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Anubis begins a systematic assault on Earth, and the planet's only hope of salvation depends on whether SG-1 can find the Ancients' mythical Lost City.

DVD DISC: Season 7, Disc 5
WRITTEN BY: Brad Wright & Robert C. Cooper
DIRECTED BY: Martin Wood
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Transcript by Callie Sullivan
Edited by Deanna Moll-Landry

S.G.C. - In Daniel's lab, Jack is working on a crossword puzzle -- maybe the same one that he didn't do very well on during the last episode? Daniel brings a book over to him and points at something on a page.

JACKSON: Does this mean anything to you?

O'NEILL (without even looking): No.

JACKSON: Could you at least look at it?

O'NEILL: Daniel, I don't speak Ancient. Yet. And when I do -- eventually -- you know I'll never understand it.

JACKSON: You have to try.

O'NEILL: Look, last time things just popped into my fron.

JACKSON: Fron is head.

O'NEILL: Now, you see, I have no idea what you're talkin' about.

JACKSON (taking the crossword puzzle off the desk): Well, maybe if you stopped working on this stupid ...

O'NEILL: Hey, hey, hey! (He tries to snatch it back.) I'd like to at least finish that while I can.

(Sam walks in.)

CARTER: I thought you were supposed to be ...

JACKSON (looking at the puzzle): Thirteen across, you wrote 'Taonas'.

O'NEILL: Yeah? So? What's it mean?

JACKSON: Well I don't know -- you tell me. Eight down you wrote 'proclarush'.

CARTER: What's eight down?

JACKSON: Umm ... 'label'. There's empty spaces -- I think the answer's supposed to be 'identification'. Thirteen across is 'sphere' ... Jack, this is it!

O'NEILL: Now, see, I assume we still speak the same language ... mostly.

JACKSON: 'Sphere' -- planet. 'Label' -- name.

O'NEILL: Following -- still -- you -- not!

JACKSON: Proclarush Taonas. I think you wrote the name of the planet where we'll find the lost city in the crossword.

O'NEILL: ... Bit of a jump.

JACKSON: Well, why else would you do that?

(Sam takes the puzzle from Daniel and looks at it.)

CARTER: The clue for seven down is 'celestial body' and he wrote 'Uma Thurman'.

O'NEILL (smiling): Yes!

JACKSON: It has to mean something.

O'NEILL: It does. (He snatches the puzzle back, straightens it out, sighs, then looks at it intently for a few moments while Sam and Daniel watch anxiously.) I'm hungry. (He gets up and walks out. Sam and Daniel look at each other for a moment, then sigh.)

S.G.C. COMMISSARY. Jack, Daniel and Sam are seated at a table.

JACKSON: 'Proclarush Taonas'. According to this it means 'lost in fire'. It was lost. This has to be the planet where that Lost City is.

CARTER: Well, even if it is, knowing the name of the planet doesn't really help unless we have a Gate address to get us there.

(Without warning, Jack reaches out and rips Daniel's SG-1 patch off his sleeve and drops it onto the table. He picks it up and turns it round, then drops it onto the table again. He looks up at Daniel, then across to Sam.)

JACKSON: Jack, what're you doing?

O'NEILL (gesturing down to the patch): At.


O'NEILL (looking across at her): At.

JACKSON (gesturing to the patch): This?


JACKSON: That is At?

O'NEILL: You can stop ... that. And don't ask me what it means -- I don't know.

JACKSON: I think I do. (He opens his notebook and draws one of the Stargate symbols [Canis Minor], then shows it to Jack). What's this?

O'NEILL: Shh. (Daniel and Sam glance at each other, then back at Jack. He looks back and forth between them.) Well?

CARTER: You just told us to be quiet.

O'NEILL: No -- when I look at this (pointing to the drawing) I think 'Shh'.

JACKSON: That's it.


JACKSON (turning back to another page in his notebook): 'Proclarush Taonas'. Six syllables. What if each symbol on the Stargate has a corresponding sound so that it can be spoken aloud?

CARTER: Like an alphabet.

JACKSON: Proclarush Taonas isn't just the name of the planet. It's also the Gate address.

S.G.C. CONTROL ROOM. Daniel is showing a page of his notebook to Doctor Weir. He and Jack must have worked out between them which Gate symbols the six syllables refer to, because he has drawn six symbols and is now drawing Earth's point of origin symbol.

JACKSON: 'At' is the Earth symbol -- our point of origin. Proclarush Taonas At.

WEIR: So this is the Gate address that could lead us to the Lost City.

JACKSON: It has to be.

CARTER (working on a computer nearby): Wait a minute. We dialled this same address over two years ago but we couldn't establish a wormhole. The Gate must be buried.

JACKSON: Lost in fire.

