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While the S.G.C. investigates a seemingly unstoppable new enemy soldier engineered by Anubis, Daniel leads a team in search of an alien device in Central America.

DVD DISC: Season 7, Disc 3
DIRECTED BY: Peter DeLuise
STORY BY: Damian Kindler and Michael Shanks
TELEPLAY BY: Damian Kindler
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Transcript by Sarae
Edited by Deanna Moll-Landry

Scene: Alien Planet

Teal'c and Bra'tac come upon a battlefield. There are many dead Jaffa. The scene is one of devastation.

TEAL'C: "These warriors are of both Ramius and Tilgath."

BRA'TAC: "This meeting did not go well."

TEAL'C: "Some of these warriors have been shot in the back. They were killed while retreating."

BRA'TAC: "There was no honor in this battle."

Bra'tac crouches down next to a dead Goa'uld. He is dressed in gold armor and there are several holes in his abdominal and chest area.

BRA'TAC: "Tilgath ..."

TEAL'C: "Ramius must have betrayed his allegiance."

Bra'tac looks to his left and notices:

BRA'TAC: "The first prime of Ramius."

Bra'tac and Teal'c walk over to the Jaffa who is propped up against a stone structure. He is bleeding about the head and neck. Bra'tac kneels down next to him and touches his shoulder.

BRA'TAC: "He is alive."

FIRST PRIME: "You must go from this place."

BRA'TAC: "Why did your master betray Tilgath? Speak."

FIRST PRIME: "We came to forge an alliance. My master did not do this. He barely escaped alive."

TEAL'C: "Then what happened here?"

FIRST PRIME: "One warrior ..."

The First Prime is hit on his left side by an energy blast. Teal'c and Bra'tac begin firing their staff weapons at the single black-clad warrior who has appeared on a rise surrounding the battlefield. Their blasts hit the warrior, but they have no effect.

The warrior raises his arm and we see Teal'c and Bra'tac separated and dive for cover in slow motion as a barrage of energy blasts fly past them. Bra'tac stands and rushes the warrior, swinging at him with his staff. The warrior easily blocks the blow and disarms Bra'tac, throwing him to the ground. He leaves Bra'tac and continues to fire at Teal'c, who is crouched behind one of the stone structures.

Teal'c begins firing with his Zat as he ducks to avoid the energy blasts from the warrior. Teal'c fires so many times that I lost count. (Point is, more than 3, which would make anyone else not only dead, but dissappear!) Finally, the warrior stops firing and falls to the ground. Teal'c and Bra'tac share an incredulous look as the scene fades out.

Scene: S.G.C. - Gate Room

Four S.G.C. personnel carrying a stretcher with the black-clad warrior on it precede Teal'c and Bra'tac through the gate. At the bottom of the ramp, Daniel, Sam, & Hammond are waiting. The S.G.C. personnel place the stretcher on a rack at the base of the ramp and everyone gathers around it to have a look at this new enemy.

HAMMOND: "What the hell happened out there?"

TEAL'C: "Our intelligence was indeed correct. The summit between Ramius and Tilgath did take place. However when we had arrived, Ramius had already fled."

BRA'TAC: "All those men had been slain, including Tilgath."

HAMMOND: "By this one man alone?"

BRA'TAC: "From the way he fought us, I do not doubt it."

HAMMOND: "An Ashrak?"

TEAL'C: "He was unlike any warrior we have previously encountered."

JACKSON: "Obviously, you were able to take him down."

TEAL'C: "He withstood the brunt of our weapons fire before finally succumbing."

CARTER: "Its armor must protect it from energy based weapons. If that's the case then we could be dealing with an entirely new kind of technology."

JACKSON: "And we believe that this wasn't an attempt by Ramius to kill Tilgath?"

BRA'TAC: "Ramius' Jaffa were equally decimated. His first prime said his master barely escaped alive."

JACKSON: "So, obviously, someone found out about the alliance and wanted to stop it."

HAMMOND: "Major, run whatever tests you have to."

CARTER: "I'd like to call the Tok'ra in on this one, sir, with your permission."

HAMMOND: "Do it. I want to know everything we can about this warrior."

Scene: S.G.C. - Laborator

Sam and Jacob (Hereafter known as "DAD" because there's another Carter.) are standing at the controls as the warrior is put into an MRI. They see nothing on the control screen when the scan begins.

CARTER: "The suit must be affecting the MRI."

DAD: "As long as he is wearing that armor, we're not going to learn anything more."

Next we see the warrior on a table. Sam and Jacob are working on taking the helmet off the warrior. Sam is dressed in surgical gear, complete with gowns, hats, masks and gloves.

CARTER: "This helmet is made up of two pieces. Pass me those forceps."

Jacob complies and Sam uses the forceps to force the seam at the top of the helmet open just a bit. Then she uses a pry bar to pry the seam open. A steam-like gas and some fluid escapes as she pries the helmet open. A sticky white substance also oozes out and onto the instruments and her fingers. Jacob pulls the faceplate away to reveal the top half of the warrior's "face". The bottom half is still covered by some sort of breathing apparatus. The warrior has translucent white "skin" and it's eyes match the rest of his "skin".

