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Teyla dreams of Kanaan ("The Kindred, Part 1")

As a mysterious new illness sweeps through the Pegasus Galaxy, Teyla is convinced by a vision that the father of her child is trying to communicate with her.

DVD DISC: Season 4, Disc 5
WRITTEN BY: Joseph Mallozzi & Paul Mullie
DIRECTED BY: Peter Woeste
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Transcript by Callie Sullivan

OFFWORLD PLANET. A funeral pyre has been built in the middle of a clearing. A man's body has been laid on the top of it. Near the pyre stands Teyla Emmagan, while John Sheppard, Rodney McKay, Ronon Dex and Samantha Carter stand behind her. Either side of the group, a male villager stands holding a burning torch. Sam looks at Teyla sympathetically as she gazes at the pyre.

CARTER: I'm so sorry, Teyla. Kanaan was a good man. He would have made a wonderful father.

(Teyla continues to stare at the pyre.)

TEYLA: I really thought I could save him.

SHEPPARD (gently): You did everything you could. That's all anybody can ask for.

CARTER: He's at peace now.

(Teyla lowers her head and closes her eyes, tears dripping down her face. After several seconds, she raises her head and steels herself.)

TEYLA: All right. I am ready.

(She and the villagers walk towards the pyre. She gazes at Kanaan for a few moments longer, then turns to one of the villagers, who hands her his torch. Kneeling, she slowly touches the torch to the kindling at the bottom of the pyre. As it begins to burn, she stands again and hands the torch back to the villager. She backs slowly away, her eyes never leaving Kanaan's face. Flames begin to rise as the fire takes hold.)

(Several seconds later, Kanaan opens his eyes and raises his head. Teyla's eyes widen in shock.)

KANAAN: Teyla?

(He turns his head and looks across to her through the flames.)

KANAAN: Teyla.

TEYLA: He is still alive!

KANAAN: Help me, Teyla! Please!

(Teyla tries to run towards the pyre but John and Sam grab her arms and hold her back.)

KANAAN: Please help me!

TEYLA (struggling to pull free): He's still alive! Let me go!

CARTER: Teyla, it's too late!

KANAAN: Help me, Teyla! Teyla! Teyla!

(He writhes in agony as his face begins to blacken with the heat.)

KANAAN (screaming): Teylaaaaaaaaa!

(Lying in bed in her quarters on Atlantis, Teyla opens her eyes and gasps, Kanaan's scream still echoing in her ears. She sits up and looks around, bewildered, then her face fills with shock and grief at the memory of her nightmare.)

DAY TIME. ATLANTIS INFIRMARY. Sam is talking with Jennifer Keller.

KELLER: As you know, for some time now, we've been tracking what appears to be a new sickness in the Pegasus galaxy. We don't know exactly when or where it started, but so far we've encountered it on seven different planets.

SHEPPARD: Make that eight.

(He and Rodney walk into the room.)

SHEPPARD: We just came back from 447. They've got it too.

KELLER: Really? The same symptoms?

McKAY: Mmm.

(He looks around the room and sees an alcohol hand-rub dispenser nearby. He squirts some into his hands and rubs them together as he continues talking.)

McKAY: Starts with respiratory difficulty, proceeds rapidly to fatal organ shutdown.

(Walking over to the others, he sees their expressions as they look at him still cleaning his hands.)

McKAY: Oh, it's disinfectant.

SHEPPARD: We just came back from the bio-screen, Rodney. We were wearing Hazmat the whole time, too.

McKAY: Yes, well, it's better safe than sorry.

CARTER (turning to Jennifer): Do we have any idea how it's spread?

KELLER: Well, that's the strange part. Most of these planets have no regular contact with each other; but a few of them do have regular contact with other neighbouring planets that have been completely unaffected.


CARTER: How bad is this gonna get?

KELLER: If I had to make a projection, I'd base it on the evidence from M1R-992. There have been no new cases there for some time, which would seem to indicate the sickness has run its course.

CARTER: And ... ?

(Jennifer sighs.)

KELLER: It killed thirty percent of the population. If those numbers bear out on the rest of these planets, we're looking at a death toll of about two hundred thousand. That's assuming it doesn't spread any further.

MESS HALL. Teyla is sitting at a table alone, her face still full of the memory of her nightmare. Rodney walks in holding a small white box dressed with a blue ribbon. Putting the box behind his back and holding it with both hands, he walks over and faces her. After a moment, she notices him and smiles up at him.

TEYLA: Rodney. Has Doctor Keller made any progress with her investigation?

McKAY: Unfortunately not, no, but she's still working on it.

(Teyla frowns at him standing uncomfortably with his hands behind his back.)

TEYLA: What are you hiding?

McKAY: I, um ... well, I've been waiting for the right time to give this to you, and what with everything that's been going on and all, I, uh ... Anyway, uh ...

(He brings out the box and hands it to her.)

McKAY: ... here you go.

(Teyla smiles and takes the box.)

TEYLA: You didn't have to do this, Rodney.

McKAY: Well, think of it as a kind of pre-baby present.

(Teyla starts to untie the ribbon.)

McKAY: Back on Earth, there's this company that produces recordings specifically for the foetus. The thinking is that, by listening to the works of, say, a great composer while still in the womb, the baby will be born with a natural predisposition towards musical ability, or – in this case – science.

(Teyla opens the box and takes out an MP3 player and a pair of earphones. She looks up at him, amused.)

McKAY: Yeah. I recorded some of my reflections on some of my more ground-breaking accomplishments and theories – just a couple of hours' worth.

TEYLA (smiling): You should not have gone to so much trouble.

