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Daniel is imprisoned on a world under the influence of the Ori, and the Prometheus is caught in a firefight when SG-1 tries to rescue him.

DVD DISC: Season 9, Disc 4
DIRECTED BY: Ken Girotti
STORY BY: Damian Kindler & Robert C. Cooper
TELEPLAY BY: Damian Kindler
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Transcript by Jane Harrison

STARGATE COMMAND - CONTROL ROOM. The sirens are wailing, the gate has been activated. MITCHELL, WALTER and other personnel stare at the Stargate from the main console. DANIEL enters the room, walking briskly.

DANIEL: What's up?

WALTER: Incoming wormhole from Tegalus.

MITCHELL: A Jarrod Kane is requesting to be let through. He says he needs to speak to you and it's urgent.

Walter presses some controls.

WALTER: I'm ready.

DANIEL: Jarrod, this is Daniel -- what's wrong?

KANE: (over radio) Doctor Jackson, I have very little time ... I've gained access to the Stargate without my government's authorization. Please allow me to come through. I am alone, and unarmed.

Mitchell looks to Daniel for confirmation.

Daniel nods his assent.

MITCHELL: Open the iris.

Walter places his palm on the control and the iris opens.

DANIEL: Okay Jarrod, it's safe to come through.

S.G.C. - GATE ROOM. Jarrod Kane emerges from the event horizon, a bag slung over his shoulder.

The soldiers manning the gate room take up defensive positions.

Mitchell and Daniel arrive at the base of the ramp to greet their visitor.

MITCHELL: Stand down!

KANE: Doctor Jackson.

DANIEL: Jarrod, this is Lieutenant Colonel Cameron Mitchell.

MITCHELL: Tegalus. Post-apocalyptic warring superpowers of deep-seated political differences. That Jarrod Kane. It's nice to meet you.

DANIEL: Your government stopped responding to our communiqués months ago. We assumed that you'd ...

KANE: Completely destroyed each other? Not quite yet.

DANIEL: I was going to say no longer wanted our help but ... that'll do.

KANE: No, the Rand Protectorate is still struggling to rebuild and defend itself from the Caledonian Federation.

DANIEL: Okay, what's so urgent?

KANE: Five months ago a man came through the Stargate. He called himself a Prior of the Ori.

MITCHELL: Here we go ...

DANIEL: Yes, we're aware of the Priors and what they're preaching.

KANE: The Prior wasn't just offering us religion, he was offering us power. In exchange for our embracing the Ori, he gave our government designs for a weapon that can be launched into orbit. A satellite -- capable of giving us total domination over the Caledonians.

Daniel scrunches his face up at this.

DANIEL: Okay, assuming your people intend on building this weapon; how long before it's completed?

KANE: Twenty four hours ago, a Caledonian military outpost was completely vaporized in a demonstration. The weapon is already operational.

Mitchell and Daniel exchange a worried look.

S.G.C. - BRIEFING ROOM. SG-1 are sat around the table as Kane stands next to the video screen, where a map of Tegalus and its divisions is displayed.

MITCHELL: How long until your government makes its next move?

KANE: Our President has given their leader, Minister Chaska, a deadline of five days. After that, if the Caledonians don't surrender to Rand occupation, they'll be destroyed.

DANIEL: And the Prior instructed you to do this?

KANE: Rand has been in disarray since the missile attacks last year. Intelligence reports were filtering in that said the Caledonians were preparing themselves for a full-scale ground assault. They were going to invade and attempt to topple what was left of Rand once and for all.

MITCHELL: Caledonia wasn't interested in hearing from this Prior.

KANE: The Prior asked our leaders if he could spread his word to the Caledonians as well.

DANIEL: Of course, they would never accept anything that Rand was already embracing.

KANE: President Nadal explained that to the Prior -- he said anyone that didn't accept Origin must be destroyed.

MITCHELL: Man, those guys have got a bottomless bag of tricks, don't they?

DANIEL: I'm guessing it was also the Prior who convinced your people that having a relationship with us was no longer necessary.

KANE: It was already clear your government wasn't going to offer us the type of weapons and technology this Prior was offering us. You see, we weren't just on the verge of suffering defeat at the hands of the Caledonians -- we were on the verge of collapsing as a nation. But now after what you've told me of the Ori and these Priors, I fear that may have been a better way to go.

CARTER: We appreciate your situation but ... what exactly do you want from us?

Kane pushes a document tube into the middle of the table.

KANE: These are the early schematics of the weapon. Unfortunately, they're not complete -- the Prior gave us step by step instructions in stages.

Carter begins to open the tube.

MITCHELL: ... Making sure he kept you under his thumb.

KANE: He said it was to so we make sure that each stage was completed properly before we moved onto the next.(beat) It was the best I could do under the circumstances, access became restricted soon after some of us in the government voiced our disapproval about building the weapon.

TEAL'C: You wish us to destroy the weapon.

KANE: It's the only chance we have to stop things before they go too far.

Carter rests her head on her hand.

MITCHELL: (to Kane) Just to be clear ... You're doing this to save Caledonians. You don't hate them for bombing your country and killing so many of your people.

KANE: I do. (beat) but I refuse to see any more lives, be they Rand or Caledonian, senselessly lost to the archaic prejudices of a religious extremist. This has to stop.

MITCHELL: Would you excuse us for a moment?

He stands, abruptly and leaves the room. His team follows.

GENERAL LANDRY'S OFFICE. Mitchell holds the door open as the rest of SG-1 files in.

CARTER: What are we doing?

Mitchell carefully shuts the door.

MITCHELL: Talking privately. I'm sure General Landry won't mind. You want the big chair?

Carter vehemently shakes her head -- it wouldn't be right.

CARTER: Not me. I'll sit here.

She crosses over to another chair and Mitchell shakes his head, amused.

MITCHELL: Sam, he's in Washington.

CARTER: (taking a deep breath) Yeah.

As Daniel and Teal'c make themselves comfortable, Mitchell steps towards the General's chair and hesitates. He looks at it for a moment, uncomfortable.


He quickly moves away and perches on the table that is in front of the star map.

Carter smirks at him.

DANIEL: Let me just start this by saying that a lot of this is actually our fault. There wouldn't have been a war on Tegalus if we hadn't gone there in the first place.

MITCHELL: General O'Neill probably said it best: the minute we step through the gate we're sticking our collective noses where they don't belong.

CARTER: We did offer to help them rebuild.

TEAL'C: An offer they eventually declined.

DANIEL: ... Because they were being influenced by a Prior.

Teal'c nods, accepting this point.

Behind Mitchell through the glass of the map, Kane can be seen slowly pacing the Briefing Room.

MITCHELL: And this satellite thing takes it to a whole new level -- the Ori are now arming their followers.

CARTER: Who says they won't eventually build them ships capable of attacking other planets?

MITCHELL: We need to nip this trend squarely in the bud.

Daniel looks perturbed.

DANIEL: So, what -- we just fly in there and blow it up?

MITCHELL: Yeah. (beat) Unless you have a better idea.

DANIEL: All Tegalans, both Rand and Caledonian alike, deserve to know the truth. If we tell them what we know, who the Ori really are, they might be convinced to dismantle this weapon themselves.

MITCHELL: You think they'll listen?

DANIEL: Let's just propose it to Kane and see if Rand will hear us out.

