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Mitchell and Carter are shifted to another dimension, making them invisible to everyone at the S.G.C. Meanwhile, Teal'c and SG-9 discover that the Sodan have been brutally attacked.

DVD DISC: Season 9, Disc 5
WRITTEN BY: Alan McCullough
DIRECTED BY: Peter DeLuise
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Transcript by Jane Harrison

This transcript is dedicated to the memory of Marian Harrison.

S.G.C. - LABORATORY. Carter leans tiredly against a table, tapping at the key pad of her laptop.

The computer is hooked up to a stone alien device that is roughly brick sized and has a blue crystal on the top.

MITCHELL: (OS) You are still working on that thing.

He leans against the doorway.

CARTER: (dismissively) Oh, hi.

MITCHELL: Did you sleep here last night?

CARTER: Of course not. (beat) I slept down the hall in my quarters.


CARTER: This device was recovered from the cave under Glastonbury, who knows what Ancient secrets it may hold?

MITCHELL: Well, obviously not you -- or Doctor Lee, who's been working on that thing for what? Six months? I think it's time we let the eggheads at Area 51 take a crack at it.

Carter straightens bemusedly and then looks at him.

CARTER: Not yet. I'm, I'm actually making some progress here.

MITCHELL: That's what you said last night.

Carter looks up -- busted.

MITCHELL: And I'm hankering for hash browns so let's got grab some breakfast.

He begins to leave the room but Carter is staring intently at the computer screen. She has noticed something.

CARTER: Hey. This is interesting.

Mitchell reluctantly pauses at the door, waiting for her to finish.

CARTER: This is the first time one of my verification scans kicked back a positive result.

Mitchell scratches his head and then sidles back over to Carter.

MITCHELL: Does this mean I'm not getting my hash browns?

CARTER: It means this device is interactive.

She presses a key and a moving blue graph appears on the screen.

CARTER: I'm reading an E.M. output that keeps fluctuating between high and low frequencies. I'm going to try to stabilize it.

MITCHELL: Sure. What have you got to lose?

Carter clicks away on the computer and the blue crystal ornamenting the device begins to glow bright white.

The glow radiates from the device and washes over Carter and Mitchell. With a flash, they disappear.

The lab is now empty.

S.G.C. - LAB. Mitchell and Carter stand in front of the device, blinking and rubbing their eyes to erase the impression of the light.

CARTER: You okay?

MITCHELL: (uncertainly) Yeah, fine. What just happened?

Carter shakes her head and is about to respond when a noise emanates from the device.

They both look to it as an orange and red display of alien writing is projected from the blue crystal.

MITCHELL: Whoa. Nicely done. (beat) Can you read that?

CARTER: (shaking head) My Ancient's a little rusty.

MITCHELL: Right. We need Jackson.

He makes as if to leave the lab but at that moment Doctor Lee enters, carrying a tray of food.

CARTER: Hey Bill, good timing! Take a look at this.

She turns back to the device as Doctor Lee picks up a glass of blue Jell-O and a cup of coffee and begins to carry them over to Carter's work station.

He pauses and looks confused for a moment before setting down the coffee and examining a nearby laptop.

Mitchell notices Lee's lack of interest and beckons to him.

MITCHELL: Yo, Doc -- amazing discovery over here.

Carter frowns and worriedly approaches Lee.

CARTER: Bill? Are you okay?

Doctor Lee takes the blue Jell-O over to Carter's workstation, completely walking through her as he does so.

Carter jumps back, shocked.

MITCHELL: Whoa! What the hell?

Carter pats herself down, making sure that she is actually solid.

Doctor Lee rests the Jell-O down and then walks out of the lab. He is oblivious to the other people in the room.

Mitchell and Carter stare after the Doctor for a moment.

MITCHELL: What was that?

CARTER: I don't know.

Mitchell hesitantly reaches out and prods Carter in the shoulder. He is able to touch her.

Carter reaches out and pushes him back, slightly harder.

Mitchell double-checks that she is solid, pushing her with more force.

Carter makes an annoyed face and slaps him hard on the shoulder.

MITCHELL: Okay, you're solid.

He walks away for a few steps, thinking.

Carter stares at the stream of Ancient visible on the device's display.

CARTER: It's the device. By initiating it, we must have triggered some kind of localized effect.

MITCHELL: Local meaning you and me?

CARTER: Yeah. Try picking up that coffee cup.

Mitchell turns towards the other table and attempts to pick up the cup.

There is a whooshing sound as his hand passes harmlessly through it.

Carter's face falls.

CARTER: Oh, boy. We need to find Daniel.

S.G.C. - CORRIDOR. Mitchell and Carter walk swiftly down the corridor, parting as an S.F. threatens to pass through them both.

MITCHELL: 'Out of phase' -- what does that mean?

CARTER: It means we may have shifted to an alternate dimension.

MITCHELL: And there are an infinite number of alternate dimensions.

CARTER: No, no, no. That's alternate realities.

MITCHELL: So when the other SG-1 showed up ...

CARTER: Completely different problem. You see, according to M theory that unites the other five superstring theories there are several spatial dimensions. Eleven, actually, that exist in parallel to our physical realities. Now, these higher dimensions ...

Mitchell waves his hand to stop her.

MITCHELL: No, I'll take your word for it. That was alternate reality, this is alternate dimension. Hell, all I need is a good time travel adventure and I've scored the SG-1 trifecta. Now how's Jackson supposed to help us with this?

CARTER: Well, a similar thing happened to him a few years ago.

Mitchell tries to recall the mission as he sidesteps another officer.

MITCHELL: PX7-377, the crystal skull!

CARTER: You really did read every report from every mission we ever went on, didn't you?

MITCHELL: I was in that hospital a long time and they were all riveting.

Carter smiles.

CARTER: Anyway, Daniel was out of phase and no one could see him except for his grandfather, Nicholas Ballard.

MITCHELL: And because the same thing happened to Ballard in Belize, Jackson should be able to see us because we're all part of the same club.

CARTER: Right.

Mitchell clicks his fingers, pleased.

MITCHELL: Perfect.

The continue walking in search of Daniel.

S.G.C. - LOCKER ROOM. Teal'c is wearing his working out gear and putting a towel into his locker.

General Landry enters the room, a file in his hand.

LANDRY: Teal'c, have you seen Colonel Mitchell?

TEAL'C: I have not.

LANDRY: I'm going to have to talk to your team. SG-12 just got back from P8T-474 and it looks as though we may have a time line for whatever it is the Priors are planning. According to the natives, this Doomsday the Priors keep talking about may only be days away.

