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NEWS TAGGED: Robert Picardo
Saturday - May 25, 2013
Robert Picardo talks about his final Stargate appearance in SGU, and where his career is currently taking him.

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Robert Picardo’s Sensored Now on DVD
Sunday - December 9, 2012
Buy the psychological thriller starring Stargate's Richard Woolsey, or rent it online for just $2.99.

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Hewlett and Picardo talk Morlocks (Deadbolt)
Sunday - September 25, 2011
David Hewlett and Robert Picardo discuss the Syfy original movie Morlocks.

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Preview next week’s episode of Stargate Universe, ‘Seizure!’
Tuesday - March 29, 2011
Two newly-released videos have us convinced that this will be one of SGU's best hours. SPOILERS

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Robert Picardo and Kavan Smith headline Syfy’s October fright movies
Tuesday - October 5, 2010
The Stargate actors will appear in Monsterwolf and Red: Werewolf Hunter later this month.

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Q&A with Atlantis‘s Robert Picardo (
Tuesday - September 28, 2010
Robert Picardo answers fan questions about Star Trek, Stargate, and what he's up to now! (Look for Part 2 on the site, as well.)

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Hewlett discusses SGA/SGU crossover
Tuesday - September 7, 2010
An exclusive chat with the actor yields small clues about Rodney McKay's brush with Destiny!

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Robert Picardo reminices about ‘Remnants’ (SciFiAndTvTalk)
Saturday - July 24, 2010
Robert Picardo talks about Woolsey and his favorite episode from Atlantis's final season.

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Hewlett and Picardo to appear on SGU
Friday - July 23, 2010
Rodney McKay and Richard Woolsey are the Atlantis faces set to appear in Season Two of Stargate Universe, according to Comic-Con reports.

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Interview with Robert Picardo (Moviehole)
Saturday - May 30, 2009
"Woolsey" actor Robert Picardo sits down with (text interview).

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Vancouver Convention Report: Saturday
Thursday - April 9, 2009
Paul McGillion, Robert Picardo and Joe Flanigan on stage in Vancouver!

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Interview with Robert Picardo (SciFi Pulse)
Tuesday - March 10, 2009
"Richard Woolsey" actor Robert Picardo talks with

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Picardo and McGillion on finale, Trek (TrekMovie)
Monday - January 12, 2009
Robert Picardo and Paul McGillion talk with about the end of Atlantis, and their respective work in the Star Trek franchise.

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Robert Picardo’s Stargate Memories (TV Guide)
Friday - January 9, 2009
Robert Picardo talks with TV Guide about life after Atlantis.

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Picardo: Atlantis finale is ‘well-crafted’
Sunday - December 28, 2008
Robert Picardo tells GateWorld why he thinks fans will find the final hour of Atlantis enjoyable.

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