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12 years ago

Adria’s not in Season 9. Anyway, great podcast!

12 years ago

You mentioned that the Asurans are alive because they designed the beautiful architecture on Asuras. They did not. It is stated in Atlantis that they simply copied the designs of the most advanced beings they knew, the Ancients.

12 years ago

I loved most of Stargate’s baddies. From the first goa’ulds to some of Ori (ooooh, Adria baby) and even Replicators.

They all was sooo cute ^_^

12 years ago

In my opinion they are very much alive and they have the same rights humans have. People come in different hair, skin, eye colors, they have different heights and weights, plus the Azgard don’t look a lot like us, but they’re still alive, so the fact that Replicators are made of nanites shouldn’t matter. What defines humans is rationality and feelings. Replicators are more rational than most humans, and they show most of the feelings of 10 year old human children: – they have a programming (destroy wraith, never harm ancients, replicate,…) just like we have genetically transmitted information (… Read more »

12 years ago

I do not think replicators should be considered alive in the same sense that a human is alive. Is a radio alive because it can sing like a human? Is a doll alive because it can cry? Replicators in Human form are still replicators. Do they have sympathy?, if you imprint it into their database, then yes!. They are animated so I guess you could say they’re alive, but not in a biological Earth sense. And Sentient? In a metaphysical sense their astounding capabilities could command our respect. But in a purely human sense, are they sentient?. Yes, if you… Read more »