Teal'c bows his head, respectfully.

TEAL'C: I will inform the others.

Landry leaves the locker room as Teal'c processes the information and its implications.

CORRIDOR. Mitchell and Carter turn a corner and spot Daniel walking towards them.

MITCHELL: Jackson! Just the guy to help us with a little problem.

Daniel does not hear Mitchell and walks straight through him.

Mitchell flinches.


CARTER: The dimension we're occupying must be different to the one he was shifted to.

Mitchell looks at her, confounded.

MITCHELL: Alternate, alternate dimensions?

CARTER: Something like that, yeah.

MITCHELL: Okay, so what do we do?

CARTER: We have to find a way to communicate with them.

Mitchell looks down the corridor.

MITCHELL: Any ideas?

Carter is about to reply when the PA system kicks in.

WALTER: (OS) Unscheduled off-world activation!

Carter and Mitchell step to the side as Daniel runs back down the corridor towards the Control Room.

They jog after him.

CONTROL ROOM. Daniel, Carter and Mitchell join Teal'c and Landry in front of the main console, which is manned by Walter and a bearded Technician.

DANIEL: What have we got?

WALTER: No I.D.C. Sir, but I am receiving a radio signal.

LANDRY: Let's hear it.

Distortion and feedback can be heard over the loud speaker.

LANDRY: What's wrong with it?

CARTER: Sounds like harmonic distortion in the data stream.

WALTER: I'm not sure, Sir.

Carter rolls her eyes.

LANDRY: Can you clear it up?

WALTER: I can try, Sir.

Walter fiddles with his controls.

A thud impacts on the iris and everyone's attention snaps to the gate.

DANIEL: Okay, that sounded like something hitting the iris.

LANDRY: Any way to know for sure what it was?

WALTER: We can run some tests.

LANDRY: Do it. And get Colonel Carter down here to help unscramble that message.

WALTER: Yes, Sir.

Carter throws her arms out, helplessly.

Everyone apart from Mitchell moves away. The out of phase two exchange a frustrated look.

CONTROL ROOM (LATER). Carter leans over Walter's shoulder as he and the other technician work on the problem.

WALTER: I can't make heads or tails of this.

CARTER: That's because the filter co-efficient has to be adaptive.

Walter just frowns at the screen.

Carter sighs and crosses over to the other technician.

CARTER: (louder) The filter co-efficient has to be adaptive!

The technician starts suddenly.

TECHNICIAN: Hey, wait a minute.

Carter supportively smiles.

CARTER: There you go, notice the slight variants in the out-put.

The technician just stares at the screen.

Carter looks closely at him, worried.

CARTER: Notice it ... (beat) Come on, notice it!

The technician shakes his head.

TECHNICIAN: Ah, no -- never mind.

CARTER: (frustrated) God!

She stands in between the two technicians, waiting for them to get it right.

LANDRY'S OFFICE. Landry stands up abruptly as Daniel and Teal'c report before him.

LANDRY: What do you mean, they're missing?

TEAL'C: They are not in their quarters, nor are they responding to any attempts to contact them.

LANDRY: Is it possible they aren't even on the base?

DANIEL: We checked the front gate, neither of them signed out.

LANDRY: What about security footage?

DANIEL: We're viewing tape from the labs and the cafeteria but beyond that, there are hundreds of cameras and hours of tape so ...

LANDRY: We'll screen them all if we have to. I want them found.

Daniel and Teal'c leave the room to reveal Mitchell, who has been stood -- unseen -- throughout their conversation.

Mitchell steps up to Landry's desk, his arms folded across his chest.

MITCHELL: Boy, am I getting that Patrick Swayze in Ghost feeling.

Landry is oblivious and begins to jot down a note on a piece of paper.

MITCHELL: General, we need a Whoopie.

Landry looks up thoughtfully for a moment then finds inspiration and carries on with his letter.

Mitchell stares at him hopefully and then leaves the room.

CONTROL ROOM. Landry strides in followed by Daniel, Teal'c and Mitchell.

Carter is still stood behind Walter's shoulder.

LANDRY: Walter.

WALTER: We managed to clean up the message, Sir.

CARTER: Finally.

WALTER: We noticed a slight variance in the out-put so we ran it through a sequence of digital filters and came up with this.

Walter activates the transmission.

It is still distorted but a voice can be heard brokenly broadcasting throughout the room.

VOICE: (OS) Stargate Command ... this is ... the Sodan ... the ...

LANDRY: Did he just say the Sodan?

VOICE: (OS) Followers ... we request immediate assistance ...

The voice is drowned out by cries, weapons fire and static.

WALTER: And that's when we heard the impact against the iris, Sir.

TEAL'C: General Landry, we should investigate.

LANDRY: Agreed. Assemble a team.

Teal'c bows quickly and leaves.

DANIEL: Sir, Colonel Mitchell's the one that should go -- he's the one who knows the Sodan best.

LANDRY: I agree but Colonel Mitchell isn't here right now.

Mitchell and Carter both blink slowly, feeling redundant.

CORRIDOR. Daniel walks with his head down into a lift that Doctor Lee is just exiting.

As they pass, Lee turns round to catch Daniel's attention.

LEE: Oh, hey, have you seen Colonel Carter?

DANIEL: Hey! I was just coming down to ask you the same thing.

LEE: Really? Because she left her laptop in my lab.

DANIEL: She did?

Doctor Lee enters the lift.

LEE: Yeah, yeah. It's, er, hooked up to that device that you picked up in Glastonbury.

Lee presses a button and the lift doors begin to close. Before they do, Daniel pushes them to the side and strides off down the corridor.

Lee struggles with the closing doors and then follows him.

CONTROL ROOM. Daniel, Lee, Walter and the technician stare at a console that is displaying security camera footage of the earlier incident in the laboratory.

On the screen, Carter is leaning against the desk, engrossed in the laptop.

LEE: There she is.

DANIEL: Fast-forward.

Walter complies and the images speed up, showing Carter look round as Mitchell enters the room.

LEE: There's Colonel Mitchell.

In fast-forward, Mitchell and Carter talk. Mitchell turns to leave the room and then crosses back over to her.

Carter presses a few keys on her computer and then the footage abruptly ends.

DANIEL: What just happened?

WALTER: Looks like the camera went off line. Probably a power surge.

On Walter's monitor, the static clears. The lab is now shown to be empty.

Everyone frowns at the screen.

LEE: They're gone!

He looks at Daniel with confusion.

Daniel takes a deep breath.

