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After the Prometheus responds to a distress call from a Goa'uld ship, Daniel Jackson finds himself a captive when Earth's ship is stolen.

DVD DISC: Season 8, Disc 3
WRITTEN BY: Damian Kindler
DIRECTED BY: Andy Mikita
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Transcript by Callie Sullivan

S.G.C. - LEVEL 27. Jack and Daniel get out of the elevator.

JACKSON: C'mon, Jack!

O'NEILL: Still no, Daniel!

JACKSON: It doesn't even have to be on a permanent basis!

O'NEILL: I didn't let you go in the first place -- what makes you think I'm gonna change my mind?

JACKSON: Because ... (He pauses, struggling to come up with a reason.)

O'NEILL: Can you try to do better than that?

JACKSON: Because they're gonna need somebody who can translate Ancient -- I'm the most qualified person left on the planet for the mission.

O'NEILL: Which is exactly why you're gonna stay right here.

JACKSON: Because I'll quit!

O'NEILL: Why don't you just hold your breath? You haven't done that in a while.

(They reach the door to Jack's office and stop at the sight that greets them. General Hammond is sitting in Jack's chair. He spins the chair round to face them.)

O'NEILL (delighted): General!

HAMMOND: Jack. I let myself in -- hope you don't mind.

O'NEILL: Absolutely not! Welcome.

HAMMOND: Thank you.

O'NEILL: Miss the chair?

HAMMOND: Actually, I do.

O'NEILL: Want it back?

HAMMOND: As a matter of fact, I do. My new one just isn't the same.

O'NEILL: That's not exactly what I meant.

HAMMOND: Doctor Jackson -- nice to see you again.

JACKSON: Likewise. We miss you around here, sir. (Jack looks at him indignantly.) So, to what do we owe this pleasure?

HAMMOND: I came to ask if you'd be interested in joining the mission to Atlantis.

O'NEILL and JACKSON (simultaneously): You did?

HAMMOND (to Jack): He's the most qualified person on this planet, and the mission commander needs someone who can translate Ancient.

(Jack looks round at Daniel, who tries unsuccessfully not to look smug.)

JACKSON: Really?!

O'NEILL: With all due respect, sir, I think you should tell the mission commander that I need Daniel right here.

HAMMOND: You just did.

O'NEILL: I did ... I did? You, sir?

HAMMOND: Yes. (He stands up.) Request denied. Doctor Jackson, you're with me. (To Jack) I'll have the chair shipped to Washington. You can requisition a new one.

O'NEILL: I'll do that, sir.

HAMMOND (to Daniel): We leave tomorrow. (To Jack) Oh, and I'll be taking Walter too.

(He leaves the room. Jack looks round at Daniel, who glances at him and then looks away, clearing his throat in a rather embarrassed way before leaving the room as well.)

NEVADA - PROMETHEUS BASE. Daniel comes on board Prometheus and walks along a corridor to meet General Hammond.

JACKSON: General!

HAMMOND: Welcome aboard!

(They shake hands.)

JACKSON: Thank you, sir -- again.

HAMMOND: My motives were purely selfish, Doctor Jackson. We haven't heard a word from the Atlantis expedition team since they first left. We have no idea what we're going to find in Pegasus. Your knowledge and expertise will no doubt prove invaluable.

JACKSON: General, if you don't mind my asking ...

HAMMOND: Why am I going?

JACKSON: Well, you could've chosen anyone to command this mission.

HAMMOND: Y'know, I sat back and watched you people go on a lot of adventures over the years.

JACKSON: It's just that I thought that, when you were replaced at the S.G.C., you were sort of bucking for retirement.

HAMMOND: And then I led Prometheus against Anubis' fleet.

JACKSON: Got your dander up!

HAMMOND: That's why I took the job as Head of Homeworld Security -- and then this opportunity came along. Well, the President put me in charge, so I could choose anyone I wanted to lead the mission.

JACKSON: So why not choose yourself?!

HAMMOND: Like I said, I sent a lot of people into action over the years. More than a few didn't come back. I'd like to see this one through personally.

JACKSON: We've never left anyone behind, sir.

HAMMOND: And we're not going to this time.

SPACE. Prometheus is in hyperspace. In Prometheus' briefing room, Daniel is talking to various personnel, including General Hammond and Sergeant Harriman.

JACKSON: Last recorded M.A.L.P. telemetry from Atlantis indicated an enclosed space with viable life support.

(A young scientist, Novak, walks to her seat, hiccuping as she goes. She mutters "Stop it!" to herself as she takes her seat.)

JACKSON: Now we're going on the assumption that the expedition team found the lost city and was able to set up a base of operations there.

(Novak hiccups noisily.)

NOVAK: Sorry.

HAMMOND: Doctor Novak?

NOVAK: The Asgard hyperdrive is functioning at one hundred percent, sir.

HAMMOND: Thank you. (He turns back to Daniel.) Doctor Jackson?

JACKSON: I'm sorry -- what-what was I saying?

NOVAK: Oh, you were assuming the lost city is at the other end of this field trip. (She hiccups.) Please ignore me.

JACKSON: It's hard to.

HAMMOND (to Novak): You disagree, Doctor?

