LATER. John walks out onto the outside balcony of the Control Room to join Sam.

SHEPPARD: The other hive ship'll be here soon.

CARTER: I know. You should get down to the Chair Room.

SHEPPARD: So we've decided to take ‘em out?

CARTER: Right now, I'm having a hard time deciding anything.

SHEPPARD: Know what the problem is? Too much information.

CARTER: Really?

SHEPPARD: There's only so much information you need to make a decision. Anything after that complicates it – like these visions. Are they making things better or worse?

CARTER: Well, they helped you avoid being captured by the Wraith.

SHEPPARD: You and I both know we would never walk into a trap unprepared, even if McKay didn't have that vision.

CARTER (quoting Davos): "The future is pre-determined by the character of those who shape it."

SHEPPARD: What's that?

CARTER: Nothing.

SHEPPARD: Look, technically Woolsey is correct. The safety of this city is our first priority and, based on that, there is only one decision: take out both the hive ships as soon as possible.

CARTER: But ...?

SHEPPARD: But what the hell's the point of being out here if we're not gonna help people? We're gonna be safe and sound while the rest of the galaxy gets slaughtered?

CARTER: So play it safe, or take a chance with the Wraith and maybe save millions of lives. This kind of decision used to be easy, but then I was just making it for myself. Now, I'm asking a lot of people to take a chance with me.

SHEPPARD: Everybody on this base chose to be here, and they did so because they believe in the same things you do.

(Sam nods.)

CARTER: If anything goes wrong ...

SHEPPARD: I'll be ready.

(He goes back inside. Sam stays on the balcony, thinking over her decisions.)

CONTROL ROOM. Sam comes back in.

CARTER: Rodney, prepare to cloak the city.

McKAY: All right, people, you heard her. Let's do this.

(He sits down at a console as others take their places. Woolsey looks round at them all, obviously unhappy. He walks over to Sam.)

WOOLSEY: My understanding is it takes some doing to switch back from the cloak to the shields. It's not something that can be done right away.

CARTER: That's right.

WOOLSEY: So if we commit to this course of action, there's no going back.

CARTER: I'm afraid not. There's still some time before the second hive gets here. You could return to Midway if you like.

WOOLSEY: But then my report wouldn't be as thorough as possible, would it?

(He smiles slightly. Sam smiles back.)

CHAIR ROOM. John gets into the Chair and it lights up as he reclines it.

SHEPPARD: I'm in position, Colonel.

CARTER: Understood. Rodney, how are we doing?

McKAY: Engaging cloak now.

(From a viewpoint out in the ocean, the city slowly disappears from view.)

INFIRMARY. Linara looks in concern as Davos, now wearing a nasal canula, begins to struggle to breathe.

LINARA: Father? Father?

(She turns and calls out.)

LINARA: Doctor! Doctor, help him!

(Jennifer runs over to the bed.)

KELLER: Davos? Davos?

(Davos doesn't reply, staring ahead as his breathing becomes more ragged. Linara starts to cry.)

LINARA: Father?

(Davos' heart monitor begins to beep more rapidly, then his eyes close and the monitor emits a single solid tone.)

LINARA (sobbing): No!

KELLER: I'm sorry.

(Linara continues to sob, holding her father's hand and bowing her head over it.)

Above the planet, a hyperspace window opens and the new hive ship arrives.

McKAY: Second hive just dropped out of hyperspace. (He looks up at Sam and Woolsey.) This is it.

(He looks at his screens.)

McKAY: First hive is sending a transmission. They're probably trying to explain what they're doing here.

SHEPPARD (from the Chair Room): C'mon, guys, what's happening?

McKAY: Stand by.

CARTER: Rodney?

McKAY: They're still just talking.

(His console beeps.)

McKAY: Whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa, wait a minute. We've got a problem.

SHEPPARD: What is it? What's going on?

McKAY: Both ships just powered weapons.


SHEPPARD: That's it. Firing drones.

(He closes his eyes in concentration as his hand reaches for the control panel on the arm of the Chair.)

CARTER: John, wait!

(John opens his eyes again, his hand hovering just above the arm panel.)

CARTER: Just give it a second.