McKAY (waving his hand dismissively): Ah, it was no trouble at all.

(He looks down at her as she packs the player away into the box again, losing her smile and looking lost in thought. He frowns.)

McKAY: Something wrong?

TEYLA: Uh ... (She looks around, thinking for a moment.) I was debating whether or not to tell anyone.

McKAY: Oh. (He pulls up a chair and sits down.) Tell anyone what?

TEYLA: I believe I had a vision last night.

McKAY: A vision?

TEYLA: I saw Kanaan, the father of my son. I believe that he was trying to send me a message that he's alive and that I must not abandon the search for him and the rest of my people.

(As she speaks, Rodney struggles to hold a neutral expression on his face.)

McKAY: And this was while you were sleeping?

TEYLA: You think it was a dream.

McKAY: Well, I ... I ...

TEYLA: I believe it was more than that. It did not feel like a dream.

(Still Rodney tries – unsuccessfully – to look supportive.)

TEYLA: I knew you would doubt me. I should not have said anything.

McKAY: Hey, I've been cocooned inside an alien spacecraft; I've had another person living inside me; I've encountered not one, but two different versions of myself, so who am I to judge? If you say it was a vision, then I believe it was a vision.


McKAY: I seriously doubt it was a vision.

(He is walking along the corridors with John.)

SHEPPARD: She had ‘em before.

McKAY: She's had remote contact with the Wraith, never another human. Besides, those Athosians have been missing for, like, what, six months now? D'you really think they're still alive?

SHEPPARD: What do you want me to do, Rodney? Tell her to give up hope?

McKAY: At some point, she may not have a choice.

NIGHT TIME. Teyla is asleep in her bed. The room is dark. Suddenly it is filled with light, and a breeze blows across her face. She opens her eyes and looks around in surprise as she finds that her bed is in the middle of a forest. She sits up and looks around, bewildered, then throws back the covers and sits up on the side of the bed. A few seconds later, a swirling transporter effect deposits Kanaan onto the grass in front of her. She stands up and faces him, smiling in delight.

TEYLA: Kanaan!

(He stares at her in amazement and holds out his hands towards her large bump.)

KANAAN: Teyla?

(He puts his hands to his mouth, surprised but delighted. She laughs. His smile fades as he lowers his hands and looks at her seriously.)

KANAAN: You must help us.


KANAAN: Save us.

TEYLA: Where are you? Where are our people?

(He reaches up and pulls out a black pendant hanging around his neck on a chain. Snapping the chain, he holds up the pendant in front of her.)

KANAAN: You bought me this.


KANAAN: Do you remember where?

TEYLA: The village of Croya. Is that where you are?

(He drops the pendant into her hand.)

KANAAN: Come find me.

(As he gazes at her, the daylight fades and Teyla opens her eyes. She is sitting up in bed in the darkness and has her hand held out in front of her, the fingers closed. She opens her fingers, but there is nothing inside.)

DAY TIME. SAM'S OFFICE. John and Sam are talking.

SHEPPARD: She says the pendant in her vision is the same one she gave to Kanaan before he disappeared.

CARTER: So what's the significance?

SHEPPARD: Well, uh ... (he grimaces) ... I'm not sure.

CARTER: Well, what does she want exactly?

SHEPPARD: Well, she bought it from some guy in a village on M2S-181. She wants to go back and check it out.

CARTER: It's a peaceful trading settlement. I'd be very surprised if they had anything to do with the disappearance of the Athosians.

SHEPPARD: That's what I said, but she still wants to go. She thinks that Kanaan is sending her a message, a clue.

CARTER: And what do you think?

SHEPPARD: Doesn't matter. It's Teyla, and we owe her one.

(Sam nods.)

CARTER: OK, but we're stretched pretty thin dealing with this plague.

SHEPPARD: I'll try and make it quick.


M2S-181. Team Sheppard walks through a field of tall grass on its way towards the village.

TEYLA: I purchased the pendant from an artisan in Croya, the village we are about to visit. Among the Athosians, it's quite common to present such gifts as expressions of admiration and respect.

(Ronon turns to Rodney.)

DEX: Hey. Maybe I'll pick you something up while we're there.

McKAY: Really?

DEX: No.

SHEPPARD: All right, so we'll ask around, see if we can get some useful intel – but if you even begin to sense any danger ...

TEYLA: ... I'll make straight for the Gate, leaving you to deal with it.

SHEPPARD: All right, then.

CROYA. The team walks through the market. Teyla looks around until she finds the stall where she bought the pendant. She approaches the woman tending the stall.

TEYLA: Excuse me. I'm wondering if you can tell me what happened to the artisan who used to occupy this space. He specialised in hand-crafted jewellery, bracelets, pendants, chains ...


TEYLA: Gone?

FEMALE MERCHANT: During the sickness that took the village several weeks back. He and some forty others. I'm sorry, child – he's dead.

ATLANTIS INFIRMARY. Sam walks in and goes over to Jennifer.

CARTER: Hey. I hear you have something.

KELLER: Yeah. I've found out what's making these people sick – and it's something we've encountered before.

(She leads Sam over to a screen and activates it.)

KELLER: It's a unique protein originally created by the inhabitants of a planet called Hoff. It was designed to interfere with the Wraiths' feeding mechanism, making them immune to the process.

CARTER: It also killed the feeding Wraith and half the people who took it.

KELLER: That's right.

CARTER: So this isn't some contagion that spreads naturally.

KELLER: No. This is mass murder.

CROYA. As Teyla finishes speaking to a villager, John walks over to her.

SHEPPARD: I think we're done here.

TEYLA: Not yet.

SHEPPARD: We've given this place the twice-over and nobody knows anything.