CARTER: Well, what we're looking for could still be there. I could use the address to calculate the planet's location in space but we'll need a ship to get there.

JACKSON: Prometheus.

WEIR: But with Anubis on his way, Prometheus is our last line of defense.

CARTER: Maybe Teal'c has something by now.

WEIR: Where's Colonel O'Neill?

(Daniel hesitates, then answers reluctantly.)

JACKSON: ... Packing.

S.G.C. STOREROOM. Jack is busily collecting all sorts of bits and pieces. Sam, Daniel and Weir walk in.

WEIR: Colonel.

O'NEILL (not stopping what he's doing): Don't ask.

CARTER: The last time this happened he just started doing things without knowing why.

JACKSON: It's a good sign, though -- hopefully it means we're on the right track.

(The three of them follow Jack as he heads off to another set of shelves to collect a carton of something.)


O'NEILL (irritated): I don't know, Carter! (He walks back to the central pile and drops the carton on it.) Grab a naquadah generator, will ya? (He walks off again.)

CHULAK. A Jaffa is admitted into a tent. Inside sits Bra'tac with Teal'c at his side. The Jaffa bows.

RONAN: I am Ronan.

BRA'TAC: I knew your father.

RONAN: It is an honour. (Bra'tac beckons him closer. He walks a few steps into the tent.) I have a ship at my disposal.

TEAL'C: So we have heard.

RONAN: Forgive me, but as brave as you are, you cannot possibly hope to stop the fleet of Anubis with just one ship. I have seen the extent of his forces.

BRA'TAC: We only wish to use your ship to help us find something much more powerful.

TEAL'C: Something that we believe will defeat Anubis once and for all.

RONAN: If that is true, then I will join you. (Bra'tac and Teal'c look at each other.) That is my only condition. (Bra'tac looks at him.) I am a fine pilot.

TEAL'C: So we have heard. (He smiles and nods at Ronan.)

S.G.C. GATE ROOM. Dr Weir is walking around looking at several boxes and crates scattered around in front of the ramp. Jack wheels in another box while holding a case in his other hand. Sam and Daniel are with him, also carrying cases.

WEIR: Well, have you got everything you need? I think there's still a sink in the kitchen.

O'NEILL: Is that a joke?

WEIR: Perhaps. A bad one.

O'NEILL: Yes, very bad. But I sense hope for you.

WEIR: Well, I hope for all of us that you find what you're looking for, Colonel.

O'NEILL: Thank you. (He heads up the ramp. Sam and Daniel share a look with each other before following, and they are followed by technicians carrying more some of the equipment that Jack has selected.)

HYPERSPACE. RONAN'S SCOUT SHIP. In the rear of the ship, Jack and Daniel sit surrounded by crates and boxes. Daniel is writing in his notebook while Jack just gazes at nothing. After a moment Daniel looks across to Jack.

O'NEILL: What?

JACKSON: I would have done it, you know.

O'NEILL: I know.

JACKSON: I mean, there has to be a way to reverse the effects, once we have what we need. (Jack nods, not convinced.) We'll find a way.

(Sam walks in.)

CARTER: We're coaxing everything we can out of the engines, but we're still two days away. (She looks at Jack.) How're you feeling, sir?

O'NEILL: A bit cruvis. A little fron-ache. (He looks up at Sam, who glances across at Daniel, concerned.) We need to go faster. (He gets up and walks out.)

SPACE. Two Goa'uld motherships and an Al'kesh make a close fly-past of the Moon on their approach to Earth.

THE WHITE HOUSE. THE OVAL OFFICE. A National Security Advisor escorts General John Jumper, Air Force Chief of Staff, into the Oval Office. The President, General Maynard, Vice President Kinsey and General Hammond are already seated in the room. Hammond stands as General Jumper enters.

JUMPER: Mr. President, a short time ago, our space-based radar detected three Goa'uld vessels emerging from hyperspace.

HAYES (to Kinsey): Looks like you were wrong, Bob.

KINSEY: Three Goa'uld ships is hardly the full force of Anubis' fleet.

HAMMOND: Sounds to me like Anubis wants to know if SG-1 was successful in procuring Ancient defense technology.

KINSEY: They weren't.

HAMMOND: Not yet, but Anubis doesn't know that.

HAYES: And he's most likely holding back his main invasion fleet till he finds out what we've got.

JUMPER: Sir, Prometheus and our fleet of 302s can give 'em a run for their money.

HAMMOND: If that's all he throws at us, yes, sir, I agree.

KINSEY: Let's do it!

HAMMOND: However, Mr President, I agree with your assessment of the situation. Anubis' objective is to goad us into a precipitous action which will show our hand. I believe launching the Prometheus now will only serve to demonstrate we lack the very advanced weaponry Anubis is afraid of.

