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The rogue Asgard ("The Lost Tribe")

Sheppard races to an Ancient laboratory to save McKay and Daniel Jackson before Todd arrives to destroy a weapon that has a devastating side-effect. Daniel uncovers the identity of the hostile new species.

DVD DISC: Season 5, Disc 3
WRITTEN BY: Martin Gero
DIRECTED BY: Andy Mikita
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Transcript by Callie Sullivan

The episode starts a few seconds before the end of the previous episode. In a lower level of the main tower, Teyla Emmagan hurries out of a transporter and calls out to the people running down the corridor.

TEYLA: Move quickly! We have to get everyone to the lower levels of the tower to make sure that everyone will be ...

(She stops as an explosion goes off several levels above. People scream and duck as the tower shakes and the lights go out. At the top of the tower, the windows of the Control Room blow out. Teyla activates her headset radio.)

TEYLA: Colonel Sheppard, are you all right?

(There's no reply.)

TEYLA: John?

(Still there's no reply. Marie, the head nurse, hurries towards her.)

MARIE: Teyla. How many were up there?


MARIE: I'll go get my people.

(She hurries away.)

LATER. Shortly afterwards the rescue team runs into the Gateroom. It and the Control Room are a mess: debris is lying everywhere, the lights are out and the wall behind where the Stargate used to be is shattered and open to the elements. The team runs up the stairs, shining torches around.

TEYLA: John?

(She goes over to the consoles and looks around.)

TEYLA: They were right here when I left them.

MARIE: If the explosion was hot enough, there might not be anything left for us to find.

(They continue shining their torches around but can see nothing. A few seconds later a faint groan can be heard. Teyla looks round at Marie.)

TEYLA: Did you hear that?

(Marie nods. Teyla shines her torch in the direction the sound came from. The groan comes again.)

MEDIC: Over here.

(Teyla leads the team through the open doorway. She runs forward as she sees John Sheppard on the ground, lying protectively over Radek Zelenka. There is broken glass all over the floor and covering John's back.)

TEYLA: John!

(She and Marie hurry over to him and help him to get up. He groans again.)

SHEPPARD: We didn't take cover.

TEYLA: Are you all right?

SHEPPARD (looking round at her vaguely): Huh?

TEYLA: Are you all right?

SHEPPARD (groaning): Oh, my ears. I think I got some glass in my back.

TEYLA: Marie?

MARIE: Yeah.

(She helps him away and Teyla bends down to Radek and helps him to stand.)

ZELENKA: We lost the Stargate. We lost the Control Room in the blast.

TEYLA: But we did not lose you.

(She pulls him upright as he puts his glasses -- miraculously not broken -- back onto his face.)

TEYLA: That's good. OK.

(She nods to a medic who helps her assist Radek out of the room.)

SPACE. DAEDALUS. The ship is where we last saw it, close to Todd's Hive ship. On the Bridge, the human crew are still sitting or lying unconscious at the rear of the area while Todd sits in the command chair. A male Wraith comes in and reports.

WRAITH: All the troops you have requested have beamed on board.

(Todd turns to the male Wraith in the pilot's seat.)

TODD: Have them round up the rest of the humans and confine them to one of the Hangar Bays.

(The Wraith nods and leaves its seat. Todd turns back to the first Wraith.)

TODD: Inform our Hive to wait for us here -- and under no circumstances are they to activate their hyperdrive. Is that understood?

WRAITH: Yes. Where are we going?

(Todd glares forward, its face full of rage.)

TODD: Atlantis.

ATLANTIS INFIRMARY. John is sitting on the side of a bed with his shirt off. Shep fans squee and faint -- and Shep whumpers writhe on the floor in delight as Marie carefully uses a pair of tweezers to pick out one of the many pieces of glass embedded in his back. He grunts in pain. Teyla walks over to him.

SHEPPARD: I need you to get Banks and her team to set up an auxiliary Control Room below the damaged areas.

TEYLA: They've already begun. How are you?

(He grimaces and grunts again as Marie removes another piece of glass.)

SHEPPARD: Well, I'm alive, you know? That's good for now.

TEYLA: I still do not understand what happened.

SHEPPARD: The Gate blew up.

TEYLA (smiling sarcastically): That much I surmised. But why?

SHEPPARD: I don't know. Where the hell's McKay when you need him, huh?

ALIEN PLANET (M6H-987). On the blizzard-swept planet, Rodney McKay and Daniel Jackson have been moved to another room away from the lab. They have regained consciousness. Rodney is pacing around the room while Daniel sits on the floor with his back against a wall.

McKAY: All right. So the device creates a very specific sub-space turbulence that makes it impossible for the Wraith to operate their hyperdrive.

JACKSON: You said that already.

McKAY: But there's a side effect.

JACKSON: Yes, the unforeseen one that Janus mentioned.

McKAY: Yeah, well, something not seen here because there's no Stargate on this planet.

JACKSON: What's the point, Rodney?

McKAY: Look, although the sub-space turbulence only affects the Wraiths' hyperdrive systems, it creates a very dangerous type of radiation that, uh ... well, that messes with the basic operation of the Stargates.

JACKSON: Stargates? What, as in all of them?

McKAY: Well, all of the Stargates in the Pegasus network, yes.

JACKSON: And when you say "messes with," you mean what?

McKAY: Look, when dialled, power will build up inside the Gate until it overloads.

JACKSON (standing up): So you're saying that as long as this Janus device is running, every time someone dials a Gate in the entire galaxy ...

McKAY: ... it'll explode. I mean, millions of people will die if we don't shut that thing down.

HYPERSPACE. DAEDALUS. On the Bridge, Richard Woolsey starts slowly to regain consciousness.

TODD: Good timing, Mr Woolsey.

(A Wraith guard hauls Richard to his feet. He glares at it for a moment, then turns to Todd.)

WOOLSEY: Look, I don't know what it is you think we've done, but I assure you ...

(Looking away from him, Todd turns to a male Wraith sitting in Marks' chair.)

TODD: Take us out of hyperspace.

WRAITH: We haven't arrived at Atlantis yet.

WOOLSEY: Atlantis?!

TODD (to the Wraith): We're within communications range. We don't wanna get too close. Take us out.

(It looks at Richard.)

TODD: I was hoping you'd be awake for this.

ATLANTIS. AUXILIARY CONTROL ROOM. John and Teyla walk in. Radek, Amelia Banks and Chuck are already in there with several other crewmembers and are all working busily.

SHEPPARD: Well, are we up and running?

BANKS: Yes, sir. We've routed all the city's main controls into this room.

SHEPPARD: At least we're not blind any more.

ZELENKA: No, but we're severely crippled. Without the Gate or the ability to reach the Daedalus, we have no way of getting to M6H-987 or rescuing Rodney and Doctor Jackson.