TEYLA: Well, perhaps someone does and has not seen fit to come forward yet.

(John looks at her silently.)

TEYLA: I was guided here. By showing me the pendant, Kanaan was telling me to come to this village

SHEPPARD: Look, you're going through a tough time. You want answers – that's understandable – but you might wanna consider it's clouding your judgement ... just a little.

TEYLA: What are you questioning, John: my interpretation of the vision or the vision itself?

SHEPPARD: All right, we've been here long enough. If there was something for us to find, we would have found it by now.

(Turning away, he activates his radio headset.)

SHEPPARD: Rodney, Ronon, we're headin' out.

ATLANTIS. CONFERENCE ROOM. Jennifer and Sam are telling John and Rodney of their discovery.

McKAY: You're sure it's the same protein?

KELLER: I ran a side-by-side comparison. It was almost an exact match.

CARTER: "Almost"?

KELLER: Well, we're dealing with the new and improved version. The Hoffan drug killed roughly fifty percent of the test subjects, and this one kills only thirty percent.

SHEPPARD: Yeah, it's still thirty percent too many.

McKAY: How do the populations of eight different planets get inoculated with the drug and not even know about it?

KELLER: It's possible it was administered through their food and water supply. We're running some tests.

CARTER: So who's behind this?

KELLER: Well, maybe the Hoffans have resumed distribution of the drug, but on a much larger scale.

McKAY: They haven't been doing much of anything lately. When the Wraith discovered what they were up to, the whole civilisation was wiped out.

SHEPPARD: Well, maybe a few of them survived and they're planning a little pay-back.

CARTER: The random nature of this drug's distribution is clear and calculated. It's obviously intended to throw the Wraith completely off balance. They have no way of knowing which of their food sources has been infected.

McKAY: So it's just a matter of time before they become hungry and cranky.

(Sam and John look at him.)

McKAY: I mean, I know I would.

CARTER: We need to go back to Hoff.

(John and Rodney sigh.)

CARTER: Search what's still standing, see if we can shed some light on the situation before another planet's targeted.

SHEPPARD: Let's go, Rodney.

(Rodney looks at Sam unhappily, but stands up and follows John out of the room.)

TEYLA'S QUARTERS. In broad daylight, Teyla is sitting up on her bed, her legs crossed and her hands upturned on her knees. Her eyes are closed and she is meditating. As she concentrates, she hears Kanaan's voice.

KANAAN: Teyla.

(She opens her eyes and is back in the forest with Kanaan standing before her.)

TEYLA: Kanaan! Where are you?

KANAAN: I don't know.

TEYLA: Who took you?

KANAAN: I don't know.

TEYLA: How can I find you?

KANAAN: You already know where to go to uncover the answers.

TEYLA: The village?

KANAAN: You stopped looking.

TEYLA: I went! I found nothing.

KANAAN: You were close. Please, Teyla. Our time is running short.

(He holds out his hand to her.)

KANAAN: We need you.

TEYLA (anguished): Kanaan.

(She reaches out and takes his hand ... and her vision fades. She opens her eyes and finds her hand outstretched in front of her, empty.)

SHORTLY AFTERWARDS. Teyla walks with Sam towards Sam's office.

CARTER: And you weren't sleeping?

TEYLA: I was in a meditative state, but I was most definitely awake. There can be no doubt – this is real.

(Sam gestures towards the armchairs and they sit down.)

CARTER: But you've already been to the planet.

TEYLA: We missed something. I am certain of it.

CARTER: I wanna believe you, Teyla, but I'm a scientist. I'm trained to think critically.

TEYLA: There is a possible explanation. Kanaan has the Gift – the same ability that I do.

CARTER: The Wraith D.N.A.?

TEYLA: Yes. Among my people, the Gift is considered useful, but it also sets one apart. It can be difficult. Kanaan was the only one who could truly understand what it felt like.

CARTER: It brought you together.

TEYLA: It is something we have shared since childhood.

CARTER: But have you ever communicated this way before?

TEYLA: No. I know what this looks like, Colonel, and I know what everyone is thinking. "She sees what she wants to see; she believes what she wants to believe." But I assure you, that is not the case.

(Sam looks at her for a long moment while Teyla gazes back at her hopefully. Finally Sam makes a decision.)

CARTER: All right. When Colonel Sheppard gets back from Hoff ...

TEYLA: We cannot wait. Kanaan said their time is running short. I must leave immediately.

CARTER: I see.

(Again, she looks at Teyla for a long moment. Assuming the worst, Teyla makes a point.)

TEYLA: I do not need your permission, Colonel. Unless you intend to restrain me ...

(Nodding, Sam activates her headset.)

CARTER: Major Lorne, come in.

LORNE (over radio): Go ahead, Colonel.

CARTER: Assemble your team. You'll be escorting Teyla back to M2S-181.

LORNE: Understood.

(Smiling gratefully, Teyla stands. Sam also stands up.)

CARTER: I'm not letting you go back there alone.

TEYLA: Thank you, Colonel.

CARTER: Call me Sam.

TEYLA: Thank you, Sam.

HOFF. Since we last saw the city in "Poisoning the Well" it has sustained serious damage from Wraith aerial bombardment. Rodney is inside a large room full of shelves and cabinets. Papers are scattered all around. John calls him on the radio.

SHEPPARD (over radio): Rodney, come in.

McKAY: Go ahead.

SHEPPARD: D'you find anything?

McKAY: Just a bunch of junk. You?

(John is out on a street somewhere.)

SHEPPARD: Nothing. The Wraith did a pretty good number on this place.

