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Teyla sings at Charin's funeral ("Critical Mass")

When an operative of the Trust plants a bomb in Atlantis, the team must find a spy within their own ranks before the Wraith arrive and discover the city.

DVD DISC: Season 2, Disc 4
DIRECTED BY: Andy Mikita
STORY BY: Brad Wright & Carl Binder
TELEPLAY BY: Carl Binder
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Transcript by Callie Sullivan

Czech translation by d3u5

ATLANTIS. GATEROOM. A team is preparing to go offworld, packing boxes, collecting equipment together and generally milling around the Gateroom. Doctor Radek Zelenka is among them, looking incredibly sulky and petulant. Lieutenant Colonel John Sheppard walks over to him.

SHEPPARD: Goin' offworld?

ZELENKA (in a sulky voice): M7G-677.

SHEPPARD: That's the planet with all the kids, right?

ZELENKA (bitterly): They're having trouble with their E.M. field generator and McKay has decided that I am the most capable person in all of Atlantis to fix it.

SHEPPARD: Hey, don't worry. They're a great group of kids -- you're gonna love 'em.

ZELENKA: My sister has a child. He breaks things. He throws things. He smears things onto furniture.

(Doctor Rodney McKay calls out from the Control Room.)

McKAY: Colonel Sheppard! I need you up in the Control Room. (He walks to the edge of the balcony, looks down into the Gateroom and sees Radek there.) Oh -- you still here?

ZELENKA: We're just leaving.

McKAY: Hmm. Well, uh, do say 'hi' to the kids for me.

(He gives Radek a thumbs-up, clicks his tongue and grins at him before turning and walking away. John grins, looks at Radek, gives him a thumbs-up and clicks his tongue and walks away. Radek turns around, his _expression one of annoyance.)

ZELENKA (muttering to himself in Czech): Idiot. (In English, mimicking McKay) "Say 'hi' to the kids for me." (In Czech) You'll catch it from me. You are such an idiot.

CONTROL ROOM. Doctor Elizabeth Weir and Ronon Dex are there, together with Rodney and John. Everyone is looking at the long-range sensors. They show two ships.

McKAY: Two Wraith cruisers.

WEIR: How far away are they?

McKAY: A day -- maybe a day and a half. I've been tracking them for some time now, but, uh, the good news is it doesn't look like they're heading this way.

SHEPPARD: Just passing through the neighbourhood?

McKAY: Yeah, it looks that way. But I just discovered something rather curious. (He touches the screen and the view closes in on the cruisers and shows that energy is radiating out from each of the ships towards the other one.) Short but intense energy bursts passing between them.

DEX: They're fighting each other?

McKAY: Hmm. In my, uh, expert opinion, yes.

SHEPPARD: That's good news.

WEIR: Certainly is. If there's any change in course at all, let me know.

(Rodney nods to her.)

EARTH. CHEYENNE MOUNTAIN COMPLEX. STARGATE COMMAND (S.G.C.). General Hank Landry comes into the Briefing Room to meet with Agent Malcolm Barrett of the N.I.D.

LANDRY: I just cut short a call with the Secretary of State. I hope this is worth it.

BARRETT: I'm sorry, sir, but a situation is developing that you need to be made aware of. It couldn't wait.

LANDRY: Alright, then, make me aware of it.

BARRETT: We've noticed an increase in chatter amongst The Trust recently. The Goa'uld have infiltrated the highest ranks of the organisation. We've discovered that their access to government agencies has gone a lot deeper than we realised.

LANDRY: How much deeper?

BARRETT: Atlantis.

(Landry stares at him in shock.)

LANDRY: They know about it?

BARRETT: Worse: they've been there. They've planted a bomb somewhere in the city.

OPENING CREDITS. RESUME. Landry and Barrett have been joined by Doctor Bill Lee, an S.G.C. scientist.

LEE: I don't understand. Why-why would the Goa'uld want to blow up Atlantis? I mean, I'd think they'd be eager to get their hands on all that Ancient technology.

LANDRY: They want the technology, sure, but they're more concerned about the Wraith finding their way to this galaxy. The last thing they need right now is another enemy to contend with -- especially one so formidable.

LEE: Jeez, those poor people. I mean, as if they don't have enough to contend with with the Wraith -- now they have a Goa'uld in their midst?

LANDRY: The intel we have suggests a lower-level operative planted the bomb, which means we're dealing with a human.

BARRETT: And from what little we've been able to decipher so far, the bomb is set to be detonated the next time Atlantis dials Earth, so The Trust have probably set up a transmitter close to Cheyenne Mountain to be detonated at the exact moment that the wormhole is established.

LANDRY: Which is today.

LEE: What?! Oh, the weekly status report!

LANDRY (looking at his watch): In two hours and forty-six minutes.

LEE: Well, we have to warn them -- we have to tell them not to dial Earth.

LANDRY: How?! Even if we had the kind of power we needed to dial Atlantis, we couldn't because that would detonate the bomb.

LEE: What about the Daedalus? It's on a return voyage to the Milky Way. We could use them to relay the trans... (He trails off, thinking, then shakes his head.) Ah, no, I mean, wait. God, there's no way they're close enough, even with their long-range transmitters.

LANDRY: You'll find another way to get the message to them.

LEE: I will?!

LANDRY: Course you will. It's what I pay you for. (He walks away, leaving Lee staring blankly after him.)

LEE: Uh, uh ...

ATLANTIS. Rodney and John are walking through the corridors.

McKAY: Elizabeth's including intel about the in-fighting amongst the Wraith in today's status report.

SHEPPARD: Let's hope that trend continues. If the Wraith keep fighting like this, might be able to take the weekend off.

(Rodney chuckles, then notices that Lieutenant Laura Cadman is standing nearby, examining a panel in the wall and working on a small hand-held device.)

McKAY: Cadman? What are you doing here?

(Laura turns and walks over to face him and John.)

CADMAN: Well, it's good to see you too, Rodney.

McKAY: No, I thought you were leaving on the Daedalus.

CADMAN: Yeah, I was, but something came up. I asked Colonel Sheppard if I could stay around a little while longer.

(John smiles at Rodney, who doesn't look too pleased.)

McKAY: Oh, well, that's fine. (He looks uncomfortable.)

CADMAN: You OK with that?

McKAY: Yeah, course it is, why wouldn't it be?

(Laura smiles at him sarcastically, then turns to John.)

CADMAN: Colonel.

(She walks between the two men. John smiles at her.)

SHEPPARD: Lieutenant.

(As she passes Rodney, she throws him a long look, smiling, then walks away. Once she has passed him, Rodney grimaces, then he and John continue walking.)

SHEPPARD: I would think after all this time, you'd stop being creeped out by her.

