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“i don’t get it” hilarious

great podcast guys :D


another good podcast, it was interesting listening.
I don’t remember much about the movie, other than it was kind of a shock to see other actors as Jack and Daniel.
I liked Ra (as a character).
Never been to a con, hope someday to go, but would be quite self concious around the actors, so perhaps it will never happen!


Here’s a plausible explanation for the Creek Mountain / Cheyenne Mountain continuity issue. Creek Mountain is a missile silo facility nearly adjacent to Cheyenne Mountain. When the Stargate project began, you had to go to the Creek Mountain entrance. After the project was wound down, an existing access was opened from Cheyenne Mountain to the silo. This access was formerly kept closed for secrecy. But, once the project was wound down, it was re-opened to reduce overhead for security, and the large Creek Mountain entrance was blocked. Even in SG-1, they state the gate is in a “missile silo”. That… Read more »


I want that Eye of Ra necklace!!!


Hi guy’s! I just came upon this podcast recently and now I am addicted to listening to you guy’s and love hearing other people’s opinion’s about my favorite show’s for a change. Cause on regular entertainment show’s they get talked about very little. As for this week’s listener question. I have been to many convention’s in my time. Mostly started out going to alot of Star Trek convention’s., then spanned out to Herc & Xena conventions, and then I had gone to one StarGate convention in New York by Creation featuring Michael Shanks, Rachel Luttrell, & Teryl Rothery I think… Read more »


Listening to the podcast right now. I’m with you guys, I still can’t believe French Stewart played Ferretti! I first saw this movie in 2010, after only having seen a handful of SG-1 episodes. I really like the movie, especially Kurt Russell, even though he was kind of an asshole, certainly not the way Richard Dean Anderson depicted him later on when the series started, even though his depiction in the pilot wasn’t even what Jack O’Neill would wind up being like as the series progreeses. The movie actually moves at a great pace, it definitely doesn’t feel like it’s… Read more »