Mitchell nods, doubtful, but willing to go along with this plan.

S.G.C. - CARTER'S LAB. CARTER, MITCHELL and TEAL'C stand around a table where the blueprints that Kane has provided are laid out.

MITCHELL: So can we use these plans to build ourselves a satellite? Hey, you've gotta ask.

CARTER: These plans are incomplete. I mean, it's not even clear what's powering the weapon.

TEAL'C: Kane did say they were early schematics.

MITCHELL: So not useful.

CARTER: Well, enough to say it's not very efficient.

She moves a sheet to indicate one of the intricate designs.

CARTER: For example, these capacitors take several minutes to store enough power to fire the weapon and then again before it can repeat.

MITCHELL: Wow, you'd think an Ori weapon would be more advanced.

CARTER: Well, the Ori may have designed it for them but the Rand still had to build it using the resources and technology at their disposal. Now remember that it wouldn't take much, by our standards, to give Rand vast military superiority over Caledonia.

TEAL'C: Then they can be easily destroyed.

CARTER: If these plans are an accurate indication.

MITCHELL: Right. So we'll take Prometheus with us.

CARTER: Shouldn't be a problem. The satellite appears to be a predominantly offensive weapon.

MITCHELL: No defenses.

CARTER: Well it stands to reason. Rand knows that Caledonia has nothing even close to capable of reaching orbit. Although -- there do appear to be sensors built into the targeting system, so our approach may be detected.

TEAL'C: The Prometheus is protected by Asgard shield technology.

CARTER: Exactly. Now as I said, even if they do see us coming, the weapon will take a few minutes to charge up. We should be able to emerge from hyperspace and take a shot at it before it can respond. If for any reason it doesn't go well, we jump back into hyperspace.

Mitchell and Teal'c look to each other, satisfied by this explanation.

S.G.C. - COMMISSARY. Daniel approaches Kane who is sat at a table with a cup in front of him. A guard stands to one side.

The bland walls behind them have been spiced up with framed photographs of military jets in flight.

Daniel stands in front of Kane, his hands resting on the back of a chair.

KANE: Anything yet?

DANIEL: Give them some time. They seemed shocked that you were here.

KANE: (softly) I'm sure they were.

Daniel sits down.

DANIEL: You don't think they'll listen to us?

KANE: Our people suffered greatly after the war. They needed to believe that there was a reason for what was happening to them.

DANIEL: And the Prior provided that.

KANE: He said our suffering was a test ... to see who was worthy.

DANIEL: Well, if it makes you feel any better your planet's not alone.

They are silent for a moment.

DANIEL: Kane, I ... I have to ask ... Leda.

KANE: (pause) Five months ago, when Rand was deciding whether to accept Origin or not, a disease swept through the country. Thousands became deathly ill. The Prior said that those who believed and embraced the Ori would be cured. That's when people everywhere began accepting them as gods.

Daniel closes his eyes against emotion and nods.

KANE: We ... we watched so many ... barter away their beliefs in exchange for their lives. But Leda she ... she refused to accept it.

Daniel frowns, upset.

DANIEL: I am sorry.

A door to the Commissary opens, interrupting the silence that has fallen.

WALTER enters, carrying a sheet of paper. He walks over and stands next to Daniel's shoulder, leaning in.

WALTER: Doctor Jackson. We just received a communication from the Rand government.

He passes it to Daniel, who reads the message quickly, his eyebrows raising in surprise.

DANIEL: They want to talk.

He looks at Kane, gauging his reaction.

RAND PROTECTORATE - CAPITAL CITY. The city is run-down. All the buildings are brown and discoloured and damage from the war is clearly visible on their brick-work. The streets are empty and there are no signs of life, save for a single column of smoke that emerges from a large chimney.

PRISON CELL. Daniel sits on a bench, imprisoned in a small barred cell.

DANIEL: This isn't exactly what I had in mind.

Kane sits in a neighboring cell, similarly fuming and sat, like Daniel, with his elbows resting on his knees.

KANE: What happens if your people don't hear from us?

DANIEL: I told them to proceed with destroying the weapon.

A metallic creak signals that another person has entered the jail. Daniel and Kane turn their heads to the sound.

They both stand and shuffle towards the front of their respective cells, wrapping their hands around the bars and looking through.

PRESIDENT NADAL marches down a corridor leading to the containment area, flanked by two armed soldiers. All wear brown military dress.

KANE: President Nadal.

NADAL: Senator Kane.

KANE: This is Doctor Daniel Jackson.

NADAL: I know who he is.

DANIEL: I'm here representing Earth on a diplomatic mission.

NADAL: I'm here to officially inform you, Jarrod Kane -- you are under arrest for treason.

DANIEL: Excuse me? You allowed us to come here under false pretenses?

NADAL: Doctor Daniel Jackson, your government has knowingly harbored a felon. As well, it seems they are in possession of top secret documents vital to the security of this country. As of now, you are both considered enemies of the State and will be detained until trial can be set.

He stalks back down the corridor, barely containing his disgust.

Kane steps back towards his bench, aggrieved.

Daniel stays still, peering through his bars.

PROMETHEUS. The PROMETHEUS travels through hyperspace. The ship's crew, including COLONEL PENDERGAST, CAPTAIN MARKS and LIEUTENANT WOMACK, operate the controls.

Carter, Teal'c and Mitchell stand nearby, watching their progress.

MARKS: Approaching the planet, Sir.

PENDERGAST: Prepare to lock on Doctor Jackson's locator beacon the moment we drop out of hyperspace.

WOMACK: Yes, Sir.

RAND - PRISON CELL. Daniel leans against the bars of his cell, facing away from Kane who remains sat on his bench.

DANIEL: I guess I can assume any trial will be rigged?

KANE: (beat) Honestly ... we'll be lucky to get that far.

Daniel turns towards him.

KANE: President Nadal has been paranoid about Caledonian spies for some time now. Because I betrayed him this way, he may also assume I'm part of that network.

DANIEL: Great. I don't suppose your country has any laws against torture?

Kane shakes his head.


Doors can be heard opening again and two Rand soldiers come to a halt outside the cells. Amidst them, a different uniform highlights the rank of COMMANDER PERNAUX.

One of the soldiers unlocks Kane's cell door and Perneaux enters.

PERNAUX: (smiling) I applaud your courage, Kane.

KANE: Commander Perneaux, Doctor Jackson. Doctor Jackson ...

DANIEL: Yeah, yeah. I got it.

Daniel now stands grasping the bars that separate his compartment from Kane's.

PERNAUX: (to Kane) What I don't understand is why you came back.

KANE: Doctor Jackson and I felt there were some things the Rand people needed to know.

PERNAUX: The only things I need to know are the names of those among us who are working for the Caledonians.

KANE: Just because I went there for help doesn't mean I've also given information to the Caledonians or know who might have.

PERNAUX: Earth is responsible for our current state of affairs. Turning to them is an act of a desperate man, Kane.

DANIEL: (angrily) Kane turned to us in the hopes of preventing you from making a catastrophic mistake. The Priors are not telling you everything about the Ori. you need to hear me out before you use that weapon to wipe out the Caledonians.

PERNAUX: So you admit you sympathize with Caledonia?

KANE: That's not what he's saying.

