Stargate SG-1: P.O.W.

Trade Paperback
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Stargate SG-1 Volume 1: P.O.W. (Trade Paperback)
RELEASE DATE: January 2006
PUBLISHER: Avatar Press (Pulsar)
STORY BY: James Anthony Kuhoric
ART BY: Renato Guedes
MAIN COVER BY: Jorge Correa
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The trade paperback edition collects the 3-issue "P.O.W." story, plus the convention special stories "Know Your Enemy" and "First Prime."

This book collects the three issue "Stargate SG-1: P.O.W." series and the original convention special stories "Know Your Enemy" and "First Prime." Jack has been captured by the Goa'uld and his very memories may be used against the S.G.C. in an all out alien invasion. The SG-1 team must find a way to infiltrate a planet of enemies mobilizing for war to rescue their fallen leader. Crammed with special features and re-mastered for the highest quality this trade paperback is the cornerstone of the Stargate SG-1 comic archive!

From Avatar Press


  • The "P.O.W." collection was released in both this trade paperback (at $13.99) and a special hardcover edition, limited to 1,000 copies.