TEYLA (to John): What shall we do?

(John thinks for a second and then calls out to everyone in the room.)

SHEPPARD: Five bucks to anybody who can figure out how to contact the Daedalus.

(Amelia's console beeps.)

BANKS: Uh, Colonel Sheppard?

SHEPPARD: Got an idea, Banks?

BANKS: Well, no, but I am being hailed by the Daedalus on sub-space. (She looks at John.) Does that count?

SHEPPARD: Technically that's not your idea, but good enough. Put ‘em on screen.

(He, Teyla and Radek hurry towards the wallscreen. John points to Amelia as he passes her.)

SHEPPARD: I'll pay you later.

(As he reaches the screen, it is still filled with static but he starts to speak before a picture appears.)

SHEPPARD: Daedalus, it's good to ...

(He trails off and stares in surprise as the picture comes on and shows Todd on the Daedalus Bridge.)

TODD: Colonel Sheppard.

SHEPPARD: What the hell's goin' on? Where's Caldwell?

TODD: I'm afraid I had to relieve him and his crew of duty.

(John turns his head and speaks quietly to Radek.)

SHEPPARD: How close are they?

ZELENKA (equally quietly): Not close enough to go by Jumper, if that's what you're thinking.

TODD: Don't worry -- I'm more than willing to return this ship and its crew to you.

SHEPPARD: In exchange for what?

TODD: You've activated the Attero device. I need you to shut it down and give me its location immediately.

SHEPPARD: I don't know what you're talkin' about.

TODD: It was very clever of you, luring me and my ship out into the open so you could see for yourself if it worked.

SHEPPARD: If what worked?

TODD: I have to admit: in a way I'm impressed. I was there ten thousand years ago when the Ancients first tried to use it, but they didn't have the stomach to leave it on once they realised how many of their precious Stargates it would destroy -- how many humans it would kill.

ZELENKA (to John): Sounds like something Janus would have worked on.

TODD: Give me the location of the Attero device and once I have destroyed it I will return this crew to you.

SHEPPARD: Look, it's not what you think. We had nothing to do with this.

TODD: Every minute that goes by without you telling me where the device is, I will kill a member of your expedition.

(A Wraith guard shoves Richard into view beside Todd. Teyla and Radek gasp.)


(Todd nonchalantly wraps its left arm around Richard's shoulder, then turns back to the screen.)

TODD: Your time starts now.

SHEPPARD: Give us a second.

(He turns and gestures to Amelia who activates her controls. The screen on Daedalus' Bridge goes blank and the message "TRANSMISSION SUSPENDED" appears.)

WOOLSEY: I don't think this should count toward the minute.

(He nervously looks up at Todd.)

WOOLSEY: I mean, he didn't say no yet.

(In the Atlantis Auxiliary Control Room, John turns to the others.)

SHEPPARD: What are the odds that the ... (he looks at Teyla) ... what's this thing called?

TEYLA: Uh, Attero device.

SHEPPARD (turning to Radek): What are the odds that this thing was at the other end of the sub-space link that Rodney opened when he went to that lab?

ZELENKA: M6H-987? I'd say it's very likely. It's also very likely that's where he and Doctor Jackson were taken.

TEYLA: It must be a weapon that Janus developed during the Wraith war.

SHEPPARD: A weapon to blow up Stargates?!

ZELENKA: I doubt that was its original design. It doesn't seem like an effective strategy.

SHEPPARD: So: nasty side effect. That's probably why they stopped production.

TEYLA: Whatever the aliens took from the lab allowed them to reactivate it again.

SHEPPARD: Whatever it is, Todd seems pretty keen to stop it -- enough to risk taking the Daedalus.

ZELENKA: Yes, well, we can't give him the address. If he gets it, he'll destroy everything in his path, including Rodney and Doctor Jackson.

(Teyla looks up to the sky in desperation, then turns to John.)

TEYLA: John, we don't have a choice. Our shield was able to take the brunt of the explosion, but if this is happening on other worlds, it could kill millions.

(John sighs, then points at Amelia.)

SHEPPARD: Put him back on.

(On the Daedalus Bridge, the screen reactivates and the image of John and the others reappears. Richard, with Todd's arm still draped around his shoulder, sighs in relief.)

WOOLSEY: Oh, thank God!

SHEPPARD: We're not the ones behind this.

TODD: Very well.

(It takes its arm from Richard's shoulder and turns towards him. The guard seizes Richard's arms from behind him. Todd raises its right hand and prepares to slam it onto his chest.)

SHEPPARD: Whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa, wait, wait. I said we're not the ones behind this, but we may have what you need.

(Todd pauses, its hand still raised, and looks at the screen.)

TEYLA: Atlantis was attacked yesterday by a race we have not encountered before.

(Todd lowers its hand gently onto Richard's chest, stroking his jacket with its index finger.)

TEYLA: They stole a piece of Ancient technology. We believe this could be a component to this Attero device.

SHEPPARD: We managed to track ‘em. You swing by here, pick me up -- I will take you there myself.

TODD (looking at the screen): And give you the chance to take out my hyperdrive with one of your drones? I think not.

(The Wraith guard growls and pulls Richard upright as Todd turns towards him again.)

SHEPPARD: Why would I do that? Right now, you're one of the few people in the galaxy with a ship capable of dealing with this problem.

TODD (menacingly slinging its arm around Richard's shoulder again): And I intend to keep it that way.

(It glares at the screen.)

TODD: John Sheppard, transmit the coordinates ...

(Its voice raises angrily.)

TODD: ... or I will feed on Mr Woolsey before your eyes.

(John glares at the screen for a few moments, then turns his head towards Amelia.)


(Amelia turns to her console and types. On Daedalus' Bridge, the Wraith in Marks' chair looks at its console and reports.)

WRAITH: We have it.

(Todd, its hand once again resting on Richard's chest, looks into the screen.)

TODD: We'll be in touch.

(The transmission ends. The Atlantis crew stares at the screen helplessly. In space, Daedalus jumps into a hyperspace window.)

DAEDALUS. Elsewhere on Daedalus, in the area in which they were trapped when the emergency lockdown was activated, Jennifer Keller watches as Ronon Dex tugs angrily at one set of the doors, trying to force them open.

KELLER: You really think that's gonna work?

DEX: You got a better idea?

KELLER: We're on a spaceship. Those doors are designed to be airtight. That means something as tiny as air can't even get through. How do you think you will?

DEX: Yeah, well I'm a lot bigger than air.

(He strains at the doors again. They creak under the pressure but don't budge.)

KELLER: Yeah, that's kinda my point.

(Ronon shifts his position and, groaning with the effort, puts one hand on either door and tries to slide them open. A moment later they obligingly part. He turns back to Jennifer.)

