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Intervention (SGU 201)

As Destiny's crew continues to battle Lucian Alliance soldiers over control of the ship, T.J. finds herself and her baby transported to a safe place.

WRITTEN BY: Joseph Mallozzi & Paul Mullie
DIRECTED BY: Andy Mikita
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Transcript by Callie Sullivan

LOG CABIN. Lieutenant Tamara (T.J.) Johansen wakes up slowly. Blinking, she lifts her head and looks around in surprise when she realises that she is not on board Destiny. Instead she appears to be in a bedroom in a log cabin. She sits up in bed and looks at her surroundings. A small window has a net curtain hanging over it. A red candle and a glass oil lamp are on the table beside her bed, and there is a stone fireplace nearby. She swings her legs over the side of the bed and pulls back the curtain to look outside. It's difficult to see clearly because the window is partially covered with frost but she can see that the ground appears to have a covering of snow, and the nearby hillside is covered with evergreen trees. She lowers the curtain, bewildered, then suddenly gasps and clasps her hands to her abdomen as she realises that it is flat. She stares down at herself, aghast, then looks around the room in confusion as a baby begins to fret nearby. She stands up and, smiling, goes over to a nearby basket which has been lined with off-white fur and picks up the baby, snugly wrapped in black fur, from inside it. Cradling the baby as it continues to fret, she gazes down at the youngster and gently strokes its face. As the baby settles down and becomes quiet, a man's voice comes from the doorway.

VOICE: Beautiful, isn't she?

(T.J. looks towards the door. The man standing there is someone she knows, although he looks rather older than when she last saw him, and he is certainly someone she never expected to see again. She frowns in confusion.)


(It is indeed Robert Caine, the man who persuaded others to stay behind with him on the impossible planet at the end of “Faith”. He smiles at her.)

CAINE: It's good to see you again, T.J.

JOHANSEN (looking around the cabin): What - what is this? Where am I? How did I get here?

CAINE: I know it's a lot to process right now, so just take your time, OK?

JOHANSEN: We left you on that planet and we left the galaxy.

CAINE: You can't be surprised that aliens who built a solar system are capable of a little, uh, intergalactic transport.

JOHANSEN: Are you saying they brought me here?

CAINE: Well, you're here, right?

(T.J. looks down at the infant in her arms.)

JOHANSEN: So this is ...

CAINE: ... your baby, of course. You don't have to worry any more, T.J. She's safe now.

(T.J. lifts her head, frowning, though it's not clear whether she is starting to remember what happened to her before she arrived at the cabin, or whether she has caught Caine's assertion that the baby - and not T.J. herself - is safe.)

DESTINY. No time has passed since the end of the last episode. The most recent radiation surge has just emitted from the pulsar and Eli Wallace is hurtling through the corridors. He finally reaches his destination, the airlock to which Matthew Scott and Ronald Greer were told to go in order to get off the surface of the ship before the radiation surge. Running over to a wall panel, he types rapidly on it and watches as air is pumped into the sealed chamber at the end of the room. He waits anxiously until the indicators show that the pressure has equalised, then tugs the wheel around in the middle of the chamber door before hauling the door open.

There is nobody inside. He stares in disbelief for a moment, then slumps against the wall and starts to weep.

AUXILIARY CONTROL ROOM. Adam Brody's console beeps.

BRODY: We're getting a message. It's Eli.

(Nicholas Rush looks across at him anxiously as Brody reads the message and then lowers his head before looking across at Nick.)

BRODY: They didn't make it.

(As if he can't believe it, Rush gets up from his own console and walks across to Brody's to read the message for himself.)

RUSH (softly): There just wasn't enough time.

(A moment later, the radio activates from its position on top of Rush's console.)

SCOTT (over radio): This is Scott. Come in please!

(Rush goes over to the console and picks up the radio.)

RUSH (into radio): Lieutenant, where are you?

SCOTT: Well, we're still outside. I had a hunch we weren't gonna make it to the airlock in time, so we made a beeline for the underside of the ship. I'm guessing the hull protected us.

(Rush laughs in relief.)

RUSH (into radio): I guess it did! Well, the radiation spike has passed. You should be safe to make it to the airlock now.

SCOTT: Roger that. We're on our way.

Outside the airlock, Eli has slumped to the floor and is sitting with his head in his hands. He looks up as the nearby console beeps, then scrambles up and goes over to activate it. As the message scrolls across it, he begins to laugh with relief.

WALLACE (tearful and half-hysterical): Just another day in outer space!

MESS HALL. The military crew from Earth are on their knees where they have been pushed down by the Lucian Alliance soldiers, all apart from Colonel Everett Young who is standing in front of his crew with his head lowered. Varro, the Alliance lieutenant, rushes into the room and confronts Dannic, the man who took over command when Kiva was shot.

VARRO: Dannic!

DANNIC: The military personnel are a liability.

VARRO: Kiva's still alive. The medic's been injured. She was shot.

(Young's head snaps up on hearing that.)

DANNIC: She was military as well. It was a mistake to trust her.

(Instantly Young surges forward and slams his fingers hard into Dannic's throat. Choking, Dannic stumbles back while clutching at his throat, and Young wraps his arms around him and bundles him to the floor. The other Alliance soldiers leap forward, some to train their weapons on the Earth crew and keep them on their knees, others grabbing at Young as he grapples with Dannic, trying to strangle him. Eventually they haul him up and drag him backwards as he struggles and keeps trying to get to Dannic.)

YOUNG: You son of a ...! Son of a ...!

(Dannic scrambles to his feet and storms towards the struggling colonel.)

DANNIC (yelling): I want him dead!

(Young spits incoherent insults back at him as Varro grabs Dannic and shoves him backwards.)

VARRO (yelling): Listen to me! Listen to me!

(He pushes Dannic out into the corridor and speaks more quietly.)

VARRO: We need their co-operation! We can use the communication stones to get a team of doctors on board.

DANNIC: We can't spare the men.

VARRO: We can use some of them. (He gestures to the Earth crew.) It doesn't matter what they report back. There's nothing anyone on Earth can do about this.

(Dannic glares back into the room at Young who, with a murderous expression on his face, is still struggling against the men holding him. Finally Dannic nods to Varro.)