CARTER: "Looks like he's fused right into the suit."

DAD: "Some sort of breathing filtration system."

Sam nods her agreement and then removes the breathing apparatus. They share and "eww" look. Then we see the Carters reporting to the others in the Briefing Room.

CARTER: "It's a Goa'uld. Quite frankly, that's not as shocking as the host."

HAMMOND: "How so?"

CARTER: "It has an incredibly unusual organ structure."

DAD: "Everything's out of proportion. Physiologically, the heart and lungs had to be abnormally large to supply enough blood and oxygen to its muscles. Basically, it's like someone tried to genetically engineer the perfect athlete without any concern for longevity."

TEAL'C: "Leaving it to the symbiote to sustain its life."

JACKSON: "An engineered host."

DAD: "A seriously flawed one. Even a Goa'uld symbiote wouldn't be able to compensate for long. We're still in the process of analyzing genetic data, but for now we can tell you ... there was no evident trauma from energy weapons."

HAMMOND: "What does that mean?"

CARTER: "The warriors armor seems to possess some sort of advances energy absorption technology. If it works the way I think it does, it wouldn't matter how many staff or zat blasts were fired at it. Nothing would get through."

HAMMOND: "Are you suggesting that Teal'c and Bra'tac didn't kill this Goa'uld?"

CARTER: "Yes, sir. Apparently, the host was on the verge of a pulmonary failure long before it encountered them."

HAMMOND: "It had a heart attack?"

CARTER: (nods) "Sorry, Teal'c. You didn't stop it. You and Bra'tac just got lucky."

Back in the lab, Jacob, Sam and Daniel are looking at the black-clad, helmetless warrior.

DAD: "It's entire cellular structure is less then three weeks old. It is organic, but it was definitely created in a lab."

CARTER: "Well, we know that the Goa'uld have been trying to physically perfect a host that would be superior to humans."

DAD: "Well this thing's definitely a lot stronger than humans but it's far from superior."

JACKSON: "Traditionally. the Goa'uld are also somewhat vain about their appearance."

DAD: "This was obviously intended to be a new form of foot soldier ... possibly a reaction to the recent uprising of the Jaffa. What's most interesting is that this being was not alive when it was first grown. It was given life after it reached its mature state."

JACKSON: "Frankenstein's monster."

CARTER: "How do you know that?"

SELMAK: (Snake mode)"Remnants of a unique energy signature within its cells. It's similar to the residual effects left by the use of a sarcophagus."

JACKSON: "Could it give life to something that wasn't alive in the first place?"

SELMAK: "No the sarcophagus is designed to boost health and longevity, heal or revive someone terminally injured. They are nowhere near powerful enough to animate non-living cellular matter."

CARTER: "Then what could have?"

SELMAK: "Thousands of years ago a Goa'uld found a device originally created by the Ancients. They determined its primary purpose was to heal. But it was so powerful, it's effects on human hosts ultimately proved devastating. However, after much research and experimentation, the Goa'uld was able to use the technology to create the first sarcophagus."

JACKSON: "Obviously he wasn't able to eliminate all of its negative side effects."

SELMAK: "The Tok'ra have long sought this device in the hope of using it to perfect the sarcophagus technology so that we could all benefit from it. Now, it may be the key to fighting this new warrior."

CARTER: "How?"

SELMAK: "With the device we may be able to devise a weapon to counteract this life giving energy."

JACKSON: "Who was the first Goa'uld to find the device?"

SELMAK: "His name was Telchak."

JACKSON: "Telchak ..."

Scene: S.G.C. - Daniel's Lab

JACKSON: "Nicholas Ballard, my, uh ... Grandfather. One of Nick's early obsessions was finding the so-called fountain of youth. Uh, he claimed he found evidence indicating the source of the fountains power was a piece of ... alien technology used by early Mayan tribes around 900 BC. They traced its origins to Chac, the Mayan god of rain."

DAD: "And you think this Chac may have actually been Telchak?"

JACKSON: "Just a hunch."

CARTER: "Maybe not just a hunch. The primary function of the device was to heal right?"

DAD: "For the Ancients. For Humans to see any positive effect it would be from very limited exposure at a safe distance."

CARTER: "Still if the device was kept hidden near a water source it could be the basis for the fountain of youth mythology."

JACKSON: "Nick believed Chac's temple was located somewhere in Central America. He spent decades of his life searching for it but came up empty. I've been over his notes and most of it is indecipherable. The only mention of the temples location is somewhere near a waterfall in a river."

Daniel has finally found the passage in a notebook and he turns the notebook to show it to Jacob.

DAD: "This is written in an obscure dialect of Goa'uld."

Scene: S.G.C. - Hammond's Office

HAMMOND: "So where is it?"

JACKSON: "It's here. I-If Selmak's right, Telchak's temple is in Southern Honduras."

HAMMOND: "How can we be certain the device is there?"

JACKSON: "Uh ... we can't, but, um ..."

