Stargate #0 (Dynamite)

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RELEASE DATE: Unpublished
PUBLISHER: Dynamite Entertainment
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Dynamite Entertainment's special preview book was to include three short stories intended to tease new lines of SG-1 and Atlantis comics.

Dynamite Entertainment solicited "Issue #0" to be published in October 2009, but from what we can tell this issue never made it to print. It is included here for informational purposes.

In 2009 Dynamite announced that it had acquired the license to publish Stargate comic books and would be doing a three-stage launch of series featuring the characters from all three television series: Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, and the about-to-launch on television Stargate Universe. This was to be billed as a "Season 11" for SG-1 (written by Battlestar Galactica comic writer Brandon Jerwa, and "Season 6" for Atlantis (by Doug Murray), as well as an SGU prequel (written by G.I. Joe's Chuck Dixon). The "Issue #0" preview was meant to tease fans about what was to come, with three short stories and a low cover price of $1.00.

While Dynamite published two SG-1-based series in 2010 (Vala Mal Doran and Daniel Jackson), the rest of the series never materialized and the publisher's turn with the franchise was done -- after only nine issues.


  • "My chapter is a classic teaser and definitely gives you something to worry about until the start of the series proper, but it’s also a nice little open doorway into the SG-1 universe for anyone who might be joining us for the first time. I have some overall plans for at least 12 issues worth of stories. I want to structure it like a season of the TV show as much as we can. Four issues equal, roughly, a two-part episode; one to two issues will be standalone stories that may or may not have an impact on the overall story.

    "There will be two distinct plotlines when we start. One focuses on Daniel Jackson as he comes into contact with a woman from his past, and the other has Cameron, Sam and Teal'c on a mission in a prototype ship to investigate a very major deep space anomaly. How these stories may or may not come together will be revealed in the fullness of time.

    "... The Season 10 cast will be key players, but you can't keep Jack O'Neill out of the picture for too long. And besides, he's far too much fun to write. Budget is no obstacle, as you say, and I am definitely keeping that in mind in terms of casting and special effects. 'Go big or go home' is my mantra going into this." (SG-1 comic writer Brandon Jerwa, in an interview with
  • "I pick up in Issue #0 right where the show left off, with the Atlantis in San Francisco harbor and the crew having a break. That break turns to something else when a problem rears its ugly head-and that's the basis of the opening story.

    "... I am trying to deal with some evolution of the characters -- I get into the relationship between Rodney and Keller, and the one between Sheppard and Ronon. ... Like anyone else, I have my favorites in the cast. Sheppard and McKay will remain as the central characters, with Ronon as the action guy. I'll do a little more with Ronon than they've done on the show in recent days, and I'm sure I'll bring in a couple of new characters. There's a young lady named Larrin that appeared in a few episodes that I have my eye on -- she'll have something to do when the Atlantis -- and Sheppard -- return to the Pegasus Galaxy.

    "... The Wraith are still out there -- and as Atlantis left the Pegasus Galaxy when it did, we don't really know what happened to them -- or how they will evolve now that their basic life chemistry has been changed. We also know that the Replicators are still out there --although not as powerfully as before. I think I can use them -- in different ways -- to tell some interesting stories. And there are a lot of races we haven't even discovered yet. Who says the Atlantis even goes back to the same planet it was on?" (Atlantis comic writer Doug Murray, in an interview with
  • "Dr. Rush (played by Robert Carlyle) is the key figure here for me. He's the guy with some, if not all, of the answers. He's a prickly pear and a bit of a man of mystery. There's always the sense that he's holding something back. I think I'll have fun with Eli as well. He's comic relief and the only 'civilian' on the show. We kind of see these incredible events through his eyes and he's never at a loss for a great reaction." (SGU comic writer Chuck Dixon, in an interview with