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Chloe's body is taken over by the mind of someone the crew believed was dead. Meanwhile, T.J. must perform a dangerous transplant when Dr. Volker is diagnosed with an illness that threatens his life.

WRITTEN BY: Carl Binder
DIRECTED BY: William Waring
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Transcript by Callie Sullivan

DESTINY COMMUNICATIONS ROOM. Dale Volker is sitting at the table reading a book. From the bored look on the face of Corporal Barnes who is in charge of the stones today, they have both been there for a long time. In the Control Interface Room, live footage from the Communications Room is being watched by Adam Brody and Everett Young.

BRODY: Day six. Shifts running continuously around the clock just like you ordered, but still no connection.

(In the Communications Room the doors slide open and Dale and Barnes look up. Chloe Armstrong is standing in the doorway and she smiles across to Dale.)

ARMSTRONG: I'm up next.

(Dale closes his book and stands up, but as he goes to take a step forward, he lowers his head and leans heavily on the table.)


(Dale raises his head and smiles.)

VOLKER: Yeah, just ... leg fell asleep.

(He leaves the room. Barnes types on her laptop as Chloe walks in and sits down.)


(Chloe reaches out and momentarily puts her fingers onto the stone resting on top of the activation box, then props her head on her hand and settles in for the long wait.)

OBSERVATION DECK. Nicholas Rush and Eli Wallace are playing chess using the chess set that Nick started carving ages ago. Nicholas, playing the black pieces [oh, the irony ...] moves his rook.

RUSH: Checkmate.

(Eli looks down at the board and raises his eyebrows in surprise.)

RUSH (starting to re-set the board): Again. You may wanna put a bit of effort into it this time.

(Eli frowns at him.)

WALLACE: Doesn't it bother you?

(Nick looks up at him.)

WALLACE: We don't know if that bomb was defused in time.

RUSH (sympathetically): You're worried about your mum.

WALLACE: I'm worried about everyone.

(Nicholas nods thoughtfully for a moment, then looks up at Eli once more.)

RUSH: So. Again.

(Eli can't help but laugh.)

RUSH: Come on! Take your mind off it for half an hour or so.

(He shrugs and corrects himself.)

RUSH: Couple of minutes, the way you're playing!

(Grinning, Eli helps him re-set the pieces.)

CONTROL INTERFACE ROOM. Adam is still keeping an eye on the footage from the Communications Room. Chloe has put her head down on her folded arms and has fallen asleep. Barnes has her head propped on one hand and is barely awake herself.

VOLKER: "Also sprach Zarathustra."

(Adam looks across to Dale who is standing at a nearby console.)

VOLKER: It's the theme from "2001: A Space Odyssey."

BRODY: So why didn't you just say that?

VOLKER: Because that's not what it's called. It's called "Also sprach Zarathustra." "Thus spoke Zarathustra." It's by Strauss.

BRODY: Yeah, but nobody knows it by that name, so why not just say the name that people ...

VOLKER: Look you asked what my favourite piece of music was and I'm just telling you. That's what it is.

BRODY: Yeah, I'm just saying ...

VOLKER: It's the one piece that reminds me of the very moment I wanted to be an astrophysicist.

BRODY: Right, when you saw "2001"?

(Dale glares at him for a moment, then lowers his eyes.)


BRODY: That's my point: that people know that song only because the movie.

VOLKER: Song?! It's not a song, Brody.

BRODY: Oh, it's not a song, now?

(He looks at his colleague in concern as Dale leans heavily on the console and starts to raise his hand to his head.)

BRODY: You all right?

(After a moment Dale straightens up and looks across at him.)

VOLKER: Yes. It's you. You get me wound up with your stupid ...

(As he speaks, Adam's eyes wander to the screen and he sees that Chloe has just sat up and is looking around the room in confusion. Barnes hasn't yet noticed.)

BRODY: Hey, hey.

(He activates his radio.)

BRODY: Colonel Young, this is Brody, come in.

YOUNG (over radio): Go ahead.

BRODY: I think we have a connection.

COMMUNICATIONS ROOM. Young makes his way quickly to the Communications Room and opens the doors. Walking in, he looks at Chloe.

YOUNG: You're onboard the Destiny. I'm Colonel Young. Who are you?

(The woman inhabiting Chloe's body looks at him in bewilderment.)

GINN: I'm Ginn. What happened?

SHORTLY AFTERWARDS. Eli is hurrying towards the Communications Room as Ginn talks with Young. Rush has also come to the room.

GINN: I had some trouble breathing at first. Doctor Perry's condition was difficult to adjust to.

(Eli arrives and stops in the doorway, staring at her hopefully. She smiles at him.)

GINN: Eli.

WALLACE: Ginn. It's you? Really?

(She smiles and nods as he walks closer, still unable to quite believe it. Nicholas prompts her to continue.)

RUSH: What happened then?

GINN: Your people from Homeworld Security asked me questions about the Lucian Alliance. I answered as best I could and then ...

(Her smile falters.)

GINN: ... nothing.

WALLACE: "Nothing"?

GINN: It's strange. One moment I was answering questions and the next thing I knew, I was sitting here.

(She looks down at her hands and seems for the first time to realise that she is not in her own body. She snatches up the mirror lying on the table and stares in surprise at Chloe's face reflected in it. Lowering the mirror, she stares at the men in front of her.)

GINN: What happened? Why didn't I return to my own body?

(Nicholas and Eli hesitate, not knowing where to start, but Young immediately walks over and sits down near her.)

YOUNG: Ginn. While you were connected to Doctor Perry, one of your people - Simeon - he killed you ...

(She stares at him in horror.)

YOUNG: ... and we received confirmation that Doctor Perry died on Earth as well.

GINN: That ... that can't be true.

(Young holds her gaze, letting her know that he isn't exaggerating. She looks up at Eli in shock. He gazes back at her, his face full of pain. She looks back at Young.)

GINN: Then how am I still here?

(Young looks away. He has no answer for her.)

INFIRMARY. Tamara Johansen has found a piece of Ancient medical equipment and is looking it up on the ship's database. She turns it around in her hands as she finds what it's meant to do. Dale walks in.

VOLKER: Hey, T.J. You burning the midnight oil?

JOHANSEN: Well, since Rush broke Destiny's master code, all these Ancient medical devices are now accessible to us, so kinda taking a crash course, and I know it would help if I were a full and an Ancient ...

(She has turned around to face him as she has been talking and now she trails off as she sees how tired he is looking.)


VOLKER: Oh yeah. I'm, uh, feeling a little under the weather - trouble sleeping. I was wondering if you could give me something. (He smiles.) A good night's sleep would do me wonders.

JOHANSEN: Yeah, yeah, sure. Hang on.