McKAY: She just has a way of getting under my skin. Literally.

INFIRMARY. Teyla Emmagan comes in and walks over to Doctor Carson Beckett, who is sitting at a computer.

TEYLA: Doctor Beckett?

BECKETT (without looking up): Yes?

TEYLA: Do you have time to accompany me to the mainland?

(Carson looks up at her.)

BECKETT: Is something wrong?

TEYLA: A woman who is very close to me, Charin.

[Transcriber's note: I'm fairly sure that when this character last appeared in "The Gift", her name was spelled "Charan" but the closing credits of this episode give this new spelling.]

BECKETT: Oh yes, I remember her. Sweet lady.

TEYLA: She is like a grandmother to me. I have just received word that she is very ill. I was wondering if you could look at her.

BECKETT (getting up): Of course, love, say no more.

EARTH. S.G.C. BRIEFING ROOM. A large group of people is seated at the table: Colonel Landry, Agent Barrett, several scientists and four military personnel who make up an S.G. team. Doctor Lee is standing at the end of the table by a large whiteboard.

LEE: OK -- this is Atlantis, deep in the Pegasus galaxy, (he draws a symbol on the far left-hand side of the whiteboard to depict Atlantis) and this (he draws a crude diagram of Daedalus about a quarter of the way along the board and writes the letter 'D' above it) is the Daedalus, that left there about a week ago on its way to (he walks to the far end of the board and draws a circle, then writes the letter 'E' inside) Earth. Now, since we can't dial the Gate to Atlantis, we have no way to get a warning to them except by use of a subspace data burst transmission relayed from our galaxy to Pegasus using the Daedalus as one of the relay points.

LANDRY: I thought you said the Daedalus was too far away for our transmitter to reach.

LEE: It is, which is why we have to get closer. (He turns back to the board and writes about three quarters of the way along the board.) P4M-399. It's a -- it's a tiny little planet right on the very outskirts of our galaxy, but if we can send a science team there through the Gate, they should be close enough (he draws a semi-circular line linking Earth to P4M-399) to relay the information to the Daedalus (he draws another line linking the planet and Daedalus) and then they can ... (He draws another line linking Daedalus and Atlantis, then turns to face the table.) It's-it's-it's like the Twilight Bark. (Everyone looks at him blankly.) Twilight Bark? "Hundred and One Dalmatians?" Didn't you guys see that movie? My kids love it. Any ... Well, OK, so there's all these dogs (he turns to the board) and one barks here (he indicates Earth), one barks here, (he indicates P4M-399) one ... (He indicates Daedalus, then Atlantis.) They-they send a message across the countryside. (He turns to the table again but everyone is still silent and blank. Then he gets inspiration.) "Lord of the Rings." (The scientists immediately nod and smile.) "Lord of the Rings!" You know, when they light all those signal fires on the mountain tops? (The S.G. team now gets it and they nod and grin.) You saw that, right?! So, OK ...

(He turns back to the board to demonstrate again as the scientists and S.G. team all start chatting amongst themselves. Landry interrupts.)

LANDRY: People, people, people, people! (He stands up. Everybody falls silent.) I believe we have work to do.

LEE: Right. Sorry.

LANDRY (to the S.G. team): Gear up.

(Everybody stands and heads off.)

HYPERSPACE. As Daedalus flies through hyperspace, Doctor Lindsay Novak reports over comms from the Engine Room to Colonel Steven Caldwell on the Bridge.

NOVAK: Colonel Caldwell. We just received a subspace transmission from an S.G. team on P4M-399. It's an urgent message from Stargate Command we are to relay to Atlantis.

CALDWELL: What's the message?

NOVAK: "Do not dial Gate to Earth. A Trust operative has planted a bomb in Atlantis to be detonated upon completion of dialling sequence." We are to maintain our position until the message has been delivered for further intel as it develops.

CALDWELL: Are we still in range to relay the message to Atlantis?

MALE VOICE (in the Engine Room): No.

CALDWELL: Who's that? Kavanagh?

(It is indeed our not-so-favourite pony-tailed scientist, Doctor Kavanagh, who sadly wasn't eaten by a Wraith during the siege.)

KAVANAGH: Yes, Colonel. We're way too far out to broadcast a subspace transmission to Atlantis.

NOVAK: We could turn around -- get closer.

KAVANAGH: We don't have enough time. Their weekly status report dial-up is in just under two hours. We can't possibly get close enough to broadcast the message in time to stop them dialling.

(Hermiod the Asgard is at his station in the Engine Room and now speaks into comms.)

HERMIOD: Colonel Caldwell. I believe I can make modifications to the hyperdrive in order to achieve the speed necessary to reach a distance capable of relaying the transmission within the allotted time. The hyperdrive will be operating at a level that can only be sustained for a short duration before damage is incurred.

CALDWELL: What kind of damage?

HERMIOD: It could burn out the drive.

KAVANAGH: Meaning we'd be stuck between galaxies.

CALDWELL: Yeah, I know what it means, Doctor.

HERMIOD: However, I do believe that we will reach the point at which we can relay the message to Atlantis before damage to the hyperdrive is incurred.

(Kavanagh walks over to Hermiod.)

KAVANAGH: Are you sure about that?

(Hermiod ignores him.)

HERMIOD: Shall I make the modifications, Colonel?

CALDWELL: Go ahead. (To his pilot) Turn us around.

(Back in the Engine Room, Hermiod has turned to another console and is working on it. Kavanagh walks around to face him again.)

KAVANAGH: I don't see how you can possibly milk any more power out of the hyperdrive ...

HERMIOD (interrupting): Doctor Kavanagh.


HERMIOD (firmly): Stop talking, please. (He looks at Kavanagh for a moment.) Thank you.


WEIR: Are we set to dial?

McKAY (sitting at a console and working on a laptop computer): Almost. Just finishing data compression.

WEIR (to the Canadian technician): Stand by.

TECHNICIAN (sitting at the D.H.D. console): Standing by.

DAEDALUS. The ship is now heading back through hyperspace towards Atlantis.

CALDWELL: Doctor Novak, what's your status?

NOVAK (in the Engine Room): Almost in range, sir.

(Kavanagh walks over to her.)

KAVANAGH: We're not gonna make it.

(On the Bridge, Caldwell makes a sour face.)


McKAY: Data compression's complete. We're good to go.

WEIR: Alright, then. (To the technician) Dial the Gate.

TECHNICIAN: Yes, ma'am.

(He presses the first five symbols of the address for Earth. Just then, a message comes up on Rodney's computer reading, "INCOMING TRANSMISSION" and the transmission begins to feed across the screen. The technician pushes the sixth symbol. Rodney stares at his screen as he reads the message, then he turns and holds out his hand to the technician.)


