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Baal kidnaps Teal'c as part of a plot to brainwash those Jaffa advocating a move toward democracy. Cameron Mitchell learns that an old friend is about to die.

DVD DISC: Season 9, Disc 4
WRITTEN BY: Alan McCullough
DIRECTED BY: Peter DeLuise
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Transcript by Jane Harrison

DAKARA. Ships pass through the pink sky over buildings with grand, columned entrances. The Stargate stands in the middle of the city as death gliders and Al'kesh's travel peacefully overhead.

JAFFA HIGH COUNCIL CHAMBER. The stone-walled room which the Jaffa High Council members occupy is lit with fire torches. The Council members are sat on two tables, which curve round to form a circle, broken by the space between them. In the centre of this circle stands MAZ'RAI who is stood on a raised podium, halfway through a speech.

On one table, TEAL'C and BRA'TAC sit, listening with avid attention.

MAZ'RAI: Democracy is the future of our great nation. We must proceed with the dissolution of this Council which, we have seen, can be influenced and corrupted. I hereby formally propose we hold a public referendum on the subject so that all Jaffa can participate in the decision before us.

The Council members mutter to each other. Some appear to support the proposal; others shake their heads in opposition.

Bra'tac stands to address the room as Maz'rai leaves the podium.

BRA'TAC: Thank you, Brother Maz'rai. Your wisdom is always greatly appreciated by the Council. Now I call Sister Ka'lel as the last speaker before rebuttal will be heard.

Bra'tac and Teal'c look to a female Jaffa sat to Bra'tac's left with respect. At the other side of the room, some Council members frown with displeasure.

Ka'lel stands.

KA'LEL: Brother Bra'tac, I'm afraid I must begin rebuttal against dissolution of the Council.

Teal'c looks across at her, visibly shocked.

Bra'tac and Maz'rai respond similarly. Bra'tac places his hand on Teal'c shoulder.

KA'LEL: Our people are not yet ready for this burden, Bra'tac.

BRA'TAC: You underestimate them, Sister.

KA'LEL: My position on this Council was secured by the might of the Hak'tyl but it is well known that many regions do not yet recognize any rights for females, let alone the right to vote on their destiny.

BRA'TAC: I agree ... There must be change.

KA'LEL: Such change must occur prior to a general vote so that its results can be viewed as fair and representative.

There is much muttering in the chamber.

Bra'tac and Teal'c share a worried glance.

COUNCIL CORRIDOR. The session is over. Ka'lel leaves the High Council Chamber flanked by two male Jaffa, who were voicing their discontent at the dissolution proposal during the meeting.

Teal'c chases after her.

TEAL'C: Ka'lel. Ka'lel!

She ignores him and walks away.

Bra'tac and Maz'rai, holding a large leather-bound book, join Teal'c as other Council members mingle behind them and investigate the commotion.

TEAL'C: (angrily) Did she not speak of her support for our proposal just this morning?

BRA'TAC: Privately, yes. I would not have called on her otherwise.

TEAL'C: Then why would she betray us in session?

MAZ'RAI: Someone has influenced her.

The men look in the direction of Ka'lel's departure, suspiciously.

TEAL'C: Still, I have always believed Ka'lel to be honourable.

BRA'TAC: Is there no end to this duplicity we must face?

MAZ'RAI: (to Bra'tac) Sometimes I fear I have gotten too old for this, Brother.

BRA'TAC: Indeed. And yet this is what results when we leave such decisions to the rash of youth.

The two older Jaffa consider this problem for a moment.

MAZ'RAI: (sighing) I will speak with her.

Maz'rai sets off.

KA'LEL's QUARTERS. Another stone room, decorated with staff weapons and other Jaffa paraphernalia. Ka'lel stands a the far side of the room, holding a cup and facing a trellis -- the shadow of which is thrown across the wall by the sun's filtered rays.

Maz'rai discreetly enters.

MAZ'RAI: Ka'lel... Please, forgive the intrusion.

She turns to face him.

KA'LEL: Not at all, I'm glad you are here. We must speak.

Maz'rai steps forward.

MAZ'RAI: May I ask why you did not support our proposal?

KA'LEL: Now is not the time.

MAZ'RAI: We have no choice, Ka'lel.

KA'LEL: I am afraid as far as you are concerned ...

She leans down to put her cup on a small table in the centre of the room.

KA'LEL: ... That is true.

Ka'lel suddenly picks up a zat gun from the table and levels it at Maz'rai.

Maz'rai's eyes widen in shock.

The zat gun discharges, filling the screen with blue light.

U.S.A.F. ACADEMY HOSPITAL. A military hospital vehicle pulls up outside the white building that glows in the sun, surrounded by blossom trees.

WARD RECEPTION. MITCHELL, dressed in civilian clothes, walks down a corridor and approaches a desk manned by a young nurse. A doctor passes him, orderlies push a cart of equipment towards some side rooms.

MITCHELL: (to nurse) hi, I'm Lieutenant Colonel Mitchell, I'm here to see Bryce Ferguson?

DOCTOR KELLY, an attractive female doctor clad in her white coat, is taking a file from a rack on the wall next to the desk and overhears.

KELLY: Colonel Mitchell?

MITCHELL: Yes, Ma'am.

KELLY: Hello, I'm Doctor Kelly.

They shake hands.

MITCHELL: Nice to meet you.

KELLY: I've had a chance to see your friend.

MITCHELL: Great. Doctor Lam says you're the best.

KELLY: Well, that's very nice of her to say -- I'm not aware of any official ranking system ...

MITCHELL: Well, I'm sure you'll be a little better than Fergie's H.M.O. back in Iowa.

KELLY: Well I'll do what I can. I've ordered some tests; it should give us a better idea at what we're looking at.

MITCHELL: (uncertainly) Yeah. He's had that shrapnel for a while ... They just found the aneurysm a few weeks ago.

KELLY: He probably had it the whole time and didn't know it.

MITCHELL: He said his doctors back home had thrown in the towel on this one.

KELLY: I won't lie to you -- it's in a tricky spot. But as you know, we have access to certain technology not available to everyone else just yet.

MITCHELL: Yes, Ma'am -- thanks.

KELLY: I was told he's not privy to classified material.


KELLY: So ... You got him in here but you couldn't get him clearance?

MITCHELL:...That is a whole other ball of wax. The irony is he would've probably had my spot in the 302 program if he hadn't been injured. He's a better pilot than I ever was. Better than most, actually.

KELLY: Well, this must be important to you. I imagine you had to pull some pretty big strings to make this happen.

MITCHELL: Ferguson got that chunk of metal in his head saving my ass four years ago.