McKAY: This is more than just random destruction. This place used to be the repository of all Hoffan knowledge. I'd say a lot of it's just missing.

(Nearby, something crashes down. Rodney turns in the direction of the sound.)

McKAY: Who's there?

SHEPPARD: Rodney? What's going on?

McKAY (nervously): I thought I heard something.

SHEPPARD: Relax. Probably just rats.

McKAY (even more nervously): Rats?

(Anxiously, he looks down at the ground, then makes his way towards the area where the sound came from.)

McKAY: OK, if there's someone in here, you'd better come out.

(Again there's a noise nearby.)

McKAY: I'm not kidding!

(As he makes his way carefully towards the end of the room, a number of children suddenly break free of their various hiding places and start to run for the door.)

McKAY: Hey! Whoa!

(The children shove him aside and make their escape.)

McKAY: Hey!

(As Rodney sighs in relief that he wasn't being attacked, another youngster bursts out of hiding and runs for the door.)

McKAY: Hey!

(He runs to cut off the youngster's exit.)

McKAY: Whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa. Hang on.

(The boy stops, wide-eyed in terror.)

McKAY: I'm not gonna hurt you. I just wanna ask you a couple of questions. Now, who are you? What are you doing here?

(The boy doesn't answer, looking around for a way of escape.)

McKAY: OK, maybe you can help me. I'm looking for some medical stuff – books, files, equipment.

(The boy shakes his head.)

SCAVENGER: I don't know anything about that. By the time we got here, most of the good stuff was already gone. We're just picking through what's left.

(Rodney turns away a little and activates his headset.)

McKAY: Sheppard.

(The boy takes his opportunity, shoves past Rodney and runs out of the door.)

McKAY (into radio): Looks like we're not the only ones here!

SHEPPARD: What've you got?

McKAY: There's a bunch of kids going through what's left of the place.

SHEPPARD: Scavengers. You think they got ahold of what we're looking for?

McKAY: Hoffan research wouldn't have meant anything to them.

SHEPPARD: All right, well, if not them, then who was it?

McKAY: I don't know. One thing's for sure: whoever it was, they knew exactly what they were looking for.

M2S-181. Teyla and Team Lorne walk into the village of Croya. Lorne looks around as they enter the market.

LORNE: Hmm! Kind of reminds me of the flea markets they used to have back home. Every Sunday, stroll down to the Bay area, find pretty much anything you wanted.

(He looks at the various stalls.)

LORNE: And a lot of things you didn't.

(Teyla stops and looks at a stall nearby where a merchant is showing a black pendant to a potential customer. Lorne notices her expression.)

LORNE: What is it?

(Reaching down, Teyla pulls a small knife out of her belt and walks towards the stall. Lorne watches in concern.)

LORNE: Teyla?

(He follows her as she walks over to the stall. She glowers at the customer.)

TEYLA (sternly): Leave.

(Seeing the knife she is holding at her side, the customer departs. Teyla grabs the merchant's hand and holds her knife against his throat.)

TEYLA: I will ask you once and you will answer me truthfully. Where did you get this pendant?

MERCHANT: From a trader. If you like it that much, it's yours with my blessings.

(Pulling the knife away from his throat, Teyla snatches the pendant out of his hand and looks at it.)

LORNE: You recognise it?

TEYLA: It belonged to Kanaan. (She looks at the merchant.) What else did you acquire from this trader?

(The merchant picks up a small wooden box from the rear of his stall and puts it down on the table in front of Teyla. She opens it and starts looking through it. She picks up a necklace.)

MERCHANT: You know, I don't wanna be difficult here, but I acquired that merchandise for a price and, while I really don't mind gifting you with an item, from a purely business standpoint, it really doesn't make sense for me to part with my ...

TEYLA (talking over him as she looks at Lorne): This necklace belonged to Balera. It was a gift from her parents to mark her coming of age.

(She holds up a ring.)

TEYLA: And this ring belonged to Halling.

(The merchant rolls his eyes and sighs. Lorne looks at him.)

LORNE: The trader you say you got these things from: when's the last time you saw him?

MERCHANT: Several days ago, but he comes through here quite regularly. In fact, it's more than likely he may pay me a visit today. It would be my pleasure to make the proper introductions.

ATLANTIS. John, Rodney and Ronon trot up the stairs from the Gateroom into the Control Room and go over to Sam who is standing by Chuck's console.

CARTER: Anything?

SHEPPARD: No. The place is cleared out.

(Rodney looks at the large screen which has been activated nearby.)

McKAY: Is that what I think it is?

CARTER: It's getting to be a familiar sight.

DEX: What is it?

CARTER: A Wraith sub-space tracking device. It's our old friend.

McKAY: Todd!

CARTER: Maybe he wants to talk, and maybe he just wants to lead us into an ambush. There is always that possibility.

SHEPPARD: Well, there's only one way to find out.

(He and Ronon turn to head back down the stairs. Rodney looks at them in frustration.)

McKAY: Aw, come on! We just got back!

CARTER: Sorry, Rodney.

McKAY (plaintively): I haven't had lunch yet!

(He turns and follows the others down the stairs. Sam turns to Chuck.)

CARTER: Dial it.

CROYA. The merchant is laying out some new items on his stall. Spotting someone approaching some distance away, he looks around until he catches the eye of Lorne, who is waiting nearby. The merchant jerks his head in the direction of the new arrival. As the trader approaches the merchant's stall, Lorne casually makes his way over. The trader puts a small bag onto the merchant's table.

TRADER: Got some real nice merchandise for you today, my friend. Real nice.

(He takes out a bracelet and shows it to the merchant, who looks at it appreciatively. As the trader continues taking items out of his bag, Lorne appears at his side.)

