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Earth's secret off-world base is attacked by Anubis's forces, and Major Carter finds herself being hunted by the enemy. General Hammond and Jacob Carter make an unnerving discovery about the Earth-Tok'ra alliance.

DVD DISC: Season 7, Disc 4
WRITTEN BY: Peter DeLuise
DIRECTED BY: Peter DeLuise
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Transcript edited by Deanna Moll-Landry

Scene: Alpha Site

Samantha Carter and her Tok'ra father, Jacob, are working in a makeshift building that is serving as a laboratory at Earth's offworld base.

JACOB: (Anxiously) Where's the matrix crystal?

CARTER: Next to the primaries.

JACOB: I can't find anything in here, I had a system back at the old Alpha Site.

CARTER: The location of the old Alpha Site was compromised when Anubis used his mind probe on Jonas. You didn't really wanna hang around there, did you?

JACOB: I just want to be able to work as efficiently as possible. Anubis's drones are kicking the crap out of the System Lords and we're next. This prototype should have been done weeks ago.

CARTER: It's done, it's just not finished.

JACOB: Interesting distinction.

CARTER: We only got Telchak's device a month ago. I'm surprised we were able to come up with something so quickly.

JACOB: In its current configuration, the weapon is only 70 percent effective at countering the reanimation technology.

CARTER: The power unit you were using hasn't been properly calibrated, this one will be better.

JACOB: Maybe.

CARTER: Have you not had your coffee this morning?

JACOB: Selmak doesn't like coffee.

CARTER: You gave up coffee for your symbiote? I didn't know that.

JACOB: We never talk anymore, Sam.

An alarm goes off all over the Alpha Site, and a soldier rushes in through the door.

CARTER: Lieutenant Glenn, what's happening?

GLENN: We're under attack. We just picked up Goa'uld ships entering the atmosphere. Colonel Riley has ordered an immediate evac to Beta. We're bugging out right now.

Scene: S.G.C. - Gate Room

The Stargate is open and some technicians are preparing to send a M.A.L.P. through.

O'NEILL: What happened?

HAMMOND: Approximately 20 minutes ago, the approach of Goa'uld ships prompted the evacuation of the Alpha Site.

JACKSON: Sam was doing research there.

HAMMOND: She and Jacob were working on a weapon to neutralize Anubis's new soldiers. At the moment we have no idea what happened to either of them.

O'NEILL: How many people got out?

HAMMOND: Casualty reports are still coming in from the Beta Site, but at least 90 people are still missing including the base commander Colonel Riley.

O'NEILL: I thought the location of the Alpha Site was secret.

JACKSON: They'd get there in a Tok'ra ship, it's a completely new address.

TEAL'C: Yet evidently, somehow the Goa'uld have discovered its wearabouts.

TECHNICIAN: Chevron seven locked, wormhole is stable, sir. No radio chatter.

HAMMOND: Send the M.A.L.P.


The M.A.L.P. goes through the gate.

TECHNICIAN: M.A.L.P. is en route ... receiving M.A.L.P. telemetry. Sir, my instruments are telling me that the M.A.L.P. is on its side.

HAMMOND: Do we still have camera control?


JACKSON: If the Stargate was knocked over and is lying face down on the ground, then the event horizon would have excavated a cavity underneath it. The M.A.L.P. came through, and fell into the hole.

HAMMOND: There is no way to know if the DHD survived the attack.

TEAL'C: If we were to bring an alternate power source we could ...

JACKSON: Dial up manually.

HAMMOND: But you could possibly be under enemy fire.

O'NEILL: We'll be fine, sir, the gate dug the perfect foxhole.

HAMMOND: You have a go. Good luck, Colonel.

O'NEILL: Thank you, sir.

Scene: Alpha Site

The Stargate deactivates and Jack, Teal'c, and Daniel come out of the hole with ladders. The distruction is bad.


TEAL'C: This destruction does not appear to be the result of an aerial assault.

O'NEILL: Single radius blast.