CARTER: "We think we know who's responsible for creating the Goa'uld warrior."

HAMMOND: "Telchak?"


SELMAK: "After Telchak created the sarcophagus, Anubis went to war with him for possession of the original Ancient device."

JACKSON: "That was long ago, before Anubis attempted to ascend."

SELMAK: "Anubis defeated Telchak, but he never did find the device. It was believed to be hidden in one of Telchak's many temples."

HAMMOND: "You think Anubis is behind this."

CARTER: "He knew about the technology. While he never actually found the device he ultimately wouldn't need to."

JACKSON: "He would have gained access to the knowledge when he ascended. He could have built himself a new one."

HAMMOND: "Still it's only a guess."

JACKSON: "Yeah ..." and SELMAK (simultaneously): "Yes."

JACKSON: "But it's a good one."

CARTER: "The good news is, sir, the original Ancients device is most probably still here on Earth."

SELMAK: "If we could analyze the technology of this device it might be possible to engineer a weapon we can use against these warriors."

CARTER: "Not to mention the possibility of harnessing its power to heal."

HAMMOND: "Very well. Dr. Jackson, take Dr. Lee and see what you can find. Dismissed."

Scene: Twenty miles outside of Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Daniel and Dr. Lee are carrying large backpacks as they walk through what appears to be a marketplace.

LEE: "Are you sure this is the right place?"

JACKSON: "This is where he said he'd be."

LEE: "What if he doesn't show up?"

JACKSON: "Well, we have a few beers ... make a few friends ..."

The duo takes a seat at an outdoor café of sorts. A man carrying a tray approaches the table as they put their backpacks down and sit.

{*Note: Please excuse the transcription here. I do not speak or read Spanish. I am taking this strictly from the CC.}

DURAN: "Hola, muy Buenos dias, caballeros. Una serveza? Una tequila?"

JACKSON: "Um, de hecho. Estamos bescondo a una guia llamado Rogelio, et quedo de vernos aqui."

DURAN: (yelling to someone in the café) "Pedro, haste cargo, tio!" (Then, setting down his tray and taking a seat at their table) "I am Rogelio, Rogelio Duran at your service. This is just my day job. You must be Dr. Jackson."

JACKSON: (shaking his hand) "That's right. Uh, this is Dr. Lee."

LEE: (shaking his hand) "Buenos Dias."

DURAN: "En catal. So ... you guys wanna see some temples?"

JACKSON: "Actually, we wanna see one temple in particular."

Daniel reaches into his backpack and pulls out a map. He looks for a specific place and then points it out to Rogelio.

JACKSON: "Here."

DURAN: "I'm sorry to tell you this, Señor, but there are no temples there. What you wanna do is go North. That's where all the good stuff is. There's lots of ruins. My cousin has a truck. We could be there in five hours."

JACKSON: "Yeah. I'm sure the North is great but we really wanna go here."

DURAN: "Señor, I've been to this part of the country many times. There is nothing there, I promise you. North! That's where you wanna go. Trust me."

JACKSON: "Look either you take us South or we'll find someone who will."

DURAN: "Uh, okay, okay, okay ... it's your money."

JACKSON: "So you say your cousin has a truck?"

DURAN: "Simone. His house is just around the corner. Of course there is the issue of filling the tank with gas."

Dr. Lee looks at Daniel. Daniel gives a curt nod and Lee takes out some money. He flips through some bills pulling out various denominations. He places a couple of bills on the table. Rogelio gives him a look and Lee reluctantly adds to the bills he has already placed on the table.

DURAN: "Okay, now we're talking business. Let's go gentlemen."

Rogelio is now all smiles and enthusiasm as he gets up and gestures for the duo to follow him.

LEE: "Uh ... look, I-I need a receipt or something. I gotta fill in the paper ..."

As they leave, we see a man who has been sitting at a table behind them watching with interest.

Scene: S.G.C. - Briefing Room

BRA'TAC: "If Anubis is truly behind this, then his strategy is to assassinate any minor Goa'ulds vulnerable to attack, absorbing their troops and resources in preparation for battle with Ba'al and the System Lords."

HAMMOND: "How many more of these so called minor Goa'ulds have suffered attacks?"

BRA'TAC: "At least three. These new warriors are devastating."

HAMMOND: "Do we have any idea where they're coming from?"

BRA'TAC: "No."

HAMMOND: "Our fear is it's only a matter of time before Anubis targets Earth."

BRA'TAC: "These beings are a threat to all who hope to one day see the Goa'uld wither in defeat."

HAMMOND: "If Dr. Jackson can recover this Ancient device ..."

BRA'TAC: (interrupting) "Even if he does, there is no guarantee the Tok'ra can devise a weapon capable of fending off these warriors."

CARTER: "We were only able to learn a limited amount from our study of the dead warrior and it's armor."

TEAL'C: "The only way to learn more is through interrogation."

CARTER: "Which means we have to capture one alive."

Scene: S.G.C.- Carter's Lab

HAMMOND: (just walking in) "What have we got, Major?"

