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Eli Wallace and a kino ("Time")

A team from Destiny arrives on a jungle planet, where they find a kino with footage of themselves they haven't shot yet.

WRITTEN BY: Robert C. Cooper
DIRECTED BY: Robert C. Cooper
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Transcript by Callie Sullivan

KINO VISION. Nearly all offworld scenes in this episode are seen through the lens of a Kino. At present it is floating several yards away from an offworld Stargate which is situated in the middle of a jungle. The Kino is high above the ramp leading down from the Stargate and it watches as eleven crew members from Destiny come through. The civilian members of the team are carrying small cases and bags, apparently intending to conduct scientific exploration. Matthew Scott is in charge of the military contingent and calls out to the marines.

SCOTT: Secure the perimeter.

(As the last member of the team, Nicholas Rush, comes down the ramp, Ronald Greer looks at their surroundings.)

GREER: Welcome to the jungle.

SCOTT (to everyone): OK, let's get to work.

The Kino fritzes frequently during all the following footage, sometimes because of the way that Eli Wallace - who is controlling it - shuts off and then re-starts filming, but sometimes it seems as if it just fritzes of its own accord.

LATER. JUNGLE PLANET. Later, Eli walks over to Chloe Armstrong. She is collecting fruit from a tree near the Gate. He aims the Kino towards her and ‘interviews' her.

WALLACE: So, your first alien planet! Everything you expected? More? Less?

ARMSTRONG: We saw what it was gonna be like on the Kino.

WALLACE: Eh, true!

ARMSTRONG: Although it is nice to get off the ship, get some fresh air - even if it is a bit sticky.

WALLACE: So you're not nervous at all? (He tries to make his voice dramatic and scary.) Afraid some giant alien insect is going to come out and bite you?

(He gestures towards her as if his hands are the pincers of the giant alien insect, and hisses scarily. Chloe just looks at him.)

WALLACE: All righty, I'm sure it's perfectly safe.

ARMSTRONG: Everyone has to pitch in and do their share.

SCOTT (walking past): Including you, Eli.

LATER. Eli sits down on a tree trunk and sighs tiredly. He looks across to Sergeant Marsden who stands nearby and looks back at him stony-faced.

WALLACE: What? I need a break!

(He takes a drink from a water bottle.)

WALLACE: It's so hot!

(He looks at Marsden again, who is still staring at him accusingly.)

WALLACE: All you're doing is standing there!

MARSDEN: Making sure nothing crawls up your ass.

WALLACE: And I appreciate that.

(He picks up the remote and zooms the Kino's footage past Marsden's shoulder and a few yards further on where Chloe and Scott are chatting and giggling comfortably together.)

LATER. Eli has found Vanessa James who is squatting down and packing something into a bag.

WALLACE: So, how's it going?

JAMES: Good.

WALLACE: Digging?

JAMES: Yeah.

WALLACE: You doing OK? In general?

JAMES: I'm fine.

WALLACE: Good. Good. That's excellent.

(Looking for a way to get away from the awkward conversation, he perks up as T.J. Johansen and Sergeant Marsden laugh heartily. He walks over to them, aiming the Kino towards them.)

WALLACE: What's so funny?

JOHANSEN (giggling): Oh, nothing.

(She and Marsden continue to laugh.)

WALLACE (joining in with the laughter): No, no, seriously. You're laughing pretty hard.

(T.J. and Marsden start to completely crack up.)

WALLACE: Come on! Tell me!

(T.J., unable to speak through her laughter, waves her hand helplessly to indicate her inability to tell him, then she and Marsden walk off in different directions, still giggling.)

WALLACE: Why won't you tell me?!

(His face falls as they get further away from him.)

WALLACE (hurt): It's about me, isn't it? T.J. ...

(He follows after her.)

LATER. Some of the group are laying out their finds on a sheet on the ground. Rush is adding a handful of what look like pears to the collection of various fruits, tubers and nuts.

ARMSTRONG: How are we supposed to know what's safe to eat?

JOHANSEN: We can't know for sure.

WALLACE: What's that saying? "A starving man ..."

(Unable to remember the rest of the saying, he picks up a small yellow fruit and bites into it. He chews on it for a moment, then turns and spits it out in disgust. Scott snorts laughter.)

SCOTT: Maybe it wasn't ripe!

WALLACE: Try it!

(He tosses it towards Scott, who instinctively catches it, then drops it to the ground.)

SCOTT: Uh, no. No thanks!

(Eli reaches for another item on the sheet but Rush catches his arm and pushes it away.)

RUSH: You've just exposed yourself now.

WALLACE: C'mon, seriously?

RUSH: Yeah.

JOHANSEN: If you had a reaction, we wouldn't know which one caused it.

(Eli turns and spits, trying to get rid of the taste in his mouth. Adam Brody walks over.)

BRODY: Uh, Volker just puked.

(The group moves over to Dale Volker, who is sitting on a tree stump and looking very poorly.)

JOHANSEN: Have you eaten anything here?

(Volker shakes his head. T.J. looks up and realises that the Kino is very close to Volker's head.)

JOHANSEN (reprovingly): Eli.

WALLACE: Hmm? Ooh, sorry. Sorry!

(He backs the Kino away.)

JOHANSEN (to Volker): Are you staying hydrated?

(He nods.)

JOHANSEN: OK. What about any numbness or ... How's your vision?

VOLKER: Oh, it's ... my head's pounding and my neck's a little ...

(Without warning, he passes out and tumbles sideways off the stump. T.J. manages to break the worst of his fall and Scott helps her lie him down.)

SCOTT: We should get him back to the ship. Eli, dial back.

(As Eli hurries away, Scott makes soothing noises to Volker.)

SCOTT (gently): Hey, hey-hey-hey-hey-hey.

(With no warning, Chloe, standing nearby, drops to the ground unconscious. Others standing near her cry out in alarm and reach for her but she's already on the ground. Lisa Park hurries over and tends to her. Eli instantly turns back and lurks nearby, worried and unable to help.)

A little later, Chloe has regained consciousness and is sitting on the stump and drinking from a water bottle. T.J. squats beside her, watching her with concern.

ARMSTRONG: I don't know. I just started feeling dizzy. It came on pretty fast.

(T.J. puts the back of her hand to Chloe's forehead.)

JOHANSEN: It feels like you're running a temperature.

ARMSTRONG: I thought it was just the heat.

JOHANSEN: Is your neck bothering you?

ARMSTRONG: Yeah, it just started. It's stiff at the back, mostly.


WALLACE: Right. I'm on it.

(As he turns towards the Gate and activates his remote, Scott calls out to everyone.)

SCOTT: OK, guys, listen up. Get your stuff. We're buggin' out.

(The Gate begins to dial out as everyone starts gathering their equipment. T.J. jumps up and hurries over to Scott.)

JOHANSEN (quietly): Wait-wait-wait. We can't leave. If it's something that they got here, it could be contagious.

SCOTT: So what are we supposed to do?

(T.J. looks at her watch.)