(Everyone turns and stares at him. The technician pauses with the tips of his fingers less than an inch above the final symbol. He curls his fingers and lifts his hand away from the panel. Rodney stares at him for a moment, then sinks back into his chair, letting out a breath.)

LATER. Elizabeth, John, Rodney and Ronon walk into Elizabeth's office.

McKAY: We need to disconnect the ZedP.M. and switch to back-up naqahdah generators to prevent any possible dialling of the Gate to Earth.

WEIR: I agree. In fact, as of this moment, all Gate activity should be suspended. How many offworld teams do we have out there?

McKAY: Just Zelenka and his team on M7G-677.

WEIR: Well, unfortunately he's gonna have to sit tight until we sort this thing out.

SHEPPARD: Stuck with all those kids!

WEIR: Is the Daedalus still in range to relay a data transmission back to S.G.C.?

McKAY: Yes. They are, uh, holding a position that keeps them in range of both Earth and us.

WEIR: OK, good. And send a message saying we received their warning and aborted the dialling.

SHEPPARD (to Rodney): Ask them if they can give us a little more than just "there's a bomb in Atlantis."

WEIR: Maybe The Trust thinks this is the only way to make sure the Wraith don't get there.

McKAY: Well, it's drastic but effective.

WEIR: What's worse is the Trust operative who planted the bomb probably did so under orders from the Goa'uld.

McKAY: What?!

SHEPPARD: When did the Goa'uld get involved in this?

WEIR: Several months ago. They successfully infiltrated the upper leadership of The Trust, gaining a stronghold on Earth accessing government agencies from many countries.

DEX: What's a Goa'uld?

SHEPPARD: It's a slimy, snake-like alien creature -- burrows into people's heads and takes control of their bodies.

DEX: That doesn't sound pleasant.

SHEPPARD: It isn't. I've read enough S.G. mission reports to know I don't want anything to do with them.

WEIR (to John): I want you to organise some teams to do a search of the city. Start with obvious sabotage points -- power distribution centres ...

McKAY: I'll check primary and secondary systems for any anomalous energy readings that might indicate the presence of an explosive device.

SHEPPARD: And get Cadman to assist you -- she's a bomb expert.

McKAY: She is?!

SHEPPARD: She's one of the best -- she'll be a big help.

(Rodney grimaces.)

WEIR: Good. Ask Colonel Caldwell to return to Atlantis to assist with the investigation.

McKAY: Whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa. If the Daedalus returns here, then you're effectively cutting off our communication with Earth.

WEIR: Yes, I understand that, but if the person who planted the bomb is on board, we're gonna need to question them here -- have them reveal the location of the bomb and how to dismantle it. Alright, let's get moving.

POWER ROOM. Rodney types into a console, then goes over to the central panel where the Z.P.M. is. He activates his radio.

McKAY: Disconnecting ZedP.M. power ... now.

(He presses a button and the Z.P.M. rises up out of the panel and its internal illumination goes out.)

ATLANTIS MAINLAND. CHARIN'S TENT. Charin is lying in bed with Teyla sitting on the side of the bed and Carson sitting next to it.

BECKETT: Charin, if you don't mind, I'd like to draw a wee bit of your blood.

CHARIN (holding out her arm): If you must.

(Teyla starts to roll up Charin's sleeve.)

TEYLA: When you are done, I have made some tuttleroot soup!

(Charin chuckles.)

CHARIN: Oh -- you cooking?!

(Teyla walks over to a pot and starts to fill a bowl with soup.)

BECKETT: "Tuttleroot?"

TEYLA: Yes. I have been practising. (Carson starts drawing blood from Charin's arm as Teyla comes back to the bed with the bowl and a spoon, sits back down on the bed and looks at Charin.) Hopefully, some day, I will be able to cook as well as you.

(As Carson finishes drawing blood, Teyla dips the spoon into the bowl and then feeds Charin a mouthful of soup.)

CHARIN: Oh! (She chuckles affectionately.) I'm afraid that day is far into the future, my dear!

(Teyla looks hurt for a moment, then smiles ruefully.)

CHARIN: You were born for a higher purpose -- to be the leader of our people. And that's why I want you to prepare them for the Ring Ceremony.

(Teyla shakes her head.)

TEYLA: Charin ...

CHARIN: I'm dying, Teyla.

BECKETT: Forgive me, but what exactly is the Ring Ceremony?

(Charin looks at Teyla and nods to her.)

TEYLA: Among our people, it is very rare for someone to die of natural causes.

BECKETT: Because of the Wraith.

(Teyla nods.)

TEYLA: The Ring Ceremony celebrates such an event. A ring of stones is laid out, symbolising the Ring of the Ancestors -- the Stargate -- in the centre of which the body is placed, and ... (She trails off, looking at Charin for a long moment, then sighs.) I am not ready for this ceremony, Charin. Not yet.

(Charin smiles, understanding her anguish, and reaches up and strokes her hair.)

EARTH. S.G.C. General Landry and Agent Barrett are walking along corridors.

LANDRY: What have you got for me?

BARRETT: One of our teams has raided a Trust compound: discovered computers containing further intel on Atlantis. It's not much -- the Goa'uld are being very cryptic about this.

LANDRY: Cut to the chase. Do we know what kind of bomb it is?

BARRETT: Not yet.

LANDRY: Do we know where in the city it was planted?


LANDRY: I'm sorry? You said "further intel."

BARRETT: Well, we know for sure that there's no transmitter here on Earth to detonate the bomb.

LANDRY: I thought you said it was connected to the dialling of the Gate?

BARRETT: It appears that the actual trigger, be it the Gate itself or some other mechanism due to the dialling, is on their end, not ours. Colonel Carter just came back from offworld -- she's gonna help us figure out what the trigger might be.

LANDRY: So what else can we do?

BARRETT: Nothing. I mean, not until we find out more.

LANDRY: Then by all means don't let me stop you.

(He walks away. Barrett stops and blows out a breath, frustrated.)


NOVAK (into comms): Colonel Caldwell -- we received another message from S.G.C. to relay. It looks like the detonator is not on Earth but it is in Atlantis.

CALDWELL: Alright -- go ahead and send it. Also let S.G.C. know Doctor Weir's request that we return to help with the investigation.

NOVAK: Yes, sir.

ATLANTIS. CONTROL ROOM. Rodney and Laura Cadman are sitting at neighbouring consoles working on laptops.

McKAY: Explosives expert, huh?

CADMAN: High temperature and energetic materials technology. And I can tap dance, too.

(Rodney rolls his eyes. Laura grins at him. Elizabeth walks over, talking into her headset radio.)

