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GateWorld Podcast: Open Line Night!

Sunday - October 30, 2011
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On this month’s show we’re opening up the phone lines for another Open Line Night! Stargate fans from around the world have questions and opinions about the final episodes of SGU and the future of the franchise. What should a fourth Stargate series be about?

GateWorld’s editors, Darren and David, talk about all this — plus the Stargate novels, negative reactions to Stargate Universe, character loyalties on SGU, episode commentaries with Stargate actors, and much more. And we’ll also chat about the other science fiction and fantasy shows we’ve been watching, including Game of Thrones and Terra Nova.

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DiscussionOpen Line Night!

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  • Happy to have a podcast to listen to once again! This was a good one. Thanks
    PS – I’d love to hear the actors do commentary on the episodes. They were always so much more interesting to me when they did the commentaries on the DVDs. But please, have SGA actors to commentaries on SGA eps, it was sometimes jarring when you’d hear people who had no real connection with SGA go on and on and on about nothing to do with the episode. Amanda would be great because she could do both.
    I’d love to hear David too, he’s always funny. I’m not sure if Jewel Staite would be willing since her character was so controversial, but it would be good to hear her pespective on how things went down. Any of the actors would be wonderful actually, but of course I’d love it if you got Joe Flanigan most of all! (we’d probably get an earful but it would certainly be entertaining!)

  • One more thing, re the tone of SG1,SGA,SGU. I’ve read more than once where people online consider SGU to be an AU of the SG universe, a darker one to be sure.

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