NOVAK: Well, as far as we know, the Atlantis team found another outpost like the one on Antarctica. It could be on a moon, or at the bottom of some deep, dark ocean. (She hiccups.)

HAMMOND: Which is why we're going. If they're trapped and need help ...

NOVAK: If they're even alive at all. (She hiccups.)

JACKSON: As for why they've been unable to make contact with Earth, hopefully it's just a matter of being unable to locate a viable power source.

HAMMOND: Using information collected from the Ancient outpost on Earth, Doctor Jackson and his team have pinpointed our destination in the Pegasus galaxy.

JACKSON: Which is here. (He indicates the location on a map. Novak hiccups noisily.)

NOVAK: Damn it to hell! (She takes a glass of water off the table, turns her chair around, leans forward between her knees and noisily slurps water from the far side of the glass. Walter tries to hide his smile, while the others look awkward or annoyed.)

LATER. Doctor Novak walks towards an elevator. Daniel is already there and swiping his card through the reader to call the elevator.

JACKSON: Doctor Novak.

NOVAK: Doctor Jackson.

JACKSON: Daniel.

NOVAK: You can call me Lindsey. Um, sorry for contradicting you in the briefing.

(The elevator arrives and they get in.)

JACKSON: Oh, no, don't be. I mean, you were right -- the fact that we haven't heard from the Atlantis expedition since they left is a bad sign. (Novak hiccups.) Tried holding your breath?

NOVAK: Oh, God, I've tried everything!

JACKSON: Yeah, it doesn't work for me either.

NOVAK: It's been like this since I was a kid. (She hiccups. The elevator arrives at its destination and they get out.) It, er, it comes on when I get scared, but this is the worst it's been since my Ph.D presentation. I mean, I don't really do well in stressful situations. I guess that's why I turned down going to Atlantis the first time.

JACKSON: Well, I'm sure you're gonna be fine. General Hammond says you're, er, you're very good at what you do, so ...

NOVAK: Oh, thank you!

(Alarms sound. Novak hiccups.)

NOVAK: What's that? What's wrong?

JACKSON: I don't know.

(He hurries off. Novak holds her breath for a few seconds, then realizes that she ought to be somewhere.)

NOVAK: OK. (She too hurries off.)

BRIDGE. Colonel Reynolds is standing at the front of the Bridge, looking out the front windscreen. He turns and walks away as Daniel comes in. Hammond is in the big chair, with Walter sitting beside him.

HAMMOND: We're picking up what sounds like a distress call.

JACKSON: Where are we?

HARRIMAN: We're still well inside the Milky Way.

HAMMOND: Play it back.

HARRIMAN: Yes, sir. (He activates the playback. A woman's voice can be heard. What she says is broken up with many gaps.)

WOMAN'S VOICE: Help ... require assistance ... have failed ... lost power to ... Repeat, stranded in ...

JACKSON: She sounds human.

HAMMOND: What do you think?

JACKSON: Well, as much as I hate to delay this trip, I think we have to check it out.

HAMMOND (to Walter): How far away is it?

HARRIMAN: The message is originating just over fifty light years off our designated route. We could be there in ... twenty minutes?

HAMMOND: Set a course.

HARRIMAN: Yes, sir.

SPACE. Prometheus comes out of hyperspace. Up ahead, two ships are motionless.

HAMMOND: Set shields at maximum. Arm weapons.

REYNOLDS: Looks like an Al'kesh and a cargo ship.

HARRIMAN: Scans indicate they've suffered significant damage. The distress signal is originating from within the Al'kesh.

HAMMOND: I don't understand. A human distress call from a Goa'uld ship -- that makes no sense.

REYNOLDS: I agree, sir. It could be a trap.

JACKSON: Look, I know this looks suspicious but what if there was an uprising on board one of those ships? There could be human prisoners in need of our help.

HAMMOND (to Walter): Open a channel.

HARRIMAN: Yes, sir. (He activates comms.)

HAMMOND: This is General George Hammond of the Earth vessel Prometheus. We're answering your distress call and standing ready to assist you.

(There's no reply.)

HARRIMAN: We can transport a portable sensor unit on board to determine life support viability.

(Hammond nods his agreement.)

REYNOLDS: General -- an Al'kesh is potentially a valuable ship. Even if there are no survivors, we need to determine if it's space-worthy. If it is, we should salvage her.

HAMMOND: Take a team.

REYNOLDS: Yes, sir.

AL'KESH. Reynolds and three others ring on board. They check out the immediate area.

REYNOLDS (into radio): Prometheus -- this is SG-3. We are on board.

(The team moves into the corridors.)

REYNOLDS (into radio): General, we're seeing some energy weapon damage.

(The team moves on. After a while Reynolds sees a dead Jaffa lying on the floor.)

REYNOLDS (into radio): We have one Jaffa -- K.I.A.

SG TEAM MEMBER: Sir, over here!

(Reynolds hurries to see what his team mate has found, then activates his radio again.)

REYNOLDS (into radio): Make that four Jaffa. Looks like these folks had a little on-board fire fight. Still no sign of life. We're heading to the Bridge.

(They hear the sound of the transporter rings activating and hurry back towards the ring room.)


REYNOLDS (over radio): Prometheus, someone just activated the ... (His transmission ends.)