WEIR: Colonel Sheppard, how's it going?

(Elsewhere in the city)

SHEPPARD: Checking the east pier power distribution centres. Still nothin'. We're headed to the west pier now.

WEIR: Ronon? How about you?

(At one of the grounding stations)

DEX: Checking the grounding stations. Also nothing.

SHEPPARD: We've got eight other teams out there. It's a big city -- it's gonna take a while.

WEIR: Understood. Be advised: we got a second message relayed to us ...

(Just then, noises come from behind her and the Canadian technician stares in horror at his console.)


McKAY: It's dialling itself. (He walks over to the D.H.D. console as it continues to dial the Gate. He looks at the symbols that are lighting up.) That's Earth's address!

WEIR: I thought it couldn't dial Earth without the ZeeP.M.

McKAY: Well, it can't!

(He stares at the Gate as its chevrons light up, then looks down at a screen. A message comes up reading "INSUFFICIENT POWER TO COMPLETE DIALING PROCEDURE," and the Gate powers down. Rodney smiles in delight.)

SHEPPARD (over comms): Did I just hear right -- the Gate dialled by itself?

WEIR: Uh, yes, it tried to dial Earth.

McKAY: Whoever planted the bomb must have devised a programme to upload itself and automatically dial the Gate as backup in case the first dialling was halted.

WEIR: A very good thing you pulled the ZeeP.M.

(Laura spots something.)

CADMAN: Rodney?

McKAY: What?

CADMAN: The transmitter.

(Rodney looks over to the transmitter screen on the wall.)

McKAY: Oh, no! (He hurries over to the screen.)

WEIR: What is this?

McKAY: We just started broadcasting a distress beacon. The Gate dialled itself in order to draw our attention away from the transmitter!

SHEPPARD (over comms): Turn it off!

McKAY (hurrying over to another laptop): I am. (He starts typing and the transmission shuts off.) It's too late. The damage is already done. (He goes over to the long-range sensor screen.) The two Wraith cruisers I was monitoring -- they've-they've-they've, they've picked up the beacon, they've altered their course, they're headed straight for Atlantis.

SHORTLY AFTERWARDS. As Elizabeth and Rodney talk, John arrives back.

WEIR: How long before they get here?

McKAY: A day, maybe a day and a half, depending on if they need to make a hyperspace pause along the way. We'll need to cloak the city again.

WEIR: Uh, even cloaked, the Wraith are gonna wonder where the beacon came from.

McKAY: Well, then, we need a ruse. Umm ... (He thinks for a moment, then clicks his fingers.) We'll take a transmitter and dump it along with some charred rubble on a beach on the mainland, and they'll think it's jetsam that washed up when the city exploded during the siege. (He looks pleased with himself.)

SHEPPARD: Hang on, back up a second. Let me get this straight. You think our bomb guy did this?

McKAY: Yes. It'd be easy for him to figure out that the Wraith were in the area. We've been tracking them for a while now.

SHEPPARD: So he gets the Gate to dial by itself in order to distract us so he can broadcast a distress beacon that'll be picked up by ...

McKAY: ... by the Wraith, yes, I believe so.


CADMAN: Well, maybe he wants to blow up the Wraith along with the city.

(Rodney looks round at her sarcastically.)

McKAY: Two cruisers. They're insignificant compared to all the hiveships that are still out there.

WEIR: Well, we don't have much time, so whatever the connection is, let's try to figure it out before the cruisers get here.

CORRIDORS. Teyla is walking briskly along. Carson runs to catch up with her.

BECKETT: Teyla. You're in an awful hurry.

TEYLA: I am returning to the mainland. We are evacuating my people back to the city.

BECKETT: Oh yes, the Wraith are on their way. I just heard.

TEYLA: They will be protected under the cloak until the danger is passed.

BECKETT: Unfortunately, if they don't find that bomb, Atlantis may prove even more dangerous.

TEYLA: They will find it -- I am certain.

BECKETT: Before you go, I need to talk to you about Charin. I've completed my tests, and I must say although she is old and her body is indeed failing her, there are treatments and procedures I can administer to prolong her life.

TEYLA: Really?

BECKETT: Aye -- starting with a pacemaker for her heart. (Teyla shakes her head, not understanding him.) You see, one of the reasons she's feeling so weak is that her heart is beating in a ... untimely fashion, not pumping nearly enough blood through her body. Now, the condition will continue, but the pacemaker will slow its progress considerably. It could possibly add years to her life.

(Teyla smiles, delighted.)

TEYLA: I will let her know. But first I have to get her and my people to safety before the Wraith arrive.

BECKETT: Of course.

(Teyla walks away.)

EARTH. S.G.C. LANDRY'S OFFICE. Chief Master Sergeant Walter Harriman comes to the door and knocks. Landry is pouring himself a cup of coffee. He turns and looks at Walter.

LANDRY: Not sure I like the look on your face, Chief.

HARRIMAN: Sir, the Daedalus just relayed a message informing us that Atlantis requests that they return to help with the bomb investigation.

LANDRY: Well, tell them "no" for the time being. I need them to hold position in case we gather more intel.

HARRIMAN: Sir, that's the problem. They already headed back. They're out of range. We have no way of communicating with them or Atlantis.

LANDRY: Then there's nothing else we can do for them?

HARRIMAN: No, sir.

ATLANTIS. ELIZABETH'S OFFICE. Elizabeth is studying a laptop. John walks in, walks around the desk and looks at her screen.

SHEPPARD: Passenger manifest?

WEIR: Yeah.

SHEPPARD: Any names jump out?

(Elizabeth sighs.)

WEIR: A few, actually. (She looks at the screen again.) I hate this -- having to suspect one of our own.

(John walks round to the front of the desk and sits down.)

SHEPPARD: Unfortunately the list of suspects may not be limited to the Daedalus.

(Elizabeth stares at him.)

WEIR: You think the Trust operative might still be here in Atlantis?

SHEPPARD: Well, with everything that's happened: the Gate dialling by itself, (Elizabeth leans back in her chair and puts her hands over her face briefly) the distress beacon ...

(Elizabeth sighs again.)

WEIR: I don't know -- getting themselves blown up along with the city doesn't seem part of their M.O.

(Rodney walks to the doorway but for the moment the other two ignore him.)

SHEPPARD: Well, all it takes is one not to be talked into it.

(Elizabeth thinks about it.)

WEIR: Wow. OK. Who around here do you suspect?

McKAY (walking in): What about Lieutenant Cadman, hmm?


(Elizabeth frowns at Rodney.)

McKAY: Hear me out. She's an explosives expert. (Elizabeth nods.) She was all set to leave on the Daedalus but, uh, asked to stay when "something came up." She's always around when things happen. When the distress beacon started ...