DANNIC: All right. But if Kiva dies, they all die.

AIRLOCK. Eli has closed the chamber door and waits anxiously outside as air hisses into it. Finally the indicators turn green and he presses a button on the wall panel and then spins the central door wheel again. As he pulls the door open, he laughs in delight at what he sees inside.

WALLACE: Thank God! I thought you two were fried for sure!

(Scott has already raised the visor on his own helmet and is helping Greer remove his helmet.)

SCOTT: No, we're fine.

GREER: I'd say we're anything but fine!

SCOTT: Ah, you'd rather be back out there?!

(He turns around so that that Greer can unlatch his helmet for him. As Eli goes over to help, Chloe Armstrong limps into the room.)


(Eli turns and stares at her in amazement.)

WALLACE: Chloe?!

(He and Scott hurry over to her as she smiles at Matt with delight. She still looks very pale but nowhere near as awful as she did when we last saw her on the point of passing out after Eli left her.)

SCOTT: What happened?

WALLACE: She was shot in the leg!


WALLACE: How are you even walking right now? Ten minutes ago you were almost passed out.

ARMSTRONG: I don't know. The bleeding stopped; I got my strength back.

GREER (baffled): What?

(Eli kneels down and starts to untie the cord that he had cinched around the pad which he had applied to the bullet wound on her thigh. Gently he peels back the pad and looks at her leg in surprise.)

WALLACE: She's right. The bleeding's stopped.

SCOTT (to Chloe): Are you sure you're OK?

ARMSTRONG: Yeah. I'm fine.

GREER (whimsically): Everybody's fine!

(He exchanges a look with Scott.)

ARMSTRONG: So ... what do we do now?

COMMUNICATIONS ROOM. Camille Wray, Dale Volker and two other civilians are sitting around the table. One by one they drop a communications stone onto the activation box while Varro stands nearby watching. He waits for the transfer to take place, then addresses the people sitting at the table.

VARRO: Who are you?

(The woman who has taken over Camille's body is probably the only one of the four who has been to Destiny before, so she recovers from the shock a little more quickly than her colleagues. She looks round at Varro.)

BRIGHTMAN: Um, I'm Doctor Brightman. (She gestures to Volker's body and then to the other two.) This is Doctor Ziegler, Doctor Finch and Doctor Tannen.

VARRO: All right. Follow me.

(They stand up and he leads them away.)

AUXILIARY CONTROL ROOM. Rush's console beeps. Brody looks across to him.

BRODY: What now?

(There are a further couple of beeps and then a wall panel lights up and the standard countdown to the next F.T.L. jump starts up. The men look at it for a moment.)

RUSH: Looks like it's working.

BRODY: What are you talking about?

(He stands up and walks over to Rush's console as Nick points at the clock.)

BRODY: The countdown clock?

RUSH: With all the shield strength concentrated in the direction of the pulsar, the engines are protected enough to generate an F.T.L. jump.

BRODY: Yeah, but that's a good thing, right? I mean, this whole area of space is a dead zone. The sooner we get out of here, the better.

(He goes back to his own console. Nicholas frowns. Clearly he's not sure that leaving the area is a good thing.)

ELSEWHERE ON THE SHIP. Scott and Greer are out of their spacesuits and are cautiously leading Eli and Chloe along the corridors. After checking the surrounding area, Scott turns to the civilians.

SCOTT: All right, we're close enough. You two meet up with Rush and Brody.

WALLACE: Whoa, whoa-whoa-whoa, wait a minute ...

SCOTT: They will have figured out he's missing by now. They will be looking, so be careful.

ARMSTRONG: Where are you going?

SCOTT: Recon. We need to find out what's happening.

WALLACE: Scott ...

SCOTT: Eli. Just go.

(The two pairs head off in different directions.)

INFIRMARY. Varro comes in as David Telford's unconscious body is carried out of the operation area where Doctor Brightman has just finished surgery on him.

VARRO: Is he gonna make it?

BRIGHTMAN: Yeah, he'll be fine. The bullet passed clean through.

VARRO: Let me know when he wakes up. I wanna talk to him.

BRIGHTMAN: Listen. Your commander wasn't so lucky. Doctor Finch is working on her right now, but it isn't looking good. We think the bullet may have lodged in her liver.

VARRO: It would be in everyone's best interests if she survived.

BRIGHTMAN: Yeah, I get that.

VARRO: What about Lieutenant Johansen?

BRIGHTMAN: Well, we've managed to stem the bleeding, but the baby's heart rate is dangerously low. We may have to take it out prematurely.

(Varro looks across to where T.J. is lying unconscious with an air mask over her face.)

BRIGHTMAN: Right now, there's no guarantee that either one of them will survive. Excuse me.

(She moves away to look for her next patient.)

LOG CABIN. In the cabin, T.J. is sitting on the side of the bed cradling her daughter. She smiles with delight as the baby yawns. Hugging her gently, she stands up and takes her across to her basket and lays her into it, then comes out into the living area where Caine is puttering around.

CAINE: How about some coffee?


(Caine picks up some pieces of cut wood and takes them across to the stove while T.J. looks around the room. The finish on the log walls, and the perfection of the wooden furniture, together with things like the glass windows, stone fireplaces, metal stove and rugs on the floor, is far superior to anything that these colonists could have built with their limited materials.)

JOHANSEN: Where did all this stuff come from? There's no way you could have made it all.

CAINE: You got that right. We were still working on lean-tos with dirt floors, and the winter was coming. Frankly, I was getting a bit worried. And then one day, on a scout, we found 'em. Half a dozen just like this scattered over the valley.

JOHANSEN: We did an aerial survey. We would have seen them.

CAINE: I know.

JOHANSEN: So they just appear out of nowhere and that's good enough for you?

CAINE: Well, I don't think we would have survived the winter without them, and that's good enough for me.

(He fetches the coffee pot and starts to fill a couple of mugs.)

JOHANSEN: So why did they bring me here?

CAINE: The ship was under attack, right?

JOHANSEN (sitting down near him): How did you know that?

CAINE: You were wounded.

JOHANSEN: A lot of people were wounded. Why would I be singled out?