LORNE: Hey there. How you doing? You mind telling me where you got this stuff?

(The trader looks round at him, then looks back at the merchant, who widens his eyes at him. The trader picks up his bag and turns to Lorne slowly, then runs at him and shoves his bag hard into his chest, knocking him off balance, then turns and runs in the opposite direction. Lorne chases after him. The trader runs down a walkway, but Teyla steps partway into his path, holding a stout branch, and smacks it across his face. He drops to the ground, unconscious.)

LATER. Some time later, the trader is in an empty room lit only by daylight coming through the windows. He has been tied into a chair in the middle of the room by the wrists and ankles. His head is lolled back and he is still unconscious. Lorne throws a bucket of water over him and he regains consciousness, coughing.

LORNE: Wake up!

(One of his team hands him the small wooden box. He opens it and shows the contents to the trader.)

LORNE: Look, we need to know where you got this merchandise.

TRADER: I do trade so much, it's often hard to keep track of it all.

LORNE: Oh yeah? Well, according to the merchant you do business with here, the stuff you've been bringing in lately has been a hell of a lot nicer than your usual crap.

TRADER: He said that?

LORNE: Yeah. He said that.

TRADER: Well, there's no accounting for taste. I can't give up my sources – they're trade secrets.

LORNE: I don't give a damn about your trade secrets. We wanna know where you got this stuff.

TRADER: And if I don't tell you, what are you gonna do? I recognise those uniforms; I've heard the stories. People from Atlantis – do-gooders of the galaxy. You wouldn't hurt me.

(Teyla steps out of the darkness.)

TEYLA: I'm wearing no uniform.

(Lorne steps aside as she approaches the chair and looks down at the trader, smiling unpleasantly at him.)

TRADER: A pregnant woman! Very intimidating(!)

(Teyla lifts the branch, puts the end of it gently against his chest, then pushes it hard and topples him and the chair over backwards.)

TEYLA: I will inform the villagers that you are a Wraith-worshipper and let them mete out their own justice. (To the team) Let's go.

(They turn to leave.)

TRADER: Wait. Wait!

(Teyla and the others stop and look down at him.)

TRADER: I got it at an offworld dumping ground.

LORNE: "Dumping ground"? For what?

TRADER: Corpses, mostly. Loose ends that need to be disappeared.

(Teyla looks at him, horrified. Lorne throws her a sympathetic glance.)

TRADER: Occasionally they may still have some valuables on ‘em, and valuables they obviously have no use for.

LORNE: This merchandise – you removed it from the dead?

TRADER: No – not that merchandise.

(Teyla looks more hopeful.)

TRADER: The last time I was back at the planet, I spotted what I thought was a fresh grave – a potential new opportunity. But when I dug it up, instead of finding a body, I found a box containing those items. I suppose somebody was just trying to get rid of ‘em. It was odd to me at first, but I wasn't just about to ...

TEYLA (sternly interrupting): You will take us to this world. You will show us where you found them.

TRADER: Of course. Whatever you say.

LORNE (to his team): Get him up.

ALIEN PLANET. A Wraith facility is on the surface of a sandy planet. Inside, John, Rodney and Ronon make their way cautiously through the corridors. Ronon spots something.

DEX: Sheppard. We got something.

(John and Rodney follow him and find a male Wraith and two guards lying on the floor. Ronon checks them over.)

DEX: Well, they're dead. There's no marks on ‘em.

(A familiar Wraith voice comes out of the darkness.)

VOICE: That's because they were poisoned.

(The team aim their weapons in the direction of the sound – and Todd walks into view.)

TODD: And I suspect you already know how.

M2S-181. Teyla, Team Lorne and the trader are making their way to the Stargate.

LORNE (to Teyla): First thing we do when we get to the Gate is radio back to Atlantis – let ‘em know where we're going, OK?

(She nods.)

LORNE: Listen, Teyla, I know you're looking for answers to what happened to your people, but I'm thinking maybe it's better if you let us check it out, OK?

TEYLA: Major ...

LORNE: Look, just let us scout ahead, all right?

(A familiar whining sound can be heard coming from the sky in the distance.)

LORNE: What is that?

(He looks up.)

LORNE: Dart!

(As the Wraith Dart comes into view, heading straight for them, Teyla and the boys turn to run. However, as the Dart's transporter beam activates and begins to sweep towards them, the trader grabs Teyla and deliberately holds her in the path of the beam. It sweeps the two of them up and the Dart soars away into the sky. Lorne and his boys stare up at it in disbelief.)

ALIEN PLANET. WRAITH FACILITY. John straightens up from examining the Wraith corpses and looks at Todd.

SHEPPARD: Well, let me guess: something they ate.

TODD: Many of my fellow Wraith have fallen victim to this attack on our food supply.

SHEPPARD: Yeah, it's a shame; but it's not really our problem.

TODD: From what we have been able to surmise, this blow against us has been delivered at great cost to human lives – something you would have made your problem in the past. Unless, of course, you're responsible for the dispersal of this plague – in which case you may well consider the human lives sacrificed "acceptable losses".

SHEPPARD: Actually, when we were putting the list together of the most likely suspects, you were at the top.


SHEPPARD: What better way to stick it to your competition?

TODD: Effective, yes; admittedly creative, but the truth is all of the existing Wraith factions have been adversely affected by this. Our food supply is being so randomly tainted, we have no way of knowing if our next meal will be our last.

SHEPPARD: All right: times are tough. It doesn't explain why you called us here.

TODD: I brought you here because I need your help. I am aware you had a hand in helping the Hoffans refine this drug. I require whatever research you possess in order that I may synthesise a cure for my hive – and my hive alone.