TEAL'C: Possibly from a self destruct to prevent the Alpha Site from falling into enemy hands.

Later, they meet up with Reynolds team.

O'NEILL: So we'll split up, search for survivors.

REYNOLDS: Who could have survived this?

O'NEILL: Start with the treeline there.


O'NEILL: Move out.

Jack, Daniel and Teal'c are walking through some of the aftermath, Reynolds's team are doing the same some distance away.

TEAL'C: O'Neill.

O'NEILL: What have you got?

TEAL'C: This is the armor of one of Anubis's drones.

O'NEILL: Reynolds.

REYNOLDS: Go ahead.

O'NEILL: Be advised, we may not be alone here. One of Anubis's goons might have been on the planet when it blew. Use extreme caution.

REYNOLDS: Understood.

Back with Reynolds team, the team hears some strange noises and goes to investigate. They find some survivors hidden in some bushes.

GREEN: Colonel.

REYNOLDS: Major Green, you alright?

GREEN: Fine, sir, we've got some serious injuries here.

REYNOLDS: Any other survivors in the area?

GREEN: As far as I know, we're the only ones, sir.


O'NEILL: Go ahead.

REYNOLDS: We found twelve survivors but they're not in good shape.

O'NEILL: How bad?

REYNOLDS: Some can walk, but most need immediate medical treatment.

O'NEILL: Major Carter with them?

Reynolds looks at Green, who shakes his head.

REYNOLDS: I'm afraid not.

Scene: Stargate Command

Jack is communicating by radio with the Gate Room.

O'NEILL: SG-3 is going to need a little help to get the gate back up.

HAMMOND: S.G.s 11 and 21 are assembling now, Colonel. I'll be sending them through momentarily. Unfortunately that means a delay before I can send any more resources to help with the search.

O'NEILL: Getting the wounded out is our first priority, sir.

HAMMOND: I agree, but if there are any other survivors out there they may not have a lot of time.

O'NEILL: Understood, sir, we'll keep trying.

Scene: Alpha Site

Jack and the others are still searching. They spot Jacob trapped underneath a fallen tree.

O'NEILL: Jacob!

Teal'c lifts the tree up off of Jacob.

JACOB: Anubis's drones ...

O'NEILL: We know.

JACOB: Take this. (He hands them the insert he and Sam were working on) It's not a hundred percent, but it's all we've got. It only has a few more shots. Sam has a fully charged power unit.

O'NEILL: Where is she?

JACOB: I don't know. I don't even know if she's still alive.

Scene: S.G.C. - Gate Room

HAMMOND: How are you doing?

JACOB: It's nothing Selmak can't handle.

HAMMOND: Jacob, we need to know what happened out there. How did Anubis get the location to the new Alpha Site?

JACOB: I have no idea. I was with Sam when the self destruct went off. One of the drones was chasing us into the forest. George, if I survived the blast ... you know that thing survived as well.

HAMMOND: What about the prototype weapon?

JACOB: I gave it to Colonel O'Neill. But it's only semi-effective in its current configuration. The upgraded power unit was with Sam.

HAMMOND: And we have no idea of where she is.

JACKSON: She's still missing.

HAMMOND: Is there anything else we can use against these drones?

JACOB: Their armor is impervious to energy weapons and regular firearms are useless.

JACKSON: What about the drones that were killed in the blast?

JACOB: Kinetic energy. An explosion of that size ... they can't ignore physics.

JACKSON: So if there was enough kinetic energy ...

JACOB: There would have to be a lot.

HAMMOND: How about a missile?

JACOB: That might do it, if you get close enough.

HAMMOND: Seargent Siler, prepare a U.A.V. with U.C.A.V. specs.

SILER: Yes, sir.

Scene: S.G.C. - Briefing Room

Hammond is sitting down at the table, Major Green is standing before him.

GREEN: Am I in some kind of trouble here, sir?

HAMMOND: The fact the location of the Alpha Site has been compromised indicates that we have a serious breach in security on our hands here. The Pentagon is demanding that I launch a formal enquiry immediately. Just tell me what happened son.