HAMMOND: Colonel Reynolds, say again?

HARRIMAN: Sir! Our rings just activated.

(At the Prometheus ring room, the doors open and a super-soldier comes out.)

HAMMOND: Security team to level four ring room. Visuals onscreen. (Walter calls up the ring room camera but there is nothing but static on the screen.) Seal it off.

HARRIMAN: Controls are not responding, sir.

AL'KESH. One of SG-3 is trying to get the ring transporter working. Reynolds comes over to him.


AIRMAN: It's no good, sir. The rings will not activate.


HAMMOND: Security team, report.

HARRIMAN: All shipboard communications are down.

HAMMOND: Initiate emergency lockdown.

HARRIMAN: I can't, sir. It may be possible from the engine room.

HAMMOND (to Daniel): Go.

(Daniel and a couple of technicians hurry out of the room.)

CORRIDORS. Daniel and his team enter a corridor and see the super-soldier up ahead. Daniel dives out of the way as the super-soldier turns and fires a zat gun, taking down the other three people. Daniel stays in hiding as the super-soldier clumps away, then looks cautiously round the corner at his downed colleagues. Hearing the super-soldier firing its zat at some other people, he runs off.

AL'KESH. The rings activate.

AIRMAN: That wasn't me, sir.

(Reynolds looks at what has been transported in.)

REYNOLDS: Let's get 'em out of there.

(He and his team run forward and we see that several members of the Prometheus crew are lying on the floor, unconscious.)

PROMETHEUS - BRIDGE. The door opens and the super-soldier walks in. Hammond, Walter and the other crew stare in horror as it raises its zat gun.

PROMETHEUS - CORRIDORS. Daniel makes his way to the Armoury, takes down a Telchak rifle and adjusts the chip in it. Picking up a bag of weaponry, he heads off.

AL'KESH. Reynolds and his team have just finished dragging their unconscious crewmates off the ring circle when the rings activate again. SG-3 raise their weapons. The rings lift, and standing there are Hammond, Walter and two other crew members.

AL'KESH - BRIDGE. Hammond and Reynolds come onto the Bridge. Out the front windscreen, they see Prometheus power up and fly away.

HAMMOND: Can we pursue?

(Reynolds sits in the pilot's seat and tries to activate some controls.)

REYNOLDS: Engines are offline. Controls are unresponsive. The weapons are offline too, sir. It looks like we're dead in the water.

(Walter hurries in.)

HARRIMAN: General. I just did a head count. Daniel Jackson is still aboard Prometheus.

PROMETHEUS - BRIDGE. Daniel carefully makes his way onto the Bridge. The super-soldier is standing with its back to him. Daniel raises his rifle and fires, but the blast has no effect. The super-soldier turns toward him. Daniel fires again, still with no effect. The super-soldier raises its zat gun.

JACKSON: Oh, crap!

(The super-soldier fires. Daniel cries out in pain and falls to the floor.)

AL'KESH - RING ROOM. Hammond goes over to Novak, who is sitting on the floor holding her head.

HAMMOND: Are you OK?

NOVAK: Oh, I feel like my head's gonna explode -- but on the bright side, I think my hiccups are gone! (She hiccups, then rolls her eyes before turning to Hammond.) What do you need, sir?

HAMMOND: I need this ship operational -- now.

NOVAK: Yes, sir. (Reynolds helps her to her feet.) Thank you.

AL'KESH - BRIDGE. Walter is in the pilot's seat, trying to get the controls to work. Hammond comes in.

HARRIMAN: Near as I can tell, we're lucky that the life support systems are still working, sir.

HAMMOND: How much time do you figure we have?

HARRIMAN: That's hard to say. I've got some secondary systems online, including some short range sensors, sir. Scans of the cargo ship indicate that it's in worse shape than this Al'kesh. (He looks round at Hammond.) Strange, isn't it, sir?

HAMMOND: That a Goa'uld super-soldier would go to all this trouble to keep us alive?

PROMETHEUS - BRIDGE. Daniel is unconscious in the commander's chair, tied by his wrists with plastic tethers. He wakes up, tries to move and realizes that he can't. He looks over to the super-soldier, which is standing with its back to him and looking at some screens.

JACKSON: Hey, how's it going? (The super-soldier ignores him.) Guess it's just you and me, huh? (It still ignores him.) It's a little strange, isn't it? See, that weapon I shot you with should have killed you. What's even stranger is you guys usually don't take prisoners, either. I mean, it's, uh, kinda kill first and ... (He trails off and thinks through what he was about to say.) No, that's generally just about it -- just the killing. I'm just gonna talk to myself here for a while, ‘cos you're not gonna talk to me and ... Not that you guys are very talkative, but, uh ...

(The super-soldier finally turns towards him. Its voice sounds like a Goa'uld.)

SUPER-SOLDIER: You may prove useful.

JACKSON: OK, now we're gettin' somewhere. Where's everybody else?

SUPER-SOLDIER: I transported them onto the Al'kesh.

JACKSON: Well, you kept the wrong guy, ‘cos I don't know anything about the ship.

(The super-soldier walks towards him.)

SUPER-SOLDIER: But you are very attractive.

(Daniel coughs.)