CAINE: They were scanning us the minute we set foot on this planet. They knew everything there is to know about us. They knew you were pregnant.

(T.J. looks at him nervously.)

JOHANSEN: What are you saying?

CAINE: You were bleeding out on the table and this was the only way, or your baby would have died.

DESTINY CONTROL INTERFACE ROOM. Varro comes in to where several Alliance members are working.

VARRO: Report.

(A woman working on one of the consoles replies.)

GINN: The countdown clock has started again. It's probably a result of the adjustments made to the shield.

VARRO: How long 'til we jump?

GINN: Just under thirty minutes.

BRIGHTMAN (over radio): Varro, this is Doctor Brightman.

(Varro picks up one of the Earth radios and activates it.)

VARRO: Go ahead.

(Brightman is in the Infirmary, and her face is full of dread as an Alliance soldier holds up a radio for her to speak into. Her own hands are covered with blood from the surgery she has just been doing.)

BRIGHTMAN: I'm sorry to have to tell you this, but we did all we could. It just wasn't enough. Your commander is dead.

ELSEWHERE. Elsewhere on the ship, Greer is leading Scott carefully along the corridors, checking around each corner before turning, and walking quietly. A group of Alliance men round a corner in front of them and the boys duck out of sight as the soldiers continue onwards.

LUCIAN: Down here, this way.

(The boys stay flattened against the wall until the soldiers have gone around the next bend in the corridor, then Greer looks at Scott.)

GREER (quietly): We need weapons.

SCOTT (quietly): No, there's something else we need even more.

(Checking the corridor once more, he leads Greer onwards.)

AUXILIARY CONTROL ROOM. Rush is busy making calculations on his notepad but stops as he hears the lock on a nearby bulkhead start to spin. The doors can be heard sliding open, and Rush and Brody look anxiously at each other as there is no further sound. Whoever came through the doors is apparently creeping forward and trying to make no noise. Brody gets up from his console and tiptoes towards the entrance before taking cover against the wall beside the door. Rush stands up and comes around his own console. Brody sticks his head around the corner ... and comes nose to nose with Eli who is doing the same thing around the corner. They both jerk back in surprise.


BRODY (heaving a sigh of relief): You guys are back.

WALLACE: You know, this ship is really, really-really big!

(He ushers Chloe into the room. Brody looks down at her leg.)

BRODY: Whoa, what's that? What happened?

ARMSTRONG: Oh, nothing we need to worry about right now.

(She looks at Rush.)

ARMSTRONG: What are we doing to get the ship back?

(Brody sniggers. The other two look at him.)


(Brody gestures at Rush.)

BRODY: It's his idea.

RUSH (sitting back down at his console): Colonel Telford's efforts to divert control were not entirely in vain. We still have a limited ability to manipulate power distribution, so I've begun a slow process of sequestering power away from the shields.

WALLACE (frowning): The same shields that are protecting us from the deadly pulsar radiation?!

RUSH: That's right.

BRODY (going back to his console): Like I said, his idea.

RUSH: Well, if I don't do it, the ship's gonna jump.

WALLACE: Uh, good!

RUSH: No-no-no-no-no, Eli, you don't understand. You see, that pulsar levels the playing field. It's just as deadly to them as it is to us. Once they realise what's happening, they'll have no option but to deal.

CONTROL INTERFACE ROOM. Dannic and Varro are discussing what to do next. Another male Lucian soldier has joined them.

DANNIC: We need to kill them all.

VARRO: The original plan was to keep some of the scientists and drop the rest on a habitable planet.

SIMEON: The original plan didn't involve Kiva being killed.

VARRO: I admit, it may have been optimistic to expect any of them to work with us, but going on a bloody rampage now isn't gonna solve anything.

SIMEON (angrily): You got another idea?

(Varro looks at Ginn.)

VARRO: Tell them.

GINN: We found one address we can dial from this position. It's currently locked out, probably 'cause it's at the extreme range of the Gate, but I can get around that.

VARRO: We check it out. If it's viable, we send 'em - everyone except the doctors. They're still working on some of our men. And Lieutenant Johansen.

(Simeon and Dannic look at him. He glares back at them defensively.)

VARRO: She could prove to be useful down the road. Moving her now would be as good as killing her.

SIMEON: What about Rush and the others that are still missing?

VARRO: Search parties'll find them.

(In a storage room elsewhere on the ship, Scott and Greer have been watching the entire conversation transmitted to them from a Kino which Scott has apparently sent through the air ducts to the Control Interface Room. Now Scott turns off the remote and looks at his colleague.)

SCOTT: We've gotta tell the others.

GREER: Yeah.

(Cautiously they move off.)

LOG CABIN. Night has fallen and T.J. is standing at the window and looking out.

JOHANSEN: You never did answer my question. How do you know what's happening on the ship?

CAINE: I just do. It's kinda hard to explain.

JOHANSEN (turning to face him): The aliens told you?

CAINE: Well, not face to face.

(There's a knock on the door. Caine gets out of his chair and goes over to open it. He smiles at what he sees.)

CAINE: Hey! Come on in!

DANA: Oh, hey!


(The man and woman come in, each rubbing their hands together briskly.)

DANA: Oh, it's getting cold out there!

CAINE: Right!

(As they take their coats off, T.J. stares at them in surprise.)

JOHANSEN: Dana? Peter?

(The new arrivals look at her with delight but don't appear to be shocked or surprised to see her.)

DANA: T.J.! Oh my God! It's good to see you! How are you?!

(She walks over and hugs her.)

JOHANSEN (returning her hug): I'm fine. I'm fine! How are you? How are all of you?

PETER (grinning at her): We're good, T.J., we're good. We're surviving.

CAINE: The others'll be along soon. Word's getting around.

(Dana smiles at T.J. excitedly.)

DANA: We were hoping we could see the baby.

(T.J. hesitates for a moment before answering.)

JOHANSEN: ... Sure, yeah! She's sleeping ...

DANA: Don't worry. We'll be really quiet, OK?


(Smiling excited at her, Dana and Peter turn and head towards the bedroom. T.J. can't help but look a little nervous as she watches them go. Caine walks closer to her.)

CAINE: It's big news around here.

(He jerks his head towards the front door.)