SHEPPARD: She's one of the most trusted officers in my command -- not to mention the fact that she was stuck in your head for some time.

McKAY: Do you always have to keep bringing that up?

SHEPPARD: I bring it up because you of all people should know: she'd never do something like that.

McKAY: Well, maybe she was brainwashed, huh? The Goa'uld are very clever when it comes to things like manipulating ...

(Laura approaches the office.)

CADMAN: Excuse me. Doctor Weir.

(Elizabeth smiles at her.)

WEIR: Yes.

CADMAN: Flight just confirmed that the Daedalus has landed alongside the east pier.

WEIR: Thank you.

(Laura throws a black look at Rodney's back before turning and walking away. Rodney looks nervous, unsure of what she might have heard.)

SHORTLY AFTERWARDS. DAEDALUS. Caldwell and Elizabeth are walking through the corridors.

CALDWELL: I wanna begin the interrogations immediately. All crew and civilian passengers have been confined to their quarters until I have a chance to talk to each of them separately.

WEIR: Colonel. This investigation falls under Atlantis jurisdiction, which means they will be conducted under my command. (Caldwell grimaces.) Now, I welcome your assistance, but as far as questioning potential suspects ...

CALDWELL (interrupting): Doctor. One of the people aboard my ship may be an operative of The Trust.

WEIR: Yes. And the sooner I figure out who that is, the better for all of us.

(Caldwell looks irritated, but knows better than to prolong the argument.)

CALDWELL: Alright, who's first on your list?

KAVANAGH: You think I did it?

(We see that Kavanagh is seated at a small table in one of the conference rooms off the Control Room. The doors are closed and a marine stands guard. Elizabeth walks towards the table.)

WEIR: Relax, Doctor. You're just one of many people I'm questioning. (She sits down opposite him.)

KAVANAGH: No -- I'm pretty sure mine's the first name on what is probably a very short list.

WEIR: Shortly after the siege, you couldn't wait to leave Atlantis. A few months later, I received an urgent request from you to be allowed to return. Your second tour lasted three weeks, and suddenly you asked to leave again.

KAVANAGH: Yeah -- because working conditions became intolerable for me here. I have no friends here, my work is not respected ...

WEIR: And this occurs only days before we discover a bomb has been planted in the city.

KAVANAGH: Right(!) Of course(!) So obviously I did it. (He sits back and folds his arms.)

WEIR: Given the circumstances, can you not see how such behaviour might arouse suspicion?

KAVANAGH: Your suspicion, sure. Seeing as how you never cared for me, nor valued the talents I brought to this expedition.

WEIR: My personal feelings towards you, no matter what they may be, have nothing to do with this.

KAVANAGH (laughing sarcastically): Oh, please! (He laughs again.) Everything you do is motivated by personal feelings. You're driven by emotion, not reason. It's why I've always felt you're not capable of doing this job. You don't have the ... (he purses his lips as if to say a word beginning with 'b', but changes his mind) strength to be leading the fight against the Wraith.

WEIR: If I remember correctly, you were the one who wanted to -- what was it? -- run and hide?

KAVANAGH: And at the time, I was right. If the Daedalus hadn't arrived at the eleventh hour, this city and everyone in it would have been wiped out because of your recklessness. There no need for The Trust to blow it up when Doctor Weir's at the helm!

ATLANTIS MAINLAND. CHARIN'S TENT. Charin lies in bed as Teyla hurries around the tent packing some things.

TEYLA: Most of the others have already been transported to the city. A medical team will be by shortly to take you in the next Jumper.

CHARIN: Always running. Always looking to the sky in fear. Soon I shall be free of this burden.

(Teyla walks over to the bed.)

TEYLA: Charin. Doctor Beckett said he can help you -- give you something to make you feel better, live longer.

CHARIN: I feel fine, Teyla. I welcome this. This is not to be feared.

TEYLA: You are all I have left. My family -- my mother, my father -- they are all gone. (Her eyes start to fill with tears.) If you leave me, I will truly be alone.

CHARIN: No. Your people are your family, Teyla -- and as you look to them, so they will look to you. They need your strength.

ATLANTIS. INTERVIEW ROOM. Elizabeth is now talking with Doctor Novak.

WEIR: You understand that I am interviewing everybody on board the ship?

NOVAK: Oh, sure, I know. I mean, whoever planted the bomb was probably eager to get away from the city! (She chuckles nervously, then realises what she just said.) N-not that I was eager. I was just doing my job. I couldn't have cared less when we left ... n-n... but ... I care about my job, I just didn't ... (She trails off, coughing nervously.) You were saying?

WEIR (smiling at her): Doctor, you have nothing to be nervous about here.

NOVAK (laughing): I know, I know ... unless, of course, I was guilty, then I would have some... (She hiccups.) Sorry.

WEIR: Have you noticed any crewmembers' ... change in behaviour the last few weeks? I dunno -- anybody acting in a suspicious or odd manner?

(Lindsay shakes her head.)

NOVAK: No ... Wait. (She thinks for a moment, then looks at Elizabeth.) I-I-I-I mean, no. (She hiccups.) Oh, for God's sake!

WEIR: Can I get you some water?

NOVAK: Uh, no, wouldn't do any good. I get the hiccups when I'm nervous -- it goes way beyond annoying. (She takes a breath.) But wait ... (She thinks for a moment.) The pony-tailed guy, Doctor Kavanagh? He was always hanging around, looking over your shoulder, poking through computers. Kinda creepy. (Elizabeth sits back in her seat, looking at her. Lindsay looks nervous.) Well, not really, uh ... creepy as much as, um, peculiar, maybe, uh ... I-I-I-I don't know the guy, he could be a great person. I mean, who am I to judge, you know? (She hiccups.) I'll just shut up.

(Rodney's voice comes over Elizabeth's headset.)

McKAY: Elizabeth.

WEIR (to Lindsay): Excuse me. (She activates her headset.) Yes, Rodney?

McKAY: Can you come to the Control Room? I've discovered something important.

WEIR: I'm on my way. (To Lindsay) If you'll excuse me? (She stands.)

NOVAK: Yes, sir. Uh, ma'am.

(Elizabeth leaves the room.)


WEIR: What have you found?

SHEPPARD: Guess what? Turns out there's no bomb after all.

McKAY: Uhhhh, there's no actual explosive device. The explosion will come, but, uh, from somewhere else. Now, with the Wraith on the way, we'll need to cloak the city, right?

WEIR: Yes.

McKAY: Well, in order to do that, we need to reconnect the ZedP.M. in order to supply the necessary power.

WEIR: And what about the Stargate?