HAYES: Remain at DEF-CON 3 for the time being but contact the governments of Russia, Great Britain, France, China and Canada and let 'em know what we think we're in for. In the meantime, I'd better prepare a hell of a speech. Thank you.

SCOUT SHIP. Jack is making adjustments to crystals in the engine core as Sam watches.

O'NEILL: Give me your zat. (Sam hands over a zat and Jack shoots the crystals. The engine sound increases. Jack closes the zat and hands it back to Sam.) There you go.

CARTER: Sir. I think you should know that General Hammond authorized me to take command of the team if I determined that you ...

O'NEILL: Do it now.

CARTER: Sir, I don't think that's necessary ...

O'NEILL: I trust you. I'll make it easy for you. I resign. You're in charge.

CARTER: OK. ... Sir, at your house before Daniel and Teal'c showed up, what I was gonna say was ...

O'NEILL: I know. (They look at each other for a moment, then Jack slides the bank of crystals back into position.)

ANUBIS' MOTHERSHIP. Herak enters Anubis' chamber, which is guarded by two super-soldiers.

HERAK: My Lord. (He bows.) The advance attack reports that they have received no challenge.


(Herak bows and leaves.)

SPACE. The scout ship exits hyperspace and goes into orbit around a planet. Jack and Sam come to the front of the ship to join the others.

CARTER (looking at the displays): Well, this doesn't look good. The surface is almost completely covered by lava flows.

JACKSON: How could there have ever been a civilization down there?

CARTER: A star becomes a red giant like this near the end of its life. A million years ago this planet may have looked very much like Earth.

JACKSON: So we're a million years late?!

CARTER: Probably more.

JACKSON: That's very late.

(Daniel and Sam both turn round and look at Jack.)

O'NEILL: What?

(Sam turns away again and looks at Daniel.)

LATER. The ship is now flying over the planet's surface.

BRA'TAC: I have scanned the entire surface.

(Sam and Daniel turn to look at Jack again.)

O'NEILL: What do you want me to say? I don't even know why we're here.

CARTER: But you did pack the haz-mat suits for us. My guess is you knew the condition of the planet and you knew that we would have to go down there.

O'NEILL: Then you know more than I do.

CARTER: No, sir, I don't. Sit down and take a look. (Jack looks at her, frowning a little.) That's an order.

(Jack frowns some more. Teal'c looks surprised, while Sam looks embarrassed. Bra'tac leaves his seat and Jack goes to sit down. As he passes Sam he speaks warningly to her.)

O'NEILL: Easy. (He sits down and pulls up a schematic of the planet's surface and looks at it.) Taonas.


O'NEILL: What?

JACKSON: You looked at the screen and said 'Taonas'.

O'NEILL: If you say so.

JACKSON: You say so.

(Sam spots something on the screen and points.)

CARTER: There's a small anomaly on the surface here. Like a bubble.

BRA'TAC: Is it a cavern?

CARTER (shaking her head): It looks like a perfectly-formed half-sphere of molten rock.

RONAN: Perhaps a forcefield meant to protect the city was covered over.

CARTER: Too small to have a whole city in there -- and we aren't getting any energy readings from it.

TEAL'C: Perhaps the shield has since failed.

CARTER: We should still check it out.

WHITE HOUSE. OVAL OFFICE. General Maynard is on the phone. He lowers the phone to address Hayes.

MAYNARD: Mr. President, we've managed to contact the captain of the Spruance, a destroyer in the Nimitz battle group. (He puts the receiver down so that the captain's voice comes over the speakerphone.)

CAPTAIN: I repeat, some sort of beam just came out of the sky. There wasn't any warning, but the entire carrier just went up in one big fireball.

HAYES: Captain, can you see the enemy?

CAPTAIN: Holy! Another cruiser just blew up. Where the hell's the fire coming from? All ahead, flank ...

(The line goes to static. Maynard snatches up the phone and listens, then puts the phone down. He looks at his watch.)

MAYNARD: The engagement began less than five minutes ago. And that was only one Goa'uld ship.

LAVA PLANET. The scout ship flies low over the lava flows towards the dome. Inside, SG-1 are finishing dressing in haz-mat gear.

BRA'TAC (indicating a spot on the screen to Ronan): Here. The crust may be thin enough for the rings to penetrate. (to SG-1) Stand by.

(SG-1 put their haz-mat hoods on.)

DOME INTERIOR. The transporter rings punch through the lava crust and descend to the floor. SG-1 transport down.


RONAN: Can you still hear us?

TEAL'C (over comms): Indeed. Loudly and clearly.

BRA'TAC: We will move a safe distance and return on your signal.