SHEPPARD: That's not gonna happen.

TODD: You always say that – but you always come around.

SHEPPARD: Oh yeah? Well this is different. You know, we're still a little upset over the whole Earth conquest thing.

TODD: I had no part in that.

McKAY: Actually, in an indirect way, you did. The Wraith who led the attack was able to access the Midway Station with information you stole on your last visit to Atlantis.

TODD: Information he stole from me in turn, so in a way we were both victims. But let's save our commiserations for another time. I have a proposal.

(John rolls his eyes.)

SHEPPARD: Let's hear it.

TODD: In exchange for this information, I will give you the identity of the individual responsible for dispersing this poison and killing both Wraith and human alike.

DEX: Huh. A couple of minutes ago, you thought we did it.

TODD: There are only two parties who possess the resources and capabilities to launch such an attack. If you are not responsible, then – by process of elimination – there can be only one.

HYPERSPACE. WRAITH CRUISER. Teyla is sitting in a cell, holding her bump protectively. She stands and stares in horror as a familiar figure approaches the door to the cell.

TEYLA: Michael!

ATLANTIS. John and Rodney are reporting to Sam in her office. Jennifer is also there.

McKAY: Well, according to Todd, every Wraith faction has been hit, which makes it extremely unlikely that any of them are responsible.

SHEPPARD: When we told him we weren't the guys behind it, he said there could only be one other.

CARTER: And you think you know who he's talking about?

(John nods.)

SHEPPARD: Michael.

KELLER: The Wraith Doctor Beckett converted into a human?

McKAY: Well, temporarily converted. Eventually he became a kind of a human-Wraith hybrid.

SHEPPARD: The other Wraith didn't want anything to do with him, so he's been kind of holding a little bit of a grudge ever since.

McKAY: He's not a big fan of humans, either. For him, the Hoffan drug is the perfect weapon.

CARTER: Still, this is just speculation. I mean, do we have any proof?

McKAY: Well, not really, but even if we did, we'd have no way of finding him.

SHEPPARD: We can go back to Todd – see if he's got something more than a name.

KELLER: Wait – you're not seriously thinking of giving him our research on the Hoffan protein?

McKAY: Well, why not?

KELLER: Because we'd effectively be giving the Wraith the means to reproduce the drug and potentially infect and kill millions.

McKAY: Theoretically, yes, but practically it really wouldn't be in their best interest to poison their own food supply, regardless of whether our research helped them to come up with an antidote or not. No, I think the more likely scenario is that they find an antidote that works as a short-term solution to the existing threat, then they work on weaponising the protein – you know, coming up with a more effective delivery system, one that cuts out the middle man – in this case, the human victims. No, what we're doing is giving them the means to kill each other off.

SHEPPARD: So, when you put it that way, giving them our research could be a good thing.

(The Stargate begins to dial in.)

CHUCK (from the Control Room): Incoming wormhole.

(Sam and the others leave her office and go down the stairs as Lorne and his team come through the Gate. As it shuts down behind them, Lorne walks towards Sam, his head lowered and his face full of shame and guilt.)

CARTER: Major, where's Teyla?

(Reluctantly, Lorne lifts his head to meet her eyes.)

MICHAEL'S CRUISER. Teyla glares through the bars of her cell at Michael. Since we last saw him, he has changed somewhat. Although he still has the slit pupils, the holes on either side of his nose, and the dual voice of a Wraith, his skin is less shiny than it used to be, and his hair is darker.

TEYLA: Why am I here? What do you want?

(Michael just looks at her.)

TEYLA: Answer me!

MICHAEL: I'm disappointed. I was expecting a little more gratitude after everything I went through to arrange this family reunion.

TEYLA: "Reunion"?

(Her eyes widen as she realises what he must mean.)

TEYLA: My people! You took them?

(Michael tilts his head at her. She walks closer to the cell door and looks down the corridors.)

TEYLA: Where are they? What have you done with them?

MICHAEL: They are alive and well – and working with me toward the common goal we all share.

TEYLA: What are you talking about?

(Michael walks closer.)

MICHAEL: The extermination of the Wraith. I'm building an army that will soon replace them as the dominant race in this galaxy.

TEYLA: An army of monsters.

MICHAEL: I'll admit, my early attempts were a little ... crude, but that's all changed now. I've refined the retrovirus to create the perfect balance – ability well beyond any normal human but without the one weakness that will be the downfall of the Wraith.

(He lifts his right hand and holds it up, showing her his palm. It no longer has a feeding slit on it.)

MICHAEL: The need to feed.

TEYLA: It was you. You're the one responsible for spreading the Hoffan drug.

MICHAEL: Consider it the opening salvo in a much broader assault.

TEYLA: How were you able to discover the drug?

(Michael turns and starts to walk away. Teyla calls after him.)

TEYLA: How were you able to refine it?

(He turns back to her.)

MICHAEL: I had help.

(He smiles slightly, turns and walks away.)

TEYLA: Wait! Where are my people?

(Michael continues walking.)

TEYLA: Michael!

ALIEN PLANET. DERELICT WRAITH CRUISER. Two Wraith guards walk over to the dead body of the male Wraith, pick it up by the arms and start to drag it along the floor. Team Sheppard (minus Teyla, of course) arrive and aim their weapons at the guards. Todd walks around a corner nearby.

TODD: Ah, don't mind them. They're just here to help with the clean-up.

(John nods to Rodney and Ronon, who lower their weapons and step aside. The guards drag the corpse away.)

TODD: I assume you've agreed to my terms.

SHEPPARD: Not exactly.