PERNAUX: How the next few days unfold is entirely up to you. But until I find out who else is working with you, I guarantee that neither of you will know a moment's piece.

He gives Daniel one last glance and then slowly turns and exits Kane's cell.

The two prisoners are left to contemplate their fate.

SPACE. The Prometheus drops out of hyperspace and powers towards Tegalus, an Earth-like planet suspended in the black of space.

PROMETHEUS. WOMACK surveys the screen in front of her.

WOMACK: I have a signal from Doctor Jackson's locator beacon.

PENDERGAST: Beam him directly onto the Bridge.

The other members of SG-1 prepare themselves for Daniel's arrival.

The white beam of Asgard technology flashes across the screen, but there is no Daniel to be seen.

Instead, Mitchell steps forward and bends down to pick something up.

He shows it to the others -- it is Daniel's locator beacon, suspiciously removed from its owner.

MITCHELL: I take it this means things aren't going so well.

He hands it to Teal'c, who worriedly takes it.

CARTER: Coupled with the fact that we haven't heard from him since he left two days ago ...

MARKS: We have located the satellite.

PENDERGAST: Lock on target.

Womack nods and her console bleeps as the target is acquired.

TEAL'C: This will be perceived as an act of aggression against Rand.

The members of Prometheus' crew turn to look at him.

CARTER: We could be risking any chance of negotiating for Daniel's safe return.

A troubled silence reigns on the Bridge.

RAND - COMMAND BUNKER. President Nadal and two of his cronies enter the bustling nerve centre of the Rand Protectorate. Machines blink busily as strategists gather around a table. Other Rand personnel work at computer stations and pore over large documents.

A warning siren blares out.

NADAL: Commander ...

Perneaux is stood facing a large video screen which depicts the geographical divide between the Rand and the Caledonian territories on one side and Tegalus' orbital space on the other.

Nadal peers at the screen once his arrives next to his Commander for a report.

PERNAUX: Mister President. The satellite sensors have detected a ship closing on this position.

PROMETHEUS - BRIDGE. The crew are still at an impasse.

WOMACK: Target has been acquired, Sir.

PENDERGAST: (to Carter) We've got the satellite dead to rights. We could hail them and ask for Doctor Jackson in exchange.

TEAL'C: That would not accomplish the goal of this mission.

MITCHELL: Jackson knew it might come to this. He told us to proceed no matter what.

CARTER: He wouldn't want us to trade his life for thousands, possibly millions, of Caledonians.

PENDERGAST: Well, it's your call Colonels -- all I'm asking is that you make up your mind quickly.

A high-pitched beep sounds from a console.

WOMACK: Sir, we're detecting a power build-up from the satellite.

Carter squints over Womack's shoulder, scrutinizing the graphic of the satellite that is displayed on the screen.

CARTER: Its altitude is changing.

MARKS: We're being targeted.

PENDERGAST: (to Marks) Sound general quarters. Full power to the forward shield generators and maintain course and speed.

The lights on the Bridge dim under this heightened level of security.

Mitchell and Pendergast look to Carter for advice.

She closes her eyes as the warning siren begins to wail.

There is a pause.



WOMACK: Firing missiles.

SPACE. The Prometheus releases two missiles. They emerge from the top of the ship, firing straight up before wheeling round to speed towards their target.

The trails they leave splice across the void before converging on the satellite, a huge spinning wheel bisected by a central column that has a gold spinning disk on top.

The missiles impact upon some unseen force just short of the satellite's surface, bursting into flame as the orange ripple of a shield absorbs the blast.

PROMETHEUS - BRIDGE. Womack checks her screen.

WOMACK: Missiles detonated prior to impact. Target remains intact, Sir.

Pendergast is dumbfounded.

CARTER: It looks like its being protected by a shield. Defensive capabilities must have been added.

PENDERGAST: Okay ... Now what?

No one on the Bridge has an immediate answer.

RAND - COMMAND BUNKER. There is a similar tension to that on the Prometheus permeating the bunker.

RAND TECHNICIAN: Shields appear to be holding.

PERNAUX: Recommend firing a warning shot.

NADAL: (outraged) We have been attacked, Commander -- we must respond in kind! Target the ship.

The technician looks for confirmation from Perneaux, who nods his assent.

The technician turns a knob on his console and it bleeps.

RAND TECHNICIAN: The Earth vessel has been targeted, weapons primed and ready.


A red cover guard is flicked up by the technician, who then firmly presses the button underneath.

SPACE. A bolt of orange light blasts from the satellite, which is firing directly at the Prometheus.

The beam hits the shield of the ship which glows under the force of the blow.

The shield falters and the beam slices through the front-most part of the Prometheus and passes through the other side.

Shards of debris fly from the site of the attack.

PROMETHEUS - BRIDGE. Steam gushes from a pipe on the wall, hissing loudly. The crew are rocked violently in their seats as they brace for impact.

PENDERGAST: Evasive maneuvers! Full military thrust! Arm the rail gun!

Sparks rain down on an airman and he rolls to the ground, shielding his eyes with his hands. Teal'c rushes to assist him.

Shouts and cries fill the Bridge.

WOMACK: Sub-light engines aren't responding!

MARKS: Weapons are down! We've lost life support and hull integrity on decks three through seven!

PENDERGAST: Seal them off.

Womack dashes to an abandoned console, desperately attempting to regain control.

MITCHELL: That blast cut through our shields at full strength!

CARTER: I know, I don't understand how.

Womack ducks more sparks.

WOMACK: Sensors detect that the weapon is re-charging!

MITCHELL: We've only got minutes.

PENDERGAST: Hyperdrive status?

WOMACK: Hyperdrive is off-line!

CARTER: Hull integrity is too unstable.

MARKS: Medical teams reporting four casualties, eight crew members still unaccounted for!

More bursts of steam erupt from the ceiling and walls.

MITCHELL: (to Pendergast) That thing can only fire at one target at a time.

PENDERGAST: Go! Scramble blue squadron.

Mitchell nods quickly and grabs Teal'c's arm.

MITCHELL: Let's go and see if we can do some damage in close!

They run from the Bridge as the ship sways violently and more sparks shower from the Prometheus' electrics.

Pendergast takes a deep breath.

SPACE. F-302s launch from the hanger, swooping away from the distressed Prometheus.

RAND - COMMAND BUNKER. The ships are shown on the Rand video screen as rapidly moving blue dots.

PERNAUX: Tracking multiple smaller ships attacking the satellite. The shield is holding.

NADAL: By the grace of the gods.

RAND TECHNICIAN: Thirty seconds until weapon is primed and ready.

NADAL: Target the large vessel again.

SPACE. The F-302 team zooms towards the satellite in formation, breaking off they release multiple missiles.

Each missile impacts on the satellite's shield, which isn't even weakened by the onslaught and defiantly glows yellow.

F-302 COCKPIT. Mitchell sits in the first seat with Teal'c behind him.

BLUE SQUADRON PILOT: (over radio) It's no use, Blue Leader, we're not getting through.

MITCHELL: Keep at it, boys.

Their ship rolls into another attack pattern.

SPACE. The fighters merge and barrage the satellite with even more missile fire, all of which is deflected by the shield.


PENDERGAST: Lieutenant, I need sub-light engines now.

WOMACK: I'm trying, Sir. Auxiliary systems aren't kicking in!