DOME INTERIOR. SG-1 move through the cavern. The area is unlit and full of smoke or steam and the team's torches barely penetrate the gloom. There are tall stalagmites everywhere.

CARTER: The radiation level's pretty high.

TEAL'C: I believe Ronan was correct. It seems a shield once protected this structure.

CARTER: It's possible the rings compromised the dome's integrity. We shouldn't stay too long.

JACKSON: Too bad -- otherwise it's very pleasant(!)

(Jack moves slowly but fairly purposefully towards a large cavern which -- through the gloom -- seems to have an object in the middle and columns around the walls.)

JACKSON: Architecture definitely indicates this was built by the Ancients.

TEAL'C: This facility does not appear operational.

(Jack walks to the object in the middle of the cavern. There's a stone chair, a little like a throne, on a low dais.)

CARTER: I don't know about you guys but right now I'm kinda hopin' that this isn't the Lost City. (She notices Jack standing by the chair and looking at it.) Sir, be careful. (Jack sits in the chair, which lights up.)

JACKSON: Jack, you sure you know what you're doin'?

(Jack puts his hands on two pads on the ends of the arms of the chair. A forcefield rises up around the cavern and air can be heard hissing into the cavern. Without hesitation, Jack takes his haz-mat hood off. Sam consults her monitor.)

CARTER: The atmosphere is safe.

(Jack, who has taken his left glove off, touches the left-hand pad and the chair half reclines. Meanwhile, the rest of SG-1 remove their hoods. Jack operates the pad again, using minute movements of his fingers, and a three-dimensional hologrammatic map of space appears above him.)

CARTER: It's a map of the galaxy.

JACKSON: Looks like every planet the Ancients ever colonized is indicated here. (He points.) This is where we are -- Proclarush.

(The image changes to a single sun and its planets.)

CARTER: That's our solar system. (The image homes in on the third planet). Earth!

TEAL'C (looking at the shapes of the continents): That does not appear to be Earth.

JACKSON: That's because it doesn't take into consideration thirty million years of continental drift.

CARTER (looking at Jack): Sir, why are you showing us this?

(Jack gazes up at the image.)


O'NEILL: Terra Atlantis.

JACKSON: Terra's Earth. Atlantis ...

CARTER: The Lost City of Atlantis?!

JACKSON: Are you say the lost city of the Ancients is here? (pointing at the image of Earth)

CARTER (also pointing): Antarctica.

O'NEILL: Subo glacios.

JACKSON: Under the ice. The city we've been looking for is under the ice of Antarctica.

CARTER: It's been on Earth the whole time?

(Jack looks at her but says nothing.)

JACKSON (a little frustrated): Jack, we were just there!

CARTER (equally frustrated): So we came all this way just to find out that we have to go all the way back.

O'NEILL: No! (He manipulates the pad again. The hologrammatic image disappears and the chair straightens up. He puts his haz-mat hood back on. The others quickly follow suit. Jack goes to the edge of the dais and kneels down. He waves his hand over part of it and a glowing device raises up. He pulls it free and hands it to Sam.)

CARTER: A power source. (The team start to leave the cavern as ominous rumblings begin.) Bra'tac, we're on our way. We know the location of the lost city. It's on Earth.


BRA'TAC: Understood, Major Carter. (He leaves his seat and addresses Ronan.) Pilot the vessel. I will see to the transport rings. (As he walks close to Ronan, Ronan grabs him, pushes him against the wall and then stabs in the stomach. Bra'tac gasps in pain and looks down at the knife sticking in him.) I am betrayed.

RONAN: You are the betrayer -- of your one true god, Anubis. (He pulls out the knife. Bra'tac falls to his knees, gasping.)

BRA'TAC: You should have struck for my heart, Ronan.

RONAN: You will die more slowly this way.

BRA'TAC: You are mistaken. I no longer carry a symbiote. (He kicks Ronan's feet from under him, surges to his feet and he and Ronan fight.)

In the dome, SG-1 race back towards the transporter site. More ominous rumblings are heard.

JACKSON: I don't think the dome's gonna hold.

On the scout ship, Bra'tac and Ronan continue to fight.

RONAN: You are weak, old man.

In the dome:

CARTER: Bra'tac, what's happening up there?

Rocks start to fall from the ceiling, some hitting one of the team (Daniel? It's hard to tell with the haz-mat suits on.) The others help him up.

In the scout ship, Bra'tac finds a final surge of strength and kicks the knife out of Ronan's hand. He grabs it and pins Ronan against the wall.

BRA'TAC: You may be younger, but not the wiser. (He stabs him. They both fall to the floor.)

The ship arrives over the transport site.

In the dome:

CARTER: Bra'tac, the dome is collapsing.