McKAY: Ah -- I've physically disabled the D.H.D. It won't be able to dial, so it won't be a problem. Now, the ZedP.M., however, will be. Now, as you know, the Zero Point Module controls the flow of massive amounts of power.

SHEPPARD: Like a dam.

McKAY: No, it's not like a dam, it's more like a ... uh ... actually, yes, it's like a dam. If you overload the dam, it breaks, which is why the Ancients put in place failsafes to prevent such a thing from happening.

SHEPPARD: Like a spillway.

McKAY: Could we just stick with failsafes?

(John shrugs.)

McKAY: The problem is, our Trust operative figured out a way to rewrite Atlantis' operating system and disable the failsafes, but mask it in such a way that the city sensors didn't detect it.

WEIR: So the dialling of Earth would cause the ZeeP.M. to overload.

McKAY: Oh, yeah! And given that dialling another galaxy requires tremendous amounts of power, we're talking catastrophic overload. I mean, the explosion would destroy not just the city, but, uh, most likely the entire planet.

SHEPPARD: Can the failsafes be re-enabled?

McKAY: Yes, but, uh, whoever it was who did this anticipated the possibility that it would be discovered and they put in place a code to block access to it.

CADMAN: And I'm gonna guess that cracking this code isn't gonna be easy.

McKAY (sarcastically): No, not at all. It is extremely complicated.

WEIR: But for now you've already disabled the D.H.D. so it's impossible to dial Earth.

McKAY: Yeah, but unfortunately, any number of systems can be used in conjunction with each other to, uh, overload the ZedP.M. It'd be a much more gradual build-up than dialling the Gate, which would cause an instantaneous power spike, but, um, equally as effective in its results.

WEIR: And we can't disconnect the ZeeP.M. because we need the cloak for when the Wraith cruisers arrive.

McKAY (pointing at her): Bingo! Which is why our bomber activated the distress beacon, alerting them. And that is how the Wraith coming to Atlantis is connected to detonating the bomb.

INTERVIEW ROOM. Elizabeth is interrogating Kavanagh again.

WEIR: Rewriting Atlantis' operating system and disabling the failsafes -- now that takes someone with incredible intelligence.

KAVANAGH: You mean like Doctor McKay?

WEIR: And also someone who's very eager to leave Atlantis shortly before the weekly dial-in to Earth.

KAVANAGH: Well, correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Doctor Zelenka currently stuck offworld somewhere? Why isn't he a suspect?

WEIR: Our list of suspects isn't open for discussion, but off the record, Zelenka went against his will and I couldn't picture him working for The Trust.

KAVANAGH: Oh, but you can picture me?

WEIR: In a heartbeat.

(Kavanagh looks up at her, nods, and looks upset, though it's not clear whether he's faking it.)

KAVANAGH: I see. (He takes off his glasses and rubs his eye.) Guilty until proven innocent.

WEIR: I've been going over the communication logs from the Daedalus and it seems that you sent three unauthorised encoded messages back to Atlantis shortly after the dial-in was halted.

KAVANAGH: I have a few friends here I was concerned about. I wanted to see if they were alright.

WEIR: I thought you said you didn't have any friends here.

(Kavanagh smiles ruefully.)

WEIR: Now, the messages were encrypted, but don't worry, I've got people deciphering them right now.

KAVANAGH: What do you want from me?

WEIR: I want the access codes so I can re-enable the ZeeP.M. failsafes!

KAVANAGH: Well, if you're waiting for me to tell you, then you'll be waiting a while, seeing as I have no idea what that code is.

WEIR: No, I think you do know it. And since I don't have the time to wait any more, I'll just have to decide the quickest way to get it from you.

(Kavanagh laughs.)

KAVANAGH: Like what? Are you gonna torture me?!

(Elizabeth stares at him. After a moment, Kavanagh drops his gaze nervously.)

CONTROL ROOM. Elizabeth is looking at the screen showing the approaching Wraith cruisers.

WEIR: Could the cloaking cause the ZeeP.M. to overload?

McKAY: Yes, but I can, uh, turn off some of the systems to keep the power levels short of an overload.

SHEPPARD: Maybe we should start thinking about evacuating the city.

McKAY: Well, there's not a lot of options there. Still, it can't hurt to have a plan ready, if we can think of one.

INFIRMARY. Charin is lying in one of the beds. Teyla goes over to Carson in another part of the infirmary.

TEYLA: Doctor Beckett. Why was Charin moved in here?

BECKETT: So I could keep a closer eye on her -- tend to her if needed.

TEYLA: I told you she does not wish for any treatment.

BECKETT: You have to understand, Teyla, that as a doctor I can't just stand by here and let her die. I took an oath to preserve life.

TEYLA: You may keep her here to make her comfortable, but if the time comes, as much as it pains both of us, we must not interfere.

(Carson looks round at Charin, then turns back to Teyla and speaks reluctantly.)

BECKETT: Alright.

CONFERENCE ROOM. Elizabeth, John, Rodney and Caldwell are there.

McKAY: I'm still working on cracking the new failsafe code but, uh, so far, no luck.

CALDWELL (to Elizabeth): How are things coming with Kavanagh? He still your prime suspect?

WEIR: Yes, he is. I'm having some difficulty with him, though. He's not exactly the most co-operative of people.

McKAY: Ooh, well, there's a shocker!

WEIR: If he does know the code, I highly doubt he's gonna just give it to us.

(Ronon is sitting on the balcony railing just outside the Conference Room and has been listening to the conversation. He now stands up and walks in, taking a knife out of a sheath on his leg and flipping it nonchalantly.)

DEX: Give me ten minutes with him. I'll get it out of him.

(Rodney shakes his head and grimaces.)

SHEPPARD: Might not be a bad idea. Maybe it is time to take this interrogation to the next level.

McKAY: Look, I hate Kavanagh as much as the next guy -- probably even more -- but, um, we really need to be sure about this.

WEIR: I agree. If there's the slightest chance that he's innocent, then ...

CALDWELL: We don't have time to debate morality. Unfortunately sometimes you have to do unpleasant things to save lives.

CONTROL ROOM. As everyone exits the Conference Room, Rodney walks into the Control Room and sees Laura working on a laptop.

McKAY: What are you doing?

CADMAN: I was going over the systems command logs for the past few months.

McKAY (folding his arms): Why?

CADMAN: I noticed a gap in one of the data stream sequences from several weeks ago. (Rodney looks exasperated.) It's probably nothing but I thought it might indicate a ...

McKAY: ... a deletion point, yes. Believe it or not, I have had some experience with these systems; more, say, than a tap-dancing explosives expert.

CADMAN: I was just trying to help, Rodney.

McKAY: Hey, here's a thought: failsafe code. Why don't you help with that?