She works frantically at her post, flinging as sparks land all around her.

CARTER: (standing) They can't -- the two main power relays have been damaged.

Carter crosses the Bridge quickly, heading to a large video control screen that shows schematics of the Prometheus.

PENDERGAST: Can they be repaired?

CARTER: We need to re-route power through the by-pass conduit.

Carter uses the video screen to zoom in on a certain part of the ship.

CARTER: (indicating) Here. We should get limited sub-light capability back.

Pendergast slaps Marks on the shoulder.

PENDERGAST: Marks, you're with Colonel Carter, go!

Marks stands and he and Carter hurriedly exit the Bridge.

PROMETHEUS - CORRIDOR. A fire licks its way, unfought, up a support column. The air is filled with smoke.

Carter and Marks run down the corridor. Shouts and garbled orders from other crew members echo through the ship.

CARTER: We need to get to get up two levels!

They run past personnel hurrying with briefcases.

Marks attempts to head down one corridor, only to be stopped by a burst of sparks.

CARTER: Captain! The elevator's not safe!

Carter indicates the opposite corridor and makes her way down it.

MARKS: Right. Sorry, I don't know what I was thinking.

He swiftly follows her, ducking to avoid another pipe that is venting steam.

BRIDGE. Pendergast is still in his chair, coordinating the emergency. Womack sits down in her position next to him.


WOMACK: Forward shields at forty percent.

PENDERGAST: Divert all shield power to forward generators.

Womack pauses.

WOMACK: Sir, sensors indicate that the weapon is reaching maximum power ...

Pendergast stabs the speaker button on the arm of his chair.

PENDERGAST: All hands, brace for impact!

F-302. Mitchell and Teal'c gaze out at the satellite.

MITCHELL: This damn thing's shield is not weakening.

SPACE. As the F-302s regroup for another pass, the satellite powers up again.

The beam pierces another section of the Prometheus, cutting through the ship as though it were butter.

A huge explosion erupts from the target area, scattering yet more debris.

BRIDGE. The crew are flung forcefully from their seats as more steam and smoke obscures the room.

LADDER. Marks falls down a dozen rungs, grunting as he manages to catch himself, barely.

In another part of the ship, windows explode with an almighty crash.

Two airmen cry out as they are sucked out into the vacuum of space.

The walls of the room begin to crumble and give way before disappearing through the rapidly growing hole.

Tables, lamps and equipment fly through the air and out of the ship.

CORRIDOR. Carter holds onto a ladder as she is tossed about by the ship's movements.

Steam fills the corridor as Carter steps into the tube and supports Marks' back as he climbs shakily down the ladder.

CARTER: I got you!

BRIDGE. Womack and Pendergast cling to their seats, terrified as the violent shaking continues.

Voices over the communications system mingle as they report casualties and the countless damage sustained.

CORRIDOR. Carter helps Marks out of the ladder tube. The corridor around them is bleeding sparks and steam.

CARTER: Are you alright?

MARKS: My arm!

Carter grapples for her radio.

CARTER: (into radio) Bridge, this is Carter. Can you beam us up into auxiliary control room two?


WOMACK: Negative, Colonel. Control room no longer has life support.

Pendergast unsteadily stands to operate a control console.

RAND - COMMAND BUNKER. The Rand leaders are still looking at the video screen, calmly.

PERNAUX: The larger vessel appears to be disabled. Shall I broadcast a call for surrender?

NADAL: The Book of Origin tells us that enemies of the Ori show no mercy in their attempts to draw us away from the path. We must face this attack with all the strength we have been given.

Perneaux looks uncertain.

PERNAUX: Finish them.


MITCHELL: Prometheus, this is Blue Leader. Request status report.

PROMETHEUS - BRIDGE. Pendergast is stood, manning his console. The entire Bridge is still smoking and in disarray.

PENDERGAST: Er, not too good right now, Blue Leader.

MITCHELL (OS): Can we assist?

PENDERGAST: Negative, Blue Leader, negative. Docking bays are too unstable for safe return. Stand by for orders.

F-302. There is a pause as Mitchell and Teal'c absorb this.

MITCHELL: Roger that.

BRIDGE. A fire flickers up one of the far walls.

CARTER (OS): Bridge, this is Carter. We need deck fifteen unsealed.

PENDERGAST: (to Womack) Unseal it if you can.

Womack sets to work.

CORRIDOR. The door Carter and Marks stand before opens and they cross into the corridor beyond.

Carter speaks into the radio at the same time she addresses Marks, so that the Bridge is aware of her plans.

CARTER: If the aft power control panel is still intact, we should be able to rig the naquadah generator and re-route power to sub-light propulsion.

PENDERGAST (OS): You've got about two minutes, Colonel!

Carter opens a panel and investigates inside.

CARTER: It's not enough time, Sir.

BRIDGE. Pendergast sighs and straightens, unsure of what to do.

PENDERGAST: (to Womack) Open up a channel, broadcast on all frequencies.

WOMACK: Yes, Sir.

PENDERGAST: This is Colonel Lionel Pendergast of the Earth vessel Prometheus calling the Rand Protectorate. Your attack on our vessel has seriously damaged our engines and has rendered our weapons systems inoperable. (beat) We are willing to negotiate the terms of our surrender.

Womack looks at her commander, shocked.

RAND - COMMAND BUNKER. Nadal stands in the middle of the room, head tilted upwards as he listens to the message.

PENDERGAST (OS): Rand Protectorate, this is the Earth vessel Prometheus! We wish to negotiate our surrender, repeat -- we wish to negotiate our surrender!

Perneaux looks thoughtful and turns to determine Nadal's reaction.

Nadal remains expressionless.

PROMETHEUS - DECK FIFTEEN. Carter and Marks are hard at work, rigging the naquadah generator. Carter consults a lap top that is set up in front of her.

CARTER: Okay, fire it up.

Marks turns to her, doubtfully.

MARKS: Don't we need to test the power flow?

CARTER: No time.

MARKS: But ...

CARTER: I know. Do it!

Marks powers up the generator then turns back towards Carter.

F-302. Mitchell and Teal'c are still fruitlessly preparing to attack the satellite.

MITCHELL: All right, this is useless. (on radio) Blue Squadron, this is Blue Leader. Break off the attack and scramble formation between the Prometheus and the weapon.

He turns his head to speak to Teal'c who is sat silently behind him.

MITCHELL: Maybe one of us will get lucky and take a proportion of the next shot.

TEAL'C: I would not consider that lucky, Colonel Mitchell.

MITCHELL: Well it could be for anybody aboard Prometheus.

PROMETHEUS. The crew of the stricken ship are still battling to repair the damage the attacks have caused.

NADAL (OS): This is President Nadal of the Rand Protectorate addressing the Earth vessel. Please explain your blatant act of aggression against our nation.

RAND - COMMAND BUNKER. Soldiers march DANIEL and KANE into the room.

They are led, dumbfounded, to where Nadal addresses Pendergast.

PENDERGAST (OS): Our actions have been misconstrued as hostile. We are here to investigate ... why an emissary we sent to your planet, Doctor Daniel Jackson, has ceased all communications with us.

NADAL: And yet your first act upon entering our planet's space was to fire on our defense satellite.