JOHANSEN: We have thirty-six hours before the Destiny leaves. For the sake of everyone else on board, I say we ... we wait.

SCOTT: Here? For what?

JOHANSEN: At least for a little while, just see how this plays out.

(Unhappily, Scott walks away and heads towards the Gate. Rush, who was standing nearby and heard the entire conversation, looks equally unhappy, and now notices the Kino gently floating towards him. He scowls at it, reaches out and slams his palm over the lens.)

Shortly afterwards, the Gate is open and T.J. is reporting over radio to Colonel Young. The Kino is still filming everything.

JOHANSEN: It could be anything, really - a virus, a bacteria. There's no way to know if it's airborne.

YOUNG (over radio): You've only been there three hours.

JOHANSEN: I know. If it's something they picked up locally, then the progression is unfolding quickly. Sir, until we know more, I'm recommending that we don't return to the Destiny with anything that might be contagious.

YOUNG (over radio): Roger that.

JOHANSEN: Let us know if anyone on board is exhibiting similar symptoms. At least that way we'll know for sure if it has nothing to do with this planet.

YOUNG (over radio): Will do. Check in every hour, regardless.

SCOTT: Copy that.

YOUNG (over radio): Young out.

(Rush, standing nearby, throws his hands up in irritated despair. Eli turns and raises his eyebrows at the Kino.)

Later, everyone is sitting or standing around. Greer has brought a music player of some kind and is playing some loud, rather annoying music.

SCOTT: Shut it off, Greer!

(Greer turns the device off and walks away. Rush and T.J. are talking nearby.)

RUSH: You must have some suspicions. I've seen you giving them shots!

JOHANSEN: I started them both on high doses of antibiotics. I hate to waste it but, given the symptoms of headache, fever and neck pain, it's better to be safe than sorry.

RUSH: OK, so what is it? Bacterial meningitis?

JOHANSEN: I don't know. But it if turns out that's what it is, and I haven't done anything, they could die quickly.

RUSH: You don't know. You're using up our antibiotics on a hunch.

JOHANSEN: Yes. That was my judgement call.

(Rush gestures at her angrily and walks away.)

RUSH: That's great(!)

Later, Scott is sitting beside Chloe and rubbing at the back of his neck with one hand.

Shortly afterwards, Greer has found something and has returned to collect Rush, Scott and Eli. The three of them are following Greer through the jungle to look at his discovery.

WALLACE: Thought you said it wasn't far.

GREER: It's not.

(Eli looks back at Scott.)

WALLACE: You doing OK?

SCOTT: Yeah, fine.

GREER: Over here.

WALLACE: Whoa! What is that smell?!

RUSH: It's sulphur.

(He pulls out a handkerchief and puts it over his nose and mouth. Meanwhile Eli has seen Greer's discovery - what looks like a termite mound about four feet high. Steam or smoke is rising from it.)

WALLACE: Hate to see the ants that made those!

(As Eli looks around to check that the Kino is still following them, Rush goes over to the mound and - with his handkerchief still over his face - leans forward to look into it.)

WALLACE: Hey, hell, hello! What are you doing?! Haven't you seen "Alien"?!

(Rush leans back from the mound, coughing from the fumes.)

GREER: You think this is what's making people sick?

RUSH: I dunno.

(He leans over the mound again, shining his flashlight down it.)

GREER: They make chemical weapons from this stuff.

RUSH (backing away from the mound): Yeah, I know. But we don't know the exact compound, the concentration.

(Nervously, Eli steps closer to the mound and tries to peer down it, but the fumes drive him back.)


GREER: Well, there's more over here ...

(He turns to lead them onwards.)

RUSH: No, no, it's all right, I believe you.

GREER: Look, I'm just saying I know she doesn't want to make anybody else on the ship sick. But what if it's staying here that's gonna kill us?

(Rush leans into the mound one more time and tries to shine the light through the fumes, but once again the smell drives him back.)

LATER. Night has fallen and it's pouring with rain. Eli and Rush are sitting side by side near the Gate with a tarpaulin over their heads. The military crew are keeping an eye on the surrounding area.

WALLACE: Well, this couldn't get much worse.

RUSH: I'm afraid that's a failure of imagination.

WALLACE: Top five desert island movies.

(Rush turns and gives him a look.)

WALLACE: What?! It'll help pass the time!

(Rush turns away and shakes his head in despair.)

WALLACE: OK, I'll go first. "Hackers." Obvious, I know. "The Matrix." (He laughs.) "Old School" - you've gotta have something to make you laugh, right? (He thinks for a moment.) If trilogies count as one, then all three original "Star Wars", but if only one, then-then "Empire". Uh, four ... (He thinks again.) Man, this is hard! I could pick so many! Maybe it should be top ten.

(Scott walks close by and calls out.)


JOHANSEN (a little distance away): Yeah?

WALLACE: "Good Will Hunting" has got to be in there somewhere ...

(Seeing Scott's expression, Rush stands up, leaves the shelter of the tarpaulin and goes over to him. T.J. also comes over.)

SCOTT: James is not doing well.

JOHANSEN: Where is she?

RUSH: How many does that make now?

JOHANSEN: Uh, that's Chloe, Volker, Marsden and Franklin.

SCOTT: Now James too.

(T.J. notices something else of concern and turns to Scott.)

JOHANSEN: Wait a minute - let me look at your eyes.

SCOTT: No, I'm fine.

JOHANSEN: No, you're not. You need a shot too.

(Before she finishes the sentence there's a chittering sound nearby and Brody screams. The Kino pans across and sees some kind of creature with a long tail burrowing rapidly straight into his chest. Still screaming, he stumbles backwards and falls. The military charge in, firing out into the jungle in all directions, although it's not clear whether they can actually see what they're shooting at. Rush yells at Eli.)

RUSH: Dial! Dial the Gate!

STARGATE. Shortly afterwards the Gate is open. Rush is shouting into his radio as the military continue firing into the jungle and various people scream and yell in terror.

RUSH: Destiny, come in! If you can hear me, please respond!

WALLACE: What's wrong?

RUSH: I don't know.

(The Kino pans across and shows that the event horizon of the Stargate is repeatedly fritzing.)

WALLACE: Why is it doing that?

GREER: We've gotta get out of here!

RUSH: We can't!

WALLACE (hysterical): Why is it doing that?

(Near the Gate another member of the military goes down with a creature burrowing into his chest. Greer turns, repeatedly firing towards one of the creatures as it either flies or leaps across the clearing. One of the bullets clips the Kino and it tumbles to the ground and lies on the ground, continuing to film as Scott goes down with a creature starting to burrow into his shoulder. Another soldier - probably Greer - runs over, grabs the creature by its tail and pulls it out, hurling it away.)

(Something clips the Kino and it rolls over several times, the footage spinning wildly, but then settles. Directly in front of the lens, Chloe screams and falls to her knees, a creature burrowing into her chest as its tail thrashes wildly. She grunts and falls forward, her face turned toward the camera and her eyes blank and dead. A few seconds later, in a moment reminiscent of the "Alien" movie, the creature bursts out of her back, drags itself out and crawls away, chittering.)