Kelly nods, understanding.

KELLY: I'll do what I can.

MITCHELL: (quietly) Thanks.

He heads off to visit his friend.

DAKARA. An Al'kesh flies over the Stargate, through which the Council building can be seen.

HIGH COUNCIL CHAMBER. Maz'rai is once again delivering an oratory on the podium. Ka'lel smiles encouragingly at his words.

MAZ'RAI: And so, with further reflection, I have come to agree with Ka'lel -- more debate over the proposed state of government is required.

Teal'c and Bra'tac are aghast.

MAZ'RAI: (passionately) We must take our time in such ... grave matters. For now, we must maintain the present High Council and not bow to the pressure of Brothers Bra'tac and Teal'c.

The Jaffa facing the two warriors smile, smugly.


The Jaffa from the meeting exit the chamber, some carrying official books.

Bra'tac enters the corridor searching the throng for Maz'rai, who is talking to Ka'lel and another, stern-looking Jaffa.

BRA'TAC: Maz'rai ...

Maz'rai turns and sees him then exchanges a glance with Ka'lel, who bows slightly before moving away.

Teal'c appears at Bra'tac's side.

MAZ'RAI: I am entitled to be swayed by reason, Bra'tac.

BRA'TAC: You were the one who tabled this proposal for a referendum. You have always believed democracy was essential for the future of our nation!

MAZ'RAI: Indeed, that is still the case. I have merely been convinced that we should not act in such haste.

TEAL'C: Brother. It was you who feared that Gerak's followers were gathering strength ... That there was a danger that if we did not dissolve this Council they could still vote to support the unilateral submission to the religion of the Ori.

BRA'TAC: All our dreams for a free Jaffa nation would be lost, forever!

Maz'rai begins to lose his temper in the face of this onslaught.

MAZ'RAI: All I am saying is that there is yet more time for healthy debate!

He turns on his heel and stalks away from Teal'c and Bra'tac, who turn to each other.

BRA'TAC: We cannot let this proposal die.

TEAL'C: There are still Council members who remain uncommitted. Brother U'Kin was not in session today. I will visit him later this evening after I confer with our allies on Chulak.

BRA'TAC: And I will see what I can learn here. If Maz'rai's vote was influenced, I shall expose it.

They bow solemnly to each other and Teal'c departs.

HOSPITAL CORRIDOR. Through the door of room 708, BRYCE FERGUSON can be seen lying in bed, tossing a baseball into the air and catching it in his glove.

A figure stands in the doorway -- it is MITCHELL. He watches for a couple of moments before announcing his presence.

MITCHELL: Ferguson!

Ferguson looks over but does not stop tossing the ball. His floral print shirt stands out in stark contrast to the clinically white room.

FERGUSON: It's about time. Son of a bitch drags me out here to get poked and prodded and turned upside down and he can't spare a minute from his big important job to visit his dying friend.

MITCHELL: Ah ... it's good to see your bad attitude hasn't changed much.

Mitchell wanders into the room.

FERGUSON: What do you expect? I'm dying for godssakes.

Ferguson removes the mitt and puts it and the ball away. He stands to greet his friend.

MITCHELL: Don't get up, you idiot.

FERGUSON: Oh Cam, I'm not gonna break.

They hug. Ferguson slaps Mitchell on the back.

MITCHELL: You look like you're feeling good.

FERGUSON: Yeah, I'm doing pretty good. (beat) For the guy with the ticking time-bomb in his head.

MITCHELL: Well, why don't we see what the doctors have to say about that. Ferguson sits on his bed as Mitchell sets down a brown bag he has brought with him on the bed opposite. Mitchell pushes on the bed, testing the mattress before enthusiastically sitting on it.

FERGUSON: Oh, I'm just doing what the flyer says.

He produces a pamphlet from his shirt pocket and passes it to Mitchell.

FERGUSON: It was in the waiting room of the shrink's office they sent me to a couple of weeks back -- 'So you're going to bite the big one: now what?' First thing on the list is accept it, learn to talk openly about it. So, that's what I'm doing.

Mitchell looks down under Ferguson's scrutiny.

FERGUSON: Did I mention I'm going to die?

MITCHELL: ... Yeah. I think you did.

FERGUSON: (nodding) Good.

They smile.

FERGUSON: So, how about you? How's the big, important top secret job?

MITCHELL: Still top secret.

FERGUSON: Oh, come on man, you can tell me -- I'm not gonna tell anyone!(beat) I'm going to die, y'know.

Mitchell shakes his head, refusing to speak.

FERGUSON: No flowers?

MITCHELL: (reaching for the bag) No. No, hell, I thought about it but ... I decided on this instead ...

He shows the contents of the bag to Ferguson.

FERGUSON: Oh, yes. Me likee-a-lottie.

Mitchell smiles and hands the bag over.

S.G.C. -- BRIEFING ROOM. CARTER and DANIEL enter the Briefing Room where GENERAL LANDRY is waiting for them.

Landry turns to greet them as he hears them arrive.

LANDRY: Colonel, Doctor Jackson, Bra'tac has information regarding a situation on Dakara.

Bra'tac is stood gravely by the window that looks out over the Gate Room.

BRA'TAC: It is Teal'c. He left last night to consult with one of our allies. He was due back this morning but did not return.

DANIEL: Are you sure he's not just late?

BRA'TAC: He missed an important Council session ... There have been unusual goings on as of late.

The others look surprised.

BRA'TAC: I'm here because I am no longer sure who I can trust on Dakara ... and I am certain something is gravely wrong.

Worried glances are exchanged all round.

HA'TAK CELL. In the centre of the gold walled, fire-lit room, Teal'c is imprisoned -- his wrists chained together and arms thrown backwards over a curved metal stand so that he is unable to free them. His neck is also secured in a metal restraint.

He is drowsy, only half-conscious.

As he becomes more aware of his surroundings, he struggles against his chains but it achieves nothing.

Teal'c eyes fully open and widen as he sees TIL'VAK, another Jaffa at the other side of the room, picking up a frightening-looking device from a table.

Til'Vak approaches Teal'c slowly, allowing the horror of what may be about to happen set in.

Til'Vak reaches towards Teal'c head, showing him the Tok'ra memory device that he has in his hand. The device is painfully pushed into Teal'c's temple.

TEAL'C: (through gritted teeth) I will divulge nothing.

TIL'VAK: (softly) That is not my intention. My purpose ... is to teach you.

Til'Vak raises the torturous device, activating it. A high pitched whine accompanies a green light on the device that indicates charge. The whine increases as more bars of light are filled.