TODD: You do not wish to know who is responsible for these unfortunate events?

McKAY: We already know – at least, we have a pretty good guess.

SHEPPARD: We call him Michael. Don't ask why. He used to be a Wraith. Now he's a ... I'm not sure what the hell he is.

TODD: I know the one of whom you speak, and I believe you are correct.

SHEPPARD: Confirmation without us giving you anything. That's very generous.

TODD: Obviously there's more you want from me, or you would not have come.

DEX: Maybe we just came to kill you.

TODD (unafraid): Did you?!

SHEPPARD: Unfortunately, no.

TODD: Well, there's always next time.


McKAY (to Todd): One of our people – Teyla – was taken by a Dart today.

TODD: I suppose she's already made some lucky Wraith a very tasty meal.

McKAY: This was no culling. She was targeted. Someone set a trap.

TODD: And you suspect this ... what do you call him? Michael?

SHEPPARD: Well, if not, the timing's a hell of a coincidence.


SHEPPARD: I need you to tap your intel sources, find something useful.

(Rodney reaches around his back and unstraps a computer tablet. He holds it out to Todd.)

McKAY: This tablet has the address of an offworld relay station. If you leave a message for us, we'll get it. It also has our research on the Hoffan drug.


(It takes the tablet and activates it.)

SHEPPARD: Just enough to whet your appetite. You find something we can use, we'll give you the rest.

TODD: Well, I'll see what I can do.

(It smiles unpleasantly at the boys. They glare back at it for a moment, then leave.)

MICHAEL'S CRUISER. Michael approaches Teyla's cell, holding a small bowl of food.

MICHAEL: I understand you're refusing to take food.

(Teyla glowers at him.)

MICHAEL: It's not poisoned, if that's what you're worried about.

(He dips his little finger into the bowl, hooks out some of the food and eats it. Still Teyla glowers at him. He walks forward and holds the bowl through the bars.)

MICHAEL: Take it. You need to keep up your strength.

(Teyla reaches forward and knocks the bowl out of his hand.)

TEYLA: What do you care about my well-being?

MICHAEL: I care a great deal.

(Teyla narrows her eyes at him.)

MICHAEL: I may not be foolish enough to consider us friends, but we do have a history. And even though you've betrayed me repeatedly, you're still the only one – human or Wraith – who's ever come close to understanding what I've been through.

TEYLA (sarcastically): Really?

MICHAEL: We're not that different, Teyla. You're a human with Wraith D.N.A. – a hybrid, just like me.

TEYLA: I'm no murderer.

MICHAEL: You kill to protect yourself and your own. So do I. Of course, circumstances require me to do it on a slightly larger scale, but the principle is still the same.

TEYLA: You're insane.

(For a moment, Michael looks a little hurt, but he quickly recovers.)

MICHAEL: Spite me all you want, but don't do it at the expense of the child.

(Teyla can't help but glance down at her bump for a moment, then she glares up at Michael savagely.)

TEYLA: My child is of no concern to you.

MICHAEL: On the contrary. I have great plans for him.

(She stares at him in horror. He looks down at her bump for a moment, then turns and walks away.)

ATLANTIS MESS HALL. Rodney has a plate of food and is shovelling it into his mouth as fast as he can eat. John and Ronon sit on the other side of the table, watching him with expressions of distaste on their faces.

DEX: How can you eat right now?

McKAY (through a mouthful of food): Kidding? It's the first decent meal I've had all day. Besides, we're not gonna help Teyla at all starving ourselves. I'm just trying to keep my strength up. I suggest you two do the same.

(Ronon looks at John.)

DEX: Hey. We'll find her.

SHEPPARD: I've just gotta do something.

(Sam comes over to their table.)

CARTER: Colonel.

(John stands to face her.)

CARTER: Looks like Todd came through for you.

McKAY: He did?!

CARTER: We just got a message from the relay station. Apparently there's a rumour going around amongst certain Wraith-worshippers about one of our people being held captive. We've got the coordinates.

SHEPPARD: All right. We're gonna need Lorne and his team.

CARTER: He's already volunteered. You'll gate to the nearest planet where the Daedalus is en route to pick you up.

(John turns to the boys.)

SHEPPARD: Let's go.

MICHAEL'S CRUISER. Teyla is sitting in the cell, her face turned away from the door. A figure walks to the doorway and stops.

TEYLA (not looking round): I told you – I'm not hungry.

(She turns her head, but it's not Michael standing there. It's Kanaan. She scrambles to her feet and walks over to him, staring in delight.)

TEYLA: Kanaan!

(He stares back at her as if he doesn't recognise her. There are deep grooves along either side of his nose.)

TEYLA: What has he done to you?

(Still he stares blankly at her.)

TEYLA: Kanaan. It's me – Teyla. I came for you, just like you asked.

(Michael walks into view and stands beside Kanaan.)

MICHAEL: Like I asked. I was the one in your visions – appropriately disguised, of course.

TEYLA: You're lying!

MICHAEL: I reached across ten thousand light years of space and touched your mind. There is more of a bond between us than you know. Once the child is born, the bond will grow even stronger.

(He turns and looks at Kanaan for a moment, then looks at Teyla again.)

MICHAEL: Enjoy your reunion.

(He walks away. Teyla watches him go, then clings onto the bars of the cell door and looks urgently at Kanaan.)

TEYLA: Kanaan. You must help me.

(For the first time, Kanaan shows some reaction as he glances down at her bump.)

TEYLA: You must help our child. Please, Kanaan.

KANAAN: The child will serve the cause. Then, one day soon, the galaxy will be ours.

(He turns and walks away. Teyla stares after him in shock.)