WOOLSEY: Are you insane?! They're gonna wipe us out!

CARTER: Shut up, Woolsey.

(Woolsey glares at her for a moment, then turns away from her.)

WOOLSEY: Colonel Sheppard. As a ranking member of the I.O.A., I'm assuming command of this base. I'm ordering you to launch the drones now.

(John flexes the fingers of both hands over the arm panels, unsure what to do.)

CARTER: Belay that order! (She turns to Woolsey, glaring at him.) One more word out of you and I will have you removed.

McKAY: Hold on. Something's happening. The hives are firing on each other!

CARTER: Are you sure?

McKAY: Definitely! They're not pulling any punches either.

(Side by side in space, the hives fire at each other. One of them eventually can no longer take the onslaught and explodes. The shockwave from its destruction radiates out and envelops the other ship, causing it to explode too. In the Control Room, Rodney gasps as he looks at his screen.)

McKAY: They just destroyed each other! I guess the other Wraith didn't buy their story.

CARTER: Was either ship able to get off a sub-space message?

McKAY: Oh, right. (He checks his screen.) Negative. We're good!

(Sam smiles, then turns to Woolsey, who puts his hand to his mouth and turns away, shocked by what he could have caused if he had been able to take command. Sam speaks into her radio.)

CARTER: John, you can stand down.

SHEPPARD (elevating the Chair to its upright position): Gladly.

DAY TIME. In the Infirmary, Linara watches sadly as two marines wheel Davos' covered body out of the room on a trolley. She walks over to Teyla.

LINARA: I'm taking him back to Vedeena to be buried according to our custom.

TEYLA: It is good that he is going home.

LINARA: I don't know what my people will do without him. He's always been there, warning us of danger, protecting us from harm. (She starts to cry again.) And for the first time in my life, I fear the future.

TEYLA (putting a sympathetic hand on her shoulder): Just because something is unknown does not necessarily mean it needs to be feared. Trust yourself, and the rest will unfold as it is meant to.

(Linara nods, then turns to follow her father's body. Jennifer walks over to Teyla.)

KELLER: He was an interesting man.

TEYLA: Yes. He knew that I was pregnant.

KELLER: Really? You know, pretty soon, other people are gonna find out too. You're gonna have to tell them.

TEYLA: I know.

BRIG. The cell door slides open and marines go inside, aiming their stunners at him while others stand outside, some holding rifles and one holding the shackles ready to put onto the Wraith. It stands as John walks in.

WRAITH: So all it took was the destruction of my ship for you to finally trust me.

SHEPPARD: No, not true. I still don't trust you. (To the marines) Take him to the lab. He's got work to do.

(The Wraith growls in irritation as the marines hustle him away.)

GATEROOM. Woolsey pulls his small suitcase behind him as he walks to the Stargate, which is open ready for him to leave. Sam stands nearby. He stops and turns to her.

WOOLSEY: Well. This is awkward.

CARTER (nodding): Yes.

WOOLSEY: For the record, I thought I was making the right call.

CARTER: It was a difficult situation for everyone.

WOOLSEY: I just have one last question. How did you know the two Wraith ships would fire on each other?

CARTER: I didn't. You gonna put that in your report?

WOOLSEY: It probably would be better if I didn't.

(Sam smiles slightly.)

WOOLSEY: There may be such a thing as being too thorough.

CARTER: Right.

(Woolsey turns and walks into the event horizon. Sam watches him go thoughtfully, then smiles and walks down the side steps just as John comes in.)

SHEPPARD: Where's Woolsey?

CARTER: Oh, you just missed him.

SHEPPARD: That hurts my feelings. I didn't even say goodbye yet.

CARTER: How's McKay doing?

SHEPPARD: He and the Wraith are back at it, but I guess they're having a problem getting this virus to work.

CARTER: I'd hate to think this was all for nothing.

SHEPPARD: Well, we got out alive and we kept our location secret. That still counts for something.


SHEPPARD: You're still thinking about those visions, aren't you?

CARTER: I can't get them out of my head. Everything Davos saw came true.

SHEPPARD: For all we know, it won't come true for another thousand years.

CARTER: Or it could come true tomorrow.

SHEPPARD: Right! So what else is new?