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Haven’t listened to the podcast yet, will do so in the morning.
I have a question, though. Did an audience reaction poll for Divided ever get created or was it obliterated by the crash?
Thanks and looking forward to listening.


Regarding the stones, Rush can’t have one of the stones as there are five stones, all of which are in the case when Caine is setting things up. If Rush had his own stone he wouldn’t have needed the stones in Air, he’d have just used his own instead of one in the case that he pulled out. It’s yet another very silly accusation from Young, just like the one from the end of Light and the one about Franklin. Rush was pretty scared (a) of the aliens (seriously, that was pure terror on the alien ship) and (b) he… Read more »


They used the stones out of desperation to get the tracker out of Rush. They probably figured is was worth the risk.

Maybe Rush does/did have a stone and it doesn’t show it in the case foam because it was from another set or any number of other reasons.

I don’t understand what your problem with the communication disruption is. They knew there was going to be a disruption eventually, but they didn’t think it would be that soon. So there’s not a problem there, minor or otherwise.


@the podcast dudes: About the remark of weapons-training the civilians. ARE, YOU, SERIOUS?! Right, train the civilians so that NEXT TIME they decide to take over the ship, they will be more dangerous and have a bigger chance in succeeding. You didnt think that one through did you? =P