(Laura looks annoyed but before Rodney can continue the argument, he spots something nearby and activates his headset radio.)

McKAY: Elizabeth. (He walks over to the screen monitoring the Wraith cruisers.)

WEIR (over radio): Yes, Rodney?

McKAY: The cruisers are getting closer. I think it's time to reconnect the ZedP.M. and cloak the city.

WEIR: Go ahead.

POWER ROOM. Rodney inserts the Z.P.M. back into its slot and it lights up. He goes over to the control console.

McKAY: Switching to ZedP.M. power ... now.

(The Z.P.M. sinks down into its slot. From an outside perspective, the city disappears behind the cloak.)

CONTROL ROOM. Rodney is back in the Control Room, working on a laptop.

WEIR: How're we doing?

McKAY: Well, I've powered down several of the secondary systems but, uh, so far, ZedP.M. levels are holding below overload. Huh -- I think we're gonna be OK.

INFIRMARY. Teyla sits at Charin's bedside as Carson stands nearby. Charin is struggling to draw breath.

TEYLA: Are you in pain? Doctor Beckett can give you something to ease it.

(Charin looks at her.)

CHARIN (weakly): Teyla.

TEYLA (smiling down at her): Yes, Charin?

CHARIN (weakly): Our journey begins. (She smiles at her, then draws one final painful breath. As she breathes out, the monitor attached to her flatlines as she dies. Carson quietly walks over and switches the machine off, then discreetly walks away. Teyla gazes down at Charin and then, with tears spilling down her cheeks, takes Charin's hand and lays her own head down on it.)

CONTROL ROOM. Elizabeth and Rodney are looking at the screen showing the Wraith cruisers very close to Atlantis.

McKAY (in a sing-song voice): They're here! (In his normal voice) Two Wraith cruisers, just outside our atmosphere.

WEIR: So far they don't behave in a way that would indicate they're aware of us.

(An alarm beeps.)

CADMAN: Rodney.

McKAY: What?

CADMAN: The city's inertial dampeners just began powering up.

McKAY (jumping up): What?!

CADMAN (working on a laptop): I-I-I'm trying to shut it down but it's requiring a code.

McKAY: Get out of there. (He shoves her aside and looks at the screen.) It's the star drive! (Elizabeth frowns at him, not understanding.) Look, the city, as you know, is just a giant spaceship with a star drive capable of faster than light travel, which means that it also has inertial dampeners.

WEIR: Yes, I know that.

McKAY: One of the precursors of the star drive's power-up phase is the activation of the dampeners ... ah, which may very well affect our cloaking. Look, but that's not the worst part of it.

WEIR: It'll overload the ZeeP.M.

McKAY: Way overload it.

WEIR: How soon before that happens?

McKAY: Thirty minutes at the most, and this city will be vapourised.

CONFERENCE ROOM. Elizabeth, John, Rodney, Ronon and Caldwell walk in.

WEIR: We need to initiate some evacuation plans.

SHEPPARD: I told you, the Daedalus is our only option. We can't use the Stargate, we can't go to the mainland.

CALDWELL: I agree. We'll fit as many people aboard the ship as we possibly can ...

McKAY: There is nowhere near enough room for everyone!

SHEPPARD: We're gonna have to make room.

McKAY: No-no-no-no-no, you don't understand. The life support system can't handle that many people -- not enough air to go around. They'd never make it back to Earth.

SHEPPARD: What about another planet? There's one nearby in this solar system, remember? The one we found the crashed Wraith cruiser. That took us fifteen hours by Puddle Jumper. It's a blink of the eye for the Daedalus.

WEIR: And then we could use the Puddle Jumpers to ferry the rest of the people.

DEX: The quickest thing to do is get the code. (He leans on the table and stares at Elizabeth.) Just let me in with Kavanagh -- I'll get it from him.

(Elizabeth looks at him, unwilling to take that step.)

McKAY: ZedP.M. overload in ... (he consults his tablet computer) twenty-four minutes.

(Elizabeth looks at John, who gazes back at her meaningfully. She looks at Ronon again, then nods.)

WEIR: Do it.

(Ronon looks at John, who nods to him, then he turns and leaves the room.)

CHAMBER. The Athosians have found a room somewhere in Atlantis with what looks like stained glass in the windows. It looks almost like a church. A bed has been placed in the centre of the room and Charin's body lies on it. She is covered with decorated blankets, and there are several different coloured cushions under and around her head. As several other Athosians busy themselves with preparations, Teyla kneels at the bedside wearing a stunning turquoise floor-length dress with long ornate flowing sleeves. Carson hurries into the chamber and stops at the sight of the preparations.

BECKETT: Oh God! (He hurries over to Teyla as she stands up.) Teyla, what are you doing?

TEYLA: We are about to begin the Ring Ceremony according to Charin's wishes.

(Carson takes her arm and leads her away from the bed.)

BECKETT: They're evacuating the city. In a matter of minutes it could all explode.

TEYLA: We are aware of that, and many of my people are boarding the Daedalus as we speak. I and the others will leave with the final groups aboard the Puddle Jumpers.

BECKETT: Cutting it a little close, don't you think?

TEYLA: I made a promise to Charin, and I intend to keep it, no matter the cost.

(Carson sighs as Teyla walks back to Charin's bedside.)

INTERROGATION ROOM. The doors open. Outside, Ronon stands and glares into the room. Kavanagh, who had been sitting with his feet up on the table, stares in panic and brings his feet down to the floor, then stands up. Ronon walks slowly and threateningly into the room, stopping just inside the door and glaring at Kavanagh, who stares back at him, terrified. Ronon starts to walk forward towards him.

FUNERAL CHAMBER. Teyla stands at Charin's bedside as Carson stands with the other mourners. Standing stones now surround the bed in a circle. Several of the other Athosians begin to play a lilting lament on instruments. The tune has a somewhat Celtic style. Teyla begins to sing in a pure, clear soprano voice. The song, with choral backing, intermingles with the following scenes. Even when Teyla isn't singing, the music and choral backing continues in the background as other scenes take place.

TEYLA: # Beyond the night, a rising sun # Beyond the night, the battle's won # The battle's won.

(In the Control Room, Rodney and Laura frantically work on their laptops, trying to decipher the failsafe code. Laura throws up her hands in despair but continues working. Rodney looks across at the screen showing the approaching cruisers, then gets back to work.)

TEYLA: # Fear and shame now in the past # Pain and sorrow gone at last # Gone at last.

(In her office, Elizabeth sits at her desk anguishing about what she is allowing Ronon to do. She stands up and walks over to the window, gazing out into the Gateroom.)

(In space, the two Wraith cruisers fly towards the planet.)

(In the Control Room, Elizabeth has joined Rodney.)