CARTER: "The warrior's armor is able to resist our strongest armor piercing weapons, as well as absorb energy weapon fire. However, we've discovered that the material is made up of a close-knit fiber that's very similar to Kevlar. Meaning, something small and sharp should be able to penetrate it ... such as a fine-tipped trinium dart."

Sam loads a dart into a rifle and fires the dart at a model wearing the warrior's armor. The dart penetrates the armor in the abdominal area.

Next, we see Sam and Jack walking through an S.G.C. corridor.

CARTER: "According to Bra'tac the fact that this Ramius is still alive makes him a likely target. Now, there are enough rebel Jaffa under his command that gaining access to the planet shouldn't be a problem. The plan is to stake out the Stargate on Ramius' planet and capture one of the warriors when it comes through."

They approach an elevator. Jack takes out his card and passes it through the scanner to open the elevator.

O'NEILL: "What if one doesn't come through?"

CARTER: "Well ... we come home, I suppose. However, let's say Bra'tac is right. We meet his contacts on Ramius' planet and set up an ambush using a Tok'ra forcefield to trap the warrior and then hit it with trinium tranquilizers."

O'NEILL: "How does the dart get through the shield?"

CARTER: "They work one way. They keep things in not out."

O'NEILL: "Ah ..."

The elevator doors open and both step in.

CARTER: "So what do you think?"

O'NEILL: "I have some notes."

The doors close.

Scene: Southern Honduras - Jungle

LEE: "According to the map we're in the right place but, uh ..."

JACKSON: "This makes no sense. The legend of the fountain of youth says that all nearby water flows towards it."

LEE: "Well, how's that possible?"

JACKSON: "Well maybe the device has special properties or maybe its just superstition or maybe it means that the water from that waterfall back there flows in the direction of the temple."

LEE: "Well it should be right here, but, uh ..."

DURAN: "Nobody ever listens to me, man. I tell them there are no temples out here but what do they do? They come out here anyways. Now the North ... the North has roads. We could drive to any temple we want but instead we're out here walking through this jungle."

JACKSON: "Yeah, okay. Let's spread out, look for a ... temple. In lieu of that, look for a ... totem or marker of some kind. Anything that might tell us where to go from here."

They don't move.


Dr. Lee takes a step and falls through the ground.

LEE: "Waaa ..." (yelling up from below) "Found it!"

Scene: Ramius' Planet

We see a pyramid in the background and then a cargo ship flying overhead. There are also several death gliders flying around the pyramid. Then we see several S.G.C. personnel up ahead of SG-1 and others, scouting and setting up a perimeter. Then we see SG-1 and companions, some of which are Jaffa, bringing up the rear.

ADAL: (speaking to Bra'tac) "I believe this is the best spot to set up for your ambush. This path leads directly to the pyramid of Ramius. I will go now to ensure that your eventual escape will be undetected."

BRA'TAC: "Brother."

They grasp arms in a traditional Jaffa manner.

ADAL: "Tek ma te, Master Bra'tac. It is an honor to be in your service."

BRA'TAC: "Many thanks, Adal. Chal-nak."

O'NEILL: "All right, Carter, do your thing." (Sam turns and walks away.) "Reynolds, I want flanking positions set up on either side of the clearing."

REYNOLDS: "Roger that."

O'NEILL: "Ring the perimeter with C4."

REYNOLDS: "Not much faith in plan A?"

O'NEILL: "Since when has plan A ever worked?"

REYNOLDS: "Right."

Reynolds leaves to set up the C4 and get the others into position.

Scene: Southern Honduras - Temple

Daniel jumps down through the opening Lee discovered. Lee is picking up his stuff and getting his bearings.

JACKSON: "You okay?"

LEE: "Yeah, I'm fine. At least you were right about there being something here."

JACKSON: (to Rogelio) "Listen we're gonna go look around, stay put."

DURAN: "You got it, Señor. Have fun."

Jackson and Lee start walking through some rather narrow passageways in the temple.

JACKSON: "This is definitely early Mayan stonework."

LEE: "Oh, yeah."

Back on Ramuis' planet, the SG personnel and rebel Jaffa are set and waiting for action.

O'NEILL: "SG-3 sierra, this is SG-1 niner. What's your status?"

SG-3 LEADER: (over radio) "We're maintaining position. Stargate is secure, there's no activity."

O'NEILL: (to Sam, who is positioned next to him) "Maybe we should start a pool."

Back in the temple, Jackson and Lee are still exploring the dark, narrow passageways.

LEE: "Is this cramped thing getting to you? I-I mean, why would they make these passageways so narrow?"

JACKSON: "Maybe they were skinny people."

LEE: (clears his throat) "And the roof too. Ow, my head ... God!"

JACKSON: "Skinny, short people."

Before long, the passageway opens into a larger room. The room is lined with square blocks. There is no writing or pictures on the walls.

LEE: "It's a dead end."

JACKSON: "There's no other passageway, nothing on the walls or ceiling. No glyphs, no seals, no ancient script. Not even a pictograph."

LEE: "Isn't there always writing?"

Daniel thinks for a few seconds and then turns his light onto Lee.

