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"There But For the Grace of God"

An alien artifact transports Daniel to an alternate reality, where he is not a part of the Stargate program and the Goa'uld – led by Teal'c – are invading Earth.

DVD DISC: Season 1, Disc 5
DIRECTED BY: David Warry-Smith
STORY BY: David Kemper
TELEPLAY BY: Robert C. Cooper
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Transcript by Lauren Freeman
Edited by Deanna Moll-Landry
SG1 Transcripts

NOTE: Hammond will be known as CH (Colonel Hammond)

SG-1 step out of the Stargate into a large dark room. Each member of the team is looking around.

O'NEILL: Good morning, Campers! The gate shuts down. Shot goes to Danny, who is filming as usual. Goes to cameras view, shows some large pipes. The Camera reads 120 min., and SP REC. Now we are back at Jack who is walking by Teal'c.

TEAL'C: There is damage here. It appears to be done by Goa'uld weaponry. I do not believe this battle took place recently.

JACKSON: No bodies.

CARTER: Daniel, you recognize any of these symbols? Danny walks over to Sam.

JACKSON: No. This place is defiantly Alien. Shows shot of everyone looking around. Wonder what's behind curtain number two. Sam points her flash light to where Danny is looking.

O'NEILL: Take Carter and check it out. We watch Jack move toward the camera, looking at something up high. In the back ground we see Danny moving fast towards wherever he discovered, and Sam trying to catch up. Teal'c is heading for Jack. Whoa ... Teal'c, you ever seen anything like this before? Jack asks as he points his flash light on a spiky thing. Teal'c gets a kind of scared look on his face, and he mumbles something not even closed captions can pick up.

TEAL'C: We must return to Earth as quickly as possible.

O'NEILL: Why? What is it?

TEAL'C: It is the symbol of Korosh-ni, it is for any Goa'uld or Jaffa who may pass through the gate. Loosely translated it means, 'Turn Back.'

O'NEILL: Does it elaborate?

TEAL'C: It is placed on world that Goa'uld destroyers have wiped out and contaminated. This planets entire surface will be in your terms, radioactive.

O'NEILL: Aw ...

TEAL'C: No one will be left alive. This place is not safe. We go to where Danny and Sam are. They are in a bright room, with a long island table with pots, and lots of stuff an archeologist would love!

JACKSON: I think this is a lab.

CARTER: How do you know?

JACKSON: These are things they brought back from the Stargate to study, there all tagged! This is a Turkish mask. This is a clay cone from Lagash with cuneiform symbols on it.

O'NEILL: Carter, Daniel. We here Jack call right before he walks in.

CARTER: We found a souvenir shop sir.

O'NEILL: Where out of here.

JACKSON: What? Why? This place is a treasure chest of artifact, of diverse human cultures.

O'NEILL: I don't want to hear about it. Let's go. Jack turns around and leaves, along with Teal'c and Carter stars to follow.

JACKSON: You don't want to hear it. Danny looks angry, then quickly takes off his backpack. He starts feeling his pack with the items of the island. He picks up a silver, red and blue, little machine type thing and looks at it. Beside hip a mirror appears in a rock. Danny places the machine in his bag and walks over to the mirror. He stand in front of it and waves his hand, only he doesn't appears in the mirror. Jack can be heard in the back ground.

O'NEILL: Daniel! Were leaving, let's go! Daniel act as if he doesn't hear Jake then slowly touches the mirror. A bright light burst out and in a flash he is on the other side of the mirror. He quickly takes his hand away.

JACKSON: As he is running out of the room towards the gate. Guys, I need a hand with this thing, it's to heavy but we have to take it ... back. He stops realizing he is talking to a empty room. He looks around, then turns on his flashlight. Jack? Sam? A look of daja-vu comes over his face. Teal'c? He faces the Stargate. Oh I really hate it when this happens. (LOL! I love that line!) Danny then goes over to the DHD and starts to press the symbols to Earth. The camera takes a close up of the red light in the middle of the DHD and suddenly we are going through the gate and Danny is stepping on to the ramp on Earth. As soon as he is out he turns around to face the gate.

VOICE: Close the Iris! Danny watches the iris close then turns around only to be met by a whole bunch of solders pointing guns at him. Poor Danny now just looks confused.

SERGENT: Hands on your head. Now. Or we will open fire. Danny complies.

JACKSON: What's going on?

SERGENT: Identify your self.

JACKSON: Daniel Jackson, SG-1. (The doors open and Hammond comes in.) General, what's this all about?