(She stands up and walks across to a nearby cabinet.)

JOHANSEN: I've got just the thing. Uh, let's see.

(She finds a plastic box full of white powder and takes it down.)

JOHANSEN: Here. I'm just gonna take this and mix it with water ...

(Behind her, Dale sways, looking around the room vaguely.)

JOHANSEN: ... give it about half hour or so and it'll calm you down, help you relax and maybe ...

(With a grunt, Dale passes out and drops to the floor. T.J. turns around in shock.)

YOUNG'S OFFICE. Eli, Nicholas and Young have been joined by Matthew Scott.

WALLACE: It doesn't make any sense.

YOUNG: Well, obviously we don't know as much about the stones as we thought.

RUSH: Look, Ginn was ... Ginn was murdered, so therefore the connection wasn't properly severed at the communication device. Then perhaps her consciousness became displaced.

SCOTT: "Displaced"?

WALLACE: Floating around like a radio signal.

(Nick nods his agreement.)

WALLACE: Chloe just happened to be the one to tune in to it.

SCOTT: Why her? I mean, we've had people on stone duty around the clock for days now. Why didn't any of them connect with Ginn?

RUSH: Well, perhaps because Chloe was the only one to fall asleep. Her consciousness relaxed just enough to allow an opening for a connection.

(Young looks around at him cynically.)

RUSH: Well, I don't know, Colonel. It's just conjecture at this point.

SCOTT: I'm sorry, but the bigger question here is: if Ginn is in Chloe's body, whose body's Chloe connected to?

RUSH (thoughtfully): Yeah.

INFIRMARY. Dale has regained consciousness and is lying on a bed as T.J. takes his blood pressure.

JOHANSEN: How long have you been feeling like this?

VOLKER: A few days now.

JOHANSEN: "Few" meaning ...

VOLKER: A week. Maybe two.

(She waits.)

VOLKER: ... Maybe a month.

(Straightening up, T.J. takes off her stethoscope and removes the arm cuff.)

JOHANSEN: Your blood pressure's high - one seventy-six over one ten.

VOLKER: I used to take blood pressure pills - hypertension. I ran out shortly after we got to Destiny.

JOHANSEN: Why didn't you tell me?

VOLKER: Well, there was nothing you could do about it! It's not like you could write me another prescription!

JOHANSEN: No, I have medicinals that could help. Tea leaves have been effective in improving circulation ...

VOLKER: T.J., I was feeling fine. I didn't think it was a problem.

JOHANSEN: Hypertension is often symptomless but dangerous. Didn't your doctor tell you this?

(Dale bites his lip and looks guilty. T.J. nods and smiles at him.)

JOHANSEN: OK. Look, one of these Ancient machines is used for diagnostics, including bloodwork, so I'm gonna run a few tests.

VOLKER: I just think a good night's sleep is all I'm gonna need.

JOHANSEN: Probably. Let's just be sure, OK?

COMMUNICATIONS ROOM. Sitting at the table, Vanessa James picks up a second stone and lays it onto the activation box beside the other one. She lifts her hand away and waits a few seconds, then looks up at the group which is watching her anxiously. She shakes her head.

JAMES: Nothing.

WALLACE: So, whoever Chloe's connected to, they're definitely not on Earth.

VOLKER'S QUARTERS. Some time later, T.J. has knocked on the doors of Volker's quarters and Dale has opened them. He looks at her glum awkward expression and forces himself to laugh.

VOLKER: Wow, look at that face. That can only mean good news, right?!

JOHANSEN: May I come in?

(He stares at her for a long moment, reluctant to learn the news, but eventually steps aside.)


(She slowly walks into the room and he closes the doors and then turns to her, his face full of dread.)

JOHANSEN: Your kidneys are failing. End-stage renal disease.

VOLKER (softly): Both of them?

(Tamara nods.)

JOHANSEN: Kidney disease tends to attack both kidneys at the same time.


(He lowers his head, trying to take in the news, then steps closer to her.)

VOLKER: OK, can we do anything with any of your medicinals?


(She sits down on the end of the bed.)

JOHANSEN: The problem with kidney disease is by the time you have symptoms, it's already too far advanced. On Earth, the next step would be dialysis.

VOLKER: Um, the machines in the Infirmary - do any of them ...?

(She shakes her head sadly. Dale sinks down onto a nearby chair.)

JOHANSEN: No. I already checked. It's mostly testing equipment, some devices for use during surgery, but nothing for dialysis.

(He gazes up at her hopelessly.)

JOHANSEN: The only other option for treatment would ...

(She hesitates for a long moment.)

JOHANSEN: ... would be a transplant.

CORRIDOR. Eli and Ginn are walking along as he brings her up to date with what has been happening.

GINN: Rush killed him?

WALLACE: Chased him halfway across a desert planet. I wanted to go too, but ...

GINN: No, I'm glad you didn't. I'd hate to see you get hurt.

WALLACE: Hey! I wasn't gonna get hurt!

(They walk inside Ginn's old quarters.)

WALLACE: I was just so ... I had to do something. After what he did, I wasn't ...

(Ginn steps closer, takes his face in her hands and kisses him deeply. Initially he responds but after a couple of seconds his eyes open and he pulls back.)


(She stares at him, shocked by his rejection.)

WALLACE: Uh, no. It's-it's ... it's just ...

(He jerks his head towards the mirror on the wall. Ginn looks across and sees Chloe's face looking back at her.)

GINN: I'm sorry. I ...

(She turns away from him and walks deeper into the room. Eli follows her.)

WALLACE: No! No-n-n-n-n-no-no. It's OK.

(She sinks down on the end of the bed. Eli sits beside her and takes her hand.)

WALLACE: Believe me, there's nothing more I wanna do right now than kiss ... you.

GINN: What's gonna happen to me? Is there any way that I can get into my own body?

(Eli's eyes widen momentarily. She stares back at worriedly. He lowers his gaze for a few seconds, then looks back to her.)

WALLACE: After y...

(He lowers his head again, fighting off tears.)

WALLACE: The next planet we stopped at ...

(He looks away, smiling briefly at the memory.)

WALLACE: It was beautiful.

(Ginn's eyes widen again as she realises what he's about to say.)

WALLACE: We buried your body there, had a memorial service.

(His voice breaks.)

WALLACE: It ... it was, uh ...

GINN: Then where will I return to?

WALLACE: I don't know. I mean, we don't even know who Chloe is connected to on the other end; if she's safe ...

GINN: I'm trying to remember more, but I just can't ...

(As she begins to look upset, Eli puts a hand to her cheek comfortingly. Ginn instantly puts her own hand to her throat, gasping in distress. Eli snatches his hand away.)

WALLACE: Woah. I'm sorry.