CAINE: You wanna take a walk?

JOHANSEN: Getting kinda dark, isn't it?

CAINE: It'll be fine. They can look after the baby. There's something I wanna show you.

DESTINY. In a recovery room off the Infirmary, David Telford slowly opens his eyes.

SIMEON: He's back.

(Telford moves his eyes around until he sees Simeon standing at the foot of the bunk that he has been laid on.)

TELFORD: Simeon.

(He slowly props himself up onto one elbow, wincing.)

SIMEON: Hurts, doesn't it?

(Telford nods.)

TELFORD: What happened?

SIMEON: I was hoping you could tell me.

(Telford looks down at his bandaged midriff, getting his thoughts - and his story - together.)

TELFORD: Where's Kiva?

SIMEON: Dead. She was shot, just like you. But we're a little unclear on the details.

(Telford takes a few breaths, trying to look as if he is working his way through his memories of the time.)

TELFORD: We were in the Gateroom, we were attacked. They came out of nowhere.

SIMEON: “They”? There was more than one?

TELFORD: I'm not sure.

SIMEON: Did you see them?


SIMEON: Interesting. Because you weren't shot from behind.

TELFORD: It was dark. It happened fast. I saw Kiva get shot, I turned ... Everything went black.

(Simeon doesn't look convinced. Telford looks around the room.)

TELFORD: What's going on with the ship? What's the situation?

SIMEON: The ship is ours. The shields are repaired. It's over.

TELFORD: What about Colonel Young and his crew?

SIMEON: We won't have to worry about them too much longer.

(He strolls away. Telford watches him go, looking concerned.)

CELL. Young has been separated from the others and locked in a small room. He sits on the wall bench as Varro paces slowly back and forth in front on him.

VARRO: We've found a planet with a breathable atmosphere. We're putting you and your people off the ship.

YOUNG: There is no way you have had enough time to determine long-term viability.

VARRO: There's not a lot of options here.

YOUNG: It's a death sentence.

VARRO: Not necessarily.

(He paces past Young, who eyes the pistol hanging from a belt around his waist. Varro notices his gaze.)

VARRO: Now you're thinking you've got nothing to lose. You could jump me, take my gun and kill the guard outside. But how far do you really think you'd get? You'd be shot, and your people'd still be sent to the planet, only without their leader. For their sake, I recommend you stay alive.

LATER. Shortly afterwards, the Stargate is open and the Earth crew is being hustled towards it. They have been allowed to take a few supplies with them, as some of them are carrying cases, and others are supporting injured colleagues. As the crew steps through the Gate, Young is brought into the Gateroom under armed escort. As the last of his crew enters the Gate he stops at the event horizon and turns back for one last look at the ship. The Lucian soldiers watch him, Dannic looking as if he wants him to try and start one last fight, but finally Everett turns and steps through the Gate, leaving Destiny behind.

STORM WORLD. He steps through onto a bleak world. The area around the Stargate is barren of vegetation and there's no sign of flora anywhere within view apart from a few dead-looking sticks poking up from the ground. Also, from the way that some of the crew are hugging themselves, it's quite cold. Maybe it's winter on that part of the planet. Young wanders forward and goes over to Hunter Riley, whose head wound has broken open again and has dripped blood down the side of his head. Riley is also limping badly, and he rubs his hands together against the cold.

YOUNG: Hey, Sergeant, how are you feeling?

RILEY: I'll be all right, sir.

(He looks around the area.)

RILEY: Nice place(!)

(A short distance away, Vanessa James calls their attention to ominous black clouds which are rolling in.)

JAMES: Looks like a storm's coming.

(Lightning flashes in the clouds and thunder rumbles to confirm her theory.)

YOUNG: We need to find shelter, fast.

DESTINY AUXILIARY CONTROL ROOM. Eli is pacing nervously.

WALLACE: Where the hell are Scott and Greer? They should have been back by now.

RUSH: You have to calm down, Eli.

WALLACE: Splitting up never works! Everyone knows this!

(As if in answer to his worries, the bulkhead lock can be heard spinning and the doors slide open. Everyone looks anxiously towards the doorway. Eli turns and looks back at the others.)

WALLACE: It's gotta be them.

(Rush doesn't look so convinced. Eli walks cautiously out into the corridor and disappears from view for a moment. Seconds later he backs into view again, his hands raised and his voice panicked.)

WALLACE: No, no, not them.

(He is followed into the room by a pair of Alliance soldiers aiming their weapons at him.)

LUCIAN: Back away from the consoles.

(As the others comply, he lifts his radio and activates it.)

LUCIAN: Dannic, come in.

DANNIC (from the Gateroom): Go ahead.

LUCIAN: We've got Rush and three others.

DANNIC: Well done.

(Just then the countdown clock beeps momentarily and then switches off. Dannic turns to Ginn who is standing behind one of the consoles.)

DANNIC: What happened?

GINN: I'm not sure. The countdown's stopped.

DANNIC: Well, start it again.

GINN (frantically activating controls): I can't.

DANNIC (into radio): Stand by.

(He walks around behind Ginn as she continues working her controls.)

GINN: The radiation must be affecting the engines again.

DANNIC: You said the shield would prevent that.

GINN: It should. I don't understand it.

DANNIC: Then what good are you?

(Ginn looks around at him. Instantly he seizes her by the throat with one hand and starts pushing her backwards. As she begins to choke, Varro storms across the room to him.)

VARRO: Dannic. Dannic!

(Dannic looks round at him, then throws Ginn brutally to the floor. Glaring at Varro, he activates his radio.)

DANNIC: Bring Rush to the Gateroom. I have some questions for him.

LUCIAN (into radio): What about the others?

DANNIC: Kill them.

(Lowering his radio, the Lucian and his colleague raise their weapons and aim them at the others.)

RUSH (desperately): You don't wanna kill anyone.