HAMMOND: General? You see stars anywhere on my uniform?

SERGENT: Colonel, he says he's on SG-1.

JACKSON: Colonel?

HAMMOND: How did you get an SG-1 remote activation device? A Sergeant cuff's Danny's hands behind his back. (Oh let him go! Don't tie up our Danny! Wait a second, on second thought, bring him to me!)

JACKSON: What are you talking about?

VOICE: Unauthorized incoming travelers

HAMMOND: Who the hell are you? Poor Danny just looks afraid and confused!


JACKSON: I am Dr. Daniel Jackson! I'm SG-1! I need to see Jack O'Neill! They are dragging a kicking and screaming Danny into the infirmary, where we see some one preparing a shot. (Probably a tranquilizer!) Ask Sam Carter! Come on! The throw Danny on a stretcher. I am not a Goa'uld! Don't give me that! They give him the shot. Where is Dr. Fraser? Don't give me that! Aww. Danny takes a couple of deep breaths. I am Dr. Daniel Jackson, I need to see Colonel O'Neill.

SERGENT: You mean, General O'Neill? Danny looks like he can't believe this is happening. He spots Catherine in another room, then passes out. The screen fades to white. Then back to Danny lying on his stomach. He slowly opens his eyes, then sits up looking around. He is in a cell. When he can't open the door he stars banning on it.

JACKSON: Hello? I have to speak to someone! Danny gives up banging and kicking the door and turns around waving a hurt hand. Suddenly a guard opened the door and Catherine steps in. Catherine.

CATHERINE: You know me?

JACKSON: Of course ... You don't know me?

CATHERINE: Dr. Daniel Jackson, linguist. Ancient Egyptian Historian. Better know for some of the more radical ideas. At the moment I am more interested in how you cam through my Stargate.

JACKSON: How I ... your Stargate. What the Hell is going on here, Catherine?

CATHERINE: I would address me as Dr. Langford. You were wearing a remote device when you came through the gate. You had SG-1's code, how did you obtain it?

JACKSON: How did I ... how do you think I did it? I left from here, Stargate Command, today, a few hours ago. I went through on a mission to-to-to P3R-233.

CATHERINE: What are you talking about? You have never been into this facility until now.

JACKSON: Uh-huh, okay ... um ... I figured out how to work the Stargate. You recruited me to translate the cartouche found in Giza. I went through on the first mission, through the Stargate, to Abydos. And unless the last two years have been some, wacky, wacky dream, I am a member of SG-1. (Cute little dance went into that, lat rewind and watch that again! Yep still cute!)

CATHERINE: Ha, not as far as I'm concerned!

JACKSON: Wh ... What?!? (He's losing it.)

CATHERINE: I supervised the team that translated the Cartouche found at Giza.

JACKSON: You did!

CATHERINE: I admit we referenced your work occasionally. I even went to meet you at one of your seminars to ask you to join us. But you said no.


CATHERINE: You were quite rude actually.

JACKSON: Oh I was. Cat looks as if she has had enough!

CATHERINE: The M.R.I. confirms your not a Goa'uld.

JACKSON: Can I see Captain Carter?

CATHERINE: Samantha Carter?


CATHERINE: She is not in the Military. She's a Doctor. PH.D. Astrophysics, she's attending to more important business right at the moment. Don't you have any explanation for this?

JACKSON: God No! Catherine ... I-I mean Dr. Langford, no this doesn't make any sense! I know you! I belong here! You ... don't!

CATHERINE: Excuse me?

JACKSON: You were retired. At least the Air Force made you retire! You are supposed to be at home, living happily ever after with Enerest!


JACKSON: The man you were supposed to marry in 1945. Cat is the one that looks confused now!


HAMMOND: We've only got 50 % of the list through the Beta site, General. Voyager is still on route. Jack looks really tired. Cat walks in.

CATHERINE: I'm sorry, I know your a little bit busy right now.

O'NEILL: It's alright, Catherine, what is it?

CATHERINE: I think you should meet the young man that came through the gate, Jack.


CATHERINE: How much time do we have?


CATHERINE: He ... knows things. Jack looks down then walks with Cat. They go to the briefing room.


O'NEILL: Look were in the middle of a situation right now. I don't know who you are, but Dr. Langford says you might be able to help us?

JACKSON: Okay this is starting to get a little bit spooky. Now a few hours ago, everything about this place was different. I mean no, not completely different, your still ... you. Sort of.