JACKSON: What?! (The super-soldier walks closer.) Hey, big guy, I'm-I'm flattered, really I am, it's just that, uh, you're not my type. And I'm more than a little disturbed that I might be yours.

(The super-soldier lowers its head and starts to take its helmet off. Daniel flinches away, closing his eyes.)

JACKSON: Woah, no, don't! You don't have to do that! Don't! Don't! Oh!

(The super-soldier takes its helmet off, revealing an attractive human woman with long black hair. Daniel opens his eyes. The woman smiles at him.)

VALA: Don't worry. I'm not gonna hurt you.

JACKSON: Thank God.

VALA: Much ... I hope.

LATER. Vala is taking off the super-soldier armour. She is wearing a black close-fitting catsuit underneath.

VALA: I wish to send a long range transmission using the communications systems.

JACKSON: Sorry, don't have a clue.

VALA (walking towards him): You lie.

JACKSON: In general? Uh, no. Yes. Well, I try to be honest but, you know, occasionally a little white one slips out every now and again ... (Vala slaps him hard around the face.) Ah! Ow!

VALA: Shall I kiss it better?

JACKSON: Um, no. Just don't do it again. Hey, look, even if I knew what it is you wanted me to do, what makes you think I'd tell you? How the hell do you think you can steal a ship when you don't know how it works?

VALA: I got the sublight engines going.

JACKSON: Yeah, so you did.

VALA: You really expect me to believe you don't know how your own ship works?

JACKSON: OK, look. My name is Daniel Jackson. I'm an archaeologist, a historian. (Vala goes to the seat beside him, sits down and starts trying to activate the controls.) I study ancient cultures -- histories of the past, ancient civilizations. Have you heard of Earth? Tau'ri?


JACKSON: OK. Well, we were on our way to rescue a few friends who are trapped in ...

VALA: I really don't care.

JACKSON: Look, this really isn't necessary ...

VALA (interrupting): Can I have this ship? "No." OK. Discussion over. (She slams her fist down on the console. The console beeps and a message comes up saying: "Communications System: Active".) Oh. (She turns to Daniel.) Here we go. (She activates the comms.) Tenat of Oran. Tenat, this is Vala. If you can hear me, please respond. ... (Unnoticed by her, Daniel has managed to reach down and pick up a long piece of metal which may help him to sever his bonds.) I've managed to procure a vessel bigger and better than what I hoped for. Tenat, if you get this message, I apologize for the delay and will meet at the designated co-ordinates in one day. Vala out. (She turns to Daniel.) Now, about the hyperdrive.

AL'KESH. Novak and Reynolds are working on a crystal bank. Novak takes out a crystal as Hammond comes in.

HAMMOND: Colonel. Doctor.

NOVAK: I've re-routed remaining power to shields and life support for the time being, but as far as the engines go ... (She shrugs.)

REYNOLDS: The control crystals for both sublight and hyperdrive engines are totally fried.

NOVAK: Looks like they were deliberately sabotaged.

HAMMOND: Can they be repaired?

NOVAK: In a word, no. We need new ones.

REYNOLDS: I was thinking about that cargo ship, sir.

HAMMOND: Sergeant Harriman says life support over there is minimal -- barely enough to sustain one person for a few moments.

NOVAK: And if we don't get new crystals ... (she hiccups) sorry.

REYNOLDS: I'll go, sir.

HAMMOND: No, I'll go.

REYNOLDS: Uh, with all due ...

HAMMOND (interrupting): Colonel, someone took my ship. I want it back.

PROMETHEUS - BRIDGE. Daniel is covertly attempting to slice through the tether holding his right hand while Vala tries to get the hyperdrive working. A message comes up on the screen saying: "Access denied."

VALA: Access is restricted by a code.

JACKSON: Yeah? Too bad.

(Vala turns to him. Her left hand is still encased in a piece of the super-soldier's weaponry. She shoots him in the left shoulder, leaving a bad burn. Daniel cries out in pain.)

VALA: That hurt?

JACKSON: Uh! Yeah!

(Vala opens her right hand to show a small Goa'uld device attached to her fingers.)

VALA: I can fix it.

JACKSON: I don't know the code!

(Vala stands up and walks over to Daniel. She sits on his lap and holds the device near to his wound. The device activates.)

VALA: There. Feel better?

(Daniel looks at the hole in the sleeve of his T-shirt. Underneath, the burn is completely healed. He looks up at Vala.)

JACKSON: You're a Goa'uld.

VALA:. No -- but I was once a host to one.

JACKSON: Which would explain the naquadah in your blood that lets you use Goa'uld technology.

VALA: And how I can quickly learn to fly this rather primitive ship.

JACKSON: Yeah, so primitive one would wonder if it was worth the bother.

VALA: Well, in this case, it's the size that matters. (She pointedly looks down at Daniel's groin.) Actually, pretty much in every case. (Daniel blinks. She looks into his eyes again and speaks pleadingly to him.) Tell me the code. (She reaches out and gently strokes his arm through the hole in his T-shirt.) Please.

JACKSON: Don't-don't know it.

VALA: Fine. (She gets off his lap and walks away, turning to gaze at him for a moment before leaving the room. Daniel looks bewildered.)