Teal'c's face contorts with agony.

TEAL'C: Argh!

His torturer looks on without emotion as Teal'c cries out, attempting to choke his anguish as much as possible.

S.G.C. - BRIEFING ROOM. SG-1 minus Mitchell, Landry and Bra'tac are sat around the briefing table.

BRA'TAC: Obviously, this motion to dissolve the Council in favour of elected officials has spawned strong opposition. Many who have reaped benefits under the current regime would lose their status upon passage of the vote.

LANDRY: Anybody in particular you think would resort to kidnapping and blackmail to influence the situation?

BRA'TAC: I used to believe in the honour of many who have disappointed me of late.

DANIEL: Well, we should probably start with Teal'c last known whereabouts.

LANDRY: (to Carter) Let me know if you need additional personnel -- Colonel Mitchell is taking some personal time.

CARTER: Thank you, Sir.

HOSPITAL ROOM. Mitchell and Ferguson are playing a computer game. Mitchell holds the controls competitively, and the game's gunshots echo throughout the room.

MITCHELL: (to screen) Come on, come on! No, you don't want none of me, no you don't! Ooh, now don't look now ... you better back down!

Ferguson, leaning back against his pillows and unseen by Mitchell, flinches in pain.

Mitchell frantically presses buttons. On the screen, Ferguson's half flashes red under ceaseless attack.

MITCHELL: Die, yeah! That's what I'm talking ...

Mitchell turns to face Ferguson, worried by his lack of reaction.

Ferguson looks back at him, hiding his pain.

MITCHELL: What the hell was that? Are you even trying?

FERGUSON: You know what? I'm just, I'm kinda tired but this, this was great, really. This was just like old times.

MITCHELL: Tell you what; I'll play left handed with one eye.

He closes one eye and squints at the screen.

FERGUSON: Yeah, I'm done.

MITCHELL: All right. Fine.

He puts the control down on Ferguson's bed and stands up.

MITCHELL: I reserve the right for a rematch.

FERGUSON: Fair enough.

Mitchell picks up an empty soda can and starts to clean the pizza box strewn room.

FERGUSON: Look, I ... I appreciate you taking some time but ...

MITCHELL: What'cha talking about?

FERGUSON: I'm just saying, you did your duty -- you can go now.

MITCHELL: I got no where else to be.

Ferguson looks up at him.

MITCHELL: ... Really.

FERGUSON: Seriously, Cam, it's fine -- you don't have to stick around.

MITCHELL: Yes. (pause) I do.

JAFFA ENCAMPMENT. Jaffa set about their business in a bustling village of tents. Inside one of the tents, U'KIN -- the Jaffa Teal'c was set to visit, addresses DANIEL and BRA'TAC who stand at the tent's opening.

U'KIN: I'd love to help you Brother Bra'tac, but Teal'c left last night barely an hour after arriving.

DANIEL: Did he say where he was going?

U'KIN: He said he was needed back on Dakara.

DANIEL: Was anybody with him?

U'KIN: He travelled alone. Please, let me know as soon as you have learned what has happened.

Daniel looks to Bra'tac briefly and the older man steps forward, locking eyes with U'Kin.

U'KIN: What is the matter, Brother?

Bra'tac is smiling, threateningly.

BRA'TAC: You call yourself a friend yet you speak lies to my face!

Bra'tac violently grabs U'Kin by his robes.

Daniel starts forward, alarmed.

DANIEL: Whoa, Bra'tac ...

BRA'TAC: (shaking U'Kin) He is deceiving us! Where is Teal'c?

U'KIN: (strangled) Bra'tac, what has come over you? I have told you what I know.

Bra'tac wraps his hand around U'Kin's throat, and squeezes hard. U'Kin gargles with pain.

BRA'TAC: (menacingly) I will not ask again!

Bra'tac tightens his grip.

U'KIN: (panicked) He was taken from here ... I do not know where!

Bra'tac shakes him harder.

U'KIN: Gaah! Please!

Bra'tac blinks slowly and finally releases his victim. U'Kin raises his hand to his throat, rubbing it gingerly and gasping for air with relief.

VILLAGE. Daniel and Bra'tac stride away from the tents.

DANIEL: What was that all about?

BRA'TAC: I believe he speaks the truth -- he does not know where Teal'c is.

DANIEL: But he admitted he helped arrange for Teal'c's kidnapping ...

BRA'TAC: And he shall be dealt with accordingly. Unfortunately for us, this situation is much worse than I imagined.

Daniel stops walking and holds out a hand to halt Bra'tac.

DANIEL: Well, how?

BRA'TAC: U'Kin has always been one of the strongest supporters of our cause; a Jaffa whose honour I never would have doubted. There is but one possible explanation for his actions ... I saw it in his eyes.

Daniel pauses, understanding.

DANIEL: He's been brainwashed.

HOSPITAL ROOM. Ferguson reclined on his bed as Mitchell paces the room throwing the baseball from one hand to the mitt and back again.

FERGUSON: You know I never did buy that you went down in a test flight.

Mitchell stops the ball's movement and lies on the spare bed.

MITCHELL: Why? That's what happened.

FERGUSON: Okay, so you were testing the plane in a dog fight over Antarctica?

MITCHELL: Dog fight?

He tosses the baseball into the glove.

FERGUSON: I did some checking. I still have friends in intelligence.

MITCHELL: Right. You think you're getting your hands on classified information, huh?

FERGUSON: Not exactly. I pieced some things together.

Mitchell frowns at the baseball.

FERGUSON: Come on, we were both up for that big important classified position, I just wanted to know what I missed out on that almost got you killed.

MITCHELL: I wish I could tell you -- I really do.

FERGUSON: (laughing) No you don't. No, you probably feel as guilty as hell that you're doing what you're doing while I'm waiting to die. Read the flyer man, it's called 'survivor's guilt'. Now it also says that you need to be honest with yourself and those around you.

Mitchell clutches the ball tightly, thinking.

P2M-903. Armies of Jaffa, a throw-back to the days of Goa'uld supremacy, march past a Stargate, up a hill and towards a landed Ha'tak.

HA'TAK BRIDGE. BAAL stands with a number of his guards.

Til'Vak enters and bows his head respectfully.

BAAL: (flanged voice) Speak.

TIL'VAK: It does not seem to be working.

BAAL: As I feared. Ha! His will is strong.

TIL'VAK: I will break him -- whatever it takes.

BAAL: (amused) No, I will deal with this.

CELL. Teal'c is slumped against the metal stand that holds him upright and his eyes are closed.

Baal enters the room, passing two torch flames that dance and reflect on the walls behind him.