PROMETHEUS - BRIDGE. More sparks rain down as the conversation continues.

PENDERGAST (OS): But we detected that your satellite was powering up and aiming at us -- which we took to be the first act of aggression!


PENDERGAST (OS): ... We merely responded in kind. Now ... we are no longer a threat to you. I have people on board this vessel who are in need of medical attention and I am venting atmosphere.

Daniel and Kane worriedly listen.

Daniel stares in disbelief.


PENDERGAST: Please ... consider our request for surrender.

Pendergast looks to Womack. He is clearly desperate but uncomfortable with having to plead.

PENDERGAST: (quietly) Keep your fingers crossed.

RAND - COMMAND BUNKER. Nadal crosses over to Daniel, followed by Perneaux.

NADAL: Your planet sent this ship to attack us. I have no desire to take more lives. You tell us what we want to know ... I will accept their surrender.

PERNAUX: Who else was involved in this attack? What other actions are the Caledonians planning?

DANIEL: We're not spies. I came here to convince your people to dismantle the weapon yourselves before any of this became necessary.

NADAL: Why would we do that?

DANIEL: (pointedly) I have tried to explain.

PERNAUX: (to Kane) Who gave you access to the Stargate?

KANE: I acted alone.

NADAL: You are lying. You're a part of a spy network working to supply the Caledonians with information.

DANIEL: Did you ever think that the Caledonians are leaked information because not everyone in your country agrees with what you are doing?

A siren sounds.

RAND TECHNICIAN: The weapon is charged.

Nadal moves over to the console.

DANIEL: Wait, please! Listen to me before you go murdering defenseless people!

Nadal whirls on him.

NADAL: We are the ones defending ourselves! Your ship attacked us!


WOMACK: Sensors detect the weapon is fully charged.

Pendergast activates his radio.

PENDERGAST: Colonel Carter, I need good news now.

CARTER (OS): A couple of more minutes.

PENDERGAST: We don't have it Sam, I'm sorry -- it's over. Give me as much power as you can. Re-route it from the shields and give me all functioning internal Asgard beam sensors back online.


PENDERGAST: We're abandoning ship.

He strides over to Womack's chair.

PENDERGAST: Give the evacuation orders. I want all personnel to the planet's surface. Find me a nice open field, anywhere in Caledonia.

WOMACK: (shakily) Yes, Sir.

PENDERGAST: Broadcast the locations of all the active sensor sites.

He leans over the command chair and activates his radio.

PENDERGAST: Er ... This is the Prometheus to all F-302's -- we have begun our evacuation.

F-302. Mitchell and Teal'c listen intently.

PENDERGAST (OS): Advise you get clear of the ship and meet us at the rendezvous coordinates on the planet.

MITCHELL: Affirmative, Prometheus.

Mitchell stares silently out of the F-302 for a moment, his thoughts on the Prometheus.

BRIDGE. Bloodied and battered crewmen rally round, completing last minute work.

Pendergast removes Womack from her seat, his hands on her shoulders.

PENDERGAST: I'll handle the final all the final transport commands. Everyone else to report to the nearest beam-out site.

Womack uncertainly stares at Pendergast, not wanting to leave him behind. He notices that no one has left.

PENDERGAST: Let's go people, that's an order -- move!

Womack steps towards him.

WOMACK: Sir, I ...

PENDERGAST: Go on, get out of here.

The crew hurry from the Bridge, leaving Pendergast to man the console alone.

DECK FIFTEEN. Carter is still making calculations on her lap top. Marks stands around, impotently.

CARTER: Go. If I don't finish tying this in, we'll run out of power before everyone can be beamed out.

Marks is reluctant to leave her.


Head down, he makes his way to a beam-out point where other personnel are gathered waiting to escape.

With a brilliant flash of white light, they disappear and Carter is the only person remaining in that section of the ship.

RAND - COMMAND BUNKER. Nadal is surrounded by his personnel. Kane, Daniel and Perneaux look on.

NADAL: We must not fail the gods, we must embrace our destiny ... Fire the weapon!

Daniel and Kane leap forward.


Both men are restrained by soldiers.

PROMETHEUS - BRIDGE. Pendergast is quickly operating the controls.

Suddenly, fast, high-pitched warning beeps fill the abandoned room.

Pendergast looks up, mouth open. He knows what is coming.

SPACE. A final orange ray darts towards the mid-section of the defenseless Prometheus.

As it impacts on the surface, the lack of shield means that the force of the blow creates a chain of explosions along the length of the ship.

A myriad of debris is expelled from all sides as secondary explosions split the huge vessel in two.

BRIDGE. Light fills the room as the explosions shake the vessel and Pendergast stands, bathed in the orange glow of the fireballs that are engulfing the ship.

He closes his eyes.

SPACE. The explosions increase as the two sections of the Prometheus break away from each other.

Suddenly, a massive burst barrels along the entire vessel.

F-302. Teal'c and Mitchell witness this final destruction as the orange glow fills their cockpit.

Mitchell removes his mask, dismayed.

MITCHELL: Aw, hell.

Teal'c follows suite as the glow disappears. The Prometheus is gone.

RAND - COMMAND BUNKER. On the video screen, the larger dot representing the Prometheus dully blinks out.

Nadal smiles and Perneaux flinches beside him.

RAND TECHNICIAN: The Earth vessel has been destroyed.

Daniel's mouth hangs open -- he is reeling.

RAND - CAPITAL CITY. There is no change in the city's appearance -- its citizens seemingly have no idea what has taken place overhead.

RAND - PRISON CELL. Daniel and Kane have been returned to their respective cells. Both sit with their heads down.

Daniel is silent and turned away from Kane, grieving.

Footsteps announce the arrival Perneaux and a guard.

Perneaux peers into Daniel's cell.

PERNAUX: The loss of your people is ... regrettable, but your planet and the Caledonians must know our resolve.

KANE: You know full well the Caledonians would rather sacrifice themselves than submit.

Perneaux crosses over to Kane's cell.

KANE: You'll be forced to commit genocide and destroy them.

PERNAUX: A year ago, they launched the first strike against us. They obviously have no problem with doing the same.

KANE: (angry) When does it stop?

He stands and walks across his cell to be face to face with the Commander.

KANE: When do we stop killing each other over wars started by our fathers and their fathers before them?

PERNAUX: This is no longer about Rand or Caledonia.

KANE: (near whisper) It is. We need to set aside our differences and fight the threat of the Ori together. (beat) Goran, how long have we known each other?

Perneaux stares back at him.

KANE: Please, believe what Doctor Jackson has told you about them.

Perneaux exhales, uncomfortable.

PERNAUX: With my own eyes, I saw the Prior bring the satellite to life merely by touching it with his staff.

Daniel discreetly listens in.

PERNAUX: Neither Rand nor Caledonia have the technology capable of resisting such power. What choice do we have?

Daniel sighs, exasperated and stands up. He crosses his cell to join them.

DANIEL: Look ... I can't make you any promises but we have already developed a machine that neutralizes the Prior's powers. Now as far as we know, they've only be able to travel within our galaxy by use of the Stargate and you can either bury your gate or we can get you to build an iris system like ours.

KANE: Nadal's lost all sense of reason. The Book of Origin is just one big lie meant to seduce us into meaningless worship. The Ori just want to use us ... and killing in their name is not self-defense, it's murder.