AL'KESH - RING ROOM. Hammond is gearing up to go over to the cargo ship. Walter and Reynolds are watching him.

REYNOLDS: How much time will he have?

HARRIMAN: I'm guessing a few minutes. Maybe less.

REYNOLDS (to Hammond): Sir ...

HAMMOND: Not another word, Colonel. (He steps into the ring circle.) Do it now.

(Walter steps forward.)

HARRIMAN: General. Godspeed.

(Hammond nods, and Walter steps back again.)

CARGO SHIP. Hammond rings on board. He activates the light on his rifle and heads off. He rounds a corner, coughing and struggling to breathe. On the Al'kesh, Novak contacts him over comms.

NOVAK: General? General, can you hear me?

HAMMOND: I'm here in the engine room.

NOVAK: Open the third panel down on the centre column.

(Hammond opens the panel.)


NOVAK: You want the blue one. It should be located at the centre of the panel.

(We see Hammond's view of the panel -- his vision is already blurry. He sees the blue crystal and takes it out.)

HAMMOND: Got it.

NOVAK: One panel up, you should find a clear one.

(Hammond opens the panel but, unlike the previous one, this one is not illuminated and the colours of the crystals are obscured by the dimness of the light.)

HAMMOND: It's hard to tell. The light in here's ... (He trails off. On the Al'kesh, Reynolds looks at his watch anxiously. On the cargo ship, Hammond takes a crystal out of the panel.) Something's ... (He trails off again, and falls to the floor.)

NOVAK: General, can you hear me?

REYNOLDS: It's only been two minutes.

NOVAK: There was a firefight on board. If the life support is not cycling the air ... (She trails off as she realizes something.)


NOVAK: Staff blasts give off carbon dioxide. In a small enclosed space ...

(Walter turns and runs for the ring room.)

CARGO SHIP. Hammond stumbles into the ring room. On the verge of collapse, he tosses the crystals into the ring circle before passing out. The rings activate and the crystals are whisked away, but in their place is Colonel Reynolds. He grabs Hammond and starts to drag him into the ring circle.

AL'KESH - RING ROOM. Walter runs into the circle, grabs the crystals and hurries out of the circle again, handing the crystals to Novak. A technician activates the rings, and Reynolds and Hammond are transported back in. Hammond is lying on the ground, unconscious.

REYNOLDS: General. General. Sir! (He unzips Hammond's jacket and puts his ear down on the general's chest.)

HARRIMAN: Is he breathing?

(Reynolds looks up at him, unsure.)

NOVAK: He may need mouth-to-mouth.

(Reynolds stares at her in horror. She gives him a "get on with it!" look. Reynolds tilts Hammond's head into the correct position, then pinches his nose. Just as he is reluctantly lowering his face down towards Hammond, Hammond takes a breath, then starts to cough.)

REYNOLDS (relieved): Oh, excellent waking up, sir! Good job on the crystals, too.

(Hammond reaches up, grabs Reynolds by the shoulder and drags him down so he can speak weakly in his ear.)

HAMMOND: Get the ship moving.

NOVAK: What did he say?

REYNOLDS: He said, "Get the ship moving."

(Novak hiccups, then she and Walter hurry away as Reynolds helps Hammond to his feet.)

REYNOLDS: C'mon, General, let's get you up.

PROMETHEUS. Vala is in a compartment of the engine room studying a bank of crystals. After some thought, she pulls one out and the bank makes a noise. She leaves the compartment.

ENGINE ROOM. A screen shows the message, "Hyperdrive course -- plotting." Vala turns away from the screen.

VALA: Much better.

(As she walks past the doorway we see that Daniel is there, holding a zat gun on her.)

JACKSON: Lose the weapon -- move away from the console.

VALA: I liked you better tied up.

JACKSON: Against the wall. Lose the weapon.

(Vala takes off the super-soldier weapon from her left hand.)

VALA: This suit will still absorb zat blasts.

JACKSON: What about your head?

(Vala walks over to the wall, then turns and holds her arms wide.)

VALA: So, you should probably make me take it off.

JACKSON: I think we'll turn the ship around first.

VALA: I dunno. If I had me at gunpoint, that wouldn't be my first choice.

JACKSON: Yeah, well. (He walks over to a console and types. The console beeps in a negative sort of way. He turns to Vala.) What's goin' on?

VALA: I rewrote the access codes so I'm the only one who can use the navigation systems.

JACKSON: Undo it.

VALA: Listen -- hundreds of lives are at stake. I'm trying to save the last of my people and this ship is their only hope.

JACKSON: Maybe if you'd mentioned that off the top.

VALA: Would you really have helped?

JACKSON: Look, as I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted, we were also on a rescue mission.

(The console beeps warningly. Daniel looks at the screen.)

VALA: What is it?

JACKSON: A ship just appeared on our radar. It's an Al'kesh.

VALA: This quadrant is crawling with Goa'uld vessels. Chances are it's not your friends. I made sure that ship was fully disabled when you showed up.

JACKSON (typing on the console): We'll see.

VALA: We have to raise shields and arm weapons.

JACKSON: I'm gonna try and hail them first.