BAAL: Hello Teal'c.

Teal'c's head jerks upright as he realizes who has entered the room.

TEAL'C: You.

BAAL: (smiling) I think it's time we had a little chat.

Teal'c clenches his jaw in barely constrained hatred.

S.G.C. - BRIEFING ROOM. Landry ascends the staircase into the Briefing Room where Daniel and Bra'tac stand, waiting to report to him.

LANDRY: I've recalled Colonel Carter and SG-3 from Chulak. Do we have any idea how widespread this brainwashing might be?

BRA'TAC: It isn't possible to tell. But it explains how many alliances have drifted so dramatically over the course of the last three weeks.

DANIEL: For all we know, half of the High Council may have been compromised.

LANDRY: You believe Goa'uld technology is behind this.

DANIEL: (sighing) Teal'c once fell prey to it at the hands of Apophis.

BRA'TAC: But he was able to break its hold, by enduring the Rite of M'al Sharran.

DANIEL: Anyone, including a Jaffa, could have their hands on that technology now.

BRA'TAC: Still, the fact that Teal'c overcame such manipulation in the past should make him more able to resist its effects again.

LANDRY: Which may actually put his life at greater risk.

Bra'tac and Daniel become more worried.

DANIEL: Um, Bra'tac you said a close friend of yours, Maz'rai had a similar change of opinion -- virtually overnight ...

BRA'TAC: Yes, it is likely he too is brainwashed.

DANIEL: Right. I guess what I'm getting at is, is it possible that you could get him to defeat the brainwashing the same way Teal'c did?

BRA'TAC: (beat) And if so, at the very least, he might be able to give us an idea as to who is behind this.

Landry and Daniel share a look of steely resolve.

HA'TAK CELL. Baal paces around Teal'c's vulnerable frame.

BAAL: I admit we've certainly had our differences in the past, but you need to hear what I have to say.

TEAL'C: I will not hear the words of a false god.

BAAL turns to face Teal'c, smiles and switches to his human voice.

BAAL: (chuckling) Ah, yes! The whole god issue! Maybe we did take it a little too far. Can you blame us? We gave you strength, vitality -- long life. I know you don't quite see it that way but no matter. It's all in the past now.

Baal casually strolls to stand at Teal'c's side, gauging the Jaffa's reactions to his proximity. Teal'c stiffens slightly and Baal chuckles more.

Baal congenially leans on the stand that restrains Teal'c.

BAAL: Come now, Teal'c! We're smart enough to know we're not actually gods ... Well, some of us are anyway -- there are always those who will begin to believe their own propaganda. I suppose all you need is enough people to worship you and then what's the difference; you're pretty much a god by definition, are you not? (beat) So is the case with the Ori. Granted, they do seem to have some very interesting powers to back up their claims ...

Teal'c remains unimpressed.

BAAL: I've seen what happens to those who resist. They are a formidable enemy.

TEAL'C: How does this concern you and I?

BAAL: We worked together to defeat the Replicators ...

TEAL'C: This is working together? Taking me against my will, brainwashing the Council to do your bidding?

BAAL: The Jaffa number in the millions spread across the vastness of the galaxy. Your backgrounds are diverse and rich in the history of warfare with each other ...

TEAL'C: Because of the Goa'uld!

BAAL: As a united nation, you are young and inexperienced - too weak to face an adversary as powerful as the Ori ... Gerak proved that. What you need right now is a strong leader, one with the mind and experience to wage war on such a foe.

TEAL'C: (bemused) You.

BAAL; I'm not asking you to worship me; I do not plan to undermine your freedom. I care nothing for your rights or traditions or what you wish to do with your daily lives. What I do not want to see happen is the utter subjugation of this entire galaxy at the hands of the Ori, that would be an utter shame for all of us.

Teal'c defiantly matches Baal's scrutiny.

BAAL: Don't make this personal, Teal'c. Your people are in need and I can help them. I can help all of us defend ourselves against the Ori.

DAKARA - MAZ'RAI's QUARTERS. Maz'rai has been accosted by Daniel and Bra'tac, who stands in the middle of the room -- effectively barring his exit.

MAZ'RAI: That is an absurd accusation! You know me Bra'tac, I choose my opinions carefully.

Daniel walks towards Maz'rai, filing through some scrolls of parchment.

DANIEL: That's true. No, really it is. We, um, checked these out of the hall of records before coming here. Sixth months ago you co-authored policy measures designed to prevent voting abuses by Gerak's coalition.

He hands over the pertinent paper.

DANIEL: Er ... Four months ago you voted in favour of increasing the size of Council to give unrepresented Jaffa a voice.

Maz'rai receives a second leaf of evidence.

DANIEL: And ... just three weeks ago you introduced a motion to set limits on the Council's legislative power. Are we seeing a pattern here?

Daniel passes Maz'rai the large pile of documents.

BRA'TAC: You believe in democracy, Maz'rai. How else do you explain your actions?

MAZ'RAI: I do not deny my beliefs -- my thinking on the proper timing and strategy for implementation is what's changed.

BRA'TAC: Two evenings ago ... Do you remember clearly what you did?

MAZ'RAI: Bra'tac, I do not remember what I ate yesterday. That is sad, I admit, but proof of nothing other than old age.

BRA'TAC: 'Age has taken away everything but our wisdom, old friend.' Those were your words to me -- just before you tabled a referendum for democracy. Tell me one thing that happened the night before last and I will let this rest.

Maz'rai laughs briefly and then looks up. He thinks for a moment and then his eyes widen. His mouth moves as if he wants to say something but he cannot remember.

Maz'rai is lost.

Bra'tac's eyes soften in sympathy.

MAZ'RAI: (defeated) Please, leave me ... I am weary.

Bra'tac looks at Daniel and then steps closer to Maz'rai, putting his hand comfortingly on his bewildered friend's shoulder.

COUNCIL CORRIDOR. Bra'tac walks through a large door, followed quickly by Daniel.

DANIEL: (whispering) Bra'tac!

BRA'TAC: We have reached him. Trust me. Facing the Rite of M'al Sharran is something one must do with clear mind...and conviction. We must give him time.

HOSPITAL ROOM. The light in the room has softened, indicating that it is much later in the day. Mitchell lies, asleep, on the spare bed -- an air force magazine opened on his chest.

As a PA call sounds, Ferguson turns from his reclined contemplation of the scene outside his window.

FERGUSON: Do you know what I think you're doing?

MITCHELL: Sleeping.

FERGUSON: I think you're fighting aliens.

Mitchell forces his eyes open slightly.

MITCHELL: I think that chunk of metal you've got in your cranium has caused a lot of damage.