GREEN: To tell you the truth, sir, I'm not entirely sure myself. I was still at chow when the alarm went off, by the time I made it to the command center Colonel Riley had already ordered the evacuation.

HAMMOND: What happened to the Stargate?

GREEN: It was hit by a bomb. We were cut off, that's when the drones landed in scout ships. They took everything that we threw at them and they just kept coming.

HAMMOND: So Colonel Riley ordered a self-destruct?

GREEN: He knew there was some sensitive material on the base, sir. He stayed with the device so the enemy wouldn't have a chance to disarm it. He told the rest of us that we had one minute to make it to the treeline.. I should have stayed with him.

HAMMOND: You were following orders Major.

GREEN: Yes, sir.

HAMMOND: Can you tell me if there was any unusual activity at the Alpha Site in the last few days? Any unschedule gate activations or unexplained signals?

GREEN: No, sir.

HAMMOND: What about the Jaffa and the Tok'ra?

GREEN: Well they haven't been getting along very well, there's nothing unusual about that.

HAMMOND: I want a list of all personnel. Humans, Tok'ra, Jaffa.. who've come and gone to the Alpha Site gate in the last 48 hours.

GREEN: Yes, sir.

Scene: Alpha Site

Teal'c and Jack are still searching for survivors.

TEAL'C: Footprints.

O'NEILL: Standard issue from the S.G.C.

TEAL'C: Indeed. The depth of the imprint if consistent with someone of Major Carter's size.

O'NEILL: There's another set over there.

TEAL'C: They seem to be much larger, perhaps a drone.

O'NEILL: Yeah.

TEAL'C: Do you believe that this prototype weapon will be effective against it?

O'NEILL: We'll jump off that bridge when we come to it.

Scene: S.G.C. - Infirmary

Daniel is sitting next to a bed. Jacob is on the bed, his leg is hurt.

JACKSON: So, how's the leg?

JACOB: It's getting there, slowly but surely.

JACKSON: Oh yeah, slowly. The way you heal it'll probably take a day.

JACOB: You didn't come here to ask me about my leg, you want to know what happened to Sam.


JACOB: The base was under attack, we could hear the explosions getting closer and the sound of scout ships approaching.

Scene: Flashback to the assault on the Alpha Site base

GLENN: We have to leave now!

CARTER: Just give me a second.

JACOB: We had to download the weapon design into the matrix crystal and wipe the computer memory.

GLENN: You have the prototype!

JACOB: We can't leave this information for them to find.

GLENN: How much longer?

CARTER: Finished.

A series of energy shots come through the door and kill Glenn instantly, Sam and Jacob take cover as a super-soldier burst through the door. Jacob stands up and shoots it once with the prototype weapon, it falls to the ground.

JACOB: It worked!

The super-soldier stands up once more.

CARTER: Not good enough.

Jacob shoots it again and it falls down for good.

JACOB: Let's get out of here.

Scene: Alpha Site - Present

JACOB: The Stargate was hit, we couldn't get out. So we ran for the hills. The drone followed us. If Sam is still alive, it's still after her.

JACKSON: She could just be hiding, waiting for a chance to go back through the gate.

JACOB: Out of all the rooms on the base, why did it come to that lab? Why did it chase us as opposed to anyone else?

JACKSON: You think it knew about the prototype?

JACOB: I think that was the whole reason for the attack. Somehow Anubis knows that we may have the only weapon in the galaxy capable of stopping his soldiers.

JACKSON: And Sam has the design.

JACOB: That thing won't stop until it finds her.

Scene: S.G.C. - Gate Room

HAMMOND: Seargent Siler, report.

SILER: Ready to go, sir.

HAMMOND: Well done, I want it airborne now.

SILER: Yes, sir.

TECHNICIAN: General, medical reports that the leader of the Jaffa survivors has been cleared for debriefing.

HAMMOND: I want to speak to him immediately.


Scene: S.G.C. - Briefing Room

Hammond is talking to the Jaffa leader.