LEE: "You know, I mean, somewhere, there's bound to be ... maybe not."

Back on Ramuis' planet, things are starting to heat up.

SG-3 LEADER: "SG-1 niner, this is SG3 sierra. Target has just come through the gate and is on route to your position."

O'NEILL: "All right, heads up."

Everyone takes ready positions as they await the arrival of the warrior. Before long, they see the black-clad warrior come running up the way they had previously taken. When he comes into the clearing in front of them, Jack gives the order.

O'NEILL: "Do it!"

Sam presses a button on a device she is holding and a rectangular forcefield is activated around the warrior. He stops, momentarily unsure what to do. Jack aims and fires a trinium dart into his leg and then a second one into his abdomen. The warrior plucks out the darts and throws them to the ground.

O'NEILL: "Carter?"

CARTER: "I don't understand, sir."

O'NEILL: "Hit him again?"

CARTER: "A third dart could kill him. We want him alive."

The warrior walks forward, first pushing his hand through the forcefield and then walking through it completely.

O'NEILL: "Son of a bitch."

Sam opens fire as Jack throws down the dart gun and moves to take over a very large gun currently being manned by another SG person. Everyone else opens fire with everything they have as Jack starts firing off rounds next to Sam. Everything is bouncing off or being absorbed by the black armor.

The warrior stops and raises his arm to fire his own salvo of energy beams at the Jaffa in front of him. Several Jaffa fall. Then the warrior trains his weapons on Reynolds and his crew. Reynolds is hit and all the others take cover.

Everyone stops firing, because their weapons are having no effect. Jack puts his weapon down and grabs a detonator.

O'NEILL: "Fire in the hole!"

Jack pushes the button on the detonator and an explosion surrounds the warrior. Several seconds later, the warrior is visible walking, unscathed, out of the smoke and dust.

O'NEILL: "C4!"

Sam presses a button on another detonator and the C4 goes off in a fiery explosion. The warrior continues on through the inferno as though nothing has happened. The warrior continues to walk toward Bra'tac. Bra'tac lowers his weapon and watches and the warrior continues on, not paying any attention to the insignificant beings who just attacked it. Suddenly, the sound of a death glider can be heard flying over their position.

CARTER: "Sir, our position's been made."

O'NEILL: "All right, grab the wounded and saddle up." (Then into his radio) "SG3 sierra, dial the gate. We're aborting the mission."

SG-3 LEADER: (over the radio) "Negative, SG1. We have major unfriendly Jaffa closing in on our position. We cannot hold the gate. Repeat, Stargate is not secure."

BRA'TAC: "Soon we will be surrounded. If we fight, many more will die."

O'NEILL: "What do you wanna do?"

BRA'TAC: "Surrender. There is a chance Adal and his rebel Jaffa can free us later."

Jack is not looking too excited about that prospect, but he hears more gliders flying over head as he considers Bra'tac's suggestion and the scene fades out.

Scene: Southern Honduras - Temple

DURAN: (into a radio) "Dr. Jackson, Dr. Lee ..."

JACKSON: (into a radio) "Yeah, we're here. We, uh, found a chamber. Gonna be a while."

DURAN: (over the radio) "Ah ... take your time, Señor."

JACKSON: (to Lee) "Well, we're paying him by the hour."

LEE: "I don't understand. How are we supposed to find this thing if there is no writing?"

JACKSON: "All water flows towards it."

LEE: "So?"

JACKSON: "Give me your canteen. Here hold this."

Jackson gives Lee his flashlight and takes Lee's canteen. He opens the canteen and pours the water on the floor. He watches to see which way the water flows.

LEE: "What good's that gonna do?"

The water flows along the grout lines in the floor until it reaches a point. The water just falls through a crack at that point. Jackson and Lee look at each other. Daniel moves to the spot where the water falls through the floor. He crouches down and puts his ear to the floor. He can hear the water dripping beneath.

JACKSON: "There's something under here."

LEE: "You're good."

Scene: Ramius' Planet

The surrendered SG personnel and rebel Jaffa have been taken to a holding cell in the pyramid. Jack is pacing. Sam is looking after Reynolds. Others are just standing around. There are Jaffa guarding them.

O'NEILL: (to Sam) "How's he doing?"

CARTER: "He's stable for now but we've gotta get him outta here soon."

REYNOLDS: "I'm fine."

RAMIUS: "Jaffa!"

O'NEILL: (to those in the cell with him) "I'll handle this." (He turns and walks to the bars making up the cell door.) "Greetings!" (He makes a gesture with his hand, then looks at it as he tries different finger positions before he gives up the hand gesture all together.) "Well, uh, I know how this looks. So, I think it's important we clear up any misunderstanding right away. We did not come to kill you. Honest." (Jack turns back to look at those in the cell with him.) "Am I right!?" (They all nod, but say nothing.) "The fact is, and this is the fun part, we actually came to save your ass ... es, all your asses. Do you see the irony? All right, there's this guy out there ... big guy ... big guy in a black suit, none to fond of you Goa'ulds. Well, anyway, he's the one we're after, not you. So if you wanna let us go, we'll be on our way, to save the world another day ... you're not buying this are you?"