Perneaux is lost for words.

CALEDONIA - CAPITAL CITY. A capital in a similar state of ruin as that of Rand. The buildings are grey and decrepit.

CALEDONIAN OPERATIONS ROOM. Operatives sit around desks, busy working with stacks of paper in front of them.

Minster Chaska, a sharply dressed woman, leads Mitchell and Teal'c into the room.

CHASKA: We were monitoring the entire exchange. To our knowledge, seventy-six crew were recovered in Caledonian territory.

MITCHELL: There were over a hundred and fifteen people aboard that ship!

Chaska turns to face him.

CHASKA: Do you have any sort of a manifest, a list of names we can compare to those recovered?

MITCHELL: (through gritted teeth) Not on me, no. So where are all our people?

CHASKA: The transport arrived moments ago.

Carter strides into the room.

CARTER: Teal'c! Cameron ...

She walks over to them. Mitchell pulls her into a hug.

MITCHELL: Sam! You're a sight for sore eyes ...

They separate and Carter turns to Teal'c, smiling. He clasps her shoulders and studies her face seriously.

TEAL'C: It is good to see you alive, Colonel Carter. We feared the worst.

MITCHELL: Where's Pendergast?

CARTER: He wasn't with us.

CHASKA: Our security forces did extensive sweeps of the area where you appeared ... No other survivors were found.

SG-1 fall silent.

MITCHELL: (beat) This is Minister Chaska, leader of the Caledonian Federation.

Carter steps forward to shake the Minister's hand.

CHASKA: I am thankful you survived such a tragic event, Colonel. I hope we can offer you and your crew some comfort here.

MITCHELL: (to Carter) She's pretty much up to speed with what's going on.

CHASKA: We were -- of course -- praying for your success but with the destruction of your vessel, I fear that any hope for a peaceful solution to this crisis has been lost.

Carter looks down, disappointed.

TEAL'C: And you will not surrender.

CHASKA: Our people would rather die than live under Rand rule.

Teal'c bows his head, recognizing the Caledonian defiance.

CHASKA: We will retaliate against any attack with the full forces at our disposal.

SG-1 exchange helpless glances.

CALEDONIAN OPERATIONS ROOM. The fading light outside has darkened the room. Carter stands in front of a table analyzing schematics as Chaska, Teal'c and Mitchell re-enter.

CARTER: Any word?

MITCHELL: Nothing.

TEAL'C: The Rand government continues to deny any knowledge of Daniel Jackson's existence.

CHASKA: Our contacts tell us he was seen alive in the Rand command bunker during the exchange with your ship. He's not been seen since.

Carter closes her eyes against this news.

MITCHELL: Any progress here?

CARTER: Well, these satellite schematics are far more detailed that the ones Kane provided. As we saw first hand, shields were added late in the design process. Now I, I'm still not sure what's powering it or how it was able to penetrate our Asgard designed shields ...

She folds over the transparencies of the schematics, revealing the complex design of the satellite.

CARTER: But there is one bit of good news. According to this, all main commands for the satellite originate from Rand's main control facility. Maintaining a shield around the satellite is a huge power drain so it's only activated when a threat is detected.

MITCHELL: Are you saying that the Prometheus was destroyed because we hesitated to fire when we dropped out of hyperspace?

TEAL'C: We hesitated out of concern for the safe return of Daniel Jackson.

CARTER: We also hesitated to leave once our weapons were ineffective.

TEAL'C: However, it seems that you are saying that if we were to destroy the Rand control facility, the weapon itself would become vulnerable to attack.

Carter nods, affirmatively.

MITCHELL: Then we could take a 302 back up there and finish the job.

CHASKA: No, the Rand facility is part of an underground bunker complex that was strong enough to survive our last missile attack. Since then, Rand has developed an early warning radar system ... and anti-missile defenses.

She turns and walks away from the table.

MITCHELL: Wait up. What about sabotage? You said you had people on the inside.

CHASKA: Our agents have already made several attempts. Security is too tight for them to mount any sort of effective strike.

CARTER: Actually, we don't have to hit the bunker itself to hit out satellite control.

Teal'c, Mitchell and Chaska face her, expectantly.

CARTER: If we can sever the link between the facility and the weapon -- even temporarily ...

MITCHELL: You're talking about an E.M. pulse.

He folds his arms across his chest.

CARTER: Even a small one, detonated in the atmosphere above the facility should interfere with their ability to control the satellite.

Chaska is confused.

CHASKA: E.M. pulse ... ?

MITCHELL: It would disable their electronic devices. They'd be totally blind.

CARTER: For a short time.

CHASKA: You possess such technology?

Carter pauses, licking her lip.

MITCHELL: You wouldn't suggest it if you didn't have something in mind.

CARTER: Well, like most discoveries it was a bit of an accident ... After the battle with Anubis's fleet over Antarctica small, random E.M. fields were detected in the clean-up...Took us a while to figure out.

MITCHELL: Are you going to tell me that an F-302 gives off an E.M. pulse when it blows up?

CARTER: (nodding) It was one of the things I was working on at Area 51.

Mitchell looks away, bemused.

CARTER: We think it has something to do with a concussive force interfering with the artificial gravity field generated by the inertial dampeners.

MITCHELL: So how do we remote fly a 302 over there and blow it up?

CARTER: We don't have to! All we have to do is harness the inertial dampener and rig it to one of the Caledonian missiles.

CHASKA: What about the anti-missile defenses?

CARTER: We use that same 302's radar jamming technology to make your missile invisible to Rand.

CHASKA: Still, if this does not work as you are planning; it will be seen as an offensive against Rand. President Nadal will surely step up the deadline for our surrender and he'll use the satellite weapon against us.

Carter nods, thinking.

CARTER: (beat) This will work.

Chaska is faced with a difficult decision.


PRISON CELLS. Kane and Daniel remain imprisoned. Kane leans against his bars as Daniel paces behind him in his own cell.

KANE: I don't know what to say, how to take it all back. I shouldn't have some to you.

DANIEL: Look, right now we just have to believe that there are survivors.

KANE: Do you think that's really possible?

DANIEL: The Prometheus has beaming technology.

KANE: Had ... beaming technology, whatever that is.

DANIEL: Look, the bottom line is we can't lose focus of why we came back here in the first place.

Kane sits down on his bench, sighing.

DANIEL: I mean there has to be a way out of this and I get the feeling Perneaux was listening to us.

KANE: Daniel ...

DANIEL: I know the history between the Caledonian and Rand makes things seem impossible but ... sometimes an outside perspective helps. (pause) In the past, I found that the key to these type of disputes is to -- is to get both parties on an equal footing just to ... to get the process of talking with each other going again.

Kane looks unconvinced.

KANE: Do you ever give up?

DANIEL: Not until I'm dead. (beat) And sometimes not even then.

RAND - COMMAND BUNKER. President Nadal marches in as his personnel are at still hard at work.

NADAL: Intelligence is reporting visual confirmation of a missile launch from Caledonia!

He and Perneaux approach the video screen.

RAND TECHNICIAN: Early warning systems detect no missile entering our airspace.

PERNAUX: One missile?

NADAL: So it seems.

PERNAUX: Possibly a test then.

NADAL: They're not going to surrender.

Perneaux looks at the President, alarmed.