FERGUSON: (softly) I know you weren't test flying a plane down in Antarctica. You were fighting an alien armada ... in human built, alien hybrid fighters. We've got like, at least a fleet of them and a, er, couple of interstellar battleships.

MITCHELL: Whatever you say, man.

Mitchell lies staring into space, unwilling to accidentally give anything away.

FERGUSON: The info's out there. The military bit, they couldn't build all that stuff themselves -- they'd have to contract it out. I did some consulting for an aeronauts firm called Zephyr, when I first went on disability ... Come on, man. I'm seasoned enough to see through all the, the bogus cover stories that have been blowing around the past couple of years. I mean, what really happened to that building in Seattle a couple of months back? And that strange new influenza outbreak that swept the globe ... didn't that start in a hospital near here?

Mitchell looks uncomfortable and torn.

MITCHELL: Look, Ferguson ...

FERGUSON: I know, I know -- you can't tell me. Doesn't really matter. The point is, I know that whatever you're into, it's big ... I mean it's bigger than we ever dreamed of back when we were cadets and we swore that blood oath that we would make it into the Space Program or die trying.

Mitchell gives a small smile.

FERGUSON: Look, I'm not some crazed conspiracy nut, Cam. I know. You've got better things to so than sit round here waiting for me to die. (beat) Go.

Mitchell frowns and swallows back his emotions.

HOSPITAL CORRIDOR. Mitchell is struggling to get anything from a vending machine when Dr. Kelly approaches.

KELLY: I find it helps if you hit it.

Mitchell presses a few more buttons, helplessly.

MITCHELL: Oh, that's all right. I probably shouldn't have any more caffeine.

KELLY: (beat) I got the results back from the CAT scan.

Mitchell slowly turns to face her, not sure if he wants to hear what she has to say.


KELLY: Well, it pretty much confirmed mister Ferguson's own doctor's findings. The shrapnel originally lodged itself across an intra-cranial artery and over the course of the next few years, formed the aneurysm. Given its size and relative position, we risk causing more damage if we attack it surgically. Even an inter-vascular approach would likely cause a major rupture.

MITCHELL: (quietly) Okay. So what's the plan?

KELLY: I know you were hoping for better news, Colonel. I'm sorry. I'm afraid ... there are no options. It's only a matter of time.

Mitchell nods slowly, overcome.

He suddenly drives his elbow violently through the glass of the vending machine, sending shards flying to the floor. The loud shattering interrupts the sounds of the hospital. Those stood nearby jump in shock.

Doctor Kelly looks pained.

MITCHELL: (choked) Sorry Doctor, you were wrong. Hitting it didn't help.

Mitchell strides off down the corridor as Kelly and her nurses watch him leave.

MITCHELL: (over his shoulder) I'll pay for that.

DAKARA - MAZ'RAI's QUARTERS. Daniel and Bra'tac stand with another Jaffa, staring at Maz'rai's dead body, which is slumped across a long chair.

BRA'TAC: (to Jaffa) Thank you. Now please leave us.

The Jaffa bows and exits the room.

Daniel is leafing through some papers on a nearby table.

Bra'tac crouches next to his old friend and picks up a symbiote from the floor.

DANIEL: You think he did this to himself?

BRA'TAC: He removed his own symbiote. The Rite of M'al Sharran.

Daniel joins Bra'tac, confused.

DANIEL: I don't understand. Why would he do this on his own? I mean, he had to know how dangerous it would be.

BRA'TAC: Indeed. It requires that you bring yourself to the edge of death in order to find your own true spirit. Should you fail ...

DANIEL: He was ashamed that he had been brainwashed. If he failed to overcome it, he didn't want anyone here to save him.

BRA'TAC folds Maz'rai's outstretched arm across his chest, somberly.

BRA'TAC: I pushed you to this, old friend.

As Bra'tac grieves, Daniel notices a sheet of paper in Maz'rai's possession.

DANIEL: Bra'tac ...

Daniel passes Bra'tac the sheet -- it contains the information they have been seeking.

BRA'TAC: (grimly) Ka'lel.

HOSPITAL CORRIDOR. Mitchell is leaning against the wall next to the vending machine which now reads 'Out of Order -- Sorry'. He is on the phone to General Landry.

LANDRY (OS): Bra'tac is tailing Ka'lel. He's hopeful it'll lead to Teal'c's whereabouts.

S.G.C. LANDRY'S OFFICE. Landry is sat at his desk.

LANDRY: Colonel Carter is putting together a rescue operation that we can implement the moment we get confirmation.


MITCHELL: I'll be there.

LANDRY (OS): Under the circumstances, everyone will understand if you choose to stay back on this one.

MITCHELL: I'm sorry, Sir ... We're talking about Teal'c.


LANDRY: I understand. How's your friend doing?


MITCHELL: Not so good. (beat)On that front, Sir ... there's something I need to ask you ...

HA'TAK CELL. Teal'c is still restrained and is sweating profusely due to a lack of tretonin. His resistance is clearly causing him pain.

Baal enters, flanked by Til'Vak.

BAAL: (Flanged) So, have you given some thought to my proposal?

Teal'c is weak and can barely raise his head.

BAAL: To be honest you've looked better, Teal'c. Don't tell me your spirit is waning. I know you need tretonin to live. Give in! Don't threaten the future of your people because of personal pride.

TEAL'C: (laughing weakly) You are frightened. You seek to control the Jaffa ... because you recognize the power of the Ori and you are ... helpless to do anything about it on your own.

BAAL: I've tried to be nice, I've tried to present reason, convince you in a most merciful fashion. But my patience wears thin. And Rest assured I shall prevail over your precious Council and control the Jaffa, ultimately it is for their own good. If you keep resisting me, I will have no choice but to let you die.

HOSPITAL ENTRANCE. Mitchell is sat on a bench, looking at the pamphlet Ferguson handed him earlier.

Carter approaches, pulling a wheeled case behind her.

CARTER: Cameron ...

Mitchell straightens.


Carter sits down next to him, threading her fingers together.

CARTER: Bra'tac got us a gate address. Ka'lel led us to planet where the mother-ship parked on a pyramid. It means Teal'c is being held there.

MITCHELL: That's good news.

CARTER: We're briefing in an hour.

MITCHELL: I'll be there.

Carter gestures towards the case.

CARTER: Do you need some help with this?

MITCHELL: No, I got it. (beat) Does this make me a hypocrite?

CARTER: (shaking her head) I told my dad.

MITCHELL: He was getting a Tok'ra symbiote.


