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Austin Harper
3 years ago

Are you able to share the full script online?

Nick East
Nick East
3 years ago

Re: Open the Gate: Are we watching the same episode? I have the original pilot on DVD, and the gate clearly and obviously closes once Apophis has arrived, and it remains off for the entire firefight. Then after we see the guards rushing to the gate room and we cut back to Apophis the gate is active again (just before, Apophis actually seems to gesture to his Jaffa to redial the gate). It’s an age old myth that Apophis steps “back” through the gate when wormholes are supposed to be one-way. In fact, it’s the Final Cut that does it… Read more »

Last edited 3 years ago by Nick East
3 years ago
Reply to  Nick East

You are extremely observant! Impressive…

I bet you could do very well on the crew of a TV series keeping them in check with such details. I can only imagine all the detailed knowledge about this franchise that you’ve collected.

Personally, I’m actually grateful that I don’t notice too many errors, inconsistencies and plot holes. I don’t let them ruin my enjoyment of the stories, but at some point (as I’ve experiences with other series) that becomes challenging. At some point I just stop watching.

Thank you Darren for sharing this with us!