(She stares at him, both hands now at her throat as she stumbles to her feet, gasping for breath.)

WALLACE: Ginn? Ginn!

(She falls to her knees, still clutching at her throat and struggling to breathe. As she falls forward onto her hands, Eli runs to the doorway and yells down the corridors.)

WALLACE: Help! Somebody help!

(He turns and runs back in, skidding down onto the floor as Ginn convulses on her hands and knees. He stretches his legs out and she crawls closer, lying down with her head in his lap as she coughs and then gasps, her breathing slowly returning to normal. He strokes her hair worriedly as she opens her eyes.)

WALLACE: You all right?

(Still breathing heavily, she nods.)

WALLACE: What just happened?

(She shakes her head, her hand still at her throat.)

GINN: I don't know.

INFIRMARY. As Ginn lies flat on a bed, T.J. finishes checking her over.

JOHANSEN: I'll be right back.

(She walks over to the group waiting nearby.)

JOHANSEN: As far as I can tell, there's nothing physically wrong with her.

SCOTT: So d'you have any idea what caused it?

JOHANSEN: I have no idea.

WALLACE: It was weird. We were just talking and then suddenly she was choking. No reason.

RUSH: Well, Ginn was strangled by Simeon. Now, brain function is really just a series of electrical signals - energy which is no doubt the foundation of how the stones work. She was murdered before she was disconnected.

WALLACE: So, what, the energy was disrupted, resulting in some kind of glitch that made her replay the event?

(Nicholas shrugs.)

SCOTT: Do you think we should disconnect the stone?

WALLACE: If we disconnect, who knows what'll happen to Ginn? We may not be able to get her back.

SCOTT: Eli, if she has another attack, Chloe could be harmed.

WALLACE: But-but T.J. just said there's nothing physically wrong with her. I just think that we should study this - see if there's some way that we can save Ginn without harming either of them.

RUSH: I agree. It warrants further study.

YOUNG: All right. Well, let's go ahead. We will keep an eye on her.

(T.J. nods her agreement.)

YOUNG: Hopefully this is a one-time event.

(The group begins to break up, Eli going over to Ginn's bedside while the other men start to leave the room. T.J. calls the colonel back.)

JOHANSEN: Sir. There's something else I need to talk to you about.

LATER. The two of them are walking as she continues to tell him about Dale's condition.

YOUNG: Transplant? How soon?

JOHANSEN: As soon as possible.

YOUNG: Well, we can't connect to Earth, so using the stones to bring a doctor on board is out of the question.

JOHANSEN: Yes, sir.

YOUNG: Given the obvious limitations of this ship, is that type of surgery even possible here?

(T.J. sighs.)

JOHANSEN: We have access to more Ancient devices as well as a pretty extensive medical database since Rush cracked the code.

YOUNG: Anything in there about organ transplants?

JOHANSEN: Probably. I don't know. I've just begun to search through it all.

YOUNG: Well, sounds like you've gotta get back at it.

JOHANSEN: Sir, listen. In order to do this procedure, we're gonna need a compatible donor.

YOUNG: Well, you have the records of everybody's blood type.

JOHANSEN: We're also going to need to tissue-type to get a thorough match.


JOHANSEN: It's gonna be extremely difficult. There's not that many people on board this ship. To get an adequate match - it's a long shot at best.

YOUNG: T.J., let's just ... First things first. Start testing; let's see if this is even possible.

JOHANSEN: Yes, sir.


(She walks away, blowing out a worried breath.)

INFIRMARY. Scott walks in with Ronald Greer.


JOHANSEN: Oh, hey. Thanks for coming. I cross-checked blood types. There's eighteen people on board the ship who are compatible with Doctor Volker.

(She gestures to the two men.)

JOHANSEN: Among them are you two. It's not too complicated; I just need to draw some blood, if that's OK.

GREER: Let's do it.

JOHANSEN: You first.

GREER: I'm a marine.

(He turns to Scott and looks at him smugly.)

GREER: We're always first.

(As he begins to unbutton his shirt, T.J. laughs, picks up a syringe and follows him over to a nearby bed.)

SCOTT: So, uh, what are the chances of getting a good match here?

JOHANSEN: It's a matter of degrees. We're looking for certain genetic markers on white blood cells. No-one on board the ship is related to him, so that rules out the best possible match, but hopefully we can find one close enough that warrants doing the transplant.

(She looks away, biting her lip worriedly as Greer finishes stripping off his shirt and sits down on the bedside. Matt sees her concerned look.)

SCOTT: T.J., you're gonna be OK. You can do this.

(She smiles across at him.)

JOHANSEN: Yeah. Piece of cake(!)

GINN'S QUARTERS. Eli comes in.

GINN: How's it going?

WALLACE: Well, Rush has some ideas but ... we're still workin' on it. How are you doing?

GINN: I feel ... different. It's not like the last time I used the communication stones.

WALLACE: Well, what's different?

(He shrugs apologetically.)

WALLACE: I mean, aside from the choking part.

(Ginn looks away, struggling to put it into words.)

GINN: Something just doesn't feel right.

(He sits down on the bed beside her and takes her hand.)

WALLACE: We're gonna figure out what's going on here, I promise. I'm not gonna lose you again.

(She smiles briefly, then snuggles down onto his shoulder. He puts his arm around her and strokes her arm comfortingly.)

YOUNG'S OFFICE. The Colonel is sitting at his desk writing. Nicholas comes to the open doors and knocks, then walks in as Young looks up at him.

RUSH: Heard about Doctor Volker.

YOUNG: Yeah, tough break.

RUSH: You know, this surgery's fraught with danger, even in the best of circumstances.

(Even before he finishes the sentence, Young takes off his reading glasses and looks up at him sternly.)

YOUNG: Are you compatible?

RUSH: Sorry?

YOUNG: Your blood type: are you compatible?


YOUNG: I'm just checkin'. Go on.

RUSH: Look, I don't wanna lose anyone on this ship, Colonel, but the fact is: a transplant risks not just one life but two.

YOUNG: I'm not just gonna sit back and let the man die without at least trying to figure out something.

(Just then his radio activates on his desk. Eli's panicked voice can be heard, and in the background Ginn is wailing high-pitched.)

WALLACE: T.J.! We need you in Ginn's quarters now!

(In those quarters, Ginn is lying on the floor on her back, clutching at her throat and yelping as she gasps for breath. Eli stares down at her wide-eyed in panic as he waits for help.)

JOHANSEN (over radio): I'm on my way.

WALLACE (into radio): Hurry!

(Ginn convulses up into a sitting position, and suddenly Chloe is back in her own body.)

ARMSTRONG: Eli! What's happening to me!

(Unaware of the change, Eli kneels down to her, frantic and unable to help.)