NADAL: They are preparing to launch a preemptive first strike, given the Earth's attack on our satellite has failed.

PERNAUX: You don't know that. They still have two days until the deadline!

NADAL: Get me Minister Chaska.

CALEDONIAN OPERATIONS ROOM. An aide crosses over to where Chaska is receiving a file from another Caledonian.

Carter stands in front of her, monitoring the progress of their plan on a projection screen.

AIDE: President Nadal is on line for you, Ma'am.

CARTER: It doesn't look like they've employed counter measures. Radar jamming's working.

CHASKA: The timing is too coincidental. I suspect he has spies who witnessed the launch.

CARTER: You'll need to stall, or else they'll activate the satellite's shield out of sheer paranoia.

Chaska wearily sighs and then turns to her aide.

CHASKA: Patch him through.

She picks up a radio microphone and activates it.

CHASKA: President Nadal, this is Minister Chaska. Mister President, if you're calling about the recent missile launch please forgive me -- I should have called you immediately.

RAND - COMMAND BUNKER. Nadal stands with a phone to his ear, listening suspiciously.

CHASKA (OS): The launch was entirely accidental. It seems that there was some confusion when new launch protocol codes were distributed recently. Obviously, the pay-load was detonated as soon as we realized what happened.

CALEDONIAN OPERATIONS ROOM. Carter raises her eyebrows at Chaska's ingenuity.

CHASKA: Needless to say, everyone here is a little on edge as of late.

Chaska looks up to the projection screen, where a red line indicates the missile's progress.

CHASKA: ... But thankfully we have ample precautions in place to prevent such an occurrence from being a serious threat.

NADAL (OS): Indeed. Minister Chaska, while your military's incompetence does concern me, the reason I am calling is to discuss the impending deadline.

CHASKA: I see. (beat) Our government is still in the process of debating its options.


CHASKA (OS): As promised, we will give you an answer by the designated deadline.

NADAL: I am sorry the decision has not been easier for you. We shall talk again soon.

He puts the phone down, thoughtfully.

F-302. Mitchell and Teal'c fly through the bright blue sky above Tegalus.

MITCHELL: Air command this is Blue Leader, we are wheels up.

CARTER (OS): Roger that, package is on its way.

CALEDONIAN OPERATIONS ROOM. Carter leans over a desk speaking into the microphone.

CARTER: We are thirty seconds from detonation over target.

She moves away from the microphone and turns to Chaska.

CARTER: Nice job.

CHASKA: He didn't believe a word of it.

RAND - COMMAND BUNKER. Nadal stands determinedly in the foreground as Perneaux receives a report on a telephone from the other side of the room.

PERNAUX: We're getting a report from coastal monitoring base four -- maybe visual of an incoming missile.

NADAL: Why isn't it showing up on our radar?

RAND TECHNICIAN: Sir, satellite sensors are detecting a single small ship on approach ... possibly one of the Earth fighters that landed in Caledonia.

The video screen shows Mitchell and Teal'c's fighter as a blue dot travelling towards the satellite.

NADAL: Activate the missile shields.

The technician complies but as he goes to press the switch, the lights in the bunker flicker and die.

The room is pitched into darkness.

RAND - PRISON CELLS. Daniel and Kane are surprised as the lights go out.

RAND - COMMAND BUNKER. The technician is desperately attempting to regain power.

PERNAUX: What just happened?

RAND TECHNICIAN: I don't know, we've lost power. All systems are down.

Soldiers switch on flash lights and use them to help the technician investigate the controls.

PERNAUX: Back up power is supposed to be isolated!

RAND TECHNICIAN: The systems that activate it are down.

Perneaux picks up a phone.

PERNAUX: We can't control the satellite.

NADAL: Get it back!

PERNAUX: (to aides) Give me a radio or a phone in here that works!

SPACE. The F-302 powers towards the satellite.

CALEDONIAN OPERATIONS ROOM. Carter leans over the microphone once more.

CARTER: Blue Leader, this is base. Package has been delivered, window of opportunity is now open.

MITCHELL (OS): Roger that. We have cleared the atmosphere ... two minutes from weapons range.

RAND - COMMAND BUNKER. Perneaux is receiving a phone call as operatives report in.

OPERATIVE: No other damage beyond the power outage ... .Which seems to be limited to the area immediately around the command facility.

The door to the command room opens and Daniel and Kane are ushered in by a flashlight holding guard.

Nadal stalks up to Daniel.

NADAL: (threateningly) To our knowledge, the Caledonians do not possess the level of technology required to do this. Such a weapon could only have been given to them by your people.

DANIEL: I hope so.

NADAL: How can we undo this? You tell me now or I'll have you executed!

Perneaux looks up, concerned from his position over Nadal's shoulder.

The technician dashes up to report to the Commander.

RAND TECHNICIAN: Based on its speed and trajectory, the Earth vessel will reach the satellite in less than one minute.

KANE: Do you think if the Ori were true gods they would allow the Caledonians to do this?

DANIEL: Look, I understand your fear of the Prior and why you feel you have no choice but there is another way out of this ...

Perneaux moves to stand next to Nadal.

NADAL: What would you have me do?

DANIEL: Let me use the radio. I can contact the ship that's about to destroy the satellite and get them to call it off.

PERNAUX: Why would you do this?

DANIEL: (temper fraying) Because I still believe a peaceful compromise can be reached out of all of this!

He fixes Nadal with a significant look.

NADAL: I'm listening.

F-302. Mitchell and Teal'c are focused on their mission.

DANIEL (OS): This is Daniel Jackson, come in please.

Teal'c and Mitchell are surprised into silence.

DANIEL: Whoever's flying the 302 -- if you can hear me please respond! This is Daniel Jackson, come in please.

MITCHELL: Jackson, go ahead.

RAND - COMMAND BUNKER. Daniel is holding a phone close to his mouth. Nadal listens in on another handset.

DANIEL: (beat) Mitchell?

MITCHELL (OS): Yeah. You okay?

Daniel glances towards Nadal.

DANIEL: For the moment. You?

CALEDONIAN OPERATIONS ROOM. Carter and the Caledonians stand listening to the exchange.

MITCHELL (OS): Well, all things considered. Listen -- me and Teal'c are going to bag ourselves an evil Ori satellite ...

RAND - COMMAND BUNKER. Perneaux responds to this news, disappointed.

DANIEL: Yeah ... so glad a caught you. Listen ... The Rand want to offer the Caledonians a deal.

The Rand personnel gather around, fascinated.

CALEDONIAN OPERATIONS ROOM. Carter hopefully looks to Chaska.

MITCHELL (OS): Really?

CARTER: (to Chaska) May I?

CHASKA: Please.

Carter quickly picks up a radio.

CARTER: Daniel, this is Sam.

DANIEL: Hey, Sam -- good to hear your voice.

CARTER: Yours, too. (beat) I'm here with Minister Chaska of the Caledonian Federation. We'd like to know what Rand is offering.

DANIEL (OS): In return for leaving the satellite intact, Rand is offering Caledonia the Stargate.

Carter turns to Chaska, open-mouthed.

RAND - COMMAND BUNKER. Daniel leans against a table wearily as he talks.

DANIEL: Rand is offering the gate and a limited ceasefire so that all those who do not want to follow Origin and wish to seek refuge on another planet may do so.