M'ZEL: I do not understand why I am being questioned.

HAMMOND: We need to determine exactly what happened.

M'ZEL: If you wish to know who betrayed the secret of your base, I suggest you ask the Tok'ra.

HAMMOND: Why do you say that?

M'ZEL: They are without honour.

HAMMOND: They're your allies.

M'ZEL: Then why will they not help us?

HAMMOND: What are you talking about?

M'ZEL: Even as we speak, Anubis is moving against the System Lord Olokun. His drones are slaughtering the Jaffa that stand against them. They are dying for a hopeless cause.

HAMMOND: What does that have to do with the Tok'ra?

M'ZEL: We believe that they have a spy in Olokun's higher ranks. One that could get close enough to assasinate him.

HAMMOND: The Tok'ra keep us apprised of their ongoing operations , I have no knowledge of any spy in Olokun's ranks.

M'ZEL: Then they are lying to you as well. With their master dead, the siege would be over and Olokun's Jaffa would be free to join our movement.

HAMMOND: The gate logs show that a group of Jaffa left the Alpha Site less then 24 hours before the attack. You sent your own people didn't you.

M'ZEL: Yes.

HAMMOND: Have they reported back?

M'ZEL: They have not.

HAMMOND: If they were captured by Anubis ...

M'ZEL: No Jaffa would succumb to torture.

HAMMOND: Anubis doesn't have to resort to torture. He has technology at his disposal that will simply allow him to read a prisoners mind.

M'ZEL: Heru'ur was killed, I was forced to pledge allegiance to Apophis. The slayer of my master became my master. So it has been for all Jaffa for many thousands of years. But now we can choose to fight our oppressors, we can choose to be free. I ask only that the Jaffa who serve Olokun be given that same choice. If you allow me to go to the Beta Site to speak to the other survivors, I may be able to discover what happened to the Jaffa that we sent.

HAMMOND: Very well.

Scene: Alpha Site

Jack and Teal'c are still searching.

HAMMOND: Colonel O'Neill.

O'NEILL: General.

HAMMOND: Status report.

O'NEILL: We found tracks, sir, they could be Carter's.

HAMMOND: What direction?

O'NEILL: East, up into the hills.

TEAL'C: The higher ground is a more defensible position.

HAMMOND: Understood, I'll have the U.A.V. fly a search pattern in that direction. Over and out.

Scene: Alpha Site - Up in the hills

Carter is sitting in some shades nursing an injured leg. A drone is walking towards her, she lays close to the ground as it turns in her direction. It walks past after some time.

Scene: S.G.C. - Hammond's Office

Jacob walks in and taps on the door. Jacob walks in with a crutch in his right hand, he is limping slightly.


JACOB: Any news on Sam?

HAMMOND: Not yet, but we have a U.A.V. airborne and all available S.G. teams are searching. I don't know anyone tougher or more resourceful. She'll find a way out of this.

JACOB: How's the investigation going?

HAMMOND: I need to talk to you about that. Do you know anything about a Tok'ra operative within Olokun's ranks?


HAMMOND: According to the Jaffa, you have a spy in his inner circle.

JACOB: They're mistaken.

TECHNICIAN: Unscheduled offworld activation!

Scene: S.G.C. - Gate Room

M'Zel comes through the gate.

HAMMOND: Did you learn anything at the Beta Site?

M'ZEL: Of the Jaffa sent to recruit rebels from Olokun's army, only one returned. The fate of the others is unknown. Anubis has won a major victory. Thousands of Jaffa have been killed and many of Olokun's commanders captured. The Tok'ra spy among them.

JACOB: That's impossible. If we had someone on the inside I would have known about it.

HAMMOND: Are you sure?

Scene: Alpha Site

Sam is running through the trees. She has an injured leg. She stops by a tree to apply a tourniquet to the deep gash. The super-soldier is picking up a trail of blood. He comes across a body, but it isn't Sam.

Scene: S.G.C. - Briefing Room

HAMMOND: Thank you for your co-operation in this matter, Delek.