DEX: See?

(Jen's eyes widen.)

KELLER: Ronon!

(She dives out of the way as two Wraith guards down the corridor open fire. Ronon whirls while simultaneously ducking down. He whips out his blaster and fires two quick blasts, gunning them down. As they fall to the floor, he turns back to Jennifer.)

DEX: You OK?


DEX: All right, come on.

KELLER: Wait. What's our plan? Where are we going?

DEX: I'm bringing you to an access ladder. We head down two floors to the Engineering Rooms. Then we cripple the ship.

KELLER (surprised): You know how to do all that?

DEX: Yeah. Don't you?

KELLER: Not really!

DEX: Watch and learn.

(He heads off, Jen following him.)

ATLANTIS AUXILIARY CONTROL ROOM. Amelia's console flashes up a message.

BANKS: Hyperspace window opening.

SHEPPARD: Think Todd changed his mind?

ZELENKA: He might have realised just how crippled we are.

BANKS: We're being hailed.

SHEPPARD: Put it up.

(A woman's face appears on the screen. She is on board a familiar looking ship.)

KATANA: My name is Katana Labrea. I'm a Traveller. Larrin sent me.

SHEPPARD: Oh, is everything all right?

KATANA: No, as a matter of fact, it's not. Larrin was hoping you could tell us why the Stargates are blowing up.

M6H-987. Rodney is trying to prise open a panel on the wall when the doors open and an alien in battlegear comes in. It points to Daniel.

ALIEN: You. Come with me.


(The alien unholsters its pistol and points it at him.)

McKAY: Hey!

JACKSON (simultaneously): Whoa!

McKAY: Whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa! No, we'll both go! No need for that!


(Rodney turns to Daniel.)

McKAY: Well, I guess it must be your turn to use the fitness room.


(He walks towards the door.)

McKAY: Good luck.

JACKSON: You too!

(He leaves the room and the alien follows. The doors close behind them.)


KATANA: It was the first colony we'd built on the surface of a planet in a hundred generations, and it was levelled in an instant. I was in orbit when it happened. We could see the explosion from space. I've never witnessed anything that powerful.

ZELENKA: Mmm. The Gates are made of naqahdah. When they become unstable, the size of the explosion is unimaginable.

KATANA: We lost three thousand people and two ships, including our Ancient vessel. Larrin would have come herself but ...

SHEPPARD: No, I'm sure she's got her hands full. Look, these aliens -- or whoever they are -- they have two of our people hostage. They need to be stopped. We have coordinates but we have no ship.

KATANA: Then I guess I got here just in time.

SHEPPARD: That's what I wanted to hear. Zelenka, you're with me.

(The three of them start to leave the room.)

TEYLA: John.

SHEPPARD (turning back to her): Teyla, I need you to stay here, right? The second Todd's done, there's nothing stopping him from turning that ship around and making a run at Atlantis. I need somebody I can trust to stay in charge here.

(Teyla nods.)

TEYLA: Good luck.

HYPERSPACE. DAEDALUS. The doors to Engineering open and Ronon appears, instantly gunning down the two Wraith inside. As he strolls into the room, Jennifer comes in and activates the door controls to close them.

KELLER: I locked the door.

DEX: This won't take long.

KELLER: So, what do we do? Bring up the main control systems and disable them one by one?

DEX: That's one way to go.

KELLER (looking blankly at one of the consoles): Well, you'd have to lock them out of the mainframe, though, otherwise they could just turn them back on again. Do you have some sort of a pass code to make sure they're locked out once and for all?

DEX: Nope.

(He wanders over to another console and pushes a panel on the back of it. The tray slides open to reveal the crystals inside.)

KELLER: Well, then, what are you thinking?

(Ronon half turns back to her, casually aims his blaster at the open tray without even looking at it and fires. From an external perspective, Daedalus returns into normal space. On the Bridge, the Wraith in Marks' position looks up in surprise.)

WRAITH: We just dropped out of hyperspace.

TODD: I see that, yes. Why?

WRAITH: I'm not sure. The computer seems to think it's due to battle damage.

TODD: Get our troops down to the Engineering Room. Someone's sabotaging the ship.

(In Engineering, Ronon has opened another tray in the wall and blasts the crystals inside. He turns and strolls across to the opposite wall. Jennifer runs after him frantically.)

KELLER: Wha-wha-what are you doing?!

DEX: Disabling the ship.

(He punches the wall and a large panel of crystals slides open.)

KELLER: You can't just blast away at vital systems like that ...

(She ducks and cowers as Ronon casually fires into the panel.)

KELLER: What if you take out the life support system?

DEX: Don't worry.

(He points to another wall.)

DEX: The life support system's that tray -- at least, I'm pretty sure it is.

(He turns to look for another panel to kill but Jen puts her hand on his arm.)

KELLER: OK. We're out of hyperspace. That's enough. Come on.

(She goes to the doors and starts to activate the controls. Ronon turns back to the panel he just shot and shoots it again just for the hell of it. The doors open and the two of them head out.)

M6H-987. The alien marches Daniel into a room where another alien is working on a console with its back to him.

ALIEN LEADER: You wished to speak to me.

JACKSON: You're the leader?

(The alien doesn't reply.)

JACKSON: You need to shut this device down immediately.

(The alien turns to him.)

ALIEN LEADER: No. I do not.

JACKSON: OK, look, I understand wanting to destroy the Wraith, I do, but this isn't the way.

ALIEN LEADER: I disagree.

JACKSON: OK, I don't know if you're aware of this or not, but this device has a serious side effect. It makes Stargates explode when they're activated.

ALIEN LEADER: We do not use the Stargates.

JACKSON: ... OK -- but lots of other people do.

ALIEN LEADER: They are of no concern to us.

JACKSON: So you're just gonna let them die -- millions of people across the galaxy.

(The alien looks at him silently.)

JACKSON: You're no better than the Wraith.

ALIEN LEADER: Perhaps, but we have little choice.


ALIEN LEADER: Our planet is dying. It can no longer sustain us. For the first time in countless generations, we must venture out into this galaxy again -- a galaxy controlled by the Wraith. If we do not destroy them, they will destroy us. This is the way it must be.

HYPERSPACE. TRAVELLER SHIP. Katana, John and Radek are walking through the ship.

SHEPPARD: The Wraith are ahead of us. As soon as they get to that planet, they're gonna open up with everything they've got. Trust me, they ain't gonna be worried about collateral damage.

ZELENKA: The only chance we have to save our friends is to get there first.

(Katana stops at a closed door.)

KATANA: You want speed? You've come to the right place.

(Smiling proudly, she opens the door and leads them inside. The boys stop just inside the door and stare. The room is a mess. Many cables are hanging from the ceiling, almost completely blocking the walkway, and steam is pouring out of some of the equipment.)