(As he walks towards another console, Vala kicks the zat gun out of his hand, then punches him hard in the face. Daniel puts his hand to his face as Vala stands ready, her fists held up in front of her. She tries to punch him again but he blocks her and punches her on the nose. She puts both her hands to her nose, doubling up with the pain.)

VALA: Oh! Oh! Oh! You hit me!

(Daniel rolls his eyes and bends down towards her.)

JACKSON: You hit me!

VALA: Yeah. You know, we could just have sex instead.

(Without warning, she punches him again, then kicks him hard in the stomach, sending him flying across the room. She runs across to him, sits on top of him and grabs him by the ears, hauling him to his feet. He cries out, trying to pull her hands off his ears but eventually resorts to grabbing her hair and pulling on it. He manages to push her against a wall. She finally lets go and ducks down out of his grasp just as he swings a punch at her, which smashes through an electrical panel on the wall. Sparks fly and Daniel grasps his fist in pain. Vala, crouched on the floor in front of him, grabs a small fire extinguisher and slams it up into his groin. Daniel freezes, grunting in agony. Vala punches him back against a console, then punches him again, sending him flying backwards over the console.)

AL'KESH - BRIDGE. Hammond comes onto the Bridge to talk to Reynolds and Novak.

REYNOLDS: Feeling better, sir?

HAMMOND: Yes, thank you.

REYNOLDS: We just caught up with Prometheus.

HAMMOND: Nice work!

REYNOLDS: It was all Novak, sir.

(Novak smiles proudly, then hiccups.)

HARRIMAN (in the pilot's seat): They're not responding to our hails, sir.

PROMETHEUS - ENGINE ROOM. Daniel crawls round the side of the console. Vala, who was standing on top of the console, jumps down in front of him. He turns and crawls in the opposite direction. Vala jumps onto his back, wrapping her thighs around his neck. Daniel manages to get to his feet and stumbles backwards. Vala grabs onto a strut on the ceiling and continues squeezing her thighs around his neck. Daniel manages to force her legs apart and get out of her grip, then turns towards her. Still hanging onto the strut, she kicks him hard and he falls onto his back. She drops to the floor and jumps on top of him, her knees either side of his waist, and leans forward.

VALA: Are we done?


(Vala grabs his head and hauls him up into a sitting position, strokes his cheek gently, then kisses him passionately. Daniel pushes her away.)

JACKSON: You're a fruitcake!

(Vala headbutts him savagely. Daniel's eyes cross and he slumps back to the floor. Vala gets off him and goes over to the console and starts typing. A few seconds later a zat blast hits her and she falls to her knees, turning to look at Daniel, who is up on his knees aiming the zat at her. She collapses unconscious. Daniel deactivates the zat and tries to catch his breath.)

AL'KESH - BRIDGE. The crew are looking out of the window at Prometheus.

HAMMOND: Weapons?

HARRIMAN: Online. We are in range.

HAMMOND: Target the rear thrusters. Take out her sublight capability.

(A hyperspace window opens in front of Prometheus and she flies into it, disappearing from view.)

REYNOLDS: She just jumped into hyperspace.

PROMETHEUS - BRIG. Vala regains consciousness lying on the floor of a small room with little in it except a toilet. She sits up.

VALA: Ow! (She looks down and realizes that she's now dressed in overalls. She looks around her prison.) Oh, that's just great!

(On the Bridge, Daniel is watching her on the screen as she clambers to her feet.)

JACKSON: I see you!

(Vala looks around the cell and sees the camera in the corner. She walks towards it. Daniel waves at her image.)

VALA: Did you have fun taking off my clothes?

JACKSON: It was your idea.

VALA: No, I meant when I was conscious -- you know, so I could distract you and kick you in the head.

JACKSON: I kept my eyes closed the whole time.

VALA: I'm sure you did. (She squats down for a moment, still feeling the after-effects of the zat blast. Daniel reaches out towards the screen and pinches his finger and thumb repeatedly over the image of her head, continuing to follow her head on the screen as she stands up again.)

JACKSON: So, where we goin'?

VALA: I told you -- to save my people. Can you please let me out of here?

JACKSON: Ohhhhhhhhhhh, no.

(Vala wearily sits down on the toilet.)

VALA: Y'know, I haven't eaten in days.

(Daniel rolls his eyes.)

JACKSON: Could you please tell me how to access the navigation controls?

VALA: It isn't very nice, you know, starving a prisoner to death. Come on, Daniel, you've seen me naked. The least you could do is cook me dinner.

(Daniel takes his glasses off, sighs, and rolls his eyes again.)

PROMETHEUS - COMMISSARY. Vala is sitting at one end of a long table with various items of food in front of her. Daniel is sitting at the other end holding the zat gun on her.

VALA: Aren't you hungry? (She tosses an apple towards him. He doesn't try to catch it, and it hits the table and then rolls off onto the floor.)


VALA (indicating the food): Thank you. You know the Tok'ra?


VALA: Ten years ago, a Tok'ra incited a rebellion on my planet. When people rose up against the ruling Goa'uld, and once the Jaffa had been overcome, the Goa'uld was captured alive, tortured, and beaten for days on end. I was host to that Goa'uld at the time. The people didn't understand that it was the symbiont that had ruled over them so harshly. I guess the Tok'ra felt responsible. He rescued me, removed the Goa'uld symbiont, nursed me back to health.