O'NEILL: What can you tell me about the Goa'uld?


O'NEILL: The Goa'uld? You know who they are?

JACKSON: Oh ... yeah.

O'NEILL: Tell me what you know.

JACKSON: Okay, now maybe I have completely lost my mind here but as far as I am concerned we know each other, very well. You know everything that I know! Look, I am a member of SG-1, with you Captain Carter and Teal'c! Where-where is Teal'c? Jack looks confused. Umm ... big guy, gold emblem on his head, Goa'uld in his stomach, you can't miss him!

O'NEILL: A Jaffa?

JACKSON: Yes! He's our-our friend.

O'NEILL: Get this man out of here ... now!

CATHERINE: How did he come through the gate? How does he know the things he knows?

JACKSON: According to Dr. Langford, you still went thought the gate without me. Did you still go to Abydos with the intention to blow up a nuclear device?

O'NEILL: How did you know that?

JACKSON: You were willing to commit suicide, because your son had recently died! He shot himself ... with your gun ... right?

CATHERINE: I swear I didn't tell him anything.

JACKSON: So did you still go to Chu'lak?

CATHERINE: What is Chu'lak?

JACKSON: The Jaffa home world.

CATHERINE: You know the symbols?

JACKSON: Yes! Cat opens a pad of paper and gives Danny a pen. What you want me to write it down?


JACKSON: So if you never been to Chu'lak, you probably never even met Teal'c. He says as he writes down the symbols.

O'NEILL: Teal?

JACKSON: Slams his pen down. No! Teal'c!" Oh he is mad! Oh, everything's screwed up, why?!? Sam walks into the room. Sam! Sam looks really surprised at this stranger calling out her name.

CARTER: (Dressed in civies, not Air Force uniform ... her blonde hair is long, and in a barrette) Who is this?

CATHERINE: Dr. Jackson.

JACKSON: Of course.

CATHERINE: The young man who came through the Stargate with SG-1's remote code.

O'NEILL: Report, Doctor?

CARTER: We've lost Washington and Philly, sir.

JACKSON: I'm sorry, what do you mean by lost? Everyone looks confused.

O'NEILL: Show him. Sam leads the way as they go down the spiral staircase. You will notice in the back ground in big letters it says, SGA, not SGC. The all go down to the control room well minus Jack.

MAN: Were locking in coordinates. They are led to a map of the world.

CATHERINE: Everyone of those red dots, is a destroyed city. Red dots are everywhere.

MAN: Dr. Carter, there's another report coming on.

TV: All Military efforts to engage in the Alien ships have proven ... inconsequential.

JACKSON: The Goa'uld?

CARTER: The ships appeared four days ago. Goes to TV screen.

TV: As in Asia, Europe and Africa, they have slowly systematically annihilating all signs of civilization. Starting on the East coast, and moving west with frightening inevitability. There has been no response with attempted communication with the Aliens. Thus far, they have left no survivors in the wake of the seemingly unstoppable wave of destruction. Camera goes to Danny who looks slightly afraid.


JACKSON: I feel like the victim of the biggest practical joke, ever!

CATHERINE: You found this on the Alien planet you were talking about?

JACKSON: Uh, yeah, with the exception of the gun and the grenade. I found this lab, they obviously collected things that they found on different planets. There was this mirror like a slab of rock, it could of been made of Naquada, the gate element, I don't no. Jack called, he said were leaving, I touched the mirror.

CATHERINE: Interesting ... what is it? Cat asks as she looks at the machine Danny brought.

JACKSON: I have no idea.

CATHERINE: You said you touched a mirror.

JACKSON: Well actually I touched that thing first. It turned on, I herd a noise, that's when I noticed the shimmering.

CATHERINE: Maybe this is what controls it.

JACKSON: When I touched the mirror, there was this ... this surge, it was like getting an electrical shock, just for a second. And-and then I went to find Jack, Sam and Teal'c.

CATHERINE: He's the Jaffa you say is on SG-1 with you.

JACKSON: Yes. But I couldn't find them, it was like they were just ... gone. So-so I figured that maybe they left without me, so, I-I dial up Earths address, I came through, and ... I Daniel walks to the window that over looks the Stargate and notices them activating the Stargate. What the hell are they doing down there? Cat gets up from where she is sitting and comes to see for her self.

Voice(Davis): (dressed in civies, NOT Air Force uniform!)Chevron 1 Encoded! Danny and Cat run down stairs.

Man on Phone: Yes sir! He hangs up phone.