RAMIUS: "Jaffa! Kree!"

Ramius leaves.

CARTER: "Well ... that went well."

O'NEILL: "That went well."

Back in the temple, Lee is prying up a piece of the floor where the water dropped through. With some effort and some help from Daniel, he pushes the stone up to reveal a chamber below. It is not very deep and there is a cube-shaped item in the chamber.

LEE: "Well, at least it has writing on it."

JACKSON: "Yeah ..."

LEE: "What's it say?"

JACKSON: "I have no idea."

LEE: "Oh ..."

Lee reaches down to pick up the item, but Jackson stops him.

JACKSON: "Careful! Uhm, It's the root technology of a Sarcophagus ... which, by itself, causes madness and addiction. This is, supposedly, something far more powerful. So accidentally activating it would be bad."

LEE: "Okay ..."

JACKSON: "Let's just try picking it up without ... touching it too much."

With, some grunting and heavy breathing, they lift the object out of the chamber. Just as they get the object up to eye level, the stone they had lifted up, slams back into place and the temple starts to quake. Lee and Jackson look at each other as the sound of water can be heard.

JACKSON: "I think running would be a good idea right about now ..."

Suddenly, water comes pouring in from above as well as bursting through the walls. From the temple opening, we see Rogelio peek over into the entrance and put the radio to his mouth.

DURAN: (into the radio) "Dr. Jackson, can you hear me?"

Back on Ramius' planet, in the holding cell, the prisoners are hanging in.

BRA'TAC: "Your friend's condition worsens."

O'NEILL: "Yeah, well, your friends could show up any time now."

BRA'TAC: "We must consider that they may not."

O'NEILL: "Really?"

BRA'TAC: "At least we are alive."

O'NEILL: "Yes ... if you call this living."

CARTER: "Your worried that the super soldier will kill Ramius and then just slaughter the rest of us."

O'NEILL: "Super Soldier?"


O'NEILL: "It has a ring."

TEAL'C: "Most likely the warrior was only after Ramius. When we attacked, its only concern was escape so that the mission may be completed."

O'NEILL: "So what? We just sit around while Ramius gets whacked? Then what?"

No answer is forthcoming, so Jack decides to try his hand at smooth talking the guards.

O'NEILL: "Hey ... hey, what? A little conversation gonna kill ya? Look, I know you're all about loyalty. Well, so am I. In fact many's the time ..."

JAFFA: "Silence!"

O'NEILL: "Teal'c!"

Teal'c gets up and walks to the door.

TEAL'C: "Hear me, Jaffa. Your master is a false god and will surely be defeated. However, you still have a chance to be free."

JAFFA: "Your words mean nothing to me. I know who you are. The Shol'va, Teal'c and Bra'tac ... O'Neill of the Tau'ri. Assassins who believe they could slay my Master."

Weapons fire can now be heard in the distance.

O'NEILL: "Well, if we're assassins, who's that? Hmm?"

Back at the temple, Rogelio is getting panicked because he can see the chamber below him filling with water.

DURAN: (into the radio) "Dr. Jackson, Dr. Lee, can you hear me?" (Then yelling into the opening) "Can you hear me?"

The quaking finally subsides and the water, which is already at the ceiling of the chamber below, stops rising. There is relative silence for a few seconds. Rogelio looks very worried. He bows his head and closes his eyes, fearing the two are dead. Then, suddenly, the cubical object is thrust upward through the opening. Rogelio takes it and Daniel emerges from the water. He pulls himself up with help from Rogelio. Lee is right behind him and he pulls himself out.

DURAN: "Are you okay? I thought you were dead for sure. What happened, Señor?"

JACKSON: "We triggered some sort of trap."

LEE: "I think I figured out why those passageways were so narrow. It's to prevent people from escaping alive."

JACKSON: "You're good."

DURAN: (picking up the object they retrieved) "What have you found?"

Jackson and Lee, still trying to catch their breath, raise up their hands and slowly stand.

DURAN: "Oh, I'm not going to rob you, Señor."

Rogelio notices that they are not looking at him and turns to find four armed men standing in front of him.

DURAN: "Hold still ... madre de dios ..."

We can see that one of the men is the guy who was listening to their conversation back at the café as the scene fades out.

Scene: Ramius' Planet - Holding Cell

Jack and Teal'c are still trying to get through to the Jaffa Guard.

O'NEILL: "Consider this ... does it sound like it's going well?"

TEAL'C: "Your master will be slain, as will you, if you do not free us."

JAFFA: "You lie. My master is a god. He is invincible."

OTHER JAFFA (yelling in the distance): "Orek kek! Ashah kree lok Jaffa!"

All the other guards but the one Jack and Teal'c have been talking to leave. He is left alone to guard the prisoners.

O'NEILL: "You're next, you know?"

TEAL'C: "Ramius will force you to die for him while he attempts to escape."

JAFFA: "My god will fight for his people."

