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GateWorld Podcast: ‘Seizure’

Sunday - April 17, 2011
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This is one we have been waiting for! “Seizure” saw not just guest appearances from two Stargate Atlantis cast members, plus the amazing Lou Diamond Phillips and Victor Garber, but also some advancements in SGU‘s overall storyline. Earth and the Lucian Alliance have managed to blow up two naquadria-rich planets in order to dial the 9-chevron address to Destiny … so what happens when both sides want to use Langara (Jonas Quinn’s homeworld) to try it again?

This week on the podcast Diana Botsford is back to talk about “Seizure” with David. We’ll talk about Rodney McKay’s character and his interactions with Destiny‘s crew, Colonel Telford and his shifting priorities, and the beautiful visuals and colors of the episode. We’ll also discuss the heroes acting in an underhanded way, Rush being trapped in a simulation with Amanda Perry, and whether “Seizure” should really be called an Atlantis “crossover.”

Call the Podcast Hotline! We’re editing our show on “The Hunt,” so here’s your chance to call in and share your reactions to Monday’s new episode “Common Descent” (now at 9/8c on Syfy). Call in by the end of the day on Friday to be a part of that show.

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Discussion“Seizure” (SGU Episode #215)

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Next Episode: “The Hunt.” Stay tuned for our discussion of last Monday’s new episode, and call in this week with your thoughts on Monday’s “Common Descent!”

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  • Great episode but it would have made a lot more sense to have this be a crossover with McKay and Jonas. Where was Jonas throughout all of this?

  • Seriously guys, why did you even bother with the “quibble” section, the whole podcast was almost one big “quibble” :)
    (not that I minded because they were all valid points IMO)

  • Loved the podcast! Thought I was going to miss Darren but Diana was GREAT! Loved her voice too and her valid arguments. I definitely would like to hear more of you Diana. And yeah you very great too David :) Happy Easter, folks

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