ZELENKA: This is your Engineering Room?

KATANA: That's right. It may not look like much but trust me, we can outrun most anything in the Travellers' fleet.

(She leads them deeper into the room and calls out.)


(A girl sticks her head out from inside a batch of cables.)

MILA: Hey!

(She pulls her head back in and finds another way out of the mess before coming round to join them.)

KATANA: This is Colonel Sheppard and Doctor Zelenka. They're from Atlantis. Mila's our Chief Engineer.

(As Mila strolls past them and picks up something before walking away again, Radek looks at Katana in shock.)

ZELENKA: She can't be more than sixteen years old!

KATANA: Fifteen, actually. She's been working on ships since she was four.

(She walks over to Mila who is now sitting at a console.)

KATANA: We need to get where we're going as fast as possible. I want you to do whatever you can to maximise hyperdrive output.

MILA: No problem!

SHEPPARD (to Mila): You know, uh, Zelenka knows a thing or two about hyperdrives himself. I'm sure he'd be happy to give you a hand.

(Katana turns and heads out of the room. John turns to Radek.)

SHEPPARD: Who knows, maybe you'll learn a thing or two.

(He pats his arm and follows Katana. Radek grimaces and walks towards Mila's chair. He rests his hand on a pipe which promptly sparks and gives him a mild electric shock.)


DAEDALUS. The Wraith have arrived in Engineering.

WRAITH: The damage is significant.

TODD: Begin repairs. Every second the Attero device is active, we risk losing more and more of our alliance.

(It walks over to a console and actives the comms throughout the ship.)

TODD: It has come to my attention that someone from the original crew has eluded capture. Your freedom has become a nuisance. Turn yourself in immediately or we will begin killing off your friends, one by one. You have three minutes to comply.

(In a corridor somewhere on the ship, Jennifer stops and stares at Ronon.)

DEX: He's bluffing.

KELLER: No he's not.

(She heads for nearby bulkhead doors and opens them.)

DEX: Where're you going?

KELLER: I'm turning myself in.

DEX: No you're not.

KELLER (coming back to him): He's gonna start killing people.

DEX: He's gonna kill you.

KELLER: Well, I hope not!

DEX: We need to get armed, free these people and take this ship back.

KELLER: Exactly. I turn myself in and he'll think he's got us all. It buys you the time you need to do what you've gotta do.

DEX: No. No, I'm not lettin' you do it.

KELLER: Ronon, listen to me ...

DEX (sternly): Jennifer. No.

(They stare at each other for a moment, then Jen lowers her head.)

KELLER: OK. You're right.

DEX: OK. Come on.

(He turns to lead her away. The moment his back is turned, Jennifer turns around and runs off through the doors. Unaware of this, Ronon keeps walking.)

DEX: We're almost there anyway.

(He stops as he hears the doors behind him closing. He turns and glares at them, then grimaces, turns around again and heads off, growling angrily.)

M6H-987. Daniel is still talking with the alien.

JACKSON: We're talking about the deaths of millions of people. How can you be so callous? And what is it you're so afraid of? Why are you still in your battle armour? I can't hurt you.

(The alien looks at him in silence.)

JACKSON: I know you're not human, and you're definitely not Wraith. And if you were an Ancient, you wouldn't have needed our help to activate the device, so what are you?

(The alien looks at him for a moment longer, then turns and walks away a few paces. It seems as if it has just turned its back on him to ignore him, but a few seconds later the back of its suit begins to open. Once the suit is fully open, a very familiar -- and much smaller -- figure can be seen inside. It carefully steps down out of the suit, turns around and walks closer to Daniel, who stares in amazement.)

JACKSON: You're Asgard!

(It is indeed an Asgard, looking exactly the same as our little grey friends except for the fact that it has a small electronic device attached to its temple, perhaps a control device for the suit. It also has a small bar attached to its chest which may be another control device or perhaps a badge of rank.)

ASGARD: You've encountered our kind before.

JACKSON: No, not just encountered. I've worked with them, even called a few of them my friends.

ASGARD: Indeed?

JACKSON: Of course, the Asgard I knew were a noble race who actually helped the human population of my galaxy.

ASGARD: And where are they now?

(Daniel grimaces.)



JACKSON: But that had nothing to do with us.

ASGARD: Are you certain?

JACKSON: They were clones -- copies of copies of copies going back generations, and they suffered irreversible genetic degradation as a result. But you probably already know that.

ASGARD: Of course, because we are clones as well, subject to the same law of diminishing returns -- and yet we are still very much alive.

JACKSON: So, what, you solved the problem?

ASGARD: Not entirely, but once we were able to conduct our research without interference, we made significant progress.

JACKSON: Research on humans, because our physiology is similar to what yours used to be.

ASGARD: Precisely.

JACKSON: I take that back -- I have met an Asgard like you before. His name was Loki. He was experimenting on humans too, until he was caught and brought to justice by the Asgard High Council.

ASGARD: Because they did not believe the ends justify the means.

JACKSON: That's right.

ASGARD: And look where it got them.

HYPERSPACE. TRAVELLER SHIP. Radek is standing beside Mila's station as she works on her console. He grimaces and pushes a dangling cable out of his way as John walks in.

SHEPPARD: Well, how's it coming?

ZELENKA: Well, uh ...

(Just then the console beside Mila sparks and a small fire breaks out. Grimacing, she beats it out with her hand, then turns back to her console.)

MILA: It does that sometimes. Don't let it bother you.

(Radek takes John's arm and leads him away from her.)

ZELENKA: Listen, what we're doing here is not safe.

SHEPPARD: Well, what else is new?

ZELENKA: She is pushing the ship well past its boundaries.

SHEPPARD: We got what we asked for, though. If we don't get Rodney and Daniel back before Todd gets there, they're gone.

ZELENKA: This is the crudest hyperdrive system I have ever encountered. It is cobbled together from mismatching components.

SHEPPARD: She's gotta be pretty smart to put a hyperdrive together with mismatched parts.

ZELENKA: She's going to burn it up. Once we drop out of hyperspace, there's a high possibility we won't be able to engage the drive again.

SHEPPARD: Let's worry about that when we get there.

(An alarm begins to sound. Mila gets out of her chair and goes over to the central mess. The boys turn to her.)

ZELENKA: What was that? What?

(She flicks a switch and the alarm stops.)

MILA: Just a radiation warning. The detector's a little over-sensitive. I wouldn't worry about it.

(She goes back to her chair. Radek looks at John and holds out his arms as if to say, "You see?!")

SHEPPARD: I gotta get back to the Bridge. I'll leave you to it.

(He walks away, leaving Radek wide-eyed and nervous.)