VOICE: Chevron 2 Encoded ... Chevron 3 Encoded.

CARTER: Sir, isn't are mission to get the Genesis list through to the Beta sight?

O'NEILL: I think we will try to stop the attack on Earth first.

JACKSON: What is this Genesis list, Beta site. What does she mean?

VOICE: Chevron 4 Encoded!

CATHERINE: Were evacuating everyone we can to another planet. World leaders, scientist, Doctors ...

VOICE: Chevron 5 Encoded!

MAN: Let's commence the symmetric enlargement 85 percent.

JACKSON: Your sending a nuclear weapon to Chu'lak?!?

O'NEILL: You got a problem with that?

JACKSON: The Jaffa aren't your enemy, there just slaves!

O'NEILL: Alright try to comprehend what's going on here, we estimate the death toll on Earth is 1.5 Billion.

VOICE: Chevron 6 Engaged!

O'NEILL: Who do you think is flying those ships, trying to blow up our world? Hmm? You give me one good reason why I shouldn't be striking back.

VOICE: Chevron 7 Locked!

JACKSON: You have no choice. Jack rolls his eyes.

O'NEILL: Send the bomb.

DAVIS: Proceed with deployment! We watch the bomb go into the gate. The iris is closed. Iris locked!

O'NEILL: Proceed with evaluation until the next war head is ready.

JACKSON: You know there are innocent human being on most of the Goa'uld planets don't you? A very shocked look on his face.

O'NEILL: Unless this man has more information we can use, I don't want to see him again. Jack then turns around and walks out.

JACKSON: This isn't happening, this is nuts! This isn't happening. This isn't happening. It, it ... Is it possible that ... that the Stargate ... malfunctioned, or went haywire, and-and-and I came through to a totally, screw up, different version of Earth?

CARTER: No I doubt that, the Stargate uses space time to create a wormhole that allows us to travel across great distances. It doesn't take you to an alternate reality.

JACKSON: Alternate reality?

CARTER: Well basically, scientist have theorized that, there are an infinite number of dominations, each containing a different possibility of reality.

JACKSON: Well it sounds like I theoretically, possibly, actually, found one!

CATHERINE: One what?

JACKSON: What Sam said! A-A-A ... Alternate reality! A parallel plane, I mean wouldn't that explain why everything here is the same but ... different! I mean ...

CARTER: Okay the theory is, that there a infinite number of alternate realities. Some are very different, and some are almost identical.

JACKSON: That has to be what this is! So this isn't ... my world at all this is ... some other dominations?

CARTER: Yeah, but the Stargate wouldn't cause that!

CATHERINE: Maybe it wasn't the Stargate that caused it.

CARTER: What are you suggesting?

CATHERINE: He found a mirror, possibly made of naquada, on P3R-233.

JACKSON: All this started to happen, after I touched it!

CARTER: P3R-233?

JACKSON: What, have you been there?


DAVIS: Off world activation!

CARTER: Close the Blast doors and keep the iris sealed!

WOMAN: Receiving coded transmissions from Air Force One!

CARTER: Notify General O'Neill! Catherine, the rest of the Genesis travelers will have to be briefed and ready to go.

CATHERINE: Right. Cat runs out. Sam walks away also. Daniel spots a empty computer and head for it. He does a search of himself. The computer says:

'Personal Files Archive3/Disk7

Catherine Langford 8/12/83, 12/10/97

Jackson, Daniel

Current Statistics

Last known place of residence - Egypt

Address - Unknown

Phone Number - Unknown

Contact Number -

Current ?? of - 1997

Then it has a cute picture of him.

JACKSON: Current address unknown, phone number unknown, last place of residence ... Egypt as of 1997. Danny looks up and walks to the map. Aw, oh.

CARTER: Who is working on a computer. What? She walks over to the map.

JACKSON: I think I'm dead.


JACKSON: The me, in this reality ...

HAMMOND: Who just came in. What is Voyagers status, Doctor?

CARTER: The president's airplane is ten minutes away from Peterson AirForce base.

WOMAN: Another coded transmission in progress!

CARTER: Relay it through the decoder and patch it through the speaker.

RADIO: Enemy craft! Pursuit, cannot evade.

DAVIS: Surface radar is tracking! Shows a picture on the computer. A big white dot is moving fast on the screen heading for a small white dot labeled Air-Force One. Jack suddenly appears. And is on the phone.

O'NEILL: That's one of there big ones.