MITCHELL: Got shot by a Goa'uld with a laser blast ... not really the point ... I mean about using that thing. Y'know, after what happened to me, I was opposed to anyone having anything to do with that technology but now I'm going out of my way to make use of it.

CARTER: Is showing your friend the truth going to make him feel any better?

MITCHELL: He wants to know I'm not going to be burdened with guilt ... what with the fact that he died because of me.

CARTER: (softly) ... The truth gonna change that?

MITCHELL: Not for me.

Carter nods, slowly.

HOSPITAL ROOM. Ferguson lies on his bed, flicking through a magazine.

Mitchell enters the room, pulling the case behind him.


FERGUSON: Hey. Are you finally getting the hell out of here?

Mitchell closes the door to maintain secrecy.

MITCHELL: Actually, yes.

FERGUSON: Good. I might not be here when you get back though.

Mitchell looks concerned as he begins to unlatch the case and open it.

MITCHELL: Don't you quit on me.

FERGUSON: No, I just meant that I'm checking out ... of the hospital. I'm going home -- there's nothing more they can do for me here.

Mitchell lifts the case and puts it on the spare bed.

FERGUSON: What is that?

MITCHELL: It's a little something I picked up on another planet.

FERGUSON: Yes, very good -- that's hilarious. Y'know you never really could tell a joke ...

He trails off as the Galaran mind device is revealed. It is clearly alien technology.

Ferguson sits up, interested.

MITCHELL: We've made some modifications since we had our hands on this but basically, here's how it works.

He produces some electrodes from inside the box.

MITCHELL: Some of my memories from the last year have been downloaded into this device. Attach these leads to your head and you get to experience some of the things I've gone through.

FERGUSON: You're serious?

MITCHELL: You wanted to know the truth. I'm going to show it to you.

Ferguson looks astounded.

HA'TAK CELL. Teal'c falls to the floor with a clunk of chains.

Til'Vak and Baal stand over him.

BAAL: If you continue to resist me, you die. Or you can take the tretonin and save yourself. Join me and you will save many more.

Teal'c looks up wearily from the floor, his face glistening with the effort of his resistance.

Baal holds a vial of tretonin in his hand, rolling it in his fingers. He places it on the table in Teal'c line of sight, in the hope that it will tempt him to conform.

BAAL: It's up to you.

He walks out of the room, smugly.

Teal'c longingly looks up at the tretonin.

HOSPITAL ROOM. Ferguson is experiencing Mitchell's memories, which are presented as a montage of sounds that can be heard over the whir of the memory device.


MITCHELL: Mayday, Mayday! We are going in, repeat we are going in!

LANDRY: Colonel you're going to lead SG-1 ...

DANIEL: Teal'c! ...

VOICE: Colonel Mitchell! ...

MITCHELL: Hey, we've got a little problem in here! ...

DANIEL: Have you done this before? ...

MITCHELL: Ah, fight a knight in armour -- can't say that I have ...

TEAL'C: It appears to be a hologram ...

MITCHELL: A hologram?!...And we do not want to get into a god-off.

LANDRY: These Priors want to show us they're gonna play hardball ...

Explosions and ships taking off can be heard.

CARTER: The mark nine gave us ...


Ferguson is lying on the bed, the leads of the machine flashing blue as the machine is activated.

Mitchell reaches over and stops the memories.

Ferguson opens his eyes, overwhelmed, as the device whirs into silence.

FERGUSON: What are you doing? Why did you stop?

MITCHELL: Teal'c is in trouble. There's a rescue op that's about to leave -- I have to go.

FERGUSON: Go save him, for godssakes.

MITCHELL: Yeah, yeah. I just don't want you to give up, not when there's so many possibilities out there.

FERGUSON: Just ... Get out of here!

MITCHELL: Before I go, I have to say something. You may not like it, but I'm going to have to live with it no matter what I say or do ... I'm sorry, I'm doing what I'm doing and you're not...because -- I acted rashly. I'm a hot-head and you're suffering because of it.

Ferguson takes a deep breath.

FERGUSON: No, you're doing what you're doing because of who you are.

MITCHELL: Yeah, I'm impatient, I lose control, I'm not particularly fond of that side of myself.

FERGUSON: I didn't mean that. When you see an opportunity, you take it. The kind of things that you and me were asked to do, that you're doing now ... You've, you've gotta be a little angry, you've got to be outta control. I mean, you think too much, you're just gonna freeze up ... I ... God! You're going all over planets through a freaking wormhole! You have to be a little nuts.

MITCHELL: I just don't want to screw up again.

FERGUSON: Well, you'd better not. This Teal'c, he seems like a pretty decent guy, or alien -- whatever he is ...


FERGUSON: Jaffa. (beat) Just be yourself, Cam. Trust me, it's pretty damn good.

They simply look at each other for a moment.

MITCHELL: (quietly) Thanks.

Ferguson sits up slightly, frowning.

FERGUSON: I would have done it for anyone, you know that. It's part of the job.

MITCHELL: Yeah it is.

Ferguson's eyes flicker over to the device.

FERGUSON: Can I just see a little more?

MITCHELL: (indicating on the machine) Play, stop ...

FERGUSON: You what?

Mitchell smiles.

FERGUSON: Pretty cool.

They shake hands, clasping them together before clicking their fingers and pulling away.

Mitchell begins to head out of the room, pausing as he opens the door.

MITCHELL: Hey, when you get to the part with the flight attendant ...


MITCHELL: Skip over it, that's private.

FERGUSON: I promise nothing.

Ferguson activates the machine once more and the sounds can be heard again as Mitchell leaves and the door to the room swings closed.

S.G.C. - GATE ROOM. Carter stands on the embarkation ramp, kitted up for the rescue mission. She addresses a large group who are to all participate in the rescue. General Landry stands to one side.

CARTER: ... At which point we should receive radio confirmation from Bra'tac that the gate on P2M-903 is clear. We can expect intense but limited resistance on approaching the mother-ship. It will be visible roughly half a mile from the gate. Bra'tac should be able to provide aerial cover.

Mitchell enters the Gate Room, dressed in fatigues and ready to go.

LANDRY: Thank you for joining us, Colonel.


Mitchell takes his place in the line up next to Daniel and exchanges a nod with Carter, allowing her to continue.

CARTER: We will secure the gate, proceed to the pyramid, gain access to the mother-ship and locate and retrieve Teal'c.

DANIEL: Keep in mind all evidence suggests Teal'c's been brainwashed. There's no guarantee that he's even going to cooperate with this rescue.

LANDRY: Teal'c is family. I don't like people screwing with my family.

MITCHELL: We're with you, Sir.

Landry nods.