ASGARD: We came to this galaxy during the war. With both the Wraith and the Ancients occupied, we were free to conduct our experiments. Unfortunately the hostilities came to an end sooner than we'd thought and with an unexpected result.

JACKSON: You were betting on the Ancients. They may have tried to shut you down but at least they wouldn't exterminate you.

ASGARD: The Wraith do not tolerate the presence of advanced technologies other than their own. Before we knew what was happening, we were under attack. We lost our intergalactic ships in the first battle and we did not have the resources to build more.

JACKSON: So how did you survive?

ASGARD: We had no choice but to abandon our settlements and retreat to a place where the Wraith could not look for us -- a planet with a toxic atmosphere.

(Daniel raises his eyebrows.)

JACKSON: Oh. That sounds nice(!)

ASGARD: It was tolerable at first. We were able to survive using simple breathing apparatus, but over the aeons the environment has grown so harsh that not even our armoured exoskeletons can protect us now.

JACKSON: So you ventured back into the galaxy and that's where you came across this place.

ASGARD: We knew it was built by the Ancients and why, but we were unable to activate it until you came along.

JACKSON: Look, I'm sorry that you were trapped on a poisonous planet for the last ten thousand years, I really am. I'm sure it was awful. But that doesn't justify what you're doing.

ASGARD: My people are dying. The fact that -- as you tell us -- our brothers are already gone only reinforces the need. If we do not do this, our whole civilisation -- a hundred thousand years of history -- will be wiped out forever. I cannot allow that to happen.

DAEDALUS BRIDGE. Two guards march Jennifer onto the Bridge.

TODD: Doctor Keller. You're the saboteur?

KELLER (nodding): That's right.


(It stands up.)

TODD: Where is your weapon?

KELLER: My weapon?

TODD: Yes. The one you used to destroy the crystal trays.

KELLER: I ditched it. You really think I'd want it ending up in your hands?

TODD: Ah, it's foolish of you to see me as the enemy.

KELLER: Really? Why's that?

TODD: I'm on a mission from your Colonel Sheppard.

KELLER: I seriously doubt that.

TODD: Hmm, it is a long story. But he has requested that we neutralise a very dangerous target.

KELLER: Then why did you take over the ship? Why'd you attack our crew?

TODD: As I said, it is a long story. The mission, however, is time-sensitive and you have handed us a major setback. Hyperdrive, weapons, shields -- they are all down.

KELLER (insincerely): That's a real shame.

TODD: It is ... (it walks closer and looks down at her) ... considering that hundreds of thousands of humans could die because of it. I would think that would weigh heavily on you in the future.

KELLER (nervously): What are you talking about?

(In Marks' seat, the Wraith looks at its consoles.)

WRAITH: Hyperdrive's coming back up.

TODD: And weapons?

WRAITH: Irreparably damaged. They're no good to us any more.

KELLER: I guess you won't be able to finish the mission, then.

TODD: Oh, we'll find a way.

(It turns away and walks to the command chair.)

TODD: Get us back into hyperspace -- and get her down with the others.

(The guards drag Jennifer away. Daedalus enters a hyperspace window.)

M6H-987. The alien guard bundles Daniel back into the room where Rodney is waiting. It shoves Daniel roughly forward and he falls to the floor. The alien leaves the room and the doors close.

McKAY: Are you OK? I thought you were a goner!

JACKSON: I'm all right.

McKAY: I mean, they need me -- you're kind of expendable. I just figured they'd ...

JACKSON (standing up): Yeah, I got what you meant by "goner," thank you.

McKAY: Well, what did they want?

JACKSON: Uh, to talk, actually.

McKAY: Oh! How'd that go?

JACKSON: They're Asgard.

McKAY: For real?!

JACKSON: Yeah -- a faction that broke off from the guys we knew thousands of years ago. They're the ones inside the suits.

McKAY: I did not see that one coming!

JACKSON: Apparently no fans of the Wraith either.

McKAY: OK, they're gonna shut off the device?

JACKSON: Um ... no.

McKAY: Then I don't care. I mean, as long as that thing is on, then millions of people could die. Besides, I think I figured a way out of here.

JACKSON: Really?

(Rodney leads him over to a panel on the wall.)

McKAY: This is an Ancient facility, and Rodney McKay knows a thing or two about Ancient facilities.

JACKSON: You know, it has been clinically proven that referring to yourself in the third person is a sign of mental instability, right?

McKAY (smiling smugly): Mentally unstable like a fox!

(He prises off the wall panel, revealing the cabling behind it.)

McKAY: OK, so here's the plan. I blow the fire monitoring fuse. The system suddenly goes dead; it assumes there could be a fire, it detects life signs inside the room, it unlocks the doors for safety.

(Still smiling smugly, he touches two cables together. They spark.)

McKAY: And, ow!

(Daniel looks round just as the doors slide open.)

JACKSON: Good job!

(He goes to the doorway and looks out to check that there's no-one around.)

McKAY: Huh! It's a good thing they brought you back when they did because, you know, I just assumed you were dead and I was gonna leave.

JACKSON: Lucky me!

McKAY: Yeah.

JACKSON: So! What do we do now?

McKAY: Well, we've gotta shut down the device.

JACKSON: How do we do that?

McKAY: Well, we'll just ... well ... improvise.

(He heads out of the room. Daniel frowns.)

JACKSON (mock-confidently): Right(!)

DAEDALUS. Two guards are escorting Jennifer along the corridors. Behind them, Ronon swings into view upside down and dangling from the ceiling by his feet. He guns down the rear guard. As Jennifer and the other guard turn, she ducks sideways and Ronon shoots the Wraith, then drops to the floor and hands her a rifle. As she takes it and hurries to check the area in front of them, he snatches out his blaster and shoots another guard running towards him from the rear. A guard runs towards Jennifer and she opens fire, killing it. As yet another guard appears, Ronon shoots it down while Jen turns and fires at a sixth approaching guard and takes it out. Ronon checks out the area and then turns to her.

DEX: Todd didn't kill you.

KELLER: No, but you almost got me killed! I've never fired one of these outside of the range before.

DEX: You did great.

(They head down the corridors and reach a locked room. Ronon activates the controls and the doors slide open, revealing several members of the Daedalus crew, including Richard.)

WOOLSEY: Ronon. Good work.

DEX: It's not over yet. There's an Armoury down the hall. We need everyone we can. We're taking this ship back.

M6H-987. Daniel and Rodney make their way cautiously along the corridors.

McKAY: OK. We need to get to the device control room.

JACKSON: Crawling with soldiers.

McKAY: Well then, we'll need to create a diversion.

JACKSON: I'm all ears!

McKAY: OK, we go to the power relay station, we create a massive explosion.

JACKSON: I never got how that made a good diversion.

McKAY: What?