HYPERSPACE. DAEDALUS. Teams Sheppard and Lorne walk onto the Bridge where Steven Caldwell is seated.

SHEPPARD: Colonel.

CALDWELL: Sheppard.

WEAPONS OFFICER: Approaching target destination.

CALDWELL: Drop us out.


(A hyperspace window opens and Daedalus drops into normal space and enters orbit of a nearby planet. The two teams walk into the space in front of Caldwell's chair and form a circle with their backs to each other.)

CALDWELL: We were unable to get a lock on Teyla's subcutaneous transmitter.

McKAY: Well, there's no surprise there. I'm sure Michael got rid of that.

SHEPPARD: Guess we'll have to do things the hard way.

DEX: Good. Let's do it.

(Caldwell nods to his Weapons Officer. As she reaches for her controls, the teams raise their weapons. An Asgard transporter beam whisks them away and deposits them into a facility on the planet's surface. They check the immediate area, then John turns to Lorne.)

SHEPPARD: All right. Stay in touch.

LORNE: Yes, sir. (To his team) Let's move out.

(The teams head off in different directions and begin to search the facility. After a while, Team Sheppard come to a junction and see a closed door. They walk towards it and John opens it and steps inside. Just then, someone comes around the corner behind them and fires a Wraith stunner pistol at them. The blast hits the wall between John's and Rodney's heads. As the two of them dive for cover, Ronon hurls himself across the corridor, firing his blaster towards the source of the shot. The shooter ducks around the corner, then leans out and fires another couple of shots. He's not Wraith – he's a human. As he and Team Sheppard continue to exchange fire, Team Lorne hear the gunfire and head towards the sound. The man leans out from cover to fire again. Ronon twirls his blaster and catches it so that it's facing backwards and then, without looking, bends his arm out from around the corner and fires it towards the man. The blast hits him in the arm. As he cries out and stumbles back, John fires a hail of bullets from his rifle and the man falls to the floor.)

(Nearby, Team Lorne can progress no further because they are pinned down by stunner fire from another human guard. Lorne makes hand signals to his men, then surges out around the corner and lays down cover fire as the rest of the team runs across the corridor. He ducks back around the corner just as the man fires back at him. Hearing the distant firing, Team Sheppard makes its way cautiously forward. The man that Ronon and John just shot is trying to drag himself away across the floor. John looks down at him as the gunfire from Team Lorne continues.)

In space above the planet, a hyperspace window opens and a Wraith ship exits it and flies towards Daedalus.

WEAPONS OFFICER: Sir, I'm picking up another ship. It's a Wraith cruiser, sir.

CALDWELL: Shields up.

(The cruiser fires at Daedalus but its shields protect it.)

CALDWELL: Return fire!

(As the Weapons Officer complies, Caldwell activates the comms.)

CALDWELL: Sheppard, this is Daedalus. We've been engaged by a Wraith cruiser.

SHEPPARD (over radio): How's it going?

CALDWELL: We're more than holding our own. Just thought you might want to pick up the pace.

(John walks over to the injured man.)

SHEPPARD: Who's your boss?

(The man doesn't reply. John kicks him over onto his back, squats down to him and puts a pistol to his chest. The man, grimacing in pain, looks up at him.)

GUARD: You're too early.

SHEPPARD: And what the hell does that mean?

GUARD: We're expecting him back. He's on his way with an important prisoner.

(John's eyes widen as he realises who the man may be talking about. He stands up and activates his headset.)

SHEPPARD: This is Sheppard. Come in. Daedalus, do you read?

CALDWELL: Sheppard, this is Daedalus.

SHEPPARD: Do not destroy the enemy ship. I repeat: do not destroy the enemy ship. Teyla may be on board.

(Caldwell and his Weapons Officer look at each other in surprise.)

SHEPPARD: Did you hear me? Teyla may be on board.

(Daedalus jolts as another blast from the cruiser hits it.)

CALDWELL: We heard you. (He turns to his Weapons Officer again.) Can you cripple it?

WEAPONS OFFICER: It's possible, sir. It's already sustained some heavy damage.

(Her console bleeps.)

WEAPONS OFFICER: Sir, the enemy is attempting a retreat.

CALDWELL: Target the engines.

(Daedalus fires towards the cruiser, but it is already turning away. As Daedalus fires again, a hyperspace window opens and the cruiser disappears into it.)

WEAPONS OFFICER: I'm sorry, sir.

CALDWELL: Bad news, Sheppard. The cruiser made the jump to hyperspace. It's gone.

PLANET'S SURFACE: MICHAEL'S FACILITY. While all this has been going on, Team Lorne have been continuing their firefight but just can't flush out the guard. Finally the cavalry arrives in the shape of Ronon who guns down the man from the side. As the man falls to the ground, Lorne peers out and sees Team Sheppard come into view. He and his team go over to join them.

LORNE: Any sign of her, sir?

SHEPPARD: She's not here.

LORNE: Are you sure? That guard was protecting something.

(He and John turn and look at a closed door nearby. John and Rodney walk over to it as the rest of the men provide cover. Rodney looks at the door, which is both bolted and locked. John jerks his head at Rodney, who turns his back and covers his ears as John fires a single shot at the lock, blowing it out. Rodney promptly turns back and pulls back the bolt. He steps aside and John kicks the door open. He, Rodney and Ronon step into the doorway, aiming their weapons ... and stop and stare in total disbelief at what they see. A man is sitting on a bunk inside the room, dressed in a grey prison outfit. He sighs in relief at the sight of them.)

CARSON BECKETT: Finally. It's about bloody time.

(He stands up.)

BECKETT: What took you so long?