(But apparently he's wrong, because the lead Lucian directs his pistol towards one of the other three. But he never gets the shot because Scott races in from the corridor behind him and kicks at the man's knees, knocking him off balance, and simultaneously grabs his gun arm to pull it upwards. At the same moment Greer hurls himself into the back of the other man and bundles him to the floor. The first man's finger tightens on his pistol and the gun fires, the bullet pinging off the walls as the civilians duck down. A second bullet goes flying and Scott punches the man hard across the face, wrestles the pistol out of his hand and cuffs him across the face with it, sending him tumbling to the floor, then aims the gun down at him until he's sure he's unconscious. Greer simply strangles the other man into submission. Once both the Alliance men are silent, the civilians stand up nervously.)

RUSH: You OK? You all OK?

(As the others confirm their okayness, Rush picks up his radio and activates it.)

RUSH: Dannic, this is Rush.

(In the Gateroom, Varro is checking on Ginn, who is sitting half-stunned against a wall. He straightens up as he hears Nicholas' voice.)

RUSH (over radio): I'm sorry to say your men were unable to carry out their orders. Anyway, by now you'll have noticed that the countdown has stopped. That's because I've been draining power from the shields and I will continue to do so until your men lay down their weapons.

DANNIC (into radio): You and your people would die with the rest of us.

RUSH: We're willing to die to prevent you taking over this ship. Can you say the same?

(He releases the Talk button and everyone in the room looks anxiously at each other, awaiting Dannic's reply. In the Gateroom, Dannic furiously hurls his radio across the room, smashing it to bits. He turns to Simeon.)

DANNIC: Find them.

(Simeon stands up and strolls out of the room. Varro, ever the peacemaker, walks closer to Dannic.)

VARRO: Dannic, listen to me ...

(But Dannic has had enough of him and snatches out his pistol and aims it at the other man. Varro holds his hands out to the side.)

VARRO: Don't do this.

DANNIC: This is your fault. If you had listened to me from the beginning, we wouldn't be in this position.

(He looks at a nearby soldier.)

DANNIC: Take his weapon.

(The soldier does as ordered. Dannic addresses everyone in the room.)

DANNIC: There can only be one commander, and Kiva's dead. Any objections?

(Unsurprisingly, nobody speaks up.)

AUXILIARY CONTROL ROOM. Scott has told the others what he and Greer learned from the Kino.

WALLACE: What do we know about the planet?

SCOTT: Not much. Presumably it has a breathable atmosphere. Other than that ... (he shrugs.)

ARMSTRONG: We have to do something.

GREER: Amen.

RUSH: No-no, this is perfect. It couldn't have worked out better.

GREER: They've gotta be stranded down there.

RUSH: Yeah, but the ship won't jump. We can pick them back up later. Plus the planet is out of range of the pulsar. Believe me, they're better off.

WALLACE: What does that say for the rest of us?!

BRODY: We've done some calculations. Certain areas of the ship are better protected than others because of their location within the hull - Hydroponics for one. We go there, seal ourselves in, we might be able to outlast them.

WALLACE: But what about the damage to the ship itself? Without the shields, the next pulsar blast is gonna ...

RUSH (talking over him): The damage will be minimal. Organic matter will suffer the most.

SCOTT: Wait a minute. Not everyone's been sent off the ship. He mentioned something about T.J. It sounded like she'd been injured, and something about doctors.

BRODY: They might have used some of our people to get extra medical personnel on board with the stones.

ARMSTRONG: Well, we can't just leave them out there - not if we're gonna go through with this.

SCOTT: All right, Greer and I will go get them.

(He and Greer begin to gear themselves up with the Alliance men's weapons.)

SCOTT: Give us fifteen minutes to meet you back at Hydroponics. After that ... (he looks pointedly at Eli as he hands him the Kino remote) ... seal the door.

STORM WORLD. On the planet to which the Earth crew was sent, the wind has become much stronger. Several of the civilians are sitting on the ground wrapped in blankets which must have been part of the provisions they were allowed to bring, and people are huddled together for warmth or are protecting their eyes from the dirt whipping through the air. Young stands in the middle of the group watching everyone helplessly, but looks up as James yells from a nearby ridge.

JAMES: Colonel! We found a system of small caves just over that ridge about two klicks! Should be enough to shelter everyone if we break into smaller groups.

(Just then there are two loud cracks as lightning flashes nearby, the second sending a large bolt of light down to the ground not far from the group. Everybody jumps at the sound.)

MAN: Woah, d'you see that?

(Young yells back to James.)

YOUNG: That's good enough!

(Just then, the Stargate begins to spin.)

YOUNG: Guys, guys, back up.

(Everybody stands up and backs away from the Gate. Moments later it kawhooshes and Varro, Koz and four other Alliance soldiers come through. As the Gate shuts down behind them, they walk down the ramp and Varro heads straight for Young.)

VARRO: Dannic's taken control. These men were loyal to me.

(Deliberately Young turns his back on him and calls out to his own crew.)

YOUNG: All right, people, listen up! We're gonna move out! But stay together! Let's go!

(Another lightning bolt sizzles down from the sky and hits the ground. Steam or smoke rises from the impact point as a second blast hammers down, hitting the ground very near to the group. Everybody starts to move off quickly as steam rises from the second impact.)

VARRO: Colonel!

YOUNG (not turning back to him): I've nothing to say to you.

VARRO (angrily): We're here 'cause I stood up for you! He would have killed you all!

(Young stops and watches his crew as they move out, still ignoring the other man.)

DESTINY INFIRMARY. Camille, now back in her own body, is washing her blood-stained hands in a bowl. She jumps as there's a single gunshot outside the room. Several more shots follow and an Alliance soldier stumbles backwards into the room, propelled backwards by the shots hitting his body. As he crashes to the floor Camille gasps in terror and takes cover, but sobs with relief when Greer and Scott run into the room, aiming their weapons around in all directions. Scott notices her and hurries over to her.

SCOTT: Wait, Camille, what are you doing here?

WRAY (tearfully): They used some of us to connect with a team of doctors - me, Volker, Kemp and Ryder.

SCOTT: All right. Where are the others?

WRAY: I don't know. Um, there were more injured and ... anyway, they, uh, severed the connection ...

(Greer has spotted something in the room and has been looking at it in appalled horror for the last few seconds. Now he turns to Scott.)

GREER: Lieutenant.

(As Scott looks at him, he jerks his head to summon him over. Scott walks over and sees what Greer is looking at. T.J. is lying unconscious on a bed and although she is covered with a blanket, it's obvious that her abdomen is now flat. Scott stares in disbelief for a moment, then turns back to Camille.)