JACKSON: You wanna clear the device control room of bad guys, right?

McKAY: Yes!

JACKSON: So why would you assume if there was a massive explosion, people would go running towards it?

McKAY: Well, I would.

JACKSON: I rest my case!

McKAY (sarcastically): Oh, I'm sorry! You know, I'm a good person; I would wanna save people from the fire, maybe figure out what was going on.

JACKSON: I, au contraire, would order more guards to protect the one room I thought whoever's blowing things up probably wants to get to.

(He throws a triumphant look at Rodney and then carries on. Rodney glares at his back, then follows him.)

McKAY: Explosion diversion is the very cornerstone of diversions.

JACKSON: You don't have any better ideas.

McKAY: I don't have any better ideas, yes.

(They reach a door at the end of the corridor which slides open as they approach, revealing two aliens in battle armour on the other side. Rodney instantly raises his hands in terror.)

McKAY: Oh my God! Please don't kill me! You need me!

JACKSON: Rodney ...

McKAY: Us, us. You need us. Look, the device needs constant care. I mean, true, I'm the only one who knows how to work it but ... what am I talking about killing for? You're not a violent race. I mean, you may have stunned us more times than I would have liked but who's to say we didn't deserve it ...?

(While he's been babbling on, Daniel has been frowning and tilting his head as he looks at the aliens. Now he interrupts Rodney's nervous rambling.)

JACKSON: Rodney. They're just suits.

McKAY: Yes, suits! Suits that house one of the smartest races that ever evolved! I mean, the Asgards. I've always been a big fan of the Asgards! One of my best ...

JACKSON: They're empty suits.

(He waves his hand across the faceplates but gets no reaction.)


McKAY: Yeah, I know. I was, uh ...

JACKSON: You were ...?

McKAY: Yeah, snowboarding.

(Daniel nods.)

JACKSON: You know, from what I could tell, the inner suits form around whoever's in them.

(Rodney looks at him.)

McKAY: One size fits all.

(Daniel raises his eyebrows at him. They turn and steps closer to the suits.)

TRAVELLER SHIP BRIDGE. John is sitting in the pilot's seat as Katana walks over to him.

KATANA: Sure you have all that figured out?

SHEPPARD: You know, I've flown birds a lot harder to manage than this one.

(Katana takes the weapons seat behind him.)

SHEPPARD: I'm surprised Larrin didn't say anything.

KATANA: Larrin's never brought you up before today.

SHEPPARD (frowning): Really? Never, huh?



KATANA: We're about to come out of hyperspace. Everyone get ready.

(The ship bursts out of hyperspace and heads towards the white planet ahead of it. In Engineering, explosions go off all around. Once they've subsided, Radek sticks his head out of hiding. A moment later, Mila pops her head out above his.)

ZELENKA (plaintively): See? I knew this would happen! We burned it out.

MILA: We got here, though, didn't we?

(On the Bridge)

SHEPPARD: Any sign of the Daedalus?

KATANA: No. Looks like we beat them.

SHEPPARD: That's the first good news I've had all day.

(An alarm beeps.)

KATANA: Wait. I've got two ships closing in.

(She calls out to her crew.)

KATANA: Shields up! Fire at will.

(She looks forward at John.)

KATANA: Evasive maneouvres might be good.


(Two Asgard ships identical to the one that attacked Atlantis converge on the Traveller ship, firing at it. The ship swerves about while returning fire.)

DAEDALUS. The Bridge doors open to reveal the escaped crew outside. Ronon tosses in a stun grenade and everyone ducks back as it explodes, then Ronon and a few of the others charge in, aiming their weapons around. There's no-one there.

DEX: Clear!

(The others, including Richard and Jennifer, come in.)

DEX: How come we haven't run into any of them yet?

KELLER: I've got a bad feeling about this.

(Marks reclaims his chair as Richard walks over to him.)

WOOLSEY: Do a life signs scan. Find out where they are.

(Marks calls up the screen which shows a lot of red flashing dots inside the Wraith Dart shuttle.)

MARKS: I have a mass of life signs in the second 302 Bay.

DEX: They fell back to their ship. It's still in the Bay.

WOOLSEY: Why would they do that?

KELLER: Saw we'd armed up, didn't wanna risk a fight?

DEX: That doesn't sound like Todd. I'm gonna check it out.

(He leaves the Bridge. [And, just by the way, where's Caldwell while all this is going on? Did he take the rest of the day off?] Richard looks at Marks.)

WOOLSEY: Take us out of hyperspace.

(Marks activates his controls, then frowns as a message comes up reading "ACCESS DENIED.")

WOOLSEY: What is it?

MARKS: They locked us out of flight controls.

WOOLSEY: Can you get us back in?

MARKS: Not quickly.

KELLER: What's he got planned?

M6H-987. Three Asgard in battle armour are working the consoles in the Janus Device Control Room. The doors open and Rodney and Daniel, dressed in battle armour, walk in and quickly shoot them down with stunner pistols. The doors close and the boys take off their helmets.

JACKSON: OK, how long to get the device shut down?

McKAY: Five minutes.

(He walks across to the main console and puts his helmet on the top of it.)

McKAY: All right, look, you watch the ...

(He trails off as he looks at the readout on the wallscreen.)

McKAY (angrily): Ah, come on!

JACKSON: What? What now?

McKAY: Well, something must have spooked them.


McKAY: Well, aside from encrypting access to this workstation ...

JACKSON: Yeah, but you can break that.

McKAY: Yeah, in a heartbeat! But as they very well know, you can't operate this machine without the control key.

(Daniel looks around the console blankly.)

McKAY: Look, the thing they stole from Janus' lab to begin with.

JACKSON (resigned): They've taken it.

OUTSIDE. Outside the facility, the ship that had landed there earlier takes off. In the skies above the planet, the battle between the Traveller ship and the two Asgard ships continues. The Traveller and one of the Asgard ships fly close together and dance around the sky as they twist and turn in an attempt to get good shots in. The Traveller ship prevails and the Asgard ship explodes. On the Traveller Bridge, consoles explode.

SHEPPARD: One down, one to go.

KATANA: I'm picking up a third ship headed right for us.

SHEPPARD: Wonderful(!)

(More consoles explode as he sends the ship towards the new enemy. The two ships fly towards each other, exchanging fire, but then a hyperspace window opens in between them and the Asgard ship disappears into it. The window closes and the Traveller ship flies on alone.)

(On the Bridge, Katana breathes a sigh of relief.)

KATANA: That was close! It flew into hyperspace.


KATANA: Hold on. I've got another window opening.

SHEPPARD: Coming right back at us! What kind of messed-up battle technique is that?!

KATANA: It's quite a bit out. Nowhere near the planet yet. ... Wait. It's the Daedalus!