JACKSON: You said your people are in trouble now.

VALA: Well, it was only a matter of time before the forces of another Goa'uld showed up -- a System Lord named Camulus. (Daniel nods.) That's when the Tok'ra disappeared. People still refused to surrender; Camulus ordered that they be wiped out. We controlled several ships: troop transports, cargo ships, Al'kesh. Many people were saved, flown to an inhabitable nearby moon in the system. The ships made several trips before most of them were intercepted and shot down. Camulus never knew there were any survivors, so we were safe. Only problem was, the moon didn't have a Stargate.

JACKSON: So you were trapped.

VALA: We only had a few ships left -- not enough to relocate everyone again. It wasn't a problem: Camulus seemed to have little interest in the other planets in the system. He left behind a small force to guard the Stargate. We used the ships to keep appraised of what was happening and to steal supplies and technology wherever we could.

JACKSON: You know that Camulus is gone now? He was beaten by Baal.

VALA: And Baal's forces are searching every inhabitable world in Camulus' territory. His ships are everywhere. It's only a matter of time before my people are found.

JACKSON: So you got desperate and tried to steal that Al'kesh.

VALA: It was damaged in the firefight. I was hoping one of my ships would answer my distress call. I'm sure you can imagine how lucky I felt when this ship showed up -- it's big enough to rescue all my people and take them to a world far away, free from the Goa'uld.

BRIG. Daniel has escorted Vala back to the cell. She walks inside.

VALA: You don't have to lock me up.

JACKSON: Uh, I think I do.

VALA: What difference is it going to make? This ship is automatically flying to my homeworld. You can't stop it.

JACKSON: Well, when I get to your planet I'll just explain the situation to your people and maybe there's something we can work out.

VALA: My people -- they're not gonna trust you. You have to let me talk to them.

JACKSON: No. (He closes the door and walks away.)

VALA: Daniel! (She turns away from the door.) This is bad.

LATER. Prometheus comes out of hyperspace and flies past a large planet towards a smaller one. On the Bridge, Daniel sits down in the commander's chair.

TENAT (over comms): Vala, this is Tenat. We have you on our scanners.

(Daniel activates comms.)

JACKSON: Uh, yeah. Hi!

TENAT: Where is Vala?

JACKSON: She's here; she's just ... indisposed at the moment.

TENAT: She did not mention she was working with someone.

JACKSON: No, I guess not. Look, I realize I owe you an explanation. It's a bit of a long story, really.

TENAT: We will hear it in person and inspect your vessel.

JACKSON: That's good, ‘cos apparently we're coming in for a landing.

TENAT: We will meet you at the designated co-ordinates.

JACKSON: Okey-dokey. See ya there.

PLANET'S SURFACE. Prometheus lands. Two people are waiting for it, but we don't yet see what they look like. Once the ship is down, the people pick up a large crate and walk towards her.

BRIG. Vala is trying to hotwire the door. As she connects two wires they spark and electrocute her. She cries out in pain and storms away from the door, realizing that she's not going to get out.

VALA: OK. (She walks to the camera and addresses it.) You want the truth? I'll tell you the truth. Daniel, are you there? (We see the Bridge -- the commander's seat is empty.) I hope you can hear me. The planet we just landed on is not my homeworld. Whatever you do, you must not go out there.

(On the Bridge, we see another camera screen. It shows Daniel walking out to meet the two people.)

PLANET SURFACE. Daniel, dressed in some of the super-soldier's armour and holding a zat gun, approaches the two people.

JACKSON: Hi, guys!

(For the first time we see the two people. They're not human, and have long tentacles coming from the back of their heads.)

TENAT: Who are you?

JACKSON: Uh, the name's Olo. Hans Olo.

TENAT: Where is Vala?

JACKSON: She's inside.

TENAT: We will only do business with Vala.

JACKSON: "Business". Yeah. That figures. Not that I'm surprised or anything. I don't look surprised to you, do I?

TENAT: What?

JACKSON: It's just I was expecting some refugees in need of transport to another planet -- human sort of refugees. Not that there's anything wrong with you guys that I know of.

SECOND ALIEN: We have the naquadah.

(Tenat opens the lid of the crate to show Daniel its contents.)

TENAT: Refined weapons grade.

JACKSON: Ooh, that's nice!

TENAT: This was the price we agreed upon. This ship is impressive in size but we cannot ...

JACKSON: OK, you know what? Seriously, there's been a big misunderstanding. I don't care what you've got -- I'm not gonna sell you the ship, so ... (The aliens draw their weapons. Daniel raises his zat gun.) OK, you know what? That is not necessary.

TENAT: We had a deal! We must have this ship!

(Just then, two gliders soar over Prometheus, firing at the ship.)

TENAT: Goa'uld gliders! (To Daniel) Fool! You were followed!

JACKSON (to himself): Of course we were! (To the aliens) OK, you know what? I'd love to stay and chat but ...

(He fires at the second alien, who goes down. Tenat fires at Daniel but his armour absorbs the blast. Daniel zats Tenat, then runs back towards the ship.)