The image freezes.

DESTINY. On Destiny, Eli and several other members of the crew stare at the screen in stunned disbelief as they watch the footage from the Kino. Nobody speaks for a long moment as everyone gapes at the image of Chloe's dead body. The Chloe on board the ship gags and stumbles out of the room, vomiting just outside. T.J. hurries out to her. Eli's eyes are wide and he can't tear them away from the screen, but finally he looks up.


(He turns around to the others, gesturing wildly.)

WALLACE: What .. the ...

(The scene diplomatically ends at that point.)

LATER. Brody walks into a lab where Volker and Park are working.

BRODY: Hey, did you guys hear?

VOLKER: Yeah, there was a Kino already there.

PARK: How is that possible?

BRODY: We dropped out of F.T.L., the Gate dialled and we sent a Kino to check out the planet.

(A flashback shows Eli, Scott, Rush and Greer walking down the ramp from the jungle Stargate in daylight. They look around. The Kino they just sent through is floating nearby.)

BRODY: They go through and there's another one already there, lying on the ground not far from the Gate.

(Eli, looking downwards as he works his remote, sees the second Kino lying nearby.)

WALLACE: Hey, guys?

(He bends down and picks it up.)

WALLACE: We only sent one Kino, right?

BRODY: Turns out the data bank was full.

(In the flashback, Eli turns to Rush.)

WALLACE: Looks like the data bank is full.

(Rush throws up his hands, clueless.)

MESS HALL. In the Mess, other crew members are discussing the discovery. James is sitting with Darren Becker, and Sergeant Spencer comes over and joins them.

BECKER: So what's on it?


SPENCER: What do you mean, us?

JAMES: They're watching the recording now, but I heard that a bunch of us are on it.

SPENCER: Doing what?

JAMES: Going through the Gate to the planet to gather food, then apparently some people started getting sick. I think that I was one of them.

SPENCER: But that didn't happen.

JAMES: Obviously(!)

SPENCER: You're fine, right?

JAMES: Apparently they found human remains, too.

(In flashback, Rush is sitting on the ground and looking at what he has just found. He picks up a human skull and turns it towards himself in a Yorick moment. He looks up at the soldier standing nearby.)

(In the Mess, James shakes her head.)

JAMES: It's weird, huh?

(Becker nods in agreement.)

CONTROL ROOM. T.J. helps Chloe back into the room. Scott and Eli look round at her in concern.


ARMSTRONG: Yeah, it just hit me.

JOHANSEN: Are you sure you're OK otherwise?

ARMSTRONG (sitting down): Yeah.

WALLACE: Pretty understandable!

ARMSTRONG: Not to me.

WALLACE: I was talking about the barfing.

ARMSTRONG: I was moving on.

(Eli nods.)

ARMSTRONG: How is this possible?

RUSH: I don't know.

WALLACE: Ooh! What about an alternate reality?

(Rush looks away thoughtfully. Eli stares at him, waiting for him to answer. In the meantime, T.J. looks at Young.)

JOHANSEN: Sir, given the illness that developed on the planet, I suggest that we quarantine everyone who went through to retrieve this Kino.

YOUNG: Scott, Greer, Eli and Rush.

JOHANSEN: And everyone they came in contact with since returning.

YOUNG: Well, that's all of us.

JOHANSEN: Here. I'll have to co-ordinate on radio. Brody was also in the Gate Room when they got back.

WALLACE: We were only there for, like, a half hour at most.

JOHANSEN: It's more than enough time to come in contact with a contagion.

SCOTT: No, wait a second. You're worried because people got sick on this recording, which never happened.

RUSH: Well, we don't know that.

YOUNG: What are you saying?

RUSH: Well, that it's clearly us. The recording happened somehow.

WALLACE: What do you think was wrong with the Gate?

RUSH: Looks like the wormhole connection was unstable. It would have been extremely dangerous to even attempt travel.

(Everyone thinks about it for a moment, then T.J. looks at Young again, seeking approval for her plan.)



(T.J. leaves the room. Eli looks around at the others.)

WALLACE: So, keep watching?

(Young nods. Eli looks nervously at the frozen image of Chloe's dead body on the screen.)

ARMSTRONG: Can you fast forward, please?


(He starts the footage up and skims through the next few seconds, then the footage ends.

JUNGLE PLANET. The Kino recording re-starts in daylight as Eli holds the Kino in front of him and looks into its lens. He is deeply upset, has clearly been crying and his face is still covered with tears. All through the rest of his report he fights back further tears.)

WALLACE: Chloe's dead.

(In the Control Room, Chloe makes an uncomfortable sound. The Kino footage continues.)

WALLACE (in the jungle): James, Spencer ...

(He screws his eyes shut for a moment, desperately trying not to break down.)

WALLACE: ... Marsden, Brody, all dead.

(The Kino fritzes wildly. Eli shakes it angrily until the image settles again. He rests the Kino on a nearby object as he keeps talking. Still he fights back the tears.)

WALLACE: Something's wrong with the Gate. Rush doesn't think we can risk using it, even with what's happened.

(He picks up a roll of duct tape, unravels and then bites off a strip, then reaches for the Kino and moves it to a nearby military helmet and starts to tape the device onto the top of it. He continues talking.)

WALLACE: We can't reach Destiny on radio either, so apparently we're trapped here. There's twenty-two hours until Destiny jumps back into F.T.L.

(He pulls more duct tape off the roll and bites it off. He reaches over the back of the Kino and attaches the tape as he continues his report.)

WALLACE: The creatures seem to be nocturnal. They stopped coming once the sun came up. Hopefully the Gate will start working before it gets dark again.

(He attaches yet another piece of tape to the Kino and helmet.)

WALLACE: Apparently we don't have much ammunition left.

RUSH (offscreen): Eli. What are you doing?

(Eli lifts up the helmet and puts it on. The Kino is now looking in the same direction as he is. The new "helmet cam" shows the survivors waiting near the Gate. Scott is lying unconscious on the ground with T.J. sitting next to him. Jeremy Franklin is sitting nearby and Rush stands a few feet away, looking at Eli with total disbelief on his face at what he's wearing.)

LATER. Shortly afterwards, still on the planet, Eli makes his way over to a blanket nearby and pulls it back a little to show the body underneath.

WALLACE: Volker wasn't killed by the creatures. T.J. says he died of the illness during the night.

(He looks around the rest of the camp as Greer walks past. Rush and Franklin are sitting on the ground near a tree stump and appear to be cobbling together a stretcher out of branches.)

WALLACE: Everyone seems to be coming down with something ...

RUSH (angrily): Eli!

WALLACE (equally angrily): Do I need to point out yet again that documenting this could be important?!

(On Destiny, Eli looks round triumphantly at the others.)

WALLACE: See? See?!

(He turns back to the screen and watches as the footage continues.)