BRA'TAC: "You are wrong, my friend. Your god is somewhere cowering in fear like a child. I have seen it before. He will not hesitate to sacrifice all your lives to save his own."

The guard finally turns to look at them and then runs down the corridor, leaving them unguarded, but still locked away.

O'NEILL: "Hey! What about us?!"

Teal'c and Bra'tac look at each other as Jack turns to them.

O'NEILL: "Shouldn't it be getting easier to convince these guys?"

CARTER: "Sir ..."

Jack looks to see Reynolds having more difficulty breathing. Reynolds slowly turns his head to look at Jack.

O'NEILL: "Hang in there, Reynolds."

REYNOLDS: "As long as it takes."

The Jaffa guard who had just left, comes back around the corner and touches a device on his wrist. The door unlocks. The guard moves toward them.

JAFFA: "Ramius has fallen. Go now, before it comes for you."

The guard hands Jack a zat. Jack hands it to Teal'c.

O'NEILL: " Go, go, go ... Come on!" (Jack rushes everyone out of the cell in front of him.) "Go on, let's go, let's go, let's go ..."

Several people help Reynolds out. The Jaffa guard does not take his eyes off Jack as he urges everyone out of the cell ahead of him. When everyone is out, Jack turns back to see the guard watching him. They look at each other for a moment.

O'NEILL: "Come on ..."

He gestures for the Jaffa to follow him and the Jaffa does.

Meanwhile, back in the jungle, Rogelio, Lee and Jackson are blindfolded, hands bound and are being led by the four armed men.

JACKSON: "Listen, if this is some sort of turf thing we're not aware of, uh, we're sorry."

DURAN: "Oh, no Señor, por favor, please, don't speak."

JACKSON: "No, I'm just saying that-that whoever you guys think we are, we're not."

KIDNAPPER#1: "Who do I think you are?"

JACKSON: "I don't know. We're, uh, we're scientists, archaeologists as a matter of fact. I'm just saying that if, you know, this is a kidnapping, which I'm assuming it is, that you should know that we're not worth anything."

KIDNAPPER #1: "Trust me, Gringo, everyone's worth something to somebody."

LEE: "I tripped. I'm sorry. Gee, I can't see anything ..."

Lee trips and falls to the ground. One of the men reaches down to pull him to his feet. Rogelio removes his blindfold. Then he takes off running, his hands still bound.

KIDNAPPER #1: "Chalo!" (he points after Rogelio)

One of the other men moves to get a bead on Rogelio and fires. Rogelio goes down near a tree.

JACKSON: (ducks at the sound of weapons fire) "What just happened?"

KIDNAPPER #1: "Your guide ... he tried to run. What can you do? Maybe now we'll all stay on the path, eh muchachos?" (He pats Daniel's shoulder, then gives him a shove.) "After you, Vamanos!"

Back in the pyramid, Bra'tac leads the others into the chamber where the bulk of the fighting occurred. There are several dead Jaffa lying around. Bra'tac picks up a staff weapon. SG-1 moves to find Ramius lying dead on the ring transporter. All are now armed again.

O'NEILL: "Ouch!"

TEAL'C: "It would appear Ramius was attempting to get to one of his ships."

CARTER: "Sir, I think we still have a chance to capture the warrior."

O'NEILL: "How?"

We see the Super Soldier running back along the path he took to get to the pyramid. We see a cargo ship descend to hover over him. He stops and looks up as the ring transporter activates.

On the bridge of the cargo ship, Teal'c is piloting and Sam is standing next to the door to the transporter chamber.

CARTER: "Transport cycle complete."

O'NEILL: (over the radio) "Carter? Did you get him?"

We hear several bangs from inside the transport chamber.

CARTER: (into her radio) "Got him."

O'NEILL: (over the radio) "Good."

TEAL'C: "Indeed."

Meanwhile, in the jungle of Honduras, Lee and Jackson are led into the Kidnapper's camp. Everyone, the kidnappers included, are dressed in commando style clothing and are heavily armed.

KIDNAPPER #1: (whistles) "Chino! Jose!" (He says something else the CC doesn't pick up.) Several of those in the camp come to the newly arrived party.

KIDNAPPER #1: "That far enough!" Jackson's and Lee's blindfolds are removed and they are led to a shack and thrown inside. They land roughly, as their hands are still bound.

JACKSON: "Look I don't know what you expect, but no one's going to pay anything for us. We're not worth anything."

KIDNAPPER #1: "That is unfortunate for you, because if no one pays, you both die."

He looks to the fellow on his right and the guy closes the door to the shack leaving the two archaeologists alone in the dim light.

Scene: S.G.C. - Corridor

Sam and Hammond are walking.

HAMMOND: "It's still unconscious?"

CARTER: "Not surprising, considering we voided the cargo bay of life support as soon as we got it on board the ship. It took 10 minutes for it to pass out."

HAMMOND: "I'm surprised it's even still alive."

CARTER: "It put up a hell of a fight, sir."

They walk into Hammond's office and the phone is ringing. Sam waits near the door as Hammond answers the phone.

HAMMOND: "Hammond." (He listens for a few seconds.) "Very well." (He puts the receiver back and then turns to Sam.) "Your prisoner is awake."