With his last strength, Bra'tac slumps against the wall by the transporter panel and punches the sequence of buttons. As the rings activate and SG-1 transport up, Bra'tac collapses to the floor.

BRA'TAC (weakly): Secure the ship.

(Sam rushes to check on Ronan. Teal'c kneels down by Bra'tac, who has a serious wound in his stomach.)

BRA'TAC: Ronan was an agent of Anubis.

TEAL'C: Save your strength, old friend.

BRA'TAC: You know that I am stubborn, Teal'c, but this battle I fear I cannot win.

(Slowly, as if he's not sure what he's doing, Jack walks over to Bra'tac and kneels down by him. He reaches out his hand, puts it over Bra'tac's wound, then bows his head, closes his eyes and concentrates. Bra'tac winces in pain, then opens his eyes in amazement.)

BRA'TAC: The pain ... is fading.

(Jack starts to slowly topple over to the side.)

JACKSON: Jack ... (He rushes to catch his head before it hits the floor but Jack recovers slightly and sits back up.)

(Teal'c helps Bra'tac to sit up. Bra'tac stares at Jack.)

BRA'TAC: Once more I am in your debt.

CARTER: But how?

TEAL'C (awestruck): O'Neill possesses the healing power of the Ancients.

JACKSON (to Jack): I guess your condition's a little more advanced than last time.

(Jack stares at him, clearly not sure what's going on.)

CARTER: Teal'c, set a course for Earth.

(Teal'c gets up to go to the front of the ship. Jack looks at Bra'tac and nods.)


JUMPER: Our FA-22s and A.B.L.s are all in the air, but so far there's been nothing to intercept. Since the battle group was destroyed, the Goa'uld haven't fired a shot.

SECURITY ADVISOR: Why not a city or two, just to prove his point?

(The lights flicker and dim, and then Anubis appears, standing in front of the desk. Everyone scrambles out of their seats to get out of his way. Security men burst in and fire at Anubis, but the bullets pass straight through him.)

MAYNARD: Hold your fire! It's a hologram.


(President Hayes walks towards him.)

HAYES: You've got to be kidding!


HAYES: Henry Hayes, President of the United States of America, one nation among many.


HAYES (laughing): I don't think so! However, I am willing to discuss your surrender.


HAYES: Don't let the suit fool you, fella. We're gonna fight you.


HAYES (pointedly): Never going to happen.

(Anubis' hologram disappears. The lights come back on. Hayes turns round to the others.)

HAYES: Too much?

Above Earth, the rest of Anubis' fleet arrives from hyperspace. There are a LOT of ships, including one which is a whole lot bigger than the motherships.

THE WHITE HOUSE. THE OVAL OFFICE. General Jumper is on the phone.

JUMPER (into phone): OK. (He lowers the phone.) Sir, thirty-plus ships just appeared in orbit, taking station around the planet.

(The President loosens his tie, then sits down on the back of a chair, looking a bit fed up. Jumper gets back to his phone call.)

HAYES: I guess he didn't buy it.

KINSEY: Mr President, it's time to go to the Alpha site. You can stay in contact and send any ...

HAYES: Bob, go ahead.

KINSEY: Mr President ...

HAYES: No no, go ahead. I'm, uh, I'm staying.

(Kinsey looks at him, then turns and leaves hastily. Maynard, Hammond and the Security Advisor look at the President.)

HAYES: You're all welcome to join him.

(Maynard looks round at the other two then turns back to the President.)

MAYNARD: I think you know we're staying here with you, sir.

(Hayes nods, then looks at Hammond.)

HAYES: God knows, George, you deserve the right to go.

HAMMOND: No, sir, I think I'll stay as well.

HAYES: Good. Well, if you'll accept it, I've got another job for you.

HYPERSPACE. The scout ship is racing back towards Earth. In the ring room, Jack is kneeling down in the ring system and MacGuyvering together something. Teal'c approaches him.

TEAL'C: Are you preparing a weapon for battle, O'Neill? (Jack ignores him, continuing his work.) Sensors have detected an armada of Goa'uld ships in orbit around Earth. (Jack still ignores him. Teal'c continues more quietly, concerned.) Can you understand anything that I am saying, O'Neill? (He squats down beside Jack.) O'Neill, I wish for you to know ...

(Jack reaches out and puts his hand on Teal'c's cheek. He stares at him for a moment, then moves his hand to Teal'c's shoulder. Teal'c bows his head. Jack removes his hand and carries on with his work.)


MAYNARD: Mr President, in the last two hours the enemy has focused on systematically taking out power grids and broadcast terminals around the globe. They seem to want to disable our communications.

HAYES: So much for my speech.

SECURITY ADVISOR: We're doing our best to get the word out to the public to remain calm.

HAYES: Saying what?

SECURITY ADVISOR: For the moment we're sticking with a meteor shower.

