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The son of Apophis, Klorel is a young Goa'uld who took the Abydonian Skaara as his host. Eager to earn the respect of his father, Klorel joined his father in a campaign against Earth. Unknown to him, SG-1 had boarded and sabotaged his Ha'tak. Jack O'Neill was determined to get through to Skaara, but was only somewhat successful. Jack was forced to shoot Klorel to keep him from killing Daniel Jackson with a hand device. However, unbeknownst to O'Neill, the Jaffa Bra'tac placed him in his sarcophagus, restoring him to life.

The campaign against Earth failed after SG-1 and Bra'tac destroyed the two attack ships, and Klorel escaped with Apophis through the on-board Stargate.

Two years later, Klorel fled a battle group dispatched by the System Lord Heru'ur, and made his way to the planet Tollana. He crash-landed in a death glider, and his injuries allowed Skaara to surface and plead for help from the Tollan people. The Tollan placed Klorel and Skaara on triad to decide who will permanently be in charge over Skaara's body. In the end, the swaying vote fell to Lya of the Nox, who declared Klorel should to be removed from Skaara's body.

Klorel was then removed by the Tok'ra, and sent through the Stargate to the Goa'uld world of his choice. It is unknown if he survived long enough to possess another host.


PLAYED BY - Alexis Cruz
FIRST APPEARED - Children of the Gods


Children of the Gods - Klorel takes Skaara, a young Abydonian boy, as his host after Apophis kidnaps him.
Within the Serpent's Grasp - SG-1 discovers that the Goa'uld who has taken Skaara is Apophis's son, and is joining the Goa'uld's attack on Earth.
The Serpent's Lair - The team thwarts Klorel and Apophis's attack on Earth, but Klorel is brought back to life with a sarcophagus and escapes with Apophis.
Pretense - Klorel crash lands on Tollana, where the Tollan hold a trial to determine whether he or Skaara have a right to Skaara's body. Klorel loses, and is extracted and sent to a Goa'uld-controlled planet.