SCOTT: Wait - what happened?

WRAY (still tearful): She was shot. She's gonna make it.

GREER: What about the baby?

(Scott looks at Camille again but she doesn't answer.)

SCOTT: Camille, what about the baby?

(Unable to bring herself to say the words, Camille sits down on the side of a nearby bed and begins to sob. Matt bites his lip, knowing what her reply would be.)

IMPOSSIBLE PLANET. Caine and T.J., both wearing warm coats and gloves, are walking through the woods.

JOHANSEN: Where are you taking me?

CAINE: It's just over here. You'll get a better view.

(He leads her to the edge of a lake. There are mountains on the other side and the whole scene is eerily lit by what looks like a nebula in the sky with a very distinctive pattern to it. T.J. stares at it in awe.)

JOHANSEN: Oh my God. It's beautiful.

CAINE: Yeah.

JOHANSEN: That wasn't here.

CAINE: No, it showed up last night, just before you did. Any idea what it means?

JOHANSEN: Not a clue.

(They gaze at the nebula, then Caine turns to her.)

CAINE: Listen, I wanted to thank you.

JOHANSEN: What for?

CAINE: Well, if you hadn't decided to go back with Colonel Young, he would have taken all of us. I know what a sacrifice that was. And the aliens knew. I think that's why they were willing to bring your daughter here.

(T.J. frowns at him. Again he's making strange mentions of her child but not herself. Caine continues.)

CAINE: But, um ...

(He hesitates, reluctant to carry on.)

JOHANSEN: But what?

(Caine sighs.)

CAINE: Well, you made your choice.

JOHANSEN: What are you talking about?

CAINE: The baby can stay.

(T.J.'s eyes widen.)

CAINE: We'll take care of her, I promise you ...

(T.J. shakes her head.)

CAINE: ... but you have to go back.

JOHANSEN (shaking her head again): No.

CAINE (softly): I'm sorry.

(T.J. turns and starts to run back towards the cabin.)

JOHANSEN: No, no, no, no!


(He follows after her.)

INFIRMARY. Scott is pulling the covering from T.J. as Camille hurries over to unhook the drip that she is currently connected to.

SCOTT: Let's get her out of here.

(A voice can be heard from the corridor.)

VOICE: This way.

GREER: We've got company.

(As he heads for the door, Scott turns and points at Camille.)

SCOTT: Take cover.

(He follows Greer to the doorway and they head out into the corridor. Three Alliance men are approaching and Greer instantly guns down the first one. The other two duck back and one of them returns fire, keeping the boys pinned in position while the other one runs around the corridors and comes back at them from a different angle. Scott, however, sees him coming and shoots him down. The other soldier keeps firing.)

HYDROPONICS. Standing on a box inside one of the closed doors of the room, Brody is welding the doors shut. Holding his hand up to protect his face from the sparks which are flying everywhere, Eli walks closer.

WALLACE: Is that really necessary?

(Finishing his work, Brody takes off his safety glasses and turns to him.)

BRODY: Well, they're gonna figure out where we are sooner or later. Even if they can't get in, they can still vent the atmosphere. And don't worry: the plants are producing oxygen. We'll have enough breathable air ... for a while, anyway.

(Rush checks his computer.)

RUSH: Now, that's fifteen minutes.

(He heads towards the other doors.)

ARMSTRONG: No, you have to give them more time.

RUSH: The longer we wait, the greater the chance of being discovered.

(He slaps his hand against the wall panel and the doors slide closed. Chloe turns to her friend for help.)


WALLACE (pleading): We-we-we can give them a few more minutes.

RUSH: This is our only chance. If we fail and they take the ship, we're as good as dead. Mr. Brody, seal the door.

(Brody looks at him unhappily, while Chloe and Eli gaze at Adam in desperation. Eventually he steps down off the box and starts to collect his equipment together. Eli turns to Rush.)

WALLACE: The next pulsar blast'll be deadly to anybody outside this room.

RUSH: That's the whole point, isn't it?

As Alliance soldiers continue to pin down the boys outside the Infirmary, Scott looks around at the soldier they shot who is lying just inside the room and sees that he was carrying a radio.

SCOTT: Dammit.

(He yells out over the gunfire.)

SCOTT: Sergeant! I'm moving!

(Greer changes his position to cover him and Scott runs into the room and grabs the radio before returning to the doorway.)

SCOTT (into radio): Rush, this is Scott. Come in, please.

(Eli is nearer to the radio in Hydroponics and seizes it before Rush can get to it.)

WALLACE: Scott, this is Eli. Where are you?

(In another corridor, Dannic is walking along with Ginn and some soldiers. He raises his hand as Eli's voice comes over the radio and everyone stops. He turns back and takes the radio from the soldier.)

SCOTT (over radio): We are cut off. We can't shoot our way through.

WALLACE: Well, we haven't sealed the door yet. There's still time. Um, we'll dial up the shields until you get back.

SCOTT: That'll just give 'em more time to find you. Our only chance is to stick with the plan. Seal the door.

(Eli falls silent, refusing to give up on his friends. Rush, on the other hand, gestures sternly to Brody.)

RUSH: Do it.

(Chloe stares despairingly at Eli, who lowers the radio with no other option to give. Brody, looking at both of them apologetically, drags his box across the room towards the other doors.)

IMPOSSIBLE PLANET. T.J. bursts through the door of Caine's cabin and sees Peter and Dana sitting in chairs in front of the stove. She stares at them in horror as they look around at her.


JOHANSEN (desperately): What have you done with her?

DANA: We haven't done anything.

(Pulling off her gloves, T.J. hurries into the bedroom. Her daughter is lying safely in her basket, still wrapped in her black furs. T.J. gently picks her up and cradles her. In the living room, Caine comes in and looks at the other two sadly before walking into the bedroom. T.J. looks down at her little girl, tears pouring down her face.)

JOHANSEN: I'm not leaving without her.

CAINE (unhappily): It's not up to us. They can send you back whenever they want, and there's nothing we can do about it. I'm so sorry. At least this way you'll know - you'll always know that she's being taken care of.