FRANKLIN (in the jungle): Who do you think is ever gonna see that?

WALLACE (on Destiny): Us! Us! We are!

(In the footage, Greer walks back onscreen and looks round at Eli.)

GREER: You look ridiculous.

WALLACE: It won't fly. If someone hadn't shot it ...

(On Destiny, Eli turns around and looks pointedly at Greer, who nods back at him, not caring.)

(The jungle footage continues. Eli walks over to T.J. who is still tending the unconscious Scott. She takes a blood-soaked dressing from the wound in his shoulder and replaces it with a fresh one.)

WALLACE: Scott was bitten by one of the creatures. He's now in a coma.

JOHANSEN: Eli, you OK?

WALLACE: Huh! (He turns to look at several nearby bodies covered with tarpaulins.) Compared to most everyone else ...

(On Destiny, Greer can't bear to watch any more. He turns and storms out of the room.)

YOUNG: Don't go too far. We are under quarantine.

(The others continue to watch the footage.)

RUSH (in the jungle): Eli. Sergeant Greer has found a cave nearby. It could be our best chance to survive another night, if it comes down to that.

(Behind him, Franklin puts the finishing touches to the stretcher, then looks up at Eli tetchily.)

FRANKLIN: We could use some help.

(Eli starts to walk towards them.)

RUSH: Good man.

LATER. Greer, Rush, Franklin and T.J. are carrying Scott on the stretcher through the jungle.

Later, the team has put the stretcher down to rest.

WALLACE: My turn.

(He puts down the heavy bags he is carrying and trades off with Franklin. They continue onwards, with Eli now carrying one of the corners of the stretcher. He apparently bumps Franklin, who is out of shot but presumably now carrying the bags.)

WALLACE: Ooh, sorry.

Later, they have reached the cave. Scott has been laid on the floor and T.J. is still tending him while Franklin sits nearby, exhausted. Greer and Rush are at the cave entrance looking around while Eli stands nearby watching and filming them.

GREER: So at least it's a defensible position.

RUSH: Backs to the wall.

GREER: Eh, better than being exposed on all sides.

Later, Eli has taken off his helmet and is cleaning the Kino's lens as he looks into it. As he puts the helmet back on again, he looks across at T.J. Once the Kino settles into place, it too films her.

WALLACE: I have a lot of respect for people who do what you do. It's not easy. I can tell it really affects you when you can't help people.

JOHANSEN: It does.

WALLACE: My mom was a nurse. She got stuck by a needle trying to restrain a junkie in the E.R. She got H.I.V.

(On Destiny, Eli looks down, haunted by memories. Chloe watches him sympathetically.)

JOHANSEN (in the cave): I'm sorry.

(Sighing and unable to continue to meet her gaze, Eli turns and looks at Scott's unconscious body.)

WALLACE: And my father couldn't handle it. He just ... he just left. I was fourteen at the time.

JOHANSEN: That must have been hard on you.

WALLACE (turning slowly back towards her): Mm. Do you have a family?

JOHANSEN: My parents. My dad's retired.

WALLACE: What did he do?

JOHANSEN: He was a tailor. (She grins.) He's actually the one who taught me how to do stitches!

(Eli chuckles.)

JOHANSEN: I remember this one time, he cut himself pretty badly with some scissors, and he sewed it up himself and kept right on working.

(She smiles fondly.)

WALLACE: Brothers or sisters?

JOHANSEN: A sister. She has two kids. I miss them.

WALLACE: I'm really afraid that my mom is just gonna give up if I die out here.

(On Destiny, Eli closes his eyes in grief and begins to cry silently. Scott, standing behind him, puts his hand onto his shoulder in support and sympathy.)

(All through the conversation in the cave, Greer - with Rush helping - has been attaching flashlights to sturdy sticks and setting them up in the entrance of the cave, ready to switch on when night falls. Later, Eli looks out at them and at Greer sitting on a large rock in the pouring rain keeping watch. Eli is sitting next to Rush and talking to him. The footage shows that, a short distance away, Franklin now seems to have lapsed into unconsciousness and T.J. is kneeling by him and tending to him.)

WALLACE: I remember as a kid, I was ... I dunno, maybe seven or eight ... my grandfather died and my parents took me to the funeral. Watching his casket getting lowered into the ground, it ... it was the first time that I realised I was gonna die one day. I mean, I knew people died. I'm talking about the idea that my consciousness was gonna end. I wasn't gonna see what happened to the world.

(Sitting beside him and gazing down at the ground, Rush looks like Eli's words are hitting him hard and triggering his own memories. On Destiny, Rush stands behind the others, his face as haunted as his counterpart's on the planet.)

WALLACE (in the cave): It was such an empty, dark feeling, like I was falling down a pitch-black hole. It was ... it scared the crap out of me.

RUSH: I take it you don't believe in the afterlife.

WALLACE: That fear was almost too much to handle. I guess maybe I thought I'd just get used to it.

RUSH: But you don't.

WALLACE: No. No. It scared me just as much every time.

RUSH: Most people realise their own mortality at some stage of the game, Eli. It's not a particularly unique experience.

(On Destiny, Rush looks sympathetically at Eli, knowing that that kind of sarcasm wasn't what he needed in the circumstances.)

WALLACE (in the cave) (bitterly): I know.

RUSH: The question is, did it change you? Did it inspire you to make something of this short existence that we have?

WALLACE: Well, I'm here, aren't I?

(Rush lifts his head and gazes off into the distance.)

RUSH: Of course, the Ancients evolved to a point where their physical bodies were no longer necessary, found a way for consciousness to become immortal.

WALLACE: D'you really think that's possible?

RUSH (determinedly): I know it is.

(He pauses for a moment, then smiles awkwardly at Eli.)

RUSH: Maybe not for you and me, but that idea - it's the reason why I ended up here.

WALLACE (hesitantly): So, you think if we learn enough, that-that somehow, somewhere out there, we could discover how it's done?

(Rush doesn't answer for a long time but finally half turns towards Eli.)

RUSH: We have to make it through the day.

DESTINY. Greer is sitting alone on the stairs in the Gate Room, lost in thought. Young walks over to him.

YOUNG: Hey. You ... you OK?

GREER: It didn't happen.

YOUNG: Well, it's not clear what happened.

GREER: I know I didn't go to that planet and have all those people die under my watch.

YOUNG: It wasn't your fault, Sergeant. It didn't look like there was anything you could have done differently.

(Greer turns his head and glares at him.)

GREER: I am not interested in what did not happen.

(He turns his head away again.)

GREER: ... sir.

YOUNG: Regardless of how that recording came into existence, avoiding the issue is simple. We just don't go back to that planet.

(Greer looks at him.)

GREER: Doesn't bother you?

YOUNG: Like you said, it didn't happen. Just a story, right? But I am curious to find out how it turns out, though.

(He walks away, heading back to the Control Room. Greer smiles bitterly.)

GREER (to himself): Not me.