(She gags.)



(She passes out, collapsing into his arms. He holds her, his face full of confusion.)

LATER. INFIRMARY. Ginn, back in control of her host body, opens her eyes on a bed in the Infirmary. Tamara is standing at her bedside along with Eli, Young and Nicholas.


GINN: No, Ginn. What happened?

WALLACE: You had another choking attack. You switched with Chloe for a minute there.

RUSH: Look, when you switched with her, where did you go? Was anyone else there with you?

GINN: No ... I don't, um ... I remember not being able to breathe, and then I woke up here just now.

(Scott comes to the doorway.)

SCOTT: Colonel?

YOUNG (turning to him): Yeah.

SCOTT: I checked with Corporal Barnes. The connection wasn't cut at any time.

YOUNG: Really?

JOHANSEN: Then how was Chloe able to switch back with her?

(Matt shrugs as the others walk over to him.)

RUSH: See, I don't believe that Chloe is connected with anyone at the other end. I believe her consciousness has been in her own body the entire time.

WALLACE: Suppressed by Ginn's?

JOHANSEN: How's that possible?

RUSH: I don't know. I'd have to further study the communication device.

SCOTT: We should pull the stone.

RUSH: No-no-no-no. We have to find out why this is happening first.

SCOTT: Not at the risk of Chloe's life, Rush.

RUSH: This is crucial for finding out how these communication stones work.

YOUNG: Then work it out, OK, 'cause the next time she has an attack, I'm gonna pull the stone.

WALLACE: No, no, you can't ...

YOUNG (firmly): No hesitation.

(Locking eyes with Nicholas for a long moment, he then turns and walks away.)

LATER. Matt and Eli are walking with Ginn.

GINN: I don't wanna hurt Chloe.

SCOTT (putting a comforting hand on her arm): Yeah, I know. I know you don't.

GINN: I agree with Colonel Young. If I start choking again, disconnect me.

WALLACE (grimly): Hopefully we'll find a solution before then.

ARMSTRONG: Solution?

(Unaware that Chloe has taken control again, Eli looks round nonchalantly.)

WALLACE: To this situation.

(Chloe stops and stares at the boys, who turn and look at her in confusion before Matt realises what may have happened.)

SCOTT: Chloe?

ARMSTRONG: What's going on here?

SCOTT: Is it you?

ARMSTRONG: Yes. Matt, what happened?

SCOTT: Ginn connected with you when you used the communication stones.

ARMSTRONG: Ginn?! I-I thought ...

(She looks at Eli, who lowers his eyes in distress. She turns back to Matt.)

ARMSTRONG: I thought she was dead.

SCOTT: Are you OK?

ARMSTRONG: Yes, I'm fine.

(Matt pulls out his radio and activates it.)

SCOTT: Corporal Barnes, did you just disconnect the stones?

BARNES (over radio): No, sir. Still active.

ARMSTRONG: What do you mean - she's still connected to me?

WALLACE: Do you feel any different? Can you sense someone else, you know, that's inside your brain?

GINN: What?

(Perhaps recognising a change in her facial expression, Eli looks at her more closely.)


GINN: Yes.

SCOTT: Oh, man, this is nuts.

GINN: What happened?

WALLACE: You switched with Chloe for a moment there.

SCOTT: Wait a minute: you don't remember it?

GINN: No. It's all so strange. I-I feel weaker.

WALLACE: Here, sit down.

(He takes her arm and leads her to a nearby bench. As she sits down, he kneels in front of her and looks at her with concern. Scott bends to her apologetically.)

SCOTT: I'm sorry. Just, can you just excuse us a second here?

(She nods.)

SCOTT: OK. Eli ...

(Reluctantly, Eli stands up and the two of them walk a little way away from her.)

SCOTT (to Eli): Hey. What?

WALLACE (constantly looking back at Ginn): I-I don't know. I mean, we can't be sure of anything until we ...

SCOTT (interrupting): Eli.

(Eli drags his eyes away and looks at Matt.)

WALLACE: Her energy might be decaying.

(Matt frowns, not understanding.)

WALLACE: The radio signal - getting weaker, harder to keep tuned in. Matt, even without disconnecting the communication stone, we might not have much time before ...

(He hesitates, his voice breaking and his eyes filling with tears.)

WALLACE: ... we lose Ginn completely.

INFIRMARY. Tamara, Adam, and Lisa Park are each looking at a different laptop. Lisa looks across to T.J.

PARK: How's that translation programme working for you?

JOHANSEN: Good. A lot of information here; some good stuff about organ transplants.

BRODY: Hey, d'you see this?

(He picks up the device that T.J. had been looking at earlier. She gets up and walks over to him.)

BRODY: According to the database, it's a kind of a ligature device; cuts and cauterises at the same time.

JOHANSEN: I thought it did something like that but I could never get it to work.

(Dale is lying on a bed nearby with his own laptop. He is hooked up to a drip.)

VOLKER: Hey, T.J., there's a whole section here on stem cell-like procedure for post-op anti-rejection. It's only a hundred and seventy-six pages! A little light afternoon reading(!)

PARK (looking at her own laptop): Still a lot of other potential post-operative drawbacks: infection, high blood pressure, erectile dysfunction ...

(She trails off, embarrassed. Adam looks at her, then looks around to Dale, his face serious for a moment before he lowers his head and snorts laughter. Lisa and T.J. promptly join in, all three of them desperately trying to hold in their laughter, but after a few seconds Adam completely loses it and doubles over, giggling. Dale stares at him for a long moment, then can't help but grin himself for a moment. Then he frowns.)

VOLKER: Why's that funny?

(The other three promptly crack up laughing again. Dale smiles ruefully.)

COMMUNICATIONS ROOM. Nicholas and Eli are sitting staring at a laptop.

RUSH: After everything that's happened recently, we can't even be sure this thing's even working properly any more.

YOUNG: What is it you're trying to do?

WALLACE: We're trying to see if there's a way we can intercept Ginn's signal and download it into the ship's memory banks.

YOUNG: OK. Then what? What is she? Just another programme in the ship's computer?

RUSH: Well, she'd be preserved for the time being, 'til we can determine the viability of downloading her consciousness into another body.

JOHANSEN (over radio): Colonel.

YOUNG (into radio): T.J.

JOHANSEN: We have a match. Two, actually.

YOUNG'S OFFICE. Ronald Greer is standing side by side with Doctor Morrison as T.J. speaks to them.

JOHANSEN: Tissue-typing takes a look at six specific antigens in the blood of the recipient and the donor. The best compatibility obviously is a six-antigen match. It happens most often in families. The two of you - you both have a four-antigen match with Doctor Volker, which is surprisingly good considering.

