Vanessa James

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Second Lieutenant stationed at Icarus Base, now aboard the Destiny. James and the rest of the Icarus personnel were forced to evacuate through the Stargate to the ninth chevron address during a surprise attack. She is likely the third highest ranking officer on the ship, after Colonel Everett Young and Lt. Matthew Scott.

James had developed an intimate relationship with Scott (her superior officer), which the two kept relatively hidden from base personnel. Now stranded clear across the universe, their breach of protocol may complicate the mission. Though she cared deeply for him, he ended their relationship swiftly and became immediately involved with Chloe Armstrong.


PLAYED BY: Julia Benson


Air, Part 1 - James evacuates with the rest of the Icarus team to the Destiny.
Air, Part 2 - Scott assigns James to help his team search the ship.
Air, Part 3 - James leads a group to the lime planet to help in the search for Scott and Greer, but return home empty-handed.
Light - Vanessa is one of 15 randomly drawn winners for a seat on a shuttle which will escape Destiny's presumed destruction inside a star.
Water - Fully aware of Scott's relationship with Chloe, James informs the young woman of the lieutenant's predicament on the water planet.
Justice - Lt. James joins a mission to explore a planet dialed by Destiny, where they find a crashed alien ship in the sand.
Lost - James and Dr. Rush lead teams through the gate to search as many connected planets as they can, hoping to find their lost crew members before Destiny gets too far out of range.
Sabotage - Vanessa volunteers to trade bodies with a quadriplegic scientist to spend time with her family on Earth, but cannot handle the woman's respirator and returns in failure moments after the transfer is activated.
Pain - Infected with an alien tick, James hallucinates a sexual encounter with Matt -- after which he jilts her, and she kills him in a crime of passion.
Intervention - Exiled to a hostile planet, Lt. James helps Colonel Young lead the ship's crew to shelter from an oncoming storm.
Cloverdale - In Matthew Scott's dream world he hits on Vanessa (a waitress at Brody's bar) while drunk at his bachelor party.