HAYES: That'll only hold up as long as those ships stay out of range. Go to DEF-CON 1. (He turns to Jumper.) John, launch Prometheus.

S.G.C. In the gate room, Kinsey stands with Doctor Weir, completing some last paperwork as the Gate dials.

WEIR: Well I thought you were a lot of things -- a coward wasn't one of them.

KINSEY: I'm a pragmatist, Doctor. Besides, someone has to ensure the survival of the human race and the American way of life. (He finishes writing and turns to Weir.) By the way, if you survive, you're through. (At that moment the lights go out and the Gate stops dialing. Kinsey stares up at the Control Room.) What the hell's going on?

PEARSON (in the Control Room): We've lost main power.

WEIR (to an SF in the gate room): Manual iris control -- close it now.

(The SF rushes to the panel on the Gate room wall and activates it. The iris closes.)

KINSEY: What the hell do you think you're doing? (He turns to the Control Room.) Open that iris and dial the Alpha site.

(The Gate starts dialing in.)

PEARSON: Unauthorized offworld activation.

(The Gate activates and an enormous explosion happens behind the iris. The Gate room rocks.)

PEARSON: That was a nuke -- or worse.

WEIR: Anubis has dialed in. (to Kinsey) You're not going anywhere. (She starts to leave the Gate room but Kinsey grabs her arm.)

KINSEY: You get me out of here, you hear me?

PEARSON: Just received an encoded message from SG-1.

TECH: It's not coming through the Gate.

KINSEY (to Weir, still clutching her arm): I don't give a damn!

WEIR (pulling her arm free): Well I do! (She runs out of the Gate room.)

THE WHITE HOUSE. THE OVAL OFFICE. The President is on the phone to Weir.

HAYES: Doctor Weir?

S.G.C. WEIR'S OFFICE (the scene jumps back and forth between the two locations)

WEIR (on the speakerphone, as Kinsey hovers nearby): Mr President, Prometheus can't win against an entire Goa'uld fleet but it could buy SG-1 enough time to complete their mission.

KINSEY (walking closer to the phone): Mr President, that is downright insane. I am relieving Doctor Weir and taking command of this ...

WEIR (talking over him into the speaker): Sir, from what I've looked at ...

HAYES: Will you shut the hell up?!

WEIR: I'm sorry, sir.

HAYES: Not you, Doctor.

KINSEY (looking startled): Excuse me?

HAYES: Consider your resignation accepted, Bob.

KINSEY: You can't do that!

HAYES: Oh please, I got enough on you to have you shot.

KINSEY: This is the biggest mistake you will ever make.

HAYES: But I think I'll stick with my original thought, which is shut the hell up!

KINSEY: I promise you will only live to regret this!

(Hayes hears Weir's office door slam. Kinsey has left the building.)

HAYES: Go ahead, Doctor Weir.

WEIR: I believe, sir, sending Prometheus to cover SG-1 is our best hope.

PROMETHEUS. BRIDGE. General Hammond, accompanied by Sergeant Davis, arrives on the bridge. Major Gant is in her usual place but there's a new colonel in the big chair. He stands and vacates the chair as Hammond enters.

HAMMOND: Colonel Kirkland, we have our orders. Let's get this bird in the air.

KIRKLAND (taking the chair next to Hammond's): Set inertial compensators and shields at maximum. Initiate launch sequence.

(Gant complies. Above Prometheus, which is at its base in Nevada, the bay doors begin to open.)

HYPERSPACE. The scout ship continues on its way towards Earth.

JACKSON (coming from the rear of the ship): Jack's modifying the matter stream transmitter on the rings. I think we're gonna use it to bore a hole through the ice.

TEAL'C: We must first defeat the forces of Anubis.

JACKSON: Yeah, how're we gonna do that?

BRA'TAC: You must exit hyperspace as close to the Earth's atmosphere as possible.

JACKSON: So we can appear on the other side of the armada.

BRA'TAC: There will not be much time to decelerate.

TEAL'C: Of that I am aware, old friend.

EARTH. The scout ship comes out of hyperspace and plunges into the atmosphere. It's a bumpy ride. In the ring room, Jack and Sam are sitting on the floor as Jack continues to do whatever he's doing. They're jolted around but Jack recovers his balance and carries on working. The scout ship plunges straight towards the ice.

JACKSON: Teal'c? Teal'c, you're gonna pull up, right?

TEAL'C: I am attempting to do so.

(The ship continues to fly straight towards large outcrops of ice but Teal'c manages to level it out just before it hits.)

TEAL'C: Where now?

JACKSON: It has to be near the coordinates where we found the second Stargate.