LANDRY: Let's bring him home.

Carter steps down from the ramp into the line up. Everyone locks and loads their weapons.

HA'TAK CELL. The tretonin remains on the table but Teal'c is seemingly unable to tear his gaze from it.

He shuffles along the floor slowly, pulling himself across the ground.

Til'Vak watches, detached as Teal'c inches closer to the vial.

Teal'c finally reaches up and grasps the tretonin in his hand. He injects the drug into his wrist with the vial's syringe.

The tretonin is administered with a hiss and Teal'c quietly groans in relief.

Til'Vak walks over to his prone figure, towering over the weary Jaffa.

TIL'VAK: Shall we try again?

He activates the brainwashing device once more and the green bars fill with light as the high pitched noise sounds.

Teal'c cries out in agony.

P2M-903. The Stargate bursts into life and the Jaffa surrounding the gate aim their staff weapons at the event horizon.

A Jaffa looks around uncertainly as they wait for their enemy to step through. He notices something and starts.

JAFFA: A'tash shataan!

The Jaffa turn their weapons towards the sky, where an Al'kesh can be seen, flying at an attack trajectory.

The ship fires on the Jaffa below, scattering them. Eruptions of flame mark where the blasts hit the ground.

The ship flies close to the ground, still firing. Jaffa run in all directions.

Two are flung through the air as a pile of rocks explodes in front of them. Their flailing limbs silhouetted by a ball of orange flame.

A cloud of smoke rises over the area and cries of pain can be heard.

AL'KESH. Bra'tac is at the controls. He activates his communications.

BRA'TAC: Colonel Carter ...

S.G.C. - GATE ROOM. SG-1 and the rest of the soldiers wait at the bottom of the ramp, their faces lit by the blue event horizon.

BRA'TAC (OS): The gate has been cleared.

CARTER: All right let's go, move out. Let's go! Move, move, move!

The contingent set off through the gate, running and leveling their weapons.

Landry silently watches them leave.

P2M-903. The S.G.C. personnel emerge on the other side and engage the Jaffa.

Machine gun noise battles with staff blasts for supremacy.

Soldiers crouch defensively as they fire their weapons, dodging the yellow bolts of staff weapons fire.

Out of the smoke surrounding the gate, SG-1, led by Mitchell, arrive and seek cover behind some rocks.

Mitchell fires his heavy-duty Tommy gun before surveying the scene.

Three Jaffa are felled by machine gun fire -- they jerk spasmodically before crashing to the ground.

Daniel and Carter run forward to take position behind another stony out-crop, firing as they run.

From the top of a hill of rocks, a tented Jaffa station is causing problems for the teams of the S.G.C.. A large cannon fires multiple shots will unnerving accuracy.

More soldiers join Daniel and Carter's location, firing towards the cannon's location.

Shouts of garbled orders can barely be heard above the blasts.

Bra'tac swoops again in the Al'kesh, firing upon Jaffa positions. A huge explosion sends many of them into the air -- the heat of the blast is almost palpable.

One Jaffa rolls limply across the rocky ground.

Bra'tac's vessel comes under fire and Carter looks up to see two death gliders in hot pursuit, as the Al'kesh swings from one side to the other, trying to shake them off.

CARTER: (into radio) Bra'tac, watch your back!

The death gliders score a direct hit and in the Al'kesh sparks fly, showering from the ceiling and walls.

Bra'tac flicks switches quickly, attempting to combat the damage. The entire vessel shakes, dangerously.

On the ground, the cannon is still loudly firing. Carter concentrates her own weapon on it, fruitlessly sending ream after ream of machine gun fire towards it.

Mitchell staggers from his cover and runs towards the front line.

He sprints as the other teams hold the Jaffa at bay with cover fire.

SOLDIER: Go, go, go, go!

Mitchell takes out a Jaffa hidden amongst the rocks, dispatching him into a haze of smoke.

He runs up the track that marks the path to the cannon station, freezing behind a square rock for cover.

Carter and Daniel notice his dangerous journey but keep firing even as he runs up the embankment alone.

CARTER: Mitchell!

AL'KESH. Bra'tac is desperately wrestling with the controls as sparks rain down on him. The lights in the ship flicker and die as his chair is shook violently.

The death gliders continue to fire, scoring two more emphatic hits.

With a large boom, the Al'kesh hemorrhages smoke, veers dramatically from its course and plummets into the tree-line below.

Carter and Daniel witness its descent, pausing for breath. After a beat, they assume their positions and fire all the more ruthlessly.

Mitchell has reached the cannon station and aims to take out the operator. As he sets his sights, however a bloodied Jaffa emerges from the rocks and hits him with both hands on the back of his head.

Mitchell keels into a boulder, off balance. The Jaffa backhands him and grabs him by his collar before head-butting him. Mitchell staggers and the Jaffa kicks him in the face, knocking him to the ground.

As he kneels on the floor, Mitchell un-holsters his zat and spins around, taking the Jaffa out with one shot. The blue charge arcs over the metallic armour and the enemy crashes to the floor.

Mitchell grabs his gun from the ground, steadies himself and then fires a volley of shots into the tent.

Carter pauses her shooting as the tent erupts in a haze of dust and stone.

Breathing heavily, Mitchell feels around on the ground for his cap, shakes it clean and sets it firmly back on his head before setting off to the pyramid and the entrance of the Ha'tak.

CARTER: (into radio) Cam, wait for back up!

She signals to Daniel and they sprint up the slope to catch up with Mitchell.

HA'TAK. In the eerie quiet of the ship, Til'Vak removes the Tok'ra memory device from Teal'c's temple. Teal'c is unrestrained but stands placidly, expressionless.

Baal enters.

BAAL: I see you're feeling better. And your friends have come to rescue you -- I expected nothing less. Unfortunately, it's too little, too late.

Baal smiles.

The engines of the Ha'tak come to life.

Teal'c remains unresponsive.

BATTLE GROUND. Daniel and Carter halt their ascent.

CARTER: The mother-ship's engines are powering up!

DANIEL: It's taking off.

Daniel fires his gun, grimly determined. Both of them dash up to the site of the pyramid.

The ship slowly begins to take off.

PYRAMID BASE. Two guarding Jaffa with staff weapons are neutralized by zat blasts as Mitchell powers his way into the stone entrance.

The hum of the mother-ships engines is increasing and dust falls from the ceiling as the ship above vibrates.

Mitchell leaps over to the controls for the transport rings and frantically presses the buttons.

HA'TAK. Baal is bemusedly searching Teal'c's impassive face.

BAAL: I'm curious. Are you merely feigning allegiance, waiting for the right time to strike at me?