DELEK: I do not see the need to continue this investigation General. The Jaffa have as much as admitted responsibility.

HAMMOND: All we know for sure is that some of the men they sent to recruit rebels from Olokun's armies didn't return.

DELEK: Because they were captured in Anubis's latest defensive. It is the most logical explanation.

HAMMOND: According to the Jaffa, a Tok'ra spy was also captured.

DELEK: We both know that Jaffa intelligence is not always as reliable as it should be.

HAMMOND: So your saying you haven't got an operative in Olokun's ranks?

DELEK: I am unable to discuss such matters at this present time.

HAMMOND: The terms of our alliance dictates full disclosure.

DELEK: In matters of joint concern.

HAMMOND: The security of the Alpha Site is a matter of joint concern.

DELEK: But the disposition of our operatives has no bearing on the Alpha Site.

HAMMOND: So you claim.

DELEK: You have allies among the other nations of this planet do you not?

HAMMOND: Of course.

DELEK: Do you always practise full disclosure?

HAMMOND: We gave you shelter when you had nowhere else to go.

DELEK: Because you needed us. Just as you brought us Telchak's re-animation device because you needed our help to develop a weapon against Anubis's drones. But you were not always so forthcoming. There is for example your program to build and design hybid ships using Goa'uld technologies. A program which the Tok'ra feels extremely unwise.

HAMMOND: We need those ships for the defense of Earth.

DELEK: So you feel it is none of our concern. You see General it works both ways. You ask us to trust that your headlong pursuit of technologies that you don't understand poses no threat. But you fail to offer. But you fail to offer similar consideration when it comes to our policy on using covert operatives.

HAMMOND: Let me ask you something. How many Tok'ra from the Alpha Site are still unaccounted for?

DELEK: Five.

HAMMOND: You know how many people I'm missing? Sixty-four. Believe me when I say I'm going to get to the bottom of this with or without your help.

Scene: Alpha Site

Sam is still trying to elude the super-soldier. She stops to drink some water from a lake. She's clearly exhausted. The soldier is on the opposite side and starts firing. She heads back into the trees.

Scene: Stargate Command

DELEK: I've been expecting you. No doubt you've spoken to General Hammond.

JACOB: He say's he asked you if we had a spy in Olokun's inner circle.

DELEK: Yes, he did.

JACOB: He asked me the same question. Of course I told him no, because only the High Council could make a decision like that, and since I'm on the High Council, I would know about it. Wouldn't I? Or is there something you wanna tell me.

DELEK: If you have a concern, you can take it up with the Council yourself.

JACOB: Who do you think you're talking to?

DELEK: An interesting question. It seems I am talking to a human host.

SELMAK: (Bows his head) Make no mistake. I am still Selmak. And I was a leader of the Tok'ra, before you had even taken a host.

DELEK: Maybe you've been a leader too long. The Tau'ri are unlike other humans in the galaxy. Their will has not been eroded by thousands of years of slavery. This can be a valuable asset, but it can also make them dangerous. Particularly as hosts.

SELMAK: Jacob Carter has had no more influence on me than any other host.

DELEK: There are those of us who would disagree. You have allowed yourself to get too close to these people, Selmak. Your true loyalties are in question.

SELMAK: Do you speak for the entire Council?

DELEK: You still have your defenders. Although their numbers are diminishing.

SELMAK: So you did meet without me, and you did send an operative.

DELEK: And if you had known, would you have told General Hammond?

SELMAK: They have a right to know.

DELEK: We knew you would feel that way ... which is precisely why you were not informed.

Scene: S.G.C. - Hammond's Office

Jacob meets again with Hammond.

HAMMOND: So Delek admits that this spy has gone missing.

JACOB: Yes. But the Tok'ra will never acknowledge that he could have been responsible for what happened at the Alpha Site. Tok'ra operatives have orders never to allow themselves to be taken alive.

HAMMOND: What about a sarcophagus?

JACOB: They take special precautions to ensure that the brain is not left intact. No revival is possible.