CONTROL ROOM. Young walks towards the room just as Chloe, standing talking with Scott, Eli and Rush, faints and falls forward. Scott and Eli cry out in startled alarm as Scott catches her and lowers her carefully to the floor.

YOUNG: What just happened?

SCOTT: Uh, she started complaining that her head hurt. She just dropped.

RUSH: It's been three hours since we dropped out of F.T.L.

WALLACE: That's about the time people began to get sick on the planet in the recording.

INFIRMARY. James is sitting on the side of a bed and T.J. is shining a light into her eyes as Scott calls out.


JOHANSEN: Yeah, over here.

(She points to an empty bed nearby.)

JOHANSEN: Right there.

(Scott is carrying an unconscious Chloe in his arms. He takes her towards the bed.)

JOHANSEN: They said she just passed out?

(Scott nods as he lays Chloe onto the bed. T.J. reports to Young, who has followed Scott in.)

JOHANSEN: I've got four more cases - so far everyone who went to the planet or came in contact with someone who did.

YOUNG: Can it be contained?

JOHANSEN: I don't know, but whatever it is, it's extremely virulent.

YOUNG: On the Kino recording, Eli said Volker died because of it.

JOHANSEN: How quickly?

YOUNG: Within twelve hours.

KINO VISION / HELMET CAM. On the jungle planet, Greer is showing a rifle to Eli.

GREER: M-4 carbine. Hold the grip firmly ... (he turns side-on to Eli and takes up a firing stance) ... stock braced against your shoulder. It's got a kick. (Sternly) Keep your finger off the trigger ‘til you're ready to kill whatever it is you're pointing at. Short bursts. We don't got much ammo.

(He offers the rifle to Eli.)

GREER: Go ahead.

WALLACE (nervously): Ooh. You mean shoot for real?

(He takes the rifle and raises it. Greer immediately puts his hand over the top and pushes it back down again. Eli was pointing the rifle towards the cave. Greer points in the opposite direction.)

GREER: That way.

(Eli turns and faces the correct way.)


(There's a clicking sound.)

GREER: Safety is off.

(Blowing out a couple of breaths, Eli raises the rifle again and the business end of it comes into the view of the Kino. Blowing out a final breath, he opens fire and sends a continuous burst of bullets out into the jungle for two seconds. Nearby, a small sapling breaks off partway up and falls to the ground.)

GREER: Ooh! Oh, man!

(Laughing in delight, he lowers the gun and turns towards Greer who has taken his cap off and is rubbing his head in frustration.)

GREER: What happened to short bursts?

LATER. Some distance from the cave, Greer shows a small block of C4 explosive to Eli, then creeps off quietly into the jungle. Eli, behind a low rock covered in foliage, watches as Greer creeps over to one of the termite mounds that they found earlier and drops the C4 into the top of the mound. He hastily backs away, aiming his rifle towards the mound, and makes his way back to the rock.

WALLACE: You sure they're down there?

GREER: Saw ‘em go home last night.

(He gets the detonator out of his jacket and switches it on.)

WALLACE: You really think this is a good idea?

GREER: Best defence is offence.

(He peers out at the mound, then looks at Eli.)

GREER: Fire in the hole.

WALLACE: Yeah - literally!

(He turns towards the mound as Greer flicks the switch. The C4 explodes and the mound disintegrates, bits of it flying in all directions, including into the Kino's lens. Eli straightens up again and looks at Greer.)

WALLACE: I hope we didn't just piss them off!

(He turns towards the mound, then realises that there's dirt on the lens of the Kino. He leans forward and shakes his head and the dirt falls off, clearing the view. Greer stands up and makes his way cautiously towards the hole in the ground where the mound was. Eli follows, holding his rifle upright most of the time, but lowers it and aims it towards the hole as he gets closer. Greer walks across his line of vision and Eli wisely lowers his rifle towards the ground for a moment, then re-raises it once Greer is past. They get close to the hole and see the bodies of several of the creatures lying on the ground. Most of them are broken into bits.)

WALLACE: Oh, wow!

(He laughs in relief that they're all dead, but then a chittering sound can be heard. Greer spins and fires a couple of bullets towards the sound, impacting the live creature writhing on the ground and killing it.)

WALLACE: Oh ... kay. That's disgusting!

GREER: Come on. We've got more of these things to hit.

(He leads Eli away.)

CAVES. Later, Eli has returned to the cave and Greer has been out with Rush. The two of them are just now returning through a new bout of pouring rain. T.J. is checking Franklin, who is still lying unconscious on the cave floor.

JOHANSEN: His pulse is very weak.

(Eli turns to Rush as he comes closer.)

WALLACE: Did using the other remote help?

RUSH: We were able to get a connection, but the wormhole's still unstable. Nothing from Destiny on the radio.

WALLACE: Well, is it broken or is there a chance it could resolve by itself?

RUSH: There are a number of things that could be causing temporary interference.

WALLACE: Well, we have eleven hours until Destiny is supposed to jump back into F.T.L.

RUSH (shaking his head in frustration): There's no way of telling how long it's gonna last.

WALLACE: And I guess it would be crazy to just try and go anyway.

RUSH: Look, we can't assume that the Gate is actually even connecting to Destiny. There'd be very little chance of surviving an unstable wormhole.

(Eli looks across to the others. T.J. has laid down near Franklin, and Greer has sat down a few feet away.)

JOHANSEN (wistfully): A fire would be nice.

GREER: I couldn't find any dry wood.


DESTINY INFIRMARY. Scott is sitting at Chloe's bedside. She is still unconscious. T.J. walks over.

JOHANSEN: Are they still watching the recording?

SCOTT: Yeah.

(She lowers her voice as she looks around the room.)

JOHANSEN: I don't know what to do. They just keep showing up and I don't have nearly enough antibiotics for all these people. It would help if I knew the cause.

(Scott looks across the room to where Lisa Park, who has been helping T.J., is now standing with her hand braced against a table and her head lowered. T.J. goes over to her.)

JOHANSEN: You're not feeling good?


JOHANSEN: OK. (She helps Park turn around and they walk away.) Let's go slow.

(They walk carefully into an adjoining room. At least a dozen makeshift beds have been laid out on the floor and many of them are already occupied.)

KINO VISION / HELMET CAM. Night has fallen on the jungle planet and it's tipping down with rain. The flashlights attached to the sticks have been switched on and are shining outwards. Aiming his rifle flashlight out of the cave entrance, Eli scans the surrounding area and then turns to Rush and Greer who are also keeping watch nearby.

WALLACE: See anything?


WALLACE: Good. Maybe we got ‘em all today.

(He turns back and continues to shine his flashlight out in the night. The other flashlights aren't providing nearly enough illumination, but just then a massive lightning flash lights up the area briefly.)

WALLACE: Did you see that? (He turns to the others.) Did you see something? I thi- ... I thi- ... I think I saw something!

GREER: If you see anything move out there, don't ask. Just shoot.

WALLACE: Right. Right.

(He turns back to the entrance.)

Later, he walks over to one of the flashlights as it starts to fade out. He calls out to the others.