CARTER: Look how fast it's moving!

RADIO: Where under fire! Help ... Us!!! The big white dot covers the small dot and in big red letters it reads, AIRFORCE 1 TRACKING LOST. For a split second, all is silent.

CARTER: It's headed strait for us.

O'NEILL: Confirm Airman! (Airmen? Davis is a Airmen in this reality? In CIVIES???? And he has control of the Stargate?)

DAVIS: Trajectory confirmed. E.T.A. One minute!

O'NEILL: Damn it! Evacuation gave us away.

CARTER: Intelligence has confirmed that the enemy ships have the fire power to reach us even this far under ground.

HAMMOND: Where stuck here as long as the gates under attack.

DAVIS: The ship is slowing down, visual tracking in 10 seconds. The ground starts so shake a little bit ant everyone looks up at the TV screens. All mouths are standing wide open. We look up at the screen and watch the mountain become covered in a large shadow.

CARTER: If they fire on us, chances are we won't even feel it! Blast on the East coast were the equivalent of a two hundred ton nuclear war head.

JACKSON: It's not going to fire.


JACKSON: It's landing.


Danny, Sam, Cat, Jack, CH and a couple of other solders are gathered around the end of the table.

HAMMOND: The security cameras on the main tunnel entrance shows Jaffa assembling what appears to be a weapon. Looks like there coming in the front door, sir.

O'NEILL: Alright, position automatic weapons, here and here. He points to places on a map on the table. 'Men in all these halls. Cut off every access to this level. Blow secondary elevator shaft now.

HAMMOND: If the men at the surface has to fall back ...

O'NEILL: There's only going to be one way down ... I want all none essential personnel, through the gate, to the Beta site, ASAP. Dr. Langford, that includes you, and our guest.

CARTER: Sir the Goa'uld have been keeping the wormhole established from off world.

JACKSON: That's probably because you sent that bomb through to Chu'lak.

CARTER: The point is, unless we get another window of opportunity, to open the gate from here, were all stuck.

O'NEILL: Recommendations?

CARTER: Well under normal circumstances, when we have full power, we can only keep a worm hole established about a half hour. There may be a restriction o how long the Goa'uld can keep there's on from off world.

O'NEILL: So there's a time limit?

CARTER: Right. Jack just nods and walks away.


We see Jack putting a bomb on the elevator door.

O'NEILL: Start it up, give it a count of five, then blow it.

MAN: Yes sir. Jack walks behind a wall. They blow up the elevator that say 28 on the door.

O'NEILL: Good luck! Let's go! Take it up! Jack says as he gets into another elevator.

MAN: Yes sir! The door shuts and they are gone.


Daniel is listening to some head phones.

JACKSON: The first part sounds like a derivation on ancient Egyptian.

CATHERINE: We couldn't recognize it.

JACKSON: Oh, you didn't learn how to speak it allowed on Abydos. Danny goes back to listening. Where did this come from?

CATHERINE: It's a deep space transmission. Our receivers detected three months ago.

JACKSON: So why are you showing me this now?

CARTER: Because the transmission originated from the same quadrant of space as P3R-233.

CATHERINE: Where your mirror is. An explosion is heard.

CARTER: We went to 233 after we received the transmission. But the civilization had been destroyed by the Goa'uld. We didn't find any mirror though. Daniel picks up a pen and starts listening to the tape again. He starts writing on a yellow tablet of paper. Sam is reading it over his shoulders. Beware the destroyers?

CATHERINE: Some of 233's aliens must have sent out the warning, before there civilization was destroyed by the Goa'uld.

CARTER: What does the rest say?

JACKSON: It just says 'They come from ... but then ... the sentence is incomplete. There's just more sounds, pulses, beats of some kind.

CARTER: Yeah, we've analyzed it. Another explosion. There divided into groups. 3, 32, 16, 8, 10 and 12.

JACKSON: That's six numbers.


JACKSON: That's a Stargate address, just without a point of origin. Beware the destroyers, they come from: 3, 32, 16, 8, 10 and 12!

CATHERINE: The aliens who lived on 233, found out where the Goa'uld attack originated?

CARTER: What like a Goa'uld home world?

JACKSON: Or at least a ... Military base. They must have assigned a number to each symbol of the Stargate, it's a code! All we need to do is find out which symbol the Aliens represented as one and start counting from there!

CARTER: Well the only unique symbol they would have is the point of origin, on 233!

CATHERINE: But that symbol may not even be on our Stargate!