HAMMOND: This is all assuming the man wasn't taken unawares. The system isn't fool-proof. But they won't admit that. The truth is, I don't think you'll ever find out for sure who was responsible for the leak. It could have been the Tok'ra or the Jaffa. It could have been both. Look, I've helped you as much as I can with this investigation but right now I'd like to get back to the Alpha Site and join the search.

HAMMOND: I need you here.

JACOB: George, I already told you -- I'm out of the loop. They don't trust me anymore. They think my emotions are clouding my judgement ... which is a little ironic considering that I'm wasting all this time while my own daughter is out there being hunted by that thing.

HAMMOND: We have our best people on this, Jacob. They will find her.

JACOB: What am I supposed to do in the meantime?

HAMMOND: I just got a report from the Beta Site. The Jaffa are blaming the Tok'ra for what happened. There have already been several altercations. If I can't get the situation under control, I have orders to expel them all. Our alliance is falling apart. I need someone to bridge the gap, someone to be the voice of reason. I need you.

Scene: Alpha Site

Sam spots the U.A.V. in the sky and uses her watch to reflect the sun on the U.A.V., revealing her position. Just as the sun is catching on her watch, the super-soldier sees the U.A.V., and shoots it down. Sam hides and he walks by her.

Not far from Sam's position, Jack is paged thru the radio.

RADIO: O'Neill --

O'NEILL: Go ahead.

RADIO: A U.A.V. has been shot down in your area. It's four clicks away on a heading of three-two-zero degrees from your present location.

O'NEILL: We're on it.

Scene: Stargate Command

Jacob summons M'Zel.

M'ZEL: Why have you asked me here?

Jacob nods at the guard to leave and he does.

JACOB: You know what's happening at the Beta Site?

M'ZEL: I do.

JACOB: We need your help to put a stop to it before it get's out of hand. You're a leader amongst the Jaffa. They'll listen to you.

M'ZEL: And what would you have me say? That they must continue to bear the arrogance of the Tok'ra without complaint? That they must be subservient to those that would sacrifice so many of their brothers?

SELMAK: (Bows his head) For thousands of years, the Jaffa have been dependant on the Goa'uld because they need symbiotes to sustain them. But now there is a substance called tretonin which can free the Jaffa from this dependance.

M'ZEL: I'm aware of the significance of tretonin.

SELMAK: Are you also aware that countless millions of Tok'ra symbiotes died in it's development? Including our beloved Queen, Egeria? The Queen from which all our lineage can be traced.

M'ZEL: I was not.

SELMAK: For the first time, the Tok'ra have fought side by side with the Jaffa and the people of the Tau'ri and it has made a difference. More System Lords have fallen in the past seven years than in the 700 years previous.

M'ZEL: It is true that together we are strong.

SELMAK: And divided, we will die.

JACOB: We cannot let the alliance between us end.

M'ZEL: Your words are wise, but my time at the Alpha Site has taught me some bitter lessons. I suspect that you do not speak for all the Tok'ra.


M'ZEL: Until the others feel as you do. Reconciliation may not be possible.

Scene: Alpha Site

Sam finds the U.A.V. She MacGyvers it, removeing part of it and taking the missile, placing it on top of the wing.

Briefing Room.

HAMMOND: Gentlemen, we've asked you here together because we need your help to stop the situation at the Beta Site from getting out of hand.

DELEK: I'm not sure what you expect the Tok'ra to do General.We've suffered a number of unprovoked assaults.

M'ZEL: Unprovoked? You refused to help us and thousands of Jaffa died needlessly.

DELEK: Assassinating Olokun was never an option.

JACKSON: Why not?

DELEK: We had no way of knowing how many Jaffa would join the rebels. We could have been delivering an entire army into the hands of Anubis.

M'ZEL: They deserved the right to choose. Instead they were slaughtered.

DELEK: We have been fighting the Goa'uld for thousands of years. You have no right to question our methods.

JACKSON: Because you were alone for thousands of years. You have allies now.