Teal'c does not respond and Baal quietly chuckles.

The Goa'uld looks to the entrance of the room as two Jaffa frogmarch in an injured Bra'tac, carrying the weakened man between them.

Bra'tac grunts in pain as he is dropped to his knees in front of an emotionless Teal'c.

PYRAMID BASE. Mitchell is concentrating on the unresponsive ring controls and does not notice two Jaffa take positions behind him.

MITCHELL: (to controls) Damn it!

JAFFA: Shal kree!

Mitchell holds his hands out and puts his zat on the ground slowly. He turns to face the two Jaffa -- there is no escape.

HA'TAK. Baal throws a staff weapon to Teal'c and then moves to stand next to him.

BAAL: Kill him.

Teal'c swirls the staff weapon a couple of times and trains it on Bra'tac.

The other Jaffa in the room aim their weapons at Teal'c, just in case.

Bra'tac looks up into the business end of the staff, blood dripping out of the corner of his mouth.

BRA'TAC: Teal'c ...

The staff weapon opens, charging with yellow light.

Bra'tac focuses on it briefly and then his eyes roam back to his protégé.

PYRAMID BASE. Mitchell stands with his hands up, placating.

JAFFA: Shal'nok!

Mitchell gestures uncertainly, trying to translate.

The Jaffa nods and Mitchell steps forward a few paces.

Mitchell looks past his captors.

MITCHELL: Took you guys long enough!

The Jaffa look to each other, confused.

MITCHELL: Not you guys ...

Two zat blasts hit the Jaffa in their backs and they slump to the floor.

Mitchell immediately returns to the transport ring controls as Carter and Daniel run into the entrance and cross over to him.

CARTER: The rest of the Jaffa guard are retreating back here.

MITCHELL: I can't get these damn rings to work!

He allows Carter access to the controls and she begins working on them.

CARTER: If we all go, we could be caught up with no way of getting back off the ship. (beat) You go, we got your back.

She opens the control panel, exposing the crystals within.

MITCHELL: Are you sure about that?

CARTER: (pointedly) Am I going to be able to stop you?

MITCHELL: I don't think so -- I'm in a bad mood today.

He steps into the rings.

Weapons fire enters the chamber and all three drop to their knees, firing their zats at the group of Jaffa who have arrived at their location.

Daniel pulls out his 9mm and dashes closer to the enemy so that Carter can turn back to the control panel.

As the rings activate and Mitchell disappears into the ship, the gun fire continues to bounce off the stone walls.

HA'TAK CORRIDOR. Mitchell bursts round a corner, zatting two guards without even slowing down. He barrels past their crumpled forms and rounds another corner, taking out another Jaffa as he does so.

CELL. Bra'tac is still facing the charged staff weapon.

BRA'TAC: Teal'c, you must resist!

TEAL'C: Silence, old man. Your words are meaningless.

Teal'c looks to Baal briefly as the tension in the room mounts.

Suddenly, the Jaffa guards and Til'Vak fall in bursts of blue light and Mitchell storms into the room.

Bra'tac grabs the staff weapon of his nearest guard and attempts to wrestle it out of his hands.

Teal'c turns to Baal and fires three times in quick succession. The Goa'uld cries out and crashes to the floor, dead.

Bra'tac is struggling with his opponent but Teal'c swings his weapon around and slams it into the rival Jaffa's face. The force of the blow throws the Jaffa away from Bra'tac, who rests on his knees.

Mitchell, still at the entrance to the room, breathlessly and warily points his Zat at Teal'c.

MITCHELL: I take it this means I don't have you shoot ya?

TEAL'C: You do not.

MITCHELL: Good. (beat) Sounds like somebody's still driving this rust-bucket; we should get the hell out of here before they jump to hyperspace.

TEAL'C: Indeed.

Mitchell and Teal'c support Bra'tac between them and make their way out of the cell as quickly as he can manage.

Teal'c steps over the prone form of Baal as they make their escape.

DAKARA - COUNCIL BUILDING. Daniel and Carter sit on benches in the corridor outside the High Council chamber. Daniel is throwing a small rubber ball at a support column and catching it.

CARTER: (quickly) Could you please stop? It's kind of making me nervous.

DANIEL: Oh, sorry. It's just that the ... implications of this referendum are tremendous. We take democracy for granted but these Jaffa, they ...

He is interrupted by the sound of a door opening.

Jaffa begin to file out of the chamber.

Carter rises to greet Teal'c and Bra'tac, who are smiling broadly. Daniel joins them.

Bra'tac holds up a scroll as Teal'c is congratulated by another Jaffa.

BRA'TAC: The referendum passed.

Carter grins. BRA'TAC: For the first time in our history, we will have leaders voted upon by every free Jaffa.

DANIEL: Congratulations. Welcome to the club.

BRA'TAC: Two months from now, we hold general elections.

CARTER: Well, let the campaigning begin.

DANIEL: What about those Jaffa affected by Baal's brainwashing?

BRA'TAC: It will take much dedication on their part to overcome but with our help, they shall prevail.

TEAL'C: Where is Colonel Mitchell?

Carter and Daniel's smiles fall.

S.G.C. - LOCKER ROOM. Mitchell sits in the darkened room with the pamphlet Ferguson gave him in his hands.

Teal'c enters and notices his forlorn expression.

TEAL'C: Colonel Mitchell. You should know that your actions were instrumental in bringing about a successful vote for a democratic Jaffa nation today.

MITCHELL: Yeah, I heard about that -- that's great. Sorry I missed it.

TEAL'C: I understand. And I am sorry about your friend.

MITCHELL: Yeah, I was ... hoping to see him again.

Teal'c steps closer to his team-mate.

TEAL'C: I am in your debt, Colonel Mitchell; not only for saving my life, but for saving the life of Bra'tac as well.

MITCHELL: Teal'c, no offense but I would have done the same for anyone. (beat) You don't owe me a thing.

Teal'c tilts his head.

MITCHELL: We watch each others' backs because that's our job, right?

TEAL'C: (softly) Indeed.

Teal'c turns to leave Mitchell in peace.

MITCHELL: Hey ... Teal'c. How'd you resist the brainwashing?

Teal'c turns to face him.

MITCHELL: Figure I might be in that situation someday and I don't reckon I'm going through the Rite of M'al Sharran.

TEAL'C: To resist the influence of others, knowledge of oneself is most important.

MITCHELL: (nodding) Right. Thanks.

Teal'c leaves the room, quietly.

MITCHELL: Yeah ... I'm working on it.

Mitchell turns the pamphlet over in his hands once more, lost in thought.