DANIEL: Okay, bring up the security camera for the corridor outside Lee's lab. Sync them up to eight sixteen and run them simultaneously.

Walter nods and brings the footage up on screen.

On the computer the split screen shows that from when the lab footage dies out until it returns, there is no activity in the corridor.

Walter squints at the screen.

DANIEL: Okay, if they didn't go through the door way, how did they get out of the room?

SODAN PLANET. Teal'c and a team of soldiers are beamed into the middle of a forest by the Sodan transport technology.

They level their weapons and scan the area carefully.

Major Haddon crouches as he surveys the forest.

HADDON: More staff blasts just like back at the gate.

TEAL'C: Indeed. A battle took place here as well.

HADDON: The Sodan have been hiding out here for thousands of years. The only reason we got the transporter codes is because Colonel Mitchell earned their trust. I doubt they would have given them to anyone else.

Teal'c and Haddon walk forwards towards trees that have been blackened by battle.

TEAL'C: And yet evidently they were attacked.

HADDON: By whom?

Teal'c has no answer. He lifts his two P-90's back up to chest height and sets off.

The soldiers follow, covering their retreat.

SODAN CAMP. Teal'c and the others emerge from the tree-line. The Sodan camp is in ruin. The huts have been burned and only the skeletal structures of some of the buildings remain.

HADDON: My god. Conway, Stevens, get back to the gate on the double -- tell S.G.C. we need med teams.

CONWAY: Yes, Sir.

Teal'c silently walks into the village as the two soldiers leave.

HADDON: (to remaining soldier) Check the area for survivors.

Haddon moves to join Teal'c's slow observation of the scene. Fires still blaze near the blackened shells that used to be homes. A Sodan Jaffa lies dead on the ground before them.

Putrid smoke fills the air as carrion birds can be heard circling overhead.

As they enter the centre of the camp, the trio are faced with yet more destruction. The implements of the village are broken and scattered around. More dead litter the ground.

Teal'c bends to examine one of the many corpses, running his hand over the gaping wound in the Sodan's symbiote pouch.

TEAL'C: Whomever did this knew well the most efficient way to kill a Jaffa. Their symbiotes have been targeted. They were shown no mercy.

A quiet rustling noise grabs the attention of the group.

The sound is coming from Haikon, the Sodan leader, as he painfully shifts, propped up against a wooden support. He is gravely injured, a blast hole visible in his stomach.

He groans and Teal'c crosses over to him, followed by the soldier and Haddon.

TEAL'C: Haikon.

Haddon checks the Jaffa's pulse.

HADDON: His pulse is weak.

TEAL'C: He will not survive long, his symbiote is dead.

Haddon turns to the soldier stood on guard behind them.

HADDON: Lieutenant, help me get him into one of these huts. We need to get some tretonin in him, stat.

The Lieutenant rushes over to help and the two soldiers lift up Haikon as Teal'c looks worriedly on.

S.G.C. - CORRIDOR. Mitchell and Carter are stood at the intersection of the corridor.

A soldier with a tray of food walks past, clearly oblivious to Mitchell's presence.

Mitchell emphatically points at the food to Carter.

MITCHELL: Roast beef. The one time I can't eat and they serve roast beef.

He turns to a commissary server and leans in to shout in their ear.

MITCHELL: Do you know how many times I've requested roast beef?

Carter looks amused as Mitchell turns back to face her.

MITCHELL: This is torture.

CARTER: It's only been a few hours.

MITCHELL: You're not the least bit concerned about this?

She shakes her head.

MITCHELL: No one can see us or hear us, we can't touch anything, ergo no eating, no drinking and I'm not even gonna speculate on the other bodily functions. If they don't figure out a way to get us back ...

CARTER: They'll figure it out.

Mitchell does not look convinced.

S.G.C. - LAB. Cones and yellow tape -- that reads 'Warning: Restricted Area' - cordon off the area around the device. Doctor Lee is tinkering with a piece of machinery as a lab-coated assistant lowers a lens over the cordon, passing it methodically over the floor.

Landry and Daniel enter the room, surveying the bizarre scene for a beat.

LANDRY: What have you got for me, Doctor?

LEE: Well. We know that Sam was working on the device. We know that the device does not give off any typical energy signatures transmitted by Ancient transporter technology. This leads us to the conclusion that they disappeared without leaving the room.

LANDRY: How's that possible?

Lee clasps his hands together and then folds them across his chest before replying.

LEE: Miniaturization.

Daniel and Landry both raise their eyebrows.

Lee holds up his hands, placating them.

LEE: Don't panic. I have calculated the distance they could possibly travel on tiny legs, designated by this roped off area. All we have to do is find them.

He pats the assistant on the back.

LEE: Ronald, start with section one, A.

Daniel looks down at the ground, speechless.

SODAN PLANET. Haikon lies in the half shelter of a ruined hut. Haddon and Lieutenant Mackenzie hover over him, tending to his injuries.

Teal'c approaches from his study of another Jaffa body.

TEAL'C: I was unable to locate any of the survivors.

He looks down at Haikon.

TEAL'C: (softly) What is his condition?

HADDON: We don't know if the tretonin's going to take. Even then, his injuries are pretty severe. Without his symbiote ...

Haikon stirs.

HAIKON: (weakly) Volnek.

Teal'c steps forward to lean into his injured brethren.

TEAL'C: Haikon, Haikon. Fear not brother, you are among friends.

Haikon struggles for air, clearly weakened.

HAIKON: Teal'c -- save yourself. You shouldn't be here.

TEAL'C: Tell me who has done this. Tell me who has caused this devastation.

HAIKON: Volnek. It was Volnek.

HADDON: One man did this?

TEAL'C: Why would he turn on his people? Tell me, Haikon. Haikon.

The Sodan leader is unresponsive.

Suddenly, Haddon's radio activates.

CONWAY: (OS) Major, come in!

HADDON: This is Haddon, go ahead.

CONWAY: (OS) We're under attack sir, requesting back-up immediately!

Staff blast fire can be heard on the other end of the transmission. There is a loud cry and the radio falls silent.

HADDON: Mackenzie, you stay with him.

Teal'c and Haddon leave the meager shelter and rush away to provide back up.

S.G.C. - LAB. Doctor Lee is investigating the alien device with a Geiger counter.

It crackles slightly as he runs it over the blue crystal.

Daniel saunters into the lab, looking carefully on the floor for miniaturized hazards before walking over to Lee, smiling.

LEE: Oh, come on! It was just a theory and anyway, if I'd been right you'd all be calling me a genius right now.

DANIEL: Yes. But you weren't right.