INSIDE. Daniel runs towards the Bridge as the ship takes heavy fire. Panels are sparking everywhere. He reaches the Bridge and jumps into the pilot's seat. On the camera feed from the brig, Vala walks over to the camera.

VALA: Daniel? What's going on?

JACKSON: We're being attacked by gliders. Tell me how to access the ship's systems.

VALA: Let me out and I'll help you.

JACKSON: You've gotta be kidding me!

(Vala shrugs dramatically.)

BRIG. Daniel opens the door to the cell. Vala has a huge grin on her face. He lets her out of the door, holding a zat on her.

JACKSON: Let's go. No funny stuff.

VALA: What did you do with my buyers?

JACKSON: Oh, we'll talk about that later.

VALA: And the naquadah?

(When Daniel doesn't reply, she stops walking.)


VALA: Do you have any idea what that is worth? (Daniel hoists her over his shoulder in a fireman's lift and starts to run towards the Bridge.) Oh, watch out! Argh!

BRIDGE. Daniel runs in, puts Vala down and runs for the weapons console as she runs to the pilot's seat and activates some controls.

VALA: Alright, raise our shields.

(Prometheus takes off, still being fired on by the gliders, although their attack is now being held off by the shields.)

JACKSON: What are you waiting for? Let's go into hyperspace.

VALA: I can't -- it's not working. We've already taken too much hull damage. We have incoming -- Al'kesh. Arm weapons.

(Prometheus heads into space, still pursued and being fired on by the gliders. More gliders join the attack. Two Al'kesh also fly around the ship.)

VALA: Shields are failing.

(On Daniel's screen appears the message: "Tracking ... target locked." Prometheus begins firing, taking out one of the gliders. However, weapons impacts on Prometheus begin to have an effect again. Panels blow out all around the Bridge.)

VALA: Aft shields are down. We are almost out of weapons.

(As one of the Al'kesh flies towards Prometheus, it is blasted out of the sky.)

VALA: What just happened?

JACKSON: An Al'kesh just took out one of its own.


HAMMOND: Nice work, Sergeant. Target the second Al'kesh. Fire at will.

HARRIMAN (smiling proudly): Roger that, sir.

(Hammond's Al'kesh pursues the other one and blasts it to bits.)


HAMMOND (over comms): Doctor Jackson? This is General Hammond. Do you copy?

(Daniel, picking up his zat gun, runs over to the central chair beside Vala and activates the comms.)

JACKSON: General! It's me! Good to hear your voice, sir.

HAMMOND: Likewise. You alright, son?

(Daniel looks across to Vala.)

JACKSON: We're fine, sir.

HAMMOND: Are we clear to ring aboard?

JACKSON: Stand by. (He deactivates comms and turns to Vala.) Unlock the system. (Vala hesitates.) Those gliders likely retreated to a nearby mothership. We have to get out of here now. Unlock the system.

(Vala nods, activates some controls, then nods to Daniel, who activates the comms again.)

JACKSON: You're all clear, sir. (He sinks back in the chair.)

VALA: What're you gonna do with me?

JACKSON: I'm not sure.

VALA: Look, Daniel, whatever happens, I just want you to know ...

(Daniel turns to her and zats her into unconsciousness.)

LATER. The Al'kesh is preceding Prometheus as they head slowly towards home. Inside Prometheus, Hammond and Daniel are walking along a corridor, following by Novak.

NOVAK: We managed to get the shields and hyperdrive back online. However, there was significant hull damage. I wouldn't recommend a long journey in hyperspace.

HAMMOND: I'm afraid we have no choice but to return to Earth.

JACKSON: How long before the ship's ready to go again?

NOVAK: Hard to say.

HAMMOND (to Novak): It's good work, Doctor, both here and on the Al'kesh.

NOVAK: Thank you, sir! (She starts to walk away.)

JACKSON: Hey! (Novak turns back to face him.) Hiccups are gone, huh?

(Novak stares in amazement, realizing it for the first time.)

NOVAK: I didn't even notice! I guess I was having too much fun!

HARRIMAN (over comms, as alarms sound): Security team to level four. The prisoner has escaped.

JACKSON: Ring room!

(He and Hammond hurry away. Novak looks nervous for a few moments, then realizes that her fear hasn't brought her hiccups back again.)


BRIDGE. Hammond walks over to Walter.

HAMMOND: Status?

HARRIMAN: Security Team One unresponsive. The rings on level four just activated, sir.

(Near the level four ring room, security guards are lying unconscious on the ground. The ring transporter can be heard activating in the background. Daniel comes along the corridor, walks into the ring room and finds several unconscious crew members lying inside the ring circle. He picks up a radio and speaks into it.)

JACKSON: General Hammond? SG-3 was just transported here. She's on the Al'kesh.

(Seen from the Bridge's front windscreen, the Al'kesh starts to fly away from Prometheus.)

HAMMOND: Lock weapons on its engines.

HARRIMAN: Aft thruster is targeted.

(Daniel runs onto the Bridge.)

HARRIMAN: Target is ...

(Just then, the Al'kesh goes into hyperspace.)

HARRIMAN: It's gone, sir.

HAMMOND: Can we track it?

HARRIMAN: No, sir. Our long range scanners are being scrambled.

(Daniel gazes out the windscreen.)

JACKSON: She's good.