We see the Super Soldier standing upright but shackled to the wall with some heavy-duty manacles at his wrists, waist and neck. The faceplate of its helmet has been removed, as has the breathing apparatus. Jacob, Sam and Hammond are observing from the observation area. Teal'c and Bra'tac are in the room with the Super Soldier. It growls as it struggles against its restraints.

BRA'TAC: (walking closer to it) "Who do you serve? Hmm? Speak!"

SUPERSOLDIER: "I serve Anubis."

Bra'tac turns and walks away. Teal'c then steps forward.

TEAL'C: "How were you created?"

It raises its head and a gutteral sound is heard as it shakes its head slightly.

HAMMOND: "I think it's safe to assume they're not going to get anything more out of him. Have you found anything else?"

CARTER: "Our initial scans indicate below normal brainwave patterns emanating from both the symbiote and the host. Basically, he's got all the strength and healing powers of a normal Goa'uld, but none of the normal personality traits."

DAD: "The Goa'uld use sophisticated brainwashing techniques."

HAMMOND: "I'm open to suggestions. How can we find out what it knows, if anything?"

DAD: "There is one possibility. We may be able to use a memory recall device to access conscious images in its mind as it thinks them."

HAMMOND: "Do it."

Scene: S.G.C. - Corridor

Jack is looking for Hammond and catches up with him as he finishes a conversation with someone else.

O'NEILL: "Sir? Any word from Daniel?"

HAMMOND: "No. Dr. Jackson is now six hours overdue for his regular contact schedule."

O'NEILL: "That's late, even for Daniel."

HAMMOND: "The Honduran government has assured the State Department, they're looking into it. They've sent some people to their last reported location. So far, they've found nothing."

Later, in the room where the Super Soldier is restrained, Jacob, Bra'tac, Hammond, Carter and Teal'c are waiting as Jacob finished setting up the memory recall device.

DAD: "If his brainwaves are compatible with the device, we should be able to see whatever he is thinking holographically."

Jacob walks over and places the device on the Super Soldier's temple. Teal'c moves to stand in front of the Super Soldier again as Jacob returns to the control device.

TEAL'C: "What is your planet of origin?"

The Super Soldier struggles against his restraints again. Seconds later, an image appears on the memory recall projector.

DAD: "That's the sky above his planet."

CARTER: "I don't recognize any of these star configurations. This could be anywhere."

DAD: "We have star mapping technology that should be able to pinpoint this location in the galaxy. He just gave us his home world."

Meanwhile, back in the camp, the head kidnapper has come out of a different shack and stretched. He yells something and several of the men respond. Next we see a man bringing a bowl of some liquid and setting it down next to two cockroaches in Jackson and Lee's hut.

KIDNAPPER #1: (standing in the door when the other guy has left) "I know it's not much but ... we do what we can."

He reaches back and a knife is placed in his hands. He stands for a moment, holding the knife in front of him and advances toward the pair. He cuts the straps that are binding Lee's and Jackson's hands, then returns to the doorway. He takes a seat on a stool that has been placed just inside the door.

KIDNAPPER #1: "So ... here's my proposal for you. I will ask questions, you give me answers. I believe you, you get more water, food ... maybe even a blanket at night, okay? Okay. Who do you work for?"

JACKSON: "I told you we're archaeologists ..."

KIDNAPPER #1: "Maybe I was not so clear. If I don't believe you, things get worse for you ... much worse."

JACKSON: "You kill us you get nothing."

KIDNAPPER #1: "Maybe I kill one of you to get your government's attention. Who lives? Who dies? That's up to you, my friend."

JACKSON: "Okay, you, uh ... you listen to me. What you're doing now is a big mistake. Some people ... very powerful people are going to come for us and uh ... well, let's just say by-by letting us go now, you're going to save yourself a lot of trouble."

KIDNAPPER #1: (unimpressed) "Okay, we do it the hard way." (He gets up and walks out the door, but turns back when he is just outside.) "Understand this, I will not hesitate to kill you both, make an example of you to your government so the next time they will take us seriously. You should know, many prisoner talk as you do, 'my friends will come and save me ...' It gives them hope."

He leaves and one of his men closes the door.

Back at the S.G.C., the Carters are back in the briefing room showing a graphic of the Super Soldier's planet of origin to Jack, Teal'c and Bra'tac.

CARTER: "The Tok'ra call it Tartarus. It's a seemingly unoccupied planet on the edge of Goa'uld controlled space."

DAD: "The Tok'ra are currently trying to get as close as they can to assess any defenses that might be there."

Hammond walks into the darkened room from his office. Everyone looks towards him.

CARTER: "Sir?"

HAMMOND: "I'm afraid I have some bad news. I just received a communiqué from the State Department in Washington. It appears that Daniel Jackson and Dr. Lee have been kidnapped. Our best guess is they crossed the border into Nicaragua. However, as of this moment, we have no idea where they area."

Jack looks concerned and glances over to Sam and she returns it. The expression on her face, echoes the concern on his.