Lee puts on the Geiger counter's headphones.

DANIEL: So, anything?

LEE: Ah, nothing significant. Fairly constant power readings and, er, slight traces of Lepton radiation.


Lee cannot hear him, thanks to the headphones.

LEE: What?

DANIEL: Lepton radiation?

Lee removes the headphones.

DANIEL: Lepton! Lepton radiation?

LEE: Yeah. But like I said, there's only traces -- there's nothing significant there.

Daniel pauses for a moment, thinking.

DANIEL: Gotta go.

He rushes from the room, leaving Doctor Lee confused.

SODAN PLANET - FOREST. Teal'c and Haddon run up to a clearing amidst the trees where the prone figures of Conway and Stevens lie.

Haddon crouches down over his fallen man.

HADDON: Stevens!

He feels for a pulse as Teal'c carefully makes his way over to Conway, weapons at the ready.

Conway is still alive, barely. His chest is heaving under the strain of his injuries.

TEAL'C: This one is alive.

Haddon runs over to kneel at Conway's side and pulls a syringe of painkiller out of his flak jacket.

CONWAY: I never saw -- he came out of nowhere.

Haddon administers the pain relief and Conway calms slightly.

TEAL'C: No doubt Volnek is using a Sodan cloak.

HADDON: (to Teal'c) We've got to get him back to the gate, now.

Teal'c carefully crosses to the stone transport column and enters in the code.

Nothing happens.

HADDON: What's wrong?

Teal'c presses the buttons of the code again but again, nothing happens.

TEAL'C: The code is not working.

Haddon grabs his weapon from the floor.

Teal'c slowly pulls open the panel of the transport obelisk and investigates the control crystals within.

He pauses and then pushes the panel closed.

TEAL'C: Someone has removed one of the control crystals.

HADDON: Then how are we supposed to get out of here?

TEAL'C: We cannot.

His eyes narrow as he nervously scans the trees surrounding them.

S.G.C. - DANIEL'S LAB. Piles of books lay haphazardly opened in front of Daniel on his desk.

As Daniel pours over another volume, Mitchell paces in the corner of the room.

MITCHELL: Come on Jackson, figure it out -- I've already missed breakfast and lunch.

Daniel makes a note and looks up as General Landry enters the room.

DANIEL: General!

LANDRY: Doctor Jackson, I've just come from Doctor Lee's lab, please tell me you have better news.

DANIEL: I've been going over some of the texts we recovered from the cave in Glastonbury.

LANDRY: Oh yeah?


DANIEL: Well, a lot of them seem to make oblique references to Arthurian legend. For instance, the word 'anwin' which shows up several times is, I believe, a variation on 'Unwin' -- the Celtic underworld to which King Arthur journeyed in search of thirteen sacred objects, one of which was a cloak ...

Daniel passes Landry a large book.

MITCHELL: What, the guy with the big flowing robes?

DANIEL: ... Said to render the wearer invisible. It was called the 'mantle of Arthur' and kept at Barnsey Island by no other than our good friend Myrrdin, who we know better as ...

Landry looks up from the book.

LANDRY: Merlin.

DANIEL: Exactly.

Landry places the book on the table.

LANDRY: I have no idea where you're going with this.

Mitchell frowns.

MITCHELL: Me either.

DANIEL: Well it wasn't until Doctor Lee told me that he detected trace amounts of Lepton radiation from the device that I was able to put it together.

Mitchell excitedly waves his arms in Daniel's direction.

DANIEL: You see, the crystal skull that transported me to another dimension also released Lepton radiation.

LANDRY: And you think the same thing happened to Colonel Carter and Colonel Mitchell.

MITCHELL: You're damn right!

DANIEL: According to legend, the mantle makes the user invisible. Now, given what I've read and what has happened today, I'm guessing it wasn't literally a cloak at all.

LANDRY: It was the device we recovered.

DANIEL: It makes sense, Sir. Medieval historians could well have attributed the powers of the device to a cloak simply because they didn't understand it and they could have credited its recovery to Arthur in deference to their King who was in power at the time. Now given what we know now it is much more likely that it was actually Merlin who built the device.

LANDRY: So why would Merlin build a device that could transport him to another dimension?

MITCHELL: Ooh, today's daily double.

DANIEL: Err, yeah. That's the part I haven't quite figured out yet.

Mitchell grimaces.

MITCHELL: So close!

DANIEL: But at least it points to the possibility that both Colonel Mitchell and Colonel Carter may be somewhere here on this base.

Mitchell raises his arms in victory and spins round in the corner.

DANIEL: We just can't see or hear them.

Landry and Daniel look around the otherwise empty room.

SODAN PLANET. Haikon and Conway lie on beds in the hut.

Lieutenant Mackenzie stands over Conway, holding a drip aloft.

Haddon observes the scene briefly and then walks over to Teal'c, who is in the middle of the settlement removing a Sodan cloak armband from a dead Jaffa.

HADDON: We could make our way back to the gate on foot.

TEAL'C: I do not believe that would be wise. The journey would take months and the terrain is most treacherous.

HADDON: There's not much for us here. We're going to run out of supplies before long.

TEAL'C: General Landry will send an extraction team when we fail to report.

HADDON: And they'll end up stranded here just like us.

Teal'c straightens up.

TEAL'C: We have food for the moment and we can build shelter. Perhaps when the extraction team arrives we can repair the obelisk.

HADDON: What about Volnek? He's still out there.

TEAL'C: Leave him to me.

Teal'c makes as if to leave.

HADDON: Teal'c -- he took out an entire village.

TEAL'C: It is my understanding that those who use the Sodan cloaking device are invisible to everyone but each other.

Haddon indicates the armband that is in Teal'c's hand.

HADDON: So if you use that thing, you'll be able to see him.

TEAL'C: Indeed.

HADDON: It didn't help that guy much though, did it?

They both look to the fallen Jaffa.

Teal'c silently picks up his two P90's and walks away.

Haddon sighs as he watches him leave.

S.G.C. - LAB. The Ancient device is still hooked up to a laptop. Daniel and Landry stand in front of it as Doctor Lee leans against the desk, his hand on his chin.

DANIEL: Now when I was out of phase, I could still hear and see everything going on around me, so it follows that if they're in the same situation they're hearing what we're saying right now.

LANDRY: Except they can't respond.

DANIEL: Maybe they can, they just don't know it.

He gestures towards the device.

DANIEL: Now what does that look like to you? First reactions.

LEE: A keyboard. Erm, except there's no visual interface.

He points from the laptop to the device.

DANIEL: Not here.