(Even more consoles explode around the Bridge.)

SHEPPARD: Contact him. We're gonna need their help.

(Katana activates the comms and Richard's image appears on the wallscreen.)

WOOLSEY: Colonel Sheppard?!

SHEPPARD: I'm surprised to see all you guys.

WOOLSEY: Same here.

SHEPPARD: Look, I'm on a Travellers' ...

(He flinches as more explosions go off.)

SHEPPARD: I'm on a Travellers' ship. We've engaged the enemy. Have you got the Daedalus back, because we're gonna need the help?

WOOLSEY: Todd's let us take her back without so much as a fight but he's locked us out of the controls and retreated to one of the 302 Bays.

SHEPPARD: Why the hell would he do that? He needs that place destroyed more than anyone!

(Marks' console beeps urgently.)

MARKS: Mr Woolsey, sir?

WOOLSEY (turning to him): What is it, Marks?

MARKS: Sir, the second we came out of hyperspace, a pre-programmed subroutine kicked in.

WOOLSEY: Meaning?

MARKS: Our main scanners located a facility on the planet and immediately locked the guidance system into it.

WOOLSEY: It's taking us to the Attero device.

MARKS: In a way. Sir, it's programmed a collision course.

KELLER: That's how he's gonna destroy the facility -- by ramming us into it.


JACKSON: Can't we just power down the entire facility?

McKAY: We can't do much more than turn the lights off and on without the component thing.

JACKSON: Well, we have to do something.

McKAY: Wait a second! These suits were designed to protect the wearer from harsh environments, right?

JACKSON: Technically, yes.

McKAY: Then I have a really terrible idea.

(He turns and looks into the room next door where the antenna array is still sporadically sparking electricity around the room.)

JACKSON: Oh no, no, you're not thinking what I think you're thinking.

(They walk over to the window and look into the room.)

JACKSON: Radiation in there would be pretty extreme, not to mention those electrical discharges look pretty unfriendly.

McKAY: Yeah, but the antenna has a control crystal. If we can pull it manually ...

JACKSON: I'd say fifty: fifty we can get that far.

McKAY: I'd go thirty: seventy, but I don't have a better idea and the suits -- they should protect us.

(They look at each other for a moment, then Daniel sighs.)


KELLER: We disabled the ship weapons.

WOOLSEY: You did?

KELLER: Ronon did, yeah. He didn't have any other choice. Ramming the facility with the ship is the only sure-fire way to take it out.

WOOLSEY: Killing all of us in the process.

KELLER: I don't think he's that worried about us.

(Marks' console beeps.)

MARKS: They just depressurised the 302 Bay.

(The Dart shuttle flies out of the Bay and heads off as Daedalus progresses onwards towards the planet.)


McKAY: You ready?

JACKSON: Let's just get this over with.

(They put their helmets back on.)

McKAY: You know, we both don't have to go in there.

JACKSON: Well, when you get killed by one of those discharges, someone's gonna have to finish the job, so ...

(He shrugs.)

McKAY: Oh, great pep talk(!) Thanks!

(They turn to the door and activate its controls. It opens and they nervously step inside as the electricity continues to arc across the room. Rodney points to the arcs.)

McKAY: I'm pretty sure we wanna avoid those touching us.

JACKSON: Thanks, coach!

(He looks across the room as all sorts of information flashes up on the inside of his visor in a heads-up display. The two of them walk hesitantly across the room and Rodney kneels down at the base of the central device and pulls the cover panel off. He looks at the glass crystals inside, then hesitates. Daniel looks down at him.)

JACKSON: What are you waiting for?

(Rodney too has a H.U.D. flashing across his visor, which may be distracting him somewhat.)

McKAY: I have to pull the right one or the antennae explodes.

JACKSON: Hurry up.

(He takes a few paces forward and then turns back to Rodney.)

JACKSON: But get it right.


SHEPPARD: How long before the Daedalus hits the surface?

KATANA: A minute, tops. How many people on board?

SHEPPARD: A couple of hundred. Look, I've got an idea but you're gonna have to trust me.

KATANA: All right.

SHEPPARD (into the ship's comms): Zelenka, Mila, I need you to open up the hyperdrive in thirty seconds. We're gonna have to make a short jump.

(In the Engine Room, Radek and Mila are both busily working on repairing the equipment.)

ZELENKA: Impossible.

MILA (almost simultaneously): Not a problem.

DAEDALUS. Jennifer stands behind Marks' chair and Richard in front of his station as he continues trying to break the Wraith lockout.

KELLER: You can do this, Marks.

WOOLSEY: We're all counting on you.

(Kevin closes his eyes briefly, nervous and fully aware of his responsibility.)

MARKS: I've almost got it.

(The ship begins to vibrate heavily. Jennifer looks up and out of the Bridge windshield.)

KELLER: We're entering the atmosphere.

(Richard turns to look, and Kevin looks up briefly. The ship plunges nose first into the atmosphere and begins to burn. Smaller external parts start to break off under the pressure.)

KELLER (nervously): Marks?

(Again Kevin briefly closes his eyes in terror, but then keeps on working. Daedalus races downwards, getting closer and closer to the planet ... and then the Traveller ship races past it and takes up position directly in front of it. A hyperspace window opens and the two ships plunge into it.)


McKAY: OK. Here goes nothing.

(He reaches towards the crystal that he has decided is the correct one. Just then an arc of electricity lashes out and strikes Daniel, throwing him to the floor.)

McKAY: Daniel!

(He looks at him briefly, then turns back to the console and pulls the crystal out. The device powers down.)

(On the other side of the planet, the Traveller ship races out of the hyperspace window, followed by Daedalus. They soar away from the planet, bits of debris following along behind the latter ship. On the Bridge, Richard looks around in surprise.)

WOOLSEY: What just happened?

SHEPPARD (on the viewscreen): You're welcome.

WOOLSEY: What did you do?

SHEPPARD: Just opened up a hyperspace window big enough for the both of us. We just travelled through the planet.

(Jennifer sighs in relief and Richard smiles happily. Kevin's console beeps.)

MARKS: I got it! I'm back in. We've got control of the ship.

WOOLSEY: And not a moment ... (he smiles down at him) ... too late.

(On the Traveller ship, Katana looks at her console.)

KATANA: They found us again.

SHEPPARD: Give ‘em everything you've got.

(The ship flies towards the attacking Asgard vessel, firing repeatedly as it returns fire. Again the Travellers' ship is victorious and the Asgard craft explodes.)

(In the Control Room on the planet below, Rodney kneels down beside Daniel. He takes off his own helmet as Daniel does likewise, grimacing in agony.)

McKAY: OK, you're OK, you're OK.

JACKSON: Ow! (He looks up at Rodney, his teeth gritted against the pain.) Wrong again.