McKAY: ZedP.M. overload in ten minutes. We should think about getting to the Jumpers.

(Laura hurries back into the room and goes over to the two of them.)

CADMAN: Doctor Weir. Rodney. I found something.

TEYLA: # Circle renewed, peace will be found # Beyond the night on sacred ground.

(John runs into the Interrogation Room.)

SHEPPARD: Stop! (He stares at what he sees.) What did you do to him?

(The camera pans around and we see Ronon standing over Kavanagh, who is lying on the floor on his back, unconscious.)

DEX: Nothing. He fainted before I could touch him.

(John tries to hide a grin.)

(On Daedalus, Caldwell sits in his chair on the Bridge.)

CALDWELL: Doctor Weir, we're ready to go. We'll meet you at the rendezvous site.

(An Asgard transporter beam sweeps him off the Bridge and he reappears sitting on a chair in Atlantis' Conference Room. He looks around in shock, then stands up.)

CALDWELL: What the hell's going on here?

(Elizabeth and John are standing on the other side of the table. Ronon stands near Caldwell and paces back and forth behind him during the rest of the conversation.)

WEIR: I asked Hermiod to beam you here so you could give us the access code.


WEIR: Lieutenant Cadman discovered a gap in the system command logs that indicated two deletion points that she ...

CALDWELL: Look, we don't have time for this.

(Elizabeth steps forward.)

WEIR: Your identification code was used to identify this city's operating system. You copied it, took it back to The Trust, whose Goa'uld scientists then rewrote the programme to overload the ZeeP.M. You then brought it back here and uploaded it into the Atlantis computers.

CALDWELL (incredulously): You think that I'm working for The Trust?!

SHEPPARD: We know you're working for The Trust, (he pulls a pistol out of a holster on his leg and cocks the gun, though he doesn't raise it yet) so give us the code.

(Caldwell looks at them for a moment, then his eyes flash. He's a Goa'uld. Now John raises his pistol and aims it at him. Elizabeth takes a couple of steps backwards.)

WEIR: Oh, my God!

CALDWELL (smugly, in the dual voice of a Goa'uld): I will never give you that code.

(John looks round at Elizabeth. She looks back at him for a moment, then turns and leaves the room. John continues to hold his pistol on Caldwell.)

CALDWELL: I warn you, as a Goa'uld I now possess the strength of many men.

DEX (ominously): Won't be a fair fight, then.

(He kicks the chair out of the way and grabs Caldwell, slamming him against the wall. As John watches with his pistol still aimed, Ronon punches Caldwell hard in the face, then picks him up and throws him across the table and onto the floor on the other side. As Caldwell lies on his back, Ronon heads for him again but John holds out his hand to stop him.)

SHEPPARD: Hold on.

(As Caldwell struggles to stand, John draws another weapon from a holster. This time it's a taser. He fires it at Caldwell and the electrodes hit him in the chest. As electricity pulses through them, Caldwell convulses, groaning. John keeps the power going for several seconds, then releases the trigger. Caldwell collapses, staring in agony, and his eyes flash. The Goa'uld symbiont inside him can be heard squealing in pain. John pulls the trigger again and electricity floods Caldwell's body again. He convulses, groaning in agony. John keeps the power going for several more seconds, then releases the trigger. Caldwell collapses again, panting and in great pain.)

SHEPPARD: Colonel? (Caldwell gasps for breath.) Colonel?

CALDWELL (weakly, but in his normal voice): Sheppard.

SHEPPARD: We don't have much time -- we need that access code.

(Caldwell grimaces, clearly fighting for control against his injured Goa'uld symbiont.)

(In the Power Room, the Zero Point Module is pulsing ominously.)

(In the Control Room)

McKAY: ZedP.M. levels are spiking. We need to go now.

(As he and Laura jump up from their seats and begin to run towards the stairs to the Jumper Bay, John and Ronon race into the Control Room. John hands Rodney a notebook.)

SHEPPARD: Access code.

(Rodney grabs it and heads back to his station. He sits down and starts to type in the code as the screen flashes "OVERLOAD." As he finishes entering the code, a message comes up reading, "AUTHORIZATION CODE ACCEPTED -- FAILSAFES REENABLED." The "OVERLOAD" message disappears. Rodney sinks back into his chair with a sigh of relief. As Elizabeth smiles at him, Ronon leans on a console and sinks his head down onto his arm.)

(The scene returns to Charin's funeral chamber, where the music has continued throughout the previous scenes. Teyla continues to sing.)

TEYLA: # River flows, led by the wind # First new breath, our journey begins # Our journey begins. #

CORRIDOR. Carson and Laura are walking along together, Laura giggling about something. Rodney spots them.

McKAY: Oh, Carson. Hermiod's just beginning initial calculations on the extraction.

CADMAN: Extraction?


McKAY: Mmm-hmm. Hermiod's gonna attempt to extract the Goa'uld from Colonel Caldwell using Asgard beaming technology.

(Carson looks at Laura.)

BECKETT: Quite remarkable, actually.

McKAY: And complicated. The calculations are impossibly intricate. You don't wanna go beaming out a chunk of his brain. (He smiles.)

BECKETT: Lovely, Rodney(!)

McKAY: Hmm. (He spots someone coming up behind Carson and Laura.) Hey! Look who's back!

(Carson and Laura turn to see Radek stomping along the corridor, glowering at them all. His face is painted several different colours and white straw has been woven into his hair using coloured braid.)

McKAY: It's Mister Mom! How were the kids?

(Radek turns and points at him furiously, momentarily lost for words. Finally he manages to string a sentence together.)

ZELENKA: Do not even speak to me. (He glares at him for a moment, then turns and stomps off. Rodney smiles smugly.)

ELIZABETH'S OFFICE. Elizabeth is sitting at her desk. A silver pocket watch is lying on the table and she is aimlessly pushing the chain around with a pen. John comes in, grinning.

SHEPPARD: Did you see Zelenka?!

WEIR (glancing up at him): No. (She looks down at the watch again.)

SHEPPARD: You should take a quick look before he washes his face. The kids did a real number on him!

(He perches on the edge of the desk. Elizabeth looks up at him again, her face serious.)

WEIR: I asked Doctor Beckett to give everyone on the base a full examination. If Colonel Caldwell could have a Goa'uld in him, any of us could.

SHEPPARD: It's not a pleasant thought.

WEIR: No. No, it isn't. (She falls silent for a moment, gazing into space.) I crossed a line, John, with Kavanagh.

SHEPPARD: You did what you had to do. The good news was, he wasn't hurt.

WEIR: Here we are, gloating about the in-fighting among the Wraith. (She looks at him.) How are we any different?

(John looks away, unable to answer her.)