LEE: You mean it's on the other side?

DANIEL: Well it stands to reason that Merlin would want the device to be interactive on both sides, this and the alternate dimension. Now the interactivity on this side is difficult to access, I'm guessing as a type of safeguard to stop just anyone from using the device.

LANDRY: But there'd be no reason to hide it on the other side.

One of the keys on the device starts moving rapidly.

LEE: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Did you see that?

The out of phase Mitchell and Carter are stood next to the device and it's visual display.

Mitchell is frantically pressing the key.

DANIEL: Oh yeah.

Mitchell and Carter high-five each other, exuberantly.


DANIEL: Sam, Mitchell, if you can hear me, er. Okay, let's call this button 'yes' and this button 'no'.

He indicates the two buttons.

The 'yes' button moves immediately.

Mitchell looks triumphant.

DANIEL: Okay. First question, erm ... Are you guys okay?



Mitchell presses the button.

Doctor Lee closes his eyes with relief.

LEE: Yes. Oh, thank god. I mean, now we're getting somewhere.

DANIEL: Okay, erm. (beat) Despite the interactivity, is there anything else unusual on your end?

The 'yes' button is pressed.

DANIEL: Yes. Something connected to the device?

Carter nods at Mitchell.

Mitchell looks at the orange display.

MITCHELL: Would you call it connected?

CARTER: (quickly) Yes, yes, yes, yes.

He presses the 'yes' button once more.


Landry raises his eyebrows.

DANIEL: Yes. Is it some sort of display?

The button is pressed several times.

LEE: That's an emphatic yes.

DANIEL: Okay, thought so. Erm. Can you read it?

There is a slight pause and then the 'no' button moves.

Daniel hangs his head.

DANIEL: It's in Ancient, isn't it?

The 'yes' button moves rapidly.

Daniel steps away and walks to the other table to pick up a book and a notepad.

He sits back down in front of the device.

DANIEL: Okay. All right. Now, you guys are going to have to help me translate what you see but we don't know what pressing buttons randomly will do so we're going to have to stick with 'yes' and 'no' and just do it. One letter at a time.

Carter nods her head and she and Mitchell share a weary look.

LANDRY: This is going to take a while.

DANIEL: Oh yes.

LANDRY: Just keep me posted.

Landry gives one final glance to the area where the invisible Mitchell and Carter stand before leaving the room.

DANIEL: Okay. Erm, first letter.

He settles down for the long haul.

SODAN PLANET - FOREST. Teal'c walks carefully through the wooded area, his weapons at the ready.

Something catches his eye on a protruding twig and he reaches out to touch it, frowning.

Blood transfers onto his hands.

Slowly, Teal'c activates the cloaking device. The air around him warps and he disappears.

The active device gives a blue tinge to the forest as Teal'c looks suspiciously around.

He lifts his weapons and carries on walking.

S.G.C. - CONTROL ROOM. Landry descends the stairs from the Briefing Room and crosses over to where Walter mans the main console.

LANDRY: Status?

WALTER: Still no word from Teal'c or SG-12.

LANDRY: How long are they overdue?

WALTER: Over an hour.

LANDRY: Tell Colonel Reynolds to prep an extraction team. Have them ready to move out, ASAP.

WALTER: Yes, Sir.

As Landry walks off, Mitchell is revealed to have been listening in. His face screws up with frustration.

S.G.C. - LAB. Daniel is scribbling down notes in his pad as Doctor Lee works at his own station behind him.

DANIEL: Okay. First letter, next word -- stop me when you see the right symbol.

Daniel begins to run his finger over the Ancient symbols in his reference book.

Carter watches intently but looks up when Mitchell walks in.

MITCHELL: How's it going?

CARTER: Fantastic. We've almost completed the first sentence.

Daniel continues to run his finger over the book.

MITCHELL: Listen, do you think you'll be okay on your own here for a while?

CARTER: Sure. Why?

MITCHELL: We've lost contact with Teal'c. Landry's sending SG-3 and 22 to check on him at the Sodan village, I figured I'd tag along.

CARTER: Off-world.

MITCHELL: Yeah well, Jackson was able to travel through the gate when he was out of phase so, yeah.

CARTER: But that's my point. You're out of phase, what do you hope to accomplish?

MITCHELL: Sam, Teal'c could be in trouble - I want to check it out. No one can see me, I can't get hurt. I can gather intel that no one else can.

Daniel reaches the last symbol.

DANIEL: Sam? Mitchell, did you see it?

MITCHELL: Listen, I promise to come back through the gate when they dial to check in. I'll only be gone a couple of hours.

DANIEL: Hello? Are you guys still there?

CARTER: Cameron ...

MITCHELL: Sam. Teal'c may need help and I have friends among the Sodan. I'll be back soon, promise.

Mitchell leaves the room.

DANIEL: Like, slap a button or something.

Carter angrily prods the keypads, her frustration evident.

DANIEL: Okay. Thank you. First letter, next word and stop me when you see the right symbol.

SODAN FOREST. Teal'c is searching for Volnek through the blue tinged forest.

He stalks in between trees before rushing to crouch down beside a dead Jaffa.

Teal'c reaches to close the dead warrior's mouth but freezes as he hears rustling in the leaves around him.

Cautiously, Teal'c rises -- the sounds can be heard again, coming from the right.

Teal'c scans the foliage in front of him; every moving leaf becomes a threat.

Suddenly a staff weapon discharges, its blast hitting Teal'c in the shoulder. He is spun round by the blow as Volnek strides towards him from behind.

Teal'c falls to the ground and scurries behind a decaying tree stump for shelter as Volnek fires again.

As another shot impacts on the stump, Volnek growls. His face is ashen, his eyes wild and manic -- there is no question that the Jaffa has been altered.

Teal'c bursts out from behind the stump, P90's blazing.

Volnek is thrown back as the bullets riddle his chest.

All is quiet as Volnek lies on the ground, motionless.

Teal'c warily steps around the stump and approaches the fallen enemy.

Volnek suddenly sits up with wide eyes. He grabs his staff weapon and fires at Teal'c.

Teal'c sprints away, chased by a barrage of fire.

S.G.C. - LAB. Daniel is still sat in front of the device, working on translating the display.

The 'yes' button is pressed by the absent Carter.

DANIEL: Yes. Okay, next word.

LEE: That's it! I've got it. I finally figured out what Colonel Carter did to trigger the device!

Daniel looks round at him.

LEE: I had to run a reverse scan on all the energy fluctuations that we've been recording, put them on a program that's been designed to -- anyway. I've isolated the algorithm she used to synchronize the energy emissions coming from the device.