(Jack runs out from the ring room and goes to the front. He puts his hand on Teal'c's shoulder. Understanding, Teal'c vacates the pilot's seat and Jack sits down and starts to fly the ship.)


HERAK: My Lord. A scout ship has exited hyperspace and is heading for the planet's southern pole.

ANTARCTICA. The scout ship flies low over the ice and arrives over where Jack wants it to be. A round hole opens in the bottom of the ship but instead of the transporter rings coming from it, a beam of light shoots down onto the surface and starts to burn a hole down into the ice.

CARTER: Sir, how long is this gonna take?

(Without replying, Jack gets out of the pilot's seat and heads to the rear of the ship again. Bra'tac takes the pilot's seat.)

TEAL'C (to Daniel and Sam): Anubis cannot have missed our arrival.

BRA'TAC: You are correct. Al'kesh and gliders approach. Many. (In the distance behind the scout ship, a large squadron of ships can be seen.) They will be in firing range in thirty seconds. (The squadron gets closer.) More ships approaching from the opposite direction.

CARTER (turning and calling to the rear of the ship): Sir, we're about to get our a...

BRA'TAC: They are not Goa'uld.

(Sam runs to the window and looks out. As the Goa'uld squadron approaches, it comes under fire from the ships approaching from the front -- a huge squadron of F-302s which swoops in and engages the Goa'uld ships. Behind them comes Prometheus which heads for the scout ship.)

(On board Prometheus:)

HAMMOND: Defend that scout ship at all costs.

(Scout ship)

CARTER: Prometheus!

HAMMOND (over comms): SG-1, this is Hammond, do you read?

CARTER: Yes sir, it's good to see you. (to Daniel and Teal'c) Let's go. (The three of them head to the ring room.)

Prometheus, now hovering protectively over the top of the scout ship, comes under fire from an Al'kesh. Blasts explode over its surface but its shields hold and it returns fire.

SCOUT SHIP. In the ring room, Jack is finishing whatever he's been doing with the rings while the other three gear up.

CARTER: Colonel, how are we gonna get down there?

TEAL'C: The rings.

JACKSON: Makes sense. The Ancients built the Stargates -- there must be a set of rings down there somewhere.

CARTER: The transmission beam just couldn't penetrate a mile of ice.

(Jack switches on the naquadah generator which he has plugged into the ring system and starts to clear the debris from his work off the rings.)


GANT: We're taking damage to the outer hull.

DAVIS: All the remaining F-302s have expended their ordnance.

HAMMOND: We can't take them back aboard. They'll have to divert to McMurdo.

KIRKLAND: We need to break off and recharge the shields.

HAMMOND: Hold your position.

SCOUT SHIP. Jack finishes clearing the rings and joins the other three inside the circle.

CARTER (to Bra'tac): Ready.

BRA'TAC: Good luck. (He activates the rings.)

UNDER THE ICE. SG-1 ring into a cavern that looks similar to the one they found on the lava planet.

The scout ships flies away from underneath Prometheus.


HERAK: We are in range, my lord.


PROMETHEUS. The ship comes under fire from the mothership.

KIRKLAND: Shields are failing.

GANT: Scout ship has cleared the hull.

HAMMOND: Set a course for Anubis' mothership. (to Kirkland) Move us out of here.

KIRKLAND: Bringing main engines on line. Emergency thrust.

(Prometheus heads up into the sky, straight towards the rain of fire that's coming down on it.)


HERAK: Tau'ri vessel is abandoning its position.


CARTER: This looks vaguely familiar.

(Jack walks towards something that looks like an upright capsule. He puts his hands on both sides of it.)

O'NEILL: Dolmata.

JACKSON (to Sam, translating): Sleep.

(There's a familiar electronic sound nearby. Jack leaves the capsule and walks towards the sound. The others follow, and aim their weapons as they see Anubis standing in front of a similar throne-like chair to the one that was on the lava planet.)


(Casually, with no fear, Jack strolls over to Anubis and stands a few inches in front of him. He stares into his cowl for a moment, then raises his hand and pushes it at Anubis -- and straight through his hologram.)

ANUBIS: FOOLS. (His hologram disappears.)

JACKSON: It's a hologram.

(Jack walks to the dais and kneels at the same place as he knelt in the other cavern. He waves his hand over the same spot as before and a burnt-out power core raises up. Sam takes out the core that they took from the lava planet and hands it to him.)

(Behind them, the ring transporters activate and two super-soldiers ring in and open fire. Sam, Daniel and Teal'c adjust their weapons to fire the new Telchak beams that Sam and Jacob developed in “Death Knell” and return fire.)

(Jack puts the power core in place and presses it down. The dais lights up.)


HERAK: The human attack vessel approaches.


(The mothership fires repeatedly at Prometheus as she flies towards it. Prometheus' shields continue to hold.)