JACKSON: Except, I have the alien gate on tape. Danny pulls out his cam-recorder from his bag.

CARTER: What? We here a blast type sound, Cat gets up and goes to look at the Stargate through the window.

CATHERINE: Gate is off! They all run downstairs.

CARTER: Star dialing the gate to the Bata site!

DAVIS: Chevron one is already encoded!

CARTER: Sam Sits in chair. If we can dial in before the Goa'uld can establish a wormhole, we can get out of here!

DAVIS: Chevron 2 encoded!

JACKSON: Can they dial in once we have started dialing out?

CARTER: Yes, we have to get the 7th chevron locked in order to stop an incoming wormhole.

DAVIS: Chevron 3 encoded!

Jack and a team are on A-2 Level 2. The are walking with a purpose down the hall.


O'NEILL: Everybody ready?


SOLDIER 2: Let's do it boys!

SOLDIER 1: Right sir!

SOLDIER 3: Yes sir!

The all get in to position aiming there guns at the A-2 doors. The doors explode and the men start firing at where the door used to stand. Jaffa can be seen running in and firing there staff weapon at the men.


DAVIS: Chevron 5 encoded!

JACKSON: Come on , come on, come on!

Red lights suddenly blink and the gate stops.


DAVIS: Off world activation!

CATHERINE: Your going to have to make the computer dial up faster for the next time.

CARTER: I will see what I can do.

CATHERINE: How long can the Goa'uld keep the wormhole active?

CARTER: Well based on the start and end of there last activation, it looks like they can keep one established from off-world for ... 38 minutes.

JACKSON: We may not have that much time.


The Jaffa are getting closer to the group of solders firing at them.

O'NEILL: Fall back!!

SOLDIER: Fall back! Go! Go! Go!

O'NEILL: Seal it off, and move out!

Jack runs down the hall. The Jaffa stand to the side and let's one Jaffa come stand in the middle of the hall. The Jaffa makes his head gear come down, and we see Teal'c.


We are looking up at a screen. At a Stargate.

JACKSON: This symbol has to be the point of origin.

Danny is writing symbols for the numbers they found in the radio transmission. CH and Jack walk into room.

HAMMOND: How's it going up there, gentlemen?

O'NEILL: Getting the crap beat out of us, how's it going here?

CARTER: I'm estimating it will be 25, before we can try opening the gate.

HAMMOND: And when we do, Dr. Langford here, has presented us with an interesting dilemma. She seems to think we have been handed the address to the Goa'uld home world. Possibly were this attack originated.

O'NEILL: Well send a bomb through.

JACKSON: Excuse me? Um, I'm sorry, I know you all think of me as an outsider here, but what good would that do? I mean forget the fact that it won't change what's happening here, how do you know they don't have some kind of iris, like ... yours. I mean this could all be for nothing.

CARTER: Yeah, we probably only have one shot at dialing out. We use that one opportunity to dial up a Goa'uld world, well never get out of here our selves.

Danny turns around and pushes play on the screen that had the gate from 233 on it. We see Jack looking around, and then Sam.


O'NEILL: What the hell is that?

They all gather around the TV.

JACKSON: My reality.

CARTER: We are actually looking at ourselves in a parallel universe. Another versions of our lives, that actually exists! It's incredible.

O'NEILL: It's supposed to be theoretical.

CARTER: Not anymore. When we first began with Einstein's theories of relativity ...

HAMMOND: Who is this?

A picture of Teal'c comes across the screen.

JACKSON: That is Teal'c. Big guy with a gold emblem on his head, and a Goa'uld in his stomach.

CATHERINE: We just saw him on the security camera. He's the Goa'uld that led the invasion into the base.

JACKSON: Well he was and probably still is, the first prime of Apophis. He would be charged with a very important mission. Look this is going to sound pretty selfish, but where I come from, none of this has happened yet. I'm my reality, the Earth that I know, still has a chance.

O'NEILL: You want to explain that?

JACKSON: If this address really does lead to a Goa'uld world, where the attack originated ... and I can get this information, back to my world, well then maybe I can stop this, before it starts there.

CARTER: What makes you think the Goa'uld are even going to try attacking the Earth in your universe?

JACKSON: Oh I would say we have pissed the Goa'uld off, as much as you have, probably even more.

O'NEILL: Okay, wait a minute, wait a minute, let me get this straight. You want us to give up our last chance to strike back at the Goa'uld, so we can save ourselves in ... what ... what?

He turns to Sam.