LEE: Don't you see? That means that if I counter-act Sam's algorithm from my computer, allow the emissions to return to their normal frequencies that could well reverse the process.

Daniel looks away, rolling his eyes. He is not convinced.

LEE: Oh, just give me a sec. This is brilliant.

Daniel reluctantly stands and puts the lid on his pen.

Lee types on his computer briefly, holding up a finger for patience.

LEE: That should do it.

He taps a key emphatically and Daniel is swamped in a blue light.

Doctor Lee's eyes are fixed on his monitor, recording the results.

Daniel turns around tiredly and starts as he realizes that he can now see Carter, who is still stood next to the device.


CARTER: Daniel!

DANIEL: Bill, I will never doubt you again.

Daniel turns to congratulate Doctor Lee, only to see the scientist's face fall.

Doctor Lee looks around the room blankly and then closes his eyes in defeat.

LEE: Oh boy.

Daniel and Carters' smiles drop as they realize what has happened.

LEE: Doctor Jackson, can -- can you hear me?

Lee walks over to the device, passing through the out of phase Daniel as he does so.

LEE: If you can, press this button for 'yes'.

Carter presses the button for Daniel, who is wincing with dismay.

Lee groans and rests his head in his hands.

Daniel gives Carter a wry smile as she sighs in frustration.

SODAN PLANET - VILLAGE. Haddon stands on guard outside the dilapidated hut.

He starts as Teal'c approaches.

HADDON: Teal'c, you all right?

TEAL'C: It is a light wound.

The Jaffa strides past the Major into the shelter where Haikon and Conway still lie, looked after by Mackenzie.

HADDON: Lieutenant.

The Lieutenant unzips a pack to get a field dressing for Teal'c's wound.

HADDON: What happened?

TEAL'C: I found Volnek.

Haikon stirs.

HAIKON: Then you're lucky to be alive.

Teal'c walks over to the injured Sodan and clasps him by the arm.

TEAL'C: Haikon.

HAIKON: Others were not so fortunate.

MACKENZIE: He woke up a few minutes ago.

The Lieutenant begins to treat Teal'c's wound.

TEAL'C: What has happened to Volnek?

Haikon looks pained.

HAIKON: Ten days ago, he went to a neighboring world to acquire supplies for our village.

FLASHBACK: A NEIGHBORING PLANET. Sunlight streams through trees on a hillside.

Two figures meet each other on a grassy clearing.

HAIKON: (VO) On the way back to the Chappa'ai, he encountered a Prior. He was told that the Sodan had committed unforgivable treason against the Ori.

A healthy Volnek stands with a bag of supplies thrown over his shoulder as he squints up at the bad Prior, who holds his staff and has a book of Origin tucked under his arm.

The Prior slams his staff into the ground and the familiar blue light bursts forth from the top.

HAIKON: (VO) The Prior vowed a great ill would befall us and then planted his staff into the ground.

Volnek falls to his knees, in obvious pain.

The entire hillside glows white.

SODAN PLANET - VILLAGE. The village is bustling with life. Carts are pushed into the settlement and female Sodan tend to each others hair.

Volnek and another Sodan fight in the training circle.

HAIKON: (VO) When he returned to the village and told me of the encounter, we took the threat seriously, keeping a watchful eye on the Chappa'ai.

Volnek kicks his opponent to the ground and holds his staff to the other man's neck.

Suddenly, Volnek staggers, falling to his knees in slow motion.

Other Sodan gather around to see what is happening.

HAIKON: (VO) Several days passed without incident until ...

Volnek supports himself on a boundary stone. Spittle and foam dribble from his mouth.

HAIKON: (VO) ... Volnek fell ill. He became irrational, incoherent. We isolated him and treated him with our best medicines but his condition worsened.

Sodan villagers gather around a hut. Children are ushered away as they try to look in up the entrance ramp.

Inside, Volnek is writhing on the floor. He is held down by two men.

Haikon attempts to cool his brow with a rag as foam pours from the younger Jaffa's mouth.

Volnek snarls and growls as he strains, his eyes and teeth becoming feral.


HAIKON: Yesterday, he broke the bonds that were meant to restrain him. Our finest warriors attempted to subdue him but he killed them all with very little effort. He then turned on everyone in sight. His own brother, Jolan, was killed in the carnage that followed. Women and children fled to the woods and Volnek followed them and slaughtered them all -- without mercy.

Teal'c and Haddon absorb the horror of the tale.

HAIKON: To the best of my knowledge, I am the only one to have survived.

Teal'c puts a hand on Haikon's shoulder as Mackenzie finishes applying the field dressing.

TEAL'C: Rest brother, rest.

REYNOLDS: (OS) SG-22, establish a defensive perimeter!

Teal'c gets up and goes to the entrance of the hut.

SG-3 and SG-22 are making their way through the village, led by Colonel Reynolds and unknowingly accompanied by Colonel Mitchell.

REYNOLDS: SG-3 stay close to me.

One group of soldiers breaks off to guard the perimeter as Reynolds and his men walk carefully onwards, weapons at the ready.

SG-3 freeze as Teal'c and Haddon emerge from the hut, pointing their own guns.

After a beat, the P90s are lowered with relief.

TEAL'C: Colonel Reynolds.

REYNOLDS: Teal'c, what the hell happened here? Why haven't you checked in?

TEAL'C: The Eye of the Gods has been damaged.

HADDON: We're trapped here. So are you.

TEAL'C: The Ori had a hand in what has transpired here.


TEAL'C: We have much to discuss. Come.

SG-3 file into the hut, leaving Mitchell stood fuming at the state of the Sodan encampment.

After a moment, he follows them inside.

S.G.C. - LAB. Daniel and Carter stand next to the active device and its orange display. They look down at Lee who is still sat at the desk.

LEE: Okay if you're still there, I've given it some thought and my guess is, it should be a simple matter of reversing the process. I'm on it.

He scurries over to his laptop at the other desk.

Carter looks up at the ceiling.

DANIEL: Is that supposed to be reassuring?

Carter smiles as Daniel looks around the room, suddenly noticing something.

DANIEL: Where's Mitchell?

CARTER: He went off-world with the extraction team.


CARTER: He was convinced he could help Teal'c, I couldn't talk him out of it.

DANIEL: Why doesn't that surprise me?

CARTER: There's no sense in worrying about that now. On the bright side, the translation will go a lot quicker now that you're here.

They shrug, smiling at each other with forced sweetness.

Daniel steps around the desk to look at the display head on.