WALLACE: Hey. Hey, I think the batteries in this one are dead.

(He reaches out and taps the light.)

(On Destiny, Eli looks at the footage indignantly.)

WALLACE: The Kino has night vision. Why didn't I turn it on?

(In the footage, Eli lifts the remote into view and activates the night vision setting on the Kino.)

WALLACE (on Destiny): Oh. Never mind.

(The new night vision footage continues. Eli looks across to Greer and Rush beside him, then looks out into the jungle. The relatively cool rain-soaked floor of the area is in stark contrast to the bright patches caused by at least half a dozen creatures squiggling through the trees and across the ground towards the cave. Even though he's not looking at the remote, Eli still sees the creatures in the darkness.)

WALLACE: Oh boy.

(He starts firing and, to his credit, keeps it to short bursts. The creatures start to squeal and chitter. Eli manages to kill a couple of them but then his rifle jams. He looks round helplessly to Greer who, along with Rush, both begin firing towards the creatures.)

GREER (yelling at him as he continues to fire): Come on! Come on! Don't stop, baby! Come on! Come on! Come on!

(On Destiny, Eli and Rush in particular look at the screen in appalled horror at the ordeal that their counterparts are going through. Young looks round as Greer arrives back in the Control Room, gazing at the screen as the other team continues firing. Eli looks round the Control Room at the others.)

WALLACE (his voice full of dread): I don't think we're gonna make it.

(In the footage, Greer has whipped himself into a frenzy and is whooping triumphantly despite the long odds against him and his team. Eli looks down at his rifle and pulls out the clip. It still has plenty of bullets in it. He shakes it, then turns at the sound of gunfire behind him. T.J. is on her feet and firing down at a beastie that sneaked past everyone and was heading for her and her patients. Eli turns back as Greer laughs cheerfully as he sits down momentarily to reload his rifle. Next to him, Rush's rifle runs out of bullets.)

RUSH: I'm out!

(Throwing the rifle down, he rummages in a nearby bag containing pistols.)

WALLACE (holding out his hand towards him): Come on, come-on-come-on-come-on-come-on. Give me.

(Greer, reloaded, screams ferociously and jumps to his feet again. Rush grabs a pistol and, instead of using it or offering it to Eli, looks at Greer, then runs out into the rain and towards the creatures. Greer fires all around him, giving him cover and killing any creature near him.)

WALLACE: Hey! Hey! Where are you going?!

(Rush continues his charge into the jungle and disappears from view. As soon as he's gone, Greer starts strafing the nearby area.)

WALLACE: He's crazy!

(He turns and yells out into the jungle.)

WALLACE: You're crazy!

(On Destiny, Eli turns and looks at Rush, who has his eyebrows raised quizzically at his counterpart's actions.)

WALLACE: You are!

(Rush shrugs.)

(On the footage, Eli chases out into the jungle in pursuit of Rush. Greer's triumphant cries and whoops fade behind him as Eli hurries onwards.)

WALLACE: Come back! Wait, dude!

(He trips and falls over.)

WALLACE: God! Son of a ...

(The impact deactivates the night vision and the Kino footage returns to normal, meaning we can only see what's illuminated by Eli's flashlight. He chases towards the Stargate and finally catches up with Rush, who has dialled the Gate and - now that it has kawhooshed - is heading for the ramp.)

WALLACE: Wait! Stop!

(Rush stops and turns to him.)

RUSH: Someone's gotta try. Look, I'll radio if I make it. You'll know it's safe.


(He turns and looks at the fritzing event horizon.)

WALLACE: But ... but you said ...

RUSH: Hey ...

(Eli turns back to him. Rush grins at him.)

RUSH: ... for a moment there, I thought we were in trouble.

(Giving him one last smile, he turns and races up the ramp.)

WALLACE (high-pitched in indignation): What?!

(Rush leaps into the event horizon and disappears.)

(On Destiny, Eli pauses the Kino footage and turns to Rush, frowning in disbelief and confusion at the other Rush's bizarre last words.)

WALLACE: "For a moment there, I thought we were in trouble"?!

(Rush smiles, but it's Young who answers.)

YOUNG: "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid." It's Butch's last line before he and Sundance run out to face the Bolivians. (He looks across at Rush.) One of my favourites, too.

RUSH: Well, well. We do have something in common after all!

(The two of them smile briefly, then Young nods towards the console.)


(Blowing out a breath, Eli turns back to the console and starts the Kino footage again. His counterpart yells into his radio.)

WALLACE (in the jungle): Destiny? Come in?

(The Gate shuts down. Eli groans, then heads back towards the cave. As he gets closer, he hears the sound of gunfire and Greer's whoops and shouts as he continues fending off the creatures.)

GREER: You like this? Come on! Woo-hoo!

(Eli calls out to let Greer know he's coming.)


(Greer keeps firing but aims away from Eli's approach route. Suddenly his whoops turn to a scream as two of the creatures launch themselves at him, getting past his fire and landing one on his chest and another on his leg. He falls to the ground screaming and writhing as they start burrowing into him. Eli yells at him helplessly.)

WALLACE: Get up, get up, get up!

(Greer continues screaming. On Destiny, Eli, Greer, Rush and Young watch equally helplessly as the screams go on and on. T.J. comes to the doorway of the room.)

JOHANSEN: Colonel Young, Doctor Rush.

(Eli pauses the footage with some relief as the others turn to T.J.)

DESTINY INFIRMARY. Rush is looking into a microscope at tiny somethings on the slide.

RUSH: What is it?

JOHANSEN: Some sort of micro-organism.

YOUNG: Something brought back from the planet?

JOHANSEN: Not the planet they just went to; the planet you and Scott went to. The ice planet.

YOUNG: That was weeks ago. How do you know?

RUSH (straightening up from the microscope): This is a sample of the water we've been drinking, isn't it?

JOHANSEN: When people outside the quarantine started coming down with symptoms, I knew we needed to look for another common source.

(Rush sinks down onto a stool in despair.)

YOUNG: But we tested it at the time.

JOHANSEN: At the time, we couldn't see it. The microscope just wasn't powerful enough. The organism was just too small.

RUSH (ironically): Well, it isn't now.

JOHANSEN: It's possible that a batch of water wasn't purified properly and it contaminated the rest.

YOUNG: So we've all got it?

JOHANSEN: Well, everyone's immune system is different. The time it takes for symptoms to emerge will vary. But once it's strong enough to pass from the blood to the nervous system, it works fast - and the antibiotics won't cut it.

RUSH: Well, for a moment there, I thought we were in trouble(!)

KINO VISION / HELMET CAM. The Kino is on the ground inside the cave. It is tilted sideways, so presumably Eli is also lying on the ground. His clenched fist, covered with blood, is just in view in the lower part of the screen, and there is blood on the rock floor nearby. Scott lies nearby and now he groans as he comes out of his coma. Grimacing with pain as he lifts his head, he looks down at the dressing pressed to the wound on his shoulder. He props himself up onto his elbows and looks around, seeing Eli lying beside him.