(Morrison stands with his arms folded defensively and his voice is belligerent when he speaks.)

MORRISON: The equipment that you use: how accurate is it, because I wanna make sure ...

(Greer speaks over the top of him.)

GREER: I'll do it.

YOUNG: Sergeant, listen to me. There are a lot of risks involved in this procedure, and you don't have to decide right this instant. Think it over.

GREER: No need, sir.

(He looks at T.J.)

GREER: I'm good to go, Lieutenant.

INFIRMARY. Greer is sitting on the side of a bed.

JOHANSEN: The Ancients wrote about a procedure to eliminate post-operative rejection of transplanted organs. It involves removing bone marrow stem cells from the donor prior to surgery and then implanting them into the recipient at the time of the transplant.

(While she has been talking, Greer has been looking around at Lisa and Vanessa, who are standing behind him with anxious looks on their faces, although Vanessa tries to give him a reassuring smile. He looks back at T.J.)

JOHANSEN: It produces a state called mixed chimerism, which is basically an immune system that blends elements of both the recipient and the donor.

GREER (looking at her calmly): You need some bone marrow. So go ahead and take it.

JOHANSEN: OK. I can give you something to put you to sleep during the procedure.

GREER (softly): Don't worry about it. We're short on meds. You don't need to waste any.

(Lisa grimaces.)

JOHANSEN: It's really painful, Ron. It requires sticking a large bore needle into your hipbone. The pressure ...

GREER (firmly): The sooner you do it, the sooner it gets done.

JOHANSEN: All right. I'm gonna need you to lay on your stomach.

(Greer shifts his position on the bed and lies down, settling his head onto his folded arms. Lisa steps to the end of the bed and puts her hands onto his ankles, ready to hold him firmly.)

VOLKER (from his bed nearby): Thank you.

GREER: No big deal.

VOLKER: Well, yes, it is. It's a ... it's a very big deal.

(Ronald looks round to him.)

GREER: You'd do the same thing for me.

(Dale looks back at him, not so sure. Greer nods, then turns his head back to the front, breathing out sharply in preparation.)

JOHANSEN (quietly, nervously): OK.

(She wipes an area over his lower back to sterilise it. Vanessa puts one hand onto the small of his back and another on his shoulder so that she can help to hold him steady. T.J. leans closer to Ronald.)

JOHANSEN (softly): I'm gonna need you to hold really still.

(He nods. She picks up the huge needle and begins to move it towards his hip.)


(The other two girls brace themselves against Greer to hold him down. Tamara presses the end of the needle into Greer's skin. Instantly he lets out an agonised scream. Lisa jumps back, cringing. Greer immediately stops wailing and starts to chuckle. The girls gasp as they realise that they've been wound up, and Vanessa grins and slaps him around the head. He drops his head to the couch, still chortling while clutching his head.)

GREER: I was ... that was a joke!

(He giggles some more.)

GREER: I'm just kidding!

JAMES: OK, well knock it off!

(He holds out a placatory hand.)


(He settles down as the girls move back into place. T.J. lowers the needle onto his skin again, then grunts as she pushes her entire weight onto it to drive it slowly into his body. Greer stares ahead, his eyes glazing as he keeps all his concentration on not moving.)

GINN'S QUARTERS. Eli and Ginn are sitting on the sofa. Someone knocks on the closed doors. Eli hurries over to them and opens them and finds Matt outside.

SCOTT: The colonel said you and Doctor Rush were working on something with the communication device?

WALLACE: Yeah. No luck.

SCOTT: OK. So, what's next? We're kinda running out of time here.


(He looks down at the woman on the sofa.)

SCOTT: Chloe?

(She nods. He hurries over to her, sits down and takes her hands.)

WALLACE: She's switching back and forth more frequently now.

SCOTT (to Chloe): How are you feeling?

ARMSTRONG: Weird. Tired.

SCOTT (to Eli): This whole thing's affecting both of them.

ARMSTRONG: Am I still connected to Ginn?


SCOTT: But Rush is working on it. We're - we're gonna figure this out.

ARMSTRONG: Is she all right?

WALLACE: Yeah. Well ... she's fading. We're trying to figure out a way to preserve her consciousness without harming you.

ARMSTRONG: No, I'm fine. Don't worry about me. Do what you need to do to help her.

SCOTT: No, not at the risk of hurting you. I won't let that happen.

(Eli looks down at him sternly.)

WALLACE: No-one will let that happen.

(As Matt nods reassuringly to him, Ginn is back in control of Chloe's body. She looks at Matt awkwardly and pulls her hands free from his.)

GINN: Did we switch again?

(Both of the boys look closely at her for a moment, then realise what has happened.)


(Matt blows out a breath, finding it hard to keep up. He smiles at Ginn.)

SCOTT: I'm sorry. Will you excuse us a second?

(She nods. Matt stands up and then he and Eli go just outside the doors and talk quietly.)

SCOTT: Look, how long is this gonna go on?

WALLACE: Look, she hasn't had another choking episode.

SCOTT: Yet. Why risk it? Look, man, I know you miss her. I know how much it hurt to lose her.

WALLACE: This isn't about me, Matt. I'm trying to save two ...

(The woman who they are talking about suddenly speaks in alarm.)

CHLOE'S BODY: What's going on here?

(The boys turn towards her.)

SCOTT: Chloe?

(It's not Chloe, nor is it Ginn. With her hands held strangely in front of her as if she's not quite sure what to do with them, the new consciousness inhabiting Chloe's body stands up and looks round to them in confusion.)

PERRY: No. Amanda Perry.

CORRIDOR. Very shortly afterwards, Nick is attempting to break the world record for the hundred yard dash, going over obstacles rather than around them as he races down the corridors towards Ginn's quarters. He skids to a halt in the doorway and stares at Chloe's body hopefully. She smiles in delight as she sees him.

RUSH: Mandy!

PERRY (laughing happily): Yes, Nick, it's me.

RUSH: I wondered if you were in there; if there was ...

(His face crumples as he tries not to break down in tears of relief.)

RUSH: ... any chance that you'd survived.

(He steps closer to her as Eli watches them awkwardly. Amanda reaches out tentatively to touch Nick's hair, then he pulls her into a hug and holds her tight as she wraps her arms around his neck happily. Matt and Eli avert their eyes uncomfortably.)

LATER. The three men have joined Young on the Bridge to bring him up to date.

WALLACE: We think Doctor Perry's been in there the whole time, but both she and Ginn are fading. Chloe's becoming more prominent now.

RUSH: Look, we're gonna have to act fast on this, Colonel, otherwise we're gonna lose both of them. Amanda's consciousness is already far weaker than the other two.

YOUNG: All right. Well, do we have any solutions yet?

