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I think that Season 4 was my favorite overall. Although my 2 favorite SGA eps are in Season 5, I still appreciated the entire season 4 the most. I liked Adrift and Lifeline, the argument between Rodney and Shep over Weir was my favorite scene. And though I wasn’t a big fan of Weir, in retrospect I miss her, I really wish she could have come back as a Replicator. Again in retrospect, while I was never a huge fan of Katie Brown, if I had know what(who) her absence would bring for Rodney, I’d have campaigned REALLY hard to… Read more »


PS – There is no way that I believe that, in The Last Man, Rodney spent all those decades searching for a way to change history for Keller. I firmly believe it was to get Sheppard back and put things to right in the Pegasus Galaxy.


season 4 AKA the season that started most of good stuff before they killed it too soon.

The show was just starting to morph into something else then they pulled the plug in season 5.

more characters should have got there own “the shrine” level episode and all the good stuff they just leave wide open from season 4 and 5 never gets finshed.

It’s like they started the final deep paint jobs with characters in season 4 and then never finshed any of it after they spent season 1-3 building the frames.


I think they wasted Sam. I know about Sanctuary and the contract issues and so…but they could have done something else with the character! I missed Sam.