(He groans.)

JACKSON: Did you turn it off?

McKAY: I did ... we did ... you did. Look, where does it hurt?

(Daniel thinks about it for a second.)

JACKSON: Everywhere. (He gasps in agony.) I don't suppose there's a hospital nearby?

McKAY: I'm -- I'm ... pretty sure we're on our own.

JACKSON: Good(!)

McKAY: Look, I mean, on the bright side, I mean, we're both gonna be dead of dehydration in, like, five days, so you won't have to put up with me for much longer.

(Daniel looks up at him, his eyes full of tears of pain.)

JACKSON: I'm ... I'm pretty busted up, Rodney. I don't ... I don't think I'm gonna make it that long.

McKAY: OK, um, I know it may not seem like it, but ... I want you to know, I-I-I really resp ...

(Just then, an Asgard transporter beam whisks them away and, a moment later, they rematerialise on the floor of Daedalus' Infirmary where Jennifer and a couple of the ship's crew are waiting for them.)

McKAY: Oh, thank God!

KELLER (kneeling down to them): I sure am glad to see you, too.

(Rodney stands up and gestures down to Daniel.)

McKAY: He's badly hurt.

(As Jen and the medics bend down to tend to Daniel, Richard walks over to Rodney and looks at his suit.)

WOOLSEY: That's a new look for you.

McKAY: Well, you know me: it's function over fashion.

WOOLSEY: Is the device still active?

(Rodney holds up the crystal.)

McKAY: Not without this -- it's the facility's main control system.

(Richard shakes his head.)

WOOLSEY: It's not good enough for me.

(He activates his headset.)

WOOLSEY: Colonel Sheppard, we have Doctors McKay and Jackson. Our weapons are not operational. Will you please see to it that we never have to deal with the Attero device again?

KATANA: I'm locked onto its coordinates.

SHEPPARD: Opening fire.

(The Traveller ship sends a volley of weapons fire down to the planet below and destroys the facility.)

SHEPPARD: Levelled.

WOOLSEY (smiling): Good. (He turns to Rodney.) Let's go home.

McKAY: Well, you wanna ... unzip me?

WOOLSEY (smiling quirkily): I'll look for a can opener.

ATLANTIS. John and Katana are walking along a corridor.

KATANA: Zelenka has been a big help with ship repairs. We should have her ready to fly in no time.

SHEPPARD: Then what?

KATANA: Start a new settlement, I guess.

SHEPPARD: Well, that's good to hear. You tell Larrin I'll help you with whatever you need.

KATANA: Thank you. We'll be in touch.

SHEPPARD: Yeah, I'm sure you will be. Tell Larrin she doesn't need to wait for the next galactic emergency to drop by. I'm a lot more charming when my friends aren't about to die.

KATANA (laughing): That's not what Larrin said.

SHEPPARD: See? She does talk about me!

KATANA: Every now and again.

SHEPPARD: What does she say?

(Katana opens her mouth, then closes it again.)

SHEPPARD: What, not even a hint?

ELSEWHERE. Elsewhere in the city, Jennifer is walking along. Ronon sees her and trots to catch her up.

DEX: Hey!


DEX: You all done for the day?

KELLER: Uh, Doctor Cole's taking my shift, yeah.

DEX: Wanna get something to eat?

KELLER: Um, uh, listen.

(She stops and turns to him.)

KELLER: Um, I'm really glad you came on the mission. I mean, without you there, we'd probably all be dead.

(They both smile.)

KELLER: But ... I just wanna be clear, because, um ...

(She stops and looks at him as she tries to gather her thoughts, then shakes her head.)

KELLER: I just want you to know that, uh, I'm kind of ... interested in somebody else.

DEX: So?

KELLER (frowning): I just didn't wanna give you the wrong ...

DEX: I didn't ... I just, um, I just wanted to get something to eat.

KELLER (still frowning): OK, because I thought, uh ...

DEX: Yeah, well, you're wrong.

(They look at each other for a moment, then Jen nods.)



(She smiles.)

KELLER: Do you still wanna go and ...

DEX: Uh, no, I should ... I should probably ...

(He smiles at her a little awkwardly, then walks away.)

INFIRMARY. Daniel is sitting up in bed with a tray of mostly uneaten food on his lap. He grimaces as he feeds a small spoonful of food into his mouth from a small plastic pot. Rodney walks in.

McKAY: Hey!


McKAY: How are ya?

JACKSON: Well, it hurts to eat this Fruit Cup.

McKAY: Well, don't eat the Fruit Cup, then.

JACKSON: Thank you, Groucho.

(He puts the pot down.)

JACKSON: Listen, not that I don't appreciate the visits, but shouldn't you be trying to figure out a way to try to keep the Asgards out of the shield again?

McKAY: One step ahead of you. It's not gonna happen again.

JACKSON: Oh! Good.

McKAY: You don't think they'd make a run at us again?

JACKSON: Well, I'm not sure, but we did ruin the one plan they had to feel free in this galaxy. They might hold a grudge.

(Rodney frowns.)

McKAY: Well, let's hope not.

JACKSON: I don't think I'll be around to find out, though.

McKAY: Yeah, I heard. They're sending you back to Earth.

JACKSON: Yeah, I guess I need some major patching up and recovery, and Landry prefers I do that there instead of here, so ...

McKAY: Well, the Daedalus has already picked up a Gate left over from the old Gate Bridge and my team is installing it as we speak, so we should have you home in no time at all.

JACKSON: That's good! That is ... good.

McKAY: Yes, so ...

(He looks around, making popping noises with his mouth as he tries to think of something else to say.)

McKAY: Well, it's been, um ... unique.

JACKSON: Yes! Yes, it has. It sure has. But I do wanna say thank you -- for saying that you respected me when you thought I was about to die back there.

(Rodney frowns and shakes his head.)

McKAY: Excuse me? I said no such thing.

JACKSON: Yeah, you did. You were, like, "I know it may not seem like it but I really respect you," and that means a great deal to me.

(He smiles up at Rodney.)

McKAY: I don't believe I ever finished that sentence.

(Daniel's smile fades.)

JACKSON: How else would you have finished that sentence?

McKAY: I would have said "regret." I would have said, "I really regret you being here, because none of this would have happened ... otherwise."

(Daniel stares at him while Rodney tries to look nonchalant.)

JACKSON: So you can only give compliments to the dying?!

McKAY: It's something I'm working on.

(Daniel looks down, then offers his tray to Rodney.)

JACKSON: Do you wanna try any of this?

McKAY: Ooh, fries!

JACKSON: Yeah, yeah, yeah. No, no, dive right in, take it.

(Rodney takes the tray and starts to help himself. Daniel painfully reaches across to his bedside table and picks up a cup.)