RUSH: Well, I've had no luck with the communications device, but I do have another idea. The neural interface Chair.

(Young and Scott roll their eyes in a "here we go again" way.)

RUSH: Now, I believe with that we can isolate each consciousness and upload them into Destiny's memory bank.

(He hesitates, realising that he's going to have to come clean with something he hasn't told them before.)

RUSH: Like Franklin.

SCOTT: Wait. Like what?

RUSH: I've seen and spoken to Doctor Franklin many times now on the Bridge.

WALLACE: So that's what happened to him? He was uploaded to the ship?

RUSH: I can't say for certain, but I do know that Destiny has a neural link with the people on board this ship that's caused us to see things before.

(Eli looks nervously around the Bridge.)

WALLACE: Are you seeing him now?


(He looks at Young in particular.)

RUSH: I managed to sever the link shortly after your experience with the alien battle simulations.

(Young gazes back at him flatly.)

YOUNG: Always the Chair with you.

RUSH: Well, you asked for a solution.

SCOTT: Well, it didn't work the first time, when Chloe was becoming an alien.

RUSH: Yeah, this is different. I know what we're dealing with here.

SCOTT: So there's no danger to Chloe at all?

RUSH (beginning to lose his temper): I didn't say that. Did I say that? I'm gonna have to remove some of the safeguards I put into the Chair's programming, yes, but I've done the calculations. The chances of her being harmed are minimal.

SCOTT (looking at Young): Colonel? This is not our decision to make.

(Young nods his agreement.)

INFIRMARY. T.J. is busy preparing for the surgery, disinfecting equipment and sterilising tools. She begins to lay out everything she needs, then looks across to Dale who is lying on his bed looking very poorly. The importance of what she is about to do seems to suddenly hit her and she leans hard on the table in front of her, biting her lip and looking down. She draws in a shaky breath and looks across to Lisa and Adam.

JOHANSEN: You know, guys, I, uh, I've gotta go stretch my legs. I'll be back in a couple of minutes, OK?

BRODY: Yeah.

(He and Lisa get back to looking at the database as she hurries from the room. Dale watches her as she walks past him, and she exchanges a brief glance with Greer who is lying on another bed. Ron lowers his head back down as T.J. leaves the room.)

VOLKER: I have never liked hospitals or doctors.

GREER: Well, this is not a hospital, and T.J. is no doctor, so you're fine.

VOLKER (laughing): Thanks. That's comforting!

(Greer chuckles briefly.)

VOLKER: All things considered, though, I wouldn't wanna be anywhere else.

GREER (softly): I hear that.

VOLKER: I mean, I miss home: sit in the back yard on a warm summer night sipping a beer ...

(He smiles fondly at the memory.)

VOLKER: ... stare at the stars through my telescope, you know.

(His smile fades and tears fill his eyes.)

VOLKER: I love that back yard.

GINN'S QUARTERS. Matt is sitting opposite Chloe. She is currently in control of her own body and the two of them are holding hands as he finishes explaining Nicholas' proposal. Chloe nods.

ARMSTRONG: All right.

SCOTT: You're sure?

ARMSTRONG: Yeah. I don't wanna disconnect the stone and risk losing them forever. We need to do this - whatever it takes to help them.


OBSERVATION DECK. T.J. is sitting alone, lost in thought, as Young comes in.

YOUNG: Hey, T.J. Just stopped by the Infirmary. Volker looks worse. You know, he and Greer are ready to do this.

(She looks up at him, her eyes full of fear.)

YOUNG: I know you're scared.

JOHANSEN (tearfully): This is a major surgery. It is complicated and it's dangerous ...

YOUNG: And if you do nothing, Volker dies.

JOHANSEN (angrily): I do the surgery and they both could die.

YOUNG: That is a risk that both men have accepted.

(He steps closer to her.)

YOUNG: Listen to me: I'm not gonna order you to do this, because you know that it needs to be done, and you know that you are the only person who can do it.

(He walks away and leaves the room. Tamara buries her head in her hands and cries.)

GINN'S QUARTERS. Amanda has resurfaced, and Nicholas is with her.

RUSH: It's not ... permanent, Mandy, but my hope is to find a way of putting you into another body.

(Amanda lifts her head, smiling at the thought.)

RUSH: A fresh start.

PERRY: That's been my dream ever since the accident.

(They smile at each other, and clasp hands.)

INFIRMARY. T.J. walks back in, looks around and then turns to Adam and Lisa who are still engrossed in their reading.

JOHANSEN: Where'd they go?


(T.J. raises her eyebrows at him as he looks up and realises that Dale's and Greer's beds are empty.)


(Surprised at the other men's disappearance, he looks around the corner as if expecting them to be there.)

CORRIDOR. Bracing Dale with a hand under his arm, Greer pushes the wall button to open the doors in front of them. As they slide open, Dale stares in surprise at the new Hydroponics Garden in the domed room which we last saw in "Visitation."


(Bracing his other arm on the doorway, he steps into the room and gazes at all the plants. Many of them are taller than he is.)

VOLKER: This place has really filled out!

GREER: As close to a back yard as we're gonna find on this ship.

(They walk slowly to a bench set up at the side of one of the walkways and sit down. Both of them gaze up at the dome and all the stars beyond it.)

GREER: You and me, we're gonna be fine. You can trust that.

(His radio activates.)

JOHANSEN (over radio): Greer, where the hell are you?

GREER (into radio, never taking his eyes from the view): Took a little walk, T.J. Gettin' some fresh air.

JOHANSEN: Is Volker with you?

(He hands the radio across to Dale, who takes it and activates it.)

VOLKER: Yes, I am.

(Lowering the radio, he too gazes up into the sky.)

INFIRMARY. The distinctive opening chords of "Also sprach Zarathustra" begin to play. Lying flat on his back in the Infirmary, Dale frowns a little. Lisa, Vanessa and Darren Becker, who has apparently also been brought in to assist, all turn around frowning. The only person not paying any attention is T.J. who is prepping Greer on a nearby bed. Dale looks across to Adam with a question on his face. Adam looks back at him defensively.

BRODY: Thought a little music might help you relax.

PARK: The theme to "2001"?!

(Adam points to her while looking triumphantly across to Dale.)


(Rolling his eyes, Dale lowers his head back onto the pillow as the music continues to play. Adam quickly realises his mistake.)

BRODY: It's not very relaxing, is it?