DANIEL: Okay, this is interesting. It appears to be a log of some kind. Merlin was conducting research on some kind of new invention.

He reaches out and touches one of the symbols in the display and with a whir, another screen of information appears.

Daniel scrolls through more screens.

DANIEL: And it was something big. He went to great lengths to try and hide it. This device was invented for the sole purpose of keeping his research a secret. He needed a way to conceal it from ...

Carter looks at Daniel as he presses another symbol and scrolls again.

CARTER: Daniel ... Merlin needed to conceal his research from ... ?

DANIEL: His fellow ascended beings.

Carter looks shocked.

CARTER: But if he was ascended, he must have retaken human form to perform his research.

Daniel scrolls through more reams of data.

CARTER: I don't get it -- what invention could have been so important that it would have led him to give up his ascension?

DANIEL: A weapon. A weapon capable of destroying ascended beings.

Carter exhales slowly in surprise.

SODAN PLANET. VILLAGE. Colonel Reynolds and Major Haddon stand with Teal'c by a cart.

REYNOLDS: You hit him with two P90s and he didn't die - how is that possible?

TEAL'C: We have encountered something like this before: An Ancient device capable of reanimating dead tissue. Anubis used similar technology to give life to his Kull Warriors.

HADDON: I'm assuming there's no cure.

TEAL'C: The Volnek we know is dead.

REYNOLDS: So how do we stop him -- it, whatever?

TEAL'C: By destroying the body entirely.

HADDON: Claymores.

Mitchell is stood at Teal'c's elbow, listening in.

MITCHELL: Oh, that's what I'm talking about.

HADDON: We just plant two of them opposite each other and run a trip wire right through the middle. Then all we've gotta do is lure him in.

REYNOLDS: Piece of cake. While we're at it maybe we could teach him how to speak Japanese.

The two soldiers look to Teal'c.

TEAL'C: I will do it.


REYNOLDS: Teal'c, the kill zone is going to be huge. You're going to have to be awful quick to get out of there.

TEAL'C: Understood.

MITCHELL: No, no, no. That's just crazy.

HADDON: Let's at least wait for reinforcements.

TEAL'C: Waiting will only put the lives of others at risk. Volnek was clever enough to disable the Eye of the Gods; undoubtedly, the missing crystal is in his possession. The only way we can return to Earth is to retrieve it and the only way that we can do that is by killing Volnek. There is no other way.

Teal'c picks up his weapons from the cart and stalks away from Reynolds and Haddon.

Mitchell circles around quickly and follows his team mate towards the forest.

S.G.C. - LAB. Lee, Carter and Daniel stand staring at the device. Lee paces away as Daniel continues to read the display.

DANIEL: Merlin believed that the Ori represented a significant threat to the safety of this galaxy including the Ancients themselves, who refused to take any action to protect themselves against them.

CARTER: So he went ahead and developed a weapon anyway.

DANIEL: Well, he found a way of doing it without their knowing about it by shifting his research to another dimension.

CARTER: So the weapon -- did he ever complete it?

Daniel reaches out to scroll down the display further.

DANIEL: Ah, you see this is all technical, way over my head; I wish you understood Ancient. These notes seem to indicate that he completed the weapon here on Earth and then had to relocate it to ...

He presses another symbol and another screen of orange writing flashes up. In a lighter shade, an unmistakable gate address stands out.

CARTER: I need to be able to understand Ancient to figure out what that is.

DANIEL: A gate address to where he hid the weapon.

SODAN PLANET - FOREST. Two claymores are hidden beneath leaves and a trip wire is run between the two. Colonel Reynolds oversees the trap's placement, crouching against a tree.

A soldier gives Reynolds a nod and he stands, moving towards Teal'c and Mitchell.

REYNOLDS: Claymores are ready.

TEAL'C: You and your men establish a perimeter. I will lead Volnek into the trap.

REYNOLDS: Are you sure you want to do this?

TEAL'C: I am.

Teal'c sets off further into the forest, trailed by Mitchell.

Reynolds takes a deep breath and eyes the vegetation uneasily.

S.G.C. - LAB. Doctor Lee sits in the seemingly deserted laboratory; he rubs his hands together from his position in front of his laptop.

LEE: Okay. Erm, I'm going to try and make an adjustment to the algorithm. It's a bit of a long shot but if I can get this to sync up ...

Daniel and Carter are still working, out of phase, on the device.

Lee presses a key on the computer and the display suddenly begins to flicker and disintegrate.

DANIEL: Uh oh.

CARTER: Uh oh.

LEE: Uh oh.

They spin round to look at the scientist.

He flaps at his computer screen for a moment.

LEE: Oh, no.

He picks up a phone that is next to him and quickly dials an extension.

LEE: Hello, this is Doctor Lee. I'd like to speak with General Landry, please. Yeah, it's a bit of an emergency.

Daniel and Carter shake their heads and look at the floor.

SODAN PLANET - FOREST. Teal'c steps around a large tree, arms outstretched. Mitchell saunters casually behind him.

MITCHELL: You know, there is a fine line between crazy brave and crazy crazy my friend and you are walking it. You realize he took out an entire Sodan village?

Mitchell looks away, annoyed at his ineffectiveness.

Teal'c leans his back against a tree for cover and presses the activation button on his Sodan cloaking device.

His image ripples and disappears.

The forest is tinged blue once more as Teal'c steps away from the tree, followed by Mitchell.

MITCHELL: You know the last thing I need is for you to get yourself killed. Do you realize how long it would take me to find a replacement?

TEAL'C: You worry far too much, Colonel Mitchell.

Mitchell gapes at him in shock.


He steps in front of Teal'c.

MITCHELL: You can hear me now?

TEAL'C: And see you.

Teal'c walks past Mitchell, who is staring at him with his mouth open.

MITCHELL: You're not surprised?

S.G.C. - LAB. Landry strides in to see Doctor Lee.

LANDRY: What is it? What's going on.

The General stands next to Lee and looks down at the computer.

LEE: I'm not sure but I may have, accidentally, drained a significant portion of the machine's power supply.

Carter looks at Daniel. She is not amused.

LANDRY: How significant?

LEE: According to these readings, it could reach critical failure inside fifteen minutes.

Landry removes his hands from his hips.

LANDRY: Now what happens to Carter, Mitchell and Daniel?

CARTER: In all likelihood, we'll be permanently stranded.

She and Daniel exchange a worried glance.

SODAN FOREST. Teal'c and Mitchell walk carefully through the foliage, out of phase.