(T.J. never takes her eyes off her child. Awkwardly, Caine turns away and leaves her alone.)

STORM WORLD. The crew has made it to the caves. Young and Vanessa appear to be doing the rounds and checking on each group in the different caves and they now come to the entrance of the cave that the Alliance men have taken shelter in.

YOUNG: Everyone still alive in here?

VARRO: For now.

YOUNG: There's no sign of the storm letting up, so, uh, get comfortable.

KOZ: How much longer can it last?

YOUNG: I don't know. You tell me. You're the one who picked this place. Could go on for days for all we know.

VARRO: It was this or the barrel of a gun, and you know it.

(There's a burst of lightning just outside the entrance and the edge of the bolt hits Vanessa and throws her backwards into the cave where she crashes to the floor with a cry of pain. Young and Varro simultaneously scramble over to her.)

YOUNG: James! Hey, James. James!

(Groaning, she opens her eyes.)

YOUNG: I got you. Easy.

JAMES: That really hurt.

YOUNG: I bet! Don't move. You're gonna be OK.

DESTINY. Dannic and his minions walk into the Control Interface Room where a male scientist is working Nicholas' console.

DANNIC: Have you restored the shield yet?

SCIENTIST: Rush is still bleeding power from the system. We can't stop them.

(Dannic shoves him aside to look at the console himself. Ginn has gone to another console and is looking at it.)

GINN: It's worse than we thought. The next radiation spike from the pulsar will collapse the shields completely.

(In Hydroponics, Eli is sitting watching the live footage from the Control Interface Room on his remote. Rush is watching over his shoulder.)

RUSH: Now they now. They've no choice but to surrender.

(The lock in one of the doors spins and the doors whine as they try to open.)

BRODY: They've found us.

(An Alliance soldier reports over the radio to the Control Interface Room.)

LUCIAN: Dannic, we've found a door we can't open. Hydroponics. It appears to be sealed from the inside.

DANNIC (triumphantly): We've got them. (Into radio) Get some explosives. We'll blow the door.

(Telford stumbles to the doorway of the room, almost doubled over in pain and clutching his injured stomach with one hand while he braces himself against the wall with the other.)

TELFORD: You can't do that. Any blast big enough to get you through the door will kill the people on the inside. We need Rush to restore the shields.

GINN: There isn't enough time anyway. The next pulsar wave is in less than five minutes.

(Having listened to the conversation, Rush picks up his radio and activates it.)

RUSH: Dannic, this is Rush. By now, you know the situation. You have no choice. Lay down your weapons and order your people to assemble on the Observation Deck. Once I receive visual confirmation of your compliance, I'll dial up the shields.

DANNIC (into radio): I still say you're bluffing.

RUSH: Our position is well protected. Even without the shields, we'll survive the next wave. You won't. Either way, we take the ship back.

(Dannic looks across to Ginn, then walks towards her grimly. She cringes under his expression.)

GINN: I don't know. It's possible.

TELFORD: The man is a coward. He wouldn't sacrifice himself. He's telling the truth.

(Dannic activates his radio again.)

DANNIC: You still have people out here. You'd be killing them, too.

(Nick hesitates momentarily, then activates his own radio.)

RUSH: A necessary sacrifice.

(Shaking his head, Dannic lowers his radio.)

DANNIC: He won't do it.

TELFORD: Dannic!

DANNIC: Enough.

TELFORD: You don't have a choice!

DANNIC (furiously): I said enough!

(He spins round, aiming his pistol at Telford.)

DANNIC (quietly, ominously): We're not giving up this ship.

(Watching this on the remote, Eli shakes his head nervously.)

WALLACE: He's not bluffing.

RUSH: Just wait.

WALLACE: He doesn't even know we're watching. This isn't an act!

(Steeling himself, Telford releases his hold on the wall and, still clutching his injured stomach, stumbles forward towards Dannic, shaking his head at him.)

TELFORD (his voice strained with pain): You can't do this. You'll kill us all.

DANNIC: We were prepared to die the moment we stepped through that Gate.

TELFORD: You're insane.

(Dannic backhands him across the face and Telford falls to the floor, grimacing in agony. In Hydroponics, Rush turns away from the remote as Eli gestures towards the screen, looking at Brody and at Rush.)

WALLACE: Did you ... did you just see that?

(He stands up and storms over to Nicholas.)

WALLACE: This guy is nuts. You can't reason with someone like that!

(Nicholas refuses to turn and meet his eyes. Eli throws a glance at Brody, who turns to Rush.)

BRODY: So what about the others? What about Scott and Greer, and T.J.?

(Still Nicholas won't meet anyone's gaze. Eli sinks down on his seat again. Chloe gazes pleadingly at Nick's back but says nothing. He turns his head slightly but still doesn't look at anyone.)

RUSH (softly): I'm sorry.

CONTROL INTERFACE ROOM. Telford is writhing in pain on the floor. Dannic glowers down at him for a moment, then looks round at everyone in the room.

DANNIC: Listen to me. You know why we came here. You know what this ship means. Are you really prepared to let it go just when it's in our grasp?

TELFORD (painfully, from the floor): You mean your grasp. (To the others) Don't listen to him. He's crazy. He will kill all of us.

DANNIC: No. Just anyone who tries to get in my way.

(He walks over to Telford and aims his gun down at him. This time he clearly intends to shoot. And a second later a bullet is fired ... but it impacts Dannic from behind. Telford cowers as blood spatters down on him. In Hydroponics, Eli jolts in surprise. Dannic looks down at himself and a second bullet is fired through his back. Two more bullets follow and his knees buckle and he crashes to the floor, revealing Ginn standing behind him with her pistol raised. Telford and the others stare at her in surprise. She nervously looks round at them all.)

GINN: Telford was right. He was crazy.

(She drops her pistol to the floor to show that she's not a threat to anyone else, then walks over and picks up the radio and activates it.)

GINN: Rush? Dannic is dead. We'll comply with your demands.

(Lowering the radio, she looks around at her colleagues and then down at Telford. He nods to her approvingly.)

IMPOSSIBLE PLANET. Daylight has come, and T.J. is sitting cross-legged on the bed cradling her baby and looking down at her. Caine comes to the doorway and stands there looking in at them.


