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GateWorld Podcast: ‘Common Descent’

Monday - May 2, 2011


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Stargate Universe is certainly going out with a bang! On this week’s show Darren and David are reunited to talk about “Common Descent,” a terrific episode with the return of a powerful foe and an interesting science fiction premise. We’ll talk about the return of the drone ships and the new tricks they have up their sleeves, Destiny‘s descendants and their hope of returning home to Novus, and our first glimpses at an alternate history for our crew.

First up we’ll talk about Syfy’s decision to move Sanctuary to Mondays (note that we recorded this show before those first ratings were revealed). And in the voicemail segment we’ll hear more of your thoughts on “Seizure” and “The Hunt,” and some initial reactions to the end of Stargate on television.

Call the Podcast Hotline! Give us your thoughts on this week’s new episode of Stargate Universe. This week we want to hear from you on tonight’s new episode, “Blockade.” We’d also love to hear your thoughts on the 14-year history of the Stargate television franchise, and on the (temporary) cancellation.

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Discussion“Common Descent” (SGU Episode #217)

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Next Episode: “Epilogue.” Next week we’ll have our discussion about the conclusion to “Common Descent.” Call in this week with your thoughts on the latest episode, “Blockade!”

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  • I think that the 4 Lucian Alliance members would have added a huge amount of diversity to the genetic pool. Considering that they are humans that have been separated from the Taur’i for nearly 8000 years.

  • Regarding the population, it’s not true that, I believe you said 85, people wouldn’t provide the genetic pool necessary to create such a large population. It would depend more on the genetic diversity of those involved than the number. As long as there was enough genetic diversity among them and there wasn’t a high incidence of genetic anomaly, 85 people could create a population well over 100,000,000 within 2000 years. Obviously the conditions would have to be favorable, but given that most of the early relationships beyond the initial ones from the crew would have been less likely to have been long term since the societal pressure to ‘mate for life’ would probably be frowned upon in favor of survival of the species during that period…assuming no mass disease occurred, a large civilization is definitely possible.

  • Yeah I agree regarding population,those 85 are more than enough.Take notice that the entire population of Earth nowdays descend from one woman.Scientific Eve.Also at one point in history before human population moved from Africa a long drout and a lack of resources decreased homo sapiens population to few hundred only and yet there are 7 billion of us some 100 thousand years later.And those humans weren’t even close to being as genetically diversed as our contemporary population,in this case Destiny’s crew.Basically they were much closer to being close relatives at the dawn of human population on Earth.Destiny crew with around 85 ppl and contemporary normal genetic diversity could have easily produced a population of a few million over 2000 years,even with diseases and harsh conditions.
    In the case of ideal conditions a population of at least few tens of millions would have existed.

  • I think we’ll find out that Eli’s descendants built the drones. We’ve heard that there was a civil war between the descendants, so I think both sides built drones to attack each other similar to the film Screamers.

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