MITCHELL: So we can see each other when you're cloaked - that means that Volnek can see me. All I've got to do is get his attention and lead him right back to Reynolds.

TEAL'C: I do not feel comfortable allowing you to shoulder all the risk.

MITCHELL: No risk. I'm out of phase, remember?

TEAL'C: And you are certain you will not be injured?

They stop walking.

MITCHELL: Absolutely. Hey, take your best shot if you don't ...

Teal'c swings one of his guns up and sweeps it through Mitchell's head. It passes through harmlessly.

Mitchell jumps.

Teal'c bows at him slightly.

TEAL'C: Good luck, Colonel Mitchell.

Teal'c walks off to find cover.

MITCHELL: Hey, did you even think twice about that?

TEAL'C: (not turning round) I did not.


Mitchell begins to jog through the forest.

MITCHELL: Volnek! Hey, Volnek!

He pauses and scans the tree line -- there is no sign of the former Sodan.

He sets off again.

MITCHELL: Volnek! Where are you homeboy? Come on out and show me some of those monster moves!

He comes to a halt in a small clearing.

Suddenly, Volnek emerges from behind a tree, snarling brutishly with his staff weapon aimed at Mitchell.

MITCHELL: Oh, there you are! I was starting to get worried.

Volnek fires a blast straight through Mitchell's chest. Mitchell clutches his chest for a moment and then lifts his hand away to reveal that there is no wound.

Volnek looks confused.

MITCHELL: Sorry, you've got to do better than that.

Mitchell sets off through the forest at a sprint.

Volnek grunts and starts to chase him.

MITCHELL: Come on big fella!

Volnek fires again, his shot impacting in the bark of a tree.

Mitchell runs through a small tree, not slowing down.

Volnek picks up the pace, firing as he runs.

The claymores are still covered, partially buried in the Earth as Mitchell and Volnek screech to a stop just before them.

Teal'c steps back behind a tree, attempting to stay out of sight.

Mitchell faces Volnek.

MITCHELL: Here you go, come on and get you some!

Volnek snarls and levels his weapon.

Again, the blasts merely pass through Mitchell, hitting the large tree stump directly behind him.

Volnek stops firing and Mitchell cocks his head at him, cheekily.

S.G.C. - LAB. Carter looks over her shoulder at Landry and Lee as Daniel frantically sorts through the various screens of the Ancient device's display.

She turns back to Daniel.

CARTER: We're running out of time.

DANIEL: I think I've got it -- this is some kind of master control screen. Yeah, here it is. It's a button combination.

He reads the screen and prepares to press the corresponding buttons on the keyboard.

He pulls his fingers back in a moment of indecision.

DANIEL: If this works, what happens to Mitchell?

Carter shakes her head.

CARTER: I don't know. It's possible there's still a subspace connection linking him to the device.

DANIEL: And if there isn't?

She raises her eyebrows and then frowns.

LANDRY: Doctor!

Daniel begins typing the button combination.

LEE: Okay I'm going to try and make an adjustment to the algorithm. It's a bit of a long shot ...

LANDRY: (interrupting) You'd better be sure about this Doctor because if you make me disappear, there won't be dimension safe enough for you.

Lee gulps slightly and starts typing.

Daniel enters the last few buttons on the device.

Lee presses the enter key on his computer.

A whirring hum emanates from the device and with a flash of bright white light, Carter and Daniel are brought back into phase.

Landry looks surprised.

Daniel and Carter look towards him, anxiously.

SODAN FOREST. Mitchell continues to goad Volnek.

MITCHELL: Come on, don't give up -- come on!

He pats his thighs as if he is beckoning a dog.

Volnek growls and begins to lumber towards him.

Mitchell is suddenly engulfed in blue light. He staggers, leaning against the tree stump for support.

From his position, Teal'c looks on, frowning.

As Mitchell blinks away the bright light, he realizes that he is holding a small piece of bark -- he is no longer out of phase.

He stares at the bark for a moment. He is no longer impervious.

MITCHELL: Oh crap.

He throws the bark to the floor and looks to where Volnek was.

The rogue Sodan is now invisible to him.

S.G.C. - LAB. Landry and Lee stare at Daniel and Carter, grinning.

LANDRY: You did it!

He slaps Lee on the back.

Lee laughs.

Carter prods Daniel in the arm, making sure that he is solid.

Daniel makes a face and slaps her in the shoulder with more force.

Doctor Lee squints at his computer screen.

LEE: No, actually, I didn't.

CARTER: It was Daniel, he figured it out.

Daniel shrugs at Lee, smiling.

Landry pauses for a moment.

LANDRY: Where's Colonel Mitchell? Carter and Daniel look awkward.


SODAN FOREST. Mitchell moves nervously, trying to establish where Volnek is.

He turns, only to be hit in the face. He flies backwards under the force of the unexpected blow, landing heavily on the ground.

Volnek, still operating under the cloak, bends down and grabs Mitchell by the throat.

Mitchell gropes at the air in front of him as he is lifted clean off his feet.

He establishes where Volnek's head might be and begins punching the Sodan in the face.

Teal'c steps forward from behind the tree and approaches the clearing.

Mitchell is flung against the stump and rolls to a stop on the ground.

Volnek lowers his staff weapon to Mitchell's head and prepares to fire.

Teal'c leaps into the fray, knocking the staff weapon off target with his P90's. Volnek attempts to hit Teal'c with the staff, but Teal'c blocks every blow.

He back hands Volnek with one of the guns and the Sodan staggers backwards.

Teal'c fires both weapons directly into the snarling monster's chest, holding him at bay before throwing the spent guns away.

Teal'c deactivates his cloak and reaches down to pick Mitchell up from the floor. They dash away, jumping over the trip wire and sprinting away from the claymores.

Recovered, Volnek gives a final growl and chases after them.

The trip wire pings as it is pulled free.

The explosion rips through Volnek, sending Mitchell and Teal'c flying through the air with the sheer force of the blast.

A cloud of smoke rises into the air.

Teal'c lifts himself up slightly as Mitchell raises himself onto his knees next to him.

MITCHELL: You know the whole point of my coming here was for me to rescue you.

TEAL'C: (beat) You are most welcome, Colonel Mitchell.

They stand up and look back towards the dispersing white smoke.

MITCHELL: Well, let's see him get up from that one.

TEAL'C: Unfortunately, we must now locate the crystal.

MITCHELL: What, are you talking about this crystal?

He holds the crystal up in his hand.

Teal'c smiles.

MITCHELL: Took it off him during the fight. You know if we hurry, we'll make it in time for dinner.

The two team mates begin to slowly walk back through the forest.