ANCIENT CAVERN. SG-1 continue to fire at the two super-soldiers; one of them goes down. Ignoring the battle, Jack walks to the chair in the center of the dais and sits down just as the rings activate and another two super-soldiers ring in. Jack puts his hands on the arms of the chair and the chair reclines.

CARTER: Sir, whatever you're gonna do ...! (She, Daniel and Teal'c continue firing at the super-soldiers.)


GANT: Shields are down. Weapons are expended.

KIRKLAND: The next hit's gonna take us out.

HAMMOND: Hold your course. Brace for collision. If we go, they go.

ANCIENT CAVERN. Two of the super-soldiers go down under the onslaught from SG-1. Jack lies in the chair with his eyes closed. Then, not far from the rings, a hole opens up in the floor. The remaining super-soldier hesitates. Sam, Daniel and Teal'c look round at Jack.

Out of the cavern floor comes what almost looks like a horde of glowing bugs, or it might be globs of energy. The energy gets stronger and becomes a large column of glowing light. Part of it flows towards the super-soldier, which goes down under the blast. The rest of the column surges up through the ice and out into the sky. Bits of it break off to blow up any remaining Goa'uld ships but the bulk of it heads straight up into the sky.

On the scout ship nearby, Bra'tac stands and stares in amazement at the column of light pouring up into the sky. He smiles delightedly. In the cavern, Sam gets up and walks nearer to Jack. She and Teal'c look in concern as Jack continues to lie with his eyes closed, concentrating.

Above the Earth, the beam continues to head towards Anubis' ship. Prometheus is in the way but the beam diverts harmlessly around it and reaches the mothership. The beam seems to almost wrap itself around the ship, burning its way into various parts of the ship.


GANT: Weapons fire coming from the surface, sir.

HAMMOND: Break off course. Get us clear.

(Prometheus moves away as the energy continues to burn its way into and around the mothership.)

ANCIENT CAVERN. Jack finally opens his eyes but is still deep in concentration.


HERAK: Our shields are of no use!

(Out of the window, one of the motherships and surrounding Al'kesh are also being swarmed over by the beam. They explode. Anubis roars and holds his hand uselessly in front of his face as the beam attacking his ship penetrates the chamber. The ship blows apart.)

PROMETHEUS. The bridge crew shield their eyes as the mothership explodes.

KIRKLAND: What the hell was that?

HAMMOND: That was SG-1!

S.G.C. CONTROL ROOM. Weir and various techs and SFs are listening to an audio report.

VOICE: Thousands of bright yellow ... I don't know ... they're coming from the surface ... I don't know what they are. They're cutting the enemy fleet to shreds!

(In the Oval Office, President Hayes is hearing the same report.)

VOICE: My God, it's beautiful!

ANCIENT CAVERN. Jack closes his eyes and his head rolls to the side. The lights on the chair go out.

CARTER: Sir? (She goes over to Jack and straightens his head to feel his pulse.) Sir. (to the others) His pulse is erratic. (to Jack) Don't you dare leave us now. We won. (Jack part-opens his eyes and moves his head weakly. Sam takes hold of his chin.) Colonel.


KIRKLAND: Sir, I have the President for you.

HAMMOND: Patch him through. (The President's image appears on the view screens.) Mr President, I'm confirming that the enemy's been defeated. The threat is eliminated.

HAYES: Congratulations, George. I don't know how we're ever going to be able to thank you.

ANCIENT CAVERN. Jack gazes weakly at Sam as she leans over him.

CARTER: Please, Jack.

O'NEILL (whispering): Dolmata.

Sam looks round at Daniel.

JACKSON (indicating the capsule): That thing. (He looks round at Teal'c, who approaches the chair and lifts Jack out of it. He carries him to the capsule and stands him inside. Lights come on inside the capsule. Teal'c stands back.)

CARTER: Now what?

O'NEILL (weakly): Aveo ... amacus. (Sam and Teal'c look at Daniel.)

JACKSON (translating): Goodbye.

(A shield comes up from the floor of the capsule and wraps itself around Jack, putting him into stasis. The rest of SG-1 watch helplessly. The lights in the capsule go out.)

CARTER: We can't just leave him like this. I mean, there has to be a way to reverse the process. The answer has to be here somewhere.

(Daniel shakes his head.)

JACKSON: I don't think this is it, Sam.

CARTER: What do you mean?

JACKSON: The dome's too small. It's like Taonas. It's obviously not a city, it's just an outpost of some kind.

CARTER: This isn't Atlantis?

JACKSON: I don't think so.

TEAL'C: If this is not the lost city, then where is it?

(Daniel has no answer. Sam walks to the stasis chamber and puts her hand against the shield. Jack stares back sightlessly.)