(Adam walks across to his MP3 player which is plugged into speakers on a nearby desk. He means to switch it off but accidentally switches to another track and the even more distinctive tones of O-Zone's "Dragostea Din Tei" - more commonly known as the "Numa Numa" song - begin to play loudly around the room. Again everyone stares at him in disbelief as he frantically tries to switch the player off and even T.J. looks up from her consultation of the database. Picking up the player, Adam takes it across the room, still desperately trying to turn it off as the "Numa Numa" song continues to play. Finally he resorts to flicking the batteries out of the device and onto the floor. Silence falls as Adam bends down to pick them up, slams them and the player onto a nearby empty bed and then turns back to Dale with his hands on his hips and a defensive "What?" look on his face. Sighing, Dale lowers his head to his pillow once more.)

(Nearby, T.J. looks down at Greer.)

JOHANSEN: You ready?

(He nods to her.)


(She injects anaesthetic into a drip already inserted in his right arm. His eyes close.)

GINN'S QUARTERS. Ginn is back in control and is talking with Eli.

GINN: How will I exist?

WALLACE: You'll live inside Destiny's computer system. You'll be a part of the ship - literally.

GINN: And when I'm switched off? What will happen to me then?

WALLACE: Now, that can't happen. The only thing that we can switch on and off is the ability to communicate with you.

(Ginn looks very uncomfortable at the concept.)

WALLACE: Remember, this is only temporary. The S.G.C. knows of alien races with the ability to download a consciousness into a host body.

(She doesn't look very reassured at this. Not really noticing her expression, Eli rambles on.)

WALLACE: Hell, the Ancient database may even have information on it. We just need to find it and figure out a way to ... do it here ... on the ship.

(His bouncy confident tone begins to fade a little.)

WALLACE: I-I know, I know it isn't perfect, but we can be together.

(He gazes at her.)

WALLACE: Just to see you, talk to you, hear your voice - it can be enough.

(She doesn't meet his gaze.)

WALLACE: Can't it?

(She continues to stare into the distance, unmoving, then her hands come up to her throat as she begins to choke.)


(Leaning forward, she presses her hands to her throat as she continues to struggle to breathe.)

INFIRMARY. Adam is watching footage from the camera which Vanessa is carefully guiding inside Greer's body.

BRODY: OK, right there, that's the lumbar vein coming off the back of the renal vein. You wanna cut that.

(Carefully manipulating the Ancient device she found earlier, T.J. moves it into position and makes the necessary cut.)

JOHANSEN: OK, got it.

YOUNG (over radio): T.J., have you started the surgery yet?

(Becker lifts up his radio and holds it to her mouth.)

JOHANSEN: Uh, yes, sir, about thirty minutes ago.

(Young is in the Chair Room with Nicholas. Scott and Eli are half-carrying Ginn into the room.)

YOUNG (into radio): Ginn had another choking attack.

JOHANSEN: Is she all right?

YOUNG: Yeah, she's OK. It passed, but I'm not waiting any longer. We've gotta do the transfer now.

JOHANSEN: I'm gonna be here another four or five hours, sir. I can't leave.

YOUNG: All right, well, keep going. We'll manage.


(Turning her head away from the radio, she gets back to work.)

CHAIR ROOM. The boys have settled Ginn into the Chair. Eli holds one of her hands comfortingly. She looks across to Young anxiously, but then nods her readiness. Young looks across to Nicholas.)

YOUNG: Go ahead.

(Giving her hand one last squeeze, Eli lets go and steps away. Nick types and the Chair activates. The restraints spring out into place and the headpiece flips over and into position.)

INFIRMARY. T.J. looks up at Vanessa.

JOHANSEN: OK, it's ready.

(Vanessa removes the camera and puts it down.)

JOHANSEN: The retractors, please.

(Lisa picks up two pairs of retractors and hands one set to Vanessa. T.J. demonstrates how she wants them applied.)

JOHANSEN: I want you to pull up.

(Vanessa and Lisa get the retractors into position, then T.J. reaches carefully into the cavity. With one hand Lisa reaches for a metal bowl full of ice and T.J. lifts out Greer's kidney and gently lays it into the bowl.)

CHAIR ROOM. Watching Ginn nervously, Eli finally turns and hurries over to Nick's console as he reports.

RUSH: All right, I'm reading two energy signatures, each separate from Chloe's.

WALLACE: No, no, are we sure that that one's Chloe's?

RUSH: Well, it appears to be the dominant presence, so I think we can safely assume that it's Chloe. I'm transferring the other two.

(He looks up in concern as Ginn, still in control of the body sitting in the Chair, opens her mouth and begins to gasp for air.)

SCOTT: She's choking again!

YOUNG (to Rush): Turn it off.

RUSH: I can't. The transfer's already begun.

(Ginn continues to choke. Eli runs around to the side of the Chair but dare not touch her. After several seconds her eyes snap open and she begins to convulse. Staring ahead of herself, she can see a face close to hers but it's in shadow and the person's features are not clear. The lighting behind the figure is not that of the Chair Room - it's the lighting in her quarters. Ginn is reliving her murder. She continues to gasp, her eyes wide, as she struggles to breathe while she re-experiences her death. Connected directly to her mind, Destiny shares her distress and the lights begin to fritz.)

INFIRMARY. T.J. is just beginning to cut Dale open when the lights begin to flicker. She looks up in confusion. Nearby, Adam's computer flickers and all information disappears from the screen.

JOHANSEN: What happened?

BRODY: I don't know. Destiny's mainframe just had a huge power surge. We lost imaging, database ... everything.

(T.J. stares down at her hands in horror. She cannot continue the surgery without help.)

(In the Chair Room, Ginn's eyes are still wide as she continues to relive her strangling.)

WALLACE: What's happening?

RUSH: Must be some kind of power surge.

SCOTT: Is she still transferring?

RUSH: I don't know. The mainframe is inaccessible.

(In the Infirmary, T.J. looks across to the scientists in panic.)

JOHANSEN: Anything?

BRODY: No, it's crashed.


BRODY: I don't know!

(In the Chair Room, Ginn finally stops struggling. It's possible that she has reached the point in her memories where she died. In any case, her eyes close and she sags down in the Chair. The lights stop fritzing. Scott looks across to Rush.)

SCOTT: What, did you fix it?

RUSH: No. The ship must have overcome the problem - at least partially, at any rate. There's still several systems malfunctioning.

YOUNG: Well, can you turn the Chair off now?

RUSH: Yeah, but I can't be sure the transfer's been completed.

YOUNG: I don't care. Turn the Chair off now.

(Unhappily, Nicholas types and a couple of seconds later the headpiece flips back over the back of the headrest. Chloe - and it is Chloe - convulses forward and is about to fall out of the Chair, but Matt runs forward and catches her and eases her back again.)

In the Infirmary, Tamara stares at Adam frantically.

JOHANSEN: We don't have time! I need to finish this!

BRODY (typing rapidly): Hang on. I think I've got the ligature device back online.

PARK (from her own laptop): The database is still down.