DELEK: And what good has it done us? In the few short years we have known the Tau'ri, your tendency to provoke direct confrontation with the Goa'uld has resulted in the deaths of more Tok'ra than the previous 100 years combined.

JACOB: I hate to admit it George, but he's got a point. When a human or a Jaffa dies in battle, more are born to take their place. The same can't be said for the Tok'ra.

DELEK: Our Queen Egeria, from whom all Tok'ra are spawned, is dead. Our numbers are dwindling. This alliance may simply be something we cannot afford.

Scene: Alpha Site

The super-soldier approaches Sam's rigged U.A.V., and she ducks down. Seeing her, he starts firing. She sets off the missile which hits him and explodes. Jack and Teal'c hear the noise and set off running. An exhausted Sam sits on the bank. The soldier's hand comes up through the dirt and he stands up and takes aim again. Teal'c and Jack arrive and start firing, to no avail. Sam hides behind a rock and is joined by Jack.

O'NEILL: Carter, I need the ...

She hands him the new weapon insert.

O'NEILL: Thank you.

He places it in his gun and fires. Two shots take the soldier out.

O'NEILL (To Teal'c): Cover him.

CARTER: Is it?

O'NEILL: Yeah, he's dead. Right, Teal'c? He's dead?

Teal'c kicks the soldier, then nods.

O'NEILL: Yeah, he's dead. You wanna get up?

CARTER: I just need to rest for a minute.

He looks at her as she tries to catch her breath. She looks exhausted.

O'NEILL: Come here.

He puts his arm around her, and she melts into him, resting her head on his shoulder. The camera pans out on them, and Teal'c is seen looking down on the dead super-soldier.

Scene: S.G.C. - Briefing Room

DELEK: First of all we'd like to congratulate you on the recovery of Major Carter. We're glad to know that she is safe.

HAMMOND: Thank you.

DELEK: I have spoken to the High Council with regard to the situation at the Beta Site. The Council believes the best solution is for the Tok'ra to leave.

JACKSON: Is that really necessary?

DELEK: If this partnership were to continue, you would insist on full disclosure of all our covert operations, would you not?

HAMMOND: I'm afraid that's non negotiable.

DELEK: In that case we must refuse. Secrecy is our only weapon. It's all we've ever known.

M'ZEL: The Jaffa too will be leaving.

HAMMOND: I don't understand. With the Tok'ra gone ...

M'ZEL: We are not leaving because of the Tok'ra. We are leaving because it is what we must do. On your base, you dictate the terms, we must consult you before we take any action. There are those among us who feel we simply traded one master for another.

HAMMOND: We're not trying to tell you what to do. We simply think it's important to co-ordinate our efforts.

M'ZEL: Unlike the Tau'ri or the Tok'ra. The Jaffa are still learning what it means to be free. In order to do this we must have our own bases. Train our own leaders, build our own communities. We must do this for ourselves or it would have no meaning. Only then can we be equal partners in any alliance.

JACKSON: I'm sorry, this is nuts! My friend almost died out there so that we could get a weapon capable of stopping Anubis's soldiers. And now we're finally in a position where we can really make a difference, and you wanna walk away?

DELEK: I'm sorry, Doctor Jackson.

M'ZEL: This is how it must be.

Scene: S.G.C. - Infirmary

Sam wakes up to find Jacob sitting there.

JACOB: Howdy kid. You were asleep for a long time. You gave me quite a scare.

CARTER: I'm sorry.

JACOB: Jack told me what happened. I'm proud of you. Look Sam, I may not be able to come around as much for the next little while.

CARTER: What do you mean?

JACOB: Things kind of got screwed up while you were out there. The alliance is in trouble.

CARTER: I don't understand.

JACOB: You don't need to know the details right now. Let's just say we're going our separate ways for a while. If I stay with the Tok'ra, I can at least try to mend some fences.

CARTER: You sure?

JACOB: I'm not ready to give up on this just yet.

He kisses her.

JACOB: Don't worry, I'll be back eventually.

CARTER: I'll miss you.

JACOB: I'll miss you, too. Bye.