SCOTT: Eli. Eli?

(He gets up and disappears from view as he goes over to check on Eli.)


(He pushes the helmet off Eli's head and shoves it across the floor a little. Eli's body comes into view and shows a huge wound in his right shoulder, presumably where a creature erupted from it. Scott puts his hand onto Eli's neck to check for a pulse and doesn't find one.)

SCOTT: Oh my God.

(He scrambles away and stands up, looking around. Franklin is lying motionless nearby and, although we can't see them, presumably both Greer's and T.J.'s bodies are nearby but off camera.)

SCOTT: Oh my God.

(He takes in the scene for several seconds and then lets out a long scream of utter anguish and despair. He crumples to his knees, sobbing in grief.)

LATER. Some time later, Scott has detached the Kino from the helmet and has returned to the Stargate. He has dialled it and, from the sounds coming from offscreen, the event horizon is still fritzing badly. He holds the Kino up in front of his tearstained face.

SCOTT: It's forty-five minutes until Destiny jumps back into F.T.L.

(He breaks off, sobbing.)

SCOTT: Everyone here is dead except me. I don't remember much after we were attacked the first night. One of the creatures bit me and I lost consciousness. I'd been starting to feel sick; headache; pain in the back of the neck. The bite still hurts like a bitch but everything else is ... is better.

(He looks towards the Gate for a moment.)

SCOTT: Uh, the Gate still doesn't seem to be working. I can't reach Destiny on the radio. I'm hoping it's just a communications problem and that everything else is ... is OK up there. I'm sending this through and I'm expecting that you will send some sort of a signal that it is safe to proceed. I will wait as long as I can, then I'll head through regardless. On my own, I likely won't survive the night here.

(He lowers the Kino and carries it up the ramp towards the fritzing event horizon. He pauses at the top and the footage continues as the Kino is tossed into the wormhole. A split second later it emerges on the other side, spinning through the air as it falls. Even with the distorted revolving view, this is obviously not Destiny's Gate Room that it has arrived at. It drops onto the ramp and rolls down into a green world. As it slows down, it become clear that the Kino has arrived in a jungle. Finally it slows down and stops ... right next to the apparently dead body of Nicholas Rush.)

DESTINY. On Destiny, Eli and Young look across to Rush and frown, then Eli reaches out and pauses the footage. He holds up his hands in total bewilderment.

WALLACE: What ... just ... happened?

(Young looks across to Rush, who looks at the screen for a moment longer and then realises the truth.)

RUSH: It went back in time.

(He turns and walks away. Eli, Young and Greer follow after him and he leads them to the Gate Room.)

YOUNG: What are you doing?

RUSH: Making sure it hasn't happened yet.

(He activates a remote and the Stargate lights up and begins to spin.)

WALLACE: What hasn't happened yet?

RUSH: The solar flare. It's the only explanation. If a wormhole's trajectory takes it too close to a star and it passes through an active solar flare, it can cause it to move forwards or backwards in time. In some cases, the wormhole can actually loop back around and connect to the same Gate in a different time - in this case, the past.

WALLACE: Whoa, whoa. OK, this is making my brain hurt. Uh ...

(He thinks for a moment, then has a revelation.)

WALLACE: Oh my God. "Back to the Future."

(He laughs.)

WALLACE: How could I not put that on my list?

RUSH: The "us" on that recording dropped out of F.T.L. and went to the planet. Some time later a solar flare occurred, preventing normal Gate travel.

WALLACE: So Scott thought that he was sending the Kino back to the Destiny, but he was actually sending it back to the planet ...but in the past.

(Rush nods.)

WALLACE: God, that is so weird to think that was really us on the Kino.

RUSH: Us in a previous, unaltered time line, modified now by the introduction of the Kino from the future.

(The Stargate finishes its dialling sequence and kawhooshes.)

GREER: Why are we dialling the Gate back there?

RUSH: As I said, to make sure the solar flare that disrupted Gate travel hasn't happened yet.

(The event horizon doesn't sound like it's fritzing, and Rush confirms its stability as he looks at the console.)

RUSH: Thankfully, it hasn't.

GREER: Yeah, but why do we care about that?

RUSH: Because I think we might have to go back there.

LATER. T.J. has been brought in to see some of the Kino footage that she missed. On the screen, Scott is making his last report.

SCOTT (in the jungle): I'd been starting to feel sick; headache; pain in the back of the neck. The bite still hurts like a bitch but everything else is ... is better.

(Eli pauses the playback.)

JOHANSEN: It's possible, I guess. The venoms of various animals - snakes, spiders, scorpions - they've all been tested for their antibiotic properties.

SCOTT: What, you're saying that thing that bit me can actually cure what's making everybody sick?

JOHANSEN: You fell into a coma. It obviously releases some sort of venom when it bites. You apparently survived; said you were feeling better.

WALLACE: But ... you're just guessing. And those things were ... (he gestures to the screen) ... well ...

JOHANSEN: Based on this video, people are going to die from this infection, and quickly.

(She turns to Young.)

JOHANSEN: I know it seems like a wild stab in the dark, but I don't know what else to do.

YOUNG: Well, we've all been exposed, so it's just a matter of time before we all get it, right?

(T.J. nods. Young nods his agreement.)

GREER: I'll go, sir.

YOUNG: Not by yourself, you won't.

GATE ROOM. Young is gearing up to go through the Stargate, as are Greer and Spencer. He looks around to where Scott is also gearing up.

YOUNG: Don't need liability, Scott.

SCOTT: I'm good to go, sir.

(Eli stands at the console looking at footage coming through the open Gate.)

WALLACE: Getting Kino visuals. It's night time and, oh, hey, surprise surprise: it's raining!

SCOTT: Which means those things'll probably be out.

GREER: Well, that's too bad. They were easy pickings when they were sleeping in their nest during the day.

YOUNG: We can't wait.

(He shrugs himself into a backpack.)

WALLACE: According to the time stamp on the recording, you have an hour ‘til the first team lost contact because of the solar flare.

RUSH: Forty-five minutes, to be safe.

SCOTT (to T.J.): How many do you think we'll need?

JOHANSEN: Hopefully a small dosage of the venom will do it.

SCOTT: Dead or alive?

JOHANSEN: Alive, preferably. I can't exactly anticipate the physiology.

(Young looks around at everyone.)

YOUNG: Not much time.

(He turns and leads his team towards the Gate.)

RUSH: Good luck.

(As the team walks through the event horizon, Rush lifts his hand and rubs at the back of his neck as if it hurts him. T.J. notices and bites her lip in concern.)

DESTINY INFIRMARY. Later, Eli is sitting at Chloe's bedside in the Infirmary, holding her hand. T.J. stands at the other side of the bed taking Chloe's pulse. She sighs shakily. Eli looks up at her with concern.


JOHANSEN: Her pulse is very weak. I just want you to be prepared. I'm not sure she's gonna make it.

(Eli shakes his head, smiling in denial.)