PERRY: Tamara?

(T.J. turns and finds Amanda standing beside her.)

JOHANSEN: Who are you?

(Vanessa, standing just to the other side of Amanda, turns and looks at T.J. in confusion, thinking that she's looking at her.)

JAMES: What?

PERRY: I'm Amanda Perry.

JOHANSEN: Doctor Perry, how ...?

PERRY: No time to explain. You need to finish the surgery.

JAMES: T.J., what's wrong?

JOHANSEN (to Amanda): You're not real.

PERRY: Listen to me. I'll help you. I have access to the entire medical database.

(T.J. frowns.)

PERRY: Trust me, Tamara. I can help.

(T.J. stares at her for a long moment, probably unaware of the bewildered looks of her colleagues as they watch her, then she nods and turns towards her patient.)

JOHANSEN: OK, tell me what to do.

BECKER: Who are you talking to?

(She looks up at everyone momentarily.)

JOHANSEN: No-one. I'll tell you later.

JAMES: T.J. ...

JOHANSEN: I'm fine. Just let me do this. (To Amanda) Go.

PERRY: All right. The first connection you need to make is to the renal vein. Attach it to the external iliac vein.

(T.J. gets to work.)

CHAIR ROOM. Chloe has been taken from the room. Young walks over to Nick as he looks closely at his laptop.

YOUNG: Did it transfer?

RUSH: Yeah, I believe so. Two new programmes have suddenly appeared in Destiny's memory bank. One of them, in fact, is active somewhere on the ship right now.

YOUNG: Doing what?

(Nick shrugs, shaking his head.)

INFIRMARY. Amanda watches over T.J.'s shoulder as she continues the surgery.

JOHANSEN: OK, the artery's attached.

PERRY: Go ahead and unclamp it.

(Tamara does so, and everyone looks at the footage from the camera which Vanessa is holding over the incision. Amanda smiles.)

PERRY: It's pink. That's good.

(They smile at each other.)

Some time later, T.J. finishes the final suture on Dale's rejoined wound. Lisa smiles at her.

PARK: That's it! You did it!

(Smiling with relief, Tamara nods to her and to Vanessa. She turns to her left ... but there's nobody beside her.)

CHLOE'S QUARTERS. Chloe wakes up lying on top of her bed. Ginn's convulsions must have rubbed her head against the headpiece of the Chair because she has a red mark on each temple. She rolls over and sees Matt and Eli sitting and talking quietly nearby.

SCOTT: Chloe!

ARMSTRONG (sitting up): Yeah.

(Matt hurries around the bed and sits down close to her while Eli stands nearby.)

ARMSTRONG: I'm all right.


(Eli looks down, relieved that his friend is unharmed but devastated at the final loss of his girlfriend.)

INFIRMARY. Young has come to check on everyone. T.J. sits down on the end of Greer's bed. She looks at Dale lying in the opposite bed while she talks with the colonel.

JOHANSEN: So far, so good. I started the stem cell infusions. Over time we'll wean him off of it as he reaches a chimeric state but hopefully his body won't reject the kidney. We'll just have to wait and see.

GREER (sternly): He won't reject it.

VOLKER (weakly): Great. No pressure!

YOUNG (smiling proudly at T.J.): Hey. You did good.

(As she returns his smile, his radio activates.)

BARNES: Colonel Young.

YOUNG (into radio): Yeah, go ahead.

BARNES: I need you in the Communications Lab.

COMMUNICATIONS ROOM. Young walks to the doors and punches the button to open them. He greets the person standing inside with Barnes.

YOUNG: David?

(David Telford, currently inhabiting the body of a marine named O'Hara, turns and smiles at him.)

TELFORD: Yeah, it's me.

BARNES: He just made the connection.

TELFORD: We had a problem with the communication device on our end. Took a few days, but our guys finally fixed it.

YOUNG (anxiously): David ...

TELFORD (smiling reassuringly): The bomb was defused. Washington is safe.

BRIDGE. Nick walks onto the deserted bridge and stands at the railing. A moment later he hears a soft voice.

PERRY: Nicholas.

(He turns his head and finds Amanda standing next to him. He smiles and turns to her as she smiles back at him.)

PERRY: It worked.

RUSH (softly): Yeah.

PERRY: Thank you.

RUSH: How d'you feel?

(She looks down for a moment, trying to find the words, then looks up at him again.)

PERRY: Free.


BRODY: Have you peed yet?

(Dale, dressed and sitting on the side of the bed, frowns at him.)

VOLKER: What kind of question is that?

BRODY: Well, the kidneys clean the blood, they process the waste ...

VOLKER: Yeah, I know what they do, for ...

(He bites back the rest of the sentence, then glances in embarrassment towards Lisa who is sitting on the other side of the bed.)

VOLKER (to Brody): Yes, I've ... Yes, OK?

BRODY: Good!


(Lisa bites her lip, trying not to laugh. T.J. comes over and looks at Dale.)

JOHANSEN: Hey. You need to walk. Just a little bit around the Infirmary. Helps the body heal.

(She walks away and Dale looks pointedly at Adam. Nearby, Lisa smiles affectionately. Finally Adam gets the hint.)

BRODY: Oh, uh, I gotta go. I'm on duty. I'll, uh, I'll stop by later.

(Patting his knee as he walks past, he leaves the room. Lisa smiles at Dale.)

PARK: I'll help you.

(She hops down off the bed and walks around it to the other side.)

VOLKER: Are you sure?

PARK: Mmm-hmm!

(She takes down the drip which is still attached to Dale's arm as he starts to stand up.)

VOLKER: All right.

(Nearby, T.J. has removed the dressing over Greer's wound and is looking at it with a bit of concern. It is rather red and swollen and has been bleeding a little.)

JOHANSEN: There may be a little infection setting in there.

GREER: I'm fine.

JOHANSEN: Yeah. No, I know. Just gonna change the dressing.

(She walks away. Greer watches her go, then turns his head and gazes up at the ceiling. Maybe he's not feeling as fine as he says.)

ELI'S ROOM. Eli is gazing at his screen, but then raises his head as if sensing someone behind him. He turns and sees Ginn standing at the doorway.

WALLACE: I was gettin' worried. I saw your consciousness in the memory bank but you hadn't appeared to anyone yet, so I didn't know what to think.

GINN: I know it's only temporary.

WALLACE (standing up and walking closer to her): It is. I promise. But for now it's the best we can do.

GINN: I've thought about what you said. Just being here, seeing you, hearing your voice ...

(He lowers his head sadly.)

GINN: It is enough.

(He looks up again and smiles a little. She reaches out to stroke his face and he closes his eyes in anticipation of her touch, but her hand passes straight through him. They gaze at each other sadly.)