CARTER: Alternate realty.

JACKSON: Not just yourselves, everyone on Earth!

O'NEILL: Your Earth.

JACKSON: The Jack O'Neill that I know, would do it.

O'NEILL: Well apparently, you and I have never met.

JACKSON: No, I guess not. Look all I know, is because I came here, I have seen what, can happen. And I have a chance, to keep this from happening from the Earth that I come from, IF you help me!

O'NEILL: Looks at Sam. How much time doctor?

CARTER: 22 minutes.

O'NEILL: Okay the argument is academic. We could never hold them that long anyway.

JACKSON: Well maybe we could buy some time.


JACKSON: Not, how ... who.


Jaffa have drilled a hole in the roof and are sending down what looks like some kind of weapon. WHOA! Teal'c has hair!!! His head is bold except for one round part, which is in a ponytail that goes down towards the bottom of his shoulder. He is looking around.


We are watching Teal'c walking around. He goes past a door that says, D-5. He shoots the security camera. The screen shows snow. Everyone is gathered around this screen.

O'NEILL: Whoa. Your kidding right?

JACKSON: You've seen the video tape. In my reality, Jack O'Neill, convinced Teal'c, to betray Apophis, to save our lives. Teal'c gave up everything for the slim chance that we could help free his people from slavery.

O'NEILL: It doesn't exactly look like we could help him do anything right now. Keep in mind we just sent a bomb off to his planet, there might not be anything left for us to save.

JACKSON: Not in this universe.

O'NEILL: You expect me to explain all this to him, don't you.

JACKSON: He is very smart, I bet he'll understand.

CARTER: How do you know he is even remotely the same Jaffa, that you know in your universe.

CATHERINE: Not everything's the same here.

JACKSON: No, it's not, but it is ... close. Look, I know what I am asking her, it's ... insane. Look if you don't want to help me, I understand. It's your lives, your world.

O'NEILL: A look of I can't believe I am going to do this. All I really have to do, is buy a little time. A few minutes to get the gate open, right?

CATHERINE: That video tape of that Jaffa and you should catch his attention.

HAMMOND: Your going to talk to this guy about alternate realities?

CARTER: Do you really think he's right about this Jaffa?

O'NEILL: He was right about my son.

Daniel gives Jack the camera.

JACKSON: Thank you.

O'NEILL: I think this is where you all wish me good luck.

With that he walks away.

CARTER: Jack ...

Sam walks over to him, they hug, and briefly kiss in the background. In the foreground, Danny looks at Cat.

CATHERINE: I take it there not engage in your reality?


Danny just looks shocked.


HAMMOND: The enemy, will most likely penetrate this level, anytime now. But every minute counts. If and when we get the Stargate open from our end, we will retreat through it. But until then, we must keep theme away from the control room, and the Stargate, at any cost. Understood?

We See CH talking to a large group of solders.

SOLDIERs: Yes sir!

HAMMOND: Your efforts and your dedication, have always made me proud to serve with all of you.

CH walks down the ramp.

SOLDIER: Bravo company move out! Formation three. Alfa team, level four ...

They all move out.


We see the Jaffa , preparing what kind of looks like a bomb. We hear a door open. Teal'c turns around, weapon in hand.

TEAL'C: Kree-sh!

Jack walks in his hands over his head.

O'NEILL: Don't shoot! All Jaffa have weapons trained on Jack now. I'm unarmed. Jack takes off his hat to show he has nothing. I surrender. Teal'c walks up to him.

TEAL'C: And you are?

O'NEILL: General Jack O'Neill, commander of this base. Your Teal'c, right?

This gets the other Goa'uld up in arms.

Jaffa: Haga-sha!

TEAL'C: Arga-kree!

Teal'c motions for them to stop.

O'NEILL: You'll be wondering how I know your name. I've got quite a story to tell you.


CARTER: Okay I've got the dial in time down another five seconds. Now, all we need is for that wormhole to destabilize.

HAMMOND: Walks in to the room and goes to Davis. Airmen, were going to need all the help we can get down there. Davis quickly gets up and leaves. We should set the auto destruction to go off, two minutes past the estimated window of opportunity for us to open the Stargate. If the Goa'uld's want this place in one piece, I intent to disappoint them. CH leaves and Sam starts to type on the computer. Cat sits down where Davis sat and we see the computer screen.

VOICE: Destruct sequence activated!


We see the tape of Daniels reality playing in a TV screen.

TEAL'C: What sort of deception is this?