WALLACE: Of course she is.

(T.J. nods and moves on to her next patient.)

JUNGLE PLANET. As the rain hammers down, Scott holds a remote control and watches the night vision footage from the nearby Kino. The four members of the team circle around cautiously, watching every inch of the surrounding area and shining their flashlights in all directions. Slowly they leave the area by the Gate and head out into the jungle.

DESTINY INFIRMARY. T.J. stands at the bedside of Vanessa James. Lisa Park, who seems to have made a slight recovery, comes over.

PARK: We're out of antibiotics.

(T.J. looks at her and nods, then turns back to the bedside and slowly pulls the blanket up over Vanessa's face. Sitting nearby, Eli watches as Lisa, shocked, slumps and braces herself on the side of the bed.)

WALLACE: Why do people always wait until times like these to tell someone how they really feel?

(He laughs tremulously.)

WALLACE: It's so stupid. I-I just ...

(He fights back tears as, nearby, T.J. struggles to contain her own tears. Eli gazes off into space for a moment, then looks down at Chloe again.)

WALLACE: Ah, screw it.

(He wriggles on his seat to get more comfortable and starts to talk to Chloe.)

WALLACE: We haven't known each other that long but I think ... we make each other happy.

(Standing nearby, T.J. is now on the brink of tears.)

WALLACE: When I'm near you, things are just ... better.

(He half-laughs, half-sobs.)

WALLACE: You don't even know how amazing you are!

(He laughs again, then calms down.)

WALLACE: It doesn't matter.

(He sighs and looks down at her hand as he holds it in between both of his.)

WALLACE (softly): I've never had a best friend before; never - never known anyone like that before; never loved ... um ...

(He pauses, a little embarrassed that the word slipped out. T.J. wipes her nose on her sleeve and tries hard not to sob out loud.)

WALLACE: I just ... I need to make sure that you know that I'm here for you. Always will be.

(He looks down at Chloe plaintively.)

WALLACE: Please don't die.

(He opens his mouth as if to say more, but can't find the words. T.J. gives him a moment, then comes over to the bedside and takes Chloe's wrist again. Eli looks up at her hopefully. She looks away for a moment, then lowers her head.)


(She finally manages to meet his eyes.)

JOHANSEN (softly): ... she's gone.

(Eli looks down for a moment, then looks into Chloe's face, his own face full of disbelief. After a few seconds he stands up and walks out of the room. T.J. gently lifts the blanket and pulls it up over Chloe's face.)

Shortly afterwards, T.J. is sitting on the floor in the corridor outside the Infirmary and sobbing. Lisa comes out, holding paper tissues, and squats down behind her. Hesitantly she reaches out and puts her hand onto T.J.'s shoulder. T.J. lifts her head and looks round at her and Lisa offers her the tissues. She takes them and wipes her nose, but then buries her head in her hand and starts to weep again. Lisa strokes her back gently.

JUNGLE PLANET. The team is making its way through the jungle, shining their flashlights around.

GREER: I don't see anything!

YOUNG: They've gotta be here somewhere

RUSH (over radio): Colonel Young, this is Rush, come in?

YOUNG (into radio): I read you. Go ahead.

(In the Gate Room, Rush activates his radio.)

RUSH: Checking in.

SCOTT: Nothing yet. It's raining pretty hard.

(Rush reluctantly lifts his radio again.)

RUSH: I'm sorry to have to tell you we've already lost four people. Doctors Franklin and Volker, Lieutenant James ...

(He pauses for a long moment.)

RUSH: ... and Chloe.

(Young's head immediately snaps round and he watches as Scott's rifle arm droops downwards in shock.)

YOUNG (into radio): Copy that. Check in again in ten minutes.

(He turns towards Scott, who has his back to him.)

YOUNG: Lieutenant.

(One of the other two also turns and shines his flashlight onto Scott's face.)

YOUNG: Lieutenant, we need you.

(Scott closes his eyes in grief.)

YOUNG (firmly): Scott. Scott.

(Scott opens his eyes and turns to look at the colonel.)

YOUNG: We need you.

(Scott nods. Just then Greer looks up at the sound of chittering above his head. A creature drops out of the tree above him, lands on his neck and promptly starts burrowing into him. He screams and falls to the ground, writhing and firing his rifle wildly into the air. Young and Scott raise their guns and begin firing up into the trees. Spencer, on the other hand, bends down and retrieves something from a pack which one of the others has dropped. It's quite probably the remote control to activate the Stargate. He turns to run but another creature leaps up, plunging into his chest and burrowing its way through. As he crashes to the ground, Young turns to look and another creature slams into his own chest. He falls backwards, screaming. Scott looks down in disbelief as Young thrashes on the ground while the creature burrows its way into him, then Young falls silent as the creature's tail disappears from view inside him. Scott backs away, unable to comprehend what's going on around him. Lightning flashes, illuminating the faces of all three of his dead colleagues. His mouth falls open in total shock, then he sees the remote lying on the ground. He snatches it up and hurries away as more creatures chitter in the trees nearby.)

(Scott races through the trees, firing all around him. Creatures scream as he hits them. When his rifle runs out of bullets, he dumps it and charges onwards, finally reaching the Gate. He drops to his knees and pulls off his backpack, then begins activating the remote control.)

DESTINY GATE ROOM. Rush is sitting on the stairs looking down sadly and reflecting on what has been happening. He looks up as the Gate lights up and begins to spin. Eli walks into the room just as the Gate finishes its dialling sequence and kawhooshes. Rush picks up his radio and activates it.

RUSH: Colonel Young, come in please.

(There's no response.)

RUSH (into radio): Colonel Young, do you read?

(He and Eli look hopefully at the Gate.)

JUNGLE PLANET. On the planet, Matthew Scott, still on his knees in front of the now open Stargate, lifts up the Kino and stares into it.

SCOTT: If you found this, it's because a solar flare interfered with Gate travel and I managed to send this Kino back in time.

(He drags in a breath.)

SCOTT: All right, listen very carefully. There is a disease in the water we brought back from the ice planet. It is fatal and we have all been drinking it. But there is hope.

(From somewhere nearby comes an ominous chittering sound.)

SCOTT: There's a creature that-that lives on this planet - lots of them, actually - that could hold the key to saving you. In small doses their venom actually cures the disease, but be very careful. They're deadly, but they're also nocturnal.

(Behind him and unnoticed by him, something is moving closer to him.)

SCOTT (into the Kino): They only come out at night. You get them during the day while they're asleep in their nests, and they're not far from the Gate.

(The chittering becomes louder. Scott rears up on his knees, snatches out his pistol, turns and fires a single shot. The beastie that was creeping up on him writhes at the impact of the bullet and dies. Scott turns back around, looks at his watch and then looks at the steady event horizon hopefully.)

SCOTT: Come on!

(As if in response, the event horizon begins to fritz. Scott gazes at it for a moment, then lifts the Kino again and stares into it intently.)

SCOTT: Please believe me. You don't have much time. Act now, or you are all going to die.