(She looks up at Caine.)

JOHANSEN: It's her name. After her grandmother.

(Caine walks over and sits down on the bed.)

CAINE: I know it's not perfect here, but you said yourself: it's better than that ship.

(He looks upwards.)

CAINE: I still think there's a chance they're going to help us get back home.

JOHANSEN: If they could do that, then why haven't they done it already?

CAINE: I don't know.

(He turns to her again.)

CAINE: Look, T.J., I have to warn you. No-one on the ship is going to understand.

JOHANSEN: I barely understand myself.

CAINE: No, I mean they won't believe, because what they've seen is different.

JOHANSEN: What are you talking about?

(Caine sighs awkwardly and stands up to face her.)

CAINE: I have learned one thing in all of this and it's that, out here on the edge of the universe, who you are and what you believe is everything, so it's up to you to decide if this is a blessing or a curse.

(T.J. looks down at her sleeping daughter again.)

CAINE (gently): Goodbye, T.J.

(Frowning, T.J. lifts her head to look at him ...

... and wakes up in bed in the Infirmary. Still frowning, she turns her head and sees Camille nearby.)

JOHANSEN: Camille?

(She tries to lift her head but groans in pain as Camille hurries over to her.)

WRAY: Hey, it's OK. Just, um, take it easy.

(Her eyes keep flitting down to T.J.'s abdomen, dreading the moment when she will realise what has happened. She strokes her shoulder gently as T.J. draws in a breath and asks the last question that Camille was expecting.)

JOHANSEN: How long was I gone?

WRAY: What do you mean?

JOHANSEN: How long was I off the ship?

WRAY: You were here the whole time. And ... the doctors worked on you. (She pulls in a tremulous breath.) They did the best they could but, um ...

(Her eyes fill with tears and she strokes T.J.'s hair.)

WRAY: ... I'm so sorry.

(Slowly T.J. turns her head away from her, trying to take the news in.)

GATEROOM. Scott and Greer are standing in front of the open Stargate as their crew comes home. Riley shakes Scott's hand as he limps past and others greet both Scott and Greer as they head back onto the ship. Varro and his Alliance colleagues come through the Gate. Clearly the boys have been pre-warned about this and don't try to shoot them. Greer jerks his thumb to one side.

GREER: That way. That way.

(A couple of Earth marines shepherd the Alliance men to one side. Vanessa comes through the Gate, grinning, and she and Greer bump fists just as Young is the last to arrive. The Gate shuts down behind him.)

SCOTT: Welcome back, sir.

(Smiling proudly at his men, Young shakes hands with Greer.)

YOUNG: Well done, Sergeant.

GREER (smiling happily): Good to see you.

(Young turns to Scott and shakes his hand.)

YOUNG: Well done, Lieutenant.

SCOTT: It wasn't really us, sir. Mostly it was Rush.

(Young's smile fades a little and he glances towards Nicholas standing at the console at the rear of the room. Scott looks across to the Alliance men.)

SCOTT: So, what about them?

YOUNG: Well, let's put them with the others. Excuse me.

(He starts to head towards Rush.)

SCOTT: Sir. Sir?

(Young turns back to him.)

SCOTT (unhappily): There's something else.

DESTINY, her shields restored and her engines in working order, finally jumps into F.T.L. and leaves the area of the pulsar.

Everett walks to the Infirmary and goes over to T.J.'s bedside. Gently he takes her hand and gazes down at her. Unable to bear it, she turns her head away and starts to cry.

The doors to a large storeroom open and Varro and his men walk in to join the rest of the Lucian Alliance crew. Varro and Ginn exchange a long look as he walks past her.

In his room, Eli watches the Alliance crew via Kino.

Nicholas walks into his quarters, kicks his shoes off and takes his jumper off. He probably hasn't slept since he swapped bodies with Telford, and he is clearly exhausted. Lying down on his bed, he switches off the lamp on the bedside table and closes his eyes, but they soon open again and he sits up on the side of the bed unable to sleep, perhaps still wracked with the thoughts that he might have had to kill several of his colleagues to save his own life and keep Destiny in his own hands.

In their quarters, Matthew is asleep but Chloe is sitting up on the side of the bed looking at the two healed bullet wounds in her leg. She runs her finger around one of the circular holes, then lifts her head and gazes off into space, wondering.

In his own quarters Everett is sitting on the sofa, resolutely getting drunk on Brody's moonshine. He drinks as rapidly as he can, trying to drown out his grief but unable to stop the tears.

Destiny exits F.T.L. In the Control Interface Room, Volker looks up and frowns.

VOLKER: That was a quick jump.

BRODY: This is where we were supposed to come out before the Lucian Alliance dialled in.

VOLKER (part-sarcastically): Is there any deadly radiation?

(Brody doesn't answer, his gaze locked on his console. Volker looks across at him.)

VOLKER: Brody?

(He walks across to Adam's side.)

BRODY: Hold on.

(He checks the readout carefully as Dale looks at it over his shoulder. Eventually the console beeps.)

BRODY (flatly): We're good.

(Volker nods and walks back to his own console. Brody continues gazing at his own screen, almost as if suspecting that something awful is going to appear at any moment.)

INFIRMARY. T.J. sits up and slowly gets out of bed. She winces and braces herself on a nearby table as she stands up. Camille, sitting at a table nearby and working on a laptop, jumps up and hurries over to her.

WRAY: T.J. You should not be getting up ...

(T.J. takes her hands and gently pushes her away.)

JOHANSEN: I'm fine. I just need to clear my head right now.

(Slowly she walks out of the room. Camille watches her go and sighs sadly.)

CORRIDOR. Tamara slowly walks along the corridor, obviously in discomfort and not meeting anyone's eyes as she passes them by. She makes her way to the Observation Deck where several people are sitting and reading or talking to each other. But T.J.'s eyes are riveted on the front windshield, and her eyes fill with awestruck tears as she slowly walks closer. She reaches the front of the room and stops, gazing in a tearful combination of grief and amazement as she looks at the distinctive nebula ahead of the ship. It's the same one that had heralded the arrival of herself and her baby daughter on the impossible planet.