O'NEILL: I know it's a little hard to believe, but you guys are pretty advanced. You must know this ... alternate reality thing, is possible, right?

TEAL'C: I do not.

O'NEILL: Well then how did this Daniel guy, know your name? He says the guy in this video, you I guess in his world, hates being a slave to the Goa'uld's.

Teal'c seems to consider this, but not for long.

TEAL'C: Lies.

O'NEILL: Look, I know this sounds ... insane. But you have a chance to change things in his world. We just need a little time, that's all. This guy, Daniel says, the Teal'c in his world, is a good man. That he betrayed Apophis to free his world, to free his family. Your wife! Your son, Ryac.

TEAL'C: We received word from my home world. You sent a weapon of destruction there, through your Stargate. My people, my family are dead.

With that Teal'c walks to the BIG gun/bomb thing. A look of hate feels his face as he starts the weapon, and points it at Jack. Jack looks as if he is prepared to die, and Teal'c fires.


CATHERINE: Four minutes. You two better get into the gate room.

CARTER: Catharine ...

CATHERINE: No arguments Doctor, they need you at the Beta site.

JACKSON: What about you?

CATHERINE: As soon as I start the dial in process, I'll join you. Go!

JACKSON: If this mirror is a door way between our dimensions, I might be able to send help from my reality ... or even have you come through to my Earth.

CATHERINE: Wait a minute, if that device I saw is a remote control to the mirror, you may need it.

CARTER: Go ahead, I'll get it.

Sam runs off.

JACKSON: Thank you.

CATHERINE: You helped me reunite me with Earnest in the other world? Danny nods. I guess in the grand scheme of things, were even! Daniel, stands there for awhile, then walks away, to the gate room.


CH and a team are firing at the Jaffa, who are making headway towards them. Davis is with them.

DAVIS: Fall back Colonel! We have to fall back!

The Jaffa kills everyone there until there is only Hammond left. His Gun runs out of bullets and his is killed. We see him lying dead on the floor.


Danny is watching cat through the window.

CATHERINE: Two minutes!


Sam is not alone, a whole bunch of Jaffa are aiming there guns at her. Sam has her hands up.

CARTER: I surrender! I have information that will help Apophis! There is technology he will want to know about. She has the remote in one hand. This is a remote-control to an inter-dimensional portal. I can tell Apophis how to find it!

Jaffa: Masa-tre-ak! Sam hands the remote to the Jaffa.

CARTER: Thank you. She pulls a grenade out of her jacket. I also wish to blow us all to hell.


Still looking into the window.

CATHERINE: Times up!

You see an explosion from then Briefing room up stairs. The Gate finely stops and Cat starts the dial up and opens the iris. A staff blast goes through the doors leading into the gate room.

JACKSON: Come on!

Danny looks back at Cat, who is under attack in the control room. We see a guard about to shoot her, and blast doors shut. Another blast comes through the gate room doors. Danny gets ready to run up the ramp.

VOICE: Auto destruct in: One minute! Another blast. Chevron six locks, Teal'c steps through the now blasted open door, staff weapon trained on Danny. Auto destruct in: 30 seconds! Danny and Teal'c just stand there looking at each other. The gate opens. They both look at each other. Then Danny runs for the gate. Teal'c moves his weapon with Danny and shoots him in the shoulder right as he gets through the gate. The blast doors reopen, with two missiles trained at the gate. Only Jaffa can be seen in the control room. Auto destruct in: 10 seconds, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 ... All goes white.


We see Danny fall out of the gate, and down the stairs. The gate shuts down. Danny drags himself up, holding his arm, and coughing. He stumbles to the room with the mirror. He finds it's still on and walks up to it. He touches it, once again there is a flash of blue light and he is on the other side.


We see, Jack, Sam and Teal'c looking for Danny.

O'NEILL: Any luck?

CARTER: Nothing.

We hear Danny scream in pain. They all run to the room with the mirror, to see Danny laying beside it holding his arm.

O'NEILL: Daniel! Jack bends over him. What the hell is this?

TEAL'C: It appears to be caused by a staff weapon.

Jack pulls out the yellow piece of paper with the Goa'uld coordinates out of Danny's hand.

CARTER: This looks like a Stargate address.

O'NEILL: Alright, let's get him back to Earth.

The very still Danny is suddenly very awake.

JACKSON: No! Jack! Where all in very big trouble! Everyone looks confused. There coming! Danny takes very deep breaths, he's in a lot of pain. There coming!