CALEDONIAN OPERATIONS ROOM. Carter lowers the radio dejectedly as Chaska nods -- this is about all she'd been expecting.

CHASKA: (to Carter) They want us to leave our home, our planet.

MITCHELL (OS): Jackson, are you sure about this?

SPACE. The F-302's burners glow orange and purple as the satellite looms ahead.

MITCHELL: I've got a clean shot at this and I'm in favour of taking it.


DANIEL: Listen, Rand built the satellite in less than a year and I can tell you the resolve is ... pretty steady. If we blow this one up, they're just going to build another. As far as the Caledonians go ...

CALEDONIAN OPERATIONS ROOM. Carter and Chaska look up, listening intently.

DANIEL: Well ... Sam -- you're just going to have to explain to them that the Priors aren't going to give them much choice, despite what Rand decides to do.

CARTER: (to Chaska) I've seen the Priors wipe out whole planets for refusing to follow the Ori.

CHASKA: You will not fight them with us?

CARTER: Well, we would try but honestly, there's only so much we can do.

CHASKA: Will the Prior not follow us wherever we go?

CARTER: Maybe. But for now ...

DANIEL (OS): Look, this offer's not going to be on the table for very long ... and I realize there's a lot to be worked out but at least it's a start.

Chaska bows her head, contemplating her options.

CARTER: At the very least, the Rand now believe that you have the ability to disable the satellite whenever you want.

CHASKA: Which they will surely counter in time.

She turns and paces away from the radio.

Carter looks exasperated as the tension mounts.

RAND - COMMAND BUNKER. Daniel holds on the line with bated breath.

Nadal continues to hold the handset to his ear, awaiting a decision.

F-302. Mitchell and Teal'c sit in a holding pattern, poised to act.

CALEDONIAN OPERATIONS ROOM. Chaska whirls round to face the projection screen.

She pauses.

CHASKA: (beat) Tell Colonel Mitchell to call it off.

Carter leans over to the microphone again with palpable relief.

CARTER: Blue Leader, this is Carter. Minister Chaska is requesting that you stand-down.

F-302. Mitchell pulls off his mask.

MITCHELL: All right, Jackson. But you folks had better be damn sure about this!

The vessel breaks away from the satellite, heading back towards the planet.

RAND - COMMAND BUNKER. The lights flash back on as Nadal puts down his handset and the personnel turn as one to face the video screen.

Writing scrolls across the screen.

RAND TECHNICIAN: Back up power is online! Satellite control has been re-established. Sensors detect that the Earth ship is veering away from the target.

Nadal looks over at Daniel, who nods slowly.

NADAL: Activate the shields.

Perneaux spins his head round with disbelief.

PERNAUX: The shields? The ship is no longer a threat.

NADAL: Power the weapon!


A soldier grabs Daniel and pulls him away from the President.

Kane is held back by another soldier.

NADAL: Target the Caledonian capital building!

PERNAUX: (calmingly) Sir, perhaps we should take a moment ...

NADAL: You will abide by my authority. Power the weapon now!

The technician nervously sets to work.

RAND TECHNICIAN: Powering the weapon.

F-302. Teal'c sits in the back with his mask removed. He notices something on the display in front of him.

TEAL'C: Our sensors detect that the weapon's shields have become active.

MITCHELL: Jackson ... what's going on down there? The satellite is powering up its weapon and targeting the planet.

CALEDONIAN OPERATIONS ROOM. Carter stands agape. Minister Chaska strides towards the radio.

CARTER: We had a deal!

CHASKA: President Nadal, explain your actions immediately!

There is no reply.

CHASKA: President Nadal!

Carter worriedly turns away, disgusted.


KANE: You gave your word!

Nadal wheels round and angrily closes in on him.

NADAL: I gave my soul to the Ori who offered us all salvation -- anyone who rejects that is a fool!

Daniel stares at Perneaux, pleadingly.

NADAL: They are all Caledonians, for god's sake, they all deserve to die long before the Prior showed us the path towards enlightenment!

PERNAUX: (to technician) Shut down the satellite!

NADAL: Don't listen to him!


NADAL: Arrest the Commander.

Soldiers with machine guns level their weapons at Perneaux.

PERNAUX: (shouting) Stand down! I won't let you do this Nadal.

The soldiers are torn between the two. They half lower their weapons.

NADAL: Do as I say!

Perneaux whips a handgun from his holster and shoots at Nadal.

Personnel leap out of the way and Daniel covers himself with his arm, turning away.

The soldiers burst into action, firing their weapons at Perneaux who collapses under the haze of bullets.

Daniel straightens, looking at the fatally wounded Commander.

He turns to Nadal, who clutches at a wound on his chest as blood seeps through his fingers.

Nadal staggers and slumps to the ground as he attempts to hold himself up right with a table.

Kane shakes off the grips of his guards.

KANE: Put your weapons down, now!

He grabs a nearby soldier by his lapels.

KANE: Get a medical unit in here, now. Go! Go!

Daniel crosses hurriedly over to Nadal and feels for his pulse.

The technician shakily picks himself up from the floor, unable to tear his eyes away from the two prone figures.

Kane rushes to Perneaux and supports his head.

PERNAUX: (weakly) Shut down the satellite ...

Daniel looks up from Nadal's form.

DANIEL: He's dead.

KANE: You heard him, the President is dead -- Commander Perneaux is next in charge.

RAND TECHNICIAN: He's also the one who killed the President!

KANE: The President violated an international treaty. You wanna be the one responsible for destroying a city full of people when this goes to tribunal? Shut it down, now!

The technician finally complies.

KANE: (to Perneaux) Hang on, help's coming.

Perneaux is gasping for breath.

PERNAUX: The deal ... will stand.

Kane glances up and Daniel, who sadly surveys the scene around him.

S.G.C. A truck emerges from a night darkened Cheyenne Mountain.

DANIEL'S LAB. Daniel sits at his desk, writing notes. Mitchell enters, wearing civilian clothes and carrying a rucksack.

DANIEL: Hey. I haven't seen you since the memorial service.

MITCHELL: Yeah. Rough day.

Mitchell produces two cans of beer. He opens one and passes it Daniel before opening and sipping from the other.

DANIEL: So where've you been?

MITCHELL: I, er, hand-delivered Landry's letter to Colonel Pendergast's wife and kids. They need to know that he died saving his crew. That his death matters.

DANIEL: (quietly) Well, seventy-six people survived, that's a testament to his leadership.

MITCHELL: And yours. We never would have got off that planet if you hadn't brokered the deal.

He holds up his can in a salute and takes another sip.

Daniel leans back in his chair.

DANIEL: So I take it then you haven't heard.

MITCHELL: Heard what?

DANIEL: Soon after we left, the talks broke down.

MITCHELL: And ... ?

DANIEL: And we've been unable to make contact with them. General Landry had the Daedalus re-route on its way back from Atlantis ... it seems the Caledonian's weren't content to just leave their fair planet.

MITCHELL: They launched an attack.

DANIEL: And Rand responded. The Stargate is presumed buried in the rubble ...

Mitchell shakes his head slowly.

MITCHELL: (quietly) Rough day.

Daniel picks up his beer and they toast each other, half-heartedly.